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         Physics:     more books (100)
  1. Physics Problem Solver (Problem Solvers) by Joseph Molitoris, 1978-12-31
  2. Physics and Philosophy: The Revolution in Modern Science by Werner Heisenberg, 2007-05-01
  3. Physics (Cliffs Quick Review) by Linda Huetinck Ph.D., Scott Adams, 2001-06-15
  4. College Physics by Raymond A. Serway, Jerry S. Faughn, et all 2008-02-19
  5. Physics Made Simple (Made Simple (Broadway Books)) by Christopher De Pree, 2005-01-11
  6. Fundamentals of Physics, Volume 1 (Chapters 1 - 20) by David Halliday, Robert Resnick, et all 2007-01-02
  7. Conceptual Physics Media Update, 10th Edition by Paul G. Hewitt, 2008-05-29
  8. Physics Demystified : A Self-Teaching Guide (Demystified) by Stan Gibilisco, 2002-08-01
  9. Quantum Physics For Dummies by Steven Holzner, 2009-02-03
  10. Factory Physics (The Mcgraw-Hil/Irwin Series) by Wallace Hopp, Mark Spearman, 2007-10-24
  11. Fundamentals of Physics, Part 5 (Chapters 38-44) (Chapters 38-44 Pt. 5) by David Halliday, Robert Resnick, et all 2004-06-09
  12. Examkrackers: 1001 Questions in MCAT in Physics by Jonathan Orsay, Jordan Zaretsky, 2001-12-01
  13. CRC Handbook of Chemistry and Physics, 91st Edition
  14. Schaum's Outline of Physics for Engineering and Science, Second Edition (Schaum's Outline Series) by Michael Browne, 2009-09-15

81. From The Institute Of Physics
Books, Education, Careers, Groups. Magazines, Industry/Business, physics Policy, Branches. Cookies. Copyright © Institute of physics and IOP Publishing Ltd.

82. Uniwersytet Warszawski - Wydzial Fizyki
Warsaw Uniwersity physics Faculty. The center of physics in Poland and one of the earliest places where Internet started!
27 maja 15:30 Nowa Aula: konwersatorium L. Infelda
Prof. Ph.-A. Martin (Lozanna) - Quantum Coulomb systems: some exact results in the atomic limit Badania naukowe Edukacja Informacje ogólne
Instytuty i inne jednostki

Pracownicy i doktoranci

Rada Wydzia³u
... katalog i czasopisma

... dalsze informacje
Inne strony WWW

... dalsze informacje
Informacje dla kandydatów na studia licencjackie,
magisterskie, podyplomowe i doktoranckie
i pracownia dla uczniów Fizyka dla ka¿dego (w tym Festiwal Nauki ... dalsze informacje Spis tre¶ci ZA ... MJ WWW

83. NIST Physics Laboratory Home Page
Divisions / Research Areas The physics Laboratory is divided into six major divisions, described below. Also see

84. Hyperspace Physics
Visions of the otherworld from several paradigmatic perspectives. index updates forum chat contact English to German English to Spanish English to French English to Italian English to Portug. German to English German to French Spanish to English French to English French to German Italian to English Portug. to English Random : Manna From Heaven
PHYSICS related net resources
  • The laboratory of parallel universe experimentation may not lie in a mechanical time machine ... but could exist between our ears. Dr. Fred Alan Wolf on

85. NIST Physical Reference Data
Nuclear physics Data, Radionuclide Halflife Measurements Made at NIST. Condensed Matter physics Data, Atomic Model Data for Electronic Structure Calculations.

86. IFE - Institute For Energy Technology. The International Energy Institute In Nor
Norway's national research center for nuclear and energy technology describes its research and development activities in nuclear technology and safety, physics, petroleum technology, energy and environmental technology, materials and corrosion technology, mantechnology-organization, and the OECD Halden Reactor Project.
In Norwegian About IFE Departments Projects ... Job opportunities
Search for:
Hydrogen storage systems for automotive applications
Institute sits on the Executive Committee of EU Integrated Project StorHy: “Hydrogen storage systems for automotive applications” which is the largest EU project on hydrogen storage.
Hotlab Plenary Meeting 2004
Wearable computer system for process supervision and control
Institute for energy technology and the OECD Halden Reactor Project has carried out technological studies and implemented a prototype of a wearable computer system for process supervision and control.
Nuclear Technology and Physics
The bulk of the Nuclear technology and Physics activities at Kjeller are directly related to the JEEP II research reactor, a national laboratory for basic and applied research. Basic research in physics, irradiation technology and the production of radioactive isotopes for medical purposes all rely on neutron beams from JEEP II.
Petroleum Technology
IFE's goal for petroleum activities is to contribute to the profitable, safe and environment-friendly utilisation of Norway's petroleum resources. The main markets are oil companies, systems and consultancy companies, the supply industry and the Norwegian Petroleum Directorate.

87. The Wonders Of Physics
Magellan 3Star Site The Wonders of physics. In the matter of physics, the first lessons should contain nothing but what is experimental and interesting to see.

88. Moscow Institute Of Physics And Technology
Official site of the institute located in Dolgoprudny town (Moscow Region), include department structure and research areas of the institute.

89. Error 404, File Not Found
Britney Spears lectures on semiconductor physics, radiative and nonradiative transitions, edge emitting lasers and VCSELs.
404 Error! File Not Found
Oh my God! You've broken the server. Just kiddin. The file that you are looking for cannot be found. Try going to the home page If the problem continues then email the webmaster

90. Andrei Sakharov: Soviet Physics, Nuclear Weapons And Human Rights
A biography of Andrei Sakharov and his contributions to Soviet nuclear weapons research, nuclear fusion, cosmology, human rights, and world peace. Includes a bibliography and links to related sites.

Text Version
ndrei Sakharov (1921-1989) was a Soviet physicist who became, in the words of the Nobel Peace Committee, a spokesman for the conscience of mankind . He was fascinated by fundamental physics and cosmology, but first he spent two decades designing nuclear weapons. He came to be regarded as the father of the Soviet hydrogen bomb, contributing perhaps more than anyone else to the military might of the USSR. But gradually Sakharov became one of the regime’s most courageous critics, a defender of human rights and democracy. He could not be silenced, and helped bring down one of history’s most powerful dictatorships. This exhibit tells about Sakharov’s extraordinary life. This exhibit is brought to you by the Center for History of Physics a division of the
American Institute of Physics
Next: Early Years, 1921-1944 Material on this site is
American Institute of Physics and Gennady Gorelik

91. How Things Work - Topical Page
A service providing answers to questions about physics, science, and how things in the world around us work. How Things Work Home Page, Ask a physics Question.
Search for a String
In Question
In Answer
Site Map Home Page Questions and Answers By Date: Select Year Questions for 2004 Questions for 2003 Questions for 2002 Questions for 2001 Questions for 2000 Questions for 1999 Questions for 1998 Questions for 1997 Questions for 1996 By Topic: Select Topic Air Conditioners Airplanes Audio Amplifiers Automobiles Balloons Balls, Birdies, and Frisbees Bicycles Bouncing Balls Cameras Centrifuges and Roller Coasters Clocks Clothing and Insulation Compact Disc Players Computers Electric Motors Electric Power Distribution Electric Power Generation Electronic Air Cleaners Elevators Falling Balls Flashlights Fluorescent Lamps Incandescent Light Bulbs Knives and Steel Lasers Magnetically Levitated Trains Medical Imaging and Radiation Microwave Ovens Nuclear Reactors Nuclear Weapons Plastics Radio Ramps Rockets Seesaws Spring Scales Sunlight Tape Recorders Telescopes and Microscopes Television The Sea and Surfing Thermometers and Thermostats Vacuum Cleaners Violins and Pipe Organs Water Distribution Water Faucets Water, Steam, and Ice

92. Ïîðòàë ÌÈÔÈ - Äîáðî ïîæàëîâàòü
Information about depatrments, admission and study in the university; site is in English and Russian.
Âûñòàâêà "eLearnExpo Moscow 2004"

93. Physics Articles, Jobs And Information Nature Physics Portal
physics articles and information from the nature publishing group s wide ranging science resources. Welcome to the physics portal.

94. Department Of Nuclear Physics
At Faculty of Mathematics and physics Address, email contacts, achievements. Some english links point to slovak documents.
40th anniversary of Department of Nuclear physics: 1961-2001
ASCII ISO-8859-2 MS Win ...
Comenius University

Department of Nuclear Physics
Faculty of Mathematics, Physics and Informatics
Comenius University
Mlynská dolina
842 48 Bratislava
phone: +421-2/65423446
www: Search for: This is the oldest WWW server in Slovakia. Of course, the hardware it is running on and the contents of these pages have changed since that time, but we were here first anyway :-) Send comments about this WWW page to webmaster . Main page: Last update: 2002-01-15 11:38:37

95. ICTP Home Page
the abdus salam international centre for theoretical physics,

96. VisualConception
Win Designed for the understanding of integration, projectile motion, central force, and centripetal force. classroom software
Deutsch counts the visits :
visual,aids,visuell,Highschool,College,education,teaching,Physics,Mathematics,Gymnasium,Schule,Oberstufe,Unterricht, educational,software,program,programs,Programme,Lehrprogramme,Physik,Mathematik,Unterrichtshilfen,Simulation, classroom,Klassenraum,Unterrichtsraum,Klassenzimmer

97. The Physics Encyclopedia
This WebSite provides exhaustive, comprehensive, carefully selected and structured lists on Internet physics resouces. Pages.

98. Time Travel And Modern Physics
Survey of philosophical woories about inconsistencies inherent in the idea of time travel in the context of modern physics. From the Stanford Encyclopedia, by Tim Maudlin.
version history

Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy
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Time Travel and Modern Physics
Time travel has been a staple of science fiction. With the advent of general relativity it has been entertained by serious physicists. But, especially in the philosophy literature, there have been arguments that time travel is inherently paradoxical. The most famous paradox is the grandfather paradox: you travel back in time and kill your grandfather, thereby preventing your own existence. To avoid inconsistency some circumstance will have to occur which makes you fail in this attempt to kill your grandfather. Doesn't this require some implausible constraint on otherwise unrelated circumstances? We examine such worries in the context of modern physics.
A Botched Suicide
Why Do Time Travel Suicides Get Botched?

99. Web Physics
Teaching and Learning physics with World Wide Web Technology. Course Material, Links to curriculum material for current Davidson physics course offerings.

100. Fusion Energy And Plasma Physics Research At PPPL
Fusion energy and plasma physics research at the Princeton Plasma physics Laboratory. Located in Princeton, New Jersey.
Fusion energy and plasma physics research is the primary mission of the Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory (PPPL). A collaborative national center for fusion energy and plasma physics research, PPPL is managed by Princeton University for the U.S. Department of Energy, Office of Science. An associate mission for PPPL is to provide the highest quality of education in fusion energy, plasma physics, and related technologies.
NJN Interviews PPPL Director Goldston
Open House
June 12, 2004
10:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.

about the Open House
PPPL Colloquia for 2003-2004
PPPL HOTLINE, April 2004 Virtual Tour of PPPL
PPPL is funded by the U.S. Department of Energy Office of Science , and managed by Princeton University.
DOE Eurekalert

USDOE and Other Fusion Links
U.S. Fusion Energy Program Policy Information ... Download PPPL Logo Updated: 14 May 2004 Send questions or comments to Carol A. Phillips at Laboratory Status

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