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         Sobolev Sergei:     more detail
  1. Differential Equations and Function Spaces: Collection of Papers : Dedicated to the Memory of Academician Sergei L'Vovich Sobolev (Proceedings of the Steklov Institute of Mathematics) by S. L. Sobolev, 1993-02
  2. Sobolev: Moving Envelopes of Stars by V. V. Sobolev, 1960-12-01
  3. Cubature Formulas & Modern Analysis by Sergei L'vovich Sobolev, 1993-04-15
  4. American Mathematical Society Translations: Thirteen Papers in Analysis (Volume 133 Series 2) by Sergei L. (editor) Sobolev, 1987
  5. Znamena Kniazia by Sobolev Sergei, 2008-01-01
  6. Cubature Formulas & Modern Analysis: An Introduction by Sergei L'vovich Sobolev, 1980
  7. MOVING ENVELOPES OF STARS. Trsl., Sergei Gaposchkin by V.V. Sobolev, 1960-01-01
  8. Differentiable Functions on Bad Domains by V. G. Mazia, S. Pobozchi, et all 1998-04
  9. Analysis III: Spaces of Differentiable Functions (Encyclopaedia of Mathematical Sciences)

61. Untitled Document
Translate this page Johannes Brahms, Klavierstücke op.119 Nr.1,4, sergei sobolev. Franz Liszt.Spanische Rhapsodie, Alban Berg, Sonate op.1. sergei sobolev. Modest Mussorgski.
Teilnehmer Kursimpressionen Konzerte Presse Sponsoren 25. August 27. August ... 04. September Galakonzert gesamte Konzert ist hier im Internet Galakonzert am 06. September Sergei Rachmaninoff/Fritz Kreisler Liebesfreud Benjamin Kammerer Frederik Chopin Nocturne op.62/1 Sergei Rachmaninoff Etude-Tableau op.33 Nr.5 Chie Ishimoto Alexander Skrijabin Tatiana Sountseva Franz Liszt Ungarische Rhapsodie Nr. 12 Ina Charuashvili Gewinnerin des Publikumspreises Enrique Granados Los Requiebros Raimon Garriga Sergei Prokofieff Sonate Nr.2 III.Andante IV. Vivace Yumi Sato Paul Hindemith Sonate Nr.3 I. Ruhig bewegt II.Sehr lebhaft Melanie Sauter Sergei Prokofieff Sonate Nr.6 IV. Vivace Cyril Guillotin Franz Liszt Johannes Brahms Sergei Sobolev Franz Liszt Spanische Rhapsodie Javier Merino Rius sechs Konzerte statt. Die rege Anteilnahme besonderen Ereignis 1. Konzert 25.August 2002 Sergei Rachmaninoff/Fritz Kreisler Liebesfreud Benjamin Kammerer Robert Schumann Novellette fis-moll Alban Berg Sonate op.1

62. AT-NET BULLETIN NO. 109, 28.12.2001
Theory, Volume 108, Number 2, February 2001 Jos\ {e} M. Rodr\ {\i}guez Weierstrass theorem in weighted sobolev spaces 119160 sergei Khrushchev Schur s
Kent State University Department of Mathematical Sciences Kent, OH 44242 Tenure-Track Positions in Numerical Analysis and Mathematical Statistics We invite applications for one or more tenure-track positions (pending budget approval) in the areas of numerical analysis and statistics. The appointments are to be at the assistant-professor level and are to begin August 18, 2002. Candidates are required to have a Ph.D. within the mathematical sciences. Preference will be given to candidates with some postdoctoral experience. Candidates are expected to have strong potential in research (including the potential to attract external funding) and in teaching. They should also be able to contribute to the interdisciplinary outreach of the department and to support established research strengths. In numerical analysis, preference will be given to candidates with backgrounds in at least one of the following areas: numerical linear algebra, partial differential equations, inverse problems and optimization. In mathematical statistics, preference will be given to candidates with backgrounds overlaping with at least one of the following areas: mathematical finance, wavelet analysis, multivariate analysis, geometric measure theory, inference in stochastic processes. The Kent State Campus is a spacious, residential campus serving more than 20,000 students. It is situated in a small university town within 30 miles of the major metropolitan area of Cleveland. The Department of Mathematical Sciences is in the College of Arts and Sciences and houses programs through the doctoral level in pure and applied mathematics. It currently consists of 25 faculty. The department has an extensive computer network for faculty and student use. For further information about the department, please visit the web site Applicants should send a cover letter, a curriculum vitae, and at least three letters of reference to the Mathematics Search Committee at the above address. Applicants are also requested to use the AMS standardized application format, forms for which are available through the American Mathematical Society ( Questions regarding these positions may be sent to Applicants whose completed applications are received by January 15, 2002 are assured of receiving full consideration. Kent State University is an Equal Opportunity, Affirmative Action Employer. +-+

63. Obsuzhdenie - IB/NEWS
Re redaktory novoe. Max, 10 Iyulya 2001 1839. test novoe. sergei, 14 Iyunya 20010438. Re test novoe. Peter sobolev, 14 Iyunya 2001 1716. Ssylki v novom okne novoe.

64. "'Alone' By Samuil Aleshin - From
she gives him some sea stories by Stanyukovich and sobolev. A disheveledlookingPavel then arrives. He gives Mariya the bombshell news that sergei and Varya
presents a detailed summary of:
Samuil Aleshin
Scene One

It is evening at the Platonov apartment, Mariya Platonova , a 40-year-old school teacher, is asleep on the sofa. Also present are Mariya's mother, Grandma Vera , and Mariya's 15-year-old daughter, Nina . They are awaiting the return of the family's husband and father, Sergei , who has been absent for three months on a business trip. For all that time, the pendulum clock on the wall has stood still because of Mariya and Nina's belief that winding the clock is a man's job.
Nina awakens Mariya, so she can grade her school papers. Mariya jokingly complains of her work, but then admits that she was born to be a teacher...only not the kind of teacher that her school's director likes. The director, Mariya says, wants a female teacher who does not resemble a woman and a male teacher who does not resemble a man. Mariya continues: " I'm an ordinary woman. I love to get dressed up. I love to cook. I love to do my hair. I find it pleasant to walk around in summer with my arms exposed. And I like to like....And I don't like to be reprimanded for decollete or a slit in my skirt.

65. [Harvard Fiction (Saat-Svetlov)]
LOCATION Widener Slav 377.3 SergeevTSenskii, sergei Nikolaevich. LOCATION WidenerSlav 4642.9.700 - sobolev LEONID sobolev, Leonid
English-Language Primary Sources for the Study of Soviet History An on-line resource Conceived of and developed by Professor Terry Martin Supported by the Office of the Dean of Undergraduate Education and Harvard University This database may not be reproduced or distributed without permission. Individuals are welcome to include a link to this site on their web page with a proper acknowledgement to Terry Martin and Harvard University. fiction (Saat-Svetlov) SAAT MARI 1947 Saat, Mari. What do we do about Mother? Moscow: Raduga Publishers, c1985. LOCATION: Widener: Harvard Depository PH666.29.A17 A2 1985 Consult Circ. desk for HWUCWV CONTENTS: The secret poodle Rosebuds At school Catastrophe What do we do about Mother? SABUROVA IRINA Saburova, Irina. "Because of the Violets." IN: Pachmuss, Temira. A Russian cultural revival: a critical anthology of emigre literature before 1939. 1st ed. Knoxville: The University of Tennessee Press, LOCATION: Widener: WID-LC PG3213.P3

66. »»Partial Reviews««
Differential Equations and Function Spaces Collection of Papers Dedicatedto the Memory of Academician sergei L Vovich sobolev (Proceedings of th).
Related Subjects: Par-value
More Pages: Partial Page 1 Book reviews for "Partial" sorted by average review score: Die Gussklammerverankerung : Funktion, Indikation u. Technik Published in Unknown Binding by Hanser (1977) Author: Reinhard Marxkors Amazon base price: Published in Unknown Binding by Bibliographisches Institut (1976) Author: Dietrich Marsal Amazon base price: Published in Unknown Binding by Hanser (1977) Author: Amazon base price: Die Tagesklinik : Psychiatrie als Lebensschule Published in Unknown Binding by Piper (1977) Author: Asmus Finzen Amazon base price: Differentiable Functions on Bad Domains Published in Hardcover by World Scientific Pub Co (April, 1998) Authors: V. G. Mazia, S. Pobozchi, Vladimir G. Maz'Ya, Sergei V. Poborchi, and V. G. Maz'ia Amazon base price: Differential and Integral Inequalities: Theory and Application, Volume 2: Functional, Partial Abstract, and Complex Differential Equations (mathemat Published in Textbook Binding by Academic Press (June, 1969) Authors: V. Lakshmikantham and S. Leela Amazon base price: Differential complexes Author: Joseph John Kohn Amazon base price: Differential Equations : Linear, Nonlinear, Ordinary, Partial

67. Frankfurt Book Fair - ESTANDS
speciality algebra and logic; see the photo sergei Goncharov in 1995. INCHIEFPh.D. Tamara Rozhkovskaya (Senior Researcher of the SL sobolev Institute of

68. 2000
Randall A. Keller, Gregory A. Snyder, Wuyi Wang, William D. Carlson, Erik H. Hauri,Tom McCandless, KukRak Kim, Nikolai V. sobolev, and sergei M. Bezborodov.
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Online Edition

Volume 42, 2000 Issue: No. 1, January 2000 Application of Organic Geochemistry to Coastal Tar Residues from Central California Keith A. Kvenvolden, Robert J. Rosenbauer, Frances D. Hostettler, and Thomas D. Lorenson Zeolite Parageneses in the North Atlantic Igneous Province: Implications for Geotectonics and Groundwater Quality of Basaltic Crust Philip S. Neuhoff, Thráinn Fridriksson, and Dennis K. Bird Overview of the Geology and Mineral Industry of Nicaragua Joseph T. Arengi and Glen V. Hodgson Interrelated P-T-t-d Paths in the Variscan Erzgebirge Dome (Saxony, Germany): Constraints on the Rapid Exhumation of High-Pressure Rocks from the Root Zone of a Collisional Orogen A. P. Willner, A. Krohe, and W. V. Maresch Geometry and Kinematics of the Afogados da Ingazeira Shear Zone, Northeast Brazil José Maurício Rangel da Silva and Gorki Mariano Top of page No. 2, February 2000 Water as a Petrologic Catalyst Driving O/ O Homogenization and Anatexis of the Middle Crust in the Metamorphic Core Complexes of British Columbia Gregory J. Holk and Hugh P. Taylor, Jr.

69. Asia Times: Russian Scientists See Flying Saucers
are yet to show us any concrete proof, said prominent physicist sergei Kapitsa sectionsof the Russian media have not expressed any doubts over sobolev s claims
August 29, 2001
Central Asia/Russia
Russian scientists see flying saucers

By Sergei Blagov
MOSCOW - A group of Russian scientists has come up with sensational claims of fundamental discoveries. However, their assertions provide more questions than answers about the current, deplorable state of Russian science.
The group, headed by Professor Valerian Sobolev, claims "seven major discoveries". One of these relates to a new electrochemical process, which allows production of new, previously unknown types of materials from silicon. Sobolev, who heads the Material Technology Research Center in Volgograd, Central Russia, claims that his new materials may contain electromagnetic impulses and could therefore become a source of virtually free electric energy.
Sobolev says that his know-how may help to build new types of engineless flying machines evocative of flying saucers. He and his team have sent a letter informing Russian President Valdimir Putin of their "discoveries" - casually pointing out that commercialization of their know-how would require some US$2 million.
The Russian scientists say they can build generators of free electric energy on a commercial basis within 18 months. However, established researchers remain skeptical. "They are yet to show us any concrete proof," said prominent physicist Sergei Kapitsa. The talk about new materials and sources of energy is either "an honest mistake or an intentional deception", he added.

Univ.), sergei V Poborchi (St Petersburg State Univ.), World Scientific, 1997.The spaces of functions with derivatives in L p , called the sobolev spaces
Vladimir G Maz'ya
(Linköping Univ.), Sergei V Poborchi (St Petersburg State Univ.), World Scientific, 1997.
The spaces of functions with derivatives in L p , called the Sobolev spaces, play an important role in modern analysis. During the last decades, these spaces have been intensively studied and by now many problems associated with them have been solved. However, the theory of these function classes for domains with nonsmooth boundaries is still in an unsatisfactory state. In this book, which partially fills this gap, certain aspects of the theory of Sobolev spaces for domains with singularities are studied. We mainly focus on the so-called imbedding theorems, extension theorems and trace theorems that have numerous applications to partial differential equations. Some of such applications are given. Much attention is also paid to counter examples showing, in particular, the difference between Sobolev spaces of the first and higher orders. A considerable part of the monograph is devoted to Sobolev classes for parameter dependent domains and domains with cusps, which are the simplest non-Lipschitz domains frequently used in applications. This book will be interesting not only to specialists in analysis and applied mathematics but also to postgraduate students.

71. ICASE Colloquium: Sergei Godunov On August 6, 2002
ICASE COLLOQUIUM. On Structures of Thermodynamically Compatible GalileaninvariantConservation Laws . sergei Godunov. sobolev Institute of Mathematics, Russia.
"On Structures of Thermodynamically Compatible Galilean-invariant Conservation Laws"
Sergei Godunov
Sobolev Institute of Mathematics, Russia Tuesday, August 6, 2002, 1:00 p.m.
Bldg. 1152, Conference Room 225 (ICASE) All NASA employees attending this seminar should charge their time to J.O. AS5214.

72. ICASE Colloquium: Sergei Godunov On May 6, 1997
sergei Godunov. sobolev Institute of Mathematics, Novosibirsk, Russia. Tuesday ,May 6, 1997 , 1000 am (*Note time) NASA Pearl Young Theater (*NOTE LOCATION).
"Spectrum Splitting for Matrix Operators in the Finite Element Method for Elliptic Problems"
Sergei Godunov
Sobolev Institute of Mathematics, Novosibirsk, Russia Tuesday , May 6, 1997 , 10:00 am (*Note time)
NASA Pearl Young Theater (*NOTE LOCATION) Recently, in applied problems of linear algebra, some serious difficulties have surfaced due to the necessity of a new approach to the notion of spectrum. Up to sufficient accuracy, the spectrum is not discrete, but looks like a collection of spots of epsilon-spectrum (or pseudospectrum in Trefethen term). The lecture is devoted to the discussion of the difficulties and how to overcome them. It turns out that it is convenient to use the idea of Keldysh in operator theory and some results from the works by Lidskii and Keldysh in 50-60's. All NASA employees attending this seminar should charge their time to J.O.A1980.

73. 1st Announcement For Mini-Workshop In POSTECH, Jan. 13-18, 2003
Belarus); Alexander D. Mednykh (sobolev Institute of Math., Novosibirisk,Russia); sergei M. Natanzon (Moscow State U., Moscow, Russia);
1st Announcement for Com MaC Mini-Workshop on Hurwitz Theory and Ramifications Themes:
  • Regular maps on Riemann surfaces Hurwitz numbers and Hodge Integrals Applications of enumeration on branched coverings to other areas
When: January 13 - 18, 2003 Where: Combinatorial and Computational Mathematics Center Pohang University of Science and Technology Pohang, Korea Speakers (Tentative):
  • Shao Fei Du (Capital Normal U., Beijing, China) Gareth Jones (U. of Southampton, Southampton, UK) Sergei Lando (Independent U. of Moscow, Moscow, Russia) Varery Liskovets (Institute of Math.(BAS), Minsk, Belarus) Alexander D. Mednykh (Sobolev Institute of Math., Novosibirisk, Russia) Sergei M. Natanzon (Moscow State U., Moscow, Russia) Roman Nedela (Matej Bel Banska Bystrica, Slovakia) Dimitri Zvonkin (Universite' Paris-Sud, Orsay, France) Alexandre Zvonkin (U. de Bordeaux I, Talence, France) Yong Seung Cho (Ewha U. Seoul, Korea) Bumsig Kim (POSTECH, Pohang,Kora) Jaeun Lee (Yeungnam Univ., Kyoungsan, Korea), et al.
Organizing Committee
  • Alexander D. Mednykh (Sobolev Institute of Math., Russia)

74. Rekordid
12, sobolev, Stanislav, St.Peterburg, -, 117.677, -, 117.677. 13, Tsernitski,sergei, KNM, -, -, 81.970, 81.970. Kolesnikov, Pavel, St.-Peterburg, -,-, -, -.
Eesti Meistrivõistlused juunioritele AM-1 Koht Nimi Perenimi Klubi Mootor 1.katse 2.katse Parim Luman Tiit NNM MK-17 Kask Mikko NNM MK-17 Gorozhanin Artjom KNM KMD Mullo Jevgeni KNM MK-17 Laas Magnus NNM MK-17 Laur Martin NNM MK-17 Shults Anton KNM MK-17 Hein Kaspar NNM MK-17 Ivanov Stepan KNM MK-17 Voll Mihkel NNM MK-17 Tearo Mihhail KNM MK-17 Ivanov Aleksei KNM MK-17 Karmin Martin NNM MK-17 Tsernitski Sergei KNM Puzõrev Veniamin KNM MK-17 AM-2 Koht Nimi Perenimi Klubi Mootor 1.katse 2.katse Parim Luman Andre NNM KMD Puzõrev Veniamin KNM KMD Kamla Kristjan LRT KMD Ivanov Aleksei KNM KMD Rinne Janar NNM KMD Luman Tiit NNM Rossi 15 Shults Anton KNM KMD Kahn Kaarel NNM KMD Gorozhanin Artjom KNM KMD Sharonov Roman KNM KMD Trofimov Konstantin St.-Peterburg Sobolev Stanislav St.-Peterburg Tsernitski Sergei KNM Kolesnikov Pavel St.-Peterburg Gontar Juri KNM KMD Saar Urmas LRT KMD E-1 Koht Nimi Perenimi Klubi Mootor 1.katse 2.katse Parim Laas Magnus NNM Smirnov Sergei St.-Peterburg Shults Anton KNM Ivanov Aleksei KNM Trofimov Konstantin St.-Peterburg E-2 Koht Nimi Perenimi Klubi Mootor 1.katse 2.katse Parim Luman Andre NNM STL Smirnov Sergei St.-Peterburg Laas Magnus NNM Usanov Puzõrev Veniamin KNM KMD Gontar Juri KNM KMD Gorbokoneva Tatjana St.-Peterburg

75. WIAS - People - Guests
Translate this page sergei V. Pra, Dr. Paolo Dai Prigarin, Prof. sergei Redig, Frank Rjasanow, Prof. Dr.Igor V. Smidts, Dr. O. sobolev, Prof. Volodya A. Sperlich, Prof.




... People / Guests
, Dr. M.
, Cristina
, Prof. Dr. Valentin F.
, Prof. Dr. Krzystof
, Prof. R.
, Prof. Donald A.
, Dr. Messoud Goldenshluger , Prof. Dr. A. Gonchenko , Prof. Dr. Sergey V. Grama , Prof. Ion Gwiazda , Dr. Piotr Hryniv , Dr. Ostap Jätzschmann , André Juditsky , Prof. Anatoli Langdon , Dr. Stephen Li , Zenghu Miekisz , J. Moerters , Dr. Peter Nefedov , Prof. Dr. Nikolai Rachinskii , Dr. Dimitrii Rjasanow , Prof. Dr. Sergej Shalimova , Dr. Irina A. Shilnikov , Prof. Dr. Leonid Sperlich , Prof. Stefan Swart , Dr. Jan Tretyakov , Prof. Michael Vatutin , Prof. Vladimir A. Vogt , Pascal Zwanzig , S. Anishchenko , Prof. Dr. Vadim S. Avrutin , Dr. Eugene Baake , Dr. Ellen Baake , Dr. Michael Belitser , Dr. Eduard Berglund , Dr. Nils Bonnet , Dr. Guillaume Brokate , Prof. Dr. Martin Butuzov , Prof. Dr. Valentin F. Cerny , Jiri Colli , Prof. Dr. Pierluigi Dereudre , Davide Efendiev , Dr. Messoud Enter , Prof. A.C.D.van Ermakov , Prof. Dr. S. M. Gayrard , Dr. Véronique Gilson , Olivier Goldenshluger , Prof. Dr. A.

76. Russia Reform Monitor No. 945, July 3, 2002
sobolev claims that on June 13th he asked sergei Mironov, the Federation Council sspeaker and a leading Putin ally, to force Vavilov to appear for questioning
Russia Reform Monitor No. 945, July 3, 2002
American Foreign Policy Council, Washington, DC
Russia sells China more subs;
"Liberal Russia" faces uncertain future
July 2:
Russia's sale of eight more Kilo-class (Project 636) submarines to China will enhance the latter's ability to blockade trade-dependent Taiwan and present a challenge to U.S. naval supremacy in the area, the Asia Times reports. Indeed, Taiwanese Defense Minister Tang Yao-ming has denounced the sale, saying it would threaten security in the Asia-Pacific region. The $1.6 billion deal for the additional submarines, part of a $4 billion weapons package Moscow has committed to provide Beijing over the next four to five years, "is a reason to believe that the brief lull in the export of Russian submarines is over," according to the Times A police investigator looking into former deputy finance minister Andrei Vavilov's alleged role in the illegal privatization of a large Siberian timber industry holding company was removed from the probe in late June, Gazeta reports. According to the newspaper, the investigator, Capt. Fedor Sobolev, had "miraculously survived" an attack by three armed assailants near his home on April 25th, several days after going to Vavilov's office to force the former minister to appear for questioning.

77. Ukraine Futures 1 In 2000
Pavel Mazaev, sergei Krotiouk. Alexander Yarmola, 6 2 6, Alexander Yarmola, 66 1. sergei Yaroshenko, sergei Yaroshenko. Evgenyi sobolev, bye, Evgenyi sobolev,3 2,
Ukraine F1 2000
Main Draw
Artem Derepasko (LL) Giorgi Margishvili Artem Derepasko (Q) Anton Povkhan Anton Povkhan (LL) Konstantin Dmitrenko Artem Derepasko (WC) Peter Kudyma Dmitri Tomashevich (LL) Mikhail Chaduneli Dmitri Tomashevich Dmitri Tomashevich Peter Kudyma (Q) Alexander Bessonov Kim Tiilikainen Kim Tiilikainen Artem Derepasko ... Sergei Yaroshenko (LL) Nick Dyachok Kim Tiilikainen (Q) Filip Moukhametov Filip Moukhametov (Q) Vladislav Lymar Filip Moukhametov (LL) Dmitri Sokolov Dmitri Sokolov (LL) Pavel Lobanov Kim Tiilikainen Gergely Kisgyorgy Gergely Kisgyorgy (LL) Alexei Filenkov Gergely Kisgyorgy Alexander Yarmola Alexander Yarmola (Q) Rouslan Nourmatov Gergely Kisgyorgy Sergei Krotiouk Stefano Cobolli ... Sergei Krotiouk (Q) Igor Bogomaz Gergely Kisgyorgy (WC) Andrey Dernovskiy Andrey Dernovskiy (LL) Alexander Leniuchev Andrey Dernovskiy (Q) Attila Mihalko Attila Mihalko (WC) Taras Demianenko Andrey Dernovskiy (Q) Michail Elgin Michail Elgin (WC) Alexander Karpenko Michail Elgin Lior Dahan Lior Dahan ... Mikhail Kartashov
Main Draw
Artem Derepasko Dmitri Tomashevich Taras Demianenko Artem Derepasko Andrey Dernovskiy Dmitri Tomashevich Gergely Kisgyorgy Gergely Kisgyorgy Kim Tiilikainen Kim Tiilikainen Mikhail Filima Gergely Kisgyorgy Alexander Karpenko Kim Tiilikainen Stefano Cobolli Stefano Cobolli Sergei Krotiouk Sergei Krotiouk Andrei Litvinov Stefano Cobolli Pavel Mazaev Sergei Krotiouk Alexander Yarmola Alexander Yarmola Sergei Yaroshenko Sergei Yaroshenko Mikhail Kartashov Gergely Kisgyorgy Filip Moukhametov Kim Tiilikainen Michail Elgin Lior Dahan

78. E-xecutive | Ëèöà Ñîîáùåñòâà | S
Shirokovskikh sergei Alexandrovich, ? ?. Smolyaninova Smushkin Smushkov - Snisarev Snitivker - sobolev sobolev - soboleva

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79. Alexandrov Alexander
Borisov Yuri. Russia. Novosibirsk. sobolev Institute of Mathematics. Bowditch Brian.Great Britain. Southampton. Buyalo sergei. Russia. St.Petersburg.
Russian-German Geometry Meeting dedicated to the 85th birthday of A.D. ALEXANDROV September 22 - 27 1997
St.Petersburg, RUSSIA LIST OF PARTICIPANTS Name Country City Institute e-mail http Abels Herbert Germany Bielefeld University of Bielefeld, Dept. of Mathematics Abresch Uwe Germany Bochum Fakult"at f"ur Mathematik Alexander Stephanie USA Urbana-Champaign Department of Mathematics University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Alexandrov Alexander Russia St.Petersburg Steklov Institute of Mathematics at St.Petersburg Alexandrov Victor Russia Novosibirsk Sobolev Institute of Mathematics Babich Michael Russia St.Petersburg Steklov Institute of Mathematics at St.Petersburg Baer Christian Germany Freiburg Mathematisches Insitut Universitaet Freiburg Ballmann Werner Germany Bonn Mathematisches Institut, Univ. Bonn Bangert Victor Germany Freiburg Mathematisches Institut der Albert-Ludwigs-Universitaet

80. Lname
Russia. sobolev Institute of Mathematics. Itoh. Jinichi. Japan.Kumamoto Univ. Fac. of Education. Ivanov. sergei. Russia.
Second Russian-German Geometry Meeting dedicated to
90-anniversary of A.D.Alexandrov
Last Name
First Name
Abresch Uwe Germany Ruhr-Universitaet Bochum Akhmetiev Peter Russia Troitsk; Alboul Lioubov The Netherlands University of Twente Alexander Stephanie USA University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Alexandrov Victor Russia Sobolev Institute of Mathematics Alvarez Paiva Juan Carlos USA Hunter College Aminov Yuriy Ukraine B.Verkin Institute for Low Temperature Physics Apanasov Boris USA University of Oklahoma and Sobolev Inst of Math Babenko Ivan France/Russsia Universite Montpellier-2 Ballmann Hans Werner Germany Universitaet Bonn Bangert Victor Germany Universitaet Freiburg Baer Christian Germany Univ.Hamburg FB Mathtmatik

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