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         Wastewater:     more books (100)
  1. Handbook of Water and Wastewater Treatment Technologies by Nicholas P Cheremisinoff Consulting Engineer, 2001-12-13
  2. Design Calculations in Wastewater Treatment by F.E. Wilson, 1981-06
  3. Managing the Water and Wastewater Utility by Water Environment Federation, 2003-11
  4. Water Supply and Wastewater Removal: Fair, Geyer, and Okun's, Water and Wastewater Engineering by Nazih K. Shammas, Lawrence K. Wang, 2010-10-19
  5. Water and Wastewater Calculations Manual by Shun Dar Lin, C. C. Lee, 2001-05-03
  6. Wastewater Operator's Field Guide by John Stubbard, William Lauer, et all 2006-10-15
  7. Processing Water, Wastewater, Residuals, and Excreta for Health and Environmental Protection: An Encyclopedic Dictionary by Nicolas G. Adrien, 2008-07-08
  8. Primary Treatment at Wastewater Treatment Plants
  9. Wastewater Organisms A Color Atlas by Sharon Berk, John Gunderson, 1993-12-27
  10. Wastewater Solids Incineration Systems MOP 30 (Water Resources and Environmental Engineering Series) by Water Environment Federation, 2009-04-20
  11. The Water Business: Understanding the Water Supply and Wastewater Industry by Leonard S. Hyman, 1998-07-01
  12. Process Science and Engineering for Water and Wastewater Treatment (Water and Wastewater Process Technologies)
  13. Liquid Membranes: Principles and Applications in Chemical Separations and Wastewater Treatment
  14. Industrial Wastewater Control A Textbook and Reference Work by Fred C. Gurnham, 1965

101. Joseph Painting - Manhole Rehabilitation, Pipeline Video Inspection And Point Re
A womanowned contracting firm in Arizona with exclusive rights to the SewerShield 100 product line. JPCI provides products and services for the rehabilitation of wastewater treatment systems. Site describes Sewer Shield Coating product line as well as other products and services.
Joseph Painting Company, Inc. 1845 N. Crismon Mesa Az. 85207
phone:(480)986-1212 email
Another Design by Ad Forsight Sewer Shield 100 Sewer Pipe Inspection Our Clients ... Home

102. Overview
natural marshFor years governments have dictated that we treat our wastewater withan array of chemicals using complex, high tech systems built of concrete and
Waste Not,
Want Not: Reuse
Designed Ecosystems Government Regulations ... Water Recycling in N.C. TECHNOLOGY
has come full circle. For years governments have dictated that we treat our wastewater with an array of chemicals using complex, high tech systems built of concrete and metal, tanks and tubes ( see photo above) . This "treated" water is then deposited into a natural body of water or directly onto the ground. Ultimately, the communities of microbes that transform waste in these high tech systems are the same as those used in nature. Scientists are now recognizing the simplicity and effectiveness of nature's processes and are blending technology with natural systems to create more efficient wastewater management. Natural wetlands purify water by acting like a sponge, soaking up rainwater that runs off the land before it enters rivers and streams. Particles of sediment and metals are removed as the water flows through wetland vegetation. Other pollutants such as nutrients and pesticides are partially extracted as the water percolates through wetland soils[ Waterwise , Winter 1995 Sand dunes also act as natural soil filters, trapping particles which later become food for microorganisms.

103. Brockport Microbiology - Environmental And Industrial Microbiology Consulting
Consulting services include but are not limited to method development and validation, wastewater treatment, industrial contamination, bioremediation, indoor air quality, technical training, and technology assessment.
38 Adams Street, Brockport NY 14420 fax (585) 637-3293
Brockport Microbiology is an independent consulting firm providing a broad range of environmental and industrial microbiology services. Consulting services include but are not limited to method development and validation, wastewater treatment industrial contamination bioremediation indoor air quality ... technical training , and technology assessment . Our diversified customer base includes Fortune 500 companies, government agencies, environmental testing laboratories, environmental engineering and consulting firms, industrial manufacturers and litigation attorneys. If you have a problem that may involve microbiology, we are happy to discuss it with you and may be able to provide a solution. We pride ourselves on our reputation for integrity and client satisfaction.
Home Services Publications Projects About Us Brockport Microbiology

Web site designed by Shew Technology Associates

104. Wastewater And Reuse
This is the wastewater and Reuse Information page of the Water Quality Program,Washington State Department of Ecology, the State s principal environmental
Wastewater and Reuse
This page contains links to information on the Wastewater Discharge Permit program, guidance documents, permit applications, and tools used by Ecology permit writers in developing wastewater discharge permits.
Criteria for Sewage Works Design
("Orange Book") Cruise Ship Lines Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) Engineering Report Guidance for Industrial Facilities Guidance for Conducting a Mixing Zone Analysis Guidance on Land Treatment of Nutrients in Wastewater ... Wastewater Permits 101 - An Introduction to Wastewater Permits (Presentation slides) Wastewater/Stormwater Discharge Permit Fees Wastewater Operator Certification Program The "Water Quality Life Cycle System" (WPLCS) Database Water Reclamation and Reuse
Related Links:
Water Quality Permits Information Page
Wastewater Discharge Permits in Washington State
An overview of the wastewater discharge permit program in Washington State:
  • Short History of the Wastewater Discharge Permit Program What is a Wastewater Discharge Permit Who Needs a Permit Kinds of Permits Principles of the Permit Program What is a Permit Fact Sheet How to Read a Fact Sheet Major Elements of Washington Water Quality Standards The Individual Permit Process and Opportunities for Public Involvement More Information About Permits and Assistance to Participate in the Permit Process
Back to Table of Contents
Wastewater Permits 101 - An Introduction to Wastewater Permits (Presentation Slides)

105. Martint Environmental --Wastewater Treatment Solutions And Chemicals
Manufacturer of wastewater pretreatment systems, recycle systems and wastewater chemistry.
layer hidden off the screen When Considering Environmental Issues Consider Martint
Welcome to Martint Environmental's web site. We are the leaders in the manufacturing of wastewater pretreatment systems, recycle systems and wastewater chemistry.
Martint Environmental Products and Services: As Well As Wastewater Chemistry Products: "Leader in the manufacturing of wastewater pretreatment systems, recycle systems and wastewater chemistry" Dissolved Air Flotation Systems Chamber Filter Presses Mobile Pilot DAF Settling Clarifier ... Contact Us Mar Tint
PO Box 1370
Cornelius, NC 28031

106. RPPI - Reason Public Policy Institute
Water and wastewater Studies. 19. Longterm Contracting for Water and wastewaterServices by Robin A. Johnson, John McCormally, and Adrian T. Moore May 2002,
Reason Public Policy Institute is a public policy think tank promoting choice, competition, and a dynamic market economy as the foundation for human dignity and progress.
Water and Wastewater Studies
Frequently Asked Questions About Water / Wastewater Privatization
by Geoffrey F. Segal and Adrian T. Moore September 2003 Cities across the nation are partnering with private companies to more effectively and efficiently build and manage water and wastewater systems. Why? How? With what results? Are their any pitfalls? These and other frequently asked questions are answered here.
Revisiting the Public Interest in Private Water by Alexei Tsybine and Don S. Evans May 2003 This policy brief shows how public-private partnerships can result in lower water rates with no deterioration in service quality. Full Text Related Studies Water Resource Center
Long-term Contracting for Water and Wastewater Services by Robin A. Johnson, John McCormally, and Adrian T. Moore May 2002 Examines the rapidly growing phenomena of long-term contracts for water and wastewater services and provides lessons learned and best practices gleaned from the experiences of public and private practitioners.
More Info

by Geoffrey F. Segal, Adrian T. Moore, and James Nolan

107. Arcata, CA - A Natural System For Wastewater Reclamation And Resource Enhancemen
1993 paper by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, describing the design and expected effectiveness of Arcata's constructed wetland system as a wastewater treatment solution.
Note: This information is provided for reference purposes only. Although the information provided here was accurate and current when first created, it is now outdated.
...a constructed wetland system can be a cost efficient and environmentally sound wastewater treatment solution. The constructed wetland system is the cornerstone of Arcata's urban watershed renovation program. This program includes major urban stream restoration, log pond conversion to a swamp habitat, pocket wetlands on critical reaches of urban streams, and an anadramous wastewater aquaculture program to restore critical commercial recreational and ecological important populations. The Arcata project is a demonstration of wastewater reuse, ecological restoration, and reuse of industrial, agricultural and public service land.
Arcata Site Plan
Situated in the heart of the redwood country and along the rocky shores of the Pacific Northcoast, the City of Arcata is located on the northeast shore of Humboldt Bay in Northern California, 280 miles north of San Francisco. Arcata, with a population of approximately 15,000, is a diverse community whose resourcefulness and integrity has demonstrated that a constructed wetland system can be a cost efficient and environmentally sound wastewater treatment solution. In addition to effectively fulfilling wastewater treatment needs, Arcata's innovative wetland system has provided an inspiring bay view window to the benefits of integrated wetland enhancement and wastewater treatment.

108. Water And Wastewater Program Of The Reason Public Policy Institute
Water and wastewater Resource Center. The water approaches. Recent Newsand Publications. Privatization WatchThe Water/wastewater Issue. (4
Reason Public Policy Institute is a public policy think tank promoting choice, competition, and a dynamic market economy as the foundation for human dignity and progress.
Water and Wastewater Resource Center
The water and wastewater resource center develops policies that harness the marketplace to improve water quality; make clean water more affordable and available; minimize hazardous waste; and limit people's exposure to harmful levels of toxic substances in the water supply. To that end we focus on the role of the private sector in owning and operating water supply and wastewater and stormwater management systems, and the emerging role of property rights and market trading in water resources.
Our goal is to improve understanding of the role of competition and markets in improving water resource quality and delivery and identifying and disseminating best practices in implementing such approaches
Recent News and Publications Privatization Watch-The Water/Wastewater Issue. (4/21) Articles include: Atlanta Water Privatization Water Pricing Wastewater Contracting Interview with Federal Water Chief Bennett Raley , and Trends in Water/Wastewater Privatization . Other articles include: Trouble in Stockton HOT Lanes Airport Privatization Education Tax Credits ... Florida Education , and Who, What, Where.

109. D H Plating Supplies Inc.
Specializes in supply of metal finishing and wastewater treatment equipment and supplies. Includes barrels, baskets, dryers, filters, heaters, plating machines, pumps, and rectifiers.

110. Purdue Residential Onsite Wastewater Disposal
Purdue Residential Onsite wastewater Disposal Septic system information to protectyour family and the environment, Home. What is onsite wastewater disposal?
What is onsite wastewater disposal?
Wastewater from homes not connected to a public sewer system is generally treated "on site." Most people know these onsite wastewater treatment systems as septic systems . This site provides information on septic systems, their impacts, and how to design and care for systems that protect the environment.
How a Septic System Works
Soil and Site Characteristics Maintaining a Septic System System Alternatives ... Other Resources
What you need to know about onsite systems if ..
For more information contact your County Purdue Extension Office. For specialized information, see Extension Specialists Purdue Extension Water Quality Web Site Purdue Department of Agronomy Extension Web Site Purdue Dept. of Ag and Biol. Engineering Extension Web Site ... Questions or comments on this site Last updated Friday, October 17, 2003

111. Aquapoint
A comprehensive wastewater treatment company focused on markets for small and decentralized wastewater management systems.
View Slideshow About Aquapoint Aquapoint is a comprehensive wastewater treatment company focused on markets for small and decentralized wastewater management systems. We are specifically structured to work with corporate and consulting engineers as well as other professionals whose private and public sector clients require advanced biological treatment systems. Aquapoint's principal markets include residential and small community systems including commercial, institutional and light industrial applications from 1,000-150,000 gpd. Aquapoint's products, processes and resources generate cost-benefit advantages greater than those associated with conventional onsite systems and traditional sewer. Aquapoint achieves these advantages by integrating modular technologies that have been selected specifically for their simplicity, natural stability, cost effectiveness and regulatory acceptance. At Aquapoint we understand that each decentralized wastewater treatment consideration is site specific. Our Staff includes environmental engineers, freshwater ecologists, certified soil evaluators, and licensed wastewater plant operators who are prepared to assist our clients with the design and permitting of advanced biological wastewater treatment systems. You can rely on Aquapoint to remain innovative and to provide cost- effective and regulatory-compliant treatment solutions.

112. SFWATER.ORG : Wastewater
The clean water system provides the City with wastewater collection,treatment and disposal. The wastewater wastewater The clean
About Us Projects + Plans Environment At Your Service ... Calendar
Quicklinks What's New This Week Calendar of Events City of San Francisco Web Site Search Newsletter Receive our newsletter every 14 days Wastewater
The clean water system provides the City with wastewater collection, treatment and disposal. The wastewater collection, treatment and disposal system consists of a combined sewer system (which collects both sewer and storm water), three water pollution control plants and effluent outfalls to the San Francisco Bay and Pacific Ocean. The combined sewer system reduces pollution in the San Francisco Bay and Pacific Ocean by treating urban runoff that would otherwise flow to the Bay and Ocean. The collection system consists of approximately 900 miles of underground pipes throughout the City.
The SFPUC treats and discharges approximately 84 million gallons per day of treated wastewater during dry weather to the San Francisco Bay and Pacific Ocean. During wet weather, with additional facilities and increased operations, the plants can treat approximately 465 million gallons of combined flows per day.
The SFPUC continues to welcome your comments and questions regarding flooding. Following is a summary of questions and answers from the May 13 hearing.

113. Hefta Group Home
Engineering consulting firm specializing in the planning, design and implementation of civil and environmental projects including water distribution /treatment, and wastewater collection /treatment Design.
Hefta Group Home
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114. Boulder Public Works - Utilities Division - Water & Wastewater Treatment - Opera
Water wastewater Treatment Operations. Water Treatment. wastewaterTreatment. Draft wastewater Collection System Master
Search Public Works and Planning Development Services Help
About Water Supply Resources Projects WRAB ... Flood Management

Treatment Operations
Water Treatment Wastewater Treatment Draft Wastewater Collection System Master Plan (pdf)
Note: A complete copy of this draft can be found in the municipal section of the library
Biosolids Recycling Center
Wastewater/Environmental Laboratory City Of Boulder Water Quality Chart Find ANY word Find ALL words Find EXACT phrase Help
Utilities Division

1739 Broadway
Boulder, CO 80302
Phone: 303-441-3266
Fax: 303-441-4271

Specialise in the design and manufacture of systems for sewage treatment. Information on aerated treatment and septic tanks plus company profile.
We have a long history of performance
KiwiTreat Ltd is a leader in the area of wastewater treatment in New Zealand.
KiwiTreat Ltd has many years of practical experience in the design and manufacture of wastewater treatment plants. Continuous research and development enhances our standing as a market leader.
KiwiTreat Ltd provides expert information and technical support for all aspects of wastewater treatment.
KiwiTreat Ltd is totally involved in the design, manufacture, and ongoing support of each system installed.
KiwiTreat Ltd is privately owned and operated. The staff are totally committed to providing a top quality product with top performance.
KiwiTreat Ltd offers a full range of services including:
Site appraisals.
Design and construction.
Liaison with local and regional councils. Upgrading of existing systems. Maintenance programs. Expect The Best! Tank installation

116. Wastewater
From Pipeline* by National Small Flows Clearinghouse. This publication has been adapted for use in Indiana by Purdue University
Wastewater From Pipeline by National Small Flows Clearinghouse This publication has been adapted for use in Indiana by Purdue University** Basic Wastewater Characteristics Did You Know... What is Wastewater? What is in Wastewater? ... More Information Basic Wastewater Characteristics Do you know what happens to your wastewater after you take a shower, wash dishes, or flush the toilet? Where exactly does it go? What is in it? How does it affect the environment? And why should you care? If you are like most people, you never give much thought to what happens to the wastewater from your home and community. But whether you think about it much or not, wastewater continues to affect your life even after it disappears down the drain. How Wastewater Affects You Because small community residents, in particular, are more likely to be directly responsible for making decisions about their wastewater, it is important that they know something about its characteristics (that is, its components, strength, volume, and flow) and how certain characteristics can affect their lives. Did You Know...

MUNICIPAL wastewater SOURCES AND CHARACTERISTICS. wastewater is the flowof used water from a community. STORMWATER AND COMBINED wastewater.
Select a Topic Air Quality Forecasts Atlantic Coastal Action Program Birds Oiled at Sea Children's Environmental Health Climate Centre Contact List of Experts Emergencies Enforcement and Compliance Environmental Assessment Environmental Damages Fund Environmental Links EcoAction Hunting Hurricane Centre Legislation We Administer Media Spokespersons Meet Our Minister Meteorology News Releases Pollution Information Severe Weather Awareness Wildlife
Atlantic Region Wildlife
and Nature


Media Zone
Physically, wastewater is usually characterized by a grey colour, musty odour, a solids content of about 0.1%, and a 99.9% water content. The solids can be suspended (about 30%) as well as dissolved (about 70%). Dissolved solids can be precipitated by chemical and biological processes. From a physical point of view the suspended solids can lead to the development of sludge deposits and anaerobic conditions when discharged into the receiving environment. Chemically, wastewater is composed of organic and inorganic compounds as well as various gases. Organic components may consist of carbohydrates, proteins, fats and greases, surfactants, oils, pesticides, phenols, etc.. Inorganic components may consist of heavy metals, nitrogen, phosphorus, pH, sulfur, chlorides, alkalinity, toxic compounds, etc.. In domestic wastewater, the organic and inorganic portion is approximately 50% respectively. However, since wastewater contains a higher portion of dissolved solids than suspended, about 85 to 90% of the total inorganic component is dissolved and about 55 to 60% of the total organic component is dissolved. Gases commonly dissolved in wastewater are hydrogen sulfide, methane, ammonia, oxygen, carbon dioxide and nitrogen. The first three gases result from the decomposition of organic matter present in the wastewater.

118. Variable Frequency Drives, Water Treatment And Wastewater Treatment By Granger W
Providing innovative water and wastewater treatment solutions as well as variable frequency drive pumping and control packages, in central California. As electrical contractors, can provide turnkey solutions for pumping and manufacturing processes.
Variable Frequency Drives
In California
PLEASE NOTE: This does not include HVAC applications) (559) 386-9328 ~ Fax: (559) 386-5017
Contractor's License Number 756055
I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America
and to the republic for which it stands;
One nation, under God,
One nation, under God,
One nation, under God,
Indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.

119. Christchurch City Council - Wastewater
wastewater homepage. wastewater.
Select a Section START - Quick Answers - Weather - Street Maps HOW TO FIND US THE CITY - Business - Library - Library Catalogue - CINCH - Art Gallery - Bus Timetables - localeye COMMUNITY COUNCIL - Handbook - Have Your Say ! - Structure - Publications - City Scene - Media Releases - Bylaws - Policy EDUCATION ENVIRONMENT - The City Plan - Local History - Environmental News - City Environment RECREATION - Leisure Centres - Showtime Canterbury - Summertimes - KidsFest - Sport Facilities - Walking SERVICES - Housing - Planning - Building - Subdivisions - Health - Parking Facilities - Waste Management - Recycling - Sewage Wastewater Home Major Sewer Upgrade Sewer System Wastewater Treatment Plant ... Contact us Each day 150 million litres of wastewater is removed from Christchurch homes, shops, and business premises through 1,562km of sewer mains. Christchurch wastewater is mainly domestic sewage (from kitchen, bathroom, laundry and toilets) and a smaller proportion of industrial and commercial discharges. If the pipes were laid end to end they would reach all the way to Cape Reinga in the North Island. We seldom give a thought to where all the wastewater goes, let alone how it actually gets there. For more information on: Home ... Recreation © Christchurch City Council, PO Box 237, Christchurch, New Zealand.

120. Klein And Hoffman
Offers wastewater management, structural engineering and facade restoration.
Since 1953, Klein and Hoffman engineers
have provided structural evaluation and design services for major
private companies and public agencies
throughout the United States.
Whether for new construction,
building modifications,
renovation of repair,
we have the skills to identify
and resolve technical challenges.
We also design large infrastructure,
water and wastewater treatment plants, transportation, environmental, industrial, institutional, health care, multi-unit residential and commercial facilities. About Us Library Practice Areas Career Opportunities ... Contact Us id=10436

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