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  1. Ibn Sina--al-Biruni correspondence-VIII.: An article from: Islam & Science by Rafik Berjak, Muzaffar Iqbal, 2007-06-22
  2. Abu 'Ali al-Husayn ibn Abdallah ibn Sina: An entry from Gale's <i>Science and Its Times</i> by Stephen D. Norton, 2001
  3. Ibn Sina: An entry from Gale's <i>Science and Its Times</i> by Judson Knight, 2001
  4. Ibn Sina by Omer Mahir Alper, 2008
  5. Psychologie D'ibn Sina (Avicenne) D'apres Son Oeuvre as-Sifa: I:Text Arabe by Jan (ed) Bakos, 1956
  6. Pensée Religieuse d'Avicenne (Ibn Sina).
  7. INTRODUCTIONTO ISLAMIC COSMOLOGICAL DOCTRINES Conceptions of Nature and Methods Used for Its Study By Ikhwan al Safa, al-Birini, and Ibn Sina by Nasr. Seyyed Hossein, 1964
  8. God and Humans in Islamic Thought: Abd al-Jabbar, Ibn Sina and Al-Ghazali by Elkaisy-Friemut, 2006-09-04
  9. The Significance of Ibn Sina's Canon of Medicine in the Arab and Western worlds: An entry from Gale's <i>Science and Its Times</i> by Evelyn B. Kelly, 2001
  10. The life of Ibn Sina;: A critical edition and annotated translation, (Studies in Islamic philosophy and science) by Avicenna, 1974
  11. Abu al-Barakat al-Baghdadi wa-falsafatuhu al-Ilahiyah: Dirasah li-mawqifihi al-naqdi min falsafat Ibn Sina (Arabic Edition) by Jamal Rajab Sidbi, 1996
  12. Probing In Islamic Philosophy: Studies In The Philosophies Of Ibn Sina by Michael E. Marmura, 2004-12-01
  13. Haqiqat mutaqad Ibn Sina, 370-428 H, wa-mawqifihi min anwa al-tawhid al-thalathah ;: Wa-bi-dhaylihi qamus mujaz li-maani ashhar al-mustalahat al-kalamiyah ... Ibn Sina fi musannafatih (Arabic Edition) by Ahmad ibn Musfir ibn Mujab Utaybi,
  14. Ibn Sina and Mysticism by Inati, 1996-08-15

81. Ibn Sina (Avicenna), 981-1037 C.E.
ibn sina was the most famous physician, philosopher, encyclopedist, mathematicianand astronomer of his time. A Portrait of ibn sina. A Short List of References.
ABU ALI AL-HUSSAIN IBN ABDALLAH IBN SINA (Avicenna) (981 - 1037 C.E.) by
Dr. A. Zahoor

Ibn Sina, known in the West by the name of Avicenna , was the most famous physician, philosopher, encyclopedist, mathematician and astronomer of his time. His major contribution to medical science was his famous book al-Qanun fi al-Tibb, known as the ' Canon' in the West. No deliberation on the science of medicine can be complete without a reference to Ibn Sina. Abu Ali al-Hussain Ibn Abdallah Ibn Sina was born in 981C.E. at Afshana near Bukhara (Central Asia). By the age of ten he had become well versed in the study of the Qur'an and basic sciences. He studied logic from Abu Abdallah Natili, a famous philosopher of the time and his study of philosophy included various Greek and Muslim books. In his youth he showed remarkable expertise in medicine and was well known in the region. At the age of seventeen, he was successful in curing Nooh Ibn Mansoor, the King of Bukhara, of an illness in which all the well-known physicians had given up hope. On his recovery, King Mansoor wished to reward him, but the young physician only desired permission to use his uniquely stocked library. Ibn Sina traveled to Jurjan after his father's death where he met his famous contemporary Abu Raihan al-Biruni . Later he moved to Rayy and then to Hamadan, where he wrote his famous book Al-Qanun fi al-Tibb. Here, he treated Shams al-Daulah, the King of Hamadan, for severe colic. From Hamadan he moved to Isphahan (present Iran), where he completed many of his monumental writings. Nevertheless, he continued travelling and the excessive mental exertion as well as political turmoil spoilt his health. Finally, he returned to Hamadan where he died in 1037 C.E.

82. No Match For Ibn Sina Abù Alì Al-Husayn
No match for ibn sina Abù Alì alHusayn. Sorry, the term ibn sinaAbù Alì al-Husayn is not in the dictionary. Check the spelling Sina Abù Alì al-Husayn

83. Avicenna --  Encyclopædia Britannica
Arabic ibn sina, in full Abu Ali alHusayn ibn Abd Allah ibn sina Iranian physician,the most famous and influential of the philosopher-scientists of Islam.


85. KULTURMINISTERIUM Der Republik Türkei - Ibn-i Sina
Translate this page ibn-i sina wurde anfänglich von seinem Vater und anschließend von Natili undIsmail Zahid,eýnen der bedeutendsten Wissenschaftlern dieser Zeit, in Logik

86. Article - Ibn Sina (Avicenna) - Presented By ©NewsFinder.Org - All Rights Reser
ibn sina (Avicenna). Secure Content on the Web. The life of ibn sinais known to us through a narration dictated to his pupil, Jujani.

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by Andrew Curry "Ibn Sina was a boastful bachelor with a fondness for drink who wrote some of the most renowned works of medicine and philosophy in the Arab world, a keen mind-for-hire who spent his life traveling across the tumultuous political landscape of 11th-century Central Asia. Known in Europe by his Latin name, Avicenna, he was a Renaissance man when most of Europe was stuck in the Dark Ages and he shaped Western thought for centuries to come. BORN IN 980 [C.E.] NEAR BUKHARA (IN MODERN-DAY UZBEKISTAN), Avicenna began his education early. "Whe I reached the age of 18", he says in his autobiography, "I had completed the study of all the sciences".

88. Islam Online- News Section
Great Muslim Scholars Abu Ali AlHusayn ibn Abdallah ibn sina (Avicenna).By Hawa Irfan. 14/02/2001. ibn sina lived life to the fullest.
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Great Muslim Scholars: Abu 'Ali Al-Husayn Ibn 'Abdallah Ibn Sina (Avicenna) By Hawa Irfan To live in the past and to waste the gifts that Allah (SWT) has given to us all is to not live at all. However, to recall the riches of the past and to learn from them serves as a reminder of what we have achieved and what we can still achieve.
Ibn Sina lived life to the fullest. Even in the midst of political turmoil, he became a renowned physician, philosopher, encyclopedist, mathematician and astronomer.
Ibn Sina was born in 981 in Bukhara, one of the capitals of the Samanid dynasty, in the then northeastern part of Iran. Of Iranian parentage, his father was a middle-level official - the governor of a village on one of the estates owned by the Samanid ruler, Nuh Ibn Mansur. His home was a meeting-place for learned men, creating a ripe environment for Ibn Sina's pre-school education in which his father was his first teacher.
By the age of ten, Ibn Sina had memorized the Qur'an and quite a bit of Arabic poetry, attracting the attention of many scholars. He had also begun to study medicine.

89. Ibn-i Sina (Avicenna) International Colloquium :: Hamedan 22-24 August 2004
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90. | Victory News Magazine | Abu Ali Al-Husayn Ibn Abdullah Ibn Sina
Provided with the kind permission of Dr Shuja. LONDON, England. 12th October,2002. Abu Ali alHusayn ibn Abdullah ibn sina was born in Bukhara in 980.
Victory News Magazine
Eulogies Islamic Architecture Islamic History Islamic Studies ... World Issues Abu Ali al-Husayn Ibn Abdullah Ibn Sina Index
Ashurra Awards Gallery ... Contact Us Provided with the kind permission of Dr Shuja LONDON, England 12th October, 2002 Abu Ali al-Husayn Ibn Abdullah Ibn Sina was born in Bukhara in 980. Sometimes known in the West by the Latin name, Avicenna, this Persian physician became the most famous and influential of all the Islamic philosopher-scientists. He earned royal favour for treating the Kings of Bukhara and Hamadan for ailments that other physicians could neither diagnose nor cure. His grave is still maintained in Hamadan, where he died in 1037. Though trained as a physician, Ibn Sina made important contributions to philosophy, mathematics, chemistry, and astronomy. His philosophical encyclopaedia, Kitab al-Shifa "Book of Healing

91. Avicenna (Arabic, Ibn Sina)
Avicenna (Arabic, ibn sina). Avicenna (Arabic, ibn sina), 9801037,was a Persian philosopher who spent his life as a physician and
Avicenna (Arabic, Ibn Sina)
Tamara Green Bibliography: Afnan, S., Avicenna (1958 repr. 1980); Goodman, L. E., Avicenna (1992); Heath, P., Allegory and Philosophy in Avicenna (1992). Last modified on: Friday, October 17, 1997.

92. Medicine-Worldwide: Avicenna, Abu Ali Al-Hussein Ibn Abdallah Ibn Sina
Sie befinden sich hier: startseite persoenlichkeiten Medizingeschichte H istorisches zur Harnschau M eilensteine der Medizingeschichte ... Über uns
Kapitelübersicht: Avicenna
Arzt, Naturwissenschaftler, Philosoph, Astronom Avicenna Abu Ali al-Hussein Ibn Abdallah Ibn Sina * 979 in Afschana (bei Buchara; Usbekistan) In der orientalischen Welt gilt Abu Ali Ibn Sina (lateinisch: Avicenna) neben Abu Bakr Muhammed ibn Zakariya al-Razi - den Muslimen als einer der wichtigsten Ärzte und Gelehrten aller Zeiten. Mit ihm, dem "Fürsten der Ärzte", wie er bisweilen ehrfurchtsvoll genannt wird, wurde der Höhepunkt der orientalischen Medizin erreicht. Auch in Europa galt der Universalgelehrte und Arztphilosoph fast 700 Jahre lang bis zum Beginn der modern Medizin als unbestrittene Autorität.
Kapitelübersicht: Avicenna
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94. Medecine Et Sante Au Maghreb, Tunisie, Algérie, Maroc
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96. KAZI Publications, Islamic Bookstore: Books On Islam, Muslim World

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