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  1. Jimi: Sounds Like a Rainbow: A Story of the Young Jimi Hendrix by Gary Golio, 2010-10-04
  2. The Sounds of Star Wars by J.W. Rinzler, 2010-09-01
  3. The Sound of a Wild Snail Eating by Elisabeth Tova Bailey, 2010-08-24
  4. The Sound and the Fury: The Corrected Text by William Faulkner, 1990-10
  5. The Sound Reinforcement Handbook (Yamaha Products)
  6. Sound Sleep, Sound Mind: 7 Keys to Sleeping Through the Night by Barry Krakow, 2007-09-28
  7. Sound Design: The Expressive Power of Music, Voice and Sound Effects in Cinema by David Sonnenschein, 2001-11
  8. Perrine's Sound and Sense: An Introduction to Poetry by Thomas R. Arp, Greg Johnson, 2010-02-02
  9. The Sound Effects Bible: How to Create and Record Hollywood Style Sound Effects by Ric Viers, 2008-10-01
  10. Designing Sound by Andy Farnell, 2010-10-29
  11. Sound and Sense: An Introduction to Poetry by Laurence Perrine, Thomas R. Arp, 1991-09
  12. Sounds on the Farm by Gail Donovan, 2004-04-01
  13. Perfecting Sound Forever: An Aural History of Recorded Music by Greg Milner, 2010-05-25
  14. The Sound of Music (Rogers & Hammerstein): Piano Solo Selections

1. Advanced Linux Sound Architecture - ALSA
The Advanced Linux sound Architecture (ALSA) provides audio and MIDI functionality to the multichannel audio interfaces. Fully modularized sound drivers. SMP and threadsafe design
Download SoundCards Applications
... Links Hardware Manufacturers New Users Developers Getting support for your hardware. Background info
Supported soundcards

Linux Audio Users Guide
... Programming with ALSA The Advanced Linux Sound Architecture (ALSA) provides audio and MIDI functionality to the Linux operating system. ALSA has the following significant features:
  • Efficient support for all types of audio interfaces, from consumer soundcards to professional multichannel audio interfaces.
  • Fully modularized sound drivers.
  • SMP and thread-safe design.
  • User space library ( alsa-lib ) to simplify application programming and provide higher level functionality.
  • Support for the older OSS API, providing binary compatibility for most OSS programs. ALSA is released under the GPL (GNU General Public license) and the LGPL (GNU Lesser General Public License). We need users to use, test and provide feedback, programmers to work on low level drivers, writers to extend and improve our documentation, and application developers who choose to use ALSA as the basis for their programs. If you are interested, please subscribe to a mailing list . We welcome all constructive ideas, opinions and feedback!
  • 2. FindSounds - Search The Web For Sounds
    Welcome to, a free site where you can search the Web for sound effects and musical instrument samples. Take a look
    Welcome to Find , a free site where you can search the Web for sound effects and musical instrument samples. Take a look at the types of sounds you can find NEW! Find Sounds Palette is a software program that lets you search more than one million sounds on the Web and helps you organize and search your own sound collection. Version 2 is now available and includes our easy-to-use audio editor. Click here for a free trial Each month Find and Find Sounds Palette process more than 1,000,000 sound searches for more than 100,000 users. Find Sounds has been profiled on television (TechTV), in magazines (Electronic Musician, Mix, The New Yorker, PC World, Popular Science, Video Systems, Yahoo! Internet Life), and on countless Web sites (including Pick of the Day by Yahoo! and PC World "Best of the Web"
    "Incredibly Useful" Yahoo! Internet Life
    "Impressive Technology" New York Times

    3. Homepage - Ministry Of Sound
    club information from all over the world plus exclusive reviews galleries of Ministry of sound events. Vocal House. The sound of Smoove. The hottest mix of hip hop
    var wtl_loc = document.URL.indexOf('https:')==0?'':''; document.write(""); var wtl_TagVer = 6; var wtl_FWD = 0; var wtl_url = document.URL; var wtl_title = document.title; var wtl_TagID = 145563; var wtl_SID = "145563"; var wtl_Offset = "0"; WTL_TAG = new Image; WTL_TAG.ID = "WTL_TAG"; var ORDER= ""; var SERVER= ""; var INVOICE= ""; var CARTVIEW= ""; var CARTADD= ""; var CARTREMOVE= ""; var CHECKOUT= ""; var CARTBUY= ""; var ADCAMPAIGN= ""; //wtl_Tag6(TAG,SID,wtl_url,wtl_title,"MainContentGroup,SubContentGroup"); wtl_Tag6(wtl_TagID,wtl_SID,wtl_url,wtl_title); Find out what happened behind the scenes during the making of the latest album Click here for more information Download the entire album 'Late September' before it is released Click here for more information Get the biggest clubland ringtones every month direct to your mobile Click here for more information MoS on Tour
    Ministry of Sound's World tour continues more Acid Jazz Classics
    34 classic Acid Jazz tunes from Mother Earth, Jamiroquai to Galliano!

    4. - Purest Audio. Richest Sound
    Play Deadly Hide Seek in the sound Blaster Splinter Cell Pandora Tomorrow Contest! sounds Best On sound Blaster. Colin McRae Rally 04

    May 2004 Newsletter Out Now!

    Audigy 2 NX
    Audigy 2 ZS Wireless Music ... Go to Support
    Extigy MP3+/Digital Music Audigy 1/LS Audigy 2/ZS Live! Audigy 2 NX

    5. The Movie Sounds Page - Your Link To The World's BEST Sounding Movie Audio Files
    by their respective movie production companies. All sound files are for educational, research, criticism, or review sounds Page holds no liability from misuse of these sound files.
    Access Your PC from Anywhere - Free Download
    Get the lowest prices on
    Get the credit card(s) you want! Cards to fit your individual lifestyle! No Annual Fee Cards and more!! ... Click here for your FREE credit report! Here's how to make your own .wavs
    © 1995-2004, The Movie Sounds Page.
    Aarrowstar Network Productions, Inc.
    Last Updated: 05/18/2004
    Movies listed below Featured Movies
    Click on a Movie Title to go to the sounds for that movie!

    sound Blaster. USB sound Blaster. Portable Audio
    Sound Blaster
    USB Sound Blaster

    Portable Audio

    Speaker Systems
    All Products

    Creative Websites Americas Asia/Middle East/Africa China Japan Singapore Taiwan Rest of Asia Europe Austria Belgium Cyprus Czech Republic Denmark Deutschland Espana Finland France Greece Hungary Iceland Ireland Italia Luxembourg Malta Netherlands Norway Poland Portugal Russia Slovakia Sweden Switzerland United Kingdom Oceania Australia New Zealand Product Websites Speakers System Creative Subsidiaries
    Creative Speaker Buying Guide helps you decide on the best solution for your needs
    29th Apr Creative Announces Q3 Results - Operating Income Increases 83% and Total EPS Hits $0.68 19th Apr 3DLabs Announces the Most Powerful Visual Processing Architecture

    7. Sound & MIDI Software For Linux
    must' for all Linux users wanting to incorporate sound and create music, and take full advantage of their searching the Net for interesting MIDI and sound apps for Linux.

    8. Meyer Sound Laboratories Inc.
    Professional sound Manufacturer, Meyer sound, Speakers, sound Reinforcement, Live sound Map to Meyer sound headquarters in Berkeley, CA. Terms of Use Trademarks. Copyright © 2004 Meyer sound Laboratories Inc.
    Technical Highlights
    The Design and Performance of the REM Waveguide Get the Latest Release of MAPP Online DSP Beam Steering with Modern Line Arrays User-Defined Equalization Curves with the LD-3 (PDF)
    Request Information
    Sales, Tech Support, Product Information
    Mirror Sites
    Spanish German Australian
    Map to Meyer Sound headquarters in Berkeley, CA.
    Market Specific Applications
    Live Sound

    Sports Venues

    Audio Visual
    ... Worship
    Meyer M3D Delivers Dynamics at Cornerstone Meyer Sound Just Right for Scottish Rite Jakarta Convention Center Goes Self-Powered with Meyer Church Reaches New Heights with M1D System ... Trademarks

    9. A&b Sound
    Retailer of CDs, DVDs, and consumer electronics equipment, with retail locations from Vancouver Island to Winnipeg Canada.
    my account [ login ] Music Classical Music DVD VHS Electronics Advanced
    Dixie Chicks - Fly

    Available now for a limited time
    Lopez, Jennifer - J To Tha L-o!-the Remixes

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    10. SoundAmerica
    The largest sound file site on the internet containing free downloadable sound files from movies, television, cartoons, comedy, sound effects and much more.
    Sound America Special
    SoundAmerica has partnered with to bring you over sound effects, loops, instrument sounds, pre-cleared music tracks and more, all in an incredible sound search engine.
    To check it out, click here now
    Can you play these sounds?

    Click here to make sure!

    Frequently Asked Questions
    Advances.Com, Inc.

    11. New Page 1
    Biographies, sound clips, and tour schedule for the Baltimore polka band.
    Enter Enter

    12. EFX Royalty Free Sound Effects Library
    Post production sound effects library for audiovisual and multimedia applications such as cinema, television, radio, video games, CD-ROMs and sound effects for use at theme parks.
    EFX-Sound Effects Library
    efx sarl est specialisee dans la post production sonore et la constitution de sonotheques. efx sarl propose des sonotheques destinees a toute production audiovisuelle comme le cinema, la television, la radio, les jeux video, les cd roms, internet, les parcs a themes ou tout autre moyen multimedia present et a venir. notre site de vente en ligne securise offre la possibilite d'achat de nos produits audio.

    13. FindSounds - Sound Types
    What types of sounds can be found on the Web using Findsounds? Below is a partial list. Click on any link below to perform a search
    searchbox('',1,1,1,1,1,8,8000,2097152) What types of sounds can be found on the Web using Find Sounds ? Below is a partial list. Click on any link below to perform a search, or enter one or more words in the search box above and then click on the Search button.
    Animals alligator baboon bat bear ... zebra
    Birds ani blackbird blackcap blue jay ... wren
    Holidays Christmas sleigh bells ; Halloween creak evil laugh ghost howl ... witch ; Independence firecrackers fireworks ; New Year's balloon party horn pop cork ; Thanksgiving turkey
    Household boiling bottle bubbles can ... zipper
    Insects bee cicada cricket fly ... wasp
    Mayhem arrow artillery battle bazooka ... whip
    Miscellaneous beep buzz cartoon noises chirp ... wood
    Musical Instruments agogo banjo bass drum bassoon ... xylophone
    Nature earthquake fire forest geyser ... wind
    Noisemakers alarm beeper bell buzzer ... whistle Office briefcase cash register coins computer keyboard ... typewriter People applause bite boo breath ... yell Sports and Recreation baseball basketball billiards bowling ... tennis Tools axe chain saw construction drill ... wrench TV and Movies Tim Allen Back to the Future Beavis and Butthead Bewitched ... Xena Vehicles airplane ambulance bicycle boat ... windshield

    14. Beat Down Sound - Experimental Dub-funk From Boston
    Bostonbased dub-rock electric piano trio. Site includes tour dates, audio clips, pictures, and biographies.

    This site is hosted by
    Netfirms Web Hosting
    Click to enter var go_mem="mweitman";

    15. Sound Art Canada Sound Reinforcement
    sound reinforcement company in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. Web site features an extensive list of professional audio links! Large used equipment sale list for download.
    Branch Contact Info: Calgary Winnipeg Toronto Choose... Used Gear Sale In US Funds Used Gear Sale in Canadian Caig Product Sales Audio Links List News and Pictures Equipment Pictures and Info Events Installations Tours Current Tours Previous Staff Pictures and Contacts Local Winnipeg Links Rental Rates Sheet SWAG Guestbook Site Map Mailing List Search Site Updated: Wednesday, May 26, 2004 at 7:43 PM CST EVENTS INSTALLS TOURS LOCAL ... USED GEAR 5/17/04 Equipment Added NEWS CAIG SALES SWAG SITE MAP ... SEARCH SITE Sound Art Touring - Press Release PDF
    Sound Art Canada New Locations in Calgary and Toronto!
    Sound Art is a concert sound company with locations in Calgary Winnipeg , and Toronto . Our company has been serving the live entertainment industry for twenty one years.
    The Company..
    Specializing in high performance, compact live sound systems, Sound Art has become a sound reinforcement leader in Canada. Our company can provide solutions for any kind of professional audio application. Sound Art provides systems ranging from small speakers on stands, to world class concert systems or elaborate night club installations. Careful attention has been paid to every detail of our systems, ensuring the best performance and reliability possible. Our experienced team of audio professionals provide the outstanding service for which Sound Art is famous. Shop Cam For more information about Sound Art Canada, contact

    16. Hyannis Sound, The
    Cape Cod, MA allmale a cappella ensemble. Perform in backyards, cobblestone streets, fine dining establishments, weddings and stadiums.

    17. MAZ Sound Tools - Your Resource For Audio Software And Soundware
    Musicians digital sound tools VSampler 3 Softwaresampler, VX7 FMSynthesizer, MadTracker, sampling, tracking, sounds. Software. VSampler 3.
    VSampler 3
    Buy Now


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    no.1 instruments
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    FAQ ... Reviews
    Didgeridoo Vol. 1
    Description Buy Now Downloads FAQ ... Reviews
    Vocal Construction Kit
    Description Buy Now Downloads FAQ ... Demosongs
    The Frame
    Description Buy Now Demosongs
    Big Bottle
    Description Buy Now Demosongs
    tracked worx 2k
    Description Buy Now Downloads Reviews ... Links
    Assembly '02 DVD
    Description Buy Now Links
    VSampler 2
    Description Downloads FAQ
    Classic MAZ Archive

    18. Adrenalin Sound Machine HQ
    Official site of the artist.
    // Info newButton(info,'graphics/menu/info_on.gif','graphics/menu/info_off.gif'); My URL:

    I got it for free at
    Adrenalin Sound Machine is an electronic music project based in Glasgow, Scotland. ASM has already released 25+ pieces of music, a CD compilation, and three full albums. (So far...) Latest Track

    Raw power tech-step for inner-city dwellers... Performed live! Latest Album

    Eclectic and experimental...
    ASM, live and dangerous! Adrenalin Sound Machine gets Glasgow Christmas Number One with Digital Disk This Scottish Underground Electronic Web Ring site owned by ASM
    Previous 5 Sites
    Previous Next ... BAND RADIO
    The Unsigned Band Resource This U-Tribe Web Ring site owned by Michael James Previous 5 Sites Previous Next ... list

    19. SoundClick - Free MP3 Music Download And Much, Much More.
    Welcome bands click here! Welcome to soundClick - Log in. Charts, Bands, and free MP3. Acoustic Acoustic Guitar, Folk, Piano
    Login Register Home My.SoundClick ...
    Welcome bands - click here!
    Welcome to SoundClick - Log in Charts, Bands, and free MP3 Acoustic
    Acoustic Guitar, Folk, Piano, Guitar, Rock, Vocals

    Indie, Experimental, Grunge, Punk, Ska...
    Beats and Loops

    HipHop and Electronica Beats and Loops... Blues
    Straight Ahead Blues, Jump Blues, Blues Rock...

    Chamber Music, Symphonic, Contemporary, Choral...
    Adult Humor, Political Humor, Prank Calls... Country Alternative Country, Christian, Bluegrass, Country Rock... Electronica Acid, Ambient, Drum n Bass, IDM, Mellow, Industrial... Hip Hop Freestyle, New School, Spoken Word, Battles/Disses Jazz Smooth Jazz, Free Jazz, Fusion, Bebop, Swing... Latin Flamenco, Merengue, Cuban, Pop/Balada, Salsa... Metal Rap Metal, Goth, Heavy Metal, Death/Black Metal... Pop AAA, Euro Pop, Power Pop, Pop Rock, J-Pop... Rock Classic, Unplugged, Surf, Rock En Espagnol, Punk... World Reggae, Traditional, World Fusion, New Age... Search Artist Songs Sounds like... Band description New Artists Sign-Up Featured Band Chelsea Band Pop:Pop General "Experience the sound and magnetism of one of NY's Best Bands..."

    20. Musitech Sound
    Professional audio and DJ equipment.

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