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  1. Base Jumping (Xtreme Sports) by S. L. Hamilton, 2010-01
  2. The Thrill of Falling: Skydiving, BASE Jumping, Caving Diving and More by, 2010-03-10
  3. Extremsportart: Fallschirmspringen, Expedition, Parkour, Apnoetauchen, Ultramarathon, Bungee-Springen, Base-Jumping, Motocross, Extrembügeln (German Edition)
  4. BASE jumping
  5. Faces Outside - The 20 Greatest Athletes Now - 2005 - Surfing- Freeskiing - Climbing - Kayaking - Snowboarding - Freediving - Base Jumping - Mountain Biking - Alpinism by Grayson [Editor] Schaffer, 2005
  6. Fun Sport - Von Base-Jumping über River-Rafting bis Zorbing (Alle FunSportarten auf einen Blick) by Hermann Ehmann, 1999
  7. Base Jumping Guide by Karen Rose, 2009-05-15
  8. Parachuting: Parachuting. BASE jumping, Parachute, Paratrooper, Tandem skydiving, Wingsuit flying, Windsurfing, Kitesurfing
  9. Extreme Sports by Jack Earl, 2009-04-22
  10. Base 66 (Swedish Edition) by Jevto Dedijer, 2001-06-01

41. What Is Base Jumping
What is base jumping? It No! In fact, base jumping has less in common with the sport of skydiving than it would appear. Skydiving
What is Base Jumping? It has to be one of the most powerful experiences ever. You are standing on the edge of a deep and forbidding chasm that seductively draws you in. Vertigo nests solidly in the pit of your stomach but your spirit soars. The tension is unbearable, your heart goes apeshit and liquid energy courses through your veins. You become detached from the real world, extraneous information around you disappears and time stands still. It's quiet - very, very quiet. Ready, set, go! You step out into the void that is deep, beautiful and calm. Euphoric shock warps time and you can't believe what you are seeing as your surroundings gain momentum and the wind starts to roar in your ears. You know that the longer you hold out before deploying your parachute the more incredible the experience will be but those last moments become eternally long as the ground rushes up at you. Faster, faster, faster, the energy builds, ignites and explodes within. Seconds from impact. Groundrush! Not yet, not yet, NOW! You fire the pilot chute, the canopy crashes open, the earth stands still and reality floods back. BASE is an acronym for Building, Antenna, Span (bridges) and Earth (cliffs) and what the practitioners of this sport do is jump off said objects with parachutes on their backs. BASE jumpers are a fringe of a fringe, a loose, far-flung affiliation of deviants and mavericks that span the globe. Any object tall enough is fair game. Unfinished high-rise buildings are a favourite - they have multiple points of entry, minimal security and no windows. Antennas are usually very high and remote so there's less chance of being bust by the anti-fun police. Bridges have easy access and are clear below so there's no chance of striking the structure as the parachute opens, and vertical cliff faces on a scale large enough to jump off are absolutely breathtaking. Well-known landmarks are irresistible. The Eiffel Tower, the Leaning Tower of Pisa, the Empire State Building, the Statue of Liberty, the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco and the Table Mountain Cable Car are but a few of the better-known landmarks that have been jumped from.

42. Outside Online Archives
A protestor becomes the latest casualty in the war over base jumping in Yosemite. On the afternoon of October 22, 1999, Jan Davis

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Outside magazine, January 2000
Page: A protestor becomes the latest casualty in the war over BASE jumping in Yosemite The jump was undertaken as a protest against the National Park Service's ban on BASE.jumping, and as a memorial to Frank Gambalie III, who successfully completed a BASE jump from El Capitan last June, only to drown in the Merced River while fleeing from park rangers. Gambalie had been a friend of Dan Osman, the pioneering "rope jumper,".and had been speaking by cell phone with Osman on November 23, 1998, during Osman's fatal leap from Yosemite's Leaning Tower.

43. LEMMINGS Bridge Day Video BASE Jumping
Video of Bridge Day BASE jumps from the New River Gorge Bridge in West Virginia, with over 800 jumps on a two hour base jumping video. What is base jumping?
brings you
LEMMINGS Bridge Day Video
What is BASE jumping? I have a TiVo for sale - Sale closes this Sunday, March 30 Anonymously send someone a you know a really funny and embarrassing gift. Click on the link below. Get ground shipping for Free by following this link. Did you jump the New River Gorge Bridge in West Virginia in 2000? Or, are you interested in what Bridge Day is about? Are you thinking about going, and would like to see what works there and what doesn't?
The Bridge Day Tapes
LEMMINGS Exits y2K is a chronicle of all the jumps that were possible to film at the event of October 2000. See what went well and, more importantly, what didn't. See BASE CRW, the Boxman, Piggyback BASE, backwards canopies, canopies spinning into the river, the Chicken Man finds the trees, low pulls, missed pulls, blown brake lines, the first known 3-way round launch, 74 square foot hook turn and AWESOME river swoop, 15-way mass exit, and YOUR jumps. Running time 121 minutes. LEMMINGS Landings y2K is the result of a two person effort on the ground to record as many landings as possible. Just as in skydiving, the real "action" is those last couple of millimeters above the ground. In many respects this tape is actually more exciting than

44. Online Encyclopedia - BASE Jumping
, Encyclopedia Entry for base jumping. base jumping is the sport of using a parachute to jump from fixed objects.......Encyclopedia
Encyclopedia Entry for BASE jumping
Dictionary Definition of BASE jumping

BASE jumping is the sport of using a parachute to jump from fixed objects. "BASE" is an acronym that stands for the four categories of objects from which one can jump; (B) uilding, (A) ntenna, (S) pan (the word used for a bridge), and (E) arth (the word used for a cliff). BASE jumps are generally from much lower height than a traditional airplane parachute jump, although there are notable exceptions. In the United States, an "advanced" skydiver (over 100 airplane skydives) is recommended, on an airplane jump, to deploy the main parachute no lower than 2,000 feet. At that time, if the airplane jumper had already been in freefall for at least 1,000 feet, the jumper is traveling 120 miles per hour, and is 11 seconds from the ground. Some BASE jumps, very high cliffs, can be from heights of over 5,000 feet, though these are rare. Most BASE jumps are made from less than 1,000 feet. A BASE jump from a 500 foot object is about 6 seconds from the ground. At these lower heights, it is not recommended to use airplane

45. Night Shade Books Discussion Area: Bonsai BASE Jumping!
Bonsai base jumping! Night Shade Books Discussion Area General Bonsai base jumping! I am trying to develop a bonsai version of the sport of base jumping.

The personal interests section of his Web page shows base jumping photos. The man was one of three base jumpers who launched themselves off the tower.
Tuesday, Aug 5

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WHY IS base jumping ILLEGAL. WHY IS base jumping ILLEGAL AND WHERE CAN YOU DO IT STEPHANIE MASLEM (, August 13, 2000. Answers.

48. Base Jumping Courses?
base jumping Courses? Has anyone been on a course in base jumping that didn t require experience previously in parachute jumps.

49. The BASEic Experience
All about base jumping and chronicles of Bridge Day, the annual jump from the New River Gorge Bridge in West Virginia.
The BASEic Experience
Get a jump on the Millenium at
On the third Saturday of October every year since 1977, the state of West Virginia has held their Bridge Day event during which they celebrate the building of the World's Longest Single Span Steel Arch Bridge.
One side of highway 19 is closed off and people are allowed to walk across to enjoy the many concession stands, the view of the fall colours and to see professional and amateur BASE jumpers who come from around the world for this very unique opportunity. Every thing you'd ever wanted to know about Bridge Day 2000 can be found on the following sites:
Bridge Day 2000 News Bridge Day 2000 is on October 21st 2000. Registration will start with the July 2000 issue of Skydiving Magazine
Visit the
Official Bridge Day Association Web Page

or call:
"The Bridge Day Association HotLine" Number at +1 (707) 793-2345. CJAA site T.B.Houlahan's Bridge Day Page National Park Service Bridge Day Site Bridge Day FAQ Page Bridge Day '98 News CNN Coverage of
Bridge Day '98

(pretty lame)
See my friend Tak's ...
Bridge Day'98 pics
Check out these shots of our friend Tim jumping with his main in his hand!

50. Oxford Stunt Factory - What We Do - BASE Jumping
base jumping is the sport of parachuting from fixed objects such as bridges and cliffs. Contrary to popular belief base jumping is not illegal in the UK.
Home What We Do BASE Jumping Gary Connery jumps from Beachy Head on a BMX bike
Picture courtesy of
BASE jumping is the sport of parachuting from fixed objects such as bridges and cliffs. BASE is an acronym standing for Building, Aerial, Span, Earth, these being the four objects that must be jumped in order to qualify for a BASE number. Several OSF members are qualified BASE jumpers but our most experienced exponent is Gary Connery. Gary has previously jumped from the Eiffel Tower, Beachy Head (whilst riding a BMX bike), the inside of the Millennium Dome and from The OSF's bungee jump station, from 160ft - whilst on fire! A world first. Contrary to popular belief BASE jumping is not illegal in the UK. If you would like more information about BASE jumping please contact us Gary performs the worlds first BASE jump whilst on fire.

51. Sports :: Extreme Sports :: Base Jumping
Search the site Top » Sports » Extreme Sports » base jumping. Links. BASE Jumper, Offers news, photos, videos and a bulletin board for UK jumpers.
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Sports Extreme Sports Base Jumping
Links BASE Jumper Offers news, photos, videos and a bulletin board for UK jumpers.
321CYA Productions
Base jumping videography, photography, stunts, production including general BASE jumping information, camera mounts, charts, how-to's, links and articles.
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52. Links - Base Jumping
these are the links for base jumping. Vertigo Base Outfitters and School (Utah, USE), Experience the most progressive base jumping training in the country. Jumping

53. Skydiving And Base Jumping
off! Paragliding. Surfing. Underwater. Culture. Traveling. Sailing. KiteSurfing. Skydiving base jumping. Andes 2001. Peru Paragliding. Bali
All These Shots were taken during a two week road trip that Jimmy made with his skydiving buddy Gray Fowler. They burned up highway in Arizona, Idaho, and Utah and found all kinds of fun things to jump off! Paragliding Surfing Underwater Culture ... HOME

54. Aerial Extreme / Extreme Video
base jumping. Norway, Norway, Norway. Norway, Cave Base 2002, Cave Base 2002. Cave Base 2002, Back Layout Cave Base 2002, Cave Base 2002.
Cave Base 2002
Cave Base 2002
Cave Base 2002
Cave Base 2002
Cave Base 2002
Cave Base 2002
Cave Base 2002 Cave Base 2002 Cave Base 2002 Cave Base 2002 Cave Base 2002 Cave Base 2002 Pertronas Pertronas Pertronas Pertronas Pertonas Pertronas Pertronas Pertronas Pertronas Pertronas Pertronas Pertronas Perttronas Pertronas Pertronas Nancey at Twin Falls

55. Aerial Extreme / Extreme Video
DownSkydiving. base jumping. DownProfessional Profile. DownContacting us. base jumping. base jumping, or fixed object jumping is the ultimate in extreme sports.
About Aerial Extreme Skydiving BASE Jumping Professional Profile Contacting us
BASE Jumping
B.A.S.E. jumping, or fixed object jumping is the ultimate in extreme sports. It is an acronym that stands for BUILDING / ANTENNA / SPAN / EARTH. It is a sport that is truly considered EXTREME by every measure of the word.
The sport takes the skills learned from skydiving and uses them to jump from fixed objects such as buildings, bridges, antennas and cliffs. Although the equipment of todays BASE jumper is custom-made to meet the demanding environment of the sport, the parachutes of BASE and skydiving look very much the same. Special equipment and modifications allow jumpers to safely exit from objects as low as 300 feet (or lower) and land without injury. Freefalls can last anywhere from one second to over 20 seconds, depending on the height of the object. It is truly an amazing sight to watch a BASE jumper exit from a high mountain peak and fly his or her body far from the mountains jagged walls and open their parachutes safely, several thousand feet below. Aerial Extreme has participated in this remarkable sport for several years and has captured on video the deep emotions and raw power these jumpers feel while making a BASE jump.

56. BASE Jumping - Wikipedia
base jumping. base jumping is the sport of using a parachute to jump from fixed objects. Most base jumping venues have very small areas in which to safely land.

57. LookSmart - Directory - BASE Jumping
base jumping BASE is for Building, Antenna, Span, Earth, the fixed objects from which jumps are made. Directory Listings About.
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BASE Jumping - BASE is for Building, Antenna, Span, Earth, the fixed objects from which jumps are made.
Directory Listings About
  • BASE Jumping
    Find an overview of equipment for this sport, deployment systems, how to choose a canopy, and articles.
    BASE Point, The

    Use this resource to learn about the sport of BASE jumping. Includes news, forums, and related links of interest.

    Information and contact point for Australian and visiting B.A.S.E. jumpers. Read about jumping instruction, see photos and find new canopies.
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    58. Stefan Banic - Inventor Of Parachute And BASE Jumping
    Slovakopedia. Stefan Banic. The Inventor of the Parachute and base jumping. ©tefan Baniè 18701941. Stefan base jumping BASE
    Slovakopedia Stefan Banic The Inventor of the Parachute and BASE Jumping
    ©tefan Baniè 1870-1941
    Stefan Banic, a Slovak inventor, constructed a prototype of a parachute in 1913 and tested it in Washington D.C. in front of the U.S. Patent Office and military representatives by jumping from a 41-floor building and subsequently from an airplane in 1914. His patented parachute became a standard equipment for U.S. pilots during the World War I. Banic worked in the United States from 1907 to 1921, with two interruptions. His name is not well-known, however, the Patent Office and military records confirm these historical facts, as you can also see, if you visit various Air Force ( and government (.gov) sites. In some sources his first name appears in the English form Stephen . The Slovak spelling is ©tefan Baniè , written with diacritical marks in CEE character set (Latin-2), the Slovak pronunciation is approximately Shteffun Bunnich Stefan Banic was born on November 23, 1870 in

    59. - Sports/Base Jumping
    BASE is Broken Link. base jumping BLiNC Magazine base jumping - BLiNC Magazine Description...... base jumping base jumping

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    Australian B.A.S.E. Association

    Description: Committed to increasing the safety of the sport and obtaining permits for designated jumping areas.
    Added on: 10-jui-2002
    Go to this website
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    BASE jumping

    Description: BASE is an acronym for Building, Antennae, Span, Earth, and thus represents the fixed-objects from which BASE jumps are made. Added on: 10-jui-2002 Go to this website Rate this Site Report Broken Link BASE Jumping - BLiNC Magazine Description: BASE is an acronym for Building, antennae, span (Bridge), and Earth and thus represents the fixed-objects from which BASE jumps are made. Added on: 10-jui-2002 Go to this website Rate this Site Report Broken Link Description: Global Dropzone and Skydivers Databases, DZ Reviews, Skydiving Classifieds, Safety and Training, Boogie and Event Calendar, Forums, Gear Reviews and the latest Skydiving News. Added on: 12-oct-2003 Go to this website Rate this Site Report Broken Link Languages Select Interface Language: WebCAM Blatten/Belalp Modules Home : LIVE : Multimedia : Photos Panorama Sketchy Infos : News Feedback Stuff : Downloads Members : WebMail Newsletter Enter your email address to suscribe the newsletter.

    60. GravityDex: Skydiving: BASE Jumping
    Links. base jumping Building, Antennae, Span, Earth. base jumping in Yosemite (Added Thu Jan 18 2001 Hits 278 Rating 0.00 Votes 0) Rate It;

    The Skydivers Enclave: A Banner Exchange Exclusively for Skydiving
    GravityDex Home Skydiving : BASE Jumping
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