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         Base Jumping:     more detail
  1. Base Jumping (Xtreme Sports) by S. L. Hamilton, 2010-01
  2. The Thrill of Falling: Skydiving, BASE Jumping, Caving Diving and More by, 2010-03-10
  3. Extremsportart: Fallschirmspringen, Expedition, Parkour, Apnoetauchen, Ultramarathon, Bungee-Springen, Base-Jumping, Motocross, Extrembügeln (German Edition)
  4. BASE jumping
  5. Faces Outside - The 20 Greatest Athletes Now - 2005 - Surfing- Freeskiing - Climbing - Kayaking - Snowboarding - Freediving - Base Jumping - Mountain Biking - Alpinism by Grayson [Editor] Schaffer, 2005
  6. Fun Sport - Von Base-Jumping über River-Rafting bis Zorbing (Alle FunSportarten auf einen Blick) by Hermann Ehmann, 1999
  7. Base Jumping Guide by Karen Rose, 2009-05-15
  8. Parachuting: Parachuting. BASE jumping, Parachute, Paratrooper, Tandem skydiving, Wingsuit flying, Windsurfing, Kitesurfing
  9. Extreme Sports by Jack Earl, 2009-04-22
  10. Base 66 (Swedish Edition) by Jevto Dedijer, 2001-06-01

21. Amazing Feats/Unusual Skills/Highest BASE Jump
The extremely dangerous sport of base jumping – Building, Antenna, Span bridge, Earth cliff – is effectively skydiving without the need for an aircraft

22. Base Jumping - Hobby And Entertainment RIN.RU
base jumping, Organizations . base jumping is an off shoot from the adrenaline pumping sport, Parachuting. It differs in that the


Outdoor Activities
Earth : Skateboarding ...

Spirit : Collectors, collections
Creative Hobbies
Unusual hobbies Organizations ... Mail system 15Mb! [Register] Constructor Free Hosting Game server ... Air Base Jumping
Organizations >>>
The basics of base jumping Rules of the Air BASE jumping is an off shoot from the adrenaline pumping sport, Parachuting. It differs in that the height at which the BASE jumper takes his leap is much shorter. Between the time the jumper steps off the launch point to the time he throws the hand-held pilot chute is only three seconds. The shortest three seconds of the Base Jumpers life.
Learn from the mistakes of others. You won"t live long enough to make all of them yourself.
BASE Jumping ETHICS Equipment Overview - With all that Out of the Way... This is being made difficult mainly by uninformed authorities. However it is the irresponsible jumper that has had the greatest affect on giving BASE a negative image.
BASE is not for everyone. If you are considering making a BASE jump, make sure you"re ready to accept its inherent risks. If your motivation to jump comes from a strong attraction to it, fine. If you"re trying to impress someone or prove something, don"t do it.

23. Aerial Focus -
The Following is a list and brief description of many of the different subjects in the Aerial Focus base jumping Stock Library. base jumping off of a 800 ft.
The Following is a list and brief description of many of the different subjects in the Aerial Focus BASE Jumping Stock Library.
Freefall jumps from B uildings, A ntennas, S pans (bridges) and E arth (cliffs).
Buildings - includes jumps from 52 story buildings in Los Angeles. Includes sneaking into building until landing and get-away. Cameras on building, on street below and worn by jumpers. Similar footage of even shorter building in Chicago. Antennas - includes establishing shots of 1200 ft. antenna, unique angles of ascent to top, preparations on top including interviews. Solo jumps, building to 4 jumpers jumping simultaneously off of this 1200 ft. antenna. Camera coverage is extensive, from top, middle and bottom of antenna as well as cameras on the jumpers. Solo jumps to 3 ways contain equally incredible coverage. Spans - highlights 2 different bridge jumps, New River Gorge in West Virginia where 250,000 spectators watch as BASE jumpers jump all day from bridge, includes cherry picker camera above bridge. The other bridge sequence documents jumps in a remote desert location, showing freefall jumps off of a bridge less than 300 ft. tall. Camera angles as usual including POV cameras on jumpers. Earth - 2 incredible adventures in Venezuela, the first involves traveling to the tallest waterfall in the World-

24. Aerial Focus - Angel Falls Information
jumps. Minimum Requirements for base jumping Angel Falls No previous BASE experience or BASE specific equipment is required. 500
Expedition Information
Angel Falls is the tallest waterfall in the world. The 3,212 foot-tall waterfall is located in the remote Venezuelan jungle. This beautiful area is a Venezuelan National Park. This seven-day adventure is organized by Tom Sanders with the assistance of the local Venezuelan BASE jumpers. The trip to and from Angel Falls is an adventure in itself, with jet flights, helicopter flights and a jungle boat trip that will put us at the base of Angel Falls. We will have a helicopter on location to fly us to the top of Angel Falls for legal BASE jumps! Two days are set aside for jumping (weather permitting), and with the helicopter, it only takes about three to four hours for everyone to get their jump. Non-jumpers are welcome. This expedition is the Twelfth for Tom Sanders, who will be documenting the entire journey with stills, video and 16 mm movies. Each participant will be provided stills of their jump and a video of the trip. Everyone is encouraged to bring their own still and video cameras - for non commercial uses - however all commercial rights belong to Aerial Focus.
The seven-day trip includes the following:
- VIP attention by our Venezuelan hosts from arrival to departure thru Caracas Venezuela. This includes all travel arrangements, luggage transfers, hotel, food, soft drinks, (alcoholic beverages are extra) equipment and supplies, with everything brought to the remote jungle location by our guides.

25. BASE Jumping - Encyclopedia Article About BASE Jumping. Free Access, No Registra
encyclopedia article about base jumping. base jumping in Free online English dictionary, thesaurus and encyclopedia. base jumping. jumping
Dictionaries: General Computing Medical Legal Encyclopedia
BASE jumping
Word: Word Starts with Ends with Definition BASE jumping is the sport of using a parachute A parachute is a device used to slow the descent of a falling body or load. The word parachute comes from the French words para , protect or shield, and chute , to fall. Therefore parachute actually means to protect from a fall . Parachutes were once made from silk but these days are almost always constructed from more durable woven nylon fabrics
Parachute History
Parachutes have long been used by military and space programs around the world. The first parachute jumps were from hot air balloons in the early 1800s. The very first parachute was linen, but silk was soon adopted because of its strength and light weight. On March 1, 1912, US Army Captain Albert Berry made the first parachute jump from a moving airplane over Missouri.
Click the link for more information. to jump from fixed objects. "BASE" is an acronym An acronym akron onyma , "name") is an abbreviation formed from the initial letters of words. Depending on how many of the constituent words begin with vowels and the phonotactics of the language an acronym exists in, acronyms can be pronounced as a word, as a series of the names of the letters, or some combination of the two. Sometimes acronyms have idiosyncratic pronunciations, like NAACP, which is pronounced "N double A C P".
Click the link for more information.

base jumping isn t for you. .
B.A.S.E. Jump Building Antenna Span , e Earth "Não há nada mais livre do que a queda livre!" Sabiá "Don't be afraid of death so much as an inadequate life." - Bertolt Brecht (1898-1956) " If at first you don't succeed, b.a.s.e. jumping isn't for you." Revista Playboy Quicktime B.a.s.e.Jump Rio (4678k)

27. Skydiving & Base Jumping In SA -
Skydiving base jumping in SA. If you re a skydiver, you ll already know how addictive adrenaline is and just how attractive gravity
Wed, 26 May 2004 About South Africa South Africa map SA web directory Site map ... Sport
Cape Town
Quick forecasts

SA Weather Service

Mapping the best sites in SA cyberspace: goSouthAfrica

If you're a skydiver, you'll already know how addictive adrenaline is and just how attractive gravity is, so you won't want to miss the opportunity to have a quick jump while you're here on holiday. We have clubs in the major centres and in even some unexpected little places like Grahamstown and Pietermaritzburg. The biggest club in the country is Pretoria Skydiving Club which is your best bet if you want to get involved in some big RW. They fly two Pilatus Porters, so 20-way formations are a very real possibility. And if you've never skydived, you should seriously consider doing your first jump here. Two reasons. The first is that, with our favourable exchange rate, you'll find it a lot cheaper than at home. You could choose between a standard static line jump or a tandem jump, where you are tied to an instructor who makes all the decisions for you. If you think you might get serious about skydiving you could do an accelerated free-fall course while you're here and save a bit of money, as it is the most expensive part of your skydiving career. The second reason, of course, is the scenery. Even if it's your first jump and you think you'll have your eyes closed the whole time, don't worry, you will see the view. Many drop zones are in very pretty locations and hey, this is a bonus, do a tandem (or single) jump in Cape Town and get a pic of yourself hurtling earthwards in front of Table Mountain. That would look pretty good on your desk (or desktop) when you get back to the office.

28. - Extreme Sports - Base Jumping
You are here Home / Extreme Sports / base jumping.
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  • Base Jumping Bungee Jumping Chats and Forums Directories ... Winter Games
  • Websites

  • Description: Guide to bridge jumps in Scotland, providing reviews, photos and general jumping information.
  • Bridge Day

  • Description: Offers information on the event held in Fayetteville, West Virginia each year. Also contains video and pictures.
  • Dave's BASE

  • Description: Details of his very first base jump, photos of later jumps, how to join the No Cheap Beer Foundation, and base jumping poem, prayer and links.
  • The BASEic Experience

  • Description: All about base jumping and chronicles of Bridge Day, the annual jump from the New River Gorge Bridge in West Virginia.
  • Description: Features photos for building, antenna, span and earth jumps by Doug Blane. About

    29. News : BASE Jumping Injuries And Treatment In The Field
    base jumping injuries and treatment in the field. Ankles are the most frequently injured joints skydiving, base jumping, and most sports.
    Login Search Help myDZ ... safety news
    BASE jumping injuries and treatment in the field
    Posted Sunday, July 27, 2003 By Dexterbase You just landed after throwing a double gainer from a cliff in Moab. Adrenaline surges through your system as you think of the amazing visuals you just saw. As you gather up your canopy, you pause to watch the next jumper exit. After a short delay, he tosses his pilot chute and the canopy deploys offheading. He takes evasive measures but the strikes the wall repeatedly. After finally getting the canopy turned away from the cliff, he lands hard on the talus and tumbles to a stop thirty feet below and doesn't move… Now the real adrenaline kicks in. What do you do?
    Download this Article
    This is where you size up the situation and the extent of the jumpers injuries. This is a process you will use for serious injuries. Your basic assessment should take about one minute. Not slow enough to waste valuable time, but not so fast that you miss important signs. Your minute will be divided into two phases: the Primary survey or ABC' s (15 seconds), and the

    30. Safety & Training: Safety/Disciplines/BASE Jumping
    Safety Training Disciplines base jumping. Disciplines base jumping. base jumping injuries and treatment in the field by Dexterbase
    Login Search Help myDZ ... Disciplines : BASE Jumping
    safety: Disciplines: BASE Jumping
    • BASE jumping injuries and treatment in the field - by Dexterbase
      You watch as a jumper in your group has an offheading oppening. He takes evasive measures but the strikes the wall repeatedly. After finally getting the canopy turned away from the cliff, he lands hard on the talus and tumbles to a stop thirty feet below and doesn't move… Now the real adrenaline kicks in. What do you do?
      (Rating: 8.00 Votes: 1 Viewed: 45 Posted: Thu Apr 29 2004) Rate It Bookmark It
    • Getting Into BASE - by Tom Aiello
      There are as many different ways of getting started BASE jumping as there are jumpers. But, after some soul-searching, some discussion with friends, and some internet research, I've decided that the course I wish I had followed, and the one I've tried to set people on, goes something like this.
      (Rating: 9.25 Votes: 4 Viewed: 393 Posted: Thu Apr 29 2004) Rate It Bookmark It
    • My First BASE Rig - by Tom Aiello
      So, the time has come to buy your first BASE rig. You've made the skydives, practiced your canopy control, and have an experienced mentor to keep you out of trouble. But what rig should you buy?
      (Rating: 8.50 Votes: 2 Viewed: 134 Posted: Thu Apr 29 2004)

    31. 1steKeuze Zoekmachine Sport > Vliegsport > Base Jumping
    base jumping, Alle Rubrieken, te bekijken. base jumping Details base jumping Hier kun je meer te weten komen over base jumping. (Engels).
    Alle Rubrieken Alleen deze Rubriek Web Plaatjes Nieuwsgroepen 1stekeuze instellen als startpagina
    Home Sport Vliegsport Base Jumping
    Rubrieken Amusement Boeken Computers en Internet Gezondheid Kinderweb Kunst en Cultuur Muziek Natuur en Wetenschap Nieuws en Media Online Winkelen Reizen Samenleving Sport Zakelijk en Economie
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    Vertical Visions

    Hier zijn een aantal base jump videos en foto's te bekijken. BASE Jumping
    Hier kun je meer te weten komen over base jumping. (Engels) BASEClimb
    Expeditie verslag over extreme basejumps. (Engels) Vertigo Base Outfitters
    Voor Base jumping gear, een stukje geschiedenis en een aantal foto's. Ook is hier tweede hands kleding te koop. (Engels) The Base point
    Op deze pagina vindt u een aantal tools om de val te berekenen. Ook vindt u hier een aantal foto's en links. (Engels) BLiNC Magazine
    Uitgebreide site over Basejumping. (Engels) Australia's B.A.S.E. Jumping
    Hier een aantal artikelen over base jumping, een forum, foto's en vele links. (Engels) Home Info Aanmelden Nieuwe Sites ...
    Hosting by Denit Internet Services B.V.

    32. "World BASE Fatality List" By Nick Di Giovanni, BASE 194
    This is the first fatality in the modern age of base jumping. This jump cemented the cause for dedicated base jumping equipment in the BASE community.
    World BASE Fatality List
    Published for its Educational, Historical, and Memorial Value . . .
    "Everyone I see doing this, they have the shaking hand." - Xaver Bongard, #29
    Nick Di Giovanni, BASE 194
    If you find this information useful please make a donation by clicking on the Paypal symbol. NOTE:
    - This list is not 100% accurate.
    - These reports change as new information becomes available.
    - Fatalities are not necessarily in order of their occurrence.
    - Please send updates, additions, corrections, or comments to: BASE Fatality List Update
    - Please "refresh" your browser NOW to make sure you are reading the most current version of this list.
    - There is a section at the end that covers BASE jumpers who died outside the sport. These are not counted as BASE fatalities and are included here only for the record. I've flushed out the circumstances surrounding some of these fatalities since the last time the list is published. However, Para-Historians please take note: Two people can see the same thing yet disagree on what they saw, so be careful . . . The comments here are nothing but my own opinions based on recollection and facts gleaned through reports from the field. Quotes denote verbatim (or edited for readability ) reports. If the deceased is a BASE number holder, that number appears after the name.

    33. Bridge Day BASE Jumping :: Guide To The West Virginia Bridge Day Festival
    Bridge Day base jumping. One River. For specific information on jumping, visit the BASE Jump Coordinator Vertical Visions. TOP OF PAGE.
    MAIN MENU Bridge Day Specials Other Things to Do and See Mountain Biking Trips: New River Gorge Lodging ... e-Postcards Fun things to do during
    the Bridge Day Festival Whitewater Rafting Trips: New River and Gauley River New River Train Excursions
    National Parks
    Additional Information Latest Updates from the Bridge Day Commission Bridge Day Vendor Info BASE Jumping Info Parking Information ... Bridge Day FAQ Send an e-Postcard! Bridge Day Festival WV Whitewater Rafting Fayetteville, WV New River Gorge Bridge ... New River Gorge Other West Virginia Related Web Sites The West Virginia Explorer Guide to: Skiing West Virginia Guide to the
    New River Gorge

    Click for info on whitewater rafting on the New and Gauley Rivers
    Bridge Day BASE Jumping One of the highlights of Bridge Day, hundreds of parachutists take advantage of this "free" day and leap from the New River Gorge Bridge the only day on which it is legal to do so. This year, more than 400 jumpers are expected. Last year, 745 made the leap.

    34. Phorum - General Chat - BASE Jumping
    Reply To This Message. base jumping. Reply To This Message. Re base jumping. Author Galadriel (63.110.163.) Date 07-18-03 1647 Thank you.

    35. Recreation Aviation Extreme Base_Jumping - Open Site
    Top Recreation Aviation Extreme base jumping (2) Jump Sites (0). The origins of base jumping is not well documented and may have of evolved simultaneously.

    36. BASE Jumping Directory
    1. Australia s BASE ABA Australia s base jumping contact and information point for Australian and visiting jumpers. Site contains
    What's New Top Hits Directory Recreation and Sports ... Outdoors » BASE Jumping Find: Everything This Category Add your banner here! Main Categories Recreation and Sports Outdoors » BASE Jumping
    Australia's B.A.S.E.

    A.B.A. Australia's B.A.S.E. jumping contact and information point for Australian and visiting jumpers. Site contains Articles, Forum, Gallery, and Links.
    Report Modify More Info.... BASE Jumping
    BASE is an acronym for Building, Antennae, Span, Earth, and thus represents the fixed-objects from which BASE jumps are made. BASE Info by Walt Appel
    Report Modify More Info.... Skydive Links - BASE Jumping
    Skydiving resources in English and German - drop zones, boogies, events, addresses and links worldwide
    Report Modify More Info.... The BASE Point This site contains information and resources of use to experienced BASE jumpers or teams that have the skills to evaluate a BASE Object, wind, and other factors by themselves. Rate Report Modify More Info....

    37. Halfbakery: Base Jumping Simulator
    base jumping simulator freefall based simulator with VR scenery, (+14, -1), Never been base jumping though it s one of my all time goals in life.
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    Feed your head.
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    Aerial Garbage Receptacle Barrel Races
    Air Olympics Arm lengthening for skydivers Balloonachute ... air
    base jumping simulator
    free-fall based simulator with VR scenery
    [vote for against Take a 200m high tower, VR glasses and have a turbine fan (the kind skydivers use to train on) at the bottom blowing air up. Have a platform at the top that you can jump off and computers that can track your movement down the tower. Have vents that can bleed off the air so at the top theres relatively little wind. As you get towards the bottom the updraught will be enough to keep you stable and the computers can simulate cliffs/ space voyages, anything really going past at 200km/h + just meters away. You'd probably have to be strapped into a brace to keep you in the freefall position to make sure that you didn't hit the sides but if it's done right, the acceleration forces would be almost indiscernible to the real thing. The brace could even automatically spin you around as the view on the VR glasses changes. sporn , Nov 16 2003 Freefall Simulator http://www.skydivew...freeflight/sim.html

    38., Insane Jumping, #125: Extreme C, Goalie, Flamin Orange, How To B
    Challenges Land Sports base jumping, Challenges Land Sports base jumping, Add an Egg. Other Topics In This Category. Topic Moderator(s).

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    Browse Pages ID # Insane Jumping Experiences Feb 26, 2004 "A couple of my friends and I got bored over the summer and decided to go "jumping". We&rsquod find ..." ID # #125: Extreme Cross Country Sleding ihatenames Dec 20, 2003 "This is a crazy game. You need a snowy day, a go cart, a sled, and a rope. Youve probably guessed wh..." ID # Goalie Anonymous Jan 22, 2003 on a trampoline "ok, one person goes on a trampoline, the other 1-10 people stand around the trampoline and take turn..." ID # Flamin orange Mr.Bang

    39. - Challenges - Base Jumping - BMX - Hang Gliding - Ice Blocking -
    ID 2685199. Insane Jumping Experiences, heavymetal200x Feb 26, 2004. A couple of my friends and I got bored over the summer and decided to go jumping .

    40. Re: QUEST Dot Net (tm) - BASE Jumping
    Find Related Books. base jumping. Click Here, Did you know? The word BASE, as used in base jumping, is an acronym for Building, Antennae, Span and Earth.
    BASE Jumping RQdN Home Recreation Parachuting BASE Jumping
    Did you know? The word BASE, as used in BASE jumping, is an acronym for Building, Antennae, Span and Earth. It represents the fixed-objects from which the jumps are made.
    • BLiNC Magazine
        Everything you ever wanted to know about BASE jumping, but didn't know who to ask. Includes information and resources of interest to BASE jumpers including a bulletin board for posting messages to fellow BASE jumpers.
      • Bridge Day
          The largest annual legal BASE jump event in the world taking place on the 876 foot high New River Gorge Bridge in Fayetteville, West Virginia.

        • Bridge Day 98 FAQ's
        • BASE Jumping
            Includes information on equipment, freefall deployment systems, assisted deployment systems, choosing a canopy, setting-up a canopy and more.
        • Base of Immortal
            BASE jumpers in Turkey.
        • Cliff Jumpers Association of America (CJAA)
            This site is currently undergoing a face lift but some links still work.

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