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         Veterinary Medicine:     more books (103)
  1. Manual of Natural Veterinary Medicine: Science and Tradition by Susan G. Wynn, Steve Marsden, 2002-10-15
  2. Textbook of Veterinary Internal Medicine Expert Consult (Expert Consult Title: Online + Print) by Stephen J. Ettinger DVMDACVIM, Edward C. Feldman DVMDACVIM, 2009-12-24
  3. Xie's Veterinary Acupuncture by Huisheng Xie, Vanessa Preast, 2007-02-05
  4. Veterinary Herbal Medicine by Susan G. Wynn DVM, Barbara Fougere BVScBVMS(Hons), 2006-11-29
  5. Exotic Animal Medicine for the Veterinary Technician
  6. Dog Owner's Home Veterinary Handbook by Debra M. Eldredge DVM, Liisa D. Carlson DVM, et all 2007-08-27
  7. The Merck Veterinary Manual
  8. Antimicrobial Therapy in Veterinary Medicine
  9. Small Animal Internal Medicine (Small Animal Medicine) by Richard W. Nelson DVM, C. Guillermo Couto DVM, 2008-12-02
  10. Duncan and Prasse's Veterinary Laboratory Medicine: Clinical Pathology, 4th Ed. by Kenneth S. Latimer, Edward A. Mahaffey, et all 2003-04-21
  11. An Illustrated Guide to Veterinary Medical Terminology by Janet Amundson Romich, 2008-12-22
  12. Veterinary Acupuncture: Ancient Art to Modern Medicine by Allen M. Schoen DVMMS, 2001-01-15
  13. Opportunities in Veterinary Medicine Careers by Robert Swope, 2001-04-10
  14. Xie's Chinese Veterinary Herbology

1. The College Of Veterinary Medicine At Cornell University
Reunion 2004 June 1013, 2004. Today's image Veterinarians from the Ambulatory and Production Animal Medicine at a local farm ©. Cornell veterinary medicine. Composting Cattle Called Economical Alternative Cornell University College of veterinary medicine Ithaca, New York 14853-6401
Upcoming Events Reunion 2004 June 10-13, 2004
Today's image: Veterinary Medical Center
Composting Cattle Called Economical Alternative
Senate Agriculture Committee Calls Torres to Testify on BSE Ceremony Affirms Students' Advancement ... Questions or Comments?
Last revised on April 19, 2004 Cornell University • College of Veterinary Medicine • Ithaca, New York 14853-6401

2. University Of Illinois College Of Veterinary Medicine
Dean's column In April, a delegation from the College met with veterinarians, state legislators, and civic leaders in Moline to exchange ideas and information. make significant contributions to
College Events
June 13 - June 15
PCB Workshop 2004

June 14 - June 18
Molecular Biology Workshop

July 18 - July 21
Industrial Toxicology and Pathology Short Course

Aug. 22 - Aug. 24
Class of 2008 Orientation
Dean's column In April, a delegation from the College met with veterinarians, state legislators, and civic leaders in Moline to exchange ideas and information. Department head search under way: A department poised to make significant contributions to biomedical and veterinary sciences through research and education is seeking a visionary leader. Don't be a kidnapper. Spring brings lots of wildlife babies, which are often "rescued" by well-meaning people who mistakenly think the animals have been orphaned. Get the facts from the Wildlife Medical Clinic Disease facts: The College of Veterinary Medicine is your source for information on avian influenza BSE , and more More Events Vet Med Cafe Search the CVM Site:
About This Site

3. Welcome To The College Of Veterinary Medicine Of Michigan State University
Alumni Activities. Veterinary Teaching Hospital. Diagnostic Center for Population and Animal Health Copyright 2004 College of veterinary medicine, Michigan State University
Prospective Students
Current Students

Graduate Students

Internship and Residency
Prospective Students
Current Students

Graduate Students

Internship and Residency
Information Technology Center

4. Default.htm - Redirect Page For FDA CVM
The United States federal agency that regulates the manufacture and distribution of food additives and drugs that will be given to animals. Includes antimicrobial resistance information, extensive topical index, and agency information.
You are being redirected to the new FDA Center for Veterinary Medicine page. If your browser does not support redirects, please click here

5. World Wide Web Virtual Library: Veterinary Medicine (Biosciences)
veterinary medicine. ( Biosciences)Home New. Meetings. Publications. Organizations The WWW Virtual Library veterinary medicine is a selected collection of veterinary medical Internet
Browswers without frames capability need to go to

6. Complementary, Alternative, And Holistic Veterinary Medicine (AltVetMed) Welcome
about complementary and alternative therapies in veterinary medicine (CAVM). The AltVetMed site was founded in The largest and most visited veterinary medicine site on the Web at
Welcome Welcome to the AltVetMed Web Site, your home for finding information about complementary and alternative therapies in veterinary medicine (CAVM). The AltVetMed site was founded in January 1996, by Jan Agar Bergeron, VMD and Susan Gayle Wynn, DVM. Recently, the site was moved to a new server and has undergone its first major design overhaul since its inception. With the new design, we hope to bring you much more information than we offered in the past. When the site was first launched, there were no other sites on the Web that dealt with CAVM. The largest and most visited veterinary medicine site on the Web at that time was NetVet, and most major veterinary associations did not even have Web sites. Today, all the major veterinary associations, veterinary schools, and CAVM organizations have Web sites. Many holistic veterinarians also have their own Web sites, and many conventional veterinary practices do as well. All of these new sites provide us with the opportunity to provide links to extensive information that was unavailable six years ago. Therefore, the new, redesigned AltVetMed site will become a portal for information on CAVM, as well as selected information on conventional veterinary medicine and complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) in general. For information on the AltVetMed Forum, please click on the "Discussion" link in the menu bar.

7. University Of Pennsylvania: School Of Veterinary Medicine
Friday May 21, 2004. Welcome from the Dean. view. Research. VMD/PhD Combined Degree Program. NIH/Merck Summer Research. Recent Research. Research Centers. News Events. Widener Hospital Closed for a
Thursday May 27, 2004 Welcome from the Dean view Research VMD/PhD Combined Degree Program
NIH/Merck Summer Research
... Alumni Weekend 2004, Oct. 2

8. UF - College Of Veterinary Medicine Home Page
College of veterinary medicine at the University of Florida, the state's only veterinary college, offers environment at the UF veterinary college an environment that continues
T This page last updated Thursday, February 26, 2004 by Michael j. Buchholz

9. Veterinary Medicine Libraries
Ken Ladd, 2003. Welcome to the veterinary medicine Libraries Home Page. Majorveterinary medicine collections are listed by geographic area and/or country
If you have any suggestions for future additions or improvements or information to be added, please send email to Ken Ladd Last update to this file December 23, 2003
Last update to individual library page's February 10, 2004.
Welcome to the Veterinary Medicine Libraries Home Page.
Major veterinary medicine collections are listed by geographic area and/or country:
United States and Caribbean South America
... Pacific Rim
Links to the home pages of the libraries or a connection (with instructions) for their catalogue are provided. There is also information on the contact names for the libraries, address, phone/fax numbers, and email addresses. Information on photocopying services for veterinary practitioners has been added to some pages. If information is available, a direct link to the information is available from this home page (e.g. Cornell University).
  • Veterinary Medical Library Section (of the Medical Library Association) Home Page
  • VetGate - Maintained by the University of Nottingham Greenfield Medical Library. It "is a gateway to evaluated, quality Internet resources in animal health, aimed at students, researchers, academics and practitioners in animal health."
  • ViFaVet (Virtuelle Fachbibliothek Veterinarmedizin) is maintained by Bibliothek der TiHo Hannover. Available in German and English, the site provides access to evaluated Internet resources in veterinary medicine and general parasitology.

10. Texas A&M University College Of Veterinary Medicine
Texas A M University College of veterinary medicine and Biomedical Science. Information on the College and veterinary medicine as a whole.

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About the College

Academic Departments

Degree Programs
(Click to learn about

Your browser must have JavaScript enabled to use the drop-down navigation menu. Turn on JavaScript or use the text links below. CVM Contacts Contact Webmaster Search CVM CVM Home ... Statewide Search Jump To.... CVM Contact Info. Contact Webmaster Search CVM CVM Site Map CVM Home Vet Med Teaching Hospital TAMU Home Privacy State of Texas Compact with Texans Statewide Search

11. Veterinary Medicine @ About - Information About Pets, Diseases, Vet Schools
You are here About Health Fitness veterinary medicine. Search. VeterinaryMedicine I am your Guide, From Janet Tobiassen Crosby, DVM
zJs=10 zJs=11 zJs=12 zJs=13 zc(5,'jsc',zJs,9999999,'') About Veterinary Medicine Home Essentials ... The Viewer Viewpoint zau(256,152,145,'gob',''+gs,''); Nutrition Information Animal Breeds Weather Related Pet Health Insurance ... Help zau(256,138,125,'el','','');w(xb+xb);
Stay Current
Subscribe to the About Veterinary Medicine newsletter. zau(256,152,100,'hs','',''); Search Veterinary Medicine From Janet Tobiassen Crosby, DVM
Your Guide to Veterinary Medicine
"Money-hungry vets"...again!

KELJO09 asks: "I just keep seeing this again and again in reference to vets (and again, it's always against small animal vets, not equine...hmmm...). What is the deal? I just don't understand how people make these rails against the profession when it's obvious vets don't make as much as other medical professionals. Where can I find the rants against money-hungry dentists?"
Wednesday May 26, 2004
Help Sought For Canine Bladder Issues
ARIZONATEACHER asks: "I have an 8 year old female German Shepherd with bladder issues. She leaks. She has had problems with incontinence for about two years now. Our vet, in our old town, prescribed estrogen claiming that Athena was going through menopause and that, having been spayed, her urethra muscles (does this sound right?) are not strong enough any more. In our new town, however, the vet gave us a different medication that has to be given to her much more often. Has anyone heard of this? Is there anything that I can do for my beloved dog?"

12. The American Veterinary Medical Association
where veterinary professionals, pet owners and animal lovers go to find comprehensiveinformation on pet care, animal health, veterinary medicine and careers
Using the AVMA Web site Your browser does not support frames. To use the AVMA website, you must:
  • Use a browser which supports frames.
    For example, or Microsoft Internet Explorer version 3 or later
  • 13. The University Of Tennessee College Of Veterinary Medicine
    Site includes admissions guidelines, research, programs, services, and news.
    University Links About the University Academic Programs Administration Libraries Research Support UT The University System A-Z Index WebMail Dept. Directory Veterinary College UT Inst. of Ag People Search Campus Search System Search
    HURRY ! HURRY ! HURRY ! The Hill's Pet Nutrition SEC Alumni Giving Challenge ends June 30, 2004 . If you haven't given yet this year, please give (min gift = $25) before June 30 using the downloadable giving form provided @ UTCVM Giving Opportunities site. for the larger share of Hill's $25,000 scholarship funds for UTCVM!
    Live At Five
    (Archives) Veterinary Social Work Services
    Stephanie Harness Course Details: How To Heal A Broken
    Heart: Recovering from Pet Loss

    Course Registration: Click here to
    register online or how to mail-in your

    registration form

    23, 7:00 p.m. – 8:30 p.m
    Monthly Large Animal Clinical Features
    Avoiding Dog Bites "Rufus says..." College Admissions Info Graduate Program ... Contact Information College of Veterinary Medicine
    The University of Tennessee 2407 River Drive Knoxville, TN 37996

    14. Care For Animals
    Top. Doctors of veterinary medicine are medical professionals whose primaryresponsibility is protecting the health and welfare of animals and people.
    About Veterinarians
    What is a Veterinarian?

    About Veterinarians
    What is a Veterinarian? ... Association Membership
    What is a Veterinarian?
    What is a Veterinarian? Top Doctors of Veterinary Medicine are medical professionals whose primary responsibility is protecting the health and welfare of animals and people. Veterinarians diagnose and control animal diseases, treat sick and injured animals, prevent the transmission of animal diseases ("zoonoses") to people, and advise owners on proper care of pets and livestock. They ensure a safe food supply by maintaining the health of food animals. Veterinarians are also involved in wildlife preservation and conservation and public health of the human population. Today's veterinarians are members of an important health profession. In taking the veterinarian's oath , a doctor solemnly swears to use his or her scientific knowledge and skills "for the benefit of society, through the protection of animal health, the relief of animal suffering, the conservation of animal resources, the promotion of public health, and the advancement of medical knowledge." Today more than 67,000 veterinarians are professionally active in the United States. They provide a wide variety of services in private clinical practice, teaching, research, government service, public health, military service, private industry, and other areas.

    15. Holistic And Alternative Veterinary Medicine
    Pet Education Information on massage, acupuncture, homeopathy, chiropractic, herbal medicine and other holistic techniques in dogs and cats. Index of commonly used food supplements.

    16. Louisiana State University School Of Veterinary Medicine
    Features degree programs, academic departments, faculty and staff, continuing education and research, veterinary clinics and alumni events.
    News and Events
    May 24–June 6, 2004

    SVM Confers Six Graduate Degrees
    SVM Presents Scholarships and Awards at Annual Banquet Summer Scholars Program
    Award Winners
    More News and Events
    La Semaine Veterinaire
    MS Word
    Weekly newsletter of
    LSU SVM La Veterinaire , April 2004
    Newsletter of the SVM
    SVM Calendar for Spring 2004
    School of Veterinary Medicine
    Louisiana State University Skip Bertman Drive Baton Rouge, LA 70803 FAX (225) 578-9916 last reviewed Wednesday May 26, 2004 Quick Links Admissions information Information about Small or Large Animal Clinics Veterinary Medicine Library International Exhibition on Animals in Art ... Flagship Agenda Information for: Welcome to the LSU SVM website For comments or questions about the website, click here We regret it is not possible to answer individual questions about animal health problems or treatment options via e-mail. For information about veterinary services at LSU SVM

    17. Welcome To NetVet Veterinary Resources And The Electronic Zoo
    Care for Pets Visit the AVMA s Care for Pets site for additional informationon veterinary medicine and animal health. Copyright
    NetVet Electronic Zoo originate from the vivid imagination and late night web-surfing of Dr. Ken Boschert , a Veterinarian at Washington University's Division of Comparative Medicine, located in St. Louis, Missouri. Among this server's Web Pages are numerous views of Veterinary Medical and Animal resources available on the Internet and beyond. See What's New and be sure to visit this week's best animal-related Web site, the Pick of the Litter For a quick text overview of many of these resources, see the Veterinary Medical Section of the World Wide Web Virtual Library . This server is designed as an educational resource for the entire Internet community. If you cannot find what you are looking for here, try Searching the Web , or consider your local public library. If you need advice concerning your animals, ALWAYS consult your local veterinarian This site best viewed with or Ken Boschert, DVM
    Associate Director
    Washington University

    Division of Comparative Medicine
    Box 8061, 660 South Euclid Avenue
    St. Louis

    18. Center For Veterinary Medicine Home Page
    The Center for veterinary medicine (CVM) regulates the manufacture and distributionof food additives and drugs that will be given to animals.
    FDA Home Page CVM A-Z Index Contact CVM About CVM ... SIte Map
    Powered by Google
    About CVM

    CVM regulates the manufacture and distribution of food additives and drugs that will be given to animals.
    Contact CVM

    We welcome your comments regarding the contents of this site.

    Announcements or bulletins for positions which the Center for Veterinary Medicine (CVM) is currently hiring.
    Frequent Questions

    FAQ covers basic and timely information and guidance for those interested.
    May 25, 2004 - CVM Update - Consent Decree Filed in Tissue Residue Case , May 25, 2004 May 20, 2004 - CVM Update - FDA Issues Final Guidance on Raw Meat for Animals , May 20, 2004 May 20, 2004 doc pdf FR Notice May 19, 2004 - doc pdf FR Notice More About What's New in CVM
    U. S. Food and Drug Administration Center for Veterinary Medicine 7519 Standish Place Rockville Maryland 20855-0001 301-827-3800 or 1-888-INFO-FDA
    Antimicrobial Resistance Adverse Drug Reactions Animal Feeds ... HHS Home Page FDA/Center for Veterinary Medicine Web page updated by mdt , May 25, 2004, 1:28 PM ET

    19. Veterinary Medicine @ About - Information About Pets, Diseases, Vet
    veterinary medical information about diseases, cancer, pregnancy, toxicity, pets, animals, vaccinations, vet schools, vet professional careers. Veterinary career information, schools, technicians

    20. List Of Articles And Links
    Diplomates' profiles, articles on eye diseases in animals, and quizzes for professionals in veterinary medicine.
    OPHTHALMOLOGY RELATED ARTICLES Articles and descriptions have been provided by ACVO doctors to help you understand the following ophthalmologic problems. More detailed information may be available at your library. Veterinarians - If you are interested in reviewing research abstracts and articles on these and other more scientific research. You may consider ordering the Journal of Veterinary Ophthalmology and/or purchase previous conference proceedings. Contact the ACVO office for more details. Cataracts Glaucoma Cherry Eye Pannus ... Ophthalmology related links and doctor's web sites

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