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  1. Prace Matematyczno-Fizyczne [Electronic Resource]., Volume 17 (Polish Edition) by Samuel Dickstein, 2010-03-04
  2. Odczyty O Matematyce Miane W Evanston Od 28 Sierpnis Do 9 Wrzesnia 1893 R.Dla Czlonków Kongresu Matematycznego: Odbytego W Czasie Wystawy Wszechswiatowej W Chicago (Polish Edition) by Alexander Ziwet, Felix Klein, et all 2010-05-12
  3. American Defender : The Biography of Honorable Samuel Dickstein by Dorothy Waring, 1935
  4. The immigration crew on the new deal railroad: Frances Perkins -- engineer, Daniel MacCormack -- fireman, Samuel Dickstein -- conductor by James H Patten, 1935
  5. American defender, by Dorothy Waring, 1935

1. Dickstein
Samuel Dickstein. Samuel Dickstein was brought up during difficult years forPoles, most of whom aspired to see the country of Poland reestablished.
Samuel Dickstein
Born: 12 May 1851 in Warsaw, Russian Empire (now Poland)
Died: 29 Sept 1939 in Warsaw, Poland
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Samuel Dickstein was brought up during difficult years for Poles, most of whom aspired to see the country of Poland re-established. Poland did not formally exist at the time of Dickstein's birth and much of the pattern of his life was dominated by the aim of Poles to restore their country. Poland had been partitioned in 1772 with the south was called Galicia and under Austrian control while Russia and Prussia controlled the rest of the country. In 1846, three years before Dickstein was born, there was an attempted revolution by Polish nationalists. The Prussian police had discovered their plans to start an uprising and they put a stop to it in their area. However the uprising spread to Galicia but there it was soon defeated by Austrian troops. During the following years when Dickstein was a young child Poles sought independence but were kept down by armed force. The Crimean War which ended in 1856 had a great influence within the Russian Empire. Some reforms were put in place in the Russian areas of Poland (which included Warsaw where Dickstein lived) but these only seemed to invoke anger among young patriotic Poles. There were political demonstrations and, towards the end of 1862, riots broke out in Warsaw. On 22 January 1863 there was a move to force young Poles into the Russian army and a widespread rebellion took place. For a year Dickstein, a youth aged 12, saw the Polish uprising being crushed. The victorious Russian occupiers then carried out executions, confiscations, and deportations, and one can only imagine how a young man like Dickstein might have felt knowing that Poles could not hope to rule their own country again in the foreseeable future.

2. Dickstein Samuel
dickstein samuel diksztajn s., urodzil sie w 1851, zmarl w 1939, matematyk,pedagog, historyk nauki; organizator polskiego zycia naukowego, popularyzator
Dickstein Samuel [diksztajn s.], urodzi³ siê w 1851, zmar³ w 1939, matematyk, pedagog, historyk nauki; organizator polskiego ¿ycia naukowego, popularyzator matematyki, autor prac z zakresu algebry. Studiowa³ na uniwersytecie w Warszawie, nastêpnie uczy³ matematyki w szko³ach warszawskich. W 1878 za³o¿y³ w³asn± szko³ê realn± (szko³a ¶rednia typu matematyczno-przyrodniczego). By³ cz³onkiem, a czêsto wspó³za³o¿ycielem, licznych towarzystw naukowych w Polsce i za granic±, m. in. Towarzystwa Kursów Naukowych i Towarzystwa Naukowego Warszawskiego. Od 1915 Dickstein by³ profesorem Uniwersytetu Warszawskiego. Zajmowa³ siê badaniami historii matematyki i nauk przyrodniczych w Polsce. W 1896 opublikowa³ ¼ród³ow± monografiê o J. Hoene-Wroñskim pt. Hoene-Wro ñskiego ¿ycie i prace. W 1888 Dickstein za³o¿y³ pierwsze polskie czasopismo naukowe „Prace Matematyczno-Fizyczne"; zamieszcza³ w nim równie¿ przek³ady prac matematyków obcych, co przyczyni³o siê do ukszta³towania polskiej terminologii matematycznej. Niektóre z obcojêzycznych prac, np. trzytomow± pracê E. Pascala Rachunek niesko nczono¶ciowy czy dwutomow± pracê tego samego autora Repertorium matematyki wy ¿szej

3. Dickstein
Samuel Dickstein. Born 12 May 1851 in Warsaw, Poland Died29 Sept 1939 in Warsaw, Poland. Show birthplace location
Samuel Dickstein
Born: 12 May 1851 in Warsaw, Poland
Died: 29 Sept 1939 in Warsaw, Poland
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(Alphabetically) Next Welcome page In 1905 Samuel Dickstein was a founder of the Warsaw Scientific Society and he was important in the development of the Polish Mathematical Society. He became professor of mathematics at Warsaw in 1919. His work was mostly in algebra and the history of mathematics. In particular Dickstein wrote an important monograph on Wronski in 1896. He died in the Nazi bombing of Warsaw in 1939 and all his family died during the German occupation of Poland. References (3 books/articles) Previous (Chronologically) Next Biographies Index
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4. Samuel Dickstein
Samuel Dickstein. Dickstein&nr=14

5. SA8000
Cody Samuel Colt Samuel Cornish Samuel Cunard Samuel Curtis Samuel D. Waksal SamuelDaniel Samuel de Champlain Samuel Delany Samuel dickstein samuel Dickstein
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6. Matematycy Polscy - Matematyka - Wirtualny Wszechœwiat
Matematycy polscy Jestes tutaj Matematycy polscy Spis rzeczy Indeks Auerbach HermanBanach Stefan Borsuk Karol dickstein samuel Janiszewski Bronislaw Knaster
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7. References For Dickstein
References for samuel dickstein. A Mostowski, La vie et l oeuvre desamuel dickstein, Prace matematycznofizyczne 47 (1949), 5-12.
References for Samuel Dickstein
  • Biography in Dictionary of Scientific Biography (New York 1970-1990). Books:
  • K Kuratowski, Half a century of Polish mathematics (Warsaw, 1973). Articles:
  • S Domoradzki, Samuel Dickstein (1851-1939) in the light of his correspondence with Wladyslaw Natanson and Marian Smoluchowski, Problems concerning science in Poland, Mathematics at the turn of the twentieth century (Katowice, 1992), 84-103.
  • A Mostowski, La vie et l'oeuvre de Samuel Dickstein, Prace matematyczno-fizyczne Main index Birthplace Maps Biographies Index
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    University of St Andrews, Scotland
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  • 8. Samuel Dickstein
    dickstein, samuel, a Representative from New York; born near Vilna, Russia, February5, 1885; immigrated to the United States in 1887 with his parents, who
    Samuel Dickstein
    Source: Biographical Dictionary of the United States Congress

    9. Jews Who Have Served In The United States House Of Representatives
    Marx, samuel, DN.Y. Elected 1922; died before assuming office. Jacobstein. Meyer.DN.Y. 19231929. dickstein, samuel. DN.Y. 1923-1945. Bloom, Sol. DN.Y. 1923-1949.
    Jews Who Have Served in the United States House of Representatives
    Represenative Party and State Years of Service Levin, Lewis Charles Amer.-Pa. Kaufman, David Spangler Hart, Emanuel Bernard Phillips, Philip D-Ala. Phillips, Henry Myer Hahn, Michael Strouse, Myer Levy, William Mallory ... Houseman, Julius D-Mich. Pulitzer, Joseph Rayner, Isidor Frank, Nathan Meyer, Adolph ... May, Mitchell D-N.Y. Levy, Jefferson Kahn, Julius Goldfogle, Henry Mayer D-N.Y Lessler, Montague Emerich, Martin D-III. Wolf, Harry Benjamin Sabath, Adolph Joachim Berger, Victor Luitpold Cantor, Jacob Aaron ... London, Meyer Soc.-N.Y. Siegel, Isaac R-N.Y. Kraus, Milton

    10. DICKSTEIN, Samuel (1885-1954) Biographical Information
    dickstein, samuel, 18851954. dickstein, samuel, a Representative fromNew York; born near Vilna, Russia, February 5, 1885; immigrated

    11. World History: Samhain Thru Sampo
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    12. World History: Samangan Thru Samguk Yusa
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    13. Simon Wiesenthal Center Multimedia Learning Center Online
    Solution, Resistance and Rescue, The World Response, Righteous Amongthe Nations, After the War, Index to Topics, Home. dickstein, samuel.
    Dickstein, Samuel

    14. In Search Of History: Spies Among Us (Samuel Dickstein Alexander Vassiliev)
    (samuel dickstein) And, in a Video Cassette available in NTSC In Search Of HistorySpies Among Us (samuel dickstein Alexander Vassiliev) R627 $19.95.
    In the wake of the Soviet Union's collapse, astonishing new facts about superpower espionage, particularly Soviet activities in the United States is just now coming to light. Experts like historian Allan Weinstein and former National Security Agency cryptanalyst Meredith Gardner expose a labyrinth of deceit, untold transgressions, and surprising revelations that turn accepted history on its ear. Recently declassified cables sent from U.S.­based KGB operatives back to their Moscow handlers, for example, prove that Alger Hiss really was a communist spy. Other evidence suggests that the KGB had operatives in sensitive positions in every organization from Los Alamos to the State Department and even Congress. (Samuel Dickstein) And, in a remarkable interview, former KGB operative Alexander Vassiliev, co author of In a Haunted Wood, tells the dramatic story of how he smuggled thousands of secret Soviet files to the West.
    Video Cassette available in NTSC
    In Search Of History: Spies Among Us (Samuel Dickstein Alexander Vassiliev)
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    Top Secret Missions Of The CIA. Top Secret Missions Of The CIA $59.95, InSearch Of History Spies Among Us (samuel dickstein Alexander Vassiliev).
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    Communists On Campus Oakland, California Revolutionary Conference, July, 1969

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    16. Samuel Dickstein (mathematician) - Encyclopedia Article About Samuel Dickstein ( More results from The Political Graveyard Index to Politicians Dickman to Diket Still living as of 1948. dickstein, samuel (18851954) of New York, New YorkCounty, NY Born near Vilna, Lithuania, February 5, 1885. Democrat. Dickstein (mathematician)
    Dictionaries: General Computing Medical Legal Encyclopedia
    Samuel Dickstein (mathematician)
    Word: Word Starts with Ends with Definition Samuel Dickstein May 12 May 12 is the 132nd day of the year in the Gregorian calendar (133rd in leap years). There are 233 days remaining.
    • 1191 - Richard I of England marries Berengaria of Navarre.
    • 1264 - The Battle of Lewes begins.
    • 1328 - Nicholas V is consecrated at St Peter's Basilica in Rome by the bishop of Venice.
    • 1588 - Henry III of France flees Paris after Henry of Guise enters the city.

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    • 61 BC - Pompey the Great celebrates his third triumph, for victories over the pirates and the end of the Mithridatic Wars.
    • 855 - Pope Benedict III becomes Pope.

    17. America
    Kurenets HOME PAGE. Click on Photos to Enlarge. America. Link BiographicalDirectory of the American Congress, 1774-1949, dickstein, samuel.
    Kurenets - HOME PAGE Click on Photos to Enlarge America Link: Biographical Directory of the American Congress, 1774-1949, DICKSTEIN, Samuel #am42:Eetka and Sam #am51: Sharona [daughter of Chaim Herbert] at her Wedding #am52: Sharona [daughter of Chaim Herbert] at her Wedding #am53:The family of Chaim Herbert #am54:David and Minnie (Daughter of Isadore Norman of Kurenitz) Deutsch (Daitch? Taitch), who emigrated to Chicago from Dunilovichi. David's place of birth was listed as Buda on the ship's manifest. On his death certificate
    (filled in by his son), his father's name is listed as Jacob Deutsch.
    The same son filled out Minnie's death certificate. Her birthplace is listed as Kurinitz and her father's name as Isadore Norman.
    marla also writes;
    My great grandfather David was born around 1848 and died at the age of 83 in Chicago in 1931.
    According to my father's first cousin, he may have had another wife (but I don't know if this was before or after Minke). Minke came to the US in 1907 with her youngest children, my grandfather Moische (Melvin) and his sister Ueche (Edna eldest son, Abe, came over first and settled in the Spokane area. His name in America became TAITCH. The next son, Morris, settled in the Akron, OH areaand his name became DAITCH in the U.S. Samuel, Herman, Rose and Ed became DEUTSCHes and settled in Chicago. Herman, Samuel and my grandfather, Melvin, became dentists and all had practices in the Chicagoarea. I also know that David raised his children in a very strict, Orthodox environment.

    18. Lubavitch Library
    volume no 9640, location 6U the Use of Our Mails for Propaganda Seeking To Underminethe American Form of Government dickstein, samuel Washington DC ,1940 8
    volume no: 9640, location: 6-U
    the Use of Our Mails for Propaganda
    Seeking To Undermine the American Form
    of Government
    Dickstein, Samuel
    Washington D. C. ,1940
    8 . 16 p.
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