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         Saurin Joseph:     more books (32)
  1. L'Anglomane Ou L'Orpheline Leguee: Comedie (1773) (French Edition) by Bernard Joseph Saurin, 2010-05-23
  2. Lettre Critique De Monsieur... A Monsieur... Sur Le Traite De Mathematique Du P. C. (1730) (French Edition) by Bernard Joseph Saurin, 2010-05-23
  3. The Trial of Saurin V. Star and Another by Mary Scholastica Joseph Saurin, 2009-12-19
  4. Oeuvres De Theatre De M. Saurin (1772) (French Edition) by Bernard-Joseph Saurin, 2009-06-13
  5. Oeuvres De Theatre De M. Saurin (1772) (French Edition) by Bernard-Joseph Saurin, 2010-09-10
  6. Oeuvres De Theatre De M. Saurin (1772) (French Edition) by Bernard-Joseph Saurin, 2010-09-10
  7. Anti-rousseau Par Le Poëte Sans Fard (French Edition) by Gacon François 1667-1725, Saurin Joseph 1655-1737, 2010-09-30
  8. Beverlei: Tragedie Bourgeoise (1783) (French Edition) by Bernard-Joseph Saurin, 2009-06-13
  9. Beverlei: Tragedie Bourgeoise (1783) (French Edition) by Bernard-Joseph Saurin, 2010-09-10
  10. Lettre Critique De Monsieur... A Monsieur... Sur Le Traite De Mathematique Du P. C. (1730) (French Edition) by Bernard Joseph Saurin, 2010-09-10
  11. L'Anglomane Ou L'Orpheline Leguee: Comedie (1773) (French Edition) by Bernard Joseph Saurin, 2010-09-10
  12. Beverlei: Tragedie Bourgeoise (1783) (French Edition) by Bernard-Joseph Saurin, 2010-09-10
  13. Lettre Critique De Monsieur... A Monsieur... Sur Le Traite De Mathematique Du P. C. (1730) (French Edition) by Bernard Joseph Saurin, 2010-09-10
  14. The trial of Saurin v. Star and another: In the Court of Queen's bench, before the Lord Chief Justice and a special jury : an action by a Sister of Mercy ... an alleged conspiracy to cause her expulsion by Mary Scholastica Joseph Saurin, 1869

81. Wikipedia:Rouse History Of Mathematics - InformationBlast
not done; Grégoire de SaintVincent (1584 - 1667) status not done;joseph saurin (1659 - 1737) status not done; Thomas Simpson (1710
Wikipedia:Rouse History of Mathematics
See also: wikipedia:history One of Wikipedia's public domain resources There are a series of articles transcribed by Dr. David R. Wilkins ( School of Mathematics Trinity College, Dublin at They all start with a line: From `A Short Account of the History of Mathematics' (4th edition, 1908) by W. W. Rouse Ball. Are they fair game to grab as source material for our wikipedia? I know we are scarfing stuff from the 1911 encyclopedia, this is from 1908, so it should be under the same lack of restrictions.... discussion about sending an email, email is written, time elapses Dr Wilkins just responeded. (10-2-01) Here's the reply sounds good, no? E These are great! I'll kick things off by putting a tracking index here: Mathematicians of the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries from A Short Account of the History of Mathematics by W. W. Rouse Ball (4th Edition, 1908). see

82. The Automated ScoreBook For Soccer
2422 CMSU 11 Reyes,April (10) 6 joseph,Teleshia 2. 4219 CMSU 6 joseph,Teleshia(10 2652 CBU 17 Missy Gregg 2. 3028 CBU 17 Missy Gregg 8 Margaret saurin 3. 32
The Automated ScoreBook For Soccer
Cumulative Season Stats
Team Game-by-Game Statistics
Game Results
The following games are listed with the most recently played games first. Only games that have been completed are shown. The line score for each game is shown, followed by a list of reports that are available on-line.
Southwest Baptist 2, Missouri-Rolla 1
(Nov 09, 2002 at Bolivar, Mo.)
Game statistics
Southwest Baptist 1, Missouri Southern 1
(Nov 05, 2002 at Joplin, Missouri)
Game statistics
Southwest Baptist 5, Northwest Missouri 4
(Nov 02, 2002 at Bolivar, Mo.)
Game statistics
Southwest Baptist 5, Missouri-Rolla 3
(Oct 31, 2002 at Rolla, Mo.)
Game statistics
Southwest Baptist 3, Rockhurst 2
(Oct 26, 2002 at Kansas City, Mo.)
Game statistics
Central Missouri 3, Southwest Baptist
(Oct 23, 2002 at Bolivar, Mo.)
Game statistics
Truman State 1, Southwest Baptist
(Oct 19, 2002 at Kirksville, MO.)
Game statistics
Missouri Southern 3, Southwest Baptist 2
(Oct 15, 2002 at Bolivar, Mo.)
Game statistics
Southwest Baptist 2, Emporia State
(Oct 12, 2002 at Bolivar, Mo.)

83. Found List - 2 May 2004
Translate this page Nizard, Joëlle, Carole, Esther, Hervé Castel Nizard, joseph, Salabi Nizard AnnaHeilbron Norden, Isabella, Mary, Robertson, Olivier, Giles saurin Norden, James
Last Name, First Name, Spouse , , Joseph Barchilon
, , Alice, Lys Maleh
, , Marcel, Nissim Behar
, , Blau
, , Chlomo Gesua
, , Salomon Levy
, , Victor Levy
, , Nina Gesua
, , Maurice Bibas
, , Robert Bibas
, , Raffaele, "Ele" Picciotto , , DIANA MONIQUE Picciotto , , Albert Gani , , Popetta Suva , , Shula Suva , , Jacques Grunspan , , Hassan , Aisha, Mourad Matalon , Allegra, Edouard Israel , Ariel, , Boli, Reggy Gesua , Christina, Benedetto, Benny Mizrahi , Debra, David, Roy Berman , Diamante, Eli Louza , Dolores, Alexis Yakovleff , Donald, Sara Forte , Doris, David, Robinson Behar , Esther, Isaac Naar , Florence, Lucien Levy , Gayla, Edward Horesh , Jacqueline, Marcel Perrier Jr , Janet, Eliyahu, Sasson Horesh , Jennifer, Benedetto, Benny Mizrahi , Joya, Yacob Louza , Julia, Joseph Louza , Lina, Albert Luza , Luna, Samy Levy , Mabel, Alberto Mizrahi , Mante, , Marcelle, Rico Naar , Mary, Jacob Chicorel

84. Music Of Hector Berlioz: Catalogue
Translate this page H 19, Beverley, ou le joueur Scène dramatique (Bernard-joseph saurin, afterEdward Moore) Voix de basse, orch comp. late 1823 – early 1824, lost.
Berlioz music scores Symphonies Overtures Operas ... Other works
Catalogue of known works of Hector Berlioz
Following the work of David Kern Holoman [ H ], A Catalogue of the Works of Hector Berlioz, New Berlioz Edition, Volume 25, pub. 1987 (NBE 25). The following material does not pretend to be complete or correct at this stage, as it is a compilation of various facts floating around in a number of books which I felt the need to organise.
Symphonie fantastique
Harold en Italie

Symphonie avec un alto principal en 4 parties
Symphony for military band; strings, and SSTTBB choir ad libitum
Grande Ouverture des Francs-Juges
Grande Ouverture de Waverley

: Dramatic fantasy on the play by Shakespeare
Grande ouverture du Roi Lear

Intrata di Rob-Roy MacGregor

Grande Ouverture de Benvenuto Cellini

Le Corsaire
Benvenuto Cellini Les Troyens Incomplete:
Les Francs-juges
: Opera in three acts La nonne sanglante : Opera in three acts
La damnation de Faust Messe solennelle Tristia Sara la baigneuse : Ballade Le cinq mai Grande messe des morts Te deum Chant des Chemins de Fer ... La Menace des Francs : Cantate Veni creator Tantum ergo
Early romances: Le Maure jaloux Pleure, pauvre Colette

85. Fiches Familiales
Translate this page 1. saurin Henriette Elisabeth Emélie Naissance Date 19/04/1862 Lieu Oran(99) Union Date 17/01/1880 Lieu Oran (99) avec BRIQUEZ joseph Auguste
Fiches Familiales
Rang : 1 / 4. Union avec CHARNOUD Evelyne Date Lieu ROMAN Sophie
Index des patronymes Liste des personnes Index des Lieux RONDOT Alice,

Naissance : Date : 04/08/1889 Lieu : Fleurey (25)
Index des patronymes Liste des personnes Index des Lieux Jacqueline,
Union avec PERRIER Jean Date Lieu PERRIER Laurence Union : avec BATTINI Laurent Index des patronymes Liste des personnes Index des Lieux SANDOZ Aline, Union avec TISSERANT Emmanuel Union : avec BRIQUEZ Edith Index des patronymes Liste des personnes Index des Lieux SARRUS Alexandrine Bernardine, Naissance Naissance Date Lieu Date Lieu Age 75 ans Union avec Date Lieu Age Age 22 ans 24 ans Alexandrine Bernardine Naissance : Date : ../../1832 Lieu : Paul Naissance : Date : ../../1836 Lieu : Marie-Louise Naissance : Date : ../../1840 Lieu : Louis Jules Samuel Alexandre Naissance : Date : 12/01/1849 Lieu : Union : Date : 12/01/1872 Lieu : avec LAPORTE Fanny Marie Juliette Parignargues (30) Index des patronymes Liste des personnes Index des Lieux SAUMON Elisabeth

86. Mathematicians Of The Seventeenth And Eighteenth Centuries
Parent (166 1716); joseph saurin (1659 - 1737); Jean Paul de Gua deMalves (1713 - 1785); Gabriel Cramer (1704 - 1752); Jacopo Francesco
Mathematicians of the Seventeenth and Eighteenth Centuries
These pages are currently under construction. Available here are accounts of the lives and works of mathematicians of the seventeenth and first half of the eighteenth century, adapted from A Short Account of the History of Mathematics by W. W. Rouse Ball (4th Edition, 1908). These biographies constitute part of the collection of online material relating to the history of mathematics at the School of Mathematics , Trinity College, Dublin. D.R. Wilkins
School of Mathematics

Trinity College, Dublin

87. Weltmeisterschaften (Herren - Teil 1)
Translate this page 1909, Teodoro Mariani - ITA, Gaston Delaplane - FRA, joseph Hermans - BEL. 1931,Edouard Candeveau - SUI, Enrico Mariani - ITA, Vincent saurin - FRA.
Historie Rudern - Europameisterschaften (Herren - Einer) Jahr Europameister Platz 2 Platz 3 Edouard Lescrauwaet - BEL Vittorio Leone - ITA E. Lepron - FRA Gresset - FRA Vittorio Leone - ITA Edouard Lescrauwaet - BEL Friedrich Miller - BEL Vittorio Leone - ITA Jaroslav Langhaus - TCH Ben Longchamp - SUI Vittorio Leone - ITA Jaroslav Langhaus - TCH Joseph Deleplanque - FRA Fiorenzo Pagliano - ITA Joseph Deleplanque - FRA Pietro Umberto - ITA Charles Nicollier - SUI Louis Prével - FRA Joseph Deleplanque - FRA Louis Prével - FRA Edmond Delaet - BEL Luigi Gerli - ITA Maurice Barrelet - FRA Edmond Delaet - BEL Luigi Gerli - ITA Luigi Gerli - ITA Theodore Conrades - BEL G. Bornet - ELS Robert D'Heilly - FRA Xavier Crombet - BEL Georg Eidenbenz - SUI Louis von Moos - SUI Henri Barbenés - ELS Henri Barbenés - ELS Gaston Delaplane - FRA Gaston Delaplane - FRA Giovanni Brunialti - ITA Theodore Conrades - BEL Gaston Delaplane - FRA Joseph Hermans - BEL Erminio Dones - ITA Gaston Delaplane - FRA Ernst Hürlimann - SUI Teodoro Mariani - ITA Gaston Delaplane - FRA Joseph Hermans - BEL Gaston Delaplane - FRA Moritz Stöckly - SUI Enrico Bruna - ITA Giuseppe Sinigaglia - ITA Polydore Veirman - BEL Gaston Delaplane - FRA Polydore Veirman - BEL

88. Gold Rush Names Index
Will Semple, C228 Greene, Martha Bidwell, C201 Gridley, joseph F., C266 C136 Hodgkins,Pillsbury, C311 Hoffman, David, C368 Holden, Erastus saurin, B147, C185
The Gold Rush of California: A Bibliography of Periodical Articles
by Robert L. Santos
California State University, Stanislaus
University Archivist Alley-Cass Publications
Turlock, California
(Indexed are works BY and ABOUT those listed)
Location Key: A Chapter One (General) B Chapter Two (Diaries, Journals, Letters) C Chapter Three (People) D Chapter Four (Places) E Chapter Five (Mines and Mining) F Chapter Six (Miscellaneous) Alexander, J.M., B2
Allen, Bradford Ripley, C262
Almond, William B., C320
Anderson, Niles, B6
Andrada, Mariana, C429
Andrews, Alexander Robertson, C336 Armour, Philip D., C14 Athearn, P.A., B11 Ayres, Thomas A., C402 Bachman, Jacob Henry, B12 Bailey, Henry Clay, B13 Baker, Alpheus, C349 Baker, Bull, C349 Baker, Edward Dickinson, C78 Ball, Tom, C411 Ballou, Sylvester Allen, C7 Barter, Richard H., C327 Bass, John Stephen, C210 Bayley, Thomas S., B18 Beach, George Holton, B19 Beale, Edward Fitzgerald, C40, C390 Bell, Tom, C263 Benjamin, Judah Philip, C216 Benton, Kezia D., F180a

89. (Bernard) Joseph Saurin
Translate this page joseph saurin (1659-1739) Père de Bernard joseph-saurin. Il fut perpétuel.Bernard-joseph saurin (1706-1781) Fils du précédent. Auteur
Joseph Saurin : (1659-1739)
Père de Bernard Joseph-Saurin. Il fut accusé par Jean-Baptiste Rousseau d'être l'auteur des couplets licencieux qui valurent à Jean-Baptiste Rousseau d'être condamné à un bannissement perpétuel.
Bernard-Joseph Saurin : (1706-1781)
Fils du précédent. Auteur de Spartacus et de Beverley (et non Barnevelt ) pièces en cinq actes.

Accueil Suivante

90. Argonne Technology Transfer: Argonne's R&D 100 Awards, 1964-2001
Reactor for Oxidation of Natural Gas, U. Balachanddran, joseph Dusek, PS Neutron StressMonitor for Composite Constituents, David Kupperman, saurin Majumdar, JP
To report errors or omissions, contact Cynthia Wesolowski For a brief description of recent awards, click here Note: Divisions are referred to by their current names. Where the evolution of a division is uncertain, the current affiliation of the principal investigator is the determinant. Links to division web sites are provided at the first occurrence of the division name. Year Div. a Funding Source b Technology Researcher(s) ET DOE/EE/OIT/IMFP Nanostructured Carbide Derived Carbon (CDC) Ali Erdemir (ANL) Michael J. McNallan, (UIC) MSD DOE/SC/BES/MSE Scanning Confocal Electron Microscope Nestor Zaluzec MSD DOE/SC/BES/MSE Large-Area Ultrananocrystalline Diamond Films and Deposition System Dieter Gruen, Orlando Auciello, John Carlisle ES DOE/U.S. Naval Research Laboratory, General Atomics Corporation, San Diego, CA Smart Sensor Developer Kit Michael Vogt, Laura Skubal, Erika Shoemaker (formerly ES) ES Advanced Electrodeionization Technology for Product Desalting Michael Henry, Paula Moon, YuPo Lin, Carl Landahl, James Frank, Seth Snyder

91. Mostra Eventos Da Data Selecionada
Translate this page e teólogo francês Marin Mersenne Fatos relacionados 01/09/1659 Nascimento MatemáticaFatos França Nascimento de joseph saurin (matemático francês) 01/09

92. Saurin, Joseph
Catalog of the Scientific Community
Saurin, Joseph
Note: the creators of the Galileo Project and this catalogue cannot answer email on genealogical questions.
1. Dates
Born: Courthezon, Vaucluse, 1 Sept. 1659
Died: Paris, 29 Dec. 1737
Dateinfo: Dates Certain
2. Father
Occupation: Cleric
His father was a Calvinist minister of Grenoble.
No information on financial status.
3. Nationality
Birth: French
Career: French, Swiss
Death: French
4. Education
Schooling: No University
He was educated at home. After embracing Catholicism he started a new career in mathematics. He studied mathematics, but dthere is no mention of any formal university training. Among his friends were Varignon, l'Hopital, and Malebranche.
5. Religion
Affiliation: Calvinist, Catholic (after 1690)
He entered the Calvinist ministry in 1684 as curate of Eure. Outspoken in the pulpit, he soon had to take refuge in Switzerland. No less combative in exile, he refused at first to sign the Consensus of Geneva (1685). The pressure brought on him as a result apparently weakened his Calvinist persuasion. In 1690 he embraced Roman Catholicism.
6. Scientific Disciplines

93. WHMC-Columbia--French And Spanish Archives, 1763-1841 (C2965)--INVENTORY
AccountsMerchants, 1790s. Achard, joseph. Actions and defenses Alva, Narziso Narcisse Alvarez Hortiz, joseph. Alvarez Hortiz, Marguerite Alvarez Ortiz, joseph. Alvarez Ortiz, Maria
French and Spanish Archives, 1763-1841 (C2965)
23 rolls
The French and Spanish Archives is a collection of documents from the St. Louis area dating primarily from the colonial and territorial periods.
The Archives were filmed by the city of St. Louis in 1962. The original records are at the Missouri Historical Society in St. Louis and are called the St. Louis Archives. The microfilm copy of these records was transferred from the State Historical Society on October 14, 1971 (SHS Accession No. 888).
The following information came from a letter to Cindy Stewart, Western Historical Manuscript Collection, from Peter Michel, Curator of Manuscripts at the Missouri Historical Society, February 10, 1986. The original is in the information folder for this collection.
The French and Spanish Archives consists of approximately 3000 documents concerning personal property sales, including Black and Indian slaves, houses, lands, and mills; estate transactions; inventories and public auctions; wills; marriage contracts; deeds; powers of attorney; partnerships; mortgages; leases; indenture; apprenticeships; early litigation; contracts and obligations; quittance discharges; trade and agreements; transfers and exchanges; tutors; gifts and donations; and other miscellaneous transactions. The bulk of the collection dates from 1766 to 1816. The documents were microfilmed in "instrument number" order and appear to be roughly arranged by type of document. The "instrument number" usually appears on the docket side of a particular item. Some documents are made up of several pages so it is sometimes difficult to find the number. A calendar of the documents follows this inventory. The volume and page numbers included in the calendar probably refer to the five volume register kept in the Recorder's office in St. Louis. Following the 2991 numbered documents are approximately 200 unnumbered documents dating from 1763 to 1841 and consisting of litigation and miscellaneous documents.

94. Lewis Saurin Johnston
Around the 1830s Jennette remarried to a French voyageur, named JosephSauve. Her daughter Sophia ran away from the Schoolcrafts.
Johnston House Lewis Johnston was born in his grandfather lodge on Cheqanmegon Bay on October 16, 1793. Shortly after his birth, his family moved to Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan. As soon as Lewis and his brother George were old enough they were sent of to school near Montreal, Michigan. On 1813 Lewis' first daughter, Sophia was born. Lewis Johnston was encouraged to join the British Navy as a midshipman in the war with the United States. On September 10, 1813 Lewis was serving the schooner Lady Prevost in the battle of lake Erie. When a gunship exploded the ulna bone of his left arm was shattered. His right arm was also injured, and he suffered powder burns on his face and lower extremities. Lewis was taken prisoner by the Americans. He was a carried a considerable distance into the United States before his wounds were dressed. Dr. Usher Parsons treated Lewis wounds and became a friend of his. On October 24, 1814, Lewis was Appointed lieutenant in the British military service. On June 27, 1816 Lewis and his Brother George started a trading post on Drummond Island while had a building lot in a fort there. Lewis's second daughter Polly was born in 1817.

95. Kirchenlexikon
saurin,Elias (1639-1703); saurin, Jacques (1677-1730); Sauser, Gustav (1899-1968
Biographisch-Bibliographisches Kirchenlexikon
Nachschlagewerk mit aktuellen Nachträgen
Alphabetisches Register
Buchstabe Sa
Namen, die nicht verlinkt sind, erscheinen in schwarzer Schrift und werden noch bearbeitet. Für Namen, vor denen ein "neu" steht, suchen wir noch Bearbeiter. Falls Sie Namen nicht finden oder Literatur hinzufügen wollen, benutzen Sie bitte unser Formular , um uns Ihre Vorschläge und Hinweise mitzuteilen.

96. Roster Names Beginning With L And M
B Lamb, John H. Private Co. H Lambkin, Alfred A. Private Co. B Lamphear, SaurinK. Corporal Co. C Massa, James A. Private Co. C Massey, joseph J. Private Co.
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Roster Names Beginning with L and M This Page Last Revised: 06/07/99
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97. Informations Généalogiques
Décès 2 avril 1830 à
(Sosa 798) Sexe: Masculin
Occupation : Homme d'affaires
Famille BARRANDON - BARINE Mariage:

(Sosa 799)
(Sosa 399)
BARRANDON, Elisabeth
d'AUDIBERT, Pierre
(Sosa 10604) Sexe: Masculin
Occupation : Capitaine d'une compagnie d'ordonnance au service du roy
Famille d'AUDIBERT - de BONNIFACE Mariage: de BONNIFACE, Marthe (Sosa 10605) d'AUDIBERT, Balthazar (Sosa 5302)
de SAURIN, Charles (Sosa 42428) Sexe: Masculin Occupation : Colonel Famille de SAURIN - X de SAURIN, Jacques Sexe: Masculin de SAURIN, Jean (Sosa 21214)
de SAURIN, Charles
de SAURIN, Jean (Sosa 21214) de SAURIN, Jean II d'ARESNES, Suzanne (Sosa 21215) Sexe: Masculin Famille de SAURIN - de FOLAQUIER de FOLAQUIER, Gabrielle de SAURIN, Jean
FABRE, Jean (Sosa 12132) Sexe: Masculin Famille FABRE - COSTOSSOLLANE Mariage: COSTOSSOLLANE, Isabeau (Sosa 12133) FABRE, Pierre (Sosa 6066)
MATHIEU, Mathieu (Sosa 12134) Sexe: Masculin Famille MATHIEU - ESPINASSE Mariage: ESPINASSE, Suzanne (Sosa 12135) MATHIEU, Jeanne (Sosa 6067)
GERMAIN, Bernard (Sosa 12148) Sexe: Masculin Occupation : Marchand Famille GERMAIN - SANTOUIL Mariage: SANTOUIL, Marie

98. [ LA RECHERCHE Lettres Collection Textes Littéraires/Exeter

99. Department Of Surgical Oncology - James P. Wilmot Cancer Center
About Us. Department of Surgical Oncology. Our Mission. To provide thefinest clinical care to all patients, while improving our ability
@import "/css/Strongw3c.css";
Search: Search Help Cancer Center Home Message From the Director About Us Home ... Request an Appointment More Information Cancer Center News Cancer Center Clinical Trials Dialogue Newsletter
About Us
Department of Surgical Oncology
Our Mission To provide the finest clinical care to all patients, while improving our ability to provide care through clinical and basic research. To advance patient care through education and support innovation, invention and investigation in the sciences. The Department of Surgical Oncology offers specialty surgical services for patients with solid organ malignancies. We use advanced procedures to treat patients with:

100. La Marquise De Tencin
L d'Alembert Richelieu d'Exiles, Pierre Carlet de Chamblain de Marivaux Saint-Pierre Dortous de Mairand Pompadour ; Louis la Vergne, comte de Tressan Jean Racine Bernis ; Jean-Baptiste de Mirabaud Suard , Louise-Marie Dupin , Antoine Houdard de La Motte Geoffrin , Victor Riqueti Mirabeau, Charles Pinot Duclos Montesquieu , le chevalier Prior, Alexis Piron Marmontel , la marquise de Belvo, Mme de , Bernard-Joseph Saurin, Sir Luke Schaub, Nicolas-Charles-Joseph Trublet ; Charles-Henry, comte de Hoym; Bernard le Bovier de Fontenelle Mably Tronchin , Chesterfield, Mme du Deffand Bolingbroke Voltaire
document.write (document.lastModified);

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