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         Einstein Albert:     more books (100)
  1. Ideas And Opinions by Albert Einstein, 1995-06-06
  2. Who Was Albert Einstein? by Jess Brallier, 2002-02-18
  3. Sidelights on relativity by Albert Einstein, G B. 1891- Jeffery, et all 2010-08-06
  4. The World As I See It by Albert Einstein, 2007-06-02
  5. Albert Einstein and the Theory of Relativity (Barrons Solution Series) by Robert Cwiklik, 1987-10-26
  6. Albert Einstein: Young Thinker (The Childhood of Famous Americans Series) by Marie Hammontree, 1986-10-31
  7. Albert Einstein (Giants of Science) by Kathleen Krull, 2009-10-15
  8. Odd Boy Out: Young Albert Einstein by Don Brown, 2008-06-16
  9. Relativity: The Special and the General Theory (Classic Reprint) by Albert Einstein, 2010-06-04
  10. Einstein on Cosmic Religion and Other Opinions and Aphorisms by Albert Einstein, George Bernard Shaw, 2009-04-23
  11. Subtle Is the Lord: The Science and the Life of Albert Einstein by Abraham Pais, 2005-11-03
  12. Ordinary Genius: The Story of Albert Einstein (Trailblazer Biographies) by Stephanie Sammartino McPherson, 1997-06
  13. Genius: A Photobiography of Albert Einstein (Photobiographies) by Marfe Ferguson Delano, 2008-10-14
  14. Dear Professor Einstein: Albert Einstein's Letters to and from Children

1. FBI - Freedom Of Information Act - Albert Einstein
Albert Einstein 1,427 pages. An investigation was conducted by the FBI regarding the famous physicist because of his affiliation with the Communist Party.
Albert Einstein
1,427 pages An investigation was conducted by the FBI regarding the famous physicist because of his affiliation with the Communist Party. Einstein was a member, sponsor, or affiliated with thirty-four communist fronts between 1937-1954. He also served as honorary chairman for three communist organizations. Part 1a Part 1b Part 2a Part 2b ... FOIA Homepage

2. Albert Einstein
Albert Einstein. The GermanAmerican physicist Albert Einstein, b. Ulm, Germany, Mar. 14, 1879, d. Princeton, NJ, Apr. 18, 1955, contributed
Albert Einstein
The German-American physicist Albert Einstein, b. Ulm, Germany, Mar. 14, 1879, d. Princeton, N.J., Apr. 18, 1955, contributed more than any other scientist to the 20th-century vision of physical reality. In the wake of World War I, Einstein's theoriesespecially his theory of relativityseemed to many people to point to a pure quality of human thought, one far removed from the war and its aftermath. Seldom has a scientist received such public attention for having cultivated the fruit of pure learning.
Einstein's parents, who were nonobservant Jews, moved from Ulm to Munich when Einstein was an infant. The family business was the manufacture of electrical apparatus; when the business failed (1894), the family moved to Milan, Italy. At this time Einstein decided officially to relinquish his German citizenship. Within a year, still without having completed secondary school, Einstein failed an examination that would have allowed him to pursue a course of study leading to a diploma as an electrical engineer at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (the Zurich Polytechnic). He spent the next year in nearby Aarau at the cantonal secondary school, where he enjoyed excellent teachers and first-rate facilities in physics. Einstein returned in 1896 to the Zurich Polytechnic, where he graduated (1900) as a secondary school teacher of mathematics and physics.

3. Einstein
Albert Einstein. Born 14 March 1879 in Ulm Around 1886 Albert Einstein began his school career in Munich. As well as his violin lessons
Albert Einstein
Died: 18 April 1955 in Princeton, New Jersey, USA
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Around 1886 Albert Einstein began his school career in Munich. As well as his violin lessons, which he had from age six to age thirteen, he also had religious education at home where he was taught Judaism. Two years later he entered the Luitpold Gymnasium and after this his religious education was given at school. He studied mathematics, in particular the calculus, beginning around 1891. Following the failing of the entrance exam to the ETH, Einstein attended secondary school at Aarau planning to use this route to enter the ETH in Zurich. While at Aarau he wrote an essay (for which was only given a little above half marks!) in which he wrote of his plans for the future, see [13]:- If I were to have the good fortune to pass my examinations, I would go to Zurich. I would stay there for four years in order to study mathematics and physics. I imagine myself becoming a teacher in those branches of the natural sciences, choosing the theoretical part of them. Here are the reasons which lead me to this plan. Above all, it is my disposition for abstract and mathematical thought, and my lack of imagination and practical ability. Indeed Einstein succeeded with his plan graduating in 1900 as a teacher of mathematics and physics. One of his friends at ETH was Marcel

4. Einstein Albert
Translate this page einstein albert (1879-1955). Físico alemán nacionalizado estadounidense, premiado con un Nobel, famoso por ser el autor de las
Einstein Albert (1879-1955) Físico alemán nacionalizado estadounidense, premiado con un Nobel, famoso por ser el autor de las teorías general y restringida de la relatividad y por sus hipótesis sobre la naturaleza corpuscular de la luz. Es probablemente el científico más conocido del siglo XX.
Nació en Ulm el 14 de marzo de 1879 y pasó su juventud en Munich, donde su familia poseía un pequeño taller de máquinas eléctricas. Ya desde muy joven mostraba una curiosidad excepcional por la naturaleza y una capacidad notable para entender los conceptos matemáticos más complejos. A los doce años ya conocía la geometría de Euclides.
A la edad de 15 años, cuando su familia se trasladó a Milán, Italia, a causa de sucesivos fracasos en los negocios, Einstein abandonó la escuela. Pasó un año con sus padres en Milán y viajó a Suiza, donde terminó los estudios secundarios, e ingresó en el Instituto Politécnico Nacional de Zurich.
Durante dos años Einstein trabajó dando clases particulares y de profesor suplente. En 1902 consiguió un trabajo estable como examinador en la Oficina Suiza de Patentes en Berna. Primeras publicaciones científicas En 1905 se doctoró por la Universidad de Zurich, con una tesis sobre las dimensiones de las moléculas; también publicó tres artículos teóricos de gran valor para el desarrollo de la física del siglo XX. En el primero de ellos, sobre el movimiento browniano, formuló predicciones importantes sobre el movimiento aleatorio de las partículas dentro de un fluido, predicciones que fueron comprobadas en experimentos posteriores. El segundo artículo, sobre el efecto fotoeléctrico, anticipaba una teoría revolucionaria sobre la naturaleza de la luz. Según Einstein, bajo ciertas circunstancias la luz se comportaba como una partícula. También afirmó que la energía que llevaba toda partícula de luz, denominada fotón, era proporcional a la frecuencia de la radiación. Lo representaba con la fórmula E = hu, donde E es la energía de la radiación, h una constante universal llamada constante de Planck y u es la frecuencia de la radiación.

5. A Science Odyssey: People And Discoveries: Albert Einstein
Albert Einstein 1879 1955 Albert Einstein is one of the most recognized and well-known scientists of the century. His theories
Albert Einstein
Albert Einstein is one of the most recognized and well-known scientists of the century. His theories solved centuries-old problems in physics and rocked even non-physicists' view of the world. Einstein's early years did not mark him as a genius. His parents worried because he was so slow to learn to speak. Although his family was Jewish, he attended a Catholic elementary school, where he did not excel. Because of failed business ventures, the family moved several times during Einstein's childhood, finally to Italy when he was 15. He was supposed to remain in Germany and finish school. He left, however (historians debate whether he was expelled or arranged to be excused for illness), and joined his family in Italy. He also renounced his Germany citizenship then, which freed him from military service. He belonged to no country until he became a Swiss citizen in 1921. From Italy he went to Switzerland to finish high school and attend the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology. He didn't care for such organized education; he hated having to attend classes regularly and take exams. He graduated with a teaching degree, but couldn't find a job. Finally he got a post at the Swiss patent office in Bern, in 1902. He worked there for seven years, which turned out to be the most productive period of his life. In 1903 he married a former classmate, Maria Maric, though his parents disapproved. They'd had a daughter Liserl in 1902, but she was given up for adoption. They later had two sons.

6. Albert Einstein
Dados biogr¡ficos de Albert Einstein, Mileva Maric e Lieserl Einstein. Revis£o de livros e textos sobre os trabalhos de Einstein (efeito fotoel©trico, relatividade, teoria qu¢ntica)
Albert Einstein
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Para se manter atualizado, por favor visite o mapa do site e coloque-o entre seus favoritos. sua vida na ETH conturbado casamento . Esta é uma das fases mais interessantes da vida de Einstein. É neste período que ele, Solovine e Conrad Habicht criam a Academia Olímpia . Reunem-se diariamente para discutir filosofia, ciência, e ouvir música. É na Academia Olímpia que Einstein inicia a gestação dos trabalhos sobre relatividade especial, movimento browniano, entre outros, publicados no annus mirabilis de 1905. Brasil resenhas de livros sobre Einstein, publicadas no jornal Zero Hora (Porto Alegre). Veja aqui algumas frases atribuídas a Albert Einstein. Todas as frases de Einstein citadas aqui foram extraídas de fontes confiáveis. Veja aqui a bibliografia que tenho utilizado. Home C.A. dos Santos

7. WIEM: Einstein Albert
einstein albert (18791955), jeden z najwybitniejszych fizyków w historii nauki. Urodzony Fizyka, Niemcy einstein albert (1879-1955). Einstein
WIEM 2004 - zobacz now± edycjê encyklopedii! Kup abonament i encyklopediê na CD-ROM, sprawd¼ ofertê cenow±!
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Przedstawione poni¿ej has³o pochodzi z archiwalnej edycji WIEM 2001!
Prace redakcyjne nad edycj± 2001 zosta³y zakoñczone. Zapraszamy do korzystania z nowej, codziennie aktualizowanej i wzbogacanej w nowe tre¶ci edycji WIEM 2004 Fizyka, Niemcy
Einstein Albert
Einstein Albert (1879-1955), jeden z najwybitniejszych fizyków w historii nauki. Urodzony w Niemczech (Ulm) w rodzinie ¿ydowskiej, studiowa³ w Zurychu, a pracê zawodow± rozpocz±³ w Bernie jako urzêdnik bankowy. Po opublikowaniu pierwszych donios³ych prac (o ruchach Browna i korpuskularnej teorii ¶wiat³a) zosta³ w 1909 profesorem uniwersytetu w Zurychu, nastêpnie w Pradze, pó¼niej w Pruskiej Akademii Nauk w Berlinie, a od 1933, zmuszony do emigracji po doj¶ciu Hitlera do w³adzy, w Institute of Advanced Study w Princeton (USA). Opracowa³ podstawy kwantowej teorii pola elektromagnetycznego Einsteina prawo Einsteina wspó³czynniki ), szczególn± (1905) i ogóln± (1916) teorie wzglêdno¶ci. W 1921 zosta³ laureatem Nagrody Nobla za podstawowe prace teoretyczne dotycz±ce natury ¶wiat³a . Inicjator Manhattan Project Pó¼niej pracowa³ nad unifikacj± teorii oddzia³ywañ grawitacyjnych i elektromagnetycznych, ale bez sukcesów. Pomimo wk³adu w rozwój korpuskularnej teorii ¶wiat³a (

8. Albert Einstein
Albert Einstein. 18791955 Physicist and Mathematician Nobel Laureate for Physics 1921 The other is as if everything is. - Albert Einstein -.
Albert Einstein
Physicist and Mathematician
Nobel Laureate for Physics 1921 "There are only two ways to live your life.
One is as though nothing is a miracle.
The other is as if everything is."
- Albert Einstein - Einstein was born in Bavaria on March 14, 1879, and spent his youth in Munich, where his family owned a small shop that manufactured electric machinery. He did not talk until the age of three, but even as a youth he showed a brilliant curiosity about nature and an ability to understand difficult mathematical concepts. At the age of 12 he taught himself geometry. Einstein hated the dull regimentation and unimaginative spirit of school in Munich. When repeated business failure led the family to leave Germany for Milan, Italy, Einstein, who was then 15 years old, used the opportunity to withdraw from the school. He spent a year with his parents in Milan, and when it became clear that he would have to make his own way in the world, he finished secondary school in Arrau, Switzerland, and entered the Swiss National Polytechnic in Zürich. In the spring of 1905, after considering the nature of matter and radiation and how they interacted in some unified world picture for ten years, Einstein realized that the crux of the problem lay not in a theory of matter but in a theory of measurement. He was able to provide a consistent and correct description of physical events without making special assumptions about the nature of matter or radiation, but virtually no one understood Einstein's argument.

9. Albert Einstein
Albert Einstein. 1879 až 1955. speciální teorie relativity. Albert Einstein, jeden z nejvetších fyziku všech dob, se narodil v Ulmu v roce 1879.
Albert Einstein 1879 až 1955 speciální teorie relativity Albert Einstein, jeden z nejvìtších fyzikù všech dob, se narodil v Ulmu v roce 1879. Studoval na støední škole v Mnichovì a pozdìji v Curychu, kde absolvoval i vysokou školu. V roce 1900 získal uèitelský diplom, byl však další dva roky bez zamìstnání, nebo nemìl švýcarské obèanství. Pak nastoupil jako referent úøadu v Bernu, kde posuzoval patenty a vynálezy. Ve volnìjších chvílích v úøadé a mimo pracovní dobu s velkým zájmem a hluboce studoval práce vynikajících fizikù minulosti, pøemýšlel o nich a sám pilnì pracoval v oblasti teoretické fyziky. Již v prùbìhu studia na vysoké škole ho zaujaly nejasnosti v základech teorie elektromagnetického pole. Po sedmileté práci pak nalezl jejich øešení ve své slavné speciální teorii relativity, jejíž základy uveøejnil v roce 1905. Teorie vychází ze dvou základních principù:
první obsahuje tvrzení, že všechny fyzikální zákony mají stejný tvar (jsou kovariantní) ve všech inerciálních soustavách souøadnic (tzv. speciální princip relatiaity);
druhý postuluje, že rychlost svìtla má ve vakuu stejnou velikost ve všech inerciálních soustavách (princip konstantní rychlosti svìtla).

10. Quotes - Albert Einstein , Albert Einstein Quotations, Albert Einstein Sayings -
Albert Einstein Quotes, Albert Einstein Quotations, Albert Einstein Sayings Famous Quotes About sources. Albert Einstein. The
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Albert Einstein The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift. Albert Einstein People like you and I, though mortal of course like everyone else, do not grow old no matter how long we live...[We] never cease to stand like curious children before the great mystery into which we were born.

11. Einstein
ALBERT EINSTEIN TROCHU JINAK. (1879 1955). Albert Einstein, jeden z nejvetších fyziku všech dob, se narodil v Ulmu v roce 1879.
A lbert Einstein se narodil 14.bøezna 1879 v Ulmu na úpatí pohoøí Schwäbische Alpen, na levém bøehu Dunaje v rodinì ne pøíliš úspìšného obchodníka s elektronikou. Jeho otec Hermann narozdíl od matky byl pøíliš mìkký a bezstarostný, ale snažil se rodinì zachovat za každou cenu její životní úroveò. Einstein pøestože rodinné zázemí pro nìho znamenalo víc, než si dokázal pøiznat, opovrhoval její intelektuální úrovní a omezeností prostøedí v nìmž vyrùstal. Matka Paulina vedla Einsteina už v ranném dìtství k velké samostatnosti, a právì tehdy zaèíná Albert pociovat citovou osamocenost. Tento pocit ho provází po celý jeho život a nikdy nenajde ani bezpeèí ani svobodu v mezilidských vztazích, nachází ji však v hudbì. Po matce zdìdil lásku k hudbì nikoli však talent. Sám øíká, že jeho pokroky byly spíše rázu technického. Po celý život se mu daøí skrývat citové stránky své povahy svým kritickým postojem ke všemu a svým sarkasmem. Také záchvaty vzteku vystøídané odevzdanou flegmatièností nebyly v dìtství nic výjimeèného. Tam je také tøeba hledat pøíèiny jeho životních postojù a názorù na náboženství. Byl to nìco jako vzdor od zažitých pøedsudkù a obrovské houževnatosti, se kterou se chtìl odlišit a vymanit ze „šosáctví", kterým byl obklopen. Pøi tom všem mìl štìstí, že se mu podaøilo dostat se velmi záhy ke vzdìlání technického charakteru. Nebylo tehdy tak docela bìžné, aby nìkdo jako jeho strýc Jakub a otec, pracoval v oblasti telekomunikací a elektrotechniky.

12. MSN Encarta - Search Results - Einstein Albert
Encarta Search results for einstein albert . Page 1 of 1. Found in the Relativity article. 7. Magazine and news articles about einstein albert *.
MSN Home My MSN Hotmail Shopping ... Money Web Search: logoImg(''); Encarta Subscriber Sign In Help Home ... Upgrade to Encarta Premium Search Encarta Encarta Search results for "Einstein Albert" Page of 1 Exclusively for MSN Encarta Premium Subscribers Einstein, Albert Article—Encarta Encyclopedia Einstein, Albert (1879-1955), German-born American physicist and Nobel laureate, best known as the creator of the special and general theories of... article outline Introduction Early Scientific Publications Einstein’s Special Theory of Relativity Early Reactions to Einstein ... World Citizen related items Theory of Relativity, formulated by Einstein E=mc², mass-energy equation E=mc², source of energy in nuclear weapons E=mc², source of energy in the Sun ... E=mc², applied to nuclear weapons Article—Encarta Encyclopedia Found in the Nuclear Weapons article E=mc², applied to the Sun Article—Encarta Encyclopedia Found in the Sun article E=mc², mass-energy equation Article—Encarta Encyclopedia Found in the Physics article Gravitation theories developed by Einstein Article—Encarta Encyclopedia Found in the Gravitation article Theory of Relativity formulated by Einstein Article—Encarta Encyclopedia Found in the Relativity article Magazine and news articles about Einstein Albert
Encarta Magazine Center
Search the Encarta Magazine Center for magazine and news articles about "Einstein Albert" Albert Einstein Quick Facts Quick Facts—Encarta Encyclopedia Facts in brief from Encarta Encyclopedia Books about Einstein Albert
Unified Field Theory that eluded Einstein
Article—Encarta Encyclopedia

13. Einstein Albert From FOLDOC
einstein albert. history of philosophy, biography german physicist (18791955). Einstein s combination of simple thought-experiments Albert

14. ThinkQuest : Library : The Passing Of A Century
Albert Einstein (18791955). German-born US physicist who formulated the theories of Relativity and worked on radiation physics and thermodynamics.
Index World History
The Passing of a Century
"The passing of a Century is a chronicle, tracing some of the important people, events and discoveries that shaped the past century. Visitors are encouraged to contribute their views, opinions, knowledge and even artwork. The authors hope that visitors to the site will become more curious about the past, more critical of what is said to be "historically true" and to carry away with them a broader perspective of the world. All are encouraged to contribute their views, opinions, knowledge and even artwork. Visit Site 1999 ThinkQuest Internet Challenge Awards Silver Languages English Students Jason Raffles Junior College, Singapore, Singapore Sizwe Durban, South Africa Janine Singapore, Singapore Coaches Beng Chiak Raffles Girls School, SIngapore, Singapore aileen Raffles Junior College, Singapore, Singapore Robin Ningizimu School for SMH, Durban, South Africa Want to build a ThinkQuest site? The ThinkQuest site above is one of thousands of educational web sites built by students from around the world. Click here to learn how you can build a ThinkQuest site.

15. Einstein
Albert Einstein 18791955. Albert Einstein, a German-born American physicist and Nobel laureate, is best known as the creator of
Albert Einstein
Albert Einstein, a German-born American physicist and Nobel laureate, is best known as the creator of the special and general theories of relativity and for his bold hypothesis concerning the particle nature of light. He is perhaps the most well-known scientist of the 20th century. Einstein was born in Ulm on March 14, 1879, and spent his youth in Munich, where his family owned a small shop that manufactured electric machinery. He did not talk until the age of three, but even as a youth he showed a brilliant curiosity about nature and an ability to understand difficult mathematical concepts. At the age of 12 he taught himself Euclidean geometry. In the first of these papers, on Brownian motion, he made significant predictions about the motion of particles that are randomly distributed in a fluid. These predictions were later confirmed by experiment. The second paper, on the photoelectric effect, contained a revolutionary hypothesis concerning the nature of light. Einstein not only proposed that under certain circumstances light can be considered as consisting of particles, but he also hypothesized that the energy carried by any light particle, called a photon, is proportional to the frequency of the radiation. The formula for this is E = hu, where E is the energy of the radiation, h is a universal constant known as Planck's constant, and u is the frequency of the radiation. This proposal-that the energy contained within a light beam is transferred in individual units, or quanta-contradicted a hundred-year-old tradition of considering light energy a manifestation of continuous processes. Virtually no one accepted Einstein's proposal. In fact, when the American physicist Robert Andrews Millikan experimentally confirmed the theory almost a decade later, he was surprised and somewhat disquieted by the outcome.

16. Albert Einstein
Albert Einstein. Albert Einstein Texts and Pictures. Einstein, Albert, On the Electrodynamics of Moving Bodies Annalen der Physik. June 30
Main Page See live article Alphabetical index
Albert Einstein
Albert Einstein March 14 April 18 ) was a physicist and mathematician who proposed the theory of relativity . He also made major contributions to the development of quantum mechanics statistical mechanics and cosmology , and is generally regarded as the most important physicist of the 20th century . He was awarded the Nobel Prize for Physics for his explanation of the photoelectric effect and "for his services to Theoretical Physics however, the announcement of the award was not made until a year later, in In Einstein was named "Person of the Century" by Time Magazine In popular culture, Einstein has become synonymous with someone of very high intelligence . His face is also one of the most recognizable the world-over. In his honor, a unit used in photochemistry was named after him. An einstein is equal to Avogadro's number times the energy of one photon of light. The chemical element Einsteinium is named after the scientist as well. Abram Joffe, in Einstein's biography , argues that Einstein was assisted by his wife Mileva Maric , who was a mathematician.

17. Albert Einstein - Encyclopedia Article About Albert Einstein. Free Access, No Re
encyclopedia article about Albert Einstein. Albert Einstein in Free online English dictionary, thesaurus and encyclopedia. Albert Einstein. Einstein
Dictionaries: General Computing Medical Legal Encyclopedia
Albert Einstein
Word: Word Starts with Ends with Definition Albert Einstein March 14 March 14 is the 73rd day of the year in the Gregorian Calendar (74th in Leap years). There are 292 days remaining.
  • 1489 - The Queen of Cyprus, Catherine Cornaro, sells her kingdom to Venice.
  • 1492 - Queen Isabella of Castille ordered her 150 000 Jewish subjects to convert to Christianity or face expulsion.
  • 1647 - Thirty Years War: Bavaria, Cologne, France and Sweden sign the Truce of Ulm.

Click the link for more information. Centuries: 18th century - 19th century - 20th century Decades: 1820s 1830s 1840s 1850s 1860s -
  • January 11 - Anglo-Zulu War begins
  • January 22 - Zulu troops massacre British troops at the Battle of Isandlwana
  • February 12 - At New York City's Madison Square Garden the first artificial ice rink in North America opens.

Click the link for more information. April 18 April 18 is the 108th day of the year in the Gregorian calendar (109th in leap years). There are 257 days remaining.
  • 1518 - Bona Sforza is crowned as queen of Poland and married to Sigismund I of Poland.

18. Albert Einstein Archives
The albert einstein Archives at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem own the Literary Estate of albert einstein, as declared in his last will and testament albert einstein. einstein Archives. Resources on einstein. Literary Estate. Commercial Use. einsteinforKids. Multimedia. News
Albert Einstein Archives
Albert Einstein Archives at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem own the Literary Estate of Albert Einstein, as declared in his last will and testament. In this site you'll find information about Albert Einstein and the Albert Einstein Archives.
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19. Albert Einstein Online
Nearly everything related to einstein on the web.
Albert Einstein Online
Table of Contents
Overviews Moments Physics Writings ... About this Site
Overviews about Einstein

20. Albert Einstein Home Page
To The. albert einstein Home Page. A note about or that element. I want to know His thoughts; the rest are details. albert einstein.
To The Albert Einstein Home Page A note about this site: I put information on this site that I thought would be useful to other students, but hopefully others will be able to get something out of it. "I want to know how God created this world. I am not interested in this or that phenomenon, in the spectrum of this or that element. I want to know His thoughts; the rest are details." Albert Einstein SEARCH the Einstein Home Page
Find: any terms all terms as a phrase Case: insensitive sensitive Introduction Early Life Scientific Works Later Life ... An Einstein Poem
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Albert Einstein's World As I See It

Albert Einstein's Ideas and Opinions

Albert Einstein's The Meaning of Relativity

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