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         Snell Willebrord:     more detail
  1. Willebrord Snell: An entry from Gale's <i>Science and Its Times</i> by Stephen D. Norton, 2001
  2. Willebrord Snell: An entry from Gale's <i>Science and Its Times</i>

81. Refrctn
In 1621 willebrord snell, a Dutchman, found that when the sin of the angle ofincidence is divided by the sin of the angle of refraction, the result is a
    The Speed of Light
    Air to Water

    Water to Air

    Refractive Index
    Snell's Law
      The Speed of Light
        You may have learned that the speed of light is constant (about 30 000 000 metres per second). In actual fact it is only constant if it is travelling through a medium (material - eg. air) of constant density. When light encounters an increase in density, it slows down. When light encounters a decrease in density it speeds up. These changes in speed correspond to changes in direction so changes in density cause the path of light to bend. See below.
        Air to Water
        When light travels from air to water it slows down because water is more dense than air is. When light slows down its path bends towards the normal line so that the angle of incidence ( i ) is greater than the angle of refraction ( r i r . Eg.
        As light travels from air to water it is
        bent towards the normal line, i.e. the
        angle of incidence is greater than the
        angle of refraction. This also occurs in the formation of a rainbow. The normal line it perpendicualr to the tangent at the point where the light hits the surface of the raindrop.
        Water to Air
        When light travels from air to water it slows down because water is more dense than air is. When light slows down its path bends

82. Upphaf
sögulegu samhengi. 1618, snell, willebrord, Holland, Ljósbrotslögmálið,Lögmálið í ljósi sögu ljósbrotsfræða. 1618, 1648,
Upphaf Endir Nafn Staður Titill Slóð Mercator, Gerhard Flæmingjaland Kortagerðarmaður Kortasaga Íslands Brueghel, Pieter eldri Flæmingjaland Málari Inngangstexti ásamt helstu verkum um 1550 Evrópa Kartaflan berst til Evrópu frá Suður-Ameríku Brot úr sögulegum textum um kartöfluna Ortelius, Abraham Flæmingjaland Kortagerðarmaður Sundurliðun á ævi og starfi Jesúítar Regla Kristmunka (Jesúíta) stofnuð Yfirlit um vísindaiðkun Jesúíta Byssusmíð hefst El Greco Spánn Málari Saga málarans og verk Kópernikus Um snúninga himinhvelanna kemur út Kirkjuþingið í Trento Brahe, Týchó Saga Brahes í stuttu máli ásamt tenglum Cervantes, Miguel de Spánn Skrifar Don Kíkóta Don Kíkóti á ensku Brúnó, Gíordanó Grunnupplýsingar og tenglar Elísabet I England Drottning Evrópa Tóbak berst til Evrópu Bacon, Francis Bretland Reynsluhyggja Shakespeare, William England Höfundarverk Shakespeares Galílei, Galíleó Saga Galíleós og ágætir tenglar Kepler, Jóhannes Lögmál Keplers útskýrð með hreyfimyndum Holland, Spánn Hollendingar rísa gegn yfirráðum Spánverja Saga uppreisnarinnar Frakkland Fjöldamorð á húgenottum (frönskum kalvínistum) Saga trúarstríðanna sem hefjast með fjöldamorðunum Rúdolf II Þýsk lönd Keisari Saga Rúdolfs II, frá áhugamanni um brjálaða einvalda

83. Note-A-Rific: Snell's Law
In the year 1600 a Dutch mathematician named willebrord snell was playing aroundwith numbers and figured out a formula that fit what everyone was measuring.
Note-A- Rific : Snell’s Law
Have you ever looked at someone standing in the shallow end of a swimming pool and thought that they looked really short? As soon as they stepped out they looked taller. Something must be happening to the way that light is traveling to your eyes. Your brain and eyes always assume that the light is traveling to your eyes in a straight line… which is not always the case! This does not mean that light travels in curved lines, but the direction that a beam of light is traveling can be changed. What is really happening is refraction , the bending of waves as they pass from one medium to another. In the swimming pool example, the light traveling through the water from the person’s feet must be bending and moving in another direction when it enters the air … this makes their feet appear to be in a different spot making the person look shorter. Since Ptolemy’s time (about 100AD) people knew about refraction, but they didn’t know why it happened, or how to predict and calculate it. In the year 1600 a Dutch mathematician named Willebrord Snell was playing around with numbers and figured out a formula that fit what everyone was measuring.

84. À§´ëÇѼöÇÐÀÚ ¸ñ·Ï
Smith Born 2 Nov 1826 in Dublin, Ireland Died 9 Feb 1883 in Oxford, England snell,willebrord van Roijen snell Born 1580 in Leiden, Netherlands Died 30 Oct

85. PSIgate - Physical Sciences Information Gateway Search Results
willebrord van Roijen snell The site provides a short biography of willebrord snell(15801626) who proposed the method of triangulation, discovered the law of law&subject=All&

86. Pedro Nunes, 1502-1578: Conhecimento Europeu Da Obra
Translate this page Nesta obra o famoso matemático holandês willebrord snell (1580-1626)desenvolve as ideias originais de Pedro Nunes sobre a linha de rumo.
SNELL DE ROYEN, Willebrord, 1580-1626 BN ELZ. 237
Atalhos para: Sala de Imprensa A VIDA Cronologia da Vida Documentos D'Arquivo A OBRA Manuscritos FONTES Com marcas de posse Outras CONHECIMENTO EUROPEU ESTUDOS Autores Principais Impressores Marcas de Posse

87. Fly Fishing: Fishing Snell's Window - ALTREC.COM
Named for willebrord van Roijen snell, who described its effects in1621, the window is a phenomenon of light refraction (bending).
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88. Snel [Snellius Or Snel Van Royen], Willebrord
Snel Snellius or Snel van Royen, willebrord. Note the creators of the Galileo Project and vie et les travaux de willebrord Snellius " Archives neerlandaises de sciences exactes
Catalog of the Scientific Community
Snel [Snellius or Snel van Royen], Willebrord
Note: the creators of the Galileo Project and this catalogue cannot answer email on genealogical questions.
1. Dates
Born: Leiden, 1580
Died: Leiden, 30 Oct 1626
Dateinfo: Dates Certain
2. Father
Occupation: Academic
Professor of Mathematics at Leiden.
From various evidence clearly prosperous.
3. Nationality
Birth: Leiden, Netherlands
Career: Netherlands
Death: Leiden, Netherlands
4. Education
Schooling: Leiden, M.A.; Paris
He was the son of a well-to-do father who was himself a considerable scholar and professor of mathematics at the University of Leiden. In 1603 his father was connected with the court of the Landgraf Maurice of Hesse.
He studied law at the University of Leiden, but became interested in mathematics at an early age. I assume a B.A.
Already in 1600 he was allowed to offer lectures on mathematics at Leiden on special days.
1602- Feb. 03, studied law in Paris. I am assuming that this as at the university.
1608, received an M.A. from Leiden.

89. Willebrord Snellius
Law. Molecular Expressions Science, Optics and You - Timeline - WillebrordSnell. Erstellt am 04.02.2001, Zuletzt geändert am 03.02.2002.
Willebrord Snellius Hauptseite/Main Page Deutsch English Willebrord Snellius Snell's Law Molecular Expressions: Science, Optics and You - Timeline - Willebrord Snell Erstellt am:

90. Snell's Law Definition Meaning Information Explanation
In the seventeenth century, it was discovered yet another time, by either WillebrordSnell or Ren© Descartes, but the priority of the discover is fraught
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Snell's law
Snell's law is the simple formula used to calculate the refraction of light when travelling between two media of differing refractive index . Named for its discoverer, Dutch mathematician Willebrord van Roijen Snell ( In the diagram above, two media of refractive indices n (on the left) and n (on the right) meet at a surface or interface (vertical line). n n , and light has a slower phase velocity within the second medium. A light ray PO in the leftmost medium strikes the interface at the point O . From point O , we project a straight line at right angles to the line of the interface; this is known as the normal to the surface (horizontal line). The angle between the normal and the light ray PO is known as the angle of incidence The ray continues through the interface into the medium on the right; this is shown as the ray OQ . The angle with which is makes to the normal is known of as the angle of refraction Snell's law
n n
n and n . In other words, a ray perpendicular entering a medium perpendicular to the surface is never bent.

91. Excerpta Et Notanda In Kepleri ... Ad Vitellionem
A discussion, probably inspired by Sir Isaac Newton, of whether it was WillebrordSnell or Voss who discovered a law of refraction first, from which Rene

92. Snipe
encyclopediaEncyclopedia snipe. snipe, common name for a shore bird of thefamily Scolopacidae (sandpiper family), native to the Old and New Worlds.
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    snipe snipe, common name for a shore bird of the family Scolopacidae ( sandpiper family), native to the Old and New Worlds. The common, or Wilson's snipe ( Capella gallinago ), also called jacksnipe, is a game bird of marshes and meadows. It has an unusual courtship dance, circling and diving in the air. The mud snipe or woodcock ( Scolopax rusticola ) is a nocturnal woodland bird. The eastern dowitcher, Limnodromus griseus, also called the red-breasted, or robin, snipe, frequents mud flats and shores, as does the long-billed dowitcher of W North America and South America (rare on the Atlantic coast). The European common snipe, found also in Asia and Africa, is similar to the Wilson's snipe. Snipes are classified in the phylum Chordata , subphylum Vertebrata, class Aves, order Charadriiformes, family Scolopacidae.

93. Snellius
SNELL van Roijen dit SNELLIUS, hollandais, 1581-1626 Huygens de Descartes Snell-Descartes (voire de Snell Il semble que l'on doive à Snellius (avant Neper n,d c m ... virgule Première loi de la réfraction : Si i et i / sin i est constant. Al Haytham (Alhazen) Huygens en donnera une preuve simple en posant comme principe la nature ondulatoire Kepler s'y intéressa mais ne découvrit pas cette loi des sinus. Principe de Fermat :
Travaux géodésiques : de terrae ambitus vera quantitate , soit : de la vraie valeur du pourtour de la terre
(du grec terre et daiein diviser Cassini deThury Delambre Gunter Mersenne

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95. ”ü¯’¬@¯‚̃f[ƒ^ƒx[ƒX
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¡ l–¼Ž«“Ty‚·z ƒy[ƒW@ ‚P ‚Q ‚R ƒXƒeƒtƒ@ƒ“ Stephan, Edouard Jean Marie i1837`1923j ŽQl•¶Œ£ ’†ŽR–Εҁu“V•¶Šwl–¼Ž«“TvP¯ŽÐ
ƒXƒeƒ‹ƒ“ƒxƒ‹ƒN Sternberg, Pavel Karlovich i1865`1920j ŽQl•¶Œ£ ’†ŽR–Εҁu“V•¶Šwl–¼Ž«“TvP¯ŽÐ
ƒXƒgƒ‰ƒbƒgƒ“ Stratton,Frederick John Marrion i1881-1960j ŽQl•¶Œ£ ’†ŽR–Εҁu“V•¶Šwl–¼Ž«“TvP¯ŽÐ
ƒXƒgƒ‰ƒ“ƒh Strand,Kaj Aage i1907-j ŽQl•¶Œ£ ’†ŽR–Εҁu“V•¶Šwl–¼Ž«“TvP¯ŽÐ
ƒXƒgƒŠ[ƒg Streete,Thomas i1622-1689j ŽQl•¶Œ£ ’†ŽR–Εҁu“V•¶Šwl–¼Ž«“TvP¯ŽÐ
ƒXƒgƒ‹[ƒoƒ“ƒg Stroobant, Paul i1868-1936j ƒxƒ‹ƒM[‚Ì“V•¶ŠwŽÒD‰ß‹Ž33‰ñ‚àŠÏ‘ª‚³‚ê‚Ä‚¢‚½u‹à¯‚̉q¯v‚ÌŠÏ‘ª‚𒲂ׁC‚·‚ׂĂª“V‰¤¯‚â‹ßŠ‚̍P¯‚ðŒ©Œë‚Á‚½‚à‚Ì‚Å‚ ‚邱‚Æ‚ð‚‚«‚Æ‚ß‚½D ŽQl•¶Œ£ ’†ŽR–Εҁu“V•¶Šwl–¼Ž«“TvP¯ŽÐ
ƒXƒgƒŒ[ƒ€ƒOƒŒƒ“ ƒXƒEƒF[ƒfƒ“‚Ì“V‘Ì•¨—ŠwŽÒD ‚rD‚uDƒXƒgƒŒ[ƒ€ƒOƒŒƒ“ ŽQl•¶Œ£ ’†ŽR–Εҁu“V•¶Šwl–¼Ž«“TvP¯ŽÐ
ƒXƒgƒŒ[ƒ€ƒOƒŒƒ“ i1870-1947j ƒXƒEƒF[ƒfƒ“‚Ì“V•¶ŠwŽÒDŒ“T—ÍŠw‚ðŒ¤‹†‚µ‚½D1890IIœa¯‚Ì‹O“¹Œˆ’è‚̘_•¶‚ŁC‘o‹Èü‹O“¹‚ªC‘å˜f¯‚̐ۓ®‚É‚æ‚è‘ȉ~‹O“¹‚ɂȂ邱‚Æ‚ª‚ ‚邱‚Æ‚ðŽ¦‚µ‚½Dƒ‹ƒ“ƒh“V•¶‘ä‚ÅŠw‚сCƒL[ƒ‹“V•¶‘ä‚ŃAƒXƒgƒƒmƒ~ƒVƒFEƒiƒnƒŠƒeƒ“‚̕ҏW•Žè‚Æ‚È‚éDƒRƒyƒ“ƒn[ƒQƒ““V•¶‘ä’·‚à–±‚ß‚½D ƒXƒgƒŒ[ƒ€ƒxƒŠ i1882-1962j ŽQl•¶Œ£ ’†ŽR–Εҁu“V•¶Šwl–¼Ž«“TvP¯ŽÐ
ƒXƒlƒ‹ Snell,Willebrord

96. Casalini Digital Division

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