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         Wastewater:     more books (100)
  1. Operation of Wastewater Treatment Plants: A Field Study Training Program (Volume 1) by Kenneth D. Kerri, 2008
  2. Wastewater Purification: Aerobic Granulation in Sequencing Batch Reactors

141. Annual Wastewater Reporting
Reporting requirements for every person doing business within this state whodischarges wastewater to the waters of the state or to a sewer system.,1607,7-135-3307_3667_4136---,00.html
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Permits Programs ...
Michigan Annual Wastewater Reporting

Revised administrative rules (R 299.9001 through 299.9008) governing Michigan's Annual Wastewater Reporting (AWR) program went into effect July 28, 2000. The new rules are the result of a thorough review and updating of the AWR program. Companies who are required to file wastewater reports should begin compiling data on January 1, 2001 for submission of their first report on August 1, 2002. Individuals may wish to periodically check this page for up to date information about the AWR program.

Forms Required for Annual Wastewater Reporting (AWR)
AWR Missions and Goals US EPA: Locate Your Watershed ...
US EPA Prevention, Pesticides, and Toxic Substances

Quick Links Contact Information for Waste Water Reporting Surface Water Quality Hazardous Waste Office of Great Lakes ... Security Policy

142. New Richmond Utilities
Locally owned and operated electric, water, and wastewater utility, serving customers in New Richmond, Wisconsin. Customer services, contact details, and energy efficiency.
To Our Customers Local Ownership Employees Our Community ...
May is National Electrical Safety Month

New Richmond Utilities is joining more than 2,000 other community-owned utilities nationwide and the Electrical Safety Foundation International (ESFI) to observe National Electrical Safety Month in May. Read More Utility Celebrates Water Week
May 2 – 9 was Water Week throughout Wisconsin. The utility commemorated the special week by giving water and wastewater presentations for the 4th Grade class at East Elementary School. Read More New Richmond Utilities · 156 E. First Street · New Richmond, WI 54017-1802
Phone: (715) 246-4167 · Fax: (715) 246-7129
Privacy Statement

Welcome to the. LAKE MILLS wastewater UTILITY. Web Site. The Lake WEBSITE. Last modified March 9th, 2004. wastewater Microbe of the Month.
Welcome to the LAKE MILLS WASTEWATER UTILITY Web Site The Lake Mills Wastewater Utility serves a population of 5200 around beautiful Rock Lake in south-central Wisconsin. Built in 1991, the Lake Mills Wastewater Plant uses a combination of physical, biological and chemical processes to reach the required parameters of water quality. The Virtual Tour will give you, the visitor, an idea of how these processes work to help keep the area environment in the condition that Lake Mills is proud of. THIS SITE HAS BEEN VISITED TIMES E-Mail us with your questions or comments about this web site. "2004 " LAKE MILLS WASTEWATER UTILITY WEB SITE Last modified: March 9th, 2004 Wastewater Microbe of the Month Lake Mills Beaches Weekly Bacterial Count Other Wastewater Utility Links

144. S E A Consultants Inc.
Technical capabilities include water supply/wastewater, civil, geotechnical, structural and environmental engineering, as well as architectural and building services. SEA has inhouse trenchless technology expertise.
Clarence I. Sterling, Jr., founder of the firm in 1956, had a vision of providing innovative engineering solutions to clients. He, along with Lester Gaynor and Paul Ross, worked with a diverse clientele "to provide sound, creative professional services on a personalized basis."
This value legacy is thriving in the 21st century. In response to evolving needs in the building industry, S E A Consultants has grown steadily and is now a diversified, multi-discipline engineering and architectural firm. With staff in offices in Cambridge, MA, Rocky Hill, CT, and Concord, NH, S E A serves clients throughout New England and the eastern seaboard. S E A Consultants enjoys a broad reach in terms of market sectors:
Our state government clients include the New Hampshire, Connecticut and Maine Departments of Transportation, Massachusetts Department of Capital Asset Management, Massport, and Massachusetts Water Resources Authority (MWRA). We are working with federal agencies such as the National Guard in both New Hampshire and Massachusetts, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, and the U.S. Forest Service. Our higher education clients include Harvard University, Yale University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, the Mass State College Building Authority, and the Universities of Connecticut and Pennsylvania.

145. City Of Raleigh | Public Utilities | Wastewater Treatment
The Neuse River wastewater Treatment Plant is an advanced or tertiarywastewater treatment facility serving the City of Raleigh.
The Neuse River Wastewater Treatment Plant is an advanced or tertiary wastewater treatment facility serving the City of Raleigh. Its capacity is 60 million gallons a day, and it is treating an average of 36.67 million gallons a day. In 1989, the Neuse Plant won the EPA's national award for Operations and Maintenance based on its outstanding record of permit compliance . The plant has not had a violation of its permit in over twenty years! Advanced or tertiary treatment means that wastewater undergoes three stages of treatment: primary, secondary and advanced treatment. Primary treatment removes solids that will settle to the bottom and greases and oils that will float to the surface. Secondary treatment uses microorganisms to digest or eat material that is dissolved or suspended in the water, and then separates the "bugs" from the cleaned water. Advanced treatment includes filtration and disinfection with ultraviolet light to kill germs in the water. Recent construction at the Neuse plant has added biological nitrogen removal to secondary treatment and tertiary treatment processes in the plant. In 1999 these new processes at the Neuse River Wastewater Treatment Plant reduced nitrogen levels by 55% when compared to 1995 levels, which the state has established as a benchmark year. The state regulations which require a 49% nitrogen reduction and compliance in January, 2003 have already been met by the City of Raleigh at the Neuse River Wastewater Treatment Plant in 1999.

146. J.D. Brandeis Company
Offers a full range of electrical and control system engineering services which include electrical system studies, value engineering and preparation of construction documents for the water and wastewater industry.
J.D. BRANDEIS COMPANY offers a full range of electrical and control system engineering services to Engineers, Private Industries, Contractors, Federal and State Government and Municipalities. Our reputation is based on quality performance, prompt services and competitive fees. Our energetic and experienced staff pride themselves of their work and their ability to acknowledge client's needs. We are a firm believer of teamwork not only in-house but also with all the disciplines involved in a project. We believe in total cooperation among the players to get the job done in a systematic and expeditious manner. J.D. BRANDEIS COMPANY implements a strict quality control and continually makes improvements on their production and any cost savings gained are passed on to the clients. We at J.D. BRANDEIS COMPANY look forward to a productive and satisfying business relationship with your company.

147. City Of Orlando, SOLID WASTE Mgmt Bureau PG1
Mission Statement The mission of the wastewater Department is to provide the mosteffective, customeroriented wastewater collection and treatment to the
Web Directory
to Public Works Page
Mission Statement
The mission of the Wastewater Department is to provide the most effectiv e, customer-oriented wastewater collec tion and treatment to the citizens of Orlando a nd Central Florida. Bureau Goals
Provide for the adequacy of short and long term effluent disposal capacity through the expansion of the Conserv I reuse system, continued expansion of the citrus irrigation program (and alternatives to citrus) for Conserv II, and increased artificial wetlands permitted capacity.
Meet the EPA and FDEP permit limits at our treatm ent plants with a goal of at least 99 percent compliance. This will be accomplished through constant vigilance, operator t raining and upgrading, and exc ellent system maintenance.
Meet all conc urrency requirements of the Growth Management Plan through a ongoing evaluation of system demands versus system capabilities and an aggressive, forward looking capital program designed to meet growth requirements.

148. Reynolds, Inc.
Utility contractor with offices in Indiana (home office), Ohio, Kentucky, and Georgia specializing in water and wastewater systems. Services include CIPP pipe rehabilitation.

One company meets all water/wastewater needs
Congratulations! You have just located a construction company that can and will do everything possible to meet your water and/or wastewater needs. Reynolds, Inc. is a diversified and growing company committed to serving the private, municipal, and industrial marketplace throughout the United States.
Above: Ground Water Supply Well, Willamette Industries We offer design and construction services for treatment plants, pump stations, water/wastewater and process pipelines, wells and groundwater source studies, sewer rehabilitation, protective synthetic liners, and concrete forming. Reynolds, Inc. is an established company whose history goes back nearly 70 years. We are grateful to our many municipal and industrial customers who over the years have entrusted Reynolds, Inc. to develop and construct their water and groundwater systems. Our dedicated and loyal employees are committed to a safe working environment and promote QUALITY AT WORK!

149. Wastewater Treatment -Thomas Register EZ Directory
wastewater treatment equipment manufacturers reverse osmosis; including wastewatertreatment systems reverse osmosis systems. wastewater Treatment.
Wastewater Treatment Thomas Register Directory is the premier industrial source for wastewater treatment equipment . This industrial resource prides itself on connecting qualified wastewater treatment equipment buyers and suppliers. This vertical portal is dedicated to helping in research and sourcing. Thomas Register Directory Process Equipment Wastewater Treatment Equipment Below are some of our most requested Wastewater Treatment Equipment categories. Click to view...
Wastewater Evaporators Wastewater Recycling Equipment Deionizers ... Page 2 Displaying 1 - 25 of 282 companies for the search term: Wastewater Treatment Equipment Everfilt Mira Loma, CA
Lakeview Engineered Products, Inc. Fort Wayne, IN

Press Releases:
Even Small Generators Can Benefit From A Lakeview E-Series Wastewater Evaporator

Panner Sales Co.
Frankfort, IL
Eastlake, OH
Parkson Corp. Lake Bluff, IL
OCECO, Inc. Tiffin, OH
US Filter Palm Desert, CA Website
Press Releases: USFilter Introduces the New PreVUE™ System At INTERPHEX'03 Monlan Group Cleveland, OH Website PSI Water Systems Inc.

150. Alken-Murray, Innovative Pollution Solutions Since 1934
Having septic tank problems or trouble with ammonia, sludge buildup and other pollution or disease in your aquaculture pond or lake, hydrogen sulfide or other odors in swine or chicken manure or wastewater treatment? AlkenMurray uses bioremediation with selected safe, probiotic and natural bacteria and fungi.
Innovative Pollution Solutions!
Updated: March 20,2004
Alken-Murray Product Lines

River pictured above was restored with Alken Clear-Flo
Expect Excellence!
Technical expertise since 1934! Cutting edge research Educational articles and tutorials MSDS Newsletters
Company Profile
FREE Advice 24 hours a day - 365 days a year Locate Distributor Contact Alken-Murray Apply for Distributorship
MISC. TOPICS In less than 24 hours, you will receive an answer from a technical consultant or company executive.
  • NO auto-responders
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151. EnviroInfo: Water At EnviroInfo
are considered including air pollution, ecology, impact and risk assessment, laws,pollution, sustainable development, soil wetlands, water wastewater.
Water at EnviroInfo Authoring:

Sells used wastewater equipment.
'); document.writeln(' Click Here! ECOPAC EQUIPMENT,INC. Our Services Location Contact Us Welcome to our web site!
We purchase and sell wastewater,papermill,power generation and chemical machinery.

153. Columns
A laggard cruises to the lead in wastewater treatment. trigaux TRIGAUXEmail Click here Archive. By ROBERT TRIGAUX, Times Business
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A laggard cruises to the lead in wastewater treatment
TRIGAUX E-mail: Click here Archive By ROBERT TRIGAUX, Times Business Columnist Published May 10, 2004 Just sit right back and you'll hear a tale, a tale of a fateful cruise ship line. One that may be transforming itself from the poster child of ocean pollution to industry leader for responsible treatment of cruise ship wastes. Hard to believe, but this is a positive story of a big corporation with a poor track record that's now doing the right thing. The company is Miami's Royal Caribbean, whose 29 cruise ships operate under the Royal Caribbean or Celebrity Cruise brands. One ship, Splendour of the Seas, sails from Tampa during the winter season. This is the same company that in 1999 agreed to a 21-felony plea deal. It paid a record $27-million in criminal fines and other penalties after acknowledging it had polluted the ocean repeatedly, then lied to the U.S. Coast Guard to cover it up. The company even rigged its ships with secret piping systems to bypass pollution treatment equipment.

154. The Arcata Marsh & Wildlife Sanctuary
Extensive site describes the multiple uses of the marsh, including recreation, wildlife habitat, education, and wastewater treatment, the marsh ecosystem, and the issues involved in its creation.

Waste Water Treatment
History of the Arcata Marsh What is a marsh? Maintaining Constructed Wetlands ... education , and wastewater treatment
Waste Water Treatment
History of the Arcata Marsh What is a marsh? ... References
These pages are under construction
Special Thanks Page

155. 3. Wastewater Treatment
3. wastewater treatment. irrigation, although additional benefits resultfrom storage. 3.2 Conventional wastewater treatment processes.
3. Wastewater treatment
3.1 The problem
3.2 Conventional wastewater treatment processes

3.3 Natural biological treatment systems
3.1 The problem
The most appropriate wastewater treatment to be applied before effluent use in agriculture is that which will produce an effluent meeting the recommended microbiological and chemical quality guidelines both at low cost and with minimal operational and maintenance requirements (Arar 1988). Adopting as low a level of treatment as possible is especially desirable in developing countries, not only from the point of view of cost but also in acknowledgement of the difficulty of operating complex systems reliably. In many locations it will be better to design the reuse system to accept a low-grade of effluent rather than to rely on advanced treatment processes producing a reclaimed effluent which continuously meets a stringent quality standard. Nevertheless, there are locations where a higher-grade effluent will be necessary and it is essential that information on the performance of a wide range of wastewater treatment technology should be available. The design of wastewater treatment plants is usually based on the need to reduce organic and suspended solids loads to limit pollution of the environment. Pathogen removal has very rarely been considered an objective but, for reuse of effluents in agriculture, this must now be of primary concern and processes should be selected and designed accordingly (Hillman 1988). Treatment to remove wastewater constituents that may be toxic or harmful to crops, aquatic plants (macrophytes) and fish is technically possible but is not normally economically feasible. Unfortunately, few performance data on wastewater treatment plants in developing countries are available and even then they do not normally include effluent quality parameters of importance in agricultural use.

156. C.C. Tech: Plating, Cleaning And Metal Finishing Equipment
Specializes in finishing equipment and supplies for metal, jewelry, and medical industries. Includes electroplating modules, finishing and metal recovery units, cleaning and protective chemicals, and wastewater treatment equipment.
Jewelry - Electronic - Decorative / Industrial Plater - Anodizer - Medical - Aerospace - Automotive - Surface Treatment
P.O. Box 72838 Elmwood Station Providence, RI 02907 Plant and Offices: 1515 Elmwood Avenue Cranston, RI 02910 Phone: (401)-784-6168Fax: (401)-785-2377
Nothing is more important than the final finish of your product! If it doesn't look good, it doesn't sell. That not only goes for consumer products, but industrial products as well. Whatever your finishing and plating needs, C.C. Tech has the right equipment that will give you the ultimate finish for your product.
C.C. Tech's 35 years of manufacturing metal finishing equipment means that you get the latest and best technology in finishing and plating equipment. That same expertise is used in producing the very best water and waste treatment systems.
We're called the "Finishing Systems Company", and when you view our web site you will see why. No other equipment manufacturer offers the extensive metal finishing treatments and equipment that we do.
"We are a company of people who know the finishing and plating business."

157. City Of Tampa Wastewater Department Home Page
Department personnel collect, treat, and dispose of more than 50 million gallonsof wastewater per day from over 98000 customers in Tampa and its immediate
Directory MyTampaGov Site Map Home ... Wastewater
Wastewater Department
Virtual Tour Hazardous Waste Wastewater Department
306 E. Jackson Street, 6E
Tampa, Florida 33602
Tel: (813) 274-8108
Fax: (813) 274-8448 Customer Service Projects Related Links Contact Information ... Star Project NOTE...
The browser you are using has scripting turned off or does not appear to support scripting.
The Sewer Department's home page provides more info on what you can expect to see if you click on one of our 9 major links. Specifically...
  • A Virtual Tour - "See how water is treated." Customer Service - "High bill? Need a sewer max? Look here for information." Related Links - "Can't find it here? Try one of these links." Wastewater Site Map - "An indexed listing of our divisions, complete with links to each." Star Project - "Do you know what the STAR project is about? If not, check it out here." Hazardous Waste - "What is hazardous waste? How should it be disposed of? Answers here."

158. EET Corporation: Waste Management Technologies And Services
Offers services in hazardous, radioactive, mixed, and industrial waste management; waste treatment and recycling; waste operations; environmental permitting; and storm and wastewater management. Based in Harriman, Tennessee.
Environmental Services


EET Corporation offers practical solutions to your environmental challenges EET’s state-of-the-art liquid treatment and recycling technologies are the best technical and most economical choice for many industrial applications. Our antifreeze recycling services minimize your liability and cost without compromising the quality of our fully reformulated antifreeze products EET’s environmental specialists can help your organization achieve environmental regulatory compliance and streamline your waste management operations.
The environmental products EET offers are engineered for optimum performance and worker safety.

159. Onsite Wastewater Training Center: Links
University of Rhode Island. Onsite wastewater Training Center. SAFEWATERBlock Island/Green Hill Pond wastewater Mgt. Program. Program Contacts.
Water Quality Program Onsite Wastewater Training Center
Current Projects
Virtual Tour Training Workshop Schedule Training Center Map ... Links Directions
.. to Peckham Farm

.. to St. James Chapel
The URI On-Site Wastewater Training Center is a demonstration and field training center for alternative septic system technologies in the Northeast- one of eight regional centers in the nation. It is operated in partnership with over 40 private sector contractors, RIDEM, EPA and others. The Center has twenty-two full scale systems constructed above ground for hands-on learning and over fifty demonstration and research systems installed in six communities. 2004 Training Workshop Schedule featuring 4 NEW courses!
SAFEWATER: Block Island/Green Hill Pond Wastewater Mgt. Program

160. Department Of Public Works - Waste Water Division
It is the responsibility of the wastewater Division to (1) administer the Operationsand Maintenance service contract of the Water Pollution Control Facility
Lawrence D. Worden
Commissioner Ronald H. Labelle
Superintendent Vincent Furtado
Asst. Superintendent 294 Liberty Street
New Bedford, MA
Water Pollution Control Facility
Combined Sewer Overflows Secondary Treatment Process T.V. Inspection Test ... Hurricane Protection Barrier

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