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  1. Pierre Duhem: Philosophy and History in the Work of a Believing Physicist by Bill Martin Jr., 1999-10-27
  2. Scientist and Catholic: Pierre Duhem by Stanley L. Jaki, 2004-10-01
  3. Pierre Duhem: Essays in History and Philosophy of Science by Pierre Duhem, Roger Ariew, et all 1996-10
  4. Medieval Cosmology: Theories of Infinity, Place, Time, Void, and the Plurality of Worlds by Pierre Duhem, 1987-08-15
  5. Thermodynamics and Chemistry: A Non-Mathematical Treatise for Chemists and Students of Chemistry by Pierre Maurice Marie Duhem, 2010-04-05
  6. The Aim and Structure of Physical Theory (Princeton Science Library) by Pierre Maurice Marie Duhem, 1991-07-09
  7. The methodology of Pierre Duhem by Armand Lowinger, 1967
  8. Uneasy Genius: The Life and Work of Pierre Duhem (International Archives of the History of Ideas Archives internationales d'histoire des idées) by St.L. Jaki, 1987-06-30
  9. Lettres de Pierre Duhem a sa fille Helene (Scientifiques & croyants, 7) (French Edition) by Pierre Maurice Marie Duhem, 1994
  10. Duhem science, realite et apparence: La relation entre philosophie et histoire dans l'euvre de Pierre Duhem (Mathesis) (French Edition) by Anastasios Brenner, 1990

1. Duhem
Pierre Maurice Marie Duhem. Pierre Duhem s father was PierreJoseph Duhem,a commercial traveller, and his mother was Alexandrine Fabre.
Pierre Maurice Marie Duhem
Born: 10 June 1861 in Paris, France
Died: 14 Sept 1916 in Cabrespine, France
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Pierre Duhem When Hadamard Hadamard wrote in [17]:- Hermite , or that of , whose works he followed better than most of us could I mean the most specialised in mathematics ! But in a general way, all the great mathematical ideas, all the one which were truly fruitful, were familiar to him. From this time I owe him revelations, insights how broad, how disdainful of details to the profit of that which was really essential! which for me, effortlessly and as if unconsciously, replaced long months of study. Duhem knew he was right and boldly published the rejected thesis in 1886. This certainly did not help his relations with Berthelot, as one might imagine, and the bad news for Duhem was that Berthelot became French Minister of Education in 1886. Duhem meanwhile worked on a second thesis, this time wisely choosing a mathematical topic which was less likely to be affected by the fate of his first thesis. His mathematical work on magnetism was accepted in 1888 but he suffered all his life because of Berthelot. In spite of having grown aware of Duhem's scientific triumph over him, Berthelot could not bring himself to acknowledge this to the extent of letting him obtain a chair in Paris. At stake was the renown of the theoretical interpretation which Berthelot gave to his vast and most valuable experimental researches. It was all too human of Berthelot to protect that interpretation from Duhem's devastating criticism which, if delivered from a chair in Paris, would have forced Berthelot into the open. Herein lies the clue to the slighting which affected Duhem for thirty years, from his first doctoral dissertation to his very death, that is his whole academic career. Without a careful look at it a presentation of Duhem's life would not appear that poignant drama which it actually was.

2. DUHEM Pierre (1861-1916)
Translate this page duhem pierre (1861-1916). Des trois volets de l La vie. Pierre Duhemnaquit le 10 juin 1861 à Paris. Son père, originaire de Roubaix
DUHEM Pierre (1861-1916) experimentum crucis La vie L’œuvre scientifique potentiel thermodynamique Le Potentiel thermodynamique ou Clerk Maxwell et longitudinales. Recherches sur l’hydrodynamique Le philosophe des sciences objet et de classer logiquement e classification naturelle Les conceptions du Duhem sur la structure e bons sens L’historien des sciences (1906-1913), comme dans son monumental e e Dans Syzein ta fainomena ( D’autres travaux historiques de Duhem, sur (1903), sur Les Origines de la statique Le Mixte

3. Quotation By Pierre Duhem
Pierre Duhem (1861 1916). The whole theory of electrostatics constitutesa group of abstract ideas and general propositions, formulated
Pierre Duhem
The whole theory of electrostatics constitutes a group of abstract ideas and general propositions, formulated in the clear and concise language of geometry and algebra, and connected with one another by the rules of strict logic. This whole fully satisfies the reason of a French physicist and his taste for clarity, simplicity and order ... Here is a book [by Oliver Lodge] intended to expound a new theory. In it are nothing but strings which move around pulleys, which roll around drums, which go through pearl beads ... toothed wheels which are geared to one another and engage hooks. We thought we were entering the tranquil and neatly ordered abode of reason, but we find ourselves in a factory.

4. Duhem Pierre M.M. From FOLDOC
duhem pierre MM. history of philosophy, biography french historianand philosopher of science (18611916). In La ThÈorie physique Pierre M.M.

5. MSN Encarta - Risultati Della Ricerca - Duhem Pierre-Maurice
duhem pierre-Maurice . Pagina 1 di 1. http// Altri risultati per duhem pierre-Maurice .
MSN Home My MSN Hotmail Shopping ... Iscriviti a Encarta Premium Cerca in Encarta Encarta Risultati della ricerca per "Duhem Pierre-Maurice" Pagina di 1 Riservato agli iscritti a MSN Encarta Premium Duhem, Pierre-Maurice Articolo—Encarta Enciclopedia Duhem, Pierre-Maurice (Parigi 1861 - Cabrespine, Aude 1916), fisico, filosofo e storico della scienza francese. Insegn² nelle universit  di Lilla, di... Filosofia della scienza Articolo—Encarta Enciclopedia Compare nell'articolo Filosofia della scienza Francese, letteratura Articolo—Encarta Enciclopedia Compare nell'articolo Francese, letteratura Francese, arte Articolo—Encarta Enciclopedia Compare nell'articolo Francese, arte Nabis Articolo—Encarta Enciclopedia Compare nell'articolo Nabis Illustrazione libraria Articolo—Encarta Enciclopedia Compare nell'articolo Illustrazione libraria Bonnard, Pierre Articolo—Encarta Enciclopedia Compare nell'articolo Bonnard, Pierre Scuola di Pont-Aven Articolo—Encarta Enciclopedia Compare nell'articolo Scuola di Pont-Aven S©rusier, Paul

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Duhem Pierre
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More books by Duhem Pierre DUHEM PIERRE ]. JAKI, STANLEY L. Uneasy genius: the life and work of Pierre Duhem . (International Archives of the history of ideas 100). The Hague, M. Nijhoff, 1984, Or.cloth. with dustjacket, XII, 472 pp. DUHEM PIERRE L"emploi des Rayons X en medecine. Paris,1922. Orig. wrappers. 302p.
[SW: Duhem Pierre M.M. 1861-1916]

7. Textes De Philosophie Téléchargeables
duhem pierre, 1861-1916.Les origines de la statique (2 fichiers) Word Zip. La théorie
DUHEM Pierre, 1861-1916 Les origines de la statique (2 fichiers): Word Zip

8. Duhem Pierre : Le Systeme Du Monde. Tome 9 Economisez 50% Livres Et BD D'occasio
Translate this page Catégorie Sciences Histoire Et Philosophie Des Sciences. Auteur duhem pierre.Editeur HERMANN. duhem pierre Le systeme du monde. tome 9 Economisez 50%.

9. Bücher > Duhem, Pierre: Preise Und Angebote Bei Idealo
More results from Duhem - Translate this page COORDONNÉES duhem pierre 9 rue de Bruxelles 75009 Paris Region Ile-de-France - Pays France Téléphone professionnel 01

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Pierre Duhem Meiner Broschiert Ziel und Struktur der physikalischen Theorien.
zum Preisvergleich
Pierre Duhem Meiner, Hbg. Broschiert Ziel und Struktur der physikalischen Theorien.
zum Preisvergleich
Pierre Duhem Meiner Gebundene Ausgabe Erfahrung und Konvention. Zum Theoriebegriff der empirischen Wissenschaften.
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Lothar Schäfer Frommann, Stgt. Broschiert La theorie physique - son objet - sa structure
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Pierre Duhem Gebundene Ausgabe

10. Pierre Duhem - Encyclopedia Article About Pierre Duhem. Free Access, No Registra
encyclopedia article about Pierre Duhem. Pierre Duhem in Free onlineEnglish dictionary, thesaurus and encyclopedia. Pierre Duhem. Duhem
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Pierre Duhem
Word: Word Starts with Ends with Definition Pierre Maurice Marie Duhem 10 June June 10 is the 161st day of the year in the Gregorian calendar (162nd in leap years), with 204 days remaining.
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1997. duhem pierre, La théorie Physique, (1916), réed. Vrin 1989.
Histoire et philosophie
des sciences
    • M. Blay et V. Jullien
    • V. Jullien
      7 et 14 janvier.

    • M. Blay
      21 et 28 janvier

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    • Geometria e atomismo nella scuola galileiana , Firenze, 1992.
  • 12. Pierre Duhem
    Pierre Duhem. Pierre Maurice Marie Duhem 10 June 1861 ? 14 September1916 French physicist and philosopher of science. Duhem adopted
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    Pierre Duhem
    Pierre Maurice Marie Duhem 10 June 14 September French physicist and philosopher of science Duhem adopted an instrumentalist view of science. He gave his name to the Quine-Duhem thesis, which holds that for any given set of observations there are an innumerably large number of explanations. Thus empirical evidence cannot force the revision of a theory. He further observed that the failure of a theory to make accurat predictions implies a failure of the theory as a whole, not of a particualr part. These views were later adopted by W. V. Quine
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    Pierre Maurice Marie Duhem By J J O'Connor and E F Robertson available at
    This article is from Wikipedia . All text is available under the terms of the GNU Free Documentation License

    13. Pierre Duhem - Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia
    Pierre Duhem. From encyclopedia. Pierre Maurice Marie Duhem (10 June 1861– 14 September 1916) French physicist and philosopher of science.
    Pierre Duhem
    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.
    Pierre Maurice Marie Duhem 10 June 14 September ) French physicist and philosopher of science Duhem adopted an instrumentalist view of science. He gave his name to the Quine-Duhem thesis, which holds that for any given set of observations there are an innumerably large number of explanations. Thus empirical evidence cannot force the revision of a theory. He further observed that the failure of a theory to make accurate predictions implies a failure of the theory as a whole, not of a particular part. These views were later adopted by W. V. Quine edit
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    Pierre Maurice Marie Duhem By J J O'Connor and E F Robertson available at Views Personal tools Navigation Search Toolbox

    14. Ziel Und Struktur Der Physikalischen Theorien Pierre Duhem
    Translate this page duhem pierre Pierre Duhem Kategorie Physik Rubrik Kategorien NaturwissenschaftenTechnik Physik Geschichte Wissenschaftstheorie Medium Broschiert
    Ziel und Struktur der physikalischen Theorien Pierre Duhem
    Autor / Künstler / Gruppe / Hersteller: Pierre Duhem
    Titel: Ziel und Struktur der physikalischen Theorien.
    Duhem Pierre
    Pierre Duhem
    Kategorie: Physik
    Rubrik: Kategorien Naturwissenschaften Technik Physik Geschichte Wissenschaftstheorie
    Medium: Broschiert
    Christa Hackenesch-Selbst und Welt. Zur Metaphysik des Selbst bei Heidegger und Cassirer....

    della Mirandola Giovanni Pico-Kommentar zu einem Lied der Liebe. Commento sopra una canzone d'amore....

    von Kues Nikolaus-Schriften in deutscher Übersetzung 22. Über das Globusspiel. Lateinisch-deutsch....

    John Locke-Philosophische Bibliothek, Bd.75, Versuch über den menschlichen Verstand. Teil 1. Buch 1 und 2....
    Ingeborg Hedderich-Einführung in die Körperbehindertenpädagogik....

    15. Pierre Duhem
    Pierre Duhem. Pierre Maurice Marie Duhem 10 cervna 1861 ? 14 zárí1916 Francouzština fyzik a filozof vedy. Duhem hlásil
    švodn­ str¡nka Tato str¡nka v origin¡le
    Pierre Duhem
    Pierre Maurice Marie Duhem 10 června 14 z¡Å™­ FrancouzÅ¡tina fyzik a filozof vědy Duhem hl¡sil se ke stanovisku instrumentalisty vědy. On dal jeho jm©no k Quine-Duhem teze, kter½ ponech¡ si to pro jakoukoli danou sadu pozorov¡n­ tam b½t innumerably velk½ množstv­ vysvětlen­. Tak empirick½ důkaz nemůže s­la revize teorie. On dalečejÅ¡­ dbal na to opomenut­ teorie dělat accurat předpovědi implikuje nedostatek teorie v celku, ne particualr č¡st. Tyto pohledy byly pozdnějÅ¡­ adoptoval W. V. Quine
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    Pierre Maurice Marie Duhem J J O'Connor a E F Robertson dostupn½ u http: / / www-mezera. dcs. st-a. ac. uk / ~ historie / matematici / Duhem. html
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    16. Research Approaches In Systematic Musicology
    Ohio State University. School of Music. pierre duhem. Notes by David Huron. Music 829. March 31, 2000. duhem, pierre. ( 1905). La Théorie Physique Son Objet, Sa Structure. Paris Marcel Rivière; 2nd
    Ohio State University
    School of Music
    Pierre Duhem
    Notes by David Huron
    Music 829
    March 31, 2000
    Duhem, Pierre. (1905).
    Translated by P.P. Wiener as: The Aim and Structure of Physical Theory. Princeton: Princeton University Press, 1954; reprinted New York: Atheneum, 1962, 1977
    Pierre Duhem (1861-1916) was a French physicist and devote Catholic who was the principal exponent of a philosophy of knowledge known as conventionalism . Duhem argued that:
    • An external reality exists, but we are only able to study appearances.
    • We can never know whether one or another metaphysical view is correct.
    • The aim of science is not to explain in the sense of identifying which metaphysical view is correct.
    • Science must abandon the idea that it provides explanations in a deep (metaphysical) sense.
    • The goal of science is to discover regularities in the world, and to express these regularities as "laws".
    • Scientific "laws" should not be regarded as identifying "the way things actually are". Scientific "laws" are simply convenient short-hands.
    • Scientific laws can be conveniently expressed using mathematics. However, the mathematical symbols used in such equations do not necessarily correspond to anything real.

    17. Passion Of Pierre Duhem
    Wisdom's Children. The Passion of pierre duhem. by Ernest Brown. " Silence is the greatest persecution." Pascal turn of the 20th century, if not its greatest, pierre duhem's masterwork Le Systeme du Monde was suppressed by the
    Wisdom's Children
    The Passion of Pierre Duhem
    by Ernest Brown "Silence is the greatest persecution." Pascal In reality, science as a discipline was stillborn in Greece after Aristotle's death, long before Christianity came on the scene. If any discipline has been "flawed" due to religious reasons, it's the history of science. You see, the information about Buridan and Oresme was suppressed for years at the behest of certain elements of the French government, because it indicated a Christian origin of science. The case was notorious in France in the 50's, (when the info was finally released) and my philosophy advisor (an atheist and Marxist scholar) told me that it was used in French universities of the time as a prime example of government censorship (after I brought it up in class). Here's the story ... Despite the fact that he was one of France's greatest scientists at the turn of the 20th century, if not its greatest, Pierre Duhem's masterwork Le Systeme du Monde Although he was a Roman Catholic, and thus not entirely disposed to regard the Middle Ages as a wasteland, he shared the general belief that one had "to jump well over a thousand years from Archimedes or Ptolemy to Galileo" (Jaki, 178) to do the history of science. In doing a series of articles on the history of the science of statics, he jumped from Archimedes to Stevin and Cardanus. I'll let Jaki continue: But in reading Cardanus, Duhem found a cryptic reference to a certain Jordanus, a name noticed during the previous ten or so years by several historians of science, who, unlike Duhem, had not cared to track down that elusive figure whom Cardanus seemed to credit with an important scientific insight. The task, involving a search for half-a-millennium-old medieval manuscripts and the deciphering of their quasi-cryptic scripts, would have been shunned by all theoretical physicists and by most historians of science, who at that time were still few and far between. Duhem's heroic effort paid a most unexpected dividend. He found that in speaking of the laws of balance Jordanus, who turned out to have flourished around 1320, enunciated the law of virtual velocities which is the cornerstone of general dynamics. (Jaki, 178)

    18. Duhem, Pierre Maurice Marie
    duhem, pierre Maurice Marie, pyer mOrEs märE düem Pronunciation Key. Relatedcontent from HighBeam Research on pierre Maurice Marie duhem.
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      Duhem, Pierre Maurice Marie [pyer m O r E E Pronunciation Key Duhem, Pierre Maurice Marie (2 vol., 1911) aimed at a generalized, abstract thermodynamics that subsumed classical mechanics. His major philosophical work, (1906; tr. The Aim and Structure of Physical Theory, 1954), depreciates pictorial models in favor of an axiomatic approach, according to which a physical theory is not an explanation, but a system of mathematical propositions that represents experimental laws. As a historian Duhem discovered important currents of medieval thought in physics, cosmology, and astronomy, which he saw as precursors of the 17th-century scientific revolution. He set forth this material, hitherto almost unknown, in See study by A. Lowinger (1941). The Columbia Electronic Encyclopedia

    19. ABU - AUTEUR Pierre Duhem
    Textes de pierre duhem disponibles sur le serveur de l'ABU.
    Pierre Duhem
    Liste des textes actuellement disponibles sur le serveur
    La théorie physique, son objet, sa structure (1906)
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    20. PhilSci Archive - Motivational Realism: The Natural Classification For Pierre Du
    Paper from 2002 by Karen Merikangas Darling, addressing the conflict between realist and antirealist readings of duhem. Full text available in Microsoft Word format.
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    Motivational Realism: The Natural Classification for Pierre Duhem
    Darling, Karen Merikangas (2002) Motivational Realism: The Natural Classification for Pierre Duhem. Full text available as:
    Microsoft Word
    - Requires a viewer, such as Microsoft Word Viewer
    This paper addresses a central interpretive problem in understanding Pierre Duhem`s philosophy of science. The problem arises because there is textual support for both realist and antirealist readings of his work. I argue that his realist and antirealist claims are different. For Duhem, scientific reasoning leads straight to antirealism. But intuition (reasons of the heart) motivates, without justifying, a kind of realism. I develop this idea to suggest a motivational realist interpretation of Duhem`s philosophy. Keywords: Realism/Anti-Realism, Philosophers of Science, History of Philosophy of Science, General Philosophy of Science Conferences and Volumes: Philosophy of Science Assoc. 18th Biennial Mtg - PSA 2002 PSA 2002 Contributed Papers ID Code: Deposited By: Program Committee,

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