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         Beekeeping:     more books (100)
  1. Bee Prepared With Honey: [140 Delicious Honey Recipes Plus a Guide to Backyard Beekeeping] by Arthur W. Andersen, 1975-06
  2. Bees and bee-keeping: a plain, practical work; resulting from years of experience and close observation in extensive apiaries, both in Pennsylvania and California. by W C. Harbison, 1899-01-01
  3. Beekeeping: An Illustrated Handbook by Diane G. Stelley, 1983-05
  4. The Hive and the Honey Bee - A New Book on Beekeeping Which Continues the Tradition of "Langstorth on the Hive and the Honeybee" by L.L. Langstroth, 1975
  5. Bees and Beekeeping: Science Practice and World Resources by Eva Crane, 1990-05
  6. The Medical Aspects of Beekeeping by Harry R Riches, 2009-03-15
  7. Bechbretha: Old Irish Law-tract on Bee-keeping (Early Irish Law) (English and Irish Edition)
  8. Bee-Keeping by John Cumming, 2010-03-25
  9. Practical Bee-Keeping by Herbert Mace, 1988-11
  10. Bees and Beekeeping (Comstock Bk) by Roger A. Morse, 1975-06-30
  11. Great Masters of Beekeeping by Ron Brown, 1994-04-23
  12. Survey of a Thousand Years of Beekeeping in Russia by Dorothy Galton, 1971-04
  13. Bee-keeping with Twenty Hives by Arthur Leonard Sandeman Allen, 2008-10-15
  14. Bees and Beekeeping (Pet & Fancy) by A.V. Pavord, 1970-10

101.  Brushy Mountain Bee Farm - 1-800-BEESWAX
Contact. FAQ. Beekeepers and friends, welcome to the Brushy Mountain Bee Farm Site. You want it, we ve got it beekeeping supplies and beekeeping equipment.
Pink Pages
Search Products
Browse Products
Show Basket
Beekeepers and friends, welcome to the Brushy Mountain Bee Farm Site.
You want it, we've got it beekeeping supplies and beekeeping equipment. We stock Beginner Kits, several styles of Bee Hives, protective clothing, smokers, tools, books, charts, videos, candle supplies, treatments for mites, hive beetles, extractors, storage tanks and everything else you will need! All of this with the best service, support and quality in the industry, for the best prices too! Our site is easy to navigate, and we have updated it with the latest information in beekeeping. This year we have added 5 pages of winemaking and beermaking supplies. We will have Package Bee Pickup Days here on March 27, April 17, and May 8. If you live close enough to drive up to pick up your package bees, be sure to place your order early. While you are here, you can also pick up your supplies, see a demonstration of installing the bees, and share your joys of beekeeping while enjoying refreshments here at the Bee Farm. Our 2004 Catalogs were sent February 1, 2004. If you want a new one please send us your mailing address. Prices on our website will change the 1st of February.

102. Beekeeping
beekeeping. Starting/General Information. beekeeping in Delaware; Information for Beeginners; What is the Africanized Honey Bee?
Starting/General Information Management Problem Solving Bee Products/Pollination

103. Home Page
News and history of the Association and its activities across the Cheshire, Stockport and the Wirral. Includes substantial information on bees, beekeeping and bee products, and articles from their newsletter. Contact details.
CHESHIRE BEEKEEPERS' ASSOCIATION Founded 1899 Registered Charity No. 227494 Welcome to the Cheshire Beekeepers' Association Website. Please click here to enter! Created : 17 Aug. 1999 Last Updated : 6th April 2004

104. Beekeeping URL Change Page
The URL for the University of Nebraska beekeeping home page has changed. The new URL is http// Please change your bookmarks.
The URL for the University of Nebraska Beekeeping home page has changed. The new URL is: Please change your bookmarks.

105. Beekeeping In West Lancashire
Information on promoting and supporting beekeeping in Ormskirk and Croston. Programme of events, honey and equipment for sale, and online newsletter.
Welcome to the web site for beekeepers in the Ormskirk and Croston area of West Lancashire.
This site informs you about our activities and provides useful information about the art of beekeeping, both locally and nationally.
Details of where local honey can be purchased are shown on this site
We also provide some useful links to Beekeeping resources on the internet.
Photo of a queen bee with some worker bees around her.
Beekeeping in West Lancashire
Beekeeping in the Local Area Events in 2004 Directory of Related Links ... Newsletter (Cont)
To contact us:
Phone: Martin Smith (Secretary) 01695 - 722728
The Secretary
137 Blaguegate Lane Skelmersdale Lancs WN8 8TX
var sc_project=246575;

106. Beekeeping, Honey Bees And Apiculture - University Of Nebraska Extension
Workshops Training in beekeeping/Apiculture. beekeeping Training Opportunities for 2004 ValueAdded Products Workshop 2004 Program (PDF file, 1.2 MB).
University of
Nebraska Department
of Entomology Updated March 15, 2004 ARDC Education Center and Apiculture Laboratory Directions to the ARDC Education Center and Apiculture Laboratory Beekeeping Training Opportunities for 2004
Value-Added Products Workshop 2004 Program
(PDF file, 1.2 MB) State Fair Activities Bee Culture at the Nebraska State Fair
Award-Winning Honey Recipes at the 1999 State Fair
Activities in 4-H 4-H Beekeeping Essay Contest 2004 Announcement and Rules
4-H Beekeeping Essay Contest Winners, 2003
Nebraska Beekeepers Association Nebraska Beekeepers Association Home Page
Nebraska Beekeepers Association Foundation Account
American Association of Professional Apiculturists AAPA Home Page Sites of Interest to Beekeepers Web Links to the World: Beekeeping Bee Tidings Newsletter YEAR/NO. JUN SEP DEC APR ... MAR Education About Honey Bees Honey Bee Trading Cards Honey Bee Swarms
UNL Home Page University of Nebraska Cooperative Extension educational programs abide with the non-discrimination policies of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and the United States Department of Agriculture.
IANR Home Page Nebraska EntWeb Specialty Home Pages

107. Bees And Beekeeping Forum
Bees beekeeping. This forum is for the discussion of bees and their roles as pollinators and honey producers. A beekeeping Question
Check out GreenPrints the human side of gardening! Other Forums ... Post a Message
T his forum is for the discussion of bees and their roles as pollinators and honey producers. Instructions on using the forum are provided below. Market Farm Life IPM Professional Topics
On-Topic Discussions [Switch to: Gallery

108. Derbyshire Beekeepers' Association
Information on about the association, membership, events, beekeeping course, products, and support for local beekeepers.
Visitor number:
Membership Details
The Association, which was founded in 1881, has about 120 members, including some forty Burton on Trent Branch members.
Beekeeping is a fascinating and absorbing craft but there can be problems for the beginner. By joining the local association you will have the opportunity to meet other beekeepers and gain from their experience.
Membership of the Association includes:
  • membership of Bee Diseases Insurance Ltd, which provides compensation against loss of equipment and bees due to destruction orders by the Department of Food and Rural Affairs officers.
    a programme of meetings throughout the year which caters for the educational and social needs of members.
    the services of bee advisers who are available when you need help.
    a honey extractor and a heather honey press which can be hired for £1.00 a day.
    an association newsletter issued at quarterly intervals which offers free advertising for members and from which you can buy second hand equipment at bargain prices.
    public liability insurance
Print the next section out and post it to Mike Cross, Secretary, Harlestone, The Woods, Ambergate, Derbyshire DE56 2HF

109. Beekeeping Products And Supplies At Blossomland Supply
beekeeping and Beesupply. beekeeping products and Beeswax extraction, honey extraction and more. beekeeping beekeeping Fischer s Bee Quick Repellant 7 oz.
HOME LOG IN ABOUT US FORUMS ... Questions or comments?
Bee all you can Bee at Blossomland Supply!

Details of membership, courses, and events. Background information and pictures on the craft and history of beekeeping.
The website for can be found by clicking here . is registered through - get web site hosting or domain name registration here

111. Beekeeping
2003). html. pdf. E44 - Social Bees and Wasps (Revised 6/2001). html. pdf. E-60-W - Consider beekeeping In Indiana (Revised 5/1996). html.
Field Crops Food Pests
Vegetable ... Animal Damage Management You may order publications through Media Distribution Center html pdf E-53-W - Protecting Honey Bees from Pesticides (Revised 2/2003) html pdf E-44 - Social Bees and Wasps (Revised 6/2001) html pdf E-60-W - Consider Beekeeping In Indiana (Revised 5/1996) html pdf E-63 -W - Solitary Bees and Wasps: Carpenter Bee, Cicada Killer and Mud Daubers (Revised 4/2003) html pdf E-201 - Parasitic Mites of Honey Bees (New 6/2000) html pdf E-216-W - Using Honey Bees in Pollination (New 6/2000) Publications Newsletters Gypsy Moth Staff ... Purdue Entomology

112. Welcome To
Location, hours, products, and contact information.

113. Conrad Berube's Publications:
Island Crop Management; crop META monitoring, beekeeping, collection, research, META insect art. SMALL SCALE beekeeping. TABLE OF CONTENTS. Acknowledgments.
by Curtis Gentry
Table of Contents

Island Crop Management

email: uc779(at)
Publications IPM info ... other links , si te design, concept and scripting.
TABLE OF CONTENTS Acknowledgments Preface Chapter Bees and Humans
Develop Beekeeping? Project Planning
Bee Basics

The Essence of Beekeeping
The Bee Space and Beehives ... Diseases, Pests, and Insecticides Appendices Resources and Bibliography Hive Plans Equipment Plans Uses for Beeswax ... Small Scale Beekeeping Table of Contents

114. Beekeeping
Helping You Put Knowledge To Work. BEES AND beekeeping. No endorsement of products or information is implied. beekeeping Resources.
Helping You Put Knowledge To Work
Links outside Washington State University provide an option for finding further information on a variety of beekeeping topics. No endorsement of products or information is implied.
Beekeeping Resources
Beekeeper Associations
Cooperative Extension programs and employment are available to all without discrimination.
Evidence of noncompliance may be reported through your local Cooperative Extension office.

115. Beekeeping In Jordan
beekeeping In Jordan. By Dr. Nizar J. Haddad. Last updated November 2003. Coordinator of the Bee Research Unit. NCARTT. National Center
Free Web site hosting - Web Hosting - Choose an ISP NetZero High Speed Internet ... Dial up $14.95 or NetZero Internet Service $9.95 Beekeeping In Jordan By Dr. Nizar J. Haddad Last updated November 2003 Coordinator of the Bee Research Unit NCARTT National Center for Agricultural Research and Technology Transfer Research areas Conservation of Apis mellifera syriaca Honey bee foraging plants. Crop pollination. Honey Bee Diseases. Red Wasp ( Vespa orientalis Contact me About me Photo Gallery Jordan in Figures Maru bee research station in photos. Favorite Links

116. Maltese Beekeeping Site
Marica Gott traces the history of beekeeping on the island, and describes modern practice.
Maltese Beekeeping Site A piculture Experience
Maltese Honey


Online Resource
Home Page
Hi. I am Marica Gatt, a beekeeper from the Island of Malta...the land of honey. Enjoy my site. The Maltese Islands possess a very rich wild flora with over 1000 flowering plants recorded. This is one reason why the Islands are renowned for best quality honey produced. Wild Thyme (Thymus capitatus) honey collected from the barren land in the North of Malta is the most preferred type of honey. According to Longo, Roman and Greek people, 200 years b.c, gave our Island the name of Melita, the Island of Honey. Nowadays, one still finds prominent places, like Wied il-Ghasel and Imgiebah, which prove the abundance of bee population and honey produced on the Island. The honey bee (Apis mellifera mellifera) is known to inhabite the Maltese Islands for centuries. A local honeybee (Apis mellifera rutnerii) is presently being studied and identified, since it is somewhat different from other Mediterranean bees. Slightly smaller in size, dark in colour with apparently no yellow bands, incredibly resistant to diseases, viscous and highly active.
This Maltese Ring site is owned by Marica Gatt
This site is constructed by Marica Gatt.

117. Bees & Beekeeping Sources Of Information And Equipment, HYG-2170-98
1680 Madison Ave., Wooster, OH 446914096. Bees beekeeping Sources of Information and Equipment*. beekeeping Books on Selected Topics. Associated Topics.
Ohio State University Extension Fact Sheet
OARDC/Entomology, Honey Bee Lab
1680 Madison Ave., Wooster, OH 44691-4096
HYG-2170-98 Dr. James E. Tew
Beekeeping Books on Selected Topics
Associated Topics
  • Crane, Eva. The Archaeology of Beekeeping. Ithaca/NY: Cornell University Press; 1983; ISBN: 0-8014-1609-4.
  • Crane, Eva. Bees and Beekeeping - Science, Practice and World Resources. Ithaca/NY: Comstock Publishing Associates;1990; ISBN:0-8014-2429-1.
  • Loring, Murray. Bees and the Law.
  • Morse, Roger A. Making Mead (Honey Wine) - History, Recipes, Methods and Equipment. Cheshire/CT: Wicwas Press; 1980; ISBN: 1-878075-04-7.
  • Showler, Karl. The Observation Hive.
  • Coggshall, William L.: Morse, Roger A. Beeswax - Production, Harvesting, Processing and Products. Cheshire/CT: Wicwas Press, P.O. Box 817; 1984.
  • Berthold, Robert, Jr. Beeswax Crafting. Cheshire/CT: Wicwas Press, P.O. Box 817, 06410; 1993; ISBN: 1-878075-02-0.
  • Erickson, Eric H. Jr.; Carlson, Stanley D.; Garment, Martin B. A Scanning Electron Microscope Atlas of the Honey Bee. Ames/IA: The Iowa State University Press; 1986; ISBN: 0-8138-0546-5.
  • 118. Starting A Small Beekeeping Operation (Small Farm News, MarApr94)
    March/April 1994. Starting a Small beekeeping Operation. Getting Started in beekeeping. One knowledgeable beekeeper is needed for every 500 to 1,000 colonies.
    March/April 1994
    Starting a Small
    Beekeeping Operation
    Eric C. Mussen, Extension Apiculturist, UC Davis The number of US beekeepers has declined steadily since World War II, partly because land development has eliminated many flowering plants from which bees collect nectar to make honey. However, nearly 100,000 people in the US still keep bees for fun or profit. Beekeepers enjoy being their own bossesdeciding what to do and when to do it, being responsible for their own successes or failures. Beekeepers are adept at, and spend a significant amount of time in, assembling and repairing hives, frames, and other equipment. They enjoy the natural world and appreciate the contribution their bees make in increasing plants and benefiting the animals that use the plants for food and shelter.
    Getting Started in Beekeeping
    One knowledgeable beekeeper is needed for every 500 to 1,000 colonies. Without some experience and lots of sage advice, taking care of a commercial beekeeping operation would be overwhelming. Experienced beekeepers are full of advice. Their years of experience have shown them what does and doesn't work. These beekeepers are also your best bet at getting into the business. With your enthusiasm and his or her expertise and apiary locations, you could work out a phased retirement plan that eventually leaves you in charge. When kept in a healthy, stress-free condition, bees will thrive as long as food and water are available in abundance. But this success can be a problem. Populous colonies often swarm in the spring. While fascinating to watch, it is not appreciated by neighbors in whose bushes the swarm settles. Worse, the swarm sometimes finds an opening and moves into the wall of the neighbor's house.

    119. I.A.B.A. Pointers Page
    Apiculture and beekeeping Resources. Some links to peruse The Beekeeper s Reference (formerly The beekeeping Homepage); IBRA; Bee Tidbits Page;
    Apiculture and Beekeeping Resources Some links to peruse: Back Home

    120. Beekeeping In Ukraine
    Information about beekeeping in the Ukraine, and its cultural and economic importance. (in Ukrainian, English, and Russian)

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