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         Davenport Harold:     more books (55)
  1. Another Time--Another War by Harold Davenport, 2010-01-29
  2. Anaesthesia and the Aged Patient
  3. Paediatric Anesthesia by Harold T. Davenport, 1982-02
  4. Lectures in Advanced Mathematics - Multiplicative Number Theory by Harold Davenport, 1967
  5. Histological and Histochemical Tales by Harold A. Davenport, 1964-01-01
  6. A dissector's manual of human anatomy by Harold Alvin Davenport, 1963
  7. Mathematical Knowledge Management: Second International Conference, MKM 2003 Bertinoro, Italy, February 16-18, 2003 (Lecture Notes in Computer Science)
  8. Eurocal '87: European Conference on Computer Algebra : Leipzig, Gdr, June 2-5, 1987 : Proceedings (Lecture Notes in Computer Science)
  9. Collected Works of Harold Davenport by Harold Davenport, Bryan John Birch, et all 1977-06
  10. Pædiatric anæsthesia by Harold T Davenport, 1968
  11. Collected Works: v. 4 by Harold Davenport, 1977-12
  12. Catalogue of the papers and correspondence of Harold Davenport, FRS (1907-1969) deposited in the Library of Trinity College, Cambridge by Jeannine Alton, 1986
  13. The False decretals. by E.H. Davenport. by Davenport. Ernest Harold. 1893-, 1916-01-01
  14. Paediatric anaesthesia by Harold Thomas Davenport, 1967

21. Fionn. Davenport : Kelkoo - Finden Sie Die Besten Preise:
Translate this page Autor davenport , harold Bindung gebunden. Verfügbarkeit sofort lieferbar - KategorieBücher. € 64,15 Weiter Multiplicative Number Theory. Von
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Bindung: taschenbuch
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22. The Official Home Of Baseball Historian Dr. Harold Seymour And The SABR Seymour
A sport historian, Dr. davenport has written extensively on women’s sports andthe in The National Pastime about the occasion during which harold Seymour’s

23. The Official Home Of Baseball Historian Dr. Harold Seymour And The SABR Seymour
Review by Joanna davenport The renowned sportswriter for the Washington Post,Jane Leavy, has written a wellresearched book on the man some say was the

24. Auteur - Davenport, James Harold
Translate this page VIDEO. Auteur. davenport, James harold davenport, James H. davenport, JH davenport,James, Livre. davenport, James harold Berlin Springer , 1981, 197 p.

25. My Favorite Books By Shyam Sunder Gupta
10 davenport, harold. The Higher Arithmetic An Introduction to the Theory ofNumbers, 6th ed. Cambridge, England Cambridge University Press, 1992. 217 p.
My Favorite Books [1] Ball, W. W. R. and Coxeter, H. S. M. Mathematical Recreations and Essays, 13th ed. New York: Dover, p. 59, 1987. [2] Beck, Anatole; Bleicher, Michael N.; and Crowe, Donald W. Excursions into Mathematics, the Millennium Edition. Natick, MA: AK Peters, 2000. 499 p. [3] Beiler, Albert H. Recreations in the Theory of Numbers. New York: Dover, 1966. [4] Bressoud, D. Factorization and Primality Testing. New York: Springer-Verlag, 1989. [5] Carroll, Lewis. Pillow Problems and A Tangles Tale. New York: Dover, 1958. [6] Cohen, Henri. Advanced Topics in Computational Number Theory. New York: Springer-Verlag, 2000. 578 p. [7] Cohen, Henri. A Course in Computational Algebraic Number Theory, 3rd. corr. ed. New York: Springer-Verlag, 1996. 534 p. [8] Conway, J. H. and Guy, R. K. The Book of Numbers. New York: Springer-Verlag, pp. 33-38, 1996. [9] Crandall, Richard and Pomerance, Carl. Prime Numbers. New York: Springer-Verlag, 2001. 352 p. [10] Davenport, Harold. The Higher Arithmetic: An Introduction to the Theory of Numbers, 6th ed. Cambridge, England: Cambridge University Press, 1992. 217 p. [11] Bressoud, David M. and Wagon, Stan.

26. Jane Davenport Fairbank, Pioneer For Women In Physics, Dies
Memorial gifts can be made to the Jane davenport Fairbank and harold and MildredF. davenport endowment fund for the acquisition and maintenance of science
Stanford Report, July 16, 2003 Jane Davenport Fairbank, pioneer for women in physics, dies Jane Davenport Fairbank, a pioneer for women in physics and longtime member of the Stanford community, died July 1 in Palo Alto. She was 84. Fairbank was an accomplished scientist, editor and devoted mother. Her decades of community service included serving as president of the Stanford University Women's Club and of the Woodside High School PTA and as a founding member of the Bay Area Consortium on the Educational Needs of Women. Born Jane Davenport on Aug. 21, 1918, in Seattle, Fairbank graduated Phi Beta Kappa from Whitman College with an A.B. degree in chemistry and physics and was only the second woman to do graduate work in physics at the University of Washington. After the outbreak of World War II, she and her husband, William Martin Fairbank, a professor of physics at Stanford who died in 1989, were invited to leave graduate school and join the war project to develop ship-borne radar at the MIT Radiation Laboratory. Fairbank was the second woman scientist employed at the Radiation Laboratory. Following the war, she retired from physics and devoted her life to her family. "She always maintained that her sons were her greatest accomplishment," said her son William Fairbank Jr., who lives in Fort Collins, Colo.

27. Becker Medical Library Books
A=davenport, harold Alvin, 1895 N=QS 525 D247h 1960 (BACS 597639). T davenport.A=davenport, harold T. N=WO 445 D247a 1986 (BACS 448074).
Becker Medical Library Books Authors beginning with:D (page 6) T=Chemical carcinogenesis and molecular biology by Pascaline Daudel and Raymond Daudel.
A=Daudel, Pascaline. Daudel, Raymond,

N=QZ 206 D238c 1966 (BACS#471545)
T=Infectious diseases by Carl C. Dauer, Robert F. Korns and Leonard M. Schuman. ...
N=WK 810 C641a 1986 (BACS#448069)

28. Mathematical Knowledge Management. - Online Kaufen/bestellen, Bücher
Translate this page Bücher James harold davenport In Kooperation mit AlleProdukte. Bücher James harold davenport.

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Mathematical Knowledge Management.
von: Andrea Asperti Bruno Buchberger James Harold Davenport
Preis: EUR 40,66
Versandfertig in 2 bis 3 Tagen.
Medium: Broschiert
Hersteller: Springer, Heidelberg
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29. Slack Family Page 14
Marriage 4 JUN 1929 Thetford, Orange Co., VT Spouse Nutbrown, harold E. b. ABT1897 VT d. UNKNOWN. Marriage ABT 1841 Spouse davenport, Emerline d. ABT 1842.
Slack Family Page 14
For privacy reasons, Date of Birth and Date of Marriage for persons believed to still be living are not shown.
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Slack, Hattie L.
b. 8 NOV 1860 Royalton, Windsor Co., VT
d. AFT 1920
Parents: Father: Slack, John Quincy Adams
Mother: Little, Harriet Lorrain
Family: Spouse: Clark, Smith N.
Family: Marriage: 29 OCT 1879 Royalton, Windsor Co., VT
Spouse: Smith, William B.
b. 1855 Sharon, Windsor Co., VT
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Slack, Marie Elizabeth b. 4 JUN 1911 Thetford, Orange Co., VT d. APR 1995 Parents: Father: Slack, William Preston Mother: Robinson, Alice Family: Marriage: Private Spouse: Adams, Harold b. Private Family: Spouse: Jamieson, Clayton b. 20 AUG 1913 VT d. 12 DEC 1983 Hartford, Windsor Co., VT Family: Marriage: 4 JUN 1929 Thetford, Orange Co., VT Spouse: Nutbrown, Harold E. b. ABT 1897 VT d. UNKNOWN
Back to Slack Home Page
Slack, Fred C. b. AUG 1862 Sharon, Windsor Co., VT d. UNKNOWN Parents: Father: Slack, Don Carlos Mother: Stevens, Susan E. Family: Spouse: Harrington, Maude L.

30. Index Of The Turing Digital Archive
D/5; davenport, harold, A/9; Davies, DW, A/10, B/25; Dawson, John W.Jr., A/40; ‘Design for a brain’, B/34; ‘Die Widerspruchfreiheit
Index of the Turing Digital Archive
If you can't find what you want in this index, try searching for some key words or phrases or try browsing by category.
  • ‘A diffusion reaction theory of morphogenesis in plants’, C/7
  • ‘A formal theorem in Church’s theory of types’, B/29
  • ‘A method for the calculation of the zeta-function’, B/17
  • ‘A new mechanism which slows simple conditioning’, B/34
  • ‘A note on normal numbers.’, C/15
  • ‘A practical form of type theory I’, B/3
  • ‘A practical form of type theory II’, C/6
  • A.M. Turing Award, A/24
  • A.M. Turing’s Original Proposal for the Development of an Electronic Computer, B/25
  • Abraham, M., B/33
  • ACE (Automatic Computing Engine), B/1 B/2 C/32
  • Alan Turing : the Enigma, A/38 A/40 D/11 D/12 ... D/13
  • Alexander, C. Hugh, A/17
  • Almost periodic functions, B/10 D/11
  • ‘An electrical hypothesis of central inhibition ...’, B/48
  • Andrews, A.J.P., A/15
  • ‘Another proof’, C/23
  • Ashby, W. Ross, B/34
  • Association of Computing Machinery, A/24
  • Bachman, Charles W., A/24
  • Ball, W.W. Rouse, B/35
  • Bates, John A.V., A/5
  • Baum, Rudy M., A/40
  • Bayley, Don, A/5
  • BBC, B/5 B/6
  • ‘Bemerkungen zu den Grundlagen der Geometrie’

31. Browse The Turing Digital Archive
in envelope. Keywords Church, Alonzo; davenport, harold; Mahler, Kurt; Newman,Maxwell Herman Alexander. Provenance Assembled by the AM Turing Trust.
Browse the Turing Digital Archive
Contents of AMT/A/9 ( up to A
ALS and 2 TLS to M.H.A. Newman regarding publication of AMT’s papers from Harold Davenport, Kurt Mahler and Alonzo Church. 17 Mar. - 30 June 1958. Paper, 3 sh. in envelope. Keywords: Church, Alonzo; Davenport, Harold; Mahler, Kurt; Newman, Maxwell Herman Alexander Provenance: Assembled by the A.M. Turing Trust

32. The Collected Works Of Harold Davenport: 2
The Collected Works of harold davenport 2. by BJ Birch. ISBN 012-099302-3 / 0120993023.Title The Collected Works of harold davenport 2. Author BJ Birch.
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The Collected Works of Harold Davenport: 2
by B. J. Birch
ISBN: Title: The Collected Works of Harold Davenport: 2 Author: B. J. Birch Publisher: Edition: Hardcover (This book is out of out of print, but copies may be available for sale. Click below to check.) Found a mistake in this data?
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33. CCH : Staff
John Lavagnino, Willard McCarty, harold Short, Helen Skundric. Lecturer, Senior Lecturer,Director, Centre Administrator. Damien Doherty, Sarah davenport, Jasmine Kelly.
Home Please note : For all general enquiries, contact first. We prefer to be contacted by email. Department address : Centre for Computing in the Humanities, Room 11bb, King's College London, Strand, London, WC2R 2LS CCH Core Staff Zaneta Au Elliott Hall John Lavagnino Paul Spence ... Helen Skundric Research Development Marilyn Deegan KDCS Digital Consultancy Simon Tanner PBW (Prosopography of the Byzantine World) Michael Jeffreys Mary Whitby Tassos Papacostas The Durham Project Andrew Wareham Gabriel Bodard LTSN English Subject Centre Christie Carson Brett Lucas Visiting Fellows Lazlo Hunyadi In Memoriam Lynne Grundy John Lavagnino Willard McCarty Harold Short Helen Skundric Lecturer Senior Lecturer Director Centre Administrator John Bradley Martyn Jessop Paul Spence Hafed Walda Senior Analyst Senior Analyst Senior Analyst Senior Analyst

34. Stories, Listed By Author
davenport, WALTER (chron.) * 12,000,000 in Search of a Leader, (ar) Colliers Nov11 1944; Holy harold, (ar) Colliers Oct 11 1941; on Secretary harold Ickes.
The FictionMags Index
Stories, Listed by Author
Previous Table-of-Contents
DANIELS, NORMAN A. (chron.) (continued)

35. Project Euclid Journals
1 2 H. davenport, The collected works of harold davenport. Vol. 8 2 H. davenport, The collected works of harold davenport. Vol.
Current Issue Past Issues Search this Journal Editorial Board ... Viewing Abstracts with MathML Akihiko Yukie
Prehomogeneous vector spaces and ergodic theory, I
Source: Duke Math. J. Related Works:
Mathmatical Reviews number (MathSciNet): Mathmatical Reviews number (MathSciNet): Primary Subjects:
Secondary Subjects:
Full-text: Access denied (no subscription detected)
Access to Duke Mathematical Journal is available by subscription only. Please select one of the following options; or to exit this window, click your browser's back button.
Euclid Identifier: euclid.dmj/1077232450
Mathmatical Reviews number (MathSciNet):
Zentralblatt Math Identifier : To Table of Contents for this Issue
B. J. Birch and H. Davenport, Indefinite quadratic forms in many variables , Mathematika Mathematical Reviews: Zentralblatt-MATH: H. Davenport

36. Erdos0d, Version 2004, February 2, 2004 This Is A List Of The 509
1934 SZEKERES, GEORGE 5 joint papers 1934 TURAN, PAL* 30 joint papers 1936 davenport,harold* 7 joint papers 1936 FELDHEIM, ERVIN* 1936 GALLAI, TIBOR* (GRUNWALD
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37. Erdos0p, Version 2004, February 2, 2004 This Is A List Of The 202
7 joint papers, first in 1953 ROGERS, CLAUDE AMBROSE 7 joint papers, first in 1943KAKUTANI, SHIZUO 7 joint papers, first in 1936 davenport, harold* 6 joint
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38. Dirtbag
Perhaps Bell thinks that Reed has more credibility than davenport. with a host ofbogus witnesses, Reed claimed a microbiologist named Dr. harold Chacon from
UFO DIRTBAG(s) OF THE MONTH JUNE 2001 JONATHAN REED, ROBERT RAITH AND THE REED HOAX HOME THE DEAD ALIEN, THE DOCTOR AND THE DECEPTION, PART II By Royce J. Myers III ABOVE: Photo of Reed's bogus alien. "HI. WHAT IF WE HAD A DEAD ALIEN?" CLAIM: One of Reed's more outrageous claims involves Peter B. Davenport, Director of the National UFO Reporting Center located in Seattle, Washington. On national radio, Reed claims that his friend, known only as "Gary", anonymously called the National UFO Reporting Center and spoke directly to Davenport. Reed claims "Gary" asked 'what if' type questions regarding the so-called alien Reed was storing in a freezer at his home. Reed stated that it "was about the 17th" of October 1996 when the call was placed. FACT: Subject: Reed incident.
Date: Fri, 11 Feb 2000 15:18:57 -0800
From: "Peter B. Davenport" <>
Organization: National UFO Reporting Center
Dear Dr. Haley:
In response to your recent e-mail, dated 11FE00, I write again to say "Thank You!" for having done the legwork to get the facts regarding Jonathan Reed.

39. Harold Mitchell DAVENPORT, SR./Edna Ione SPENCER
Steve s Genealogy Page. Husband harold Mitchell davenport, SR. MotherLattieMae davenport Other Spouses CHILDREN Name harold Mitchell davenport, JR.
Steve's Genealogy Page
Husband: Harold Mitchell DAVENPORT, SR. Born: PRIVATE at: Married: at: Died: at: Father: Leslie Estee DAVENPORT Mother: Lucy Mae AMBROSE Other Spouses: Wife: Edna Ione SPENCER Born: 23 MAR 1925 at: Creswell, NC Died: 17 JUL 1997 at: Norfolk, VA Father: Eugene Herbert SPENCER, SR. Mother: Lattie Mae DAVENPORT Other Spouses: CHILDREN Name: Harold Mitchell DAVENPORT, JR. Born: PRIVATE at: Married: at: Died: at: Spouses: Barbara Anne DOANE Name: Larry Wade DAVENPORT Born: 4 SEP 1948 at: Norfolk, VA Married: at: Died: 25 APR 1970 at: Morehead City, NC Spouses: Name: Kay Frances DAVENPORT Born: PRIVATE at: Married: at: Died: at: Spouses: Donald Ralph THOMAS Willis Howard BELL, 3RD HOME EMAIL ... SURNAMES
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40. Harold Mitchell DAVENPORT, JR./Barbara Anne DOANE
Husband harold Mitchell davenport, JR. Born PRIVATE at Married at Died atFatherharold Mitchell davenport, SR. MotherEdna Ione SPENCER Other Spouses
Steve's Genealogy Page
Husband: Harold Mitchell DAVENPORT, JR. Born: PRIVATE at: Married: at: Died: at: Father: Harold Mitchell DAVENPORT, SR. Mother: Edna Ione SPENCER Other Spouses: Wife: Barbara Anne DOANE Born: PRIVATE at: Died: at: Father: Robert Maxwell DOANE Mother: Dorothy Emily DETTLAFF Other Spouses: CHILDREN Name: Melissa Louise DAVENPORT Born: PRIVATE at: Married: at: Died: at: Spouses: Robert Henry BRACEY Name: Steven Mitchell DAVENPORT Born: PRIVATE at: Married: at: Died: at: Spouses: Susan Elaine BOLAND HOME EMAIL SURNAMES
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