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         Oka Kiyoshi:     more detail
  1. Complex Analysis in Several Variables: Memorial Conference of Kiyoshi Oka's Centennial Birthday, Kyoto/Nara 2001 (Advanced Studies in Pure Mathematics)
  2. Collected Papers by Kiyoshi Oka, 1984-09
  3. Sur les fonctions analytiques de plusieurs variables by Kiyoshi Oka, 1961
  4. Sur les fonctions analytiques de plusieurs variables by Kiyoshi Oka, 1961

1. Oka
Kiyoshi Oka. Born 19 April 1901 Kiyoshi Oka entered the Imperial Universityof Kyoto in 1922 to study physics. However in 1923 he
Kiyoshi Oka
Born: 19 April 1901 in Osaka, Wakayama Prefecture, Japan
Died: 1 March 1978 in Nara, Japan
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Kiyoshi Oka entered the Imperial University of Kyoto in 1922 to study physics. However in 1923 he changed topic to study mathematics, graduating with a degree in mathematics in 1925. In the same year he was appointed as a lecturer in the Faculty of Science at the Imperial University of Kyoto. In 1929 he was promoted to assistant professor of mathematics. In fact 1929 was a very significant year for Oka for in that year he took sabbatical leave and went to the University of Paris. He became interested in unsolved problems in the theory of functions of several complex variables while working in Paris. The reason that his work took this direction was that in Paris he became acquainted with Julia Oka remained on the staff at the Imperial University of Kyoto while he was on leave in Paris but on his return to Japan in 1932 he accepted a position as assistant professor in the Faculty of Science of Hiroshima University. In 1938 Oka went to Kimitoge in Wakayama where he studied, presented his doctoral thesis to the University of Kyoto in 1940. After obtaining his doctorate, Oka was a research assistant at Hokkaido University during 1941/41, then, with the support of the Huju-kai Foundation under the chairmanship of Takagi, he spent the next seven years again at Kimitoge in Wakayama.

2. NWU Oka
Nara Women s University Library possesses the manuscripts and memoranda of a mathematicianDr.oka kiyoshi(Professor Emeritus of Nara Women s University, 1901
Home ImageDB OKA Kiyoshi
List of memoranda (almost Japanese) Published papers Unpublished manuscripts ... Miscellanea (Japanese only) "Posthumous Papers of Kiyoshi Oka" (Published 1980-83) Nara Women's University Library possesses the manuscripts and memoranda of a mathematician Dr.OKA Kiyoshi (Professor Emeritus of Nara Women's University, 1901-1978), donated in 1999 by his family. We made the database of his works and related materials in order to show them on the Web. We upload his papers, manuscripts, letters, photographs and memoranda with brief explanations. Notice:
* You may not reproduct any materials on this site without permission.
Nara Women's University Library voice@lib.nara-wu.

3. Kiyoshi Oka - Encyclopedia Article About Kiyoshi Oka. Free Access, No Registrati
encyclopedia article about Kiyoshi Oka. Kiyoshi Oka in Free online Englishdictionary, thesaurus and encyclopedia. Provides Kiyoshi Oka. Word Oka
Dictionaries: General Computing Medical Legal Encyclopedia
Kiyoshi Oka
Word: Word Starts with Ends with Definition Kiyoshi Oka April 19 April 19 is the 109th day of the year in the Gregorian calendar (110th in leap years). There are 256 days remaining.
  • 1012 - Martyrdom of St Alphege in Greenwich, London.
  • 1529 - At the Diet of Speyer a group of rulers ( German: Fürst) and independent cities ( German: Reichsstadt) protested the reinstatement of the Edict of Worms. This movement was later called Protestantism.

Click the link for more information. Centuries: 19th century - 20th century - 21st century Decades: 1850s 1860s 1870s 1880s 1890s - Years: 1896 1897 1898 1899 1900 -
  • January 1 - World celebrates what is regarded as the start of the new century. (Zero-ists' argument that new century should be celebrated in 1900 rejected worldwide.

Click the link for more information. March 1 March 1 is the 60th day of the year in the Gregorian calendar (61st in leap years). There are 305 days remaining.
  • 286 - Maximian proclaimed junior Roman emperor.
  • 293 - Constantius Chlorus and Galerius proclaimed junior Roman emperors.

4. Bibliography
SpringVerlag, 1984. Oka, Kiyoshi, 1901-1978, oka kiyoshi Sensei Ikoshu,Kyoto-shi, Showado, 1980-1983. Oka, Kiyoshi, 1901-1978, Sur les

5. Gossips And Rumors
Fri May 12 141459 JST 2000. Next year is a centenary of oka kiyoshi sbirth. For the memorial of oka kiyoshi s work, there opened
Gossips and Rumors among Japanese Mathematicians...
  • We thank the speakers and the audiences who attended the workshop NORTh 4 . I have enjoyed every lecture, and the series of lectures given by Professors Manivel and Sommers were just wonderful. Prof. Manivel introduced
    Vogel 's idea of universal Lie algebra,
    which seems wild (and at the same time very attractive) to me. There are three lines in the projective plane; on one of which sl_n lives, on another one sp_n and so_n live. On the other line, all the exceptional Lie algebras including so_8 and sl_3 live. Their intersections are sl_2=sp_1 , so_8 and sl_3! Also, between E_7 and E_8, there lives E he told. [Thu Mar 4 14:13:00 JST 2004] The newest issue of Ramanujan Journal is
    Rankin Memorial Issues.
    Many experts of the theory of automorphic forms contribute the issue. [Thu Oct 30 09:06:43 JST 2003]
    Susumu Ariki (RIMS) won the 2003 Autumn Prize of Japanese Mathematical Society.
    Also, Minoru Ito (Kyoto Univ.) won Takebe prize. [Mon Sep 29 18:14:37 JST 2003] Prof. Armand Borel died last August (2003/8). May his soul rest in peace.

6. Kiyoshi Oka
Kiyoshi Oka. Kiyoshi Oka (April 19 1901 March 1 1978) was a Japanese mathematician,who did fundamental work in the theory of several complex variables.
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Kiyoshi Oka
Kiyoshi Oka April 19 March 1 ) was a Japanese mathematician , who did fundamental work in the theory of several complex variables . He was born in Osaka . He went to Kyoto Imperial University in 1919, turning to mathematics in 1923 and graduating in 1924. He was in Paris for three years from 1929, returning to Hiroshima University. He published solutions to the first and second Cousin problems , and work on domains of holomorphy, in the period 1936-1940. These were later taken up by Henri Cartan and his school, playing a basic role in the development of

7. “`“HŒ|/–ØŒ|•i
oka kiyoshi Mokugei(oka kiyoshi) ?69906 1167, Naoe, Hikawa-Cho, Hikawa-Gun,Shimane-Ken Tel ; 0853-72-3260 Fax ; 0853-72-9866. dentou-e.gif.
History and back ground
Today's Woodwork in Hikawa dates back to the Edo period when the wood work t echnique was contributing to the progress of SADOH and furniture related pro ducts
utilizing zelkova trees, kurogaki trees,mulberry trees and so on. Presently, the studios in Hikawa Town are producing various woodworks from t he tools
for tea ceremony to the daily life necessities, reflecting the traditional w ood work technique in Izumo district.
In February 1987,The Woodwork was designated as "The Traditional Industrial Art Object of Native Place In Shimane" by the prefecture authorities.
Marked characteristics of the products
Wood work in Hikawa has a deep rooted popularity for its simplicity, beautif ul grain, and taste of the bark of a tree resulted by making full use of the raw materials' characteristics. The Wood work is created in the consistent m ethod such as raw lumber, sawing, woodwork and finishing. Our aim is to create the best wood works which can be with people's heart in the every day life.
Main products ; Lacquer saucer for a tea cup, Tea powder container, Contai ner for

8. Applications Of YAG Laser Processing In Underwater Welding And
5 pp. 256259. Development of Laser Cutting/Welding System for Remote Maintenanceof ITER Manifold. YAMAOKA Hiroto,TSUCHIYA Kazuyuki AWANO Toshihiko,oka kiyoshi.
Applications of YAG Laser Processing in Underwater Welding and Cutting
OWAKI Katsura,MORITA Ichiro
KOJIMA Toshio,SATOU Syuichi The high-power YAG laser is a new fabrication tool. The laser torch is easy to combine with complex mechanics because of beam delivery through optical fiber. A direct underwater laser welding technology has been developed and applied to the preservation, maintenance and removal of nuclear power plants. For subdividing or removing operations for retirement of plants, the laser cutting properties were confirmed to allow a maximum cutting thickness of 80 mm. For repairing inner surface of stainless steel tanks, an underwater laser welding system using a remote-controlled robot was developed and the high quality of underwater laser welding was confirmed. Ishikawajima-Harima Engineering Review September 2002 Vol. 42 No. 5 pp. 247-250
Development of Automatic Laser Welding System
OWAKI Katsura Lasers are a new production tool for high speed and low distortion welding and applications to automatic welding lines are increasing. IHI has long experience of laser processing for the preservation of nuclear power plants, welding of airplane engines and so on. Moreover, YAG laser oscillators and various kinds of hardware have been developed for laser welding and automation. Combining these welding technologies and laser hardware technologies produce the automatic laser welding system. In this paper, the component technologies are described, including combined optics intended to improve welding stability, laser oscillators, monitoring system, seam tracking system and so on.

9. ‚h‚g‚hÎì“‡”d–dH‹ÆiŠ”j -IHI ENGINEERING REVIEW June 20
Vol. 36 No. 2 pp. 8591 (154KB). Fabrication and Erection of AkinadaBridge . SATOU Youichi,NAGASAKO Taiki, OKADA Seiji,oka kiyoshi.
HOME Œo‰c•ûj »•iˆÄ“à ‹ZpÐ‰î ƒvƒŒƒXƒŠƒŠ[ƒX Ì—pî•ñ S‚…‚‚’‚ƒ‚ˆ ‹ZpÐ‰î HOME ‹ZpÐ‰î June 2003 Vol.36 No.2 ‹ZpÐ‰î ƒGƒlƒ‹ƒM[ ŽY‹Æ‚Ɛ¶Šˆ ‘D”•‚ÆŠC—m q‹óE‰F’ˆ
Design, Fabrication and Erection of the "Pedestrian Bridge
in the Road-Park of Ikei-Tairagawa" in Okinawa
UNO Nayomon,KITAYAMA Nobuhiko Okinawa is known it has severe environment that leads corrosion of steel fabricated products. How to cope with such corrosion or damage from salty breezes is one of important tasks. Use of FRP materials that are durable against such damages has been studied and was recently put into a practical use for the pedestrian bridge. There is a few structural example in civil engineering, and no design criteria is available, and design, fabrication and erection of an FRP pedestrian bridge conducted in Okinawa is described together with study items. IHI Engineering Review June 2003 Vol. 36 No. 2 pp. 35-39 i179KBj
Design of "Tatara Bridge"

·? ·? ?· ?· Kenji MISHIMA MasahisaEZAWA Takashi ENJOUJI Satoru oka kiyoshi MATSUYAMA Masanori NAGATANI.
Rev. High Pressure Sci. Technol.
Vol.6@ No.2(1997) Abstract
Rev. High Pressure Sci. Technol. ’´—ÕŠE—¬‘̂𔽉žê‚Æ‚·‚镨Ž¿•ÏŠ·
Supercritical Fluids as Novel Media for Chemical Reactions ¶“‡ –L
Yutaka IKUSHIMA Two molecular aggregates, an enzyme and micelle, in supercritical fluids have been studied with respect to their microstructures and activity for chemical reactions. Ester syntheses catalyzed by a lipase have been carried out in supercritical carbon dioxide. In the near-critical region, the rate showed a sharp maximum and (S)-(-)-terpene esters were stereoselectively synthesized from acyl donors and a primary alcohol. The structure of an enzyme and interactions between carbon dioxide and enzyme molecules have been examined by using in situ FTIR and gravimetry. The alkaline fading of crystal violet (CV) is accelerated by using a W/O microemulsion of H O/AOT/ethane under supercritical conditions. The structure of AOT molecules and the type of interior water molecules may account for the rate enhancement.

11. A Chronological Summary Of The Ishibashi Foundation
Cultural Center and the Ishibashi Art Gallery (April) ¦ One million visitorsrecorded (May) ¦ Visit of Mr. oka kiyoshi(October) ? Special Exhibition

Other Years

¦Fiscal Year=April 1`March 31 Year Common Matters/ Donations Bridgestone Museum of Art Ishibashi Museum of Art
Ishibashi Museum of Art, Asian Gallery
¡ A pair of Silver Cups were conferred upon ISHIBASHI Shojiro for his consistent contribution to the development of education and culture
¡ Contribution to 60 projects
¡ New Acquisitions: 22 items
› Ceremony of the donation of the National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo (May)
E Donated by ISHIBASHI Shojiro
¡ SAKAMOTO Hanjiro, former Adviser, deceased (July) ¡ FUJISHIMA Takeji's Black Fan was designated by the Minister of Education, Science and Culture as an Important Cultural Property (March)
¡ Submission of works to the Exposition in Japan (March) E "Twilight, Venice" by Claude MONET, "Christ in the Outskirts" by Georges ROUAULT E "Notre-Dame de Paris" by UMEHARA Ryozaburo in the French Pavilion

KAKUDATE Satoshi, NAKAHIRA Masataka, OBARA Kenjiro. oka kiyoshi, OHSAKI Toshio (*19),TAGUCHI Kou (*26). TAKEDA Nobukazu. Office of Fusion Material Research Promotion.
A.2 Personnel
Scientific Staff in the Naka Fusion Research Establishment (April 2001 - March 2002)
Naka Fusion Research Establishment MATSUDA Shinzaburo (Director General) HINO Syuji (Vice Director General) MIYAMOTO Kenro (Invited Researcher) NISHIKAWA Kyoji (Invited Researcher) HORIOKA Kazuhiko (Invited Researcher) MATSUI Hideki (Invited Researcher) KOHYAMA Akira (Invited Researcher) AZUMI Masafumi (Prime Scientist) KOIZUMI Koichi (Staff for Director General) OGAWA Toshihide (Staff for Director General) HASEGAWA Kohichi (Staff for Director General) Department of Administrative Services HINO Syuji (Director) KAWAKAMI Hideki (Deputy Director) Department of Fusion Plasma Research KITSUNEZAKI Akio (Director) NINOMIYA Hiromasa (Deputy Director) WATANABE Tsutomu (Administrative Manager) Tokamak Program Division KIKUCHI Mitsuru (General Manager) ISHIDA Shinichi KURITA Gen-ichi KUSAMA Yoshinori MORI Katsuharu (*16) MORIOKA Atsuhiko ODAMAKI Masayoshi (*16) OGURI Shigeru (*16) OIKAWA Akira SAKASAI Akira SAKURAI Shinji SHIRAI Hiroshi SHITOMI Morimasa TAMAI Hiroshi TSUCHIYA Katsuhiko YAMAZAKI Takeshi (*16) Plasma Analysis Division OZEKI Takahisa (General Manager) HAMAMATSU Kiyotaka HAYASHI Nobuhiko IWASAKI Keita (*30) MATSUDA Toshiaki NAITO Osamu NAKAMURA Yukiharu OSHIMA Takayuki SAKATA Shinya SATO Minoru SHIMIZU Katsuhiro SHIRAI Hiroshi SUZUKI Masaei (*30) SUZUKI Mitsuhiro (*1) TAKIZUKA Tomonori TSUGITA Tomonori WANG Shaojie (*9) Large Tokamak Experiment Division I USHIGUSA Kenkichi (General Manager) CHIBA Shinichi FUJITA Takaaki

KOIZUMI Koichi, SHIBANUMA Kiyoshi, NAKAHIRA Masataka. OBARA Kenjiro, oka kiyoshi,TAGUCHI Kou (*32). TAKAHASHI Hiroyuki (*6), TAKIGUCHI Yuji (*48), TAKEDA Nobukazu.
A.2 Scientific Staffs in the Naka Fusion Research Establishment (April, 1998- March, 1999)
Naka Fusion Research Establishment OHTA Mitsuru (Director General) SEKIGUCHI Tadashi (Scientific Consultant) MIYAMOTO Kenro (Invited Researcher) NISHIKAWA Kyoji (Invited Researcher) KAWASAKI Sunao (Invited Researcher) SHIMAMOTO Susumu (Invited Researcher) TOMABECHI Ken (Invited Researcher) AZUMI Masafumi YAMAMOTO Takumi (Staff for Director General) MIYA Naoyuki (Staff for Director General) HONMA Takashi (Staff for Director General) Department of Administrative Services KOMAKI Akira (Director) KAMBARA Yoyu (Deputy Director) MATSUZAKI Yoshimi (Deputy Director) Department of Fusion Plasma Research FUNAHASHI Akimasa (Director) SHIMADA Michiya KAWANO Yoshikatsu (Administrative Manager) Tokamak Program Division NINOMIYA Hiromasa (General Manager) HATAE Takaki, IDE Shunsuke, ISAYAMA Akihiko, ISHIDA Shinichi, KISHIYA Kazuhiro ( KITAI Tatsuya ( KURITA Gen-ichi, MORI Katsuharu ( OGURI Shigeru ( OIKAWA Akira, SAKURAI Shinji, TOBITA Kenji, USHIGUSA Kenkichi Plasma Analysis Division OZEKI Takahisa (General Manager) HAMAMATSU Kiyotaka HASEGAWA Yukihiro HAYASHI Nobuhiko ( KOIWA Motonao ( MATSUDA Toshiaki NAITO Osamu NAKAMURA Yukiharu NEUDATCHIN Sergei V. (

14. Category Retrieval (Researcher DDB)
and Medium Enterprises. 35, oka kiyoshi Nagoya University GraduateSchool of Engineering Mechanical Engineering. 36, OKAMOTO Minoru

15. Biography-center - Letter O oka, kiyoshi. Mathematicians/oka.html. okamoto, Penny
Visit a
random biography ! Any language Arabic Bulgarian Catalan Chinese (Simplified) Chinese (Traditional) Croatian Czech Danish Dutch English Estonian Finnish French German Greek Hebrew Hungarian Icelandic Indonesian Italian Japanese Korean Latvian Lithuanian Norwegian Polish Portuguese Romanian Russian Serbian Slovak Slovenian Spanish Swedish Turkish
142 biographies

16. IECON - Tentative Conference Program
Ohchi, Masashi. P1056, P1142. Ohishi, kiyoshi. P1290. Ohkawa, Fujio. P1062 Ohya, Akihisa. P1071. oka, kiyoshi. P1080. okafor, Frank. P1213

17. Memorial Conference Of Kiyoshi Oka's Centennial Birthday
Memorial Conference of kiyoshi oka's Centennial Birthday. Kyoto, Japan; 30 October 5 November 2001 / Nara, Japan; 68 November 2001.
Memorial Conference of Kiyoshi Oka's Centennial Birthday on Complex Analysis in Several Variables, Kyoto/Nara 2001 October 30 - November 5, Kyoto / November 6 - 8, Nara Fifth Announcement The Organizing Committee is pleased to invite you to participate in the Memorial Conference of Kiyoshi Oka's Centennial Birthday on Complex Analysis in Several Variables, which will be held on October 30 - Nobember 8, 2001 at Kyoto and Nara, JAPAN. Go to Contents
Go to Japanese Page
The Organizing Committee consists of the following members: Honorary Chair T. Nishino (Kyushu, E. P.) Kyoto Program (at RIMS, Kyoto University, October 30 - November 5) J. Noguchi (Chair, Tokyo)
H. Kazama (Kyushu)
M. Furushima (Kumamoto)
E. Bedford (Indiana)
J. E. Fornaess (Michigan)
Y. -T. Siu (Harvard) H. Fujimoto (Kanazawa)
T. Ueda (Kyoto)
H. Tsuji (T. I. T.)
K. Diederich (Wuppertal)
N. Sibony (Paris-Sud) T. Ohsawa (Nagoya) K. Miyajima (Kagoshima) A. Kodama (Kanazawa) J. -P. Demailly (Grenoble) B. Shiffman (Johns Hopkins) Nara Program (at Nara Women's University, November 6 - 8) H. Yamaguchi (Chair, Nara W.)

18. Oka Portrait
kiyoshi oka. JOC/EFR September 2003 The URL of this page is © Copyrightinformation. http//
Kiyoshi Oka
JOC/EFR September 2003 The URL of this page is:

19. Kiyoshi Ono - ResearchIndex Document Query
kiyoshi ono scientific articles matching the query kiyoshi ono Email address (kiyoshi OHBA) Department of Mathematics, Faculty of kiyoshi Mizohata (Josai University) Nobuatsu oka (Aichi Kyoiku Univ) 7 Ono

20. Plays About Judge Oh-Oka
Clever Judge Ohoka Plays Plays about Judge Oh-okaJudge Oh-oka, who in the eighteenth century The little boy's name was kiyoshi. He lived with his mother and

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