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         Sociology:     more books (100)
  1. 6th edition Essentials of Sociology: A Down-To-Earth Approach by James M. Henslin, 2006
  2. The Handbook of Political Sociology: States, Civil Societies, and Globalization

141. World-Wide Web Resources - Sociology
Annotated links to sociology information on the web. Gathered by the University of Kentucky.

  • alt.culture , an A to Z encyclopedia of '90s youth culture.
  • American Demographics Magazine
  • American Journal of Sociology (University of Chicago Press) Vols. 1-99 (Issue 3), 1895-1993 An electronic journal from JSTOR. Accessible from campus computers and off-campus via the proxy server
  • American Sociological Association
  • American Studies Electronic Crossroads (ASEC). Sponsored by the American Studies Association and hosted by Georgetown University, a collection of resources for using technology in American Studies classrooms.
  • Annual Review of Sociology , from Annual Reviews. Accessible from campus computers and off-campus via the proxy server
  • Bureau of Labor Statistics Data
  • The Canadian Journal of Sociology
  • Carnegie Commission on Preventing Deadly Conflict ...
  • CenStats , from the Census Bureau. User specifies geographic areas, data sets, commodities, etc. and CenStats finds and displays the specified data. As a value-added enhancement, CenStats takes advantage of a standard feature of the Internet by providing direct links between several databases that have common geography (i.e., counties, ZIP code areas, and census tracts).
  • Census Watch , ESRI site with access to information on Census-related data resources, redistricting, online GIS mapping, education and training, as well as news and articles.
  • 142. New York University Sociology Home
    The Department of sociology emphasizes both theoretical creativity and substantive empirical research on important social issues.

    143. Charles Horton Cooley: Reflections Upon The Sociology Of Herbert Spencer
    Classic 1920 article by Charles Horton Cooley. Sympathetically reviews Spencer's influence.
    Reflections upon the Sociology of Herbert Spencer
    Citation: Charles Horton Cooley. "Reflections upon the sociology of Herbert Spencer", American Journal of Sociology 26
    Reflections Upon The Sociology of Herbert Spencer
    I imagine that nearly all of us who took up sociology between 1870, say, and 1890 did so at the instigation of Spencer. While he did not invent the word (though most of us had never heard it before), much less the idea, he gave new life to both, and seemed to show us an open road into those countries which as yet we had only vaguely yearned to explore. His book, The Study of Sociology, perhaps the most readable of all his works, had a large sale and probably did more to arouse interest in the subject than any other publication before or since. Whatever we may have occasion to charge against him, let us set down at once a large credit for effective propagation. It is. certain that nearly all of us fell away from him sooner or later and more or less completely. My own defection, I believe, was one of the earliest and most complete; and since the recoil has gone farther with me than with most others, it is not unlikely that I now fail to do him justice. However, my views, such as (130) they are, have at least had ample time to mature, and I offer them for what they may be worth.

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    145. !FOR SALE!~Sociology News @,.com,.org~!FOR SALE!
    World news article links on sociology.
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    146. UCSB Sociology Department
    UCSB Home Soc Courses Soc Events Soc People Soc Programs Contact Us.
    UCSB Home Soc Courses Soc Events Soc People UCSB Home Soc Courses Soc Events Soc People ... Contact Us

    147. The Durkheim Page
    Assorted brief articles on his thought, targeted to beginning students of his work.
    The Durkheim Page
    Click on the following pages to find useful info about Emile Durkheim:- Introduction to Functionalism
    Durkheim: The Person

    Durkheim: The Work

    Durkheim and ANOMIE
    Functional Explanation

    148. Sociology @ Indiana University
    Aaron J. Hankinssociology is proud to announce that Aaron J. Hankins, a triplemajor in sociology, Spanish, and African American African Diaspora Studies, is
    Forwarding to:

    149. Social Science Resources: Sociology And Anthhropology
    SECTION SEVEN sociology AND ANTHROPOLOGY SOURCES. sociology SITES. sociology and Anthropology Resource Links at Western Connecticut State University.
  • AllLearn Academic Directories: Sociology
  • Sociology Web Resources : from Terje Gronning in Norway. Part of the much larger : a page very much like this one.
  • Sociolog from Julian Dierkes.
  • Sociology Links
  • Sociology Dictionary
  • A Sociology Timeline from 1600
  • Social and Economic Implications of Information Technologies: A Bibliographic Database Pilot Project ...
  • Social Indicators : from the United Nations Statistics Division.
  • Hypersociology : from Argentina in Spanish and English versions.
  • Sociopôle : Ressources en sociologie en France et dans le monde francophone.
  • Central American Post Graduate Program in Sociology : from Costa Rica, mostly in Spanish; includes student research abstracts since 1979.
  • Sociology and Anthropology Resource Links at Western Connecticut State University.
  • A sociological tour through cyberspace
  • Pew Research Center: Internet and American Life [pdf]
  • SocioWorld
  • Pagina de Sociologma de Artemio Baigorri : in Spanish. English translation is at this location
  • Socioweb : Generalized Sociology resources.
  • 150. The Implications Of Electronic Information For The Sociology Of Knowledge
    Article by UCLA professor Richard Lanham which discusses how the current trend of text moving from paper to screen will force us to rethink literacy

    151. Index Of /History
    Dept. of sociology, UIUC Programs Undergraduate program, graduate program. Links sociology links, information libraries, publications, UIUC links. Resources
    Index of /History
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    152. Sociology In Switzerland: Institutions And Departments
    Institutions and Departments in Switzerland
    Soziologisches Institut der Univ. Zürich Organisation Lehre Mitglieder ...
    Sociology Resources

    Online Journals

    Socio-cultural Evolution

    Swiss Political Links
    Wandel der Arbeitswelt ...
    Search this Site
    Swiss Institutions, Research Programs and
    University Departments in the Social Sciences National Institutions and Research Programs

    Ethnology, Cultural Anthropology

    Methodology / Statistics
    ... Other Disciplines National Institutions and Research Programs
    The Swiss Science Agency (Gruppe für Wissenschaft und Forschung) Bundesamt für Statistik (BfS) ... Schweizerische Gesellschaft für Soziologie Forschungskomitees: Journals and Books: Swiss Journal of Sociology Swiss Political Science Review Zeitschrift für Sozialpsychologie SEISMO Verlag Jobs: Employers seek sociologists Sociologists seek employers Private Institutions / Societies: Schweizerische Gesellschaft für praktische Sozialforschung (GfS) Dr. Margret Bürgisser: Institut für Sozialforschung, Analyse und Beratung

    153. Human Kinetics - Journals
    Worlds Maguire, Joseph, 2002 Resistance to Exercise McElroy, Mary, 2001 Sport Ethnography Sands, Robert R., 2001 Contemporary Issues in sociology of Sport

    sociology resources in English, German, Spanish and Portuguese.

    155. Department Of Sociology At The University Of Minnesota, Twin Cities
    Welcome to the Department of sociology at the University of Minnesota Twin Cities campus. Our community consists of 25 faculty, approximately
    Return to: College of Liberal Arts U of M Home One Stop Directories ... For Department Members
    Welcome to the Department of Sociology at the University of Minnesota Twin Cities campus. Our community consists of 25 faculty, approximately 75 graduate students, and over 630 undergraduate majors. During our 101 year history, many of our graduates have made distinguished contributions. As one of the premier departments in the College of Liberal Arts, we offer stimulating courses and conduct renowned, leading-edge research. Department of Sociology
    909 Social Sciences Bldg
    University of Minnesota
    267 19th Avenue South
    Minneapolis, MN 55455
    See Contact Information for more phone numbers and addresses News In Brief

    156. Garry Stevens And His Key Centre For Architectural Sociology
    Former academic Garry Stevens conducts sociological research on the architectural profession, its education and its impact on Australian society. Publications and reports.
    Thanks for all your interest guys! As of 2004, this site now attracts 6,500 visitors (over 100,000 hits) each month. We thank you each and every one! Dr Garry Stevens is an Aussie who spent 15 years as an academic at architecture schools in Australia and the United States, and then migrated into the real world. He is the author of three books published in the United States and the United Kingdom on computer-aided design; mathematics; and sociology. They have been translated into four languages. Maybe five or six. He now works in the IT industry, where he gets to experience the realities of the private sector, and some dollops of the public sector. Every so often Garry gets asked to give lectures in his native Australia or overseas, but to really keep his academic hand in, Garry runs the

    157. Resources Of Scholarly Societies - Sociology
    Last Updated 2003, December 4. sociology Links to websites of scholarly societies in sociology are given below.
    Last Updated: 2003, December 4 Sociology This is one of a set of subject pages in the Scholarly Societies Project , which facilitates access to websites of scholarly societies across the world. A set of guidelines is used in determining whether to include resources. Links to websites of scholarly societies in Sociology are given below. The URL-Stability Index for this collection of Sociology sites is 60.0/81 = . The URL-stability index for each site below is given graphically in the left-hand column as the URL-stability rank for that site. See also : the category. URL Stability Rank Society Name Abbrev. [In French.] ASMP Academy for Eating Disorders AED African Studies Association ASA American Association on Mental Retardation AAMR American Geriatrics Society AGS American Society of Addiction Medicine ASAM American Society on Aging ASG American Sociological Association ASA American Studies Association ASA [In Portuguese.] ABEP [In Portuguese.] APSIOT [In English and French.] Association for Humanist Sociology AHS Association for Humanistic Psychology ["...committed to exploring and furthering the evolution of the human spirit." "...focused on spirituality, environmentalism, community activism, health, psychology, or relationships..."]

    158. Ryoung001
    Explore the world of sociology, discuss issues, and other interesting discoveries.
    Thank you to those who contribute financially to Sociologist At Large! If you like this site, help keep it online. Support Sociologist At Large by clicking here click here to see What's New ! ... Student Advice Pages get real answers to your questions
    Developed, written, and maintained by an experienced College Instructor, Sociologist At Large has been introducing students and non-students to the Sociological Perspective since 1999. Learn all about Sociologist At Large here Sociologist At Large Peer Reviews Resume ...
    Peer Reviews Developed, written, and maintained by an experienced College Instructor, Sociologist At Large has been introducing students and non-students to the Sociological Perspective since 1999. Learn all about Sociologist At Large here Sociologist At Large Student Advice Pages get real answers to your questions
    The information made available through this Web Site is for the purpose of education. The material, opinions, analyses, and conclusions on external links may not necessarily reflect the opinions of Sociologist At Large. Send this page
    to a friend!

    159. Emerald Fulltext:
    sociology Resourcessociology resources. For access to librarysupported electronic journals on sociology, see the subject list of e-journals and search for sociology.
    Welcome to Emerald. Please Login
    International Journal of Sociology and Social Policy
    38 issues available, from Volume 18 Number 1 to Volume 23 Number 12. indicates you do NOT currently have a subscription to this title.
    indicates you have subscription access. Volume 23
    Number 12

    Number 11

    Number 10

    Number 8/9
    Number 1/2
    Volume 22
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    Number 9/10

    Number 7/8

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    160. JASL-ENG
    One of Japan's oldest associations in the to promote the sociology of law. With overview, symposia, and links.
    If your browser cannot show frames,
    ¨ Click Here! ©

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