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         Insects:     more books (100)
  1. The Life of Insects: A Novel by Victor Pelevin, 1999-02-01
  2. The Anatomy of Insects & Spiders: Over 600 Exquisite Forms by Claire Beverley, David Ponsonby, 2003-04-01
  3. Insects of the Pacific Northwest (Timber Press Field Guide) by Peter Haggard, Judy Haggard, 2006-03-01
  4. Insects on Display: A Guide to Mounting and Displaying Insects by Connie Zakowski, 2000-10
  5. Specialization, Speciation, and Radiation: The Evolutionary Biology of Herbivorous Insects
  6. California Insects (California Natural History Guide) by Jerry A. Powell, Charles L. Hogue, 1980-09-08
  7. Insect World (A Child's First Library of Learning) by Time-Life Books, 1989-09
  8. Pet Bugs: A Kid's Guide to Catching and Keeping Touchable Insects by Sally Kneidel, 1994-05-09
  9. Insects and Crawly Creatures (Eye Openers) by Angela Royston, 1992-09-30
  10. Baculovirus and Insect Cell Expression Protocols (Methods in Molecular Biology) by David W. Murhammer, 2007-07-06
  11. Science Kids Insects by Barbara Taylor, 2008-04-15
  12. The Superorganism: The Beauty, Elegance, and Strangeness of Insect Societies by Bert Hölldobler, Edward O. Wilson, 2008-11-17
  13. The Insect Societies (Belknap Press) by Edward O. Wilson, 1971-01-01
  14. Ecology of Insects: Concepts and Applications by Martin R. Speight, Mark D. Hunter, et all 2008-08-25

61. About Insects
our research about insects about us commercial opportunities news issues products services online resources people employment events
CSIRO ENTOMOLOGY our research about insects about us ... staff only - 01 April,2004 ]
Use of this web site and information available from it is subject to our

62. Turfgrass Links
insects, weeds, diseases, environmental issues, jobs, pesticides. Frames pages from other sites maintained by Guelph Turfgrass Institute, University of Guelph, Ontario, Canada.

63. Australian Insects Common Names

Texas A M Web information about managing insects and other pests.
Pest Control
Questions and Suggestions Return to AGropolis Download Free Acrobat Software For more information, contact:
Office of the Vice Chancellor
113 Administration Bldg.
College Station, TX 77843-2142
Email: Privacy Policy Statement Open Records Policy/Procedure
State of Texas
Credits and Awards

65. Freaky Pets
Giant and tiny dogs, snake, toad and exotic stick insects from around the world.
by Oliver Capell The Sticks The Others See my sisters site! document.write(''); Hi my name is Oliver and this is my website. This web is about my pets and as you can see I have quite a lot. I have quite a few stick insects, a snake and three dogs!
Net Flicks

Insecta top. insects have a large number of unique, derived characteristics, although none of these are externally obvious in most species. Fossil insects Meganeura.

67. The Canadian National Collection (CNC) Of Insects, Arachnids And Nematodes (this
Information on the 16 million specimens contained in the collection, plus curatorial units and staff. Links to onsite entomology and arachnology documentation, and other relevant web sites.
This page has moved to the following address: Please adjust your links accordingly.

68. MicroAngela's Electron Microscope Image Gallery
and learn more. Everyday insects from our lives. See close up views of the insects we often see in our lives and around our homes.
Come explore familiar and unexpected views of the microscopic world with these colorized images from electron microscopes at the University of Hawaii. To begin, please click any image to enlarge and learn more.
Everyday insects from our lives See close up views of the insects we often see in our lives and around our homes. Black Ant House Fly Honeybee Fruit Fly ... More Bugs
Denizens of the invisible empire Insects we rarely see - and (perhaps) wish we never do. Mosquito Darth Termite Roach Bedbug ... More
Always a part of you Most living things are made up of one or more cells. These are different cells from throughout our bodies.

69. Insects As Human Food, HYG-2160-96
Hosted by Ohio State University. Entomologists, farmers and chefs who are promoting edible insects, a foodstuff better known in academic circles as Microlivestock. Article, recipes, and nutritional information.
Ohio State University Extension Fact Sheet
1991 Kenny Road, Columbus, OH 43210-1000
Insects as Human Food
William F. Lyon The January 2, 1996 Wall Street Journal reported on a "small energetic group of entomologists, farmers and chefs" who are promoting edible insects, a foodstuff better known in academic circles as "Microlivestock." Entomophagy (the eating of insects) has yet to become a day-to-day activity for most people in the United States and Europe in spite of the superior nutritional content of edible insects compared to other animals. Other cultures around the world have made insects a main ingredient in their diets, providing an excellent source of protein. Insects are an inexpensive substitute for meat in many developing countries. In Mexico, grasshoppers and other edible insects are sold by the pound in village markets and are fried before being eaten. Many are sold in cans as fried grasshoppers, chocolate covered ants, etc. Tortillas are served with red and white agave worms in many Mexico city restaurants. Columbian citizens enjoy eating a variety of insects such as termites, palm grubs and ants. Ants are ground up and used as a spread on breads.

70. Animation Factory - Free Animated GIFs And 3D Clipart -Insects
Login to Members Site. insects Free Animation Factory Samples. Terms of Use. insects - Page 1, Animation Factory s Essential Collection 2.0 - New! Get it FREE!
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Insects - Free Animation Factory Samples
Black Widow Dangle
8.3K 83 x 120
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71. Iowa State Entomology Index Of Internet Resources
A searchable database of websites pertaining to insects and related organisms.
Entomology Index of Internet Resources
A directory and search engine of insect-related resources on the Internet. As featured in Science What's new About this site Compiled by
J. K. VanDyk
(Iowa State University)
L. B. Bjostad
(Colorado State University) Add a Resource Random Help
*Not included in searches; from Colorado State This site has been successful because of the many people who have submitted items to the database. If you know of an entomological resource on the internet that is not listed or have something you'd like included, please add it to the database . With your help this site will continue to be a hub from which you can jump to any insect-related resource on the internet. This site maintained by John VanDyk Iowa State University

72. BugsBugs.htm
Let s investigate incredible insects. The Task. 2. Identify the biggest insect and the smallest insect. 3. Discover 4 insects that are not harmful.
Introduction The Task Resources The Process ... Conclusion
Icky, sticky, creepy, crawly, beatuiful bugs. Let's investigate incredible insects.
The Task
1. Define three body parts of an insect.
2. Identify the biggest insect and the smallest insect.
3. Discover 4 insects that are not harmful.
4. Observe mystery bugs.
The Process
1. Click on Entomology for Beginners. Identify and define 3 body parts of an insect on a separate sheet of paper.
2.Go to resources and click on the Wonderful World of Insects. Write the name of the biggest and the smallest insect.
3. Go to resources and click on Get This Bug Off Of Me. Choose 4 insects that are not harmful and write 3 descriptive words about each. (color, size, shape)
4.Go to resources and click on Katerpillars and Mystery Bugs. Choose a pair of bugs and write two interesting facts about each in the pair.
Learning Advice
You will work as a team. Remember to be helpful and thoughtful to complete your work. Don't forget to use the back arrow button at the top left corner of the screen to return to this page.

73. Mite Control In Honeybees With Essential Oils
Information on which oils work, how to mix them, and how to use them.
Mite Control in Honeybees With Essential Oils
Pollination and Bees Home Page Pest Management Home Page
Essential oils have been shown to provide effective mite control in honeybee colonies. This site will provide the latest essential oil research results, treatments, and lists of world literature. Research Results Essential Oils and Hive Treatment Collection of References (April, 1997)

74. WebQuest Tips
insects As Food? Lobster, caviar, and escargot are considered a delicacy by some people. What about eating insects? Would you ever consider eating them?
Insects As Food? Introduction The Task Resources The Process ... Conclusion
Pizza, hamburgers, fries, and Coke are all favorite American foods. Lobster, caviar, and escargot are considered a delicacy by some people. What about eating insects? Would you ever consider eating them? Are there places in the world today where insects are part of the people's diet?
The Task
The learner will answer the following questions : * Do you think people should eat insects? Why or why not? * Do any cultures use insects as part of their diet? Can you list them? What are some of these insects? *What are some ways insects are prepared for eating? *Should insects be considered as a food source?
The Process
* In your Jason journal, write a paragraph telling whether you think people should or should not eat insects. Would you ever consider eating them? *Searching the Internet, find four places or cultures where insects are eaten and list them as well as the insects eaten.

75. Insects Inside - Insect Gifts, Souvenirs, Music, Information
Jewelry, souvenirs, art and collectibles, gifts.
An Innovative Insect Portal and Emporium Home Insect Photography Insect Souvenirs Insect Pins and Broaches ... Purchasing Options Unique insect gear including insect photographs, art, music, gifts, amber and information for the insect enthusiast or collector. Eric Isley We're different now! We add fresh insect related content on a regular basis. Bookmark this site!

76. Welcome To The Minibeast World Of Insects & Spiders
THE MINIBEAST WORLD OF insects AND SPIDERS. Sponsored by the Young Entomologists Society CLICK HERE TO ENTER. copyright 1998, Young
THE MINIBEAST WORLD OF INSECTS AND SPIDERS Sponsored by the Young Entomologists' Society: CLICK HERE TO ENTER Gary A. Dunn, webmaster since 7/4/98 Optimized for MS Internet Explorer

77. Angels & Insects (1995)
Synopsis, cast and crew, awards, and viewer comments.

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Page 1 of 26 Directed by
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Writing credits A.S. Byatt (novel) Belinda Haas (more) Add to MyMovies Genre: Drama Romance (more) Tagline: An Elegant Seduction. An Erotic Deception. A Stunning Revelation. Plot Summary: The movie is a study of an aristocratic family in the Victorian England. William Adamson, a young scientist... (more) (view trailer) User Comments: Mature and fascinating (more) User Rating: (1,170 votes)

Article from Fish Ontario by Bill Thompson on the numerous species of insects you may encounter. Linked insect images with descriptions and suggested remedies.

79. NATURE: Alien Empire
This special multimedia Web companion to the threeweek NATURE miniseries takes you into the bizarre, fascinating world of insects, with amazing graphics
Welcome to ALIEN EMPIRE!
Please note: this Web piece contains multimedia presentations that require the free Shockwave Flash plug-in . To view the video clips, you must have the free QuickTime 3 This site looks best when viewed using or above, or Internet Explorer 3.0 or above, for Windows 95, Windows 3.1, and the Macintosh. If you have an earlier version or another browser, pages may not be presented exactly as designed.
Please note: This expanded Web piece contains special multimedia presentations with music and animation, "Bee Anatomy" and "Enter the Hive," meant for users with high-speed connections (56K modem and higher), using and above and Internet Explorer 4.0 and above. Please also note that a recently discovered quirk in Internet Explorer 4.5 for the Macintosh does not allow its users to view these presentations at this time.
This special multimedia Web companion to the three-week NATURE miniseries takes you into the bizarre, fascinating world of insects, with amazing graphics, sound and animation, enhanced video, and activities for kids. Read the articles to learn more about how insects reproduce, live together in society, migrate, and battle for survival. Check out our animated musical multimedia presentations on monarch butterflies, mayflies, and bee anatomy and behavior. View video clips from the programs, including an enhanced streaming video clip for higher-speed visitors. Solve our Insect Scramble puzzles we've created one for each section. Check out our list of insect resources in print and on the Web. And in a fun activity for kids, print out our cricket and butterfly mask patterns, then follow the directions to make masks you can really wear!

80. Quia - Insects And Spiders
Java games and flashcards help students learn terms related to insects.
@import url(/css/quia_button.css); Matching, flashcards, concentration, word search
Insects and Spiders
See a list of terms used in these activities.
Flashcards Java non-Java ... Word Search
Activities created by Kaylyn Stone

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