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         Physics:     more books (100)
  1. Physics for Scientists & Engineers with Modern Physics (4th Edition) by Douglas C. Giancoli, 2008-09-04
  2. The Physics of Superheroes by James Kakalios, 2006-09-21
  3. 50 Physics Ideas You Really Need To Know (50 ideas) by Joanne Baker, 2009-09-17
  4. Schaum's Outline of Beginning Physics I: Mechanics and Heat (Schaum's) by Alvin Halpern, 1995-01-01
  5. Game Physics Engine Development, Second Edition: How to Build a Robust Commercial-Grade Physics Engine for your Game by Ian Millington, 2010-08-06
  6. The Physics of Imaginary Objects (Pitt Drue Heinz Lit Prize) by Tina May Hall, 2010-09-28
  7. Fundamentals of Physics (Regular Edition) by David Halliday, 2007-04-06
  8. Physics for Scientists and Engineers: A Strategic Approach with Modern Physics and MasteringPhysics (2nd Edition) by Randall D. Knight, 2007-10-19
  9. Ultrasound Physics Review: A Review for the Ardms SPI Exam by Cindy Owen, 2009-11-09
  10. Physics, Volume 2 by David Halliday, Robert Resnick, et all 2001-10-29
  11. College Physics, Volume 1 by Raymond A. Serway, Jerry S. Faughn, et all 2007-11-27
  12. Solid State Physics by NeilW. Ashcroft, N.David Mermin, 1976-01-02
  13. The Physics of Radiation Therapy by Faiz M. Khan, 2009-05-15
  14. The Flying Circus of Physics by Jearl Walker, 2006-06-30

101. Physlets Home Page
hydrogen (n=8, l=3, m=0). Welcome to the Physlets resource page. Physlets, physics Applets, are small flexible Java applets designed for science education.

102. NASA ADS: ADS Home Page
Free online abstracts and fulltext papers in astronomy, astrophysics, planetary sciences, and solar physics.
ADS Services Search Browse Mirrors Feedback ... What's new Other NASA Centers CXC HEASARC IRSA LAMBDA ... SIRTF Related Sites AAS ADEC CDS IAU ... Preprints CfA CfA CfA Preprints Chandra Harvard University ...
The NASA Astrophysics Data System
The Digital Library for Physics, Astrophysics, and Instrumentation This site is hosted by the
Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics

Mirror sites
Help Site Map

The Astrophysics Data System (ADS) is a NASA-funded project which maintains four bibliographic databases containing more than 3.7 million records: Astronomy and Astrophysics, Instrumentation, Physics and Geophysics, and preprints in Astronomy. The main body of data in the ADS consists of bibliographic records, which are searchable through our Abstract Service query forms , and full-text scans of much of the astronomical literature which can be browsed though our Browse interface
For more information, please read our page detailing the Terms and Conditions regulating the use of our resources.
In addition to its databases, the ADS provides access and pointers to a wealth of external resources, including electronic articles, data catalogs and archives. We currently have links to over 4.4 million records maintained by our collaborators.
The importance of ADS's role in supporting the scientific community has been recognized by societies and individuals . If you wish to acknowledge us in a publication, kindly use a phrase such as the following:

103. HPS Web Site
The Health physics Society is a nonprofit scientific professional organization whose mission is to promote the practice of radiation safety.

104. Harold P. Furth Library, Princeton University
Hours, catalog, plasma physics literature, internet resources, database resources.
Harold P. Furth Library
Princeton University

Forrestal Campus
Princeton, New Jersey USA 08543-0451
Librarian: Adriana Popescu
email: Special Collections Assistant: Shannon Belloni
email: Harold P. Furth Library Hours
Monday through Friday, 10:00 am - 4:00 pm. Access by appointment. Please call (609)-243-3565, preferably 24 hours in advance of visit. The library is open 24 hrs to PPPL users. Driving Instructions and Entrance Procedures
Other PU Branch Libraries Hours
Plasma Physics Library, Princeton University
DOE Science News
(unified catalogs of academic, government, and public libraries) Web-based PPLCat Plasma Conferences Plasma Physics E-Journals Searching plasma physics literature ... Library Proxy Server remote access) RefWorks Please send questions, comments, and suggestions to Last updated: Tuesday, 31-Jul-99 13:44:17; Princeton University Princeton University Library PPPL

105. HyperPhysics Concepts
Hyperphysics is an exploration environment for concepts in physics which employs concept maps and other linking strategies to facilitate smooth navigation.

106. Larry Bogan's - Astronomy, Physics, And Soaring Page
A collection of Astronomical projects, lectures, and calculations. Orbits, Sunspots, Occultations, and Magnitudes.
Larry Bogan
Physics and
Soaring Page
and a little geneology
Soaring-GPS Conservation Text List of Pages Geneology
The Origins of Some Bogans in Ohio
Astronomy and Physics
Sunspot Observation
Instructions on observation and determination of Solar Latitude and Longitude. (Java Scipt Calculator) Retrograde Motion
An explanation for superior planets using animation to show absolute and relative motion of Earth and Planet Mutual Occultation of the Planets
Graphics and Animations showing very rare occultations of the past and future Coriolis Effect
An explanation of these fictious forces as they would appear in a rotating space station. - animation. Limiting Magnitude Calculations (Java Script) How faint can you see with eye or eye + telescope? What will be the count on your CCD imaging a star? Time Julian Day, Equation of Time, and Siderial Time for your time, date, and longitude.(Java Script Calculator) Stars: Absolute Magnitudes Luminosity and Bolometric Magnitude from Temperature and Size Formation of Stars A Description of Pre-main Sequence Stellar Evolution - Interstellar Gas - Gas Nebulae - Protostars - T-Tauri Stars Simple Orbital Mechanics (in progress) Kepler's Laws three laws are used quantitatively with simple mathematics to explain some orbital mechanics such as the slingshot effect.

107. GBS Physics Home Page
A Full Service physics Education Web Site. GBS physics Courses Quick Links. physics physics . Minds On physics Internet Modules.

108. Research_hardware_instrument_design/index.html
Research Hardware designs and manufactures prototype scientific instruments and accessories for research in chemistry, physics, and engineering. Each instrument is customized to meet the specific needs of the experimenter.

109. Multimedia Physics Studios - Table Of Contents
The Multimedia physics Studios is a collection of GIF animations depicting major physics concepts. The animations cover common physics

110. E-Print Archive
Open eprint archive with over 100,000 articles in physics, 10,000 in mathematics, and 1,000 in computer science. (Formerly called xxx; free) e-Print archive
Automated e-print archives nlin math cs q-bio physics
17 Jan 2004 Endorsement system introduced.
15 Sep 2003 Announcement of New Quantitative Biology archive.
For more info, see cumulative "What's New" pages.
Robots Beware: indiscriminate automated downloads from this site are not permitted
Nonlinear Sciences
Computer Science

111. Fusion Energy And Plasma Physics Research At PPPL
Fusion energy and plasma physics research at the Princeton Plasma physics Laboratory, a US Department of Energy Laboratory.

112. Laboratory For Extraterrestrial Physics - Education And Outreach Front Page
Astronomy, chemistry, and physics of the solar system and beyond.
Welcome to Our Education and Outreach WebSite
a service of the
Please sign our guestbook
Privacy, Security, Notices
Site created: November 18, 1998 Last Modified: December 10, 2003 Curator: Albert E. Davison International Technology and Management, Inc. E-mail: Responsible NASA Representative: Dr. Michael Collier E-mail:

113. The American Journal Of Physics Home Page
Welcome to the American Journal of physics. The American Journal of physics editorial office has moved. All communications to the

114. ESI The Erwin Schrödinger International Institute For Mathemaical Physics
Vienna, Austria.

115. Astro-Physics Inc.
Telescopes, mounts and accessories for observers and astrophotographers.

116. Skateboard Science
Developed by the Exploratorium to uncover the science of this dynamic sport. Learn the underlying physics of ollies, nollies and kickflips and the manufacturing process involved in making a modern skateboard.
project participants: Thrasher Magazine
questions or comments? email: JavaScript must be enabled to display this email address.

117. SpringerLink - Publication
International journal devoted to publishing articles and short communications of physical or chemical
Articles Publications Publishers

Publication Physics and Chemistry of Minerals Publisher: Springer-Verlag Heidelberg ISSN: 0342-1791 (Paper) 1432-2021 (Online) Subject: Chemical Sciences Engineering Geosciences Physics and Astronomy Issues in bold contain article full text that you are entitled to view. Volume 31 Number 4 Number 3 Number 2 Number 1 ... Request a sample Volume 30 Number 10 Number 9 Number 8 Number 7 ... Number 1 Volume 29 Number 10 Number 9 Number 8 Number 7 ... Number 1 Volume 28 Number 10 Number 9 Number 8 Number 7 ... Number 1 Volume 27 Number 10 Number 9 Number 8 Number 7 ... Number 1 Volume 26 Number 8 Number 7 Number 6 Number 5 ... Number 1 Volume 25 Number 8 Number 7 Number 6 Number 5 ... Number 1 Volume 24 Number 8 Number 7 Number 6 Number 5 ... Number 1 Volume 23 Number 8 Publication 1 of 1 Previous Publication Next Publication Linking Options About This Journal Editorial Board Manuscript Submission Quick Search Search within this publication... For:
Table Of Contents Alerting Click the button below to enable Table Of Contents Alerting for this publication.

118. Curriculum Vitae For Bryan Gmyrek
Master of Arts in physics from Boston University in January 2001. Experience with Unix/Linux as well as Windows platforms and programming in HTML, Perl, C, Java, Mathematica and Matlab.
Bryan D. Gmyrek
7883 W. Sacramento Hill Dr.
Tucson, AZ 85743

EDUCATION University of Arizona, Tucson, AZ
Physics PhD studies in progress 2001-Present
Boston University, Boston, MA
M.A. 2001 Physics
University of Massachusetts, Amherst, MA
B.S. 1999 , Physics major, Mathematics minor (with honors) HONORS AND AWARDS
  • Dean's List, University of Massachusetts, Amherst Boston University Teaching Fellowship Computing Our Universe Summer School Scholarship Vice President of award winning Society of Physics Students at UMass (1997)
  • Experience with UNIX/LINUX, Windows and Apple operating systems and most popular programs on these platforms. Experience writing scientific simulations in C and C++, web applications in perl and web pages in HTML. Intermediate skill in Matlab, Mathematica and Java.
PROGRAMMING AND TEACHING EXPERIENCE Graduate Research Assistant, Fall 2002
  • Member of the U of AZ DZero particle physics research group. Analyze data taken at the DZero detector at Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory, Illinois. Write and use computer programs in C++ to study the properties of the Top quark.

119. SpringerLink - Publication
(Springer) Contents and abstracts from vol.183 (1997). Full text to subscribers. Special rate for
Articles Publications Publishers

Publication Communications in Mathematical Physics Publisher: Springer-Verlag Heidelberg ISSN: 0010-3616 (Paper) 1432-0916 (Online) Subject: Mathematics Physics and Astronomy Issues in bold contain article full text that you are entitled to view. Online First Volume 247 Number 3 Number 2 Number 1 Volume 246 Number 3 Number 2 Number 1 Volume 245 Number 3 Number 2 Number 1 Request a sample Volume 244 Number 3 Number 2 Number 1 Volume 243 Number 3 Number 2 Number 1 Volume 242 Number 3 Numbers 1-2 Volume 241 Numbers 2-3 Number 1 Volume 240 Number 3 Numbers 1-2 Volume 239 Number 3 Numbers 1-2 Volume 238 Number 3 Numbers 1-2 Volume 237 Number 3 Numbers 1-2 Volume 236 Number 3 Number 2 Number 1 Volume 235 Number 3 Number 2 Number 1 Volume 234 Number 3 Number 2 Number 1 Volume 233 Number 3 Number 2 Number 1 Volume 232 Number 3 Number 2 Number 1 Volume 231 Number 3 Number 2 Number 1 Volume 230 Number 3 Number 2 Number 1 Volume 229 Number 3 Number 2 Number 1 Volume 228 Number 3 Number 2 Number 1 Volume 227 Number 3 Number 2 Number 1 Volume 226 Number 3 Number 2 Number 1 Volume 225 Number 3 Number 2 Number 1 Volume 224 Number 3 Number 2 Number 1 Volume 223 Number 3 Number 2 Number 1 Volume 222 Number 3 Number 2 Number 1 Volume 221 Number 3 Number 2 Number 1 Volume 220 Number 3 Number 2 Number 1 Volume 219 Number 3 Number 2 Number 1 Volume 218 Number 3 Number 2 Number 1 Volume 217 Number 3 Number 2 Number 1 Volume 216 Number 3 Number 2 Number 1 Volume 215 Number 3 Number 2 Number 1 Volume 214 Number 3 Number 2 Number 1 Volume 213 Number 3 Number 2 Number 1 Volume 212

120. Physico-Mechanical Institute
General information, search, description of main scientific problems investigated in the institute.
var udk_url; - no framed version

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