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         Science And Technology Studies:     more books (100)
  1. Biology and Political Science (Routledge Studies in Science, Technology, and Society, 4) by Robert Blank, 2001-09-07
  2. Visions of Sts: Contextualizing Science, Technology, and Society Studies (Suny Series in Science, Technology, and Society)
  3. Technological Systems in the Bio Industries: An International Study (Economics of Science, Technology and Innovation)
  4. Discovery, Innovation, and Risk: Case Studies in Science and Technology (New Liberal Arts) by Newton H. Copp, Andrew W. Zanella, 1992-12-22
  5. Closing the Gap: Computer Development in the Peoples Republic of China (Westview Special Studies in Science, Technology, and Public Policy) by Otto W. Witzell, J. K. Smith, 1989-03
  6. The development of scientific method (The Commonwealth and international library of science, technology, engineering, and liberal studies. History of science and technology division) by W. S Fowler, 1962
  7. Toward an Aesthetic Criticism of Technology (Worcester Polytechnic Institute Studies in Science, Technology, and Culture, Vol 2) by Wolhee Choe, 1990-05
  8. Space Telescope: A Study of NASA, Science, Technology, and Politics. by Robert W. Smith, 1985
  9. Learning by Doing: Science and Technology in the Developing World (Westview Special Studies in Science, Technology, and Public Policy)
  11. Life Science And Technology: Life, Study Guide And Answer Key
  12. Holt Science and Technology: Earth Science (Study Guide)
  13. Choosing a Contraceptive: Method Choice in Asia and the United States (Westview special studies in science, technology, and society) by Rodolfo A. Bulatao, James A. Palmore, et all 1989-03
  14. The Acid rain debate: Scientific, economic and political dimensions (Westview special studies in science, technology, and public policy)

81. Institute Of Chemical Technology, Prague
studies, science and research, international contacts, information services and faculties.

A science policy Institute of the CSIR, Government of India. Projects and research efforts, articles, news and publicity, lectures, faculty, and facility details.

Location Map
Mail Home EVENTS Forthcoming Lectures Annual report 2002-2003 Nistads News,
October 2003 Issue
About Nistads
Introducing Nistads / Contact Address / CSIR Links Director : Prof. Rajesh Kochhar Brief CV / Publications Research Projects Ongoing Research Projects DIMENSIONS of SCIENCE
Public lecture series
Jointly organised by India International Centre and Nistads General Articles Articles by Nistads Faculty Journal Current Literature on Science of Science Press Clippings Media coverage on Nistads Technological and Integrated Assistance to Rural Artisans (TIARA) Dhokra craft of West Bengal Nistads Dhokra Museum Download Information Brochure People B rief CV, Select Publications
(some downloadable) Research Highlights Major research programmes pursued
in Nistads Publications Selected publications by Nistads Faculty Yellowed Pages Reprints of Historical Documents Book Reviews Book Reviews by Nistads Faculty Awards and Honours
Nistads Faculty Facilities Library : Catalogue Search
GIS / Remote Sensing

Computational Facilities
Latest Research Activities ... Tender Notice Content Editor :

83. ICCEPT, Energy Policy & Technology Research At Imperial College
Research unit studies the science and technology of energy production and use; environmental impact of energyrelated pollution; and economic/legal/institutional aspects of energy and environmental policies.

84. '4SEASST' - Accueil / Home
A conference on all topics related to the social studies of science and technology. (Scroll down for english version.)
Édition du : document.write(DateModif);
The programm will be available around JUNE 20 th See Menu List of sessions List of papers JUNE 20 th See Menu List of sessions List of papers JUNE 20 th See Menu List of sessions List of papers sorted by alphabetical order (first author's name).
La Conference Conjointe de la 4S et d'EASST aura lieu en 2004 à Paris, du 25 au 28 août, à l'Ecole des Mines de Paris, 60 boulevard Saint Michel, 6 ème
Comme lors des précédentes conférences de la 4S et de EASST, toutes les contributions en sciences sociales portant sur des thèmes en relation avec les siences et les technologies sont bienvenues. Une liste non exaustive de thèmes figure sur les formulaires de soumission.
preuves publiques ? Ces preuves ont à la fois le caractère de l'ancienne preuve scientifique et doivent néanmoins convaincre et, surtout, permettre l'accord. Le congrès accueille favorablement les propositions d'articles, de conférences, de sessions, d'événements qui explorent ces thèmes et les traitent de façon originale, ce qui permetta à la communauté des chercheurs de créer de nouvelles ressources pour explorer ces relations entre science et démocratie.
Des informations détaillées seront disponibles sur ce site à partir du 5 décembre 2003.

85. Institute Of Management Studies
Offers courses in business management, computer application, bioscience, engineering in information technology, electronics and biotechnology. Lists details of the college and the board of directors.

86. Bioacoustics Research Laboratory (Beckman Institute For Advanced Science And Tec
studies the interaction of ultrasound with biological materials as well as ultrasound imaging in biology and medicine

87. Internet Subject Guides
studies Film studies Social and Cultural Anthropology Human Resources Social Work Law science, technology and Society Linguistics Women s studies Marketing
LIS 538 Internet Subject Guides - March 1995
Anthropology Library and Information Studies Botany Music Canadian History - 20th Century Nursing Classics Ready Reference Resources Distance Education Religious Studies Film Studies Social and Cultural Anthropology Human Resources Social Work Law Science, Technology and Society Linguistics Women's Studies Marketing This collection of subject guides was created in March of 1995 by the students in the LIS 538 class of the School of Library and Information Studies at the University of Alberta. They will not be maintained in their current form over the long term, but are being made available for the time being as a service to anyone who finds them useful. Thanks to the librarians at the University of Alberta who directed the students in their research, and to Lou Rosenfeld and Joe Janes of the University of Michigan whose course materials were of great assistance in this project. Please send any comments regarding the collection to You are visitor number You can see the last 20 users

88. Setnet
Offers information for schools about science, technology, engineering, and mathematics in education. Includes diary, local Education Business Partnerships, case studies, competitions, press releases and links to companies and institutions.

89. Graduate Studies In Science & Technology Policy And Management At PREST
The two universities already cooperate very closely in many areas of research and teaching - including science, technology and innovation studies.
PREST Policy Research in Engineering, Science and Technology
Graduate Studies in Science and Technology Policy and Management at PREST
The University of Manchester offers inter-disciplinary training in the field of science and technology policy and management studies. It does this within the framework of a strong research school based in PREST, an internationally known research and advisory group which works with governments, international bodies, firms and other organisations around the world. The aim of both our top-rated Masters Programme and our Doctoral school is to produce highly qualified, well-trained analysts of science and technology policy through the provision of a first class teaching and research environment. We do this by providing excellent research facilities, supervision arrangements and training programmes and by attaching students to a research group so that they benefit from working alongside existing teams of staff and students. We also provide specialist short courses in various aspects of science and technology policy and management, and with our daughter centre

90. NTNU - Norwegian University Of Science And Technology
Located in Trondheim. Information about research, studies and the university.
Information to prospective students
Practical guide for international students

Office of International Relations

Student Town no.1
Living in Trondheim

How to get here
By plane: SAS
or by train: NSB NTNU is a centre for technological education and research in Norway, with a solid foundation in the natural sciences . This tradition is interwoven with broadly based expertise in the classical university disciplines of the humanities, medicine and the social sciences. Welcome to Office of International Relations NTNU
NO-7491 Trondheim, Norway
Phone.: +47 73595000, Fax: +47 73595310
Editor in charge: Information Director Anne K. Dahl

91. SciTech Daily Review - Science, Technology, Future Developments, Innovations, Im
technology companies are trying to stay ahead of changing the newand-improved flavor of gene science is Earth Many studies have suggested that the air in cars
Closer To Truth TurboNote
BOOKMARK THIS PAGE Queen's Birthday Edition, 4 - 7 June 2004
"eppur si muove"
Breaking News Interactive Forums Sci/Tech Publications ... Special Interests
Here's the best intelligent, informed science and technology coverage and analysis you can find on a daily basis, sourcing a huge range of great writers and excellent publications. If you'd like to find out more about the fundamental issues of our times, check out what scientists, scholars and artists are debating about at Closer to Truth and its interactive HyperForum. Vicki Hyde
Managing Editor SciTechDaily's story
Closer to Truth
Explore the latest scientific research, philosophical thinking, and expressions of human creativity with the world's leading minds at Closer to Truth.
Questions of Life, the Universe...

Interview with series creator

New CTT Website
Hot Topic
Can Religion Withstand Technology?
our search for meaning
Interactive Forums
About Science Chat Rooms

FEED loop

Breaking News
ABC (Australia) Science ABC (US) Science AlphaGalileo Anthropology in the News ... World Scientist Found a good item? Please tell us where!

92. The Fawcett Library The National Library Of Women
The Fawcett Library, the National Research Library for Women's studies is based at the London Guildhall University in London. The library includes materials on the following subjects feminism, work, education, health, the family, law, arts, science, technology, language, sexuality, fashion and the home. The main emphasis is on Britain, but many other countries are represented, especially the Commonwealth and the Third World. Contains information about the history of the library, it's collection, a number of short reading lists and details of accessing the collection.
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93. American Studies @ The University Of Virginia
for science and Culture Features links to studies of Social science, Race, and Gender. Women in technology International Searchable site containing articles
Gender Literature Philosophy ...

The Yellow Pages Science and Technology
main directory Science and Culture Computers Internet Space Exploration ... General Science Facts Science and Culture Cultural Studies Science, Race and Gender History of Science
Cultural Studies
Science as Culture
This site acts as a portal to publications concerning the relationship between science and culture.
Discovery Institute: Center for Science and Culture
Features links to studies of Social Darwinism, Intelligent design and other movements that have shaped and been shaped by views on science.
Science and Culture Links
A great compendium of links to interviews, biographies, geneaologies (there's an Ellis Island search engine).
Science, Race, and Gender
Women in Technology International
Searchable site containing articles organized topically.
Women in Science and Engineering
Archive of articles in the Iowa State library.

94. Microgravity Science Division / GRC
Is responsible for planning, advocating, directing, and implementing space experiments in technology and microgravity science.This Division at the Glenn Research Center both conducts and sponsors groundbased scientific and technology studies that may lead to experiments in space.

MSD Missions
MSD Acronyms Education Outreach ... (non-flash version) Microgravity Science Division at GRC
The Microgravity Science Division at NASA Glenn Research Center is responsible for planning, advocating, directing, and implementing space experiments in technology and microgravity science. Station Time in Orbit MSD Hardware in Space GRC



MSD Related Links MSD Home


Principal Investigator Microgravity Services International Space Station Operations web site
Search for: Search the entire MSD site from here! NASA Related Links

95. Aichi Prefectural University
With university guide, history, faculties of letters, foreign studies, information science and technology, cultural studies, facilities, and campus access.
20 DEC 1999 The Aichi Prefectural University
Send comments and suggestions to

96. Forsesthill Divide Middle School
Includes map of location, science studies, sports and technology information.
News and Updates Check out the FLYOVER As the weather warms up remember that the dress code will be strictly enforced, see your handbook for details. Hats and hoods need to be taken off when going indoors. April 12 is reserved as a snow extension day. Students will return the day after unless the school is forced to close because of weather conditions. Mar 22-26 Spring Conferences - Dismissal 1:45 Mar 27 Saturday School 8-12 Apr 1 Site Council FDMS Lib 2:05 April 2 Snow Extension Day April 5-9 Spring Break April 12 Added to spring break unless snow day is used. April 13-16 6th Grade Science Camp April 17 Saturday School 8-12
Our Mission Statement:
The Foresthill Union School District is dedicated to providing all students with opportunities to develop their full academic potential, to understand and value themselves and others, to have a meaningful school experience, and to take pride in both personal and community achievements.
Contact Information Phone: 530.367.3782 Fax: 530.367.5426

TJHSST News London for two weeks, and attend the International Youth science Forum Discover Card Tribute Award Program in thescience, Business technology studies Category
List Archives Subscriber's Corner
Server Archives

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... Archive Search Archives of SATSUNET@JISCMAIL.AC.UK
Sci/Tec studies - policy, innovation, cultural dynamics, risk and identity

98. UNCA Music Department
Three degree programs the Bachelor of science in Music technology, the Bachelor of Arts in Music/Jazz studies track, and the Bachelor of Arts in Music/General studies track. All programs are grounded in a liberal arts curriculum.

Become a Member of UNCA FRIENDS OF MUSIC!
University of North Carolina at Asheville
Department of Music
Dr. Wayne J. Kirby, Chairman Click here for the Calendar of Upcoming Events!! IMPORTANT DATES Music Department Handbook of Policies and Procedures ... UNCA Music Department Photo Gallery!! Make sure to click the "refresh" button on your browser to see the latest versions of these website pages! Victor Wooten, 3-time Grammy Winner presents a Bass Master Class at UNCA!! Click here for more photos!! Audio Student Sample Recordings: Under Construction Jury Schedule ...
Satruday, May 1 (click here)
Late Entrance Auditions
A limited number of slots for late entrance auditions will be available Tuesday, August 17 All applications are due by Friday, July 30th. (See left-hand column for weblinks to audition forms and guidelines.) April 29 The UNCA Jazz Ensembles Thurs. 7:30 pm Jazz ensembles directed by David Wilken, will present vocal and instrumental selections. Admission $5 (UNCA students free with ID). Lipinsky Auditorium May 2 UNCA Sunday 4 pm Instrumental and choral groups under the direction of Inez Redman, Will Talley and Chuck Taft. Admission $5 (UNCA students free with ID). Lipinsky Auditorium

99. Technology Faculty
Undergraduate and postgraduate courses in marine management, science, technology, business and environment in Southampton.
School of Maritime and Coastal Studies The maritime world provides exciting career opportunities. The School of Maritime and Coastal Studies has built on a tradition of maritime training and has been delivering degree courses for over 15 years. All our courses are designed with today's business needs in mind, and have been developed with collaboration from industrial practitioners. Full course details available online.
Telephone: Facsimile: Minicom: E-mail:

100. Redirect Page
Schools of humanities and social science, business and administration, science, engineering, and technology, and law. Also has program information for graduate school, continuing studies, and undergraduate honors.

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