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         Beekeeping:     more books (100)
  1. Stingless beekeeping by John Washecka, 1977
  2. Quinby's New Bee-Keeping: The Mysteries of Bee-Keeping Explained. Combining the Results of Fifty Years' Experience, With the Latest Discoveries and Inventions, ... Guide to Successful Bee-Culture [ 1919 ] by M. (Moses) Quinby, 2009-08-10

141. A History Of Beekeeping
A History Of beekeeping. Ancient beekeeping. Bees In Historical Literature. Advances in beekeeping Practices. You might also
A History Of Beekeeping Ancient Beekeeping Bees In Historical Literature Advances in Beekeeping Practices You might also be interested in the history of beekeeping in Mexico. Back to the Beekeeping page or Last modified 04 July 1998

142. Welcome To The Honey Economuseum - Québec
beekeeping museum near Quebec city. Information about attractions and workshops. Bee products for sale. (French and English.)
Good news ! You can order our delicious products online , quickly and safely. The Musée de l'Abeille Website received the « Best Website: Small Business » award from the Grands Prix du tourisme québecois 2000, Québec area. Discover the fascinating history of the relationship between man and bees ! A brand-new exhibition shows you how people from early times gathered and used honey and tamed bees, and how beekeeping techniques have developed through the ages. Find the queen in the glassed-in hives. Experience an extraordinary « BEE SAFARI » accompanied by the beekeeper. Sample mead produced at the economuseum. Treat yourself to sweets or pastries at the boutique and enjoy them on the outdoor terrace (in season).
Home Exhibition Bee safari Marketplace Chocolat and pastry shop Mead - Honey wine For the family School groups Adults groups Site and timetable Candle workshop Menu at the museum Bee quizzz... News and links Other economuseum
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143. Beekeeping Faqs
beekeeping faqs. miscellaneous texts following beekeeping faq s are courtesy of Richard E. Bonney University of Massachusetts, Cooperative Extension program.
beekeeping faqs
miscellaneous texts: they were taken from recent messages from the APINET-L listserv
  • following beekeeping faq's are courtesy of
    Richard E. Bonney
    University of Massachusetts,
    Cooperative Extension program
    They were scanned from the printed versions by Wilhelm Bos, Beenet Holland,
    and prepared for the www by Hugo Veerkamp, Beenet international

  • GETTING STARTED in beekeeping
  • about univ. of Massachusetts extension service
  • beekeeping BOOKS and publications
  • an outline of HIVE MANAGEMENT through the seasons ...
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    Most recent revision saturday 04 November 2003

    144. Apiarist Protective Clothing And Beekeeping Accessories From BJ Sherriff
    Beekeepers Protective Clothing. SHERRIFF S 1968 Design. All our prototypes are tested in out own apiaries and go for extensive trials
    French Website
    Beekeepers Protective Clothing
    SHERRIFF'S 1968 Design
    All our prototypes are tested in out own apiaries and go for extensive trials in apiaries worldwide before being released onto the market. We listen to our customers to see how we can improve our product. Our fine beekeepers apparel are made from only the best quality materials giving years of hard wear.
    SUITS Fabricante d'une gamme Protection Apicole de Qualité Supériure
    Fabricante y disenador de Prendas Protectoras para Apicoltores
    Links: Buy honey online at
    ... new

    B.J. Sherriff
    Carclew Road, Mylor Downs Falmouth Cornwall TR11 5UN
    Tel: +44 (0)1872 863304
    Fax: +44 (0)1872 865267

    145. Parsons' Gold Apiaries Home Page
    Information on the apiary; supplies also Bee Calmer Mite Solution, Nucs, honey, candles, beeswax, beekeeping supplies, and corn. Contact details to order.
    Home Mite Solution FAQ's Honey and Pollen ... E-Mail Contact information: E-mail: Phone: 419-235-7037 Parsons' Gold Apiaries
    2460 Amherst Road
    Cridersville, Ohio 45806
    2003 Parsons' Gold Apiaries Any questions or concerns regarding this website please contact our site manager: Shawn O'Brien Your source for Top Quality Nucs, " Bee Calmer" Herbal Treatment, and Other Fine Bee Products. If you are a beekeeper or want to become one, Parsons' Gold Apiaries has what you need. We have top quality Nucs and an Herbal Treatment that can help solve some of your worst hive problems. Check out our pages and find out more about our products. Since we are an Apiary, we have, of course, our own honey and related products such as bulk bees wax ( not on the site yet, but you can ask for it). Be sure to check out the "FAQ's" page for new shipping arrangements for this year. Stop back on a regular basis to see what equipment and accessories we're adding. Before you leave, make sure to check out

    146. Ol' Buffalo Beekeeping Page
    FastCounter by LinkExchange. Ol Buffalo beekeeping Page. beekeeping. AgInfoNet Apiculture, Alaska Honeybee Home Page. Alfalfa Honey Production, AI Root Bee Culture.
    Ol' Buffalo Website Menu Nay/McNee Email Nay/McNee Message Group Search Website
    Automotive Aviation Black Powder ...
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    Ol' Buffalo Beekeeping Page
    Cedar City , Utah, USA
    Serving the online community since 1992. Type "Ctrl-D" to add this page to your bookmarks.
    AgInfoNet Apiculture Alaska Honeybee Home Page Alfalfa Honey Production AI Root Bee Culture ... Winterizing Bee Hives
    Selected Readings in Beekeeping
    Beekeeping: A Practical Guide
    The New Complete Guide to Beekeeping
    Beekeeping for Dummies
    Keeping Bees
    From Where I Sit: Essays on Bees, Beekeeping, and Science
    The Golden Insect: A Handbook on Beekeeping for Beginners
    Hive Management: A Seasonal Guide for Beekeepers Build Your Own Honey Extractor For more books on honey bees, search here:

    147. Insects: Beekeeping
    beekeeping can be a fascinating hobby, a profitable sideline, or a fulltime occupation. The Insects beekeeping. Current Situation. beekeeping
    Current Situation
    Frequently Asked Questions


    Other Information
    Home Page
    Insects: Beekeeping
    Current Situation
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    Frequently Asked Questions
    In recent years I have noticed a lack of honey bees in my garden and flower beds. Where have all of the honey bees gone?
    How can you determine if your colony has a good queen?

    Is it safe to use combs that bees have died in during the winter?

    What is the recommended chemical treatment against varroa mites?
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    MSUcares Insects publications Return to top of page
    Other Beekeeping Information
    I. Getting Started in Beekeeping
    II. Fall Management

    III. Beekeeping Equipment - Beehives

    IV. Nectar/Pollen Producing Plants in Mississippi
    ... Return to top of page Visit: DAFVM USDA Search our Site Need more information about this subject? Last Modified: Friday, 31-Aug-01 08:22:31 URL:

    148. Florida State Association Of Beekeepers
    Nonprofit organization representing hobbyist and commercial beekeepers. History of beekeeping in the state, by-laws, events, listings of local chapters and suppliers, classified ads, research and advice, and links.

    Nova Online = Tales from the Hive
    New Web Address for this Site:
    HTTP:// Subscribe to Apis_Newsletter Powered by Subscribe to FloridaBeekeepers Powered by William (Bill) J. Overman

    149. Park Beekeeping Home Page
    Specialist beekeeping supplier of apiarist equipment eg hives, hive tools, extractors and protective clothing, gloves and veiled hats.
    Park Beekeeping Supplies was started in 1985. Like many businesses, ours started as a hobby. We have a comprehensive showroom now located on a Business Estate at Blackheath, adjacent to the main A2 route into Central London. Easy parking is available for visitors. There are excellent links for those who wish to visit us by public transport. Nearby Greenwich station is served by the Docklands Light Railway and Connex South Eastern Trains. The Docklands Light Railway also serves Deptford Bridge Station. Buses 53 and 180 stop nearby. Modern communications such as fax, e-mail and digital photography allow us to keep in touch with customers all over the world, many of whom visit us. We are also able to send pictures of products in which they may be interested, to enable customers to view an item prior to purchase. We supply a wide variety of equipment, protective clothing, honey extractors and bee related food supplements as well as candles and candle making equipment.

    150. Somerset Beekeepers Association.
    Information on beekeeping and beekeeping associations in Somerset, and getting started as a beekeeper. Virtual tours of a beehive, bee colonies, and products. Events, contact and membership details.

    151. Sweet Harmony
    Color chart of available tapers and herbal cream. Information on beekeeping.
    candlelight autumn leaves fresh-tilled soil honey bees
    Home Herbal Cream Candles Beekeeping Family Farm ...
    Site Map
    Site last updated A pril 30

    152. Herb Isaac Sales Ltd.
    Bulk suppliers of Canadian honey. Also supply commercial beekeeping equipment (new and used) and bees. Online catalog and contact details.
    45 Gal. (55 U.S.) drums
    by the drum or by the trailer load
    All sorts and sizes of
    "Let us help you make the changes you want to make"
    Extractors, pumps, sumps, wax melters and more
    (If it's not on our listing … Ask, we'll try to find it.)
    • Nucs available (Manitoba)
    2 story hives of live bees available late May / early June Consultations/Appraisals North American Agent for the Billett Ezyloader Visit Junior's Honey Farm the creamed honey store Browse the events page News, Coming Events, links etc. Herb Isaac Sales Ltd. Located at: Sinclair, Manitoba Canada

    153. Kangaroo Island BeeKeeping
    Ligurian bee sanctuary located on Kangaroo Island in South Australia. Includes information on the bees, beekeeping, and beekeepers on the island.
    Kangaroo Island Beekeeping
    Kangaroo Island Beekeeping Information Kangaroo Island Beekeepers General Kangaroo Island Information
    ! Currently we do not sell Honey or Bees ! General Beekeeping Information Australian Beekeeping Pages International Beekeeping and Entomology Please e-mail us at if you know of something that belongs here, with detailed suggestions. Return to Contents
    Kangaroo Island Beekeeping Information
    Return to Contents
    Kangaroo Island Beekeepers
    Return to Contents
    General Kangaroo Island Information
    Return to Contents
    General Information

    154. Oregon State Beekeepers Association - Home Page
    Nonprofit organization that is dedicated to the field of bees and beekeeping.
    Oregon State Beekeepers Association
    Welcome to the OSBA Website!
    Do you need to find a new home for a swarm of bees? Please click HERE for a contact list of beekeepers who collect swarms of bees.
    Click HERE to download the Oregon Department of Agriculutre Hive Registration form. This is the official website for the Oregon State Beekeepers Association , a non-profit organization dedicated to the field of bees and beekeeping. We are a diverse bunch of individuals who share a fascination for the honeybee and its workings. Our members range from full-time beekeepers and pollinators with thousands of hives to hobbyists involved in back-yard beekeeping. Some members do not even keep bees, but are fascinated by the six legs and four wings of Apis mellifera. The Oregon State Beekeepers Association maintains a database of beekeepers in the region. This database is now being updated to ensure that information about current management and treatment options (particularly updates and changes) and educational opportunities (e.g., workshops and conferences) can be easily disseminated. The database includes names, complete mailing addresses, phone numbers, and e-mail addresses (where available) of beekeepers and honey/pollination companies. It will not be shared with any other group, nor will it be used for commercial purposes. To be included in this database, or to update your contact information, please send relevant information to: Honey Bee Workshops, PO Box 42363, Portland, OR 97242. You may also send your contact information via e-mail to

    155. Beekeeper's Reference At
    Beekeeper s Reference.
    Beekeeper's Reference
    Welcome to the Beekeeper's Reference page. Use the buttons to your left to find what you're looking for. Please let me know if there are links you think belong on this page.
    Informational Sites Regional Groups Commercial Sites ... Hive Mind
    Contact: Jordan Schwartz (

    156. Untitled Document

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