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         Insects:     more books (100)
  1. A Field Guide to Insects: America North of Mexico by Donald J. Borror, Richard E. White, 1998-04-15
  2. Tracks and Sign of Insects and Other Invertebrates: A Guide to North American Species by Charley Eiseman, Noah Charney, 2010-04-01
  3. National Wildlife Federation Field Guide to Insects and Spiders & Related Species of North America by Arthur V. Evans, 2007-05-31
  4. Garden Insects of North America: The Ultimate Guide to Backyard Bugs (Princeton Field Guides) by Whitney Cranshaw, 2004-03-08
  5. Peterson First Guide to Insects of North America (Peterson First Guides) by Christopher Leahy, 1998-02-20
  6. National Audubon Society Field Guide to North American Insects and Spiders (National Audubon Society Field Guides) by NATIONAL AUDUBON SOCIETY, 1980-11-12
  7. Simon & Schuster Children's Guide to Insects and Spiders by Jinny Johnson, 1997-05-01
  8. Borror and DeLong's Introduction to the Study of Insects by Norman F. Johnson, Charles A. Triplehorn, 2004-05-19
  9. Smithsonian Handbooks: Insects (Smithsonian Handbooks) by George C. McGavin, 2002-10-01
  10. Insects: Revised and Updated (Golden Guide) by Clarence Cottam, Herbert S. Zim, 2001-04-14
  11. Roberto, The Insect Architect by Nina Laden, 2000-09
  12. A Field Guide to Common Texas Insects (Gulf's Field Guide Series,) by Bastiaan M. Drees , 1998-06-25
  13. Insects: Their Natural History and Diversity: With a Photographic Guide to Insects of Eastern North America by Stephen A. Marshall, 2006-06
  14. On Beyond Bugs: All About Insects (Cat in the Hat's Learning Library) by Tish Rabe, 1999-10-12

181. Fun Stuff Coloring Book
Printable coloring pages help kids learn to identify harmless insects and troublesome household pests.
Creatures Large and Small Coloring Book Large or small, and helpful or not,
These creatures crawl or fly a lot.
Ugly or cute or pretty or tall,
You may just want to color them all.
Choose a bunch or maybe just one,
Print them out first, and you'll have lots of fun.
Coloring Book Pages Click on the name of a Life-Like or Cartoon Bug to view an image and then print your own coloring page. Life-Like Bugs Bee Fly Butterfly Ladybug ... Wasp
Cartoon Bugs Alex the Almighty Ant Felix the Fly Lover April the Bug Kathy Kreepykrawly ... Susie the Gabby Grasshopper
You'd like to know more? Just click on Books
Or Bugs and Pests for facts and looks.
"Still more," you say. "What's this all about?"
Seasonal Tips
will help you find out!
Contact Us:
Phone: 1-800-WEST-EXT (1-800-937-8398) e-mail: URL of this page: Commercial Services Residential Services Termite Inspection Web $pecial$ ... Home Commercial Services by Western Copesan Partners Back to top

182. Welcome To Insects Limited, Inc.
EMAIL Questions and Comments to ..
EMAIL Questions and Comments to

A guide with photographs to rearing and breeding phasmids (stick insects) and mantids (praying mantis).
mantids phasmids stick insects praying mantis phasmid stick insect sal microcosmos phasmid phasmid phasmid stick insect praying mantis psg microcosmos phasmid mantid phasmids mantids praying mantis stick insect sally ewen phasme phasmes insects walkingstick PSG stickbug Phasmiden Stabheuschrecken Stabschrecken
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184. SK Aquatic Insect Page
THE SASKATCHEWAN AQUATIC insects PAGE Information on aquatic insects, leeches, molluscs, macrocrustacea and fish inhabiting Saskatchewan, Canada.
"Take your waders off, wring out your socks
and stay awhile!" Information on aquatic insects, leeches, molluscs,
macrocrustacea and fish inhabiting Saskatchewan, Canada.
Over visits in 2003!!!!!! Thanks for your interest. Web space provided by
Department of Biology,
University of Saskatchewan. The Fine Print: All images on the "Saskatchewan Aquatic Insects Page" web site are
For permission to use or to obtain higher resolution images contact Dale Parker
Home Page
E -mail General Information About the Saskatchewan
Aquatic Insects Page
Saskatchewan Saskatchewan's Aquatic Habitats ... Classification and Identification "Bug" Identification Guides Picture guide to Saskatchewan
Aquatic "Bugs and Things"
Key to Aquatic Insect Orders "Bugs" of Candle Lake Aquatic Insect Orders Ephemeroptera (Mayflies) Odonata (Dragonflies and Damselflies) Plecoptera (Stoneflies) Hemiptera (True Bugs) ... Hymenoptera (Parasitic Wasps) Diptera Misc. Diptera Chironomidae (Nonbiting midges) Culicidae (Mosquitoes) Ceratopogonidae (Biting midges) ... Simuliidae (Blackflies) Selected Habitats Candle Lake Nature Saskatchewan Sanctuaries Lake Athabasca Other Aquatic Organisms Hirudinea (Leeches) Fish

185. USDA-ARS-Beneficial Insects Introduction Research Unit
Branch of the USDA that tests and imports exotic natural enemies of insect pests, using classical biological approaches.
Beneficial Insects Introduction Research
501 S. Chapel St.
Newark, DE 19713-3814, U.S.A.
Phone: 302-731-7330
FAX: 302-737-6780
ARS 50th Anniversary Open House Click here for Invitation (PDF file) About the Lab Mission Statement Research Staff Insects in Culture ... Laboratory Brochure (PDF file) (Print page 2 on back of page 1 and fold page 2 inward at panels to make trifold brochure.)
Before moving to the Agricultural campus of the University of Delaware in 1973, this unit, then known as the Beneficial Insects Research Laboratory, was located at Moorestown, NJ. Successful projects completed since the laboratory was moved to Newark include the following:
  • The alfalfa weevil, once the no. 1 pest of alfalfa in the U.S., is now controlled by several introduced parasites in the 13 NE States, for yearly savings in control costs of $90 million.
    The alfalfa blotch leafminer was controlled by parasites introduced from Europe soon after the pest spread beyond its New England entry port, preventing yield losses of $15 million per year. Benefits from both projects on alfalfa pests approximate $105 million per year.

Since moving to Newark, we have benefited from the availability of university facilities and interactions with the faculty. Many support services are obtained under the terms of a research support agreement with the University of Delaware. In addition, we currently have specific cooperative agreements with Delaware State University (Dover), Cornell University (Ithaca, NY), Chinese Academy of Forestry (Beijing), V.N. Sukachev Inst. of Forest (Krasnoyarsk, Russia), and Dongguk Univ. (Seoul, Korea), as well as informal cooperation with other land grant colleges and universities. Over the years, we have cooperated closely with many state, federal, and international organizations. A partial listing includes the following:

186. Home.html
Translate this page This site is intended to show a synopsis of Chilean insects. It is not a thorough classification but attempts to promote the interest

187. JABB Of The Carolinas, Inc. Home Page
Manufacturer of fungal biological pesticides for controlling insects in agricultural production. Also does basis research and development and field testing.
J ABB of the Carolinas, Inc. Contact Us Home Page About Jabb Biopesticides ... Contact Jabb WELCOME TO the HOME PAGE of: J ABB of the Carolinas, Inc. P.O. Box 310
456 East Main Street
Pine Level, NC 27568-0310 USA
Phone: 919/965-9007
Fax: 919/965-9010 Your Fungal Biopesticide Resource Established in 1994 Jabb is a fungal technology and fungal products manufacturing company. Please click on a Button in the left margin for more information in the area(s) which interest you.

188. B. Downes McCreary Photography - Nature Close Up And Spectacular!
Macro images of insects and flowers by Texas photographer. Fascinating flora and fauna of central Texas.
B. Downes McCreary Photography
Wait a moment, please,
for the slide show to load... New photos added 2/2/04. Email:
Austin Gift Company
Lakehills Plaza Shopping Center
4211 S. Lamar Blvd., Suite A-19
Austin, Texas
Pages designed and maintained by EnTrance Images.

189. Osage Hedge Balls. Called Hedgeballs, Osage Orange, Monkey Balls, Horse Apples A
Natural repellent for insects.
Our Hedge Balls are falling all around !!
Our 2003 season has ended !!
All orders received now will not be shipped until July, 2004.
If you have any questions, please email me at: The EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) has instructed us as of February, 2004, to rid this website of any reference claiming special uses for this product because of no proven scientific evidence.
The puckered, fluorescent green fruit of the Osage Orange Tree (Maclura pomifera) have many different names. They've been known to be called; hedgeballs, hedgeapples, monkey balls, osage orange, mock oranges, horse apples and green brain. Just place the hedge ball in your cupboards, on the floor in your basement and garage, and around the outside of your house. The hedge balls drop from our abundant grove of trees during August, and are only available for shipping from August through December each year. Order your Fall supply today. Click on the link to the left for ordering and shipping information. Order FAQ
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190. Introduction To The Arthropoda
The Arthropods, the largest animal phylum, includes insects, spiders, crustaceans, and others. Comprehensive information from UCBerkeley website.
Introduction to the Arthropoda
. . . the REAL rulers of the Earth. . .
B y nearly any measure, the most successful animals on the planet are the arthropods. They have conquered land, sea and air, and make up over three-fourths of all currently known living and fossil organisms, or over one million species in all. Since many arthropod species remain undocumented or undiscovered, especially in tropical rain forests, the true number of living arthropod species is probably in the tens of millions. One recent conservative estimate puts the number of arthropod species in tropical forests at 6 to 9 million species (Thomas, 1990). Arthropods range in distribution from the deep sea to mountain peaks, in size from the king crab with its 12-foot armspan to microscopic insects and crustaceans , and in taste from chocolate covered ants to crawfish jambalaya and lobster Newburg. Despite this unbelievable diversity, the basic body plan of arthropods is fairly constant. Arthropods have a stiff cuticle made largely of chitin and proteins, forming an exoskeleton that may or may not be further stiffened with calcium carbonate. They have segmented bodies and show various patterns of segment fusion (

191. Iowa State's Entomology Image Gallery
Iowa State's Entomology image gallery This World Wide Web (WWW) site is a gallery of insect images and QuickTime movies. Topics include the Beetle Movie that shows a Colorado Potato Beetle eating

192. Katerpillars (and Mystery Bugs)
Katerpillars (and mystery bugs) This Internet site, maintained by the University of Kentucky for teachers, 4H participants, and others who want to pursue an interest in entomology, features

193. Athens Users Login
Athens Users Login. EBSCOhost Support. User ID, Password, Minimum browser requirements Internet Explorer 5.0 and Netscape 4.7. Important

194. Serch Perfomance
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