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         Darwin George:     more books (101)
  2. Frommer's Europe by Rail (Frommer's Complete) by Amy Eckert, Beth Reiber, et all 2008-03-10
  3. Frommer's Europe (Frommer's Complete) by Darwin Porter, Danforth Prince, et all 2008-10-06
  4. Charles Darwin, voyager-naturalist, (Science story library) by George Allen Cooper, 1966
  5. Darwin among the Machines by George Dyson, 1998
  6. The Origin of Species (Barnes & Noble Classics) by Charles Darwin, 2008-03-29
  7. Geological Observations On the Volcanic Islands and Parts of South America Visited During the Voyage of H.M.S. 'beagle' by Charles Darwin, George Brettingham Sowerby, et all 2010-02-03
  8. The Tides and Kindred Phenomena in the Solar System by George Howard Darwin, 1901-01-01
  9. The tides and kindred phenomena in the solar system by George Howard Darwin, 1962
  10. The Tides And Kindred Phenomena In The Solar System by George Howard Darwin, 2010-09-10
  11. The Tides and Kindred Phenomena in the Solar System. the Substance of Lectures Delivered in 1897 at the Lowell Institute, Boston, Massachusetts by George Howard Darwin, 1898
  12. Ebbe Und Flut Sowei Verwandte Erscheinungen Im Sonnensystem (German Edition) by George Howard Darwin, 2010-03-16
  13. Tides : And Kindred Phenomena in the Solar System by George H. Darwin, 1898-01-01

61. Darwin Among The Machines
(Click here for more details.). george B. Dyson darwin Among the MachinesThe Evolution of Global Intelligence. Helix Books/Addison Wesley, 1997.
ALSO BY GEORGE B. DYSON The only other book published by George Dyson is called Baidarka and it is on the totally unrelated subject of kayaks. IF YOU LIKED DARWIN AMONG THE MACHINES... Dyson points out that the first book to suggest the idea of a human society as a living being in its own right was Thomas Hobbes in his book Leviathan; or, The Matter, Forme, and Power of a Common-wealth Ecclesiasticall and Civill , published way back in 1651 (and still in print). I certainly intend to read that book someday. Another book on a related subject is Steven Levy's Artificial Life , also reviewed in this Bookshelf. RELATED RESOURCES Here is a page in which Dyson himself discusses the book. BUYING THIS BOOK Please click here if you would like to purchase Darwin Among the Machines (or other titles mentioned in this review). NEW REVIEWS NOTIFICATION To get notifications when new reviews are posted, please enter your e-mail below. (Click here for more details.) George B. Dyson
Darwin Among the Machines: The Evolution of Global Intelligence
Helix Books/Addison Wesley, 1997

62. Planet Neptune - George Lin's Australia Page
May 22, 2001 Tuesday - darwin (Top End), Australia. *. Sunset atthe Top End - darwin, Australia. darwin City is surprisingly small.
May 22, 2001 - Tuesday - Darwin (Top End), Australia Sunset at the Top End - Darwin, Australia So I am finally at the top end of Australia. I caught the 10:30 bus to the airport and had a chance to say goodbye to Lucy, Jo, and Simon again before I boarded my plane for my uneventful flight. Darwin City is surprisingly small. The streets and gardens are filled with tropical plants - signaling that it will not get cold here and it will not freeze here. It's a good sign. I unpacked and went to tour the city a little bit. There wasn't much going on here and it doesn't look like there's much to do around here. There is a very nice area along the esplanade where you can walk and jog and watch the sunset and that's what I did. One thing I noticed was many people smell here. They stink! Boys and girls, young and old, black and white, all stink. It's like they don't take showers and they never heard of deodorants. May 23, 2001 - Wednesday - Darwin I didn't do much today - I caught a local bus to a huge shopping center to stroll around, but I didn't buy anything. I caught the bus back to Darwin City and decided to book my tour with NTAT (Northern Territory Adventure Tours) again because of their great customer service back at Alice. It was for a 3 day 2 night bus tour. After that's done with, I went back to the hostel and chatted with a very nice and friendly Brit girl name Jean. We talked for a long while and she seemed like a very cool girl to hang out with. She went to the night market and came back to told me that she was talking to a guy there and will be staying with him for a few days for free. His business card says "Bent and Twisted", which was his business, making art shapes out of metallic wires. I thought the name was a little weird and didn't like the sound of it. I composed an email to her right there and asked her to reply to it when she gets it so I know she's OK. I haven't heard from her yet as of May 29th.

63. Planet Neptune - George Lin's Australia Page
May 27, 2001 Sunday - darwin, Australia. *. May 28, 2001 - Monday - darwin.I didn t do much today, just sat around, updated my web site and vegged out.
May 27, 2001 - Sunday - Darwin, Australia The Mississippi Queen - a train turned into a bar along with a collections of trailers as accommodations - Darwin, Australia I moved into the campervan at the Mississippi Queen today and unpacked and spread my stuff out. I was also able to do laundry and just chilled out a bit. They had pretty good dinner here for only A$9.50, plus it was an open mike night so there were live music from 7 til after 12, which sounded really good. I decided that I really like listening to the live music. There was a girl who sang "Because the Night" and she was really bad. Not many people clapped for her after she sang. May 28, 2001 - Monday - Darwin I didn't do much today, just sat around, updated my web site and vegged out. It's nice not to do much for a change and it's nice to have your own place. I must figure out what's making me homesick lately but since I moved to the Mississippi Queen, it hasn't been bad at all. I narrowly avoided Joerg today while he was walking in the streets. He walked right by me - unintentionally or not, it was good. May 29, 2001 - Tuesday - Darwin

64. Restoring The Tortoise Dynasty
george Goebel, who called himself Lonesome george in a television program. Itwas decided to bring the animal back to the Charles darwin Research Station
The Story of
Lonesome George
The small island of Pinta is located in the North of the Galapagos archipelago. One of the 11 remaining races of the Galapagos Giant Tortoise ( Geochelone elephantopus abingdoni ) comes from Pinta, but their history is a tragic one. Whalers and sealers heavily depleted their numbers in the 19th century, some ships taking many tortoises at a time. The tortoises were a good food source as they could live up to a year in the holds of the ships without food and water. Females were generally taken first as they are much smaller than the males and could be found in the more accessible lowland areas during the egg laying season. Before Lonesome George was found, the last reported sighting of tortoises on Pinta was in 1906, when the island was visited by the Californian Academy of Sciences. They collected three males, which were the last tortoises seen on Pinta for the next 60 years. Another issue for the Giant Tortoises of Pinta Island was the presence of goats, which were released by fishermen in the 1950's as an alternative food source. These introduced mammals destroyed much of the vegetation and directly competed with any remaining tortoises for food.

65. Correspondence To Sir Archibald Geikie: Sir George Howard Darwin To Peter Martin
Division. Correspondence to Sir Archibald Geikie Sir george HowardDarwin to Peter Martin Duncan. Administrative Information. Physical

66. Correspondence To Sir Archibald Geikie: Sir George Howard Darwin To Peter Martin
Correspondence to Sir Archibald Geikie Sir george Howard darwin to Peter MartinDuncan. Subseries Summary. Reference Code. GB 0237 Sir Archibald Geikie Gen.

67. Darwin Among The Machines: George Dyson
darwin Among the Machines Titelgegevens. Auteur(s), george Dyson. Uitgever, Penguin.Jaar, 1997. Bindwijze, gebonden. Blz, 286. Prijs, € 27,50. Status, Direct leverbaar,

68. The Mathematics Genealogy Project - George Darwin
Edmund Whittaker, University of Cambridge, 1010. According to our currentonline database, george darwin has 1 students and 1011 descendants.

69. The Mathematics Genealogy Project - Update Data For George Darwin
The Mathematics Genealogy Project

70. Darkness At Mid-Day -- Darwin's Attitude Toward Religion: In Cornell University'
darwin, george H., Bores. The Century, vol. 56, issue 6 (Oct 1898). darwin, georgeHoward, Professor, Saturn s Rings. Harper s New Monthly Magazine, vol.
A B C D ... Non-alphabetic
Darkness at Mid-Day Darwin's Attitude Toward Religion:
Previous Next Darkness at Mid-Day The Living Age , vol. 55, issue 697 (October 3, 1857). Darley's Illustrations of Margaret Putnam's Monthly , vol. 9, issue 49 (January 1857). Darley's Judd's Margaret Putnam's Monthly , vol. 8, issue 46 (October 1856). Darley's Sketches Abroad with Pen and Pencil The Atlantic Monthly , vol. 23, issue 135 (January 1869). Manufacturer and Builder , vol. 21, issue 9 (September 1889). The Darling Domestic Filter Manufacturer and Builder , vol. 26, issue 3 (March 1894). Darling Dorel Harper's New Monthly Magazine , vol. 2, issue 12 (May 1851). The Darling Filters Manufacturer and Builder , vol. 26, issue 9 (September 1894). Darlington's Memorials of Bartram The North American Review , vol. 70, issue 146 (January 1850). Darstellungen aus der Sittengeschichte Roms. Ludwig Friedlander The Atlantic Monthly , vol. 29, issue 174 (April 1872). Dartmoor, Colin The Drover's Carpet-Bag The American Whig Review , vol. 10, issue 20 (Aug 1849). Dartmouth College The New-England Magazine , vol. 1, issue 4 (October 1831).

71. George Darwin Vits/Carole Ann Stevenson
Husband george darwin Vits Born 26 May 1938 at Married 19 Aug 1958 atDied at Fathergeorge Joseph Vits MotherViola Lockwood Other Spouses
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Husband: George Darwin Vits Born: 26 May 1938 at: Married: 19 Aug 1958 at: Died: at: Father: George Joseph Vits Mother: Viola Lockwood Other Spouses: Wife: Carole Ann Stevenson Born: at: Died: at: Father: Jesse Marion Stevenson Mother: Norma Lydia Schloz Other Spouses: CHILDREN Name: Steven George Vits Born: 7 Jun 1959 at: Married: at: Died: at: Spouses: Margaret Jae Crandall Name: Scott Darwin Vits Born: 31 May 1960 at: Married: 8 Jan 1983 at: Died: at: Spouses: Barbara Manning HOME EMAIL SURNAMES
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72. George Deacon Division - Deep Seas Benthic Biology Group - Projects - The Darwin
george Deacon Division DEEPSEAS Group - Projects - The darwin MoundsThe darwin Mounds - Click the image for a full-size version.

George Deacon Division
DEEPSEAS Group Projects - The Darwin Mounds
Located at a depth of about 1000m in the north-east corner of the Rockall Trough, immediately south of the Wyville-Thomson Ridge (see figure above), the comparatively small carbonate 'Darwin Mounds' cover an area of approximately 100 km2 and contain some hundreds of mounds. Each of the mounds is approximately 100m in diameter and 5m high. Their sandy construction suggests that they are sand volcanoes - the result of fluidised sand 'de-watering', possibly as a result of slumping on the SW side of the Wyville Thomson Ridge. Above: The Darwin Mounds, west and east fields (see enlarged figures below) A second group of mounds, the east field was discovered in 1999 be SOC scientists carrying out an environmental survey for the UK Department of Trade and Industry.
The tops of the mounds are home to live colonies of the deep-water coral species Lophelia pertusa and the biological community that they support. Vulnerable to the effects of deep-water trawling Lophelia thickets on the Darwin Mounds east are already showing seabed marks left by crossing trawlers, leaving a scattering of dead coral fragments in the wake.

73. Hentzi: Darwin & Darwinism In Victorian Literature
5 See Gillian Beer, darwin s Plots Evolutionary Narrative in darwin, george Eliot,and NineteenthCentury Fiction (London Routledge and Kegan Paul, 1983) and
Darwin and Darwinism in Victorian Literature
27 September 1998 Interest in theories of evolution is such a regular feature of English intellectual life in the mid to late nineteenth century that there is hardly a major writer of the period whose work is not in some way touched by the issue. Darwin himself is everywhere in Victorian literature, including a fictionalized portrait in Elizabeth Gaskell's Wives and Daughters (1866), and he was by no means an isolated figure. On the contrary, the scientific debate in which he intervened so decisively dates back at least as far as the three volumes of Charles Lyell's Principles of Geology (1830-33) and includes such other important (albeit less authoritative) influences as Robert Chambers' enormously popular Vestiges of Creation (1844). In nineteenth-century England, the writings of natural scientists as well as popular presentations of their ideas found a substantial readership outside of the scientific community itself, as poets and novelists-along with a notable slice of the thinking public-eagerly ordered the latest scientific works the moment they were announced by the publisher. To appreciate the motives for this interest, one must look to the social history of the period, which is essential to a full understanding of the relationship between literary and scientific developments. England's progression from a largely agricultural society to a heavily industrialized one over the half century preceding the publication of On the Origin of Species

74. Darwin
Beer, Gillian. darwin s Plots Evolutionary Narrative in darwin, george Eliotand NineteenthCentury Fiction (London Routledge Kegan Paul, 1983).
Charles Kingsley: The 20th Century Critical Heritage
Brief Biography Works by Kingsley Secondary Works by Author ... Secondary Works by Date Darwin Theology Vol. LXXVIII, No. 655 (Jan., 1975): 22-30.

In this short examination of Kingsley's views on race Banton warns of the danger of presentism, that is interpreting these views in terms of the perspective and context of a later period. Some of Kingsley's writings, declares Banton, have been considered with a presentism interpretation and he himself "has at times been categorized as a racist by authors who reflect very little before applying this highly elastic contemporary category to people living in a period when the understanding of the biological nature of man was very different" (22). Racial Prejudices Presentism Darwin Evolution
Beer, Gillian. Darwin's Plots: Evolutionary Narrative in Darwin, George Eliot and Nineteenth-Century Fiction

Beer considers Kingsley's debt to Darwin and the evolutionary theories in his works, particularly The Water-Babies . The latter novel, Beer points out, echoes how Darwin's natural order reflects such features of Victorian society as division of labor, competition, and family structures. Kingsley also follows to a certain degree Darwin's challenge to Malthusian theories. Like Darwin, Kingsley disputes Malthus by regarding profusion and hyper-productivity as good and in his account of the evolutionary process of the once excluded Tom he challenges Malthusian social theory. "In its unguarded and unanalytic response to Darwin's ideas and rhetoric, Kingsley's work represents the first phase of assimilation. He grasped much of what was fresh in Darwin's ideas while at the same time retaining a creationist view of experience" (138).

75. Territory Independant Media Collective.
Court jury. David Kevin Loader, 43, killed george Martin, 64, atMandorah, west of darwin, in July 2001. Several witnesses gave

76. Insight Into Marine Science Observatory History Directors
Sir george Howard darwin 18451912 Sir george darwin was an English astronomer,who was the second son of the famous naturalist Charles darwin.

77. Levine, George: Darwin And The Novelists
Levine, george darwin and the Novelists, university pressbooks, shopping cart, new release notification.
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Levine, George Darwin and the Novelists Patterns of Science in Victorian Fiction . xiv, 320 p. 6_1/8 x 9_1/4 1988 LC: 91016075 Class: PR878.S34 Paper $27.00tx 0-226-47574-3 Fall 1991 Subjects:
  • History of Science
  • Literature and Literary Criticism: British and Irish Literature
The University of Chicago Press You may purchase this title at these fine bookstores . Outside the USA, consult our international information page File last modified on 5/14/2004. Questions about this title? email Email questions about books or availability to or questions about order status to . Click here here

78. Ritchie, David George: Darwin And Hegel With Other Philosophical Studies
Ritchie, David george darwin and Hegel with other Philosophical Studies, universitypress books, shopping cart, new release notification.
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Ritchie, David George Darwin and Hegel with other Philosophical Studies . Also available in The Collected Works of D.G. Ritchie, 1-85506-578-9. Distributed for the Thoemmes Continuum. 1893. 300 p. 5_1/2 x 8_1/2 2003 Cloth CUSA $95.00tx 1-84371-585-6 Fall 2003 Subjects:
  • Philosophy: General Philosophy
The University of Chicago Press You may purchase this title at these fine bookstores . Outside the USA, consult our international information page File last modified on 5/14/2004. Questions about this title? email Email questions about books or availability to or questions about order status to . Click here here

79. Read Darwin -Just A Minute - Judy George, Chairman And CEO Of Domain Inc. - Maga
Instead of selling my own ideas, I sat and listened. I let people say no tome, and I accepted it. —JUDY george, CHAIRMAN AND CEO, DOMAIN INC.

Magazine April 2002 > Just a Minute Archives

Daily News

... Talk Back
"It was one of those moments that almost cost me my company. In the first few years I was blinded by the passion of my idea, and being an entrepreneur, I thought I could conquer any odds single-handedly.
managing a business that the critical technologies and operations didn't really get addressed. We spent more money than we should have, we didn't deliver the furniture in a timely fashion, we disappointed a lot of customers, and we overspent on the image and the brand-building.
So I flipped it around. I hired people who were not intrigued by my great salesmanship, who would not be enamored with my style or who were even turned off by it. If I mesmerized them in the interview, they were not a candidate.
Then I learned to turn off the high beams and stop playing the role of the enormously charismatic saleswoman. Instead of selling my own ideas, I sat and listened. I let people say no to me, and I accepted it."

80. Comments Can The Internet Save The World From George W. Bush? - - Online Feature
darwin email Postings Red Necks are Scary! We can Save the World from theGeorge Bushes using the Internet Rolland Miller May 29, 2003, Say What?

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