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  1. Danish Diplomats: Hannibal Sehested, Corfitz Ulfeldt, Christian Günther Von Bernstorff, Jens Juel, Adam Gottlob Moltke, Frederik Krag
  2. Jens Juel: Paintings and Pastels and Catalogue (English and Danish Edition) by Ellen Poulsen, 1991-11-22
  3. Jesus the Christ: The Historical Origins of Christological Doctrine (Proclamation Commentaries) by Nils Alstrup Dahl, 1991-05
  4. New Proclamation: Year A, Advent Through Holy Week, 2001-2002 (New Proclamation Series) by Dale C., Jr. Allison, Christine Roy Yoder, et all 2001-01-01
  5. Messiah and Temple: The Trial of Jesus in the Gospel of Mark (Dissertation series - Society of Biblical Literature ; no. 31) by Donald Juel, 1977-01-01
  6. Living a Biblical Faith (Library of Living Faith) by Donald H. Juel, 1982-10
  7. Messianic Exegesis by Donald Juel, 1987-12-31
  8. Proclamation 4 Series B: Epiphany (Proclamation 4, AIDS for Interpreting the Lessons of the Church Year) by Thomas E. Ridenhour, Gerhard A. Krodel, et all 1991-07
  9. Tegninger af Jens Juel by Ellen Poulsen, 1975

1. Index
Philadelphia 1879 Yankton V00678 360 1st Agerholm Christian August Denmark 1898 New York 1916 Denmark Yankton V00678 283 1st Christensen juel christian H. Denmark 1885 New York

2. KID - Museer
3980 Juel Madsen Andet navn juel christian Madsen Odense, 1890 Kamakura, 1923Køn mand Nationalitet dansk VirksomDanmark Note til kunstner se Juel

Problemer Christian Juel Lavten 01-dec-2003 2213. Når politikere møder modstand (svartil Nikolaj Bührmann) - Christian Juel Lavten - 10-dec-2003 2120. Udvikling? Juel Christian

4. Descendants Of Christian V, King Of Denmark+Norway (1646-1699) Gen 6+7 Of 10 Gen
Descendants of. christian V, King of Denmark and Norway Komtesse Henriette Kragjuel-Vind-Friis, daughter of. christian Emil, Lensgreve Krag-juel-Vind-Frijs and Thyra
Submitted by Leo van de Pas
corrections/additions are welcome
Descendants of
Christian V, King of Denmark and Norway

(gen 6+7 of 10 generations)
VI-1 (V-1-1)
1 Prince Christian of Denmark
Born 22 September 1791 Copenhagen
Died 23 September 1791 Copenhagen 2 Princess Marie Louise of Denmark
Born 19 November 1792 Copenhagen
Died 12 October 1793 Frederiksborg 3 Princess Karoline of Denmark Born 28 October 1793 Castle Christiansborg Died 31 March 1881 Copenhagen Married 1 August 1829 Frederiksborg Prince Ferdinand of Denmark, son of Prince Fredrik of Denmark and Duchess Sophie Frederikke von Mecklenburg-Schwerin Born 22 November 1792 Copenhagen Died 29 June 1863 Copenhagen S.P. 4 Princess Louise of Denmark Born 21 August 1795 Copenhagen Died 7 December 1795 Copenhagen 5 Prince Christian of Denmark Born 1 September 1797 Copenhagen Died 5 September 1797 Amalienborg 6 Princess Juliane Louise of Denmark Born 12 February 1802 Copenhagen Died 23 February 1802 Amalienborg 7 Princess Friederike Marie of Denmark Born 3 June 1805 Copenhagen Died 14 July 1805 Copenhagen 8 Princess Wilhelmine Marie of Denmark

5. Little River Methodist Church Cemetery
Horry County Historical Society 606 Main Street Conway, SC 29526. Our goal is to share the past, serve the present and educate the future. 3 Apr 1919 24 Feb 1986. juel, christian Alonzo 20 Apr
Little River Methodist Church Cemetery
Is located at the site of a Methodist mission in 1876. The first church was established in 1885.
  • Bailey, Alison Delaine 25 Mar 1971 - 10 Oct 1971
  • Baldwin, Baxter 25 Dec 1878 - 8 Oct 1946
  • Baldwin, Nancy M. Bridger [w/o Baxter Baldwin] 12 May 1884 - 29 Mar 1968
  • Bellamy, Charles F. 6 Feb 1891 - 22 Jun 1974
  • Bellamy, Edith Bessent [w/o Charles F. Bellamy?] 1 Sep 1893 - 20 Mar 1988
  • Bellamy, Helen Livingston 29 May 1914 - 11 Jul 1989
  • Bellamy, James S. 12 Jan 1857 - 23 Sep 1938
  • Bellamy, Julia Selena 27 Jul 1916 - 3 Nov 1940
  • Bellamy, L. Frank 1878 - 1949
  • Bellamy, Leon Dudley 15 Oct 1901 - 15 Sep 1915
  • Bellamy, Mary M. [w/o L. Frank Bellamy] 1869 - 1928
  • Bellamy, Mary W. [w/o James S. Bellamy?] 27 Mar 1866 - 29 Jan 1939
  • Bellamy, Otho Plowden 6 Jun 1900 - 7 Jul 1972
  • Bellamy, Rebecca Blanton [w/o William Julian Bellamy, Jr.] 16 Apr 1940 - 25 Apr 1978
  • Bellamy, Selina D. 1869 - 1960
  • Bellamy, Warren A. 15 Jul 1899 - 8 Oct 1912
  • Bellamy, William E. 4 May 1889 - 2 Nov 1964
  • Bellamy, William Julian 8 Sep 1908 -
  • 6. Juel
    Sophus christian juel. christian juel s father was a judge but christiannever knew him for he died before christian was one year old.
    Sophus Christian Juel
    Born: 25 Jan 1855 in Randers, Denmark
    Died: 24 Jan 1935 in Copenhagen, Denmark
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    Christian Juel 's father was a judge but Christian never knew him for he died before Christian was one year old. He was brought up in the country and attended the Realschule in Svendborg, a coastal town in southern Funen Island, Denmark. When he was fifteen years old he went to Copenhagen and, in the following year, he entered the Technical University of Copenhagen. He studied at the Technical University from 1871 until 1875, then he decided that technical studies were not to his liking and that he would prefer to study pure science in general and pure mathematics in particular. In January 1876 Juel took the entrance examinations for the University of Copenhagen and completed his first degree there in 1879. Continuing with his doctoral studies at the University of Copenhagen he received his doctorate in 1885 for a dissertation on geometry. Juel had spent sixteen years completing his university education and so, despite starting young, was 30 years old before he received his doctorate. Juel taught at the Polytechnic Institute in Copenhagen from 1894, being promoted to a full professorship three years later. He also sometimes lecturer at the University of Copenhagen. Juel married a daughter of the professor of mathematics in Copenhagen, Thorvald N

    7. JENS JUEL
    juel, JENS (163 II 700), Danish statesman, born on the I5th of July 5631, began his diplomatic career in the suite of Count christian Rantzau, whom he accompanied to Vienna and Regensburg in 1652 .

    8. Juel Portrait
    christian juel. JOC/EFR September 2003 The URL of this page is © Copyrightinformation. http//
    Christian Juel
    JOC/EFR September 2003 The URL of this page is:

    9. ARC :: Christian Juel Mollback :: Page 1 Of 1
    christian juel Mollback (b.1853d.1921). Art-works Home Museum christianjuel Mollback. images 1. Page « 1 ». christian juel

    10. Christian Juel Mollback
    Bert Christensen's. CyberSpace Gallery. christian juel. 1853 1921. Menu. Home. Next Painting. Road Through the Town
    x Bert Christensen's
    CyberSpace Gallery
    Christian Juel Mollback
    Home Next Painting Road Through the Town

    11. Christian Juel Mollback
    x, Bert Christensen s CyberSpace Gallery. ChristianJuel Mollback Danish. 1853 1921.
    x Bert Christensen's
    CyberSpace Gallery
    Christian Juel Mollback
    Home Next Painting Road Through the Town

    12. 561 (Dansk Biografisk Lexikon / VIII. Bind. Holst - Juul)
    Print (PDF) On this page / på denna sida - juel, Carl, 1706-67, Hofembedsmand,Stiftamtmand - juel, christian, 1668-1717, Officer - juel, christian Julius
    Dansk biografisk Lexikon VIII. Bind. Holst - Juul
    (1887-1905) Author: Carl Frederik Bricka
    Table of Contents / Innehåll
    Project Runeberg Catalog ... Print (PDF) On this page / på denna sida - Juel, Carl, 1706-67, Hofembedsmand, Stiftamtmand - Juel, Christian, 1668-1717, Officer - Juel, Christian Julius Halfdan Berg, f. 1828, Politiker
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    13. 562 (Dansk Biografisk Lexikon / VIII. Bind. Holst - Juul)
    Print (PDF) On this page / på denna sida - juel, christian Julius HalfdanBerg, f. 1828, Politiker - juel, christian Sophus, f. 1855, Mathematiker.
    Dansk biografisk Lexikon VIII. Bind. Holst - Juul
    (1887-1905) Author: Carl Frederik Bricka
    Table of Contents / Innehåll
    Project Runeberg Catalog ... Print (PDF) On this page / på denna sida - Juel, Christian Julius Halfdan Berg, f. 1828, Politiker - Juel, Christian Sophus, f. 1855, Mathematiker
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    14. Index10
    Decorah, IA. 5434. JENSEN, Lars christian. 18451916. Hvalso, Denmark 5088-91, 5178-86, 5218-22. juel, christian Martinius. 1823-1893
    I-J ANCESTOR BORN/DIED PLACE BORN CERTIFICATE # IKELER, Mary Ann Crawford Co. PA IMLER, Malinda Pickaway Co. OH INGALLS, Albert Eugene New Hartford, IA INGALLS, George William Howard Co. IA INGALLS, James L. Cuba, NY INGALLS, Levi New York INGALLS, Sarah REDMOND Canada INGRAHAM, Betsy Jany Hoosick, NY IRVINE, Alexander Janesville, WI IRVINE, Margaret Louise St. Paul, MN ISAACSON, Isaac (Anttijunti) Tornio, Finland ISAAK, August Sr. Taratino Bess, Russia ISAAK, Justina KulmBessarabia, S.Russia ISSENHUTH, Martin Alsace, Lorraine, France ISZLER, Fredericka IVERSON, Anna Valdres, Norway IVERSON, Lewis aka Lars Offerdahl Sogan, Norway JAAKOLA/JOKELA, Matti Lohataja, Finland JACKSON, Mary Eva Denver, CO JACKSON, Viola Woodman, WI JACOBSON, Aasa Tomina Imsland, Norway JACOBSON, Bertha Voss, Norway JACOBSON, James Lolland, Denmark JACOBSON, James T. Stavanger, Norway JACOBSON, James T. Tysdal, Norway JACOBSON, John Vannas, Sweden JACOBSON, Laura Norway JACOBSON, Michael Abbortjarn, Sweden JACOBSON, Olaf Degerfors, Sweden JACOBY, Hattie Brookings, Dak Terr JACOMET, Rose

    15. Christian S. Juel Papirer
    christian S. juel papirer. Kort biografi. christian Sophus juel (18551935) var matematikerog virkede det meste af sit liv ved Den polytekniske Læreanstalt.
    KØBENHAVNS UNIVERSITET Arkivets hjemmeside Samlingsoversigt
    Christian S. Juel papirer
    Personer med relation til Juels papirer:
    A Marchaud.
    Overordnet beskrivelse af samlingen
    Kort beskrivelse:
    Denne samling af C. Juel papirer består af særtryk af Juels arbejder samt ganske lidt korrespondance. Materialet er fra perioden 1890-1931 og hovedparten er på dansk eller tysk, dog med korrespondancen på fransk.
    Samlingen omfatter 1 arkivkasse.
    Samlingen befandt sig i Matematisk biblioteks kælder i E-bygningen på H. C. Ørsted Institutet i efteråret 1996. Det vides ikke, hvornår eller hvordan den er kommet der.
    Arkivet kan give tilladelse til at citere fra materialet.
    Udarbejdet af Kurt Ramskov, 6. december 1998.
    Hylde 5, skab A, bibliotekets filial
    Kort biografi
    Christian Sophus Juel (1855-1935) var matematiker og virkede det meste af sit liv ved Den polytekniske Læreanstalt. Han startede med at studere her i 1871, men da han var mere videnskabelig interesseret stoppede han studierne og tog studentereksamen i 1876. Derefter gik han igang med universitetsstudiet i matematik og fik magisterkonferens i 1879. I 1881 fik han guldmedalje for en afhandling og i 1885 doktorgraden for en afhandling om geometri. I 1894 blev han docent i matematik for fabriksingeniører ved Polyteknisk Læreanstalt. Stillingen blev et professorat i 1907. Juel blev i denne stilling til 1925. Han sad 26 år i redaktionen af

    16. A Survey Of The Collections Of The Archive, Institute For Mathematical Sciences
    Jessen, Børge, 19071993, 1907-1993, Yes, 69. juel, christian S. 1855-1935,1890-1931, Danish, 1. Lundberg, Lars-Erik, 1943-1992, -1992, No, 3.
    UNIVERSITY OF COPENHAGEN Libraries and Archive at the Institute The homepage of the Archive
    A survey of the collections of the Archive
    Inventories are made for the major part of the collections. They are available on the internet from links below. Most of them are in Danish and in case the collection contains only Danish material there is no plan of making an English inventory. The details of the inventories vary a lot. The collections have been sorted according to the following types:
    Archives of individuals
    Person Life period Material from Inventory? Number of boxes Bohr, Harald Yes Fenchel, Werner Yes Fenchel, Käte

    christian 5. udnævnte juel til generaladmiralløjtnant, medlem af det danske Rigsråd,en stor sum penge og rangen som øverstbefalende for den danske flåde
    Niels Juel blev født den 8. maj 1629 i Christiana i Norge.
    Han blev ansat i 1643 som edelknabe hos hertug og ærkebiskop Frederik af Bremen, senere kong Frederik 3. af Danmark, hvor han forblev indtil 1648.
    I det påfølgende år, studerede han i Sorø, hvor han fik stor interesse for søkrigshistorie og habde besluttede sig for at blive flådeofficer i den danske flåde.
    Men af ukendte grunde, var det ikke muligt for Juel at starte sin søofficerudannelse i Danmark, så han rejste til Holland og startede sin uddannelse i den hollandske flåde.
    Mens Juel var igang med sin uddannelse, udbrød der krig mellem Holland og England, den engelsk-hollandske krig 1652-54, Juel blev udnævnt til løjtnant og tjente under den berømte hollanske kontreadmiral Martin Harpertzoon van Tromp ( 1597 - 1653 ).
    MARTIN HARPERTZOON VAN TROMP. Juel deltog sammen med van Tromp under de mange blodige søslag under krigen, men under søslaget ved Maas i 1653 blev van Tromp hårdt såret og han døde senere samme år, så Juels nye øverstbefalende blev viceadmiral Michael Adriaanszoon de Ruijter ( 1607 - 1676 ), som også blev Juels lærermester og meget gode ven. MICHAEL ADRIAANSZZON DE RUIJTER I 1655.

    18. NIELS JUEL
    juel, NIELS (16291697), Danish admiral, brother of the preceding, was born on the 8th of May 1629, at christiania. He served his naval apprenticeship was discharged by christian V., who gave the
    JUEL, NIELS See Garde, Niels fuel (1842), and Den dansk. norske Smagts Hif tone, 5535-1700 (1861). (R. N. B.) JENS JUEL JUG

    19. Oplysninger Om Enkelte Forfattere
    Nicolai christian Levin Abrahams (17981870). professor, notarius publicusf. i Kbh. Niels juel Arge (1920-1995). radiodirektør f. i Tórshavn.
    Oplysninger om enkelte forfattere
    Disse sider er under stadig udbygning. fornavn
    Hvis du vil se en alfabetisk oversigt over forfattere ordnet efter efternavn A B C D ... Z
    Naja Marie Aidt (f. 1963)
    f. i Egedesminde, Grønland
    HF (Statens HF-kursus i Kbh.)

    Debut i bogform
    Gyldendals Boglegat
    Statens Kunstfond. Arbejdslegat
    bind 1 + supplement
    Statens Kunstfond. Bestillingshonorar Thorvaldsens Museum til forestillingen Odysseus
    Edvard Pedersens Biblioteksfonds Forfatterpris
    Herman Bangs Mindelegat Morten Nielsens Mindelegat Statens Kunstfond. Arbejdslegat Omtale i elektronisk form: Det kongelige Bibliotek. Nyere danske forfattere Erik Hoffmeyer rejselegat Statens Kunstfond. Arbejdslegat side 13-31 Nordisk kvindelitteraturhistorie. Bind 1-5. Rosinante, 1996-98 bind 5 Statens Kunstfond. Arbejdslegat Statens Kunstfond. Bestillingshonorar Den anden Opera Litteraturens stemmer. Gads litteraturleksikon. Gad, 1999 Statens Kunstfond. Arbejdslegat Peter Christensen, bind 3, side 479-484 Statens Kunstfond. Arbejdslegat Statens Kunstfond. Arbejdslegat

    20. The Lied And Art Song Texts Page
    Free web archive of over 15 000 texts (lyrics) to Lieder and other classical vocal pieces in more than 25 languages. Thousands of translations to English included. Language DANISH. Kong christian stod ved højen mast i røg og damp Hvo står for Danmark christian i kamp? Niels juel gav agt på stormens brag Nu er det tid

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