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         Computer Science:     more books (100)
  1. Computer Science Handbook, Second Edition
  2. Languages and Machines: An Introduction to the Theory of Computer Science (3rd Edition) by Thomas A. Sudkamp, 2005-02-24
  3. Java Concepts: Advanced Placement Computer Science Study Guide by Frances P. Trees, Cay S. Horstmann, 2007-10-12
  4. Computer Science: A Structured Programming Approach Using C (3rd Edition) by Behrouz A. Forouzan, Richard F. Gilberg, 2005-02-01
  5. Invitation to Computer Science: Java Version by G.Michael Schneider, Judith Gersting, 2006-02-03
  6. Logic in Computer Science: Modelling and Reasoning about Systems by Michael Huth, Mark Ryan, 2004-08-30
  7. Connecting with Computer Science by Greg Anderson, David Ferro, et all 2010-01-14
  8. Foundations of Computer Science: C Edition (Principles of Computer Science Series) by Alfred V. Aho, Jeffrey D. Ullman, 1994-10-15
  9. Quantum Computer Science: An Introduction by N. David Mermin, 2007-09-17
  10. Formal Concept Analysis: Foundations and Applications (Lecture Notes in Computer Science / Lecture Notes in Artificial Intelligence)
  11. Java: An Introduction to Computer Science and Programming, Third Edition by Walter Savitch, 2003-04-07
  12. Schaum's Outline of Introduction to Computer Science by Pauline Cushman, Ramon Mata-Toledo, 1999-09-03
  13. Explorations In Computer Science by Mark Meyer, 2005-12-19
  14. Computer Science & Perl Programming: Best of TPJ by Jon Orwant, 2002-11-15

21. Andreas R. Blass
University of Michigan, Ann Arbor Set theory, finite combinatorics, theoretical computer science.
Andreas R. Blass
Office: 3830 East Hall Mathematics Department
University of Michigan
(2072 East Hall
525 East University Ave.)
Ann Arbor, MI 48109-1109
U.S.A. Office phone: (734) 763-1183
Dept. fax: (734) 763-0937 e-mail:
My research is primarily in mathematical logic, especially set theory, but it extends into other areas, including finite combinatorics, category theory, and theoretical computer science. Here are some of the subjects I've worked in recently.
  • Set theory
    • Infinitary combinatorics, especially ultrafilters on the natural numbers
    • Cardinal characteristics of the continuum
    • Applied set theory, especially in abelian group theory
  • Category theory
    • Topoi and their internal logic
    • Logic of geometric morphisms
  • Finite combinatorics
  • Theoretical computer science
    • Complexity theory
    • Applications of mathematical logic
  • Linear logic
    • Game semantics
    • Connection with cardinal characteristics
    During the fall semester, 2004, I am scheduled to teach Math 681 (Mathematical Logic) and Math 481 (Introduction to Mathematical Logic).

22. E-Print Archive
Open eprint archive with over 100,000 articles in physics, 10,000 in mathematics, and 1,000 in computer science. (Formerly called xxx; free) e-Print archive
Automated e-print archives nlin math cs q-bio physics
17 Jan 2004 Endorsement system introduced.
15 Sep 2003 Announcement of New Quantitative Biology archive.
For more info, see cumulative "What's New" pages.
Robots Beware: indiscriminate automated downloads from this site are not permitted
Nonlinear Sciences
Computer Science

23. Extremal Combinatorics
With Applications in computer science by Stasys Jukna.
To who essentially contributed to the proof of Ramsey's theorem with 6 guests at a party ...
Home page of the book
S. Jukna
Extremal Combinatorics
With Applications in Computer Science 2001, XVII, 375 pp., 36 Figs., 315 exercises
Springer-Verlag, ISBN 3-540-66313-4
Ordering information: Springer -Heidelberg
Springer-New York

Preface ( html) List of errata Table of contents ( html pdf Additional topics All this + Introduction ( pdf More hints/solutions/exercises Some fragments Related material (links, etc.) Back cover : english german AMS Mathematics Subject Classification (2000):
  • 05-01 Instructional exposition (textbooks, tutorial papers, etc.) 05Dxx Extremal combinatorics 15A03 Vector spaces, linear dependence, rank 60C05 Combinatorial probability 68Rxx Discrete mathematics in relation to computer science 68Q17 Computational difficulty of problems (lower bounds,etc.)
ACM Computing Classification (1998):
  • G.2 Discrete mathematics G.3 Probability and statistics F.1-2 Computation by abstract devices, analysis of algorithms, problem complexity
Stasys Jukna email home page April 9, 2002

24. Georgia Tech - College Of Computing
Undergraduate Student Pages. Women@cc. CoC Annual Awards. Minorities in computer science. EXTERNAL RELATIONS. Making a Gift to the College. Alumni.
801 Atlantic Drive Atlanta, GA 30332-0280 Tel:(404) 894-3152 Fax:(404) 894-9846 ABOUT THE COLLEGE Greetings from the Dean Facts at a glance Directions ...

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25. Department Of Computer Science, Cornell University
computer science. The Department of computer science offers undergraduate degrees in Arts and Sciences and Engineering. Graduate
Computer Science The Department of Computer Science offers undergraduate degrees in Arts and Sciences and Engineering. Graduate degrees include a Master's of Engineering and a Ph.D. The department is part of the Faculty of Computing and Information Science (CIS). Ron Elber is Co-Director of Bridging the Rift Foundation Regina Barzilay and Lillian Lee win best paper at HLT-NAACL 04 Charles Van Loan reappointed CS Chair Ph.D. Program ... Site Map new Button('menuCSColloquium10', 'images/menu/Events/nCSColloquium.gif', 'images/menu/Events/hCSColloquium.gif'); new Button('menuNews11', 'images/menu/Events/nNews.gif', 'images/menu/Events/hNews.gif'); new Button('menuSeminars12', 'images/menu/Events/nSeminars.gif', 'images/menu/Events/hSeminars.gif'); new Button('menuBitsOnOurMindsBOOM13', 'images/menu/Events/nBitsOnOurMindsBOOM.gif', 'images/menu/Events/hBitsOnOurMindsBOOM.gif'); new Button('menuContactInformation14', 'images/menu/Admissions/nContactInformation.gif', 'images/menu/Admissions/hContactInformation.gif'); new Button('menuGraduateProgram15', 'images/menu/Admissions/nGraduateProgram.gif', 'images/menu/Admissions/hGraduateProgram.gif'); new Button('menuMEngProgram16', 'images/menu/Admissions/nMEngProgram.gif', 'images/menu/Admissions/hMEngProgram.gif'); new Button('menuPhDProgram17', 'images/menu/Admissions/nPhDProgram.gif', 'images/menu/Admissions/hPhDProgram.gif'); new Button('menuUndergraduateProgram18', 'images/menu/Admissions/nUndergraduateProgram.gif', 'images/menu/Admissions/hUndergraduateProgram.gif');

26. URCSC Computer Programming Contest
Programming contest sponsored by the University of Richmond, computer science Club.
UR Computer Science Club Computer Programming Contest
Attention all Contest Participants!
Please Send Your Contact Information to

FALL 1999
visits since 12/03/1999

27. Foresight 2002 - Cognitive Systems
British government program to promote research in cognitive sciences, neuroscience, and computer science.
Cognitive Systems
To provide a vision for the future development of cognitive systems through an exploration of recent advances in neuroscience and computer science. Foresight Cognition Cognitive Systems Foresight 2002

28. Index.htm>
Collections in statistics, mathematics, computer science, economics, sociology, and selected other subjects from international sources.

29. Purdue Computer Science
Purdue University is seeking applicants for positions in core and emerging areas of computer science, multidisciplinary areas spanning science, engineering

About Us


40 Years

Annual Reports
Professor Hambrusch Wins Mira Award

Indiana's technology community gathered at the MIRA Awards Gala to celebrate the achievements of MIRA award winners.
Purdue University is seeking applicants for positions in core and emerging areas of Computer Science, multidisciplinary areas spanning science, engineering, and technology.
Applications for faculty positions are no longer being accepted for 2004-05

Spring 2004 CS490T Demo Day

Course project demonstrations highlight student accomplishments. 2003/2004 Undergraduate Research Work CS has 80 undergrads conducting research this year. David Schrader Named 2004 Distinguished Alumnus Dr. Schrader received his award at the Dean's Distinguished Alumni Awards Dinner. 2004 CS Summer Camp Registration Campers explore CS through web design and programing for the Lego Robotics Challenge. New SoS Associate Dean of Graduate Education CS Professor, Aditya Mathur, will assume this role beginning August 16th. Professor Spafford in the News Expert professor adds prestige to University. Graduation Survey Graduating Seniors, let us know your future plans

30. Some Philosophy And AI Material
Links to resources for the following topics Philosophy, Artificial Intelligence, computer science Technical Documents.
Some Philosophy and AI material
List of pointers that generally cover a few of the topics I find to be of interest. (Including, here, where I did my graduate work.)

Artificial Intelligence

Computer Science Technical Documents

Cryptography and privacy issues
  • Philosophy
    • Philosophy around the Web An extensive list of resources in philosophy and pointers to pages of currently-active philosophers. It includes pointers to academic departments in philosophy, religion, and other subjects and to online sources of classic texts, biographies, bibliographies, and other reference materials. Compiled by Peter J. King at St. Hilda's College, Oxford - his own work is included, as well.
    • IPL Philosophy The Internet Public Library's "Philosophy Ready Reference". There are pointers to three general guides to materials ranging from a list of philosophy and religion materials, loosely collected under the heading of "American Studies", to the Philosophy and Ethics section of Dian Kovacs' Directory of Scholarly Electronic Conferences a list of on-line discussion groups and to gopher-based materials.

31. Department Of Computer Science - Princeton University
Click for building floor plans computer science Building. Employment Opportunities. News. May 17, 2004. Robert Tarjan is awarded the
General Information
News Articles


CS Guide
(Local Access Only)
E-mail the Department

Travel Guide

CS Grad Committee

Course Schedules:

Graduate Academic Support Research Research Areas Research Projects Undergraduate Projects Technical Reports ... Industrial Affiliates People Faculty Graduate Students Profiles - Finishing Grads Undergraduate Students ... Alumni University Resources Genomics Institute PACM PICASSO Libraries: Main Engineering Computer Science Building Employment Opportunities News May 17, 2004 Robert Tarjan is awarded the 2004 Blaise Pascal Medal for his contributions to computer sciences and developments of fundamental computer algorithms. May 4, 2004 Bernard Chazelle has been elected to the American Academy of Arts and Sciences. April 8, 2004 Robert Dondero received an Excellence in Teaching Award by the Undergraduate Engineering Council. older articles... Search this site: Princeton University Computer Science Department

32. Cornell CSRVL
Research topics include computer vision, distributed manipulation, and microelectro mechanical systems (MEMS). Based at the computer science department of Cornell University, Ithaca, New York, United States.
Cornell Robotics and Vision Laboratory
Welcome to the Web niche of the Cornell Robotics and Vision Laboratory. This information is currently under development; please don your hard hat. Questions and comments should be directed to . Thanks.
About the CSRVL
The Cornell Computer Science Robotics and Vision Laboratory is located at Cornell University in Ithaca, N.Y. We have three main areas of research: Here is a pictoral tour of the CSRVL.
Current Projects
The following projects are active at the CSRVL. They are supervised by Ramin Zabih.

33. Information And Computer Science
School of Information and computer science, This is a great day for information and computer science at UCI,” says ICS Dean Debra Richardson.
Quick Navigation About ICS Academics Research External Relations Computing Support News and Events People Course Information Student Affairs Graduate Education Undergraduate Education Maps and Directions Intranet Home contact events jobs maps ... prospective students School of
Information and
Computer Science University of California, Irvine About ICS Courses + Degrees Departments + Divisions Research ... People QUICK LINKS
breaking news

B.S. in Informatics approved

apply for an ics scholarship
departments ... faculty research areas ICS faculty tackle various research areas institutes and centers Advancing the world through organized research Employment opportunities for students and alumni DEBRA RICHARDSON

See the complete announcement.

34. FAST-NU Home
Offers BS and MS in computer science.
Home Contacts Directory Feedback
May 27, 2004 Faculty Required The University has a number of vacant faculty positions at its four campuses... INMIC 2004 INMIC will be held on December 24-26, 2004 at NUCES-FAST, Lahore. Manuscript submission deadline has been extended to June 20, 2004 Last updated: May 19, 2004 Home Admissions Academics Campus Life ... Feedback on this website with suggestions, comments or problems

35. UMass Amherst: Department Of Computer Science
Welcome to internet home of the Department of computer science at the University of Massachusetts Amherst. UMass Amherst. Department of computer science, WELCOME.
imgTag='WELCOME Latest News
By the Numbers
Contact Information
The University and the Region
Comments: University of Massachusetts Amherst Site Policies
This site is maintained by the Department of Computer Science
The Department's Computer Science Research Center on the UMass Amherst campus is home to over 30 research laboratories generating advances in areas such as

36. MathFIT - Mathematics For IT
Research grants, visiting fellowships, networks, workshops and summer schools, supporting highquality interdisciplinary research in the UK at the interface between mathematics and computer science.
MathFIT - Mathematics for IT
Unfortunately the MathFIT pages can only be viewed by a browser capable of supporting frames.
MathFIT - Mathematics for IT
Unfortunately the MathFIT pages can only be viewed by a browser capable of supporting frames.

37. UW-Madison Computer Sciences Department Home Page
formed in 1963 and led by 33 outstanding tenured and tenuretrack faculty, is consistently ranked as one of the top ten computer science departments in the US
Computer Sciences
Search CS Website
Location, phone, fax
... People
Computing Facilities



... Resources/Useful Links
Welcome to the CS home page
Our department, formed in 1963 and led by 33 outstanding tenured and tenure-track faculty, is consistently ranked as one of the top ten computer science departments in the U.S. Our faculty, together with our staff and students, have established a tremendous learning environment for undergraduate and graduate studies in Computer Science. We invite you to learn more about our activities through this site.
For those considering joining us Faculty recruiting Graduate Admissions Directions to campus Hotel Info Today's events and seminars Computer Architecture Seminar , 1325 CS Garth Gibson, CMU and Panasas Calendar Of interest to undergraduates Undergraduate Projects Lab , an environment for undergraduate students to work on programming projects of their own devising. Industrial affiliates program This is the forum for active exchange between your organization and the Computer Sciences Department, for mutual benefit.

38. Math&CS @ X
Department of Mathematics, Statistics and computer science
For more detailed information check out The Math Book or The Computer Science Book To learn more about the Department, browse the website, or drop in for a visit at the Departmental office, Room 24 Annex. Dr. Martin van Bommel, Chair

39. UTCS Home
Department of computer sciences The University of Texas at Austin 1 University Station C0500 Austin, TX 787120233 USA +1 (512) 471 7316 +1 (512) 471 8885 (fax
DEPARTMENT Home Welcome from the Chair About the Department Organizational Chart ... Grad Office Assignments (04-05)
RESEARCH CS Research Areas Technical Reports Computing Research at UT UT Research Links
ACADEMICS CS Undergraduate Studies CS Graduate Studies CS Graduating Students UT Catalogs ... UT Student Central
EXTERNAL AFFAIRS OEA Home CS Department News CS Publications Friends of CS Program ... CNS Career Services
COMMUNITY OUTREACH First Bytes VolunteerNet
HOME PAGES Department Staff Graduate Students Undergraduates Guests/Recent Grads ... Student Organizations
SEARCH The CS Department The University The World
OTHER External Links Computing Policies Privacy Information Accessibility
Send spotlight and news updates to Professor Simon Lam receives
the 2004 ACM SIGCOMM Award and
the 2004 W. Wallace McDowell Award ... most lucrative degrees
Department of Computer Sciences The University of Texas at Austin 1 University Station C0500 Austin, TX 78712-0233 USA +1 (512) 471 7316 +1 (512) 471 8885 (fax)

40. Mahmoud's Resume MCSE HTML Web Design Languages Employment Personal
Professional, Hard Working,Versatile person with MCSE, HTML, C++, computer science.



My Resume Mahmoud
Abu Rameleh
Flash 5.0
Employment References Activities ...
Top Education MediaWorks Career Training Center, Jerusalem Microsoft Certified System Engineer Microsoft Networking Essentials. the Enterprise. Internetworking with Microsoft TCP/IP on Microsoft Windows NT4. Internet Information Server (IIS 4.0). ... University of Kentucky Lexington, Kentucky, United States Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering with Honors
Computer Science
1995 - AutoCAD Laboratory procedures Minor : Computer Science 1994-96 C++ Programming ... Top Employment PASSIA Palestinian Academic Society for the Study of International Affairs) June, 2001 Present, Jerusalem http:// E-Mail Job description Responsibilities:

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