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         Science And Technology Studies:     more books (100)
  1. Insights into years 10-12 Physics Problems Solving: A Comparative Study (Science & Technology Education Library) by Sivakumar Alagumalai, 2008-02
  2. In and About the World: Philosophical Studies of Science and Technology (Suny Series in Science, Technology, and Society) by Hans Radder, 1996-08
  3. Biomedicine as Culture: Instrumental Practices, Technoscientific Knowledge, and New Modes of Life (Routledge Studies in Science, Technology and Society)
  4. Science Images and Popular Images of the Sciences (Routledge Studies in Science, Technology and Society)
  5. Good Style: Writing For Science and Technology (Routledge Study Guides) by John Kirkman, 2006-01-24
  6. Interdisciplinary Studies in Science Technology Philosophy & Culture (Phispc Monograph Series on History of Philosophy, Science and Culture in India, 6) by D. P. Chattopadhyaya, 1996-08
  7. Technology Transfer to Cities: Processes of Choice of the Local Level (Westview special studies in science, technology, and public policy) by W. Henry Lambright, 1979-08
  8. Cutting Edge Technologies and Microcomputer Applications for Developing Countries (Westview Special Studies in Science, Technology, and Public Policy)
  9. Model-Based Reasoning in Science, Technology, and Medicine (Studies in Computational Intelligence) (Studies in Computational Intelligence)
  10. Journalism, Science and Society: Science Communication between News and Public Relations (Routledge Studies in Science, Technology and Society)
  11. Macroengineering and the Future: A Management Perspective (Westview Special Studies in Science, Technology, and Public Policy) by Frank Davidson, 1983-03
  12. Cooperation in Science and Technology: An Evaluation of the U.S. Soviet Agreement (Westview Special Studies in Science, Technology, and Public Policy) by Catherine P. Ailes, Arthur E. Pardee, 1985-07
  13. Philosophy of Science: From Explanation to Justification (Science and Technology Studies) by Mario Bunge, 1998-06-30
  14. Science, politics, and controversy: Civilian nuclear power in the United States, 1946-1974 (Westview special studies in science, technology, and public policy) by Steven L Del Sesto, 1979

Academic research center specializing in business and technology foresight, demographic, economic, and energy forecasting, and longterm systems-science-based studies of sociopolitical structures; publication list and newsletter synopses.
Established in 1974, the Institute for Futures Research (IFR) is a research institution of the University of Stellenbosch specialising in futures studies primarily as a support service for knowledge and strategic management. The IFR’s research focus is on the following fields of specialisation:
  • Business futuristics and the systems approach to transformation management Long-term economic structure studies Applied demographics Technology foresight Socio-political studies Energy futures

Publications Associates Staff at IFR ... Enquiries
since 11 August 2003

62. STS Links
the Philosophy of Nature and science studies. Centre for Policy Research on science and technology (CPROST) Department of science technology studies, University of
Links to STS-Related Information Sources
Table of Contents
Activist Links Corporate Links Government Links Complete Alphabetic List of All Links Activist Links:
  • Alliance for Public Technology Center for Alternative Technology Center for Democracy and Technology Center for Neighborhood Technology Home Page ...
  • Table of Contents Corporate Links
  • BellCore IBM
  • Table of Contents
  • Council on Competitiveness ...
  • Table of Contents Government Links
  • Advanced Research Projects Agency (ARPA) Central Intelligence Agency Council on Environmental Quality, Executive Office of the President Library of Congress ...
  • Table of Contents STS, HST, PST Information Sites Links
  • Alan Sokal Articles clock struck thirteen History of Science, Technology and Medicine International Philosophical Preprints ...
  • Table of Contents
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    63. Institute For Prospective Technological Studies
    One of the eight Research Institutes of the European Commission (EC), the IPTS organizes regional foresight studies on science and technology to inform political and economic decisionmakers.

    64. Scienceireland Homepage
    Encourages science study through news and activities of Irish Institutes of technology and provides science links for kids to postgraduates on employments, conferences, publications and grant aid.
    The Association of Heads of School of Science welcomes you to www.scienc eire! Click here , to sponsor science.
    Hit " quiz ", to know the Midland's winner of the
    digital camera. Declining graduates
    You are visitor number:

    65. Kindergarten Classroom Reading Readiness And Math Activities Lesson Plans For Sc
    Thematic reading and math readiness activities for kindergarten science and social studies units. technology connected lessons for each unit plus links to age appropriate sites.

    This site is hosted by
    Netfirms Web Hosting
    Our Lady Prompt Succor School
    Science Units: Ocean Body Space Dinosaurs ... Plants Social Studies Units G.Washington Abe Lincoln Pilgrims Columbus ... Religion O UR SCHOOL
    Catholic School in Alexandria, Louisiana OUR KINDERGARTEN CURRICULUM
    Subjects Taught
    Reading Readiness and Math Activities AUTHOR
    Kindergarten Teacher O UR L ADY OF P ROMPT S UCCOR Our Lady of Prompt Succor is a Catholic school located in Alexandria, Louisiana.
    O.L.P.S. has approximately five hundred fifty students. The school has three pre-kindergarten classes, four kindergarten classes, and three classes of each grade first through sixth. Being a Catholic School, Our Lady of Prompt Succor is dedicated to teaching academic skills while providing a wholesome Catholic atmosphere. Catholic values and morals are incorporated not only in religion classes, but also in the teaching of science, social studies and all other subjects. Instilled with these values and morals the students have the main ingredients to develop self discipline and build a healthy character. The goal of the kindergarten program at Our Lady of Prompt Succor is to provide an environment where a five- year-old can feel secure while enjoying the challenge of learning new skills.

    66. Institute Of Technology & Science
    Details of the college along with news and admission guidelines. Courses offered are computer application, management of information science, MBA, dental studies.

    studies range from theoretical inelastic deformation studies to the practical application and development of materials used in engineering of aerospace structures. At Pohang University of science and technology.
    Our Center is located in POSTECH and supported by KOSEF.

    68. Samuel Neaman Institute For Advanced Studies In Science And Technology
    The Samuel Neaman Institute for Advanced studies in science and technology is an independent publicpolicy research institute, established in 1978 to assist in the search for solutions to national problems in science and technology, education, economy and industry, and social development.

    69. SSCE -- Social Sciences & Comparative Education Division
    Specialties include classical philosophies of education; critical pedagogy; cultural studies; feminist perspectives on education; critical race theory and education; philosophies of science and technology; new technologies, cyberculture, and education; and contemporary topics in education.
    Text-Only Version Social Science and Comparative Education The Division of Social Science and Comparative Education (SSCE) is concerned with issues of social, cultural, historical, and comparative/international contexts of education. The Division is multidisciplinary and brings various methodologies and vocabulariesdiscourse analysis, agency, representation and structureas well as classical approaches to the study of education. The faculty of the Division encompasses numerous perspectives and orientations including postmodernism, feminism, ethnic studies, critical theory, critical race theory, and cultural studies. The Division shares its commitment to theory with an equal commitment to empirical research, policy, and practice. That is, our concern with theory does not preclude but rather implies a concern with policy and practice as well, both in terms of formal education (e.g. classroom research), informal education (e.g. mass media research and representation) and nonformal education (e.g. participatory action research, popular education). The Division has defined four areas of inquiry. These four areas of sub-specialization, are: 1) philosophical/historical studies in education, 2) cultural studies in education, 3) race and ethnic studies in education, and 4) comparative/international studies in education.

    70. WSSLinks: Science And Technology
    Welcome to the science technology Pages, part of WSSLinks, developed and maintained by the Women s studies Section of the Association of College and Research
    Women's Studies Section
    Science and Technology
    Web Sites
    developed and maintained by the
    Women's Studies Section
    of the Association of College and Research Libraries Bibliographies Papers/Presentations Professional Organizations ... Miscellaneous Resources
    Ecofeminism: An Introductory Bibliography by Julie Knutson, 1995. Girls' Attitudes, Self-Expectations, and Performance in Math by Michelle Maraffi History of Women and Science, Health and Technology by Phyllis Holman Weisbard and Rima D. Apple, 2nd ed., 1993. Information Technology and Women's Lives a bibliography compiled by Linda Shult, 1996. Science a bibliography in the series Core Lists in Women's Studies. Compiled by Jeannie P. Miller, 2002. Women and Science: Issues and Resources by Phyllis Holman Weisbard, revised 1997. Women in Technology (WIT) Committee - Bibliography (Australia) first prepared by Roxanne Missingham, 1996 Women Physicians' Autobiographies by Marjorie S. Sirridge and Brenda R. Pfannenstiel.

    71. Dorothy Denning's Home Page
    Dorothy E. Denning is the Patricia and Patrick Callahan Family Professor of Computer science and Director of the Georgetown Institute for Information Assurance at Georgetown University. She is also affiliated with the Communication, Culture, and technology program, the science and technology in International Affairs program, and the Center for Peace and Security studies. Her research is primarily related to information warfare and security.
    Bio Courses Home ... Publications Welcome to my Georgetown University website. I am no longer affilitated with Georgetown, but they have kindly agreed to continue hosting these web pages. While I was at Georgetown, I was the Patricia and Patrick Callahan Family Professor of Computer Science and Director of the Georgetown Institute for Information Assurance . I was also affiliated with the Communication, Culture, and Technology program , the Science and Technology in International Affairs program , and the Center for Peace and Security Studies Now I am a Professor in the Department of Defense Analysis at the Naval Postgraduate School . At NPS, I am also a member of the Center for the Study of Terrorism and Irregular Warfare and the Center for INFOSEC Studies and Research . Click here for a somewhat longer bio and here for a few of my photos I can be reached at 831-656-3105 or by e-mail using the username dedennin and domain (sorry, trying to thwart the spam bots). Except for this page, the others are mostly frozen since late 2002.
    Photo of Dr. Denning by

    UK based discussion list for science, technology and medicine studies
    List Archives Subscriber's Corner
    Server Archives

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    ... Archive Search Archives of MERSENNE@JISCMAIL.AC.UK
    Promoting discussion in the science studies community

    73. National Advisory Council On Innovation (NACI)
    Carries out inquiries, studies and consultations with respect to the functioning of the National System of Innovation (NSI) and provides a mechanism to access and target critical science and technology research and information for socioeconomic development.
    Member access
    Mr Derek Hanekom, has been appointed the new Deputy Minister for Science and Technology. Mr Hanekom has served as a Member of Parliament since 1999.
    Developments in South Africa's Government Science and Technology System May 2004 - Dr Rob Adam, the Director-General of the Department of Science and Technology and CEO of NACI, made a presentation on Developments in South Africa's Government Science and Technology System to the first meeting of the new NACI Council on 27 May 2004.
    View presentation

    Prof. Calie Pistorius announced as new NACI Chairperson May 2004 - NACI is pleased to announce the appointment of Prof. Calie Pistorius as the new NACI Chairperson. Prof. Pistorius is the Vice-Chancellor and Principal of the University of Pretoria.
    Prof. Pistorius obtained a Ph.D degree in Electrical Engineering from the Ohio State University in 1986. In addition, he obtained the S.M. degree in the Management of Technology from the Alfred P. Sloan School of Management, MIT in 1994.
    Prof. Pistorius has published widely both nationally and internationally including publications on the management of technological innovation. He is, amongst others, member of the Academy of Science of SA, the South African Academy of Engineering, the International Association for the Management of Technology, and he serves on the Advisory Board of the journal Technology Analysis and Strategic Management
    New NACI Council Members announced May 2004 - NACI takes great pleasure in announcing their new Council Members:

    74. European Graduate School EGS Media Art Internet Film Communications Master And P
    The European Graduate School is a graduate and postgraduate degreegranting university with four divisions Arts, Health and Society; Media and Communications; science, technology and Society; Public Policy and Ethics. The courses and online courses and programs of the Media and Communication studies program combine online education, distance learning and e-learning with correspondence courses, cooperative learning, cross-disciplinary perspectives, different learning styles, and university distance education.
    var baseDir = ''; EGS University MA in Communication PhD in Communication Admin ...
    The European Graduate School EGS
    Media and Communications program, facilitating creative breakthroughs and theoretical paradigm shifts, brings together master's and doctoral students with the visionaries and philosophers of the media world who inspire learning about art, philosophy, communications, film, literature, internet, web and cyberspace studies from a cross-disciplinary perspective. Our faculty includes, Giorgio Agamben Chantal Akerman Pierre Aubenque Alain Badiou ... Judith Butler Sophie Calle Diane Davis Michel Deguy Manuel de Landa Claire Denis Jacques Derrida Tracey Emin Chris Fynsk Peter Greenaway Werner Hamacher Donna Haraway Martin Hielscher Shelley Jackson Jim Jarmusch Claude Lanzmann David Lynch Paul D. Miller a.k.a. DJ Spooky that Subliminal Kid, Carl Mitcham Jean-Luc Nancy Hans Ulrich Obrist Cornelia Parker Avital Ronell Wolfgang Schirmacher Michael Schmidt ... Siegfried Zielinski and Slavoj Zizek was a guiding spirit during the founding phase. The comprehensive program of the European Graduate School EGS is distinguished by the cordial interaction of eminent faculty members with students who are the best of their generation. A true international mix. Our students are outstanding graduates as well as filmmakers, artists, web designers, computer programmers, college instructors, writers, actors, photographers, theater directors, teachers, journalists, graphic designers, musicians, critics, and editors.

    75. Untitled Document
    The College provides further and higher education for over 3,500 people every year in the areas of Maritime studies, science technology, Engineering and Care Social studies.

    76. CyberBee
    Provides ways to integrate technology into the classroom in several subjects including math, science, social studies, and language arts. Includes curriculum ideas, Internet treasure hunts, research tools, and technology links.

    Net Curriculum
    More Awards Nasa News Free Federal ... Weather Forecast and Information
    Updated June 3, 2004
    Linda C. Joseph

    Graphics by
    Darlene Vanasco/Creative Director
    Hosting Provided by Iwaynet Learn about the history of the phonograph and listen to early recordings.
    page. The 2004 election process for President is in full swing. Visit Cyberbee's Election Lessons 2004 for a variety of activities to use in your classroom, including a history of campaign buttons Meet Me at the Fair

    77. PREST - Science And Technology Policy And Innovation Studies At Manchester
    PREST specialises in research and postgraduate teaching in the area of science, technology and innovation policy studies.
    is an institute of the University of Manchester, founded in 1977 to build on a tradition of work established in Manchester in the 1960's. Our objectives are to provide impartial and authoritative analysis and information to decision-makers concerned with the economic, political and social implications of science and technology. To this end, we undertake research and advisory work on various aspects of science and technology policy and strategy, and provide research training through highly-rated post-graduate and post-experience degrees and shorter, topic-oriented courses Latest News Discussion Papers New reports:
    Excellence in Government Science and Technology

    Scientific advice to policy-makers
    Pages added: Trend Chart and FOREN projects New books:
    Frontiers of Evolutionary Economics

    Other news:
    Marie-Curie fellowships for doctoral study visits

    PREST scores maximum teaching quality rating
    Translating science into numbers: the complex process of science programme formation (Shearn) The media and the construction of post-normal risk (Stilgoe) Services Innovation: A Reconfiguration of Innovation Studies (Miles) More Papers...

    78. Universiteit Maastricht - Cultuurwetenschappen
    Cultuurwetenschappen. Bachelors Cultuurwetenschappen, European studies. Masters European Public Affairs, European studies on science and technology.

    79. USC: NanoScience & Technology Studies: Societal And Ethical Implications
    Go to USC home page, USC Logo, USC Nano science technology studies. UNIVERSITY OF SOUTH CAROLINA, COLLEGE OF LIBERAL ARTS, PHILOSOPHY,







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    80. Bangladesh University Of Engineering And Technology
    Undergraduate and postgradute studies in engineering, architecture, planning, and science.

    Dr. M A Naser Passed Away (May 12)

    MOU with MMU, Malaysia (Apr 20)

    Last Updated on: 20/04/2004

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