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         Science And Technology Studies:     more books (100)
  1. Communication Technologies and Information Flow (Pergamon Policy Studies on Science and Technology)
  2. Science ; Technology: Duquesne Studies Philosophical Series 13 by Andrew G. Van Melsen, 9999
  3. Science and Technology [Duquesne Studies Philosophical Series #13] by Andrew G. Van Melson, 1961
  4. The Space Telescope: A Study in Science, Technology and Politics by Robert W. Smith, Paul A. Hanle, et all 1993-10-29
  6. Redefining Human Life: Reproductive Technologies and Social Policy (Westview Special Studies in Science, Technology, and Public Policy) by Robert H. Blank, 1983-11
  7. Corporate Management of Health and Safety Hazards: A Comparison of Current Practice (Westview Special Studies in Science, Technology, and Public Policy) by Roger E. Kasperson, 1988-09
  8. African Fever: A Study of British Science, Technology, and Politics in West Africa, 1787-1864 by Dennis G. Carlson, 1984-06
  9. Interdisciplinary studies in science, technology, and society: ''New Directions: Science, Humanities, Policy'' [An article from: Technology in Society] by R. Frodeman, J.T. Klein, et all 2007-04-01
  10. Science & Technology Duquesne Studies 13 by Andrew G Van Melsen, 1961
  11. Towards Some Basics of Nonlinearities in Mathematical Sciences (Anthem Studies in Science, Technology and Mathematics) by Dilip Kumar Sinha, 2006-05
  12. Nuclear waste: Socioeconomic dimensions of long-term storage (Westview special studies in science, technology, and public policy/society) by F. Larry Leistritz, 1983
  13. Perilous progress: Managing the hazards of technology (Westview special studies in science, technology, and public policy) by Jeanne X. Kasperson, 1985
  14. Intellectual Property and Economic Development (Westview Special Studies in Science, Technology, and Public Policy) by Robert M. Sherwood, 1990-07

121. SULAIR : Medieval Studies : Philosophy, Science And Technology,
Medieval studies. Philosophy, science and technology. History of science and technology index Labyrinth Philosophy Theology
skip to main navigation Articles A-Z Humanities and Area Studies Engineering Social Sciences Interdisciplinary Government Numeric Data Archive of Recorded Sound Biology (Falconer) Bing Wing Business (Jackson) Eng.(Swain) Earth Sciences (Branner) East Asia Education (Cubberley) Engineering Government Docs. (Jonsson) Green Library Hoover Institution Information Center Lane Reading Room Law (Crown) Map Collections Marine Biology (Miller) Sciences Media and Microtext Medical (Lane) Meyer Music Physics Special Collections Social Science Social Science Resource Center Stanford Auxiliary Library SLAC Library
Medieval Studies
Philosophy, Science and Technology
History of Science and Technology index
Read the bibliographic essay "Latin Philosophies of the Middle Ages" in Powell (ed.) Medieval Studies: An Introduction , D116.M4. Other surveys are Maurer Medieval Philosophy , 2d ed., B721.M37 1982; Research Guide to Philosophy , Chap.3, B52.T5 1983; History of Ideas: A Bibliographic Introduction , Z7125.T58 1977. Also Steenberghen Bibl. du phil. med

122. University Of Saskatchewan - Extension Division
The University of Saskatchewan's Extension Division offers opportunities for lifelong learning in fields of agriculture, business, technology, environment, women, math, gardening, science, arts, humanities and indigenous studies. Site features information on credit and noncredit courses, tours and conferences, academic resources, contact and enrollment information.
') // End Hiding Here >
The Extension Division's role is to reach out to you, the lifelong learner, and make it easy for you to access the University of Saskatchewan's educational programs. Whether you are working towards a degree, a certificate or are interested in developing your personal and professional skills, we hope you will find a program that suits your needs and enriches your life.
Spring and Summer Session

Classes started May 18, 2004

Take an undergraduate or graduate credit class during the summer and enjoy the beautiful UofS Campus! 10th Symposium on Violence and Aggression
June 20-23, 2004

A symposium for discussing current theories, research, and practice in dealing with aggression and violence. Plenary and workshop sessions feature prominent professionals and researchers from the criminal justice and mental health fields. Hort Week
July 25-30, 2004

123. Return To Home
Undergraduate and Graduate studies, faculty, student information, facilities, career opportunities, and related links.

124. Untitled Document
Offering teaching and research in Arts Language Education, Early Childhood studies, Leisure studies, Maori Bilingual Education, Mathematics, science technology Education and Social, Physical Health Education

125. Welcome To Cubberley
Public school for grades K8 offering an accelerated program in science, technology and global studies.

126. CCSU - School Of Technology
Applicationsoriented program that includes studies in applied mathematics and science, electronics principles, techniques, materials and devices. The program provides students with a management background that promotes advancement within their field.
Electronics Technology
Program Description:
Electronics Technology is an applications oriented program that includes studies in applied mathematics and science, electronics principles, techniques, materials and devices. The program provides students with a management background that promotes advancement within their field. Core courses in Electronics Technology include 33 semester hours of basic computer applications, electrical principles, analog and digital circuits, electromechanical converters, electronic communication and microprocessor design and programming. Additional elective hours provide the flexibility to study topics of interest that also increase employment opportunities. Topics include robotics, computer programming, computer networking, and automated manufacturing systems. In addition, general education requirements (44 - 46 credits) promote communication and critical thinking skills as well as provide the mathematical and scientific knowledge necessary for success in the electronics field.
Bachelor of Science in Electronics Technology program is accredited by the National Association of Industrial Technology (NAIT) , which is a member of the Association of Specialized and Professional Accreditors (ASAP). This accreditation provides recognition of the attainment of professional goals and standards for Industrial Technology. The curricular pattern is reviewed in terms of stated objectives, content, methods, supporting resources and evaluation systems.

127. ESTO Template
The European science and technology Observatory (ESTO) is a Joint Research Centre s (JRC s) Institute for Prospective Technological studies (IPTS) leadership
Introduction to the ESTO Network
The European Science and Technology Observatory (ESTO) is a network of organisations operating under the European Commission's - Joint Research Centre's (JRC's) Institute for Prospective Technological Studies (IPTS) - leadership and funding since 1997. The mission aims at detecting, at an early stage, and prospectively shaping, scientific or technological breakthroughs, trends and events of potential socio-economic importance, which may require action at a European decision-making level.The ESTO core-competence therefore resides in trans-national prospective analysis and advice on science and technology changes relevant to EU society, economy and policy.Today, ESTO is presently composed of a core of twenty European institutions , all with experience in the field of scientific and technological foresight, forecasting or assessment at the national level. These organisations have a formal obligation towards the IPTS and are the nucleus of a far larger network. Membership is being continuously reviewed and expanded with a view to match the evolving needs of the EU, and therefore of the JRC-IPTS, and to incorporate new competent organisations from both inside and outside of the EU. This includes the objective to broaden the operation of the ESTO network to include relevant partners from EU Candidate Countries.ESTO members, therefore, share the responsibility of supplying JRC-IPTS with up-to-date and high quality scientific and technological information drawn from all over the world, facilitated by the network's broad presence and linkages, including access to relevant knowledge within the JRC's Institutes.

128. Carleton College: Environmental And Technology Studies
comprehensive environmental studies program at Carleton while continuing to support studies on the social and political implications of science and technology.
The Environmental and Technology Studies (ENTS) concentration is one of the newest interdisciplinary programs at Carleton. Although established in 1994, its roots go back much further as it incorporates previous concentrations in Natural History and Technology and Policy Studies (TAPS), together with new and existing courses in the sciences and humanities. ENTS fulfills a longstanding need for a comprehensive environmental studies program at Carleton while continuing to support studies on the social and political implications of science and technology. It is open to all majors. Faculty from fourteen departments participate in the ENTS program. They are dedicated to truly interdisciplinary education that cuts across academic boundaries and integrates diverse perspectives and experiences. There is an emphasis on "hands on" laboratory and field research on the local ecology (such as the Arboretum) as well as on off-campus study opportunities and internships. Group projects and public presentation of results are encouraged. The program is designed to give students with different backgrounds and interests alternative ways of filling the concentration requirements, while also requiring a "core" of common experiences. Concentrators should enter the program through the introductory course (ENTS 110), which is open only to first- and second-year students. They may then select any of three "tracks" within the concentration: Environmental Sciences, Natural History, or Science, Technology, and Public Policy.

129. Society For Social Studies Of Science
The Society for Social studies of science (4S) is a nonprofit of 4S is to bring together those interested in understanding science, technology, and medicine
the profession the society scholarly resources annual meeting ... for students Refresh your browser to see additional randomly selected images submitted by 4S members.
4S News
4S now has a domain name all its own! Click to bookmark this new location
Meeting in PARIS
, 25-28 August, 2004 Travel grants for graduate students Graduate Student Essay competition New: Sign up to recieve bimonthly 4S updates. The Society for Social Studies of Science (4S) is a nonprofit, professional association. It was founded in 1975 and now has an international membership of about 1000. The main purpose of 4S is to bring together those interested in understanding science, technology, and medicine, including the way they develop and interact with their social contexts.
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130. GSLIS - Programs: Undergraduate Minor
States and Canada, see our overview of Information science, Information technology studies, Informatics, and Internet studies undergraduate degree programs.
Undergraduate Minor in Information Technology Studies
Admissions Requirements Course Descriptions Upcoming Courses ... NEW: Undergrad hourly position available An understanding of these issues is becoming increasingly important in today's world. Show mastery of these concepts and skills with an undergraduate minor in Information Technology Studies from the Graduate School of Library and Information Science (GSLIS). This program is offered cooperatively with the Institute for Communications Research (ICR). To see how our program compares to others throughout the United States and Canada, see our overview of Information Science, Information Technology Studies, Informatics, and Internet Studies undergraduate degree programs What is Valuable About a Minor in Information Technology Studies?
Whether your plan is for further study, government service, or work directly after college, knowledge of new information technologies is increasingly important in all spheres. For those already working in computer-intensive areas such as engineering, computer science, or statistics, knowledge of the social, organizational, and historical changes created by information infrastructures provides a good balance that is attractive to future employers. For those in the humanities or social sciences, acquisition of technical skills and an understanding of the place of technology in your discipline will provide you with tools that are increasingly in demand by graduate programs and employers, and necessary in our daily lives.

science and technology Policy Program at SRI InternationalThe science and technology Policy Program, a Washington and international scientific and technological (S T) issues Commissioned studies, frequently based on the

132. JSTOR: 4S Review
4S Review
(continued by JSTOR Coverage: Vols. 1 - 3, 1983-1985
JSTOR Collection: Please read JSTOR's Terms and Conditions of Use before you begin. Search This Journal Browse This Journal
Journal Information for 4S Review
Publisher Sage Publications, Inc. ISSN


133. ReyLab Home Page
Interdisciplinary research laboratory at the Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, affiliated with Harvard Medical School, HarvardM.I.T. Division of Health Sciences and technology, and the Center for Polymer studies at Boston University.
Laboratory for Nonlinear Dynamics in Medicine
    The Laboratory for Nonlinear Dynamics in Medicine (ReyLab), is an interdisciplinary research laboratory at the Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center . The laboratory is affiliated with Harvard Medical School and the Center for Polymer Studies at Boston University. This laboratory is named in honor of the late Margret and Hans A. Rey , co-creators of the remarkable Curious George books. Margret, like her world-famous literary creation, infused immeasurable joy into the lives of all those who had the privilege of sharing her company. Her extraordinary generosity has enabled us to pursue our mission as a laboratory without walls , in the spirit of that playful primate who serves as a most fitting emblem of scientific curiosity and exploration.

Mission Statement

Research Projects

Databases and Software


134. Naval Studies Board
Under the National Academy of Sciences (U.S.), it has conducted studies ranging from design and operation of satellites, through C4I systems, stealth technology, atmospheric and subsurface sensors, ship, submarine and aircraft architecture, weapons development, pollution control, human factors, and education/training.
Jump to Top News Jump to Science in the Headlines Search: Subscribe to our FREE e-newsletter! NATIONAL ACADEMY OF SCIENCES NATIONAL ACADEMY OF ENGINEERING INSTITUTE OF MEDICINE ...
Ronald D. Taylor, Director
(Effective July 2003, on assignment to the Department of Homeland Security)
Charles F. Draper, Acting Director
NSB Mission
The mission of the Naval Studies Board, created in 1974 at the request of the Chief of Naval Operations , is to be a source of independent, long-range, scientific and technical planning advice for the Navy and Marine Corps team. The Naval Studies Board charter also was endorsed by the Assistant Secretary of the Navy (Research and Development) , and accepted without modification by the president of the National Academy of Sciences and chair of the National Research Council.
About NSB
The Naval Studies Board (NSB) is an operating unit of the National Academies , which operate under a charter granted by the United States Congress to provide independent scientific and technical advice to the government upon request. The NSB operates under the auspices of the NRC's Division on Engineering and Physical Sciences
During its 29 years of operation, the NSB has accepted tasks involving virtually all of the scientific and engineering disciplines supported by the

135. Karel De Grote-Hogeschool Antwerpen
Offers about seventy courses and has six departments arts, commercial sciences and business administration, industrial engineering and technology, teacher training, applied social studies and health care. Antwerp.

136. Colby | STS
deep intellectual roots in the history, philosophy, and sociology of science and technology. STS is an exciting interdisciplinary field of study for students

Faculty Students Course Homepages STS Program Majors and Minors Women and STS Concentrations Requirements Course Catalogue ... Resources Science, Technology, and Society (STS) examines the social and cultural implications of discoveries, theories, and inventions "of natural knowledge and material culture" both in America and globally. The field has deep intellectual roots in the history, philosophy, and sociology of science and technology. STS is an exciting interdisciplinary field of study for students from all majors. It constitutes a fundamental aspect of a liberal arts education. Science and technology have become increasingly important components of our world, changing the ways we live, work, and think. The well-being of individuals, nations, and, ultimately, our Earth depends in part on technoscientific developments that are part of the process shaping both the social fabric and the natural environment. By choosing from a variety of electives, students in the STS Program are introduced to critical and interdisciplinary perspectives on the interactions of science, technology, and society. Students gain an understanding of the historical and social dimensions of science and technology; they also become better-informed citizens of our high-tech society.
National Weather Service

Unisys Weather

Huge List of Weather Links

page maintained by Nina Korolyova October 2003 Colby Home Search Directory Colby College ... Department of Science, Technology and Society

137. News [UK-Aachen]
Interdisciplinary course of studies in engineering, medical, and natural sciences at the Aachen University of technology (RheinischWestf¤lische Technische Hochschule, RWTH). Taught in English.
Sie sind hier: Unsere Einrichtungen Fakult¤t Dekanat Master Programme Biomedical Engineering News Suche IHR FEEDBACK Ihr Feedback zu unserer Website AKTUELLES Aktuelles Veranstaltungen Aktuelle Meldungen ALLGEMEINES œbersicht Ihre Anreise Wir ¼ber uns Im Notfall Aktuelle Meldungen zum UKA Veranstaltungs¼bersicht Tipps f¼r eine gesunde Ern¤hrung Rund ums Universit¤tsklinikum Impressum Kontakt Webteam INFORMATIONEN FœR ... œbersicht Patienten Besucher „rzte Wissenschaftler Studierende Gesch¤ftspartner Presse UNSERE EINRICHTUNGEN œbersicht Vorstand Gesch¤ftsbereiche Logistikcenter Interdisziplin¤re Medizinische Schwerpunkte (IMS) Fachkliniken mit Lehr- und Forschungsgebieten Institute mit Lehr- und Forschungsgebieten Interdisziplin¤re Forschungsbereiche œbergreifende Funktionsbereiche Lehr- und Forschungsgebiete Fakult¤t Call Center Blutspenden am Klinikum Weitere Funktionen, Dienste und Schulen STELLENMARKT Alle Stellen „rztliche und Wissenschaftliche Dienste Medizinische und Med.-Techn. Dienste Technik / Ingenieurwesen TELEFONBUCH Elektronisches Telefonbuch Ihr Feedback Aktuelles Allgemeines Informationen f¼r ...

138. The Graduate Program In Environmental Policy Studies At NJIT
The graduate program at NJIT focuses on the role of the earth and social sciences in the development, implementation and evaluation of environmental policy.
The Graduate Program in Environmental Policy Studies Information about photographs
contact us at:

139. BrainPOP - Health, Science, Technology, Math, English, & Social Studies Educatio
Animated movies, comic strips, activity pages and 24 hour homework assistance via email for Kids.
All Movies ENGLISH - Book Report - Business Letter - Citing Sources - Colons Semicolons - Contractions - DiagrammingSentences - Dialogue - FiveParagraphEssay - Interjections - Internet Searching - Nouns - Parts Of Speech - Personal Pronouns - Point of View - Prep. Phrases - Prewriting Organize - Prewriting Topic - Public Speaking - Punctuations - Reading A Newspaper - Reading Skills - Research - Run-On Sentences - Show, Not Tell - StrengthenSentence - Subject Predicate - Subject-VerbAgreement - Test Preparation - Test Taking Skills - The Writing Process - They're Their There - Types of Sentences - Types Of Writing - Verbs - Writing In Sequence HEALTH - Acne - ADHD - Aging - Anthrax - Asthma - Babies - Blood - Blood Glucose - Blood Pressure - Body Chemistry - Body Weight - Bone Structure - Brain - Broken Bones - Cancer - Cells - Circulatory System - Diabetes - Digestion - Digestive System - DNA - Drug Abuse - Dyslexia - Endocrine System - Eyes - Fitness - Genes - Hair - Hearing - Heart - Heredity - HIV/AIDS - Homeostasis - Hormones - Immune System - Immune System Adv - Joints - Juvenile RA - Lyme Disease - Muscular System - Nails - Nervous System - Nutrition - Peak Flow - Period - Puberty - ReproductiveSystem - Respiration - RespiratorySystem - SARS - Skeletal System - Skin - Sleep - Smallpox - Smell - Smoking - Spinal Cord - Sun Protection - Taste - Teeth - Twins - Urinary System - Vision - Voice - Your Body MATH - AddSubtractFracs - AddSubtractFracsAdv - AddSubtractIntegers - AddSubtractIntsAdv - AreaParallelogram - AreaPolygons - AssociativeProperty - Basic Probability - Commutative - Comparing Prices

140. Vermont State Colleges | Home Page
Information about the system of five small colleges located throughout Vermont that offer two and four-year programs in technology, liberal arts and sciences and professional studies.
Contact Us Search
Welcome to the Vermont State Colleges! Go directly to each college's Web site through the links below. Check out our academic calendars and current list of majors . Or visit one of our 60 locations around Vermont.
Future Students
Current Students Visitors ...
Castleton State College.

Engaging Minds... Creating Futures.
Read more
or visit
Community College of Vermont.

Go Places! Start Here.
Community College of Vermont offers more than 1,000 courses and 19 degree programs at 12 locations and online. Read more or visit
Johnson State College.

Change YOUR Mind. Read more or visit Lyndon State College. The Experiences Make the Education. Just a few of Lyndon's diverse programs include meteorology, environmental science, television studies, interactive digital media, graphic design and recreation management. Read more or visit Vermont Technical College. Technology Driven. Results Proven. Read more or visit Vermont State Colleges P.O. Box 359 Waterbury, VT 05676 - 802.241.2520 - 800.VSC.2205 FAX:802.241.3369

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