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         Wastewater:     more books (100)
  1. Wastewater Engineering: Treatment and Reuse by Metcalf & EddyInc., George Tchobanoglous, et all 2002-05-01
  2. Wastewater Engineering: Treatment and Reuse by George Tchobanoglous, H. David Stensel, 2002-03-26
  3. Standard Methods for the Examination of Water and Wastewater by American Public Health Association, 2009-12-23
  4. Water and Wastewater Calculations Manual, 2nd Ed. by Shun Lin, C. Lee, 2007-06-26
  5. Applied Math for Wastewater Plant Operators - Workbook by Joanne K. Price, 1991-05-14
  6. Wastewater Treatment Plants: Planning, Design, and Operation, Second Edition by Syed R. Qasim, 1998-10-05
  7. Information Technology in Water and Wastewater Utilities, WEF MOP 33 (Water Resources and Environmental Engineering Series) by Water Environment Federation, 2010-09-10
  8. Simplified Wastewater Treatment Plant OperationsWorkbook (Volume 0) by Edward Haller, 1995-03-30
  9. Water and Wastewater Treatment: A Guide for the Nonengineering Professionals by Joanne E. Drinan, 2000-11-30
  10. Water and Wastewater Management in the Tropics
  11. Wastewater Microbiology (Wiley Series in Ecological and Applied Microbiology) by Gabriel Bitton, 2005-05-18
  12. Water and Wastewater Technology (6th Edition) by Mark J. Hammer, 2007-06-15
  13. Applied Math for Wastewater Plant Operators by Joanne K. Price, 1991
  14. Spellman's Standard Handbook for Wastewater Operators, Second Edition (3 Volume Set) by Frank R. Spellman, 2010-08-30

161. Wastewater Treatment Principles And Regulations, AEX-768-96
Fact sheet on wastewater treatment, by Ohio State University.
Ohio State University Extension Fact Sheet
Food, Agricultural and Biological Engineering
590 Woody Hayes Dr., Columbus, Ohio 43210
Wastewater Treatment Principles and Regulations
Karen Mancl Sewage is the wastewater released by residences, businesses and industries in a community. It is 99.94 percent water, with only 0.06 percent of the wastewater dissolved and suspended solid material. The cloudiness of sewage is caused by suspended particles which in untreated sewage ranges from 100 to 350 mg/l. A measure of the strength of the wastewater is biochemical oxygen demand, or BOD . The BOD measures the amount of oxygen microorganisms require in five days to break down sewage. Untreated sewage has a BOD ranging from 100 mg/l to 300 mg/l. Pathogens or disease-causing organisms are present in sewage. Coliform bacteria are used as an indicator of disease-causing organisms. Sewage also contains nutrients (such as ammonia and phosphorus), minerals, and metals. Ammonia can range from 12 to 50 mg/l and phosphorus can range from 6 to 20 mg/l in untreated sewage. Sewage treatment is a multi-stage process to renovate wastewater before it reenters a body of water, is applied to the land or is reused. The goal is to reduce or remove organic matter, solids, nutrients, disease-causing organisms and other pollutants from wastewater. Each receiving body of water has limits to the amount of pollutants it can receive without degradation. Therefore, each sewage treatment plant must hold a permit listing the allowable levels of BOD

162. Center For Decentralized Wastewater Management
The Center for Decentralized wastewater Management (CDWM) will improve publicand environmental health in Tennessee and the Southeastern United States by

Training Center


Recent Articles
Drip Guidelines

Civil Engr. 380 Aerobic Treatment Units
Technology Overview

Technology Slide Show

ATU Slide Show
University Links About the University Academic Programs Administration Libraries Research Support UT The University System A-Z Index WebMail Dept. Directory Select type of search People Search Campus Search System Search
Mission Statement The Center for Decentralized Wastewater Management (CDWM) will improve public and environmental health in Tennessee and the Southeastern United States by education and training onsite wastewater professionals, consumers, and decision makers and by advancing the science of decentralized wastewater technology through targeted research and demonstration. Program Description The CDWM is a research and outreach program of The University of Tennessee's Institute of Agriculture. The CDWM strives to support the decentralized wastewater management industry by advancing the science and engineering through applied research and educational programming. The two vital components of CDWM is a staffed research laboratory and a premier onsite wastewater training center. The research staff and laboratory is located on the university's agricultural campus in the Biosystems Engineering and Environmental Science department. The training center is located on the Middle Tennessee Experiment station in Spring Hill, Tennessee.

163. Water Treatment Company, Envirogard, Malaysia
Water treatment company which provides design, installation and servicing of wastewater, potable, and pure water treatment systems; bioremediation; and suppies equipment and chemicals for water treatment. Malaysia.
Designed and hosted by Pyramid Netsource Integrated Sdn Bhd

164. Penn State Wastewater Biology Series - Home Page And Schedule Of
wastewater biology courses designed for operators, technicians, and engineers involvedin the daily operation, process control, and troubleshooting of the

165. PPEKO - EnviroThinking(R)
Polish environmental engineering company delivering wastewater treatment plants, water treatment systems, membrane technologies, landfill leachate treatment systems and evaporation systems.
robots robots

166. Utah State University
Home Utah OnSite wastewater Treatment Training Program. Mission Statement. HuntsmanOn-Site wastewater Treatment Training and Demonstration Site.
Skip Repetitive Navigation Huntsman On-Site Wastewater Treatment Training and Demonstration Site Layout
Intermountain States On-Site Wastewater Treatment Forum Summary
Utah WaTCH Newsletters ... Home Utah On-Site Wastewater Treatment Training Program
Mission Statement
"To provide formal classroom and field training as well as technology transfer to Utah and other Rocky Mountain region regulators, consultants, contractors, and other stakeholders in on-site wastewater treatment systems." Training Center Overview Huntsman On-Site Wastewater Treatment Training and Demonstration Site
Development of Utah's On-Site Demonstration Site at Utah State University
Huntsman On-Site Wastewater Treatment Training and Demonstration Site Layout
Certification and Classes!!! If you are involved in the design, inspection and maintenance of underground wastewater disposal systems, or conduct percolation and soils tests pursuant to design of these systems, you will need to be certified or have applied for certifification by January 1, 2002, and must be certified no later than July 1, 2002. This requirement is based on rules recently adopted by the Water Quality Board.
The New Certification Classes Schedule for Spring 2004 is available.

167. WHO: Wastewater Use
Location WHO WHO sites WSH wastewater Use. wastewater use. Documentsavailable online Analysis of wastewater for use in agriculture.
English Search


Health topics
Emerging Issues
Water Sanitation and Health (WSH) About WSH Databases Guidelines Training ... Partnership Location: WHO WHO sites WSH Wastewater Use
Wastewater use
As freshwater becomes increasingly scarce due to population growth, urbanisation and, probably, climate change, the use of wastewater in agriculture, aquaculture, groundwater recharge and in other areas will increase. In some cases, wastewater is the only water resource available to poor, subsistence-level farming communities. Although there are benefits to using wastewater in agriculture - including health benefits such as better nutrition and food security for many households - uncontrolled use of wastewater frequently is associated with significant negative human health impacts. These health impacts can be minimized when good management practices are implemented. Guidelines for the safe use of wastewater in agriculture, need to find the right balance between maximizing public health benefits and still allowing for the beneficial use of scarce resources. Guidelines need to be adaptable to the local social, economic and environmental conditions and should be co-implemented with other health interventions such as hygiene promotion, provision of adequate drinking water and sanitation, and other primary health-care measures. WHO published Guidelines for the Safe Use of Wastewater and Excreta in Agriculture and Aquaculture in 1989. These guidelines have had a major impact on the rational reuse of wastewater and excreta in countries world-wide. The WHO guidelines for the safe use of wastewater and excreta in agriculture and aquaculture are currently under revision with expected publication in 2004.

168. Hartell Pumps
Manufactures small, centrifugal pumps used in wastewater and condensate removal.
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document.write(stuff); Hartell Pumps Home Page
Welcome to the Hartell Pumps Company Website. Hartell is a division of Milton Roy Company . Click on company link to see websites and contact info.
The Powerflow Series Pumps have been redesigned. KTP-15 and KTP-20 Models : New and Improved for the HVAC and Refrigeration Markets. The series pumps Have been redesigned to improve their resistance to chemicals and oils being used in the new generation HVAC equipment.
Company Profile
Hartell has been supplying quality Condensate*, Sink Drain/Wastewater**, Ice Machine, Magnetic Drive Circulating Pumps, and General Purpose reservoir pumps and accessories to the HVAC, Plumbing, and Refrigeration industries for over thirty years! Whether you are a contractor, or wholesaler, Hartell Pumps offers the right products to help get the job done right! * Condensate removal pumps are used to remove condensate formed by normal operation of a heating, air-conditioning appliance or gas condensing furnace.

169. Wastewater P2 Info For Printers/Lithographers
Link to DEP Home Page. Pollution Prevention Fact Sheet Sector Printers/Lithographers.wastewater. Is wastewater a Hazardous Waste?
Pollution Prevention Fact Sheet
Sector: Printers/Lithographers
Environmental Concerns
Is Wastewater a Hazardous Waste?

Pollution Prevention

Training and Planning
Environmental Concerns
Printing wastewater is generated from image processing, press washing and floor washing, and includes any other water or fluids that go down floor drains, sinks or other fixtures. It does not include 'sanitary' wastewater from kitchens or bathrooms. Printing shop wastewater typically contains chemicals such as spent developers, fixers, cleaners, and fountain solution. In some instances it may possibly contain oils, inks and solvents. The concern is that all of these chemicals have the potential to cause serious pollution if discharged through a dry well or septic system to the ground. Chemicals discharged in this manner will migrate and can render drinking water supplies unfit for human consumption. If discharged directly or indirectly to surface water, such as a stream, these chemicals can render the water toxic to fish and other aquatic life.
Is Wastewater a Hazardous Waste?

170. Debur, Media, Wastewater, Finishing, Deburring Machinery, Abrasive, Ultrasonic
Manufactures and distributes broad range of deburring, finishing, cleaning, and wastewater recycling equipment, as well as a variety of associated media and compounds.
17601 Sampson Lane
Huntington Beach, CA 92647
Tel 714/596-9774
Fax 714/596-9764 Welcome to!
Deburring, media, and wastewater troubles? Let us help you to solve your problems. Richwood Industries has bought a building, just minutes from the old location.
Please take note of our new address and phone/fax numbers: 17601 Sampson Lane
Huntington Beach, CA 92647 Tel 714/596-9774
Fax 714/596-9764
Deburring and Finishing


Media, Compounds and
Wastewater Supplies ... Direct Order
Richwood Industries is a woman-owned corporation which has been in business for over 15 years. We specialize in custom sizing of equipment and manufacturing to the customer's needs. We are also listed in the Thomas Register. For questions or comments, please do not hesitate to contact us. Your inquiry will receive our prompt attention. Media, Compounds, WW supplies Wastewater Recycling Home Direct Order ... E-Mail Us 1999, Richwood Industries, Inc. Last Update - April 2004

171. :::: Franklin Miller ::::
Franklin Miller is the leading manufacturer of wastewater disintegrators, grindersand comminutors for fine reduction of solids in open channel, inline or

View Products
Grinders and Screens

Read our latest Newsletter........................ click here
Our grinders have proven invaluable in improving plant operations worldwide.

The SPIRALIFT is an effective, easy to install processor that fine screens, washes and removes solids while it grinds them !


Great Deals

Newsletter What's New! SPIRALIFT SR septage receiving stations not only fine screen and streamline the receiving of septage at plant headworks but they can verify user authorization and provide billing information as well. FMI-MAINTO div. rebuilds major brand grinders with cutter cartridge technology. Give us your old rusty, problem prone, broken down grinders and we'll return them better than new!. TASKMASTER ROVER Now there is a unit that harnesses the power of twin shaft grinding in a true high flow channel grinder the Taskmaster Rover. SUPER SHREDDER The SUPER SHREDDER in-line disintegrator reduces tough wastewater solids to fine bits with a unique, high flow, spherical rotor design.

172. Capaccio Environmental Engineering, Inc.
Provides consulting and engineering services in the areas of environmental management systems, ISO14000, environmental auditing, air pollution prevention and control, hazardous waste management, site assessment and remediation, water and wastewater treatment, training, environmental permitting, resource conservation and pollution prevention.
293 Boston Post Road West
Marlborough, MA 01752
Regulatory News!!
EU Commision Accepting Comments on RoHS Directive

173. American Chemical Society: Environmental Science & Technology Hot Article
Pharmaceuticals, Hormones, and Other Organic wastewater Contaminantsin US Streams, 19992000 A National Reconnaissance. Dana W. Kolpin
Web Release Date: March 15, 2002
Pharmaceuticals, Hormones, and Other Organic Wastewater Contaminants in U.S. Streams, 1999-2000: A National Reconnaissance
Dana W. Kolpin, Edward T. Furlong, Michael T. Meyer, E. Michael Thurman, Steven D. Zaugg, Larry B. Barber, and Herbert T. Buxton
U.S. Geological Survey, 400 S. Clinton Street, Box 1230, Iowa City, Iowa 52244; U.S. Geological Survey, Box 25046, MS 407, Denver, Colorado 80225-0046, U.S. Geological Survey, 4500 SW 40th Avenue, Ocala, Florida 34474; U.S. Geological Survey, 4821 Quail Crest Place, Lawrence, Kansas 66049; U.S. Geological Survey, Box 25046, MS 407, Denver, Colorado 80225-0046; U.S. Geological Survey, 3215 Marine Street, Boulder, Colorado 80303; U.S. Geological Survey, 810 Bear Tavern Road, West Trenton, New Jersey 08628 [Abstract in html] [Full text in html] [Full text in PDF]
See accompanying Online News article
A nonprofit organization with a membership of more than 159,000 chemists and chemical engineers, the American Chemical Society publishes scientific journals and databases, convenes major research conferences, and provides educational, science policy and career programs in chemistry. Its main offices are in Washington, D.C., and Columbus, Ohio.
More Hot Articles from
Journal Home Page

174. John Shaw Consulting, LLC - Water And Wastewater Industry Civil Engineer Consult
Providing civil engineering services specific to water and wastewater including design, consulting, forensic, expert witness, regulatory, operations and maintenance and management.
John Shaw Consulting, LLC
Civil Engineer - Consultant - Expert Witness
Consulting, Engineering (design, forensics and planning), Operations
and Management Services specific to water and wastewater industry
John Shaw Consulting, LLC offers over 15 years of expertise in sanitary engineering including water (potable) and wastewater (industrial and domestic) treatment, conveyance, hydraulics (gravity and force), storage, reuse (biosolids and treated effluent), master planning, operations and maintenance, and forensics (mode of failure, standard of care and failure analysis). Water projects include: treatment plants, transmission pipelines, pump stations, pressure regulating stations, AWWA storage reservoirs and swimming pools. Wastewater projects include: wastewater treatment plants, effluent re-use and/or disposal facilities, sewage lift station design, collection systems and sludge treatment, de-watering and disposal/reuse handling facilities. Typical clients include: other engineering firms, municipal or private utilities, private industry, insurance companies as well as the legal professional (lawyers) and regulatory bodies. For more information please peruse curriculum vitae work history and past projects John Shaw is a Certified Operator and Registered Professional Engineer in several states and is affiliated with several water, waste water

175. Water Wastewater Assoc, News Other
Water wastewater Other Links. Associations Organizations Water wastewater Magazines News Top Agua Latina Technical Water Magazine for Latin America;

176. Industrial Chemistry Services, New Zealand
Range of services including water, wastewater treatment, portable plant available within New Zealand.
ICS Home
Industrial Chemistry Services
is a well-established provider of chemical, operational and analytical expertise for a wide range of industrial and agricultural applications. We are a privately owned, independent organisation with proven experience in industry - within New Zealand and overseas. We pride ourselves on supplying rapid, reliable solutions for our clients. Our multi-skilled staff and extensive resources enable us to provide high quality service to all our clients.
For rapid, accurate advice and solutions
Make us your first choice

Services Profile Enquiries
Industrial Chemistry Services Ltd

27 Miranda St, PO Box 345, Stratford, New Zealand
Ph: Fax: E-mail:
Web design optimisation, hosting: WebFocus New Plymouth, Taranaki, NZ
In association with: Ya Wanna Website designer Tara Sandbrook.

177. WWOA - Wisconsin Wastewater Operator's Association
The WWOA is comprised of about 1,700 wastewater treatment plant professionalsserving municipalities and industries throughout the State.
A new and improved version of the popular wwoa mail list is up
and running. Follow the sidebar link on any page to subscribe. The WWOA is comprised of about 1,700 wastewater treatment plant professionals serving municipalities and industries throughout the State. The organization members pride themselves on the efficient, non-polluting operation of the Wisconsin wastewater treatment facilities. Since 1967, the Wisconsin Wastewater Operator's Association has helped educate the state's treatment plant operators, preparing them to make decisions which will insure harm does not come to the quality of the state's water resources. Professional Operator's
Motorcycle Ride
July 23-24, 2004 (details) Annual Golf Outing
June 14, 2004

178. Northeast Pump And Instrument Company - Site Map
Distributor for the water and wastewater treatment industry. Offers metering pumps, controllers, flow meters, electrodes, valves, pulsation dampeners, tanks, alarm monitors, and panel mounted systems.
Site Map

179. EMWD: Wastewater Service
wastewater Treatment. Treating wastewater is critical to public health. It isalso an important way to help conserve and preserve our water supplies.

wastewater treatment

Quick Links... Meet EMWD Your Water Service Wastewater Service Conservation Corner Water Education WWW Resources Doing Business

Wastewater Treatment
Treating wastewater is critical to public health. It is also an important way to help conserve and preserve our water supplies. Every gallon of water that can be reused means that one more gallon can remain underground; or one more gallon doesn't need to be imported from Northern California or from the Colorado River. With about 25,000 acre-feet of recycled water sold annually by EMWD, recycled water is a significant resource. In comparison, domestic and agricultural customers take about 75,000 acre-feet a year of fresh water.
There are two grades of recycled water: tertiary water and secondary water. Secondary Water
After having gone through a primary (mechanical) process using screens, settling tanks and skimmers, a higher (biological) treatment level incorporates bacteria which feed on nutrients. Primary treatment removes about 70% of suspended solids; secondary treatment removes 85-90% of the remaining suspended solids and other impurities.

180. Master Meter, Inc. : Home
Manufactures water and wastewater treatment products, including submetering, multijets, electromagnetic flow meters, Liquidmaster, flow controllers, automatic meter reading systems.
Corporate Office:
100 E. 15th St., Suite 350
Fort Worth, TX 76102
Tel: 800-765-6518
Fax: 817-336-3840
Email us at:
Master Meter is a Proud Member of the American Water Works Association
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FAQs Downloads Price Sheets ...
Master Meter launches new and improved website.

More Headlines Master Meter, Inc. manufactures Meters and Automatic Meter Reading Systems designed specifically for the following market categories:

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