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         Gemstones:     more books (102)
  1. Gemstones (Smithsonian Handbooks) by Cally Hall, 2002-05-15
  2. Healing Crystals and Gemstones: From Amethyst to Zircon by Flora Peschek-Bohmer, Gisela Schreiber, 2004-11-01
  3. Masters: Gemstones: Major Works by Leading Jewelers by Lark, 2008-01-01
  4. The Jeweler's Directory of Gemstones: A Complete Guide to Appraising and Using Precious Stones From Cut and Color to Shape and Settings by Judith Crowe, 2006-10-09
  5. Healing Crystals: The A - Z Guide to 430 Gemstones by Michael Gienger, 2005-10-01
  6. Colored Gemstones, 2nd Edition: The Antoinette Matlins Buying Guide: How to Select, Buy, Care for & Enjoy Sapphires, Emeralds, Rubies and Other Colored Gemstones by Antoinette L. Matlins, 2005-02
  7. Gemstones (DK Pockets) by DK Publishing, 2003-06
  8. Simply Gemstones: Designs for Creating Beaded Gemstone Jewelry by Nancy Alden, 2009-07-14
  9. Gemstone Buying Guide, Second Edition: How to Evaluate, Identify, Select & Care for Colored Gems by Renee Newman, 2003-04
  10. Handbook of Rocks, Minerals, and Gemstones (Rocks, Minerals and Gemstones) by Walter Schumann Dr., 1993-01-04
  11. Secrets of the Gem Trade: The Connoisseur's Guide to Precious Gemstones by Richard W. Wise, 2006-01-30
  12. Gems and Gemstones: Timeless Natural Beauty of the Mineral World by Lance Grande, Allison Augustyn, 2009-11-15
  13. Making Jewelry with Gemstone Beads by Barbara Case, 2007-11-02
  14. Michael's Gemstone Dictionary: Metaphysical Properties of Gems and Minerals (Michael Speaks Book) by Michael, Judithann David, et all 1990-06

1. Pink Yellow Blue Sapphire: Wholesale Gemstones Gemstone Dealer Ruby Gemstone Sup
blue sapphire wholesale gemstones pink sapphire ruby gemstone supplierruby yellow sapphire gemstone dealer. Our gemstones are high quality.
blue sapphire wholesale gemstones: pink sapphire ruby gemstone supplier ruby
yellow sapphire gemstone dealer
Swd ruby sapphire wholesale gemstones has long experience in gemstones industries. We are specializing and world's leading in cabochon cut ruby gemstone blue pink yellow sapphire gemstone supplier . Our gemstones are high quality. We are import loose ruby stone from mining around the world, such as, Thailand, Australia, South Africa, Sri Lanka, Madagascar, Myanmar, Brazil, and Cambodia. The company also has products in other categories such as emerald, jade, rubellite, tsavorite. Sapphire gemstone exists in all the shades of color, such as, blue pink yellow white green, fancy. The oldest Saphire mines are situated in Ceylon, today called Sri Lanka. The expert recognizes Ceylon sapphires from the luminosity and brilliance of their light to medium blue colour. Normally, sapphires come from Thailand or Australia. Sapphires are birthstone September. They are suitable to set with diamond ring earring and bracelet. There a lot of saphire minding, but height quality saphire come from Thailand, Burma and Brazil.Australia. Yellow sapphire is also birthstone for whom was born in September. There are verity of tone color. The major element of color is iron. High quality yellow saphire come from Sri Lanka, Australia and Thailand. Ceylon pink sapphire is alos popular. they have the same as material with rubies (corundum), but we will call ruby when the color stone is pure red. Sri Lanka produces many petty shade of saphire they are called ceylon saphire. There are also a lot of mining in Vietnam, Madagascar, Thailand.

2. Mineral Gallery - The Gemstone Minerals
THE gemstones " The Flowers of the Mineral Kingdom" MINERALSBy Name. A list of minerals in alphabetical order. Full Text Search. Mineral identification by keyword searching the rainbow and as sparkling as fine leaded crystal, gemstones have captured the imaginations and desires of men and
"The Flowers of the Mineral Kingdom"

A list of minerals in alphabetical order By Class
Elements, Oxides, Carbonates, etc. Interesting Groupings
Gemstones, Birthstones, etc. Physical Properties
Keys to identifying minerals Full Text Search
Mineral identification by keyword searching
As colorful as the rainbow and as sparkling as fine leaded crystal, gemstones have captured the imaginations and desires of men and perhaps especially, women, for ages. The pursuit of gems have become the subject of legends, fairy tales, epics, and major motion pictures (" Romancing the Stone ", for one). Today, more fine gemstone specimens are available to the average person than at any time in history.
What makes a gemstone?
Generally speaking, a gemstone is a stone that is beautiful, rare, and durable (resistant to abrasion, fracturing and chemical reactions). Some minerals can be very beautiful, but they may be too soft and will scratch easily (such as the mineral fluorite ). Fluorite is extremely colorful and pretty but has a hardness of only 4 on the Moh's

3. International Colored Gemstone Association - ICA
The International Colored Gemstone Association (ICA) provides consumer buying advice and educational details about colored gemstones.

4. Gem Hut - Gemstones - Gemstone Index
Serving the Internet with fine and rare colored gemstones from around the world. gemstones Gemstone Index. Birthstones. gemstones Listed by Color. Calibrated gemstones. Gemstone Page List
Gemstones - Gemstone Index
Jewellers' List (1912)
Gemstones Listed by Color
  • 5. Sunstone Feldspar Sunspar
    These fine faceted naturally brilliant gemstones are rare because of a low yield rate
    We have available a limited inventory of different shapes and sizes of Sunspar, a natural gemstone. Sunspar, which is an excellent brilliant stone replacement for diamonds, is a registered trademark of 'The Executive Gemstone Collection'. Our tailored inventory includes most of the following shapes: round, oval, emerald, pear, trillion, heart, octagon, and marquise. (Not all shapes and sizes are available at all times). We also have a variety of fancy cuts in different sizes and forms. Our intent is to satisfy gem collectors and the manufacturer of of high-end jewelry. These fine faceted naturally brilliant gemstones are rare because of a low yield rate. This is due to the very limited quantity of excellent quality rough materials needed to hand cut the best gem quality finished product for the discriminating collector. To create the best quality for the discriminating collector our stones are individually selected to international high standards. Fine quality faceted stones up to 3 carats are limited, and over 5 carats are extremely hard to keep in our inventory. We wonder what the cost will be to replace our current supply of Sunspar in the future and are quite excited at how much potential it could have to appreciate due to its limited availability today.

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    7. Jewelry - 100+ Precious And Semi-Precious Gemstones, Legends, Mysticism And Scie
    Gemstone bead and pearl jewelry, and descriptions of gemstones.
    Search our site - A - African Jade




    - B - Bloodstone
    Blue Aventurine

    Blue Chalcedony

    Blue Lace Agate Boji Stones Botswana Agate Bulls Eye Agate - C - Calcite Caramel Mother-of-Pearl Carnelian Cat's Eye Charoite Chrysocolla Chrysoprase ... Coral Crazy Lace Agate - D - Dalmation Stone Diamond Diopside Dumortierite - E - Emerald - F - Fancy Jasper Fire Opal Flower Jasper Fluorite - G - Garnet Gold Golden Eye Agate Green Aventurine Green Garnet - H - Hematite Hessonite Howlite - I - Iolite - J - Jade JASPERS Jet - K - Kunzite Kyanite - L - Labradorite Lapis Lazuli Leopardskin Lepidiolite ... Lodestone - M - Mahogany Obsidian Malachite Marble Moonstone Moqui Marbles Moss Agate Mother-of-Pearl - O - Ocean Jasper Obsidian Onyx Opal - P - Peach Aventurine Pearl Peridot Peruvian Blue Opal Peruvian Pink Opal Petrified Wood Agate Pewter (Tin) Picasso Jasper Picture Jasper Poppy Jasper ... Pyrite - Q - Quartz - R - Rainforest Jasper Red Jasper Rhodochrosite Rhodonite ... Rutilated Quartz - S - Sapphire Serpentine Shell Silver ... Sunstone - T - Tanzanite Tektites Tiger Eye Tiger Iron ... Tourmilated Quartz Tree Agate Turitella Turquoise - U - Unakite - Z - Zebra Stone Zircon Cool Links!

    8. Welcome To National Gemstone!
    National Gemstone is a full service precious gemstone and colored diamond brokerage firm. National Gemstone markets independently graded GIA diamonds and AGL colored gemstones to collectors, EMail Mailing List * Special gemstones For Sale
    National Gemstone Corporation - P.O. Box 42468 Tucson, AZ USA 85733 - 1-800-458-6453 or 1-520-577-6222 -
    Dealers specializing in world class independently graded AGL Burma ruby and sapphire, Burma spinel, collector gems and GIA graded fancy colored diamonds.
    1.81 Unheated Burma Sapphire

    Robert Genis is the President of National Gemstone, which was founded in 1982. Robert has over 30 years experience in the field. He is frequently quoted in the national gem press, and has written numerous articles on gem collecting. He is also the editor of The Gemstone Forecaster newsletter and the colored gemstone editor for the Rapaport Diamond Report. NGC has been recognized and recommended as a reputable dealer by PreciouStones Newsletter, The Gem Market Reporter, Wealth, Personal Finance Newsletter, The Retirement Letter and The Dow Jones-Irwin Guide to Fine Gems and Jewelry.
    On-Line Brochure

    Gemstone Forecaster Newsletters

    How Gems are Graded

    How to Collect Gems For Fun and Profit
    Media Comments, Awards, and Reviews

    9. Amethyst - Healing & Psychic Uses.
    Amethyst healing and psychic uses.

    To Home Page
    Dream Interpretation Dream Dictionary Astrology Profiles ... Empowering a Crystal Amethyst has been in use for thousands of years in magic, healing and psychic empowerment. Its violet color makes this one of the most sought after variety of quartz. It has a large number of qualities and uses that have been given it over the years and it is said to be a stone that radiates energy which has often been referred to as the purple ray.
    It is referred to as a Spiritual Stone because its color violet is same as that of the crown chakra. Meditation with it helps one in reaching the spiritual aspect of the universe. Polished Point:
    This can be used as one's symbol of psychic healing energy. A focus point for the healing energies to converge giving the possessor expanded healing capability.
    Some other qualities given it are:
    • Calms emotions and reduces stress.

    10. Gemstones And Crystals For Magick And Healing A - E
    Alphabetical list of stones used for magic and healing, with scientific description, variants, and associated magical properties.
    AVENTURINE (Quartz)
    Picture 1

    SCIENTIFIC INFORMATION: Grayish, yellowish, brownish, or green quartz with small platy mica inclusions (hematite or geothite also) is called Aventurine. The hardness is 7 and the streak is white.
    ENVIRONMENT: Quartz is an important rock-forming mineral and developed in many different environments.
    OCCURRENCE: Aventurine is found in Brazil, India and Russia.
    NAME: Unknown.
    LEGEND and LORE: Aventurine was revered by the ancient Tibetans. They used it to represent the "eyes" in sacred statues, thus symbolizing increased divinatory powers.
    MAGICAL PROPERTIES: This stone is considered to be a gambler's talisman. It is said that it will attract money. It is considered a "lucky" stone.
    HEALING: This stone is associated with the Thymus Gland. It has been traditionally used for improving eyesight and healing diseases of the eyes.
    PERSONAL EXPERIENCE: I use Aventurine as a Heart Chakra stone, to balance such stones as Rhodonite. In addition, I recommend it to those who are starting out on new paths or adventures because it is protective, but opens the eyes to "new horizons".
    NOTES: The yellow/brown form of Aventurine is from Russia. It is almost impossible to find anymore.

    11. Just Gemstones - Quality Loose Gemstones At Discount Prices.
    Gemstone auctions, chats, and mailing lists.

    12. Moonlight Gemstones
    Sterling silver featuring plume and moss agates, turquoise, opal, lapis, and jaspers by Paul Graybeal. Pins, bolo ties. Ships worldwide.

    13. An Overview Of Production Of Specific U.S. Gemstones
    An Overview of Production of Specific U.S. gemstones gemstones mined within the United States are listed on this site. The United States Geological Survey (USGS) explains the gemstone market (

    14. The Mineral And Gemstone Kingdom: Gemstones
    gemstones. Welcome to gemstones, a free, noncommercial guide to gemstonesand jewelry. We hope you find the information and images useful.
    Select a
    Display Method Display Alphabetical Order
    Display: Color
    Display: Crystal Group
    Display: Full List
    Display: Extended List
    Display: Gem Gallery
    Other Features of The Mineral
    and Gemstone Kingdom MINERALS A-Z
    ONLINE GLOSSARY MINERAL RESOURCES Welcome to GEMSTONES , a free, non-commercial guide to gemstones and jewelry. We hope you find the information and images useful. As this is a new project, please bear with us as we grow. Our goal is to provide detailed information on every gemstone. © 1997 - 2000 Hershel Friedman, all rights reserved Buy Yoga Blocks on sale in the strength training department of Karate Depot exercise equipment store.

    15. Don Schmall's Aristocratic Gemstones And Jewelry
    Specializing in custom cut gemstones.

    16. Natural Gemstones
    Natural gemstones This United States Geological Survey (USGS) site highlights information about gemstones. The geologic environment of formation, as well as gem terminology are discussed.

    17. Natural Gemstones - Contents
    USGS Science for a Changing World USGS visual identity mark and link tomain Web site at http// Natural gemstones Version 1.1.

    Version 1.1
    Key Terminology
    Geologic Environment

    Mineral Gemstones
    End Notes

    Quartz, Rhode Island
    Photograph courtesy of The Smithsonian Institution
    Return to
    Information on Rock and Mineral Collecting

    Education and Outreach
    Gemstones Minerals Information ... VIEW a list of other USGS General Interest Publications This page is URL: Maintained by Eastern Publications Group Web Team Last modified 06-14-01 (jmw)

    18. Natural Gemstones - Key Terminology
    USGS logo. Natural gemstones. A natural gemstone precious stones. Allother gemstones are usually classed as semiprecious. Amethyst
    Natural Gemstones
    A natural gemstone is a mineral, stone, or organic matter that can be cut and polished or otherwise treated for use as jewelry or other ornament. A precious gemstone has beauty, durability, and rarity, whereas a semiprecious gemstone has only one or two of these qualities. A gem is a gemstone that has been cut and polished. Diamond, corundum (ruby and sapphire), beryl (emerald and aquamarine), topaz, and opal are generally classed as precious stones. All other gemstones are usually classed as semiprecious.
    Amethyst crystals, Mexico
    Photograph courtesty of
    The Smithsonian Institution
    A mineral is any naturally formed homogeneous inorganic material. A mineralogist is a person who studies the formation, occurrence, properties, composition, and classification of minerals. A gemologist is a person who has successfully completed recognized courses in gemology (the science and study of gemstones) and has proven skills in identifying and evaluating gem materials. A lapidary is a cutter, polisher, or engraver of precious stones.
    Contents Next
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    19. Fine Jewelry At Livingstone Jewelry Los Angeles
    Jewelry, platinum, gold, white gold, gemstones, semi precious gems, rings, pendants, earrings, diamond, precious stones.
    Choose one Home Education Product Gallery e-Links

    20. USGS Minerals Information: Gemstones
    Statistics and information on the worldwide supply, demand, and flow of gemstones

    Commodity Country State ...
    Statistics and Information
    Publications Contacts Subscribe The terms "gem" and "gemstone" mean any mineral or organic material (e.g., pearl and petrified wood) used for personal adornment, display, or object of art because it possesses beauty, rarity, and durability. Of the 2,700 mineral species, only about 100 possess all these attributes. Silicates compose the largest group of gemstones; oxides and quartz compose the second largest.
    If you are interested in receiving an email notice when a publication is added to this page,
    please refer to Minerals Information List Services (To view or print a document in PDF format, download the free Adobe Acrobat Reader Annual Publications Mineral Commodity Summaries Minerals Yearbook
    • Gemstones
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    • Archive
    Special Publications
    • USGS Gemstones Commodity Specialist Donald W. Olson

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