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         Physics:     more books (100)
  1. The Manga Guide to Physics (Manga Guide To...) by Hideo Nitta, Keita Takatsu, et all 2009-05-18
  2. Introduction to Solid State Physics by Charles Kittel, 2004-11-11

141. Physics Department, Joseph Henry Laboratories, Princeton
Joseph Henry Laboratories of physics. Research in Astrophysics and Cosmology, Interdisciplinary Research, Research in Atomic physics.

142. Imaging Physics Laboratory
Limited staff and research information.
University of California
Radiological Sciences Dept.
MS I B140
Irvine, CA 92697-5000
Welcome to the Molloi Group at the University of California, Irvine.
Please click here to learn about the projects currently under investigation. The image on the left is a coronary arteriograph of a pig. It was taken during one of our animal experiment where contrast was injected into the coronary artery. The image above is the 3D reconstruction of a pig's coronary artery. The information was reconstructed from CT scans of a cast of the coronary tree.

Scientific information, history of the department, educationrelated material, organization structure,

144. Particle Physics - On-line Review
Particle physics an on-line review service covering the fields of experimental and theoretical high energy particle physics (including cosmology).

145. Material Science Homepage, HKBU
Materials science learning resources for students and the public, including java applets illustrating some fundamental concepts.
Bridge, me, forever... The Research Group For the Public For the Student Learning Resources Related Links of Materials Science Hyperlink to my ASTRONOMY ... Prof. Tong B. Tang of the Physics Department HKBU

146. Little Shop Home
Welcome to the Little Shop of physics, Colorado State University s handson science outreach program. Check out our online experiments

147. Introduction To The UCL Centre For Cosmic Chemistry And Physics
University College London. Research into the chemistry which occurs throughout the universe in interstellar space.
Webpages designed and maintained by Angela Wolff 4th June 2003 A report on the UCL meeting "Laboratory Studies of Astrochemical Processes" About the Centre " " Experimental Activities " " Theoretical Activities " " Resources People " " Contact " " Publications
About the Centre for Cosmic Chemistry and Physics
The purpose of the Centre is to apply research to fundamental chemical processes which are believed to occur throughout the universe. Using a unique combination of theoretical and experimental techniques, such processes are investigated in the laboratory. Comparison of these results with astronomical observations serves to increase our knowledge and understanding of the cosmos. Our first major project concerns the formation of hydrogen molecules on surfaces of interstellar dust grains and the second expands upon this to study the formation of more complex molecules such as methane. You can view a pdf document explaining the motivations and experimental activities of the centre here
People associated with the Centre
There are a number of academics now associated with the UCL centre and these can divided into members from the Department of Chemistry Department of Physics and Astronomy Department of Electronic and Electrical Engineering and past members of the group.:

148. Health Physics
Journal of the Health physics Society. Provides abstracts and information about online subscription,

149. Computer Simulations In Physics
Computer Simulations in physics. A page with examples of simulations of fluid dynamics, wave equations, mechanics and more, done by a student of Computational physics at University of Wroclaw (Poland). Graphics and animations included.

150. File Not Found
PCCP is the journal of choice for fast publication of cutting edge physical chemistry and chemical physics. PCCP is reference linked to ChemPort and CrossRef.
RSC Members Press Releases Register Jobs ... Public Activities RSC Site Help File Not Found Sorry, the file you have requested could not be found. Please use the site search , the site guide or the A-Z contents to help find what you are looking for. If you clicked on a link within our site, please contact us and we will fix the link. If you are using an old URL which begins please note that all URLs on this site begin with and you should change any bookmarks accordingly. Further Assistance ? Please do not hesitate to contact us if you require any further help or to report a broken link. To get in touch either Email us or fill in the online feedback form
for conferences, careers, news and chemistry resources send us your feedback

151. 2004 CEDAR Workshop
Annual CEDAR (Coupling, Energetics and Dynamics of Atmospheric Regions) workshop on the physics of the upper atmosphere.
2004 CEDAR Workshop
Eldorado Hotel, Santa Fe, New Mexico
June 27 - July 2, 2004
Summary plans for the 2004 CEDAR Workshop have been written and are now available in the Spring 2004 CEDAR Post. The 2004 CEDAR Workshop will take place starting Sunday June 27, 2004 with the Student Workshop. (Please contact the CEDAR student representatives, Stan Briczinski ( and Lars Dyrud ( The regular workshop will be Monday through Friday, June 28 - July 2, at the Eldorado Hotel in Santa Fe, New Mexico. The 2003 CEDAR Workshop was held in Longmont, Colorado. The CEDAR Science Steering Committee , and Barbara Emery ( ) are in charge of planning the workshop.
Changes from 2003 (increased fees for all)
Registration on-line with RegOnline (Students by April 23, Regulars by May 26)
Registration includes: Student Biographies, Student Lodging, Abstract Submission (due May 25) , and can be updated multiple times (e.g. to submit an abstract later, to revise an abstract, to change from 'check' to 'credit card', etc.)
Draft Agenda (May 18, 2004)

152. University Of Cambridge - Cavendish Laboratory
The department of physics at cambridge is known for the quality of its research and teaching. Details

153. Technische Universität Graz - Erzherzog-Johann-Universität
Public engineering school, also known as the Erzherzog Johann University. Fields of study offered include civil, chemical, electrical, and mechanical engineering, telematics, architecture, chemistry, physics, geodesy, and mathematics.

154. Harvard University Department Of Physics
Recent Department News. • Professor Gerald Gabrielse, George Vasmer Leverett Professor of physics, has been awarded the George Ledlie prize.

155. Previous Articles
A look at what makes some conductors super, from

156. Particle Data Group Welcome Page
Ordering Information Link. send questions to the Particle Adventure Educational Information Link, Particle physics Information Databases.

157. The Wesleyan Physics Clusters
Hardware and software details, links to projects using the cluster, and links to other resources.
The Wesleyan Computing Clusters Home News Users Projects ... Links
Welcome Welcome to the Clusters of Wesleyan Unversity! The Physics Department at Wesleyan University in Middletown, Connecticut, operates two Beowulf type clusters: A 50 node Resarch cluster (nodes are 500 MHz Pentium III class) and an approximately 40 node Teaching cluster (nodes are 486/Pentium class). Both clusters run Linux The Research cluster is a joint project with the Chemistry and Astronomy Departments. There are currently three users of the Research cluster.
The Research cluster (WesWulf). There are currently 50 nodes.
History The cluster project at Wesleyan University was initiated by professor Reinhold Blumel and physics undergraduate Vasilios Hoffman in the spring of 1999. Together they collected a number of retired computers from the Wesleyan University campus and build the first working cluster during the summer of 1999. This project served as a proof of concept. The cluster of retired computers is still operational, and has indeed grown in size. It now consists of around 40 nodes and is used for teaching purposes by professor Reinhold Blumel. The Reseach cluster was assembled during October and November of 1999, starting with 20 Pentium III machines. Soon after the first 20 machines were up and running a further 20 were added. At around the same time the first 500MHz AMD Athlon machine was brought in and it was found to be superior to the Pentium III on relevant codes. Just before Christmas of 1999, 10 Athlon machines were added to the cluster. For this addition a Hewlet Packard HP4000M switch was acquired and the server was upgraded to hold 60 GByte of RAID 5 disk storage. The Research cluster has run stable with 50 operational nodes since the beginning of 2000.

158. Contemporary Physics Education Project (CPEP)
We have moved to

159. Radiation Physics, Inc. - Medical Physics Consultants In South Florida
Medical Specialists supplying commissioning, planning and software services. (Miramar, FL)
Welcome to Radiation Physics, Inc. We are a group of Board-certified Radiological Physicists , Licensed to practice Therapeutic Radiology Physics in the State of Florida. cancer oncology radiotherapy medical physics consultants seeds prostate brachytherapy IMRT linear accelerator linac LDR HDR commissioning QA charts dosimetry dose
Our Mission
We at Radiation Physics, Inc . strive to provide patients and clinicians in the Southeast, Caribbean and Latin America with radiological physics services of the highest standards.
Contact Information
Telephone FAX Postal address
3590 S. State Rd. 7 Miramar, FL
Electronic mail
General Information:
Send mail to with questions or comments about this web site.
Last modified: May 29, 2002

Organizes international cooperation in medical physics and allied subjects, and contributes to its advancement, especially in developing countries.
About IOMP

94-97 IOMP officers

Iomp Library List

Medical Physics World Bulletin
Messages from IOMP president and vice president to EMPW

International Organization for Medical Physics
About IOMP
  • 64 countries
  • 12,000 individual members
  • 26 corporate members
  • two international regional organizations
Purpose The objectives of the International Organization for Medical Physics are to organize international cooperation in medical physics and allied subjects; to contribute to the advancement of medical physics in all its aspects, especially in developing countries; and to encourage and advise on the formation of national organizations of medical physics in those countries which lack such organizations. Membership Classifications Members of the IOMP consists of all individual members of the Adhering National Organizations. Two other forms of membership are available, namely, Affiliated Regional Organizations and Corporate Members. Other information
  • Publications
    Journal(s): (1) Physics in Medicine and Biology, (2) Physiological Measurement
    Newsletter: Medical Physics World (biannual)
    Books: Medical Science Series (IOP Publishing)
  • Educational resources: Workshops, courses
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