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         Anthropology:     more books (100)
  1. Essentials of Physical Anthropology (with InfoTrac ) by Robert Jurmain, Lynn Kilgore, et all 2005-04-06
  2. Cultural Anthropology: The Human Challenge by William A. Haviland, Harald E. L. Prins, et all 2007-04-09
  3. Introduction to Physical Anthropology by Robert Jurmain, Lynn Kilgore, et all 2007-03-14
  4. Cultural Anthropology: The Human Challenge With Infotrac by William A. Haviland, Harald E. L. Prins, et all 2004-07-21
  5. Biological Anthropology by Michael Alan Park, 2006-10-12
  6. Annual Editions: Physical Anthropology 07/08 (Annual Editions : PhysicalAnthropology) by Elvio Angeloni, 2006-10-03
  7. Biological Anthropology: The Natural History of Humankind by Craig Stanford, John S. Allen, et all 2005-03-04
  8. Annual Editions: Anthropology 08/09 (Annual Editions : Anthropology) by Elvio Angeloni, 2007-10-30
  9. Annual Editions: Physical Anthropology 08/09 (Annual Editions : PhysicalAnthropology) by Elvio Angeloni, 2007-11-08
  10. Annual Editions: Anthropology 07/08 (Annual Editions : Anthropology) by Elvio Angeloni, 2006-09-19
  11. Physical Anthropology by Philip L Stein, Bruce M Rowe, 2005-07-21
  12. Cultural Anthropology by Serena Nanda, Richard L. Warms, 2006-04-28
  13. Cultural Anthropology: An Applied Perspective by Gary Ferraro, 2007-02-26
  14. Social and Cultural Anthropology: A Very Short Introduction (Very Short Introductions) by John Monaghan, Peter Just, 2000-06-15

1. Anthro.Net: Anthropology And Archaeology
Anthro.Net is a Free Professional Research Service for Anthropologists and Archaeologists. that contain useful content and information relating to anthropology. Anthro.Net is a unique There
Table of Contents
  • Academic Departments Ancient Egypt Ancient Greece Ancient Maya ... Yanomamo Indians
  • 2000 Academic Resource Channel Award Winner for Anthropology
    Anthropology on the World Wide Web
    Use the search form above to find links and references for anthropology, archaeology, history, linguistics, psychology, sociology and other social sciences. The Anthro.Net database contains thousands of reviewed web sites and bibliographic references. On the World Wide Web there are an estimated 250,000 sites that have content relating to the subject matter of anthropology. Unfortunately an estimated four-fifths contain little useful information. There are tens of thousands of anthropology sites containing redundant links to other pages that are collections of redundant links. Anthro.Net queries a database of over 40,000 pages from reviewed web sites with anthropological content built by users' interests. The system collects the search terms submitted by its users and uses proprietary software to hunt down internet based journal articles, well developed topical sites and bibliographic references for anthropology, archaeology and the other social sciences. Anthro.Net uses a spider or robot program to check for outdated and dead links. The site contains dynamically generated news and anthropology features updated around the clock.

    2. Anthropology In The News - Current News
    anthropology in the News MAY 10, 2004. 2003 Texas A M Department of anthropology. All rights reserved, Maintained by the Department of anthropology,
    In the News Links to news stories published on the web by ABC, CNN, The New York Times, USA Today, Washington Post, Nando, Archaeology, university press releases and other sources. Some services require that you register and select a password in order to retrieve articles, but none charge a fee to retrieve these news stories. Comments, corrections, and dead links reports should be sent to David L. Carlson ANTHROPOLOGY in the News - JUNE 1, 2004 Archaeologists Raise Eyebrows Over Sea Treasures Angola Press (5/29/04) 'If You Like, This Is Where Greek History Starts' Guardian (5/29/04) Two Linked by History Likely United in Death Times Union (5/29/04) Out of Africa? Americans Search for Ancestry CNN (5/28/04) First, Do No Farm

    3. WWW Virtual Library: Anthropology
    Anthro TECH Comprehensive portal of anthropological Internet resources. All Categories. Applied anthropology. Archaeology. Biophysical anthropology. Conferences. Cultural anthropology
    This site uses javascript. Turn it on. Careers Forum Library Members ... Contact Us Enter Keywords: All Categories Applied Anthropology Archaeology Biophysical Anthropology Conferences Cultural Anthropology Directories Discussion Forums Education General Job Opportunities Linguistic Anthropology Organizations Publications Specialized Fields Theories Advanced Search Search Tips FAQs Help ... Random Directory Applied Anthropology

    Biophysical Anthropology


    Job Opportunities

    Linguistic Anthropology


    Site of the Day Site of the Month: June 2004 EcoCart ECOCART® promotes the diffusion of the knowledge concerning environment, ecology, conservation, evolution, faun, flora, earth biodiversity and others ... Bookmark It! Details Category Past Recipients No Site of the Month chosen at this time. Survey of the Month Join our Mailing List No Poll available at this time. View Past Survey Results Submit Survey Anthropology Bookstore More Books Receive our monthly newsletter, AT Digest , that features site updates, articles about anthropology and Web/Internet technologies, site reviews, and much more. Access Archives Create Account to Access Archives Quote of the Moment Accept everything about yourself - I mean everything, You are you and that is the beginning and the end - no apologies, no regrets.

    4. Anthropology Resources On The Internet
    anthropology Resources on the Internet. The following links may be of interest to you. Anthropologists. anthropology Obituary Index. anthropology and Technology.

    Academic Relations


    Government Relations

    Public Policy
    Minority Issues

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    Press Room
    Members in the News ... Section Assembly Max Rows: Go to AAA Home
    Anthropology Resources on the Internet
    The following links may be of interest to you. AAA is not responsible for these Web sites or the information they provide. Thank you. Anthropologists Anthropology and Technology Biological/Physical Anthropology Applied/Practicing Anthropology ... Visual Anthropology
    Anthropology and Technology
    Applied Anthropology

    5. Anthropology Tutorials Menu
    Lessons on various topics in cultural and physical anthropology. Includes glossaries, practice quizzes, and lists of related links.
    ANTHROPOLOGY TUTORIALS Physical Anthropology
    Cultural Anthropology

    Search for a word or phrase
    Anthropology Home Page
    ... Palomar College Home Page Created and maintained by Dr. Dennis O'Neil
    Behavioral Sciences Department, Palomar College
    These tutorials have been optimized for Internet Explorer 6,
    1024 X 768 resolution, and high color graphics.
    This page was last updated on May 07, 2004
    Dennis O'Neil
    . All rights reserved.
    Photos reproduced with permission from Corel Corporation, Ottawa, Canada

    6. Maxwell Museum Of Anthropology
    The Maxwell Museum of anthropology, University of New Mexico, holds over 10 million individual items in its archaeological, ethnological, archival, photo and skeletal collections. The collections come from all parts of the world, but have a Southwestern emphasis. The Maxwell is the only museum in the Southwest whose mission encompasses the entire history of mankind and culture around the world.
    To view this page you need a browser that supports frames!

    7. Anthropology - Academic Info
    A directory of Internet resources on anthopology and anthropological research. anthropology Gateway Directory of Online anthropology Resources. Includes digital cultural social anthropology, physical biological anthropology, archaeology, Kennewick Man
    Academic Info
    Anthropology Gateway - Directory of Online Anthropology Resources
    Home Search Index Contact ... Social Sciences Table of Contents
    Digital Library


    General Links
    See Also

    Alternative Medicine

    History Gateway ... Women's Studies Sponsored Links Sponsor this page for $200 per year Email us for details Find Books on Anthropology - General Anthropology - Australia Anthropology - Linguistics Anthropology - North Africa ... University of Phoenix Online Earn your degree 100% online. Questia FreeEncyclopedia ESL - Improve Your English ... Text Link Advertising - The Weight Loss Institute offers research on weight loss and diet pills Online Online Degrees ... Auto Insurance Cheap Degree Programs Online Degrees Business Criminal Justice Culinary Arts ... Technical Colleges Test Prep Resources DAT Nursing GRE SAT / ACT ... MCAT Sponsor this page for $200 per year - Email us for details Home Search Index ... Advertise Maintained by Mike Madin.

    8. NSF - SBE - BCS - Cultural Anthropology
    The National Science Foundation's research initiative to promote basic scientific research on the causes and consequences of human social and cultural variation. Features grants and awards information, staff directory, and history of the program.
    Target Dates
    Points of Contact Grant/Award Information and Administration Program Information ... History Resources
    BCS Staff Directory
    Human Subjects info BCS Target Dates Search Award Abstracts ... Related Project Links The Cultural Anthropology Program promotes basic scientific research on the causes and consequences of human social and cultural variation. The program solicits research proposals of theoretical importance in all substantive and theoretical subfields within the discipline of Cultural Anthropology. *All proposals submitted through Fastlane should use "PD 98-1390 Cultural Anthropology" when selecting a program announcement / solicitation number. This program description is listed near the bottom of the scroll-down list in Fastlane. Target Dates January 1 Senior Research: Spring Funding Cycle
    The panel meets in April-May, with decisions made soon after.

    9. Anthropology Department
    anthropology in the News. Research. Student Opportunities. Institute of Nautical Archeology. Professional Associations. Careers in anthropology. Find Resources.
    Website has moved....
    The website for the Department of Anthropology has moved to Click here if you are not forwarded automatically.

    10. What Is Archaeology?
    An illustrated introduction from the Department of anthropology at the University of South Dakota.
    What is archaeology?
    The Bliss Bone Bed Site Archaeology is the scientific study of peoples of the past... their culture and their relationship with their environment. The purpose of archaeology is to understand how humans in the past interacted with their environment, and to preserve this history for present and future learning.
    What archaeology isn't.
    Sometimes people get confused about what archaeology studies.
    Why study archaeology?
    Archaeological sites are a non-renewable resource; that is, once they are destroyed, the information they contained is lost forever. By learning about life long ago through archaeology, we can learn many ecology and history lessons that are still applicable today. Follow these links to find out more about archaeology: What do archaeologists do? How are sites found? What do archaeologists do at a site? What can we learn from artifacts? ... Go back to the first page
    ljz, 10/9/95

    11. Anthropology Internet Resources
    U. Louisville What is anthropology? WSU What is Culture Journals Cultural Survival; Cultural anthropology; Journal of World anthropology. The Web of Culture
    Site developed by J. Bannister
    Recognition Awards
    Western Connecticut State University
    Department of Social Sciences
    WCSU List: Anthropology Internet Resources
    Scroll down for complete list, or select by topic:
    Linguistics Physical Anthropology Archaeology ... Other WCSU Lists
    Please report non-working links.
    Cultural Resources
    U. Louisville: What is Anthropology?
    WSU: What is Culture?
    LC: Ethnographic Studies Resources
    USC: Ethnographic Lab
    U. Kent: CSAC's Ethnographics Gallery
    Ann Gardner: Reflections on Fieldwork Among Sinai Bedouin Women
    The Gypsy Lore Society
    The Patrin: Harvard U: Harvard Museum of Natural History Peabody Museum of Archaeology and Ethnology Three Generations of Women Anthropologists at the Peabody Journals: Cultural Survival Cultural Anthropology Journal of World Anthropology The Web of Culture For resources on world cultural regions, see WCSU List: World Area Studies AAA/ARS: Anthropology of Religion Links CSU Stanislaus: The Nacirema English Server: U. Alabama: Anthropological Theories: A Guide by Students for Students R. Wilk's Course: Theory in Anthropology Implosion: Macro-Hypothesis of Habitat Theory of Culture Smithsonian Web Mag.:

    12. American Anthropological Association
    AAA submits testimony in support of NEH and the NSF. From the President AAAS A Public Face for anthropology. AAA Supports NIH Studies.

    Academic Relations


    Government Relations

    Public Policy
    Minority Issues

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    Members in the News ... Section Assembly Max Rows: Go to AAA Home American Anthropologist Seeking new Editor Call for Nominations Read Excerpts from the May AN March 2004 Members in the NEWS Stranger in the Village of the Sick: A Memoir of Cancer, Sorcery, and Healing. The Los Angeles Times reviewed this book by Paul Stoller published by Beacon Press on May 7, 2004. A story of Stoller's visits to Niger in the 1970s and 1980s and his diagnosis with cancer in 2001. Cultures Clash in a Symbolic Divide , by Michael Hill, The Baltimore Sun , May 23, 2004, features William Beeman. Dr. Beeman also appeared on Nightline, May 21, 2004

    13. Ethnology
    The Ethnology range stores and studies the material culture of contemporary or recently living peoples. Though the Museum has collections from all parts of the world, North America and Southeast Asia are especially well represented.

    14. Theory In Anthropology
    Theory in anthropology. Sociocultural anthropology has been through dramatic changes in the last 30 years. Asli Baykal. Association for Feminist anthropology.
    Theory in Anthropology Sociocultural Anthropology has been through dramatic changes in the last 30 years. As part of their work in the Indiana University Anthropology Department's "Proseminar in Sociocultural Anthropology" students have compiled webpages covering subdisciplines within the field, important organizations and associations, changes in anthropological perspectives over time, and prominent theorists. All are valuable resources for beginning and advanced students in sociocultural anthropology. Webmaster and ringleader: Professor Richard Wilk SUBDISCIPLINES TRENDS OVER TIME BIOGRAPHIES NEW!!! Anthropological Associations and Organizations Introduction: Anthropologists and their Social Groups Asli Baykal Association for Feminist Anthropology Kathleen Costello Society for the Anthropology of Europe Sebastian Braun European Society for Oceanists Selamawit Hailemariam Pan African Association of Anthropology Alejandro Flores Cultural Survival Anna Governale Council on Anthropology and Education Candice Lowe Association of Black Anthropologists Matt Lavoie Society for Latin American Anthropology Angela Martin Association of Latina and Latino Anthropologists Sarah Quick Society for Visual Anthropology Marvin Richardson American Ethnological Society Joshua Wells Society for the Anthropology of Work SUBDISCIPLINES Summaries, sources, institutions

    15. Department Of Anthropology
    Includes course list, requirements for a major/minor, M.A. program in archaeology, field school, and faculty.
    THE UNIVERSITY OF CINCINNATI DEPARTMENT OF ANTHROPOLOGY This is a text-only version of the Department of Anthropology Website, designed for older browsers. To view the complete website, you will need a moderately up-to-date browser capable of interpreting frames and javascript. You can download a state of the art browser for free from or Microsoft. Course List
    Requirements for a Major

    Requirements for a Minor
    ... U.C. Homepage

    FEMINIST anthropology. Angela Bratton. HISTORY. THEORY. SOURCES. DIAGRAM. Feminist anthropology can be divided into three approximate temporal categories.
    FEMINIST ANTHROPOLOGY Angela Bratton HISTORY THEORY ORGANIZATIONS SOURCES ... DIAGRAM Feminist Anthropology can be divided into three approximate temporal categories. The first division is from 1850 to 1920 and is also referred to as the first wave or suffrage feminism. Up to this point ethnographies and much research in general had been done primarily by men for men. It also presumed that biological sex determined the individual’s roles in society. What the first wave feminist sought to do was include women’s voices in ethnography and also to give a female perspective to events. This opened up a completely new perspective, since male ethnographers had generally only had access to other males, and therefore, could only observe them or could only get their accounts of what women were like or what they were supposed to be like. The Journal of American Folklore (Deacon 1997). Women of the Grassfields , focuses on women’s work and rural development, a notion that has not been re-examined closely until recently when anthropologists working on development issues suggested that all the existing economic models for development totally ignored women’s’ labor contributions. Coming of Age in Samoa and later Sex and Temperament Her influence extended beyond anthropology because it was so popular among general audiences (McGee and Warms 1996).

    17. ORIENTALIA Articles: Indian Philosophy And Anthropic Cosmological Principle
    Traditional Indian anthropology is analyzed at the background of ancient physics traditions of Vaisesika, Jaina, and Buddhism, modern quantum mechanics, and manyuniverses idea.
    This is an academic Eastern Philosophy and Religion site! Please, register to access all sections.
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  • 18. UCSB Anthropology Web Site
    The UCSB anthropology Web Site presents both information on the department and features of general interest to the public. The latter include 3D models of prehistoric architecture, well

    19. Biographies
    The Biographies contain short biographies on anthropologists, archaeologists, linguists, and other scientists that have influenced the field of anthropology.

    20. Sociology/Anthropology Department
    Sociology and anthropology (Shippensburg, PA)
    Welcome to the SOCIOLOGY/ANTHROPOLOGY Department
    428 Grove Hall
    Shippensburg University
    Shippensburg, Pennsylvania 1725
    phone: 717-477-1735 hotlink to Chairs's email fax: 717-477-4011 ANTHRO MINOR SOC COURSES ANTHRO COURSES INTERNSHIPS
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