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         Simson Robert:     more books (100)
  1. Account Of The Life And Writings Of Robert Simson: Late Professor Of Mathematics In The University Of Glasgow (1812) by William Trail, 2010-09-10
  2. Roberti Simson: Matheseos Nuper In Academia Glasguensi Professoris Opera Quaedam Reliqua (1776) (Latin Edition) by Robert Simson, 2010-09-10
  3. Roberti Simson: Matheseos Nuper In Academia Glasguensi Professoris Opera Quaedam Reliqua (1776) (Latin Edition) by Robert Simson, 2010-05-23
  4. Roberti Simson: Matheseos Nuper In Academia Glasguensi Professoris Opera Quaedam Reliqua (1776) (Latin Edition) by Robert Simson, 2009-05-10
  5. Sectionum conicarum libri quinque. Auctore Roberto Simson, M.D. ... Editio secunda, emendatior & auctior. (Latin Edition) by Robert Simson, 2010-05-28
  6. Roberti Simson, M.D. matheseos nuper in academia Glasguensi professoris Opera quaedam reliqua, ... Nunc primum post auctoris mortem in lucem edita impensis ... comitis Stanhope, ... (Latin Edition) by Robert Simson, 2010-05-28
  7. The elements of Euclid, containing the first six, and the eleventh and twelfth books: chiefly from the text of Dr. Simson, with the planes in the eleventh ... the acquirement of this branch of scie by Euclid Euclid, Robert Simson, et all 2010-08-27
  8. Sectionum conicarum libri V. Auctore Roberto Simson, ... (Latin Edition) by Robert Simson, 2010-05-29
  9. The Elements Of Euclid: Containing The First Six Books, Chiefly From The Text Of Dr. Simson (1874) by Euclides, Robert Simson, et all 2010-09-10
  10. Roberti Simson: Matheseos Nuper In Academia Glasguensi Professoris Opera Quaedam Reliqua (1776) (Latin Edition) by Robert Simson, 2010-09-10
  11. The Elements Of Euclid: Containing The First Six Books, Chiefly From The Text Of Dr. Simson (1874) by Euclides, Robert Simson, et all 2010-09-10
  12. The parent's guide to a liberal ... education by Robert Simson, 2009-08-16
  13. The Elements of Euclid viz, the First Six Books Together with the Eleventh and Twelfth. the Errors ..... also the Book of Euclids Data in like manner corrected by Robert Simson, 1811
  14. Zur Reform der Handels- und Verkehrsstatistik (German Edition) by Robert Simson, 2002-03-20

61. Taking Over The Entire Human Mind Coast To Coast Am George Nory
robert Ray Hedges is taking over the InterNet and the entire collective evolving StrategyThis Art Rings a Bell AM Babra barbra barba simson simpson simsin.
Jan 11, 2004 200 Physical Immortality Websites
Taking Over the Collective Human Mind Coordinated Universal International Intent Physical Immortality and IntentioNeering
Taking Over the Collective Human Mind as Mortality Resolution International
Taking Over the Entire Human Mind MySites.html
Taking Over the Entire Internet and Human Mind Mysites.html
Taking Over the Entire OneMind (Human Mind)
Taking Over the Collective Human Mind as Mortality Resolution International Mysites.html
Taking Over the Collective Human Mind Coordinated Universal International Intent Physical Immortality and IntentioNeering
Robert Ray Hedges is Taking over the entire collective mind of the human race! as scheduled. And in the following context...
The Activity on Earth of Creating All Children, just to kill them, (We often have called it "Letting Them Die!")... is being terminated in the whole world as our inherited and default unconscious and unloving mass intention modality.
This will "cost" us our Free Dumb!.
Respect for Life, as a premise, and organising the massive force available in coordinated universal youth intent interneted, (the intentnet), will build the quantum social force needed to move humanity out of random intention and the death it creates (3 per second in the world)!
so... Robert Ray Hedges is taking over the InterNet and the entire collective evolving Mind of humanity as Mortality Resolution International and its socialisation aspect is called the Interneted Intentnet: Children's Immortalisation Network Phenomenon Immortalty Physical Virtuebios under Construction Phase...

62. English-America: The "John & Sara", 1651-1652
David simson, Sander Sinclare, Salamon Smison, Patricke (simson?) Smith, Henry AustinStewart, Cha (Charles) Stewart, Neile Stewart, robert Stewart, William
American Plantations and Colonies Home About Site Site News Searching ... Help The Voyages are listed at ship name on Ship List November 8 or 11, 1651 The of London departed Gravesend , England, with Scotch prisoners for New England and Barbados List of Servants (Scottish prisoners) sent to Thomas Kemble of Charles Town, New England, on the Source: "Passengers to America" , pages 146-149 (Use browser "Bookmark" or "Back" to return to this page.) Ship and Passenger Information: John Greene, Master , (3 such entries) , Allester , Daniell , P , Patricke (2 such entries) Anderson, Alester Anderson, David Anderson, John Anderson, William Banes, William Beames, William Beme, John Benne, James Bereere, Thomas Blacke, Daniell Boy, Robert Boye, John Boye, John Brounell, Henry Brow, John Buckanen, John Bukanon, David Camell, James Camell, Neile Cannell, John Carmackhell, William (Carmichael?) Carter, Neile Clewston, William Coehon, John Crag, John (Note: A John Cragg departed Barbados for New England
English-America Home Page

BASIC DATA CONTAINED HEREIN is, however, Public Domain.

63. H-Net Review: Carrie Hannon On Robert Chazan, God, Humanity, And History: The He
of three manuscripts The Mainz Anonymous , The Solomon bar simson Chronicle , and agraduate seminar with Gerson Cohen in the 1970s, robert Chazan, currently

64. Robert Wasling/Margaret Simson
Back to Index of Names. Husband robert Wasling Wife Margaret simson BornBET 1611 AND 1648at Died at Father Mother Other Spouses
Back to Index of Names
Husband: Robert Wasling Born: 20 DEC 1641 at: Wintringham Married: 22 OCT 1662 at: Winteringham Died: AUG 1671 at: Wintringham Father: Timothy Wasling Mother: Other Spouses: Esther Dring Wife: Margaret Simson Born: BET 1611 AND 1648at: Died: at: Father: Mother: Other Spouses: HOME EMAIL SURNAMES

65. Cryptography Mailing List Archive: SIMSON SAYS: 2048.COM Is Up
simson SAYS 2048.COM is up. robert Hettinga ( Fri,31 Jul 1998 083212 0400. Next message John Young Re Top
SIMSON SAYS: 2048.COM is up
New Message Reply About this list Date view ... Author view Robert Hettinga
Fri, 31 Jul 1998 08:32:12 -0400 - begin forwarded text
From: "simsong" <
To: "simson-says" <

Subject: SIMSON SAYS: 2048.COM is up
Date: Thu, 30 Jul 1998 22:55:32 -0400
MIME-Version: 1.0
X-Priority: 3
X-MSMail-Priority: Normal
X-MimeOLE: Produced By Microsoft MimeOLE V4.72.3110.3 Sender: Precedence: bulk Reply-To: Dear Readers, Last year, I wrote a book on privacy called 2048. Unfortunately, the book was never published. In the past year, a lot of the issues that I raised in the book have come to the forefront of public policy. So over the next few weeks, I'm going to put up all of the unpublished, unedited chapters. You can find the chapters at , or

66. Cabri-werkblad: Simson-lijn
We geven in hetgeen volgt deze lijn aan met s(P). Opmerking robert simson (16871768,Schotland) heeft met de naar hem genoemde lijn helemaal niets van doen.
Cabri-werkblad Overzicht Alle werkbladen Meetkunde Cabri Overzicht - De lijn van Simson
  • Voetpuntsdriehoek
    Opdracht 1

    Opdracht 2
    Stelling 1 ...
    Opdracht 12
    (Steiner-lijn) Download
  • 1. Voetpuntsdriehoek Opdracht 1 figuur 1 Teken op een nieuw werkblad drie punten: A, B, C. Teken ook de lijnen AB, BC, CA. ( Teken -menu: Lijn,
    Teken nu een punt P (kies het punt P om te beginnen binnen driehoek ABC).
    Teken de loodlijnen uit P op BC (snijpunt A'), op CA (snijpunt B') en op AB (snijpunt A').
    Teken vervolgens driehoek A'B'C' ( Teken -menu: Driehoek, Driehoek A'B'C' heet de voetpuntsdriehoek van het punt P (tov. driehoek ABC). De hoekpunten van de driehoek heten de voetpunten van P (tov. driehoek ABC). Er zijn posities van het punt P waarvoor de drie zijden van A'B'C' samenvallen.
    Ga na, dat dit zeker het geval is als P samenvalt met A, B of C.
    Maar er zijn nog andere posities van P.
    Welke posities van P zijn dat? Geef een zo kort mogelijke beschrijving van je bevindingen. Klik hier voor een CabriJavapplet bij Opdracht 1 Opdracht 2 figuur 2 Teken ook de omcirkel van driehoek ABC. Gebruik daarvoor eventueel de macro:Omcirkel3P.

    67. Untitled Document
    We are indebted to the following people who contributed to the projectroberta Cosentino, Sharon simson, robert Valdez, and Isabel Valdes.
    Guest Curator's Statement Print Version of this page Inside/Out: Growing Old in the United States Virtual Exhibition Credits and Acknowledgments Back Visual materials used in this exhibition are courtesy of Dr. Judith Freidenberg and stem from her field work and research conducted in New York City and Langley Park, Maryland. New York University Press granted permission to use images and text from Dr. Freidenberg’s book, "Growing Old in El Barrio" (London and New York, 2000). Dr. Freidenberg and Edmundo Morales documented the images recorded in New York. Melissa Carrillo of the Smithsonian Center for Latino Initiatives and designer for the Latino Virtual Gallery documented and digitized photographs taken at Langley Park. Audio and video recordings from Langley Park are the property of the Smithsonian Center for Latino Initiatives. Thanks go to New York University Press for permission to use some images and text from "Growing Old in El Barrio" (2000).

    68. Simpson, William - Sippel, Henry
    Col. Sims, William M. 9th Field Btty. Sims, William S. 2nd Inf Co.K simson, JB 25thCav. Co.E simson, robert Cav. Border’s Regt. Co.G simson, WM 25th Cav.
    var cm_role = "live" var cm_host = "" var cm_taxid = "/memberembedded"
    Simpson, William - Sippel, Henry
    Simpson, William 25th Cav. CO.C
    Simpson, William 26th Cav. Co.D
    Simpson, William 37th Cav. Co.A
    Simpson, William 2nd lnf Co.I
    Simpson, William 9th (Nichols') Inf Co. H
    Simpson, William 18th lnf Co.K
    Simpson, William 22nd Inf Co.A
    Simpson, William B. 27th Cav. CO.D,M
    Simpson, Williwn E. 17th Cav. Co.G Capt.
    Simpson, William J. 16th Cav. Co.H
    Simpson, William L. 35th (Brown's) Cav. Co.E Simpson, William L. 13th Vol. 2nd Co.A Simpson, William M. 1st Inf Co.H Simpson, William W. 19th Cav. Co.E Simpson, Wilson 20th Cav. Co.B Simpson, Wilson 27th Cav. CO.D,M Simpson, Wilson Cav. Ragsdale's Bn. Co.B Sims, A.C. 1st lnf Co.F Sims, A.M. 23rd Cav. Co.K Cpl Sims, A.W. Cav. Madison's Regt. Co.C Sims, Andrew 10th Cav. Co.D Ens. Sims, C.W. 35th (Brown's) Cav. Co.F Sims, D. Cav. (Dismtd.) Chisum's Regt. Co.E Sims, E. 7th Cav. Co.E Sims, E.B. 1st Bn.S.S. Co.B Sims, E.G. 25th Cav. Co.B

    69. Mmf - Mmfg07 - Generated By Personal Ancestral File
    Elizabeth PATON married robert BURNS. They had the following children F, i, ElizabethBURNS. David Simpson simson married Anne Goodale GOODALL on 31 Oct 1728 in
    Families related to Isabella Baxter Wilson b.1890
    John BISHOP married Elizabeth BURNS on 11 Jan 1807 in Galston, Ayr, Scotland. Elizabeth BURNS [ Parents was christened 24 May 1785 in Tarbolton, Ayr, Scotland. She died 1817. Elizabeth married John BISHOP on 11 Jan 1807 in Galston, Ayr, Scotland. They had the following children: F i Elizabeth BISHOP M ii Thomas BISHOP was born 3 Jun 1809 in Whitburn, West Lothian, Scotland. F iii Jane BISHOP was born 9 Apr 1811 in Whitburn, West Lothian, Scotland. F iv Helen BISHOP was born 15 Jul 1813 in Whitburn, West Lothian, Scotland. F v Mary Lion BISHOP was born 19 May 1815 in Whitburn, West Lothian, Scotland. Robert BURNS [ Parents was born 25 Jan 1759 in Kyle, Ayr, Scotland and was christened 28 Jan 1759 in Kyle, Ayr, Scotland. He died 1796. Robert married Elizabeth PATON. Elizabeth PATON married Robert BURNS. They had the following children: F i Elizabeth BURNS David Simpson SIMSON married Anne Goodale GOODALL on 31 Oct 1728 in , Markinch, Fife, Scotland. Anne Goodale GOODALL married David Simpson SIMSON on 31 Oct 1728 in , Markinch, Fife, Scotland.

    70. Mmf - Name Index - Generated By Personal Ancestral File
    c.1839 MUIR, Elizabeth Burns c.1830 MUIR, Jean c.1833 MUIR, John b.1843 MUIR, Johnc.1837 MUIR, Margaret c.1831 MUIR, robert c.1840 MUIR, robert c.1834. simson.
    Families related to Isabella Baxter Wilson b.1890
    Name Index
    AITKEN, Isabel Aiken m.1734
    ANDERSON, Elizabeth b.1856
    ANDERSON, Henry M
    ANDERSON, Janet
    BARCLAY, Mary m.1878
    BAXTER, Agnes b.1862
    BAXTER, Agnes
    BAXTER, Alison
    BAXTER, Allan
    BAXTER, Annie
    BAXTER, Arthur
    BAXTER, Catherine
    BAXTER, Catherine
    BAXTER, Catherine
    b.1862 BAXTER, Catherine b.1866 BAXTER, Elizabeth b.1860 BAXTER, Elizabeth b.1867 BAXTER, Francis b.1870 BAXTER, Francis c.1834 BAXTER, Helen b.1871 BAXTER, Helen b.1856 BAXTER, Helen b.1872 BAXTER, Helen c.1827 BAXTER, Isabella b.1867 BAXTER, Isabella b.1869 BAXTER, Isabella c.1824 BAXTER, James b.1843 BAXTER, James b.1877 BAXTER, Janet b.1874 BAXTER, Janet b.1860 BAXTER, Janet b.1870 BAXTER, Jean b.1871 BAXTER, Jean b.1873 BAXTER, John b.1873 BAXTER, John b.1877 BAXTER, John c.1836 BAXTER, Rachel b.1872 BAXTER, Robert b.1865 BAXTER, William b.1862 BAXTER, William

    71. Dumfries Robert Simson Photograph Labs In Dumfries - Robert Simson Photograph La
    Dumfries robert simson Photograph Labs in Dumfries UK is one of Dumfries s PhotographicEquipment and Supplies Wholesale - these details are brought to you
    dumfries Dumfries's number one online directory with a local touch! About Us FAQs Contact Touch Business Login ... Our Products Dumfries Business Finder Look for Business Type and/or Business Name and/or Local Postcode You are here: Home Business finder Photographic Equipment and Supplies - Wholesale Robert Simson Photograph Labs Tuesday 01 June Home Business Finder Search Tips Featured Businesses ... Business Login Find a Cinema Postcode (eg. DG1)
    Robert Simson Photograph Labs 11 Irving Street
    Dumfries, Dumfriesshire DG1 1EL
    T: 01387252399 View Map Send email View website Is this your business? Customer reviews: More businesses like this... Put your business here Is this your business?
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    72. Re: Firewall Follies - By Simson Garfinkel - MIT Technology Review
    To (Joseph Di Capo); Subject Re Firewall Follies by SimsonGarfinkel - MIT Technology Review; From robert Lamothe ; Date Thu
    Date Prev Date Next Thread Prev Thread Next ... Thread Index
    Re: Firewall Follies - by Simson Garfinkel - MIT Technology Review

    73. I2194: Mary Le_Vert WITHERS ( - )
    _Fredrick RIESDORPH robert Windfield RIESDORPH _Raymond Windfield RILES _ Isobel simson.
    Mary Le_Vert WITHERS
    • BIRTH : Greensboro,,Alabama
    Family 1 Charles Augustus POELLNITZ
  • Stella POELLNITZ ... INDEX Created by GED2HTML v2.5 (2/7/96) on Wed May 26 21:52:24 1999
    Robert Charles BUCKNER
    Father: Claude S. BUCKNER
    Mother: Lillian O'DELL
    Family 1 Mary Celia MCKETHAN
  • Robert Alfred BUCKNER
  • James Claude BUCKNER
  • William McKethan BUCKNER ... INDEX Created by GED2HTML v2.5 (2/7/96) on Wed May 26 21:52:24 1999
    Flora MCNEILL
    Father: James Archibald MCNEILL
    Mother: Flora GRAHAM
    Flora MCNEILL
    Vol. I, I-3-4-2-5 Created by GED2HTML v2.5 (2/7/96) on Wed May 26 21:52:24 1999
    Father: Sylvester ROBERTSON
    Mother: Rebecca Matilda "Tee" WHITE
    Family 1
    _Wiley Mays WHITE INDEX Created by GED2HTML v2.5 (2/7/96) on Wed May 26 21:52:24 1999
    Family 1 Fannie Kate MCKAY
    Created by GED2HTML v2.5 (2/7/96) on Wed May 26 21:52:24 1999
    Rhoda STEARNS
    Family 1 Edward MCGRAW
  • Abraham MCGRAW
  • Marshall MCGRAW
  • Arthur MCGRAW ... INDEX Created by GED2HTML v2.5 (2/7/96) on Wed May 26 21:52:24 1999
    Annie MAURY
    Father: Mother: Ida CLEMENTS Annie MAURY _Nedgelena STEWART INDEX Created by GED2HTML v2.5 (2/7/96) on Wed May 26 21:52:24 1999
  • 74. Imago Mundi - Simson.
    Translate this page simson (robert), mathématicien écossais, né en 1682, m. en 1768, fut 50 ansprofesseur de mathématiques au collège de Glasgow, et laissa Traité des
    Dictionnaire biographique Les gens Simson (dans les Transactions philosophiques Euclide (qu'il a traduit en anglais, 1756), sur Apollonius et sur Pappus A B C ... Z

    75. Genealogy Data
    Father HARVEY, Roger. Family Children HARVEY, robert. Back to Main Page. Backto Main Page. simson, Mary Gender Female Family Marriage 18 APR 1731 in St.
    Genealogy Data
    Back to Main Page
    ?, Mary
    Death : 25 JUN 1708
    Gender: Female
    Family: Marriage: UNKNOWN
    Spouse: FISSENDEN, Robert
    Death : MAR 1678/79
    Gender: Male
    Children: FISSENDEN, John
    Back to Main Page
    HONORE, Magdeline
    Birth : 13 NOV 1721
    Death : 18 APR 1787
    Gender: Female Parents: Father: HONORE, Daniel Mother: POURCHAIN, Elizabeth Family: Marriage: 6 AUG 1748 Spouse: MERCIER, Antoine Birth : 30 NOV 1718 Death : 24 AUG 1767 Gender: Male Parents: Father: MERCIER, Antoine Mother: Children: MERCIER, Elizabeth MERCIER, Magdeline
    Back to Main Page
    Gender: Female Parents: Father: LOUVEL, Jean Mother: D'ANERE, Elizabeth Family: Marriage: 26 JAN 1705/06 in St. Dunstan's Church, Stepney, London. UK Spouse: MERCIER, Antoine Gender: Male Children: MERCIER, Antoine
    Back to Main Page
    D'ANERE, Elizabeth Gender: Female Family: Marriage: 18 JAN 1687/88 in Threadneedle St. London. UK Spouse: LOUVEL, Jean Gender: Male Children:
    Back to Main Page
    POURCHAIN, Elizabeth Birth : 29 AUG 1686 Gender: Female Parents: Father: POURCHAIN, Jacob

    76. HMC | NRA | Persons Beginning SI
    16681740) Theologian (1) simson, robert (1687-1768) Mathematician (1) simson, robert(b1827) Indian administrator (1) Sinclair, Andrew (1697-1760) Professor

    SC SE SF ... SZ List of persons with surname beginning SI
    Sibbald, Sir Robert (1641-1722) Knight Natural Scientist Antiquary

    Sibbering, Molly (fl 1900-2000), Southerndown

    Southerndown, Glamorgan
    Sibbett, Cecil James (1881-1967) South African Administrator

    Sibelius, Jean Julius Christian (1865-1957) Finnish Composer

    Sibley, Nicholas (fl 1837-1843) Methodist

    Sibly, Ebenezer (1757-1799) Astrologer and Medical Writer
    Sibree, James (1836-1929) Missionary

    Madagascar Sibson, Edmund (d 1847) Vicar of Ashton in Makerfield Scientist Sibson, Francis (1814-1876) physician Sibson, Henry (1795-1870) sculptor Sibthorp, Humphrey (1713-1797) Botanist ... Sidebotham, Bertha (1841-1928) Clergyman's Wife, St Thomas On The Bourne Bourne St Thomas, Surrey Sidebotham, Herbert (1872-1940) Journalist Sidery, G (fl 1969-1991) Smith, Mellis Mellis, Suffolk Sidgreaves, Sir Arthur Frederick (1882-1948) Knight Businessman Sidgreaves, Walter (1837-1919) Astronomer Sidgwick, Arthur (1840-1920) Classical Scholar Sidgwick, Eleanor Mildred (1845-1936) nee Balfour, Principal of Newnham College ... Sidney, Alexandra M (fl 1922) Russia Sidney, Algernon (1622-1683) Republican

    77. Loyalist Institute: Philip Wickware & Robert Dunbar Court Martial
    Amos Webster on Oath deposeth that he was with Lieut. simson, when Philip WICKWAREand robert DUNBAR were taken, and that he agrees with him in his evidence.
    General Court Martial of Philip Wickware and Robert Dunbar
    Still Water August 5th 1777 Proceedings of a general Court Martial ordered by the Honorable Major Genl. Schuyler Commander of the Army in the Northern Department. Lieut. Col. Carlton President. Major Furnald M Capt. Fry Major Hull E Capt. Lieut. Voree Capt. Huchins M Lieut. Bowler Capt. Burbank B Lieut. Worthing Capt. Cleveland E Lieut. Howe Capt. Donells R Lieut. Foot Capt. Brown S
    Philip WICKWIRE and Robert DUNBAR brought before the Court and accused of holding a Correspondence with and giving Intelligence to the Enemy, and of lurking about our Encampments as Spies, on being asked whether guilty of the Charges both plead not Guilty. Lieut. Thomas Simson on oath deposeth that on the 4th instant, as he was coming from Col. Warner's Camp, with a party of men about ten Miles from this Place, he discovered two men with Arms, who sculked and endeavoured to escape but they were soon taken. These persons were the above Philip WICKWIRE and Robert DUNBAR who at first pretended they belonged to the Militia and were going home. But being closely examined, they confessed they had been to the Enemy at Ticonderoga aid Fort Edward, and had taken Protection under General BURGOYNE. And searching behind the Root where they sculked, two of Genl. BURGOYNE's Manifesto's were found and the two following Passes Verbatim Permit the Bearer Philip WICKWARE to pass and repass on his Majesties Service, he has taken the Benefit of his Excellency Genl. BURGOYNE's Manifesto, and the oath of allegiance, Head Quarters 3d of August 1777 at Fort Edward.

    78. Burness Genealogy And Family History - Person Page 69
    Child of robert Trottar and Christian Burness Elizabeth Trottar b. 5 Sep 1706. DavidBurness married Margaret simson on 16 June 1748 at Arbuthnott, Kincardine
    Burness Genealogy and Family History
    One Name Study
    Person Page 69 Main Page Master Index Surname Index Branches of the Burness Family ... Next Page
    Ralph Willens
    b. circa 1814, #6801 Ralph Willens was born circa 1814. He married Ann Burness on 21 April 1844 in Auckland Saint Andrew, Durham, England.
    Ann Burness
    b. circa 1810, d. 13 March 1884, #6802
    Pop-up Pedigree
    Ann Burness was the daughter of John Burness and Ann Sheret . She was born circa 1810 in Old Machar, Aberdeenshire, Scotland. She married William Logan on 5 November 1847 in Bervie, Kincardine, Scotland. She died on 13 March 1884 in Inverbervie, Kincardine, Scotland. Appears on charts:
    Descendants of John Burness

    William Logan
    b. circa 1817, d. before 1881, #6803 William Logan was born circa 1817. He married Ann Burness , daughter of John Burness and Ann Sheret , on 5 November 1847 in Bervie, Kincardine, Scotland. He died before 1881. William Foster b. circa 1846, #6805 William Foster was born circa 1846. He married Anne Burness , daughter of Samuel Burness and Ann Leggett , on 2 January 1876 in West Ashford, Kent, England. John Scott b. circa 1804, #6807

    79. Simson Line
    opposite sides. William Wallace discovered the simson line in 1799,but it was named after the British mathematician robert simson.
    Pre-K - 2 Across Lessons SWRs Tools i-Maths Inquiry Search

    Contact Us

    Interactive Math Tools
    Interactive Geometry Dictionary
    What Is the Simson Line of a Triangle? Constructing the Simson Line of a Triangle (Interactively!)
    You can construct a Simson line for a triangle using the steps shown in the interactive math tool below.
    • Step 1. Extend the sides of the triangle. Step 2. Construct the circumcircle of the triangle. Step 3. Construct an arbitrary point P on the circumference of the circumcircle. (Arbitrary means the point P can be anywhere on the circle.) Step 4. Drop perpendiculars from point P to the three sides of the triangle. Step 5. Construct the line that passes through the three feet P( P( 2), and P( 3) of the perpendiculars constructed in Step 4. This is the Simson line.
    You can drag the vertices of the triangle to change its size or shape or drag point P to change its location on the circumcircle. Sorry, this page requires a Java-compatible web browser. Definition The Simson line of a triangle belonging to the point P on the circumcircle of a triangle is the line passing through the feet of the perpendiculars dropped from the three vertices of the triangle to the opposite sides. William Wallace discovered the Simson line in 1799, but it was named after the British mathematician Robert Simson.

    80. History Of Astronomy: What's New At This Site On March 17, 1999
    18821969) Short biography and references. simson, robert (1687-1768)Short biography and references. Sommerville, Duncan MacLaren
    History of Astronomy What's new
    History of Astronomy:
    What's new at this site on March 17, 1999
    Some URLs have been updated.
    Welcome / About
    History of astronomy

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