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         Beekeeping:     more books (100)
  1. A Year in the Beeyard: An Expert's Month-by-Month Instructions for Successful Beekeeping by Roger Morse, 1983-03
  2. Honey Bees and Beekeeping:A Year in the Life of an Apiary, 3rd Edition
  3. From Where I Sit: Essays on Bees, Beekeeping, and Science (Comstock) by Mark L. Winston, 1998-04
  4. Beekeeping Made Easy: How To Keep Bees by Mr Jimmy J Jacks, 2010-09-15
  5. Beekeeping as a Business by Richard Jones, 2000-03-01
  6. The Encyclopedia of Beekeeping - Beginning to Advanced Beekeeping by Rickie Banksen, 2010-08-11
  7. Get Started in Beekeeping: A Teach Yourself Guide (Teach Yourself: Games/Hobbies/Sports) by Adrain Waring, Claire Waring, 2010-04-19
  8. Beekeeping: A Primer on Starting & Keeping a Hive. Dominique de Vito by Dominique De Vito, Dominique De Vito, 2010-03
  9. Small scale beekeeping (Appropriate technologies for development) by Curtis Gentry, 1982
  10. Beekeeping Study Notes for the BBKA Examinations: Modules 1, 2, 3 & 4 v. 1 by J.D. Yates, B.D. Yates, 1996-07
  11. Complete Handbook of Beekeeping by Herbert Mace, 1976-06
  12. Hooray for Beekeeping! (Hooray for Farming!) by Bobbie Kalman, Allison Larin, et all 1997-10
  13. Beekeeping 101: Everything You Need To Know To Keep Bees Successfully by Randall Magwood, 2009-06-15
  14. The Pearce Method Of Beekeeping (1910) by Joseph A. Pearce, 2010-05-23

41. Beekeeping In Top-Bar Hives (tbh's)
beekeeping in hives with movable combs rather than frames. Equipment can made from recycled, scrap wood. TBH s are delightful. Top Bar Hive beekeeping.
Top Bar Hive Beekeeping
An Alternative to Conventional Beekeeping
What's New
This website is devoted exclusively to collecting and distributing information about beekeeping with top-bar hives (tbh's). Tbh's offer many beekeepers an inexpensive but satisfying way of keeping bees that produces less (but better) honey and more beeswax. Enjoy your visit to this website, learn about tbh's, and give them a try. These top bar hives are on a stand, which permits them to be worked without bending over.
Organization of the information
Files of frequently asked questions (FAQ's) are maintained at this website to answer most of your questions about this method of beekeeping. You may have other questions which, if you will ask, can be incorporated into the files as they are edited. These files of "frequently asked questions" and "not so FAQ's" pertaining to beekeeping in top bar hives (tbh's) were compiled and edited with the help of many others, especially Joel Govostes. I include my personal opinions, but also those of others who made comments to the tbh thread that was on BEE-L. Please send me any corrections or offer different opinions to these questions if you wish. I'll edit this file to include them. If you make your comments referenced to section and question number, it will aid me greatly. For example, you will see how I have inserted responses from Tim Haarmann throughout the files. I shall always be indebted to my email mentor, Paul Magnuson of Pretoria, South Africa, who gave me the

42. Index
Gives information on how to start beekeeping and links to related pages and sites.
FEDERATION OF IRISH BEEKEEPING ASSOCIATIONS IF YOU SPOT ANY PROBLEMS PLEASE E MAIL THIS SITE WAS AWARDED THIRD PLACE IN THE WEBSITE CONTEST AT APIMONDIA 2001 IN DURBAN SOUTH AFRICA Apimondia 2005 will be in Dublin. Click here to access Apimondia site. CLICK HERE TO ACCESS THIS SITE Click on the image below for a detailed weather forecast for Ireland and UK Local Honey - please click here CDB Hive - the traditional Irish Hive - still widely used. Photo: Michael Clancy You are most welcome to our site. We trust that you find the information contained here interesting and that it gives you a flavour of the activities of the Federation. You are Visitor Number Access the FIBKA Site (updated 24 February 2004) Please sign our Guest Book Queen Breeding in Ireland How to become a beekeeper Disease Checking ... Downloads

43. Main
Familyrun apiary with information about their products and background information on beekeeping.
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44. Inland BeeMail; Home Of The Inland Empire Beekeeping Association
Local chapter of the Washington State beekeeping Association and serves beekeeping hobbyists and apiary professionals of the Inland Northwest from Eastern Washington and Northern Idaho. Includes an event calendar, educational resources, swarm control information, polls, newsletters, and downloads.


The Association

- IEBA Event Calendar

What's New?

Welcome to the Inland BeeMail! Local bee working a crabapple tree. Photgraphed by Chris Fischer A warm spring has given the beekeepers of the Inland Northwest a headstart on the honey season. With a new class of beekeepers graduated from the IEBA's annual beekeeping class and package bees starting in a new sets of hives, the local beekeepers are looking forward to a prolific year of beekeeping. Do you plan on attending the WSU Workshop on June 4th and 5th?
Absolutely! Want to but can't make it. What WSU workshop? Nope, I already know everything there is to know about beekeeping. Results For those of you new to our site , the Inland Empire Beekeeper's Association serves bee-keeping hobbiests and apiary professionals of the Inland Northwest from Eastern Washington and Northern Idaho. The IEBA was established to promote and provide a public educational resource for honey, bees and the incredible hobby (and for some the profession) of beekeeping. Our aim is to promote the world of honeybees and apicultural activities. For anyone interested in learning more about beekeeping, we invite you to join us at our monthly meeting. The Association is located in Spokane, Washington and holds meetings on the second Friday of each month. The meetings are that the

45. Beekeeping Links
BeeData beekeeping Links. clicking heading again to close). beekeeping Organisations APIS Newsletters Apicultural information and issues.
BeeData Beekeeping Links
BeeData Home
BBS Beekeeping Events and News Members Beekeeping News Exchange links email: webmaster Please notify us of any changes. Listing updated 12 May, 2004 Links Menu - Click on headings to show listings (clicking heading again to close)

46. Bee Keeping Web Site
Information about beekeeping project undertaken to foster student achievement, with photos.
"School Based Enterprises"
Funding by: The Sequatchie Valley Business Education Partnership
Mission Statement: Bledsoe Co. Middle School has established a foundational model of a school-based enterprise in our school and community which would use the medium of beekeeping as a catalyst from which to improve the academic growth of our students, better prepare them for their careers, and help them relate to the place in which they live.
Bee Keeping Pictures
For information on how your school or organization may get involved in bee keeping please contact: Philip L. Kiper

47. Basingstoke Beekeepers
Information about bees, beekeeping, wax, honey, local beekeeping events and beekeeping newsletters.
Gordon's looking for a new day job!
CV here
Electronics Engineering/Management
or Environmental
or open to offers.
Honey Show 2003 Recipe
Tony Bamberger is the show secretary as usual and you should contact him to register your entries. We really would like you to do this in advance if you can, as it greatly helps our organisation and confidence. Telephone Tony on 01256-850254 Beekeeping Flyer Thinking of Beekeeping? On Bumble Bees Plants for bees ...
The Basingstoke Beekeeper

(newsletters) Beekeeping Links
Find Us
Beekeeping Course 2004 Beekeeping Books County Bee Inspector:
David Purchase,
8, Anton Close,
Basingstoke, Mail to CBI Apiary Manager: Peter MacKinnon, 2, Woburn Gardens South Ham Basingstoke, Tel. 01256-326766 Treasurer: Tony Burton, 16, Widmore Road, Basingstoke, Hampshire, RG22 6LB

48. Consultants - Certification System - Centre For Organic / Ecological Apiculture
Training and consulting in organic beekeeping. Information on company, services ancd certification; text of articles.
Technical literature: Operating Manual Organic / ecological apiculture Manual certification and marketing of honey Expertise on Foodquality - especially Honey and other beeproduce Book / Expertise on side effects of pesticides / GMOs (socalled "third industrial revolution") Expertise on organic Beekeeping Standards more Publications / Articles
Order now online!
Consultants - Certification System - Council

Certification System and Centre for organic / ecological Apiculture International Consultants in the fields organic / ecological beekeeping, organic agriculture, nature conservation / recultivation
Our Mission Our mission statement: Creative strategies and sound environment! Take a closer look at what T+T stands for. More...

Our Approach How we work and what we do: Our understanding of what it means to accompany our clients on the road to environmentally friendly success. More...

Our Services T+T at a glance: Information on our services and our teams. More...

49. Beekeeping In Africa
beekeeping in Africa Text Asger Søgaard Jørgensen Photo Asger Søgaard Jørgensen, Flemming Vejsnæs Ole Hertz. beekeeping in Africa is beautiful.
Beekeeping in Africa
T ext: Asger Søgaard Jørgensen
Presented at the APIMONDIA congress in Antwerp 1997 The projects are financed by DANIDA Alert !- The following files are large because of the many pictures.
Be patient and you will be rewarded. Beekeeping in Africa is beautiful.
Photo: Ole Hertz
Beekeeping in Africa
Dangers for Honeybees Pollination of plants Beekeeping ... Beekeeping projects of The Danish Beekeepers Associations The Danish Beekeepers Association
Møllevej 15, DK-4140 Borup. Denmark
Ph. +45 57 56 17 57 Fax +45 57 56 17 03
document.write("Skriv til dbf"); * Homepage:

50. About Search - Find It Now!
Search Exact Match. Search beekeeping . Sponsored Links. Betterbee Inc Everything you need for beekeeping Beekeepers serving beekeepers

51. GBKA Web Site
Information about beginning beekeeping and current tasks. Programme of activities of the Association. Photo gallery of beekeeping and events.
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Home Beekeeping Meetings Evening Class Photographs ... Links var site="sm3gbkam" Welcome to the website of The Guernsey Beekeepers' Association. This is a site designed to keep members informed of activities, and to provide a source of information for those interested in beekeeping. Guernsey is a small island in the Channel Islands, well known to holiday makers and well known for its finance and growing industries. The Guernsey Beekeepers' Association, an association of about 40 members, offers advice and help to local beekeepers, as well as arranging regular meetings during the year. New members and visitors are always welcome to our meetings. Contact the Web Secretary.
Varroa mite resistant to Bayvarol. Check on the BBKA web site. SWARMS There seem to have been masses of swarms around this year. If you still require swarms ( perhaps to strengthen hives or to establish new colonies), please ring Jeannine.

52. Welcome To Cottage & Small Scale Industrie's Web
The Department of Cottage Small Scale Industries, Govt. of West Bengal looks after different aspects of the development of SSI Cottage Sector Industry covering SSI, handicraft, handloom textiles, silk sericulture, village industries, lac, coir, beekeeping etc.
Govt. of West Bengal
Site Developed by ETDC West Bengal

53. Insects - Diseases- Pests - Weeds Publications
1999. html, pdf. Entomology and beekeeping 6164, beekeeping in Western Canada. $25.00, purchase info. 1984. FS616-23, beekeeping for Beginners. 1992. html, pdf.$department/deptdocs.nsf/all/agdex3919?opendocument

54. Jones Bee Company
Candle making and beekeeping supplies, soap, candy and honey, gift sets and books.

55. Fiji Beekeeping
Details of a Peace Corps officer who was in Fiji for two years, mainly to provide beekeeping technical assistance to a village cooperative and farmers interested in beekeeping.
Home Up Observation Hives Cell-plug Queen Rearing ... Links John's Beekeeping Notebook Experiences of a Peace Corps Beekeeper in Fiji In the mid-1980's, I had an opportunity to serve in the Peace Corps doing rural development work in Fiji. My employer granted me a leave-of-absence. I sold my house and car in Houston, Texas, said goodbye to friends and began my service as a Peace Corps volunteer. Here are a few photos from my experiences. Fijian beekeeping is described on this page, and Fijian culture on the following pages. I was in Fiji for two years, mainly to provide beekeeping technical assistance to a village cooperative and farmers who were interested in beekeeping. Beekeeping was viewed by the Fiji government as a potential source of rural income that did not require a big investment to get started. Fiji was a honey-importing country and the country's goal was to be self-sufficient in honey production. An agricultural worker from New Zealand established some bee hives in the early 1980's and proved the area's potential for honey production. The U.S. Peace Corps was then asked to provide technical assistance. The cooperative had two employees for me to work with on a honey project called "Saivou Honey." I also worked with several farmers and a shopkeeper who owned their own hives.

56. CyberBeeNet (Biology, Research, Beekeeping)
This site is devoted to educating the public about beekeeping, honey bee biology, honey bee research around the country and the world.
Your browser does not support frames, please click frameless to continue.

57. Pfeiffer Center
Offers a part time training in biodynamic agriculture; workshops and seminars in biodynamics, gardening, beekeeping and education, and a oneyear internship.
The Pfeiffer Center
260 Hungry Hollow Rd
Chestnut Ridge, NY 10977
Tel: 845.352.5020, Ext. 20
Fax: 845.352.5071
As a non-profit educational organization, The Pfeiffer Center relies on grants and donations to fund its work. We are grateful for the enthusiasm and support that has carried us this far. Tax-deductible contributions for the general budget or special projects can be made payable to The Pfeiffer Center and sent to the address above.
The Pfeiffer Center is dedicated to education, research and outreach in farming, gardening and beekeeping. An important goal is to raise awareness of biodynamics as the most holistic approach to caring for the land. Named in honor of Ehrenfried Pfeiffer, a research pioneer in biodynamic agriculture and nutrition, the center cultivates a two-acre biodynamic garden and offers workshops, apprenticeships and a one-year, part-time gardening course. The Pfeiffer Center is sponsored by the Threefold Educational Foundation and Sunbridge College Grade school gardeners harvest chamomile blossoms in the herb garden The Pfeiffer Center For
Biodynamic Gardening and Farming Gardening for Children Bees Research Named in honor of Ehrenfried Pfeiffer, a research pioneer in the areas of Biodynamic agriculture and nutrition. The Pfeiffer Center offers a one year part-time biodynamic gardening and environmental course, apprenticeships, consultation for schools in building school gardens and gardening curriculum as well as workshops on bee keeping, school gardening and various Biodynamic-related topics.

58. National Forestry Programme
Provides information about the National Forestry Programme and beekeeping Division. Includes goals and objectives, policies, and newsletter.
document.writeln(myscroll.divStart) NATIONAL FOREST PROGRAMME

Over the past 10 years or so there has been a lot of talk worldwide about community involvement in forest management. In this edition I would like to give short account on the subject.
"One of the possible long term solutions to rnany of the problems that affect management of indigenous forests in Tanzania is to involve concerned cornmunities in the management of the forests. A forest area can only receive effective protection as long as benefits from the forest can reach the local community. Making the communities partners in natural forest resource management promises sustainability and will be cheaper". Since then I have been asked by a number of foresters what community involvement in forest management entails.
Community involvement in forest management has now been given prominence in the revised policy which was approved by the government on 5th March 1998. The pertinent policy statements on community involvement cover two areas, namely: management of government forest reserves and management of village forest reserves.

59. Mid-Atlantic Apiculture
MIDATLANTIC APICULTURE RESEARCH AND EXTENSION CONSORTIUM beekeeping Information Index. Honey Bee Biology; beekeeping Equipment; Starting

60. Sci.agriculture.beekeeping FAQ
From (Adam Finkelstein) Newsgroups sci.agriculture.beekeeping, sci.agriculture, misc.rural, rec.gardens, alt.sustainable.agriculture
Usenet FAQs Search Web FAQs Documents ... RFC Index
sci.agriculture.beekeeping FAQ
From: (Adam Finkelstein) Newsgroups: sci.agriculture.beekeeping sci.agriculture misc.rural rec.gardens ... * Want to make beeswax soap or mead vinegar? Elain White has some information. email: * Some other addresses and URLs have been updated. Please send me any changes or additions. I'll be setting up the new beekeeping archive soon, and will be able to store larger files. Please feel free to contribute. ** POINTERS TO APICULTURAL INFORMATION ON THE INTERNET ** USENET news * sci.agriculture.beekeeping Beekeeping, bee-culture and hive products. Listserv: * BEE-L BEE-L is for the discussion of research and information concerning the biology of bees. This includes honey bees and other bees (and maybe even wasps). We communicate about sociobiology, behavior, ecology, adaptation/evolution, genetics, taxonomy, physiology, pollination, and flower nectar and pollen production of bees. To subscribe to BEE-L, send e-mail to

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