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         Mushroom Biology:     more books (102)
  1. Mushroom Council Nutrition Research Update.(mushroom council update): An article from: Mushroom News by Mary Jo Feeney, 2007-07-01
  2. Mushroom insects: Their biology and control (Bulletin / Pennsylvania State College. Agricultural Experiment Station) by C. A Thomas, 1942
  3. Biology and recognition of arthropod pests of the commercial mushroom by Robert Snetsinger, 1972
  4. Biology, ecology, and social aspects of wild edible mushrooms in the forests of the Pacific Northwest a preface to managing commercial harvest (SuDoc A 13.88:PNW-GTR-309) by U.S. Dept of Agriculture, 1993
  5. Mushrooms, Molds, and Miracles by Lucy Kavaler, 2007-03-30
  6. Mushrooms of the Southeastern United States by Alan E. Bessette, William C. Roody, et all 2007-04-30
  7. Mushrooms of Hawai'i: An Identification Guide by Dennis E. Desjardin, 2002-05-03
  8. Milk Mushrooms of North America: A Field Identification Guide to the Genus Lactarius by Alan E. Bessette, David B. Harris, et all 2009-10
  9. In the Company of Mushrooms: A Biologist's Tale by Elio Schaechter, 1998-10-30
  10. Guide to Western Mushrooms by J. E. Underhill, Ted Underhill, 1982-06
  11. Mushrooms of West Virginia and the Central Appalachians by William C. Roody, 2003-04-25
  12. Life Cycle of a Mushroom (Life Cycle of A...) by Angela Royston, 2000-08
  13. Mushrooms & Toadstools (Collins Watch Guide) by Harper Collins Publishers, 1999-01
  14. El hongo / Mushroom (El Ciclo De Vida / Life Cycle of a. . .) (Spanish Edition) by Angela Royston, 2010-09

61. Welcome To Mush-World.Com
To this end, MushWorld now seeks close cooperation with international organizations with the same goal such as World Society for mushroom biology Mushroom

62. Fungi Perfecti® Books On Mushrooms And Health
This book should help advance the cause of mycology, and mushroom biology worldwide. It will be an important reference for those
Certified Organic Medicinal Mushroom Capsules, Extracts and Teas Products for Growing Mushrooms Outdoors on Logs and Stumps Books on Mushroom Cultivation, Mushroom Identification and More... Pure Mushroom Sawdust Spawn, Grain Spawn and Cultures "Tools of the Trade" for Mushroom Cultivators Posters, Playing Cards, T-Shirts and Other Mushroom Gifts Cultivation Seminars, Consultation Services and Mushroom Conferences Check out our Fantastic Deals on Clearance Items! Mycotechnology: Mycoremediation, Mycofiltration and Beyond... Visit Fungi Perfecti's Online Mushroom Information Center Help Us Preserve the Fungal Genome of the North American Rainforest! Click Here to Review our Customer Service and Privacy Policies Search Our Web Site If "Search" Doesn't Find it, Try Our Site Index A Few Brief Words on the Subject of Psilocybes
Reviews of
Medicinal Mushrooms
David Arora, author
Mushrooms Demystified
All the Rain Promises and More
Stamets draws on the collective experience of centuries of mushroom cultivation, creating a revolutionary model for the use of higher fungi. Not only does cover every aspect of cultivation, he also addresses the issues of environmentalism, health and business. For anyone who has ever wanted to grow mushrooms, this is "The Book". Alan E. Bessette, Ph.D.

63. Plant Pathology Faculty Pages
mushroom biology and Mushroom Products. The Pennsylvania State University, University Park. 588 pp. mushroom biology and Mushroom Products.

64. Danny Lee Rinker, University Of Guelph
Proceedings of the 4th International Conference on mushroom biology and Mushroom Products. Pp. 4360, 2002. Rinker, DL and G. Alm.
Danny Lee Rinker
Associate Professor
B.Sc., Biology, University of the Sciences in Philadelphia;
Secondary Teaching Certification, Biology, Immaculata College;
M.Ed., Biology, Millersville University of Pennsylvania;
Ph.D. Entomology, The Pennsylvania State University
Insects, diseases, compost, crop management, mushrooms
Phone: (905) 562-4141 ext 132
Fax: (905) 562-3413
Department of Plant Agriculture, University of Guelph, 4890 Victoria Ave, Box 7000, Vineland Station, Ontario, Canada L0R 2E0 Research Interests: The mushroom research program and its facilities are unique in Canada. It is responsible for both research and extension efforts. A commercial mushroom crop. The current research program is focused on management of various Trichoderma diseases, defining the diversity among the agents that cause bacterial blotch disease, degradation of pesticides in mushroom compost, the use of ammonia suppressants in poultry litter and their effects on mushroom composts and mushroom composting odours. Research is conducted primarily in a small-scale mushroom cultivation facility, the only one of its kind in Canada. In a cooperative project with John Cline, we also are investigating the utilization of spent mushroom substrate as a soil amendment in apple orchards.

65. Wauu.DE: Science: Biology: Mycology: Page 2
Links URL hinzufügen. Morel mushroom biology and Evolution Presents information about morels, along with unorthodox hypotheses about their evolution.
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Endophytes Lichens Mycorrhizae
  • Morel Mushroom Biology and Evolution
    Presents information about morels, along with unorthodox hypotheses about their evolution.
  • Over 600 Mushroom / Fungus species available in beautiful colors, scents and flavors.. Kits, spores, live cultures, growing supplies, equipment, 1,000 photographs and directions.
  • Myco Photography
    This site is dedicated to the ART of mushroom photography. It is updated often with new photographs and tips on getting the best mushroom photos possible.
  • Mycokey
    A synoptic key for determination of fungal genera. This first version includes 180 genera and about 750 illustrated species. It covers the genera of basidiomycota with stem and cap (Agarics, Boletes etc.) from Northern Europe.
  • Mycologia Published papers on all aspects of fungi, including lichens. Subjects include physiology, biochemistry, ecology, pathology, development and morphology, systematics, cell biology and ultrastructure, genetics, molecular biology, evolution, applied aspects, and new techniques.

66. Mycology
Previews by Thumbshots Morel mushroom biology and Evolution Presents information about morels, along with unorthodox hypotheses about their evolution.
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  • Science: Biology: Microbiology Medical Mycology Online - Contains lots of information on the fungi that cause human infections. Descriptions of the organisms and the diseases they cause. Complete with excellent images. Fun Facts About Fungi - Contains fact sheets with photos and fun activities for kids. MykoWeb - Information on mushrooms, fungi, mycophagy, and mycology primarily for the amateur. Includes photographs, descriptions, and recipes. New Zealand Fungi - Images, photos, keys and lots of information on mushrooms in New Zealand Forest Fungi Of New Zealand - Photographs and information on New Zealand Fungi now also including slime moulds The Ones That Stain Blue - Psilocybe mushrooms: studies in ethnomycology Morel Mushroom Biology and Evolution - Presents information about morels, along with unorthodox hypotheses about their evolution.

67. DaniCV
1993 Intl. Symp.on mushroom biology Production, Hong Kong. 1995 Intl. Soc. 1999 2nd Intl. Symp. mushroom biology Mushroom Products. Sydney, Australia.
Dr. Ofer Danai
Status: Married + 3 children Home Address: Mitzpeh Hila 24953 Israel
Fax; 972-4-9572114 e-mail:
Work Address: Migal ( Kiryat Shmona );
POB 90000; Rosh Pinna 12100 Israel
Fax; 972-4-6944980;
e-mail :
University Education and Additional Training:
  • B.Sc. in Agriculture, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, faculty of Agriculture, Rehovot, Israel.
    M.Sc. in Plant Pathology and Microbiology, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, faculty of Agriculture, Rehovot, Israel Thesis: The suitability of Pleurotus florida as a new crop in Israel. Supervisor: Prof. I. Chet and Prof. Y. Henis
    Ph.D in Plant Pathology and Microbiology, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, faculty of Agriculture, Rehovot, Israel Thesis: The effect of light on the morphogenesis of Pleurotus spp.
    Supervisors: Profs. Y. Hadar and I. Chet, Dr. D. Levanon.
Positions held and academic status
  • 1990 Israel Ministry of Agriculture Mission to El Salvador. 1990 Guest Lecturer of Div. of External Studies in Course for Tropical Developing Countries, Faculty of Agriculture, Hebrew University. 1995 Director, Research and Development Project for Highland

68. Bokkilden
Deacon, JW. paperback 1997 376.00 Les mer 46. mushroom biology ShuTing Chang / Miles, Philip G. hardback 1997 454.00 Les mer 47. mushroom biology

mushroom biology and Mushroom Products Proceedings of the First International Conference on mushroom biology and Mushroom Products, 2326 August 1993 Click
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Cultivation, culture, medicinal, misc. studies
Growing Wild Mushrooms
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Bob Harris; Paperback
The Elixir : An Alchemical Study of the Ergot Mushrooms
Click for more info, reviews, or to order!
William Scott Shelley / Hardcover / Published 1995
Medicinal Benefits of Mushrooms : Healing for More Than 20 Centuries-Their Effects on Cancer, Diabetes, Heartdisease and More
William H. R.Ph.D. Lee, Joan A. Friedrich (Contributor) Paperback / Published 1997 Click for more info, reviews, or to order!
Christopher Hobbs / Paperback / Published 1995 Click for more info, reviews, or to order! Morel Tales : The Culture of Mushrooming Click for more info, reviews, or to order! Gary Alan Fine / Hardcover / Published 1998 Mushroom Cultivator : A Practical Guide to Growing Mushrooms at Home Click for more info, reviews, or to order! Paul Stamets, J. S. Chilton / Paperback / Published 1984 Mushrooms Poisons and Panaceas : A Handbook for Naturalists

70. Health And Fitness Information About Cordyceps Supplements
Conference Report The First International Conference On mushroom biology and Mushroom Products . On August 2326, 1993, the First
For More Info Click Below Weight Loss
Hormonal Balance
Liquid Ionic Colloidal Minerals
Hawaiian Noni Juice
Parasite Colon Cleanse
Conference Report
"The First International Conference
On Mushroom Biology and Mushroom Products"
O n August 23-26, 1993, the First International Conference on Mushroom Biology and Mushroom Products took place in Hong Kong. Organized by UNESCO and the Chinese University of Hong Kong, the conference marked the 30th anniversary of the University, an institution that supports a wide range of mushroom research. The conference chairman, Dr. S. T. Chang, is widely noted in the field of mushroom science for his contributions to mushroom cultivation and his research into medicinal mushroom development and applications. The program consisted of poster displays and plenary sessions. Topics included cultivation technology of a wide range of edible mushroom species. bioconversion of waste materials by fungi, genetics and breeding, nutritional aspects, and the pharmacology and clinical uses of medicinal mushrooms. In regard to the medicinal uses, a highlight of the program was a presentation by Dr. Goro Chihara,(1) formerly with the National Cancer Research Institute in Japan. In the late sixties and early seventies. Dr. Chihara isolated and characterized lentinan from shiitake (Lentinus edodes), a polysaccharide which went through extensive clinical trials and is now an approved drug in Japan for use with chemotherapy in cancer patients. Dr. Chihara believes that cancer

71. Department Of Food Science - Faculty Listing
177184. In mushroom biology and Mushroom Products, ST Chang, JA Buswell, and SW Chiu (eds.) The Chinese University Press, Hong Kong.

72. Mycology
5. Morel mushroom biology and Evolution Presents information about morels, along with unorthodox hypotheses about their evolution. Biology News Biology Chat ... Domain Names Sale - Save up to 75%
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Cell Biology
Philosophy of Biology
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73. Foodborne Disease Handbook, 2nd Edition, Revised And Expanded, Volume 3: Plant T
in livestock; Claviceps; mushroom biology, epidemiology, poisoning, and medical management; Fungi in folk medicine. Contents Poison
Second Edition, Revised and Expanded
4-Volume Set by Y. H. Hui et al Volume 1
Bacterial Pathogens
Volume 2
Viruses Parasites Pathogens HACCP
Seafood and Environmental Toxins
Buy all four volumes of the Foodborne Disease Handbook
and take $25.00 off each individual price— a savings of $100.00! The Foodborne Disease Handbook, Second Edition
thoroughly describes, in up-to-date detail, the bacterial, viral, parasitic, and fungal pathogens and toxicants from plants, animals, and other environmental sources in food and drinking water that cause disease—providing traditional and new methods of treatment, cure, and prevention of foodborne infections and illnesses. Each volume—written by leading authorities—presents the history, biology, chemistry, disease outbreaks, treatment, and recent research on the full spectrum of foodborne diseases, as well as a complete listing of poison centers in the United States. Volume 3
Plant Toxicants Plant Toxicants
contains new chapters on
  • Poison center management of exposures to plant and mushroom toxins
  • Medical management of plant poisoning
  • Prevention and management of plant toxicants in livestock
  • Claviceps
  • Mushroom biology, epidemiology, poisoning, and medical management

74. Literature On Specialty Mushrooms
mushroom biology Mushroom Products. 2110. mushroom biology and Mushroom Products - Proceedings of the Second International Conference. University Park, PA.

75. Recommended Titles/Series
The discipline of mushroom biology, created by the authors of this book, has now been legitimized by references in the scientific literature and by two
Recommended Titles/Series BIOSCIENCES 2000 Current Aspects and Prospects for the Next Millennium edited by Charles A Pasternak (University of London) As the new millennium approaches, it is appropriate to ask how far medicine and the life sciences have brought us, and to wonder how specific fields will develop over the next decade or so. This volume gathers together a number of leading scientists to give a bird's eye view of their field. Much of the emphasis is on cancer, microbial infections and immunology, because these are some of the most rapidly advancing areas of research. However, the book is wide-ranging and interdisciplinary, and covers topics as diverse as reproductive health technology, animal-to-human transplants, drug resistance, non-invasive diagnosis by magnetic resonance, novel membrane technology, and carbon nanotubes. The graduate student faced with a decision regarding his or her future topic of research could do worse than browse through this collection of articles by experts in the field. THE HAEMODYNAMIC EFFECTS OF NITRIC OXIDE Since the discovery of nitric oxide as an endothelium-derived relaxing factor in 1987, investigations on its precise modes of action have been carried out at an extraordinary rate. Nitric oxide is now implicated in many physiological and pathological processes — not just in the control of vascular resistance, but in nerve transmission, cell proliferation, inflammatory responses and so on.

76. Pleurotus-Literature
pp. 2123 in Chang, ST, JA Buswell, and S. Chiu, Eds. mushroom biology and mushroom products. Chinese Univ. mushroom biology and Mushroom Products. Pennsylv.
BIOLOGICAL SPECIES IN PLEUROTUS LITERATURE CITED Arita, I. 1974. Genetic study on white fruit-bodies of Pleurotus ostreatus (Fr.) Kummer. Rep. Tottori Mycol. Inst. 11: 58-68 [in Japanese with English abstract]. Barron, G.L. 1977. The nematode-destroying fungi. Topics in Microbiol. 1: 140 pp. Canadian Biological Pulb., Ltd. Berkeley, M.J., and M.A. Curtis. 1853. Ann. Mag. Nat. Hist. II 12: 427. Bresinsky, A. M. Fischer, B. Meixner, and W. Paulus. 1987) Speciation in Pleurotus . Mycologia 79: 234-245. Bresinsky, A., O. Hilber, and H.P. Molitoris. 1977. The genus Pleurotus as an aid for understanding the concept of species in Basidiomycetes. pp. 229-258 in Clemençon, H., Ed. The species concept in Hymenomycetes. Biblioth. Mycol. 61. Buchanan, P.K. 1993. Identification, names, and nomenclature of common edible mushrooms. pp. 21-23 in: Chang, S.T., J.A. Buswell, and S. Chiu, Eds. Mushroom biology and mushroom products. Chinese Univ. Press, Hong Kong. Chang, S.T., and P.G. Miles. 1989. Edible mushrooms and their cultivation. CRC Press, Boca Raton. Chang, S.T., and P.G. Miles. 1991. Recent trends in world production of cultivated edible mushrooms. Mushroom J. 504: 15-18.

77. Mycology Resources: Mushrooms
lots of information for beginning mushroom hunters at Mushroom Heaven, including recipes, advice for mushroomers, and an explanation of mushroom biology.
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WWW VL: Mycology
The entire WWW VL WWW VL Mycology: Collections
Mycological Resources on the Internet: Mushrooms
Resources to help you identify, eat, grow and fall in love with mushrooms
See also the Taxonomy page, and the Regional Guides page
Agaricales of Costa Rican Quercus forests
A comprehensive, ongoing floristic study of the mushrooms (Agaricales) of montane oak forests in Costa Rica, including data on biodiversity and annotated color images. Keys to various genera are provided. Interactive keys to species of Leccinum and Phylloporus are available for users of DELTA software (q.v.).
Agaricales of Java and Bali
Mushrooms occuring in Java and Bali are documented in these pages.
Agaricales of the Hawaiian Islands
Both native and introduced mushrooms are found on the Hawaiian Islands, the latter being especially plentiful. This site includes photographs and catalogs of Hawaiian agarics.
American Mushroom Hunter
Wild mushrooms bought and sold.

78. Mycology
http// Morel mushroom biology and Evolution Presents information about morels, along with unorthodox hypotheses about their
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clinical mycology
Links: Science: Biology: Mycology
Home Science Biology : Mycology Buy Mycology Products
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Associations Conferences Endophytes Lichens ... Suppliers and Companies Mycology Web Search Results Below Add Your Site or modify Canadian Mycological Resource
A Canadian focus on mushrooms, fungi, and mycology resources.
Center for Research in Fungal Diversity

Promotes research excellence and facilitate training in fungal diversity in the Asian region. Includes staff and student profiles, publications list, and related links. University of Hong Kong.
Duke Mycology

Information on Rytas Vilgalys's research group, evolutionary biology of mushrooms, and mushrooms of North Carolina. Forest Fungi Of New Zealand Photographs and information on New Zealand Fungi now also including slime moulds Fun Facts About Fungi Contains fact sheets with photos and fun activities for kids.

79. Welcome To BC NTFP Mushrooms
harvest mushroom biology, function and ecology;; mushroom productivity;; mushroom harvest techniques;; mushroom biology and Ecology. Although
The increase in the wild mushroom harvest in the province has led to complex and inter-related issues and concerns for mushroom pickers, buyers, sellers, managers and the general public. We will address some of the general issues here and discuss specific issues under each species.
Pilz and Molina (2002) identified five major concerns that must be addressed in order to understand and manage a sustainable wild mushroom harvest:
  • mushroom biology, function and ecology;
  • mushroom productivity;
  • mushroom harvest techniques;
  • habitat management; and
  • people management
Mushroom Biology and Ecology
Functionally, the fungi that comprise harvested non-timber forest products (NTFP) can differ greatly from one another. Some NTFP fungi are saprophytic, absorbing nutrients and water from dead or decaying organic matter such as the twigs or logs. . Other NTFP fungi form mycorrhizae with living plant or tree hosts, acquiring carbon and energy from plant sugars formed by photosynthesis and in turn, supply soil nutrients such as nitrogen and phosphorus and water that the host plants need. Pathogenic mushrooms invade live hosts causing diseases.
Non-biological factors are also critical to NTFP mushroom production, triggering mushroom initiation by the mycelium and influencing mushroom development. Mushrooms fruit when appropriate water, temperature and light conditions exist.

80. µL¼ÐÃD¤å¥ó
Identification in Ganoderma Using Ribosomal DNA Sequences and DNA Amplification Polymorphisms, First International Conference on mushroom biology and Mushroom
Abstracts Y. C. Chen and R. S. Hseu. 2002. Licb : A lichenase gene from a new species of obligate anaerobic fungus. p. 75. Xth International Congress of Mycology, July 27-Aug. 1, 2002, Paris, France. R. S. Hseu and C. S. Chen. 2002. Differentiating chinese traditional herb Cordyceps sinensis (Berk.) Sacc. by 18s rRNA gene sequence. p.18. Xth International Congress of Mycology, July 27-Aug. 1, 2002, Paris, France. Y. C. Chen and R. S. Hseu . The Study of Anaerobic Fungi from Taiwan Ruminants. Japanese and Korean symposium on rumen metabolism and physiology, 2000. Miyazaki, Japan R. S. Hseu . 1997. Recent Advances in Molecular Systematics of the Ganoderma lucidium Complex. Proceeding of the International Symposium on Ganoderma lucidium in Japan. Nov. 17-18, 1997, Tokyo, Japan. R.S. Hseu , 1997. The use of ribosomal gene and mangenese superoxide dismutase gene nucleotide sequence data for species identification and phylogeny in the Ganoderma lucidum complex p.16-19. The 7th International Symposium on

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