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         Vietnamese Buddhism:     more books (55)
  1. Translating Buddhism from Tibetan by Joe Wilson, 1992-05-25
  2. The Zen-Pure Land union and modern Vietnamese Buddhism: Edited, annotated, and developed by Carol Smith by Thiện Ân, 1971
  3. Vietnamese Buddhism: [a brief review of the historicity of Vietnamese Buddhism] by Robert L Mole, 1967
  4. A brief historical review of Vietnamese Buddhism: Working paper by Robert L Mole, 1967
  5. Branch That Glows in the Dark, The : An Introduction to Vietnamese Buddhism by Thomas Dr. Kepner, 1985
  6. Vietnamese engaged Buddhism: The struggle movement of 1963-1966 by Văn Minh Phạm, 2002
  7. History and philosophy of Caodaism;: Reformed Buddhism, Vietnamese spiritism, new religion in Eurasia by Gabriel Gobron, 1950
  8. Religion in Vietnam: Mahayana Buddhism, Confucianism, Theravada Buddhism, Christianity in Vietnam, Vietnamese Martyrs
  9. VIETNAMESE RELIGION: An entry from Macmillan Reference USA's <i>Encyclopedia of Religion</i> by Georges Condominas, 2005
  10. Buddhism in Vietnam: Buddhist Crisis, Vietnamese Buddhists, Duong Van Minh, Nguyn Cao K, Cao Van Vien, Xa Loi Pagoda Raids
  11. The Requisites of Enlightenment (Bodhipakkhiya Dipani) / 37 Pham Tro Dao by Ledi Sayadaw, 1999
  12. Buddhism as a political force (Newsletter / Institute of Current World Affairs) by Takashi Oka, 1967
  13. Zen in Medieval Vietnam : A Study and Translation of Thien Uyen Tap Anh (Classics in East Asian Buddhism) by Cuong Tu Nguyen, 1998-04
  14. Tu Tai Gia (Vietnamese Edition) by Le Thai At, 2010-02-16

1. Vietnamese Buddhism
Buddhism in Vietnam. This Home page is an attempt to synthesize some of the varied and fascinating history of Buddhist religion in Vietnam. vietnamese buddhism.
Buddhism in Vietnam
This Home page is an attempt to synthesize some of the varied and fascinating history of Buddhist religion in Vietnam. It is designed to give insight and aid primarily to educators who are interested in teaching a secondary and post secondary group of students about one of the most important influences in world religion. Our approach is a basic one, to generally describe the practices and major differences in philosophy, as well as look at some of the impacts of the American conflict in Vietnam. We have come to the conclusion that if Buddhism and its culture in Vietnam is left out of curriculum when discussing the war, a serious element of the history is neglected. Additionally, we have endeavored to include other sources and perspectives in our source listings. This page is far from a complete one, but we hope that it addresses some of the general questions that educators and students have about the Buddhist side of the conflict. Hopefully, this is an adequate place to start your search!
Buddhist Religion and Practices
History of Buddhism in Vietnam
Other Theological Influences
Vietnamese Buddhism
Buddhism and the US Conflict in Vietnam
Buddhism After the US Conflict
Suggested Books
Other Sources
This page was created by Laura Clark and

2. Quang Duc English Vietnamese Buddhist Website
vietnamese buddhism monastery in Australia. Information on vietnamese buddhism.
Cam Lồ

Ch¹a Việt Quốc Nội

Ch¹a Việt Hải Ngoại

World Buddhism

Ph¡p lu¢n
English Kinh s¡ch cần đ¡nh m¡y

áº I LỄ PHẬT áº¢N LẦN THỨ 2628
Vang dội tầng kh´ng tiếng nhạc trời H o quang chiếu s¡ng khắp mu´n nÆ¡i Mu´n phÆ°Æ¡ng nở rộ hoa đ m hiện Chuyển mª khai ngộ hiện nh¢n duyªn Siªng năng xuất thế t¹y duyªn hiện Khai s¡ng đạo v ng độ nhÆ¡n thiªn. Xem tiếp Xem tuyển Tập Phật Đản 2628-2004 Th´ng b¡o - Tin Tức - Phật Sá»±
Xin bấm v o đ¢y để nghe chÆ°Æ¡ng tr¬nh Cam Lồ kỳ 4
... This website is maintained by Quang Duc Buddhist Welfare Association of Victoria ACN 002 2333 2V, ABN 83 235 571 574; Address: 105 Lynch Road, Fawkner, Vic.3060 Australia

3. Vietnamese Buddhsim
vietnamese buddhism. Along with this integration with Confucianism, Taoism also played a necessary part in the development of vietnamese buddhism.
Vietnamese Buddhism
The classical period of Buddhism in South East Asia was from the 11th to the 15th century. In this period, there were several elements which made it classical. Buddhism, in the classical time period, had homogeneity of form and institutional orthodoxy, as well as helped to formulate kingship. Buddhism, in this time period, tended to follow the Theravada tradition. Since the 19th century, Buddhism has continued to act as a structure for East Asian societies. Despite the challenges that western science has had on Buddhism, it has provided cultural and ideological support for modern, nationalist movements. Buddhism has also offered solutions to political, economic, and social change. Vietnam, however, is different from the "norm" of the traditional South East Asian period of Classical Buddhism, since it was strongly impacted by the Chinese . With communist revolutions, Buddhism was displaced to as a fundamental mediator of cultural values. Historically, Buddhism played a significant role in the definition of the classical South East Asian states. With Buddhism, when a country was dominated by a colonial power, nationalist movements grew out of and identified with a religious context. An example of this is the 1960 Buddhist protests, in which the Buddhist monks immolated themselves in fire. After the removal of Deim and his brother Nhu, the United Buddhist Association, which was under the leadership of Thich Tri Quang and Thich Thien Minh, remained politically active. "Vietnamese are Confucians in peacetime, Buddhists in times of trouble." (

4. Manjushri - Vietnamese Buddhism
vietnamese buddhism. Theravada Related The predominant form of Buddhism in Vietnam is a combination of Pure Land and Zen. Zen practice
Vietnamese Buddhism
[Theravada Related Links]
[Sanskrit Related Links] [Pali Related Links]

Historically Buddhism in Vietnam is predominantly of the Mahayana form, the Theravada tradition is well recognized and is experiencing a growing interest especially in the practice of meditation since 1920. Buddhist entered Vietnam in two significant waves. The first was a missionary wave of Mahayana scholars from India in the first century CE. From olden days, the South China Sea border, known as Indochina, had commercial links with India and it was a popular place visited by many Indian Buddhist missionary monks on their way to China. By the end of the 2 nd century, Vietnam developed a major Buddhist center, called Luy-Lau center. A number of Mahayana sutras and the Agamas were translated into Chinese script at that center. The second wave of Buddhist thought occurred about two hundred years later when Theravada was introduced in the region. Both of these schools of Buddhist thought co-existed throughout Vietnam. In the 6 th and 7 th century Mahayana flourished, and century reached to the peak in the 12

5. Vietnamese Buddhism
vietnamese buddhism is above all Mayahana Buddhism ( Great Vehicle or Ðài Th?a in Vietnamese ). Wallpaper dedicated to the vietnamese buddhism.
W e do not know exactly the date Buddhism was introduced into Vietnam but on the other hand, we are however certain that this new faith has come to Vietnam by maritime way by the strait of Malacca. Vietnamese Buddhism is above all Mayahana Buddhism Great Vehicle or  i Thừa in Vietnamese ). It is less pure, often blended with philosophical concepts of Confucianism and Taoism. As Vietnam is situated on the big road of pilgrimage between China and India, the most part of Vietnamese scholars at that time were only Buddhist monks who knew Chinese and Sanskrit perfectly well. When Vietnam was established as an independent state in 939 at the fall of the Tang dynasty, it was the Buddhist monks who, being the sole true holders of knowledge, helped the first dynasties to consolidate their power. Many among them held important political posts, such as Ng´ Chấn LÆ°u and ng Huyền Quang They also provided the first poets and prose writers of Vietnam. One can say that under the earlier Le and Ly dynasties, Vietnamese literature was constituted a great deal of learned poetry and of Buddhist inspiration composed by monks among whom were Lạc Thuận and Vạn Hạnh . Lạc Thuận was assigned by king Lª áº¡i H nh to greet Chinese ambassador Li Jiao ( or L½ ' Gi¡c ). To take the latter across the river, monk Lạc Thuận disguised himself as a sampan rower. When seeing two wild geese playing on the water crests, Li Jiao began to sing:

6. History Of Vietnamese Buddhism
vietnamese buddhism. Buddhism may have been introduced to Vietnam by sea as early as the first century AD. By the second century, Chinese
H a i A n P a g o d a Introduction to the Hai An Sangha Venerable Thich Tri Hoang What is Buddhism? Our Newsletter ... Calendar Vietnamese Buddhism Buddhism may have been introduced to Vietnam by sea as early as the first century AD. By the second century, Chinese sources record a flourishing Buddhist community in Tongking. The history of Vietnamese Buddhism, however, begins in 580 AD, with the arrival of Vinitaruci, an Indian monk who had studied with the third patriarch of Chinese Zen Buddhism, long before it split into northern and southern schools. This lineage of meditation masters also died out in the thirteenth century, though again the school itself survives. Although these first two lineages of Zen Buddhism did not survive, they did lay the foundations for a thorough integration of Buddhism and Vietnamese nationalism which began in the Dinh dynasty.

7. BuddhaSasana By Binh Anson - Main Index
Information, resources, and links related to vietnamese buddhism.
Main site:
Mirror site 1:
Mirror site 2: Sabbapapassa akaranam
Kusalassa upasampada
Sacitta pariyodapanam
Etam buddhana sasanam Every evil never doing
and in wholesomeness increasing
and one's heart well-purifying:
this is the Buddhas' Sasana (Dhammapada, 183)
English Vietnamese
(Unicode Font) For comments, questions and other requests, please send email to Binh Anson , Ph.D
Sabbe satta sada hontu avera sukhajivino. Katam punnaphalam mayham sabbe bhagi bhavantu te. May all living beings always live happily, free from animosity. May all share in the blessings springing from the good I have done. (last updated: 14-04-2004)

8. Quang Duc Homepage - Vietnamese - English Buddhist Library
to maintain the moral way of life as Buddhists and to maintain their cultural traditions enmeshed within the temple as the center of vietnamese buddhism.
Tiếng Việt Trang nh  Quảng Đức Tiếng Anh
A New Lotus Garden Down-Under, Quang Duc Buddhist Monastery’s Official Opening Ceremony, Special Conference and Australian Citizenship Ceremony, Melbourne Australia
Reported by Quang Tu Chris Dunk Fawkner, Victoria, Australia, Friday 10 th October to Sunday12 th
After three years, concerted community action, h ard work and single mindedness, the construction the Quang Duc Buddhist Monastery’s 2 story complex, consisting of the upper worship hall and ground floor multi-purpose hall, has been completed. The Official Opening Ceremony was held over three days, form Friday 10 th October to Sunday12 th 2003 culminating in some 5000 people attending the Sunday ceremony. What a spectacular event it was, the Buddhist ceremonies, the color and the joy of having raised such a magnificent place out of the ground was appreciated by all in attendance. Over the three days, a special conference of the United Vietnamese Buddhist Church was organized prior to the Official

9. Cross Currents: Vietnamese Buddhism In The 1990s
Print friendly Tell a friend Find subscription deals vietnamese buddhism in the 1990s Cross Currents, SpringSummer, 2000 by Robert Topmiller.
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Tell a friend Find subscription deals Vietnamese Buddhism in the 1990s
Cross Currents
Spring-Summer, 2000 by Robert Topmiller
Engaged Buddhism is a source of liberation for Vietnam. Since July 1996, I have made three research trips to Vietnam to examine the 1960s Buddhist movement. In the process, I have discovered the great diversity, vitality and strength of Vietnamese Buddhism, despite the oppression it has suffered from the Vietnamese Communist Party (VCP) and the severe internal divisions that retard efforts to present a unified message on the role of Buddhism in Vietnam at the end of the twentieth century. To my great surprise, many Vietnamese seemed dedicated to discussing Buddhism and its task in trying to bring reconstruction to a country that still suffers severely from the war. [1] As a general rule, as long as the discussion avoided any mention of politics, I had no difficulty carrying out interviews. In fact, I found many Buddhists eager to talk about the 1960s and their opposition to the war particularly in bringing down the hated Ngo Dinh Diem regime in 1963. Some Buddhist leaders praised Communist efforts to unite Buddhism under one national organization and end the extreme factional struggles that arose during the war, while others expressed outrage and fervent opposition to the VCP.

10. Bo De Hai Online
Dharma Realm Buddhist Association, vietnamese buddhism.
Tiền C³ Khả Năng Thần Th´ng Chớ Lầm Nh¢n Quả

Trang giấy trắng của đời m¬nh - L m sao viết chữ người.

Triều B¡i Nºi Phổ   ở Nam Hải
English section: Do You Know How To Use The Money? The Shurangama Sutra:
The Fifty-Skandha Demon States
Still Thoughts ... Ven. Master Hsu Yun Pictorial Biography #30
Dharma Realm Buddist Association
3361 E. Ocean Blvd.
Long Beach, CA 90803
Tel./Fax. (562) 438 - 8902
E-Mail : Web : T op of page Last Update : DVT, February 10th, 2003

11. Wisdom Books - Focusing On Buddhism, Meditation, Tibet And The Rapidly Developin
Subscribe to our Newsletter. Category vietnamese buddhism Buddhism was introduced into Vietnam from China in 574 AD. Before communism

12. Long Van Temple
Practices Mahayana vietnamese buddhism.
  • Profile Summary
    • History
      • Photos
        to Dr. Yudit Greenberg and Dr. Arnold Wettstein's Project Affiliate page
  • 13. Wisdom Books - Focusing On Buddhism, Meditation, Tibet And The Rapidly Developin
    Category Listing. Click on one of the categories below to view a list of items within that category. Subject vietnamese buddhism. vietnamese buddhism,

    14. BPF | Vietnamese Buddhism In US By Thich Minh Duc
    Buddhism Like Water vietnamese buddhism in the United States by Thich Minh Duc. vietnamese buddhism came to America, then, as the refugees’ only belonging.
    back to: Archive Home Buddhism Like Water: Vietnamese Buddhism in the United States
    by Thich Minh Duc
    Excerpted from Turning Wheel, Fall 2000

    15. Galaxy Directory : Vietnamese < Buddhism < Religion < Community
    vietnamese buddhism Buddhism in Vietnam This Home page is an attempt to synthesize some of the varied and fascinating history of Buddhist religion in Vietnam.
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    16. Profile: Florida Vietnamese Buddhist Association, Inc.: Long Van Temple
    Center Profile. Florida Vietnamese Buddhist Association, Inc. Long Van Temple Mahayana vietnamese buddhism (Buddhism) 6021 Cornelia Ave.

    17. Profile: Vietnamese Buddhist Association/Temple Vietnam
    Center Profile. Vietnamese Buddhist Association/Temple Vietnam vietnamese buddhism (Buddhism) 68 Bradeen Street Roslindale, MA 02131 Phone 617325-9521.

    18. E-sangha, Buddhist Forum & Buddhism Forum -> Vietnamese Buddhism
    vietnamese buddhism, various articles from Internet. As a result, many Taoist symbols and meditation tools became mainstreamed into Vietnamese Buddhist thought.

    19. VN Embassy : News : 11/06/2003
    Human Rights 11/06/2003 Heyday of vietnamese buddhism chief monk Printable version Send this article to a friend On October 29, the

    20. Heyday Of Vietnamese Buddhism: Chief Monk
    Heyday of vietnamese buddhism chief monk. Q Certain foreigners have hidden under the name of Buddhism to speak ill of the Vietnamese State.
    Heyday of Vietnamese Buddhism: chief monk On October 29, the Most Venerable Thich Thanh Tu, permanent deputy president of the Vietnam Buddhist Sangha's Executive Council and National Assembly (NA) deputy of the Hanoi constituency, spoke before the NA about the current situation of the Sangha. To shed light on his speech, Lao Dong (Labour) daily newspaper interviewed the Most Venerable on the sidelines of the NA. Following is the interview: Q: How do you judge the Party and government's policies towards religion, including Buddhism? A: The Party and government's policies towards religion, including Buddhism, are quite proper. It was not now but right after we seized power from the French colonialists, that President Ho Chi Minh issued an ordinance on religious affairs. I must note that it is not Vietnam alone but every country in the world that has a body in charge of religious affairs. In some countries, the responsible body can be a religious council. In Vietnam, the government's Committee for Religious Affairs functions to help religious congregations nationwide practise their religion. Q: However, there are still a small number of Buddhist people using slander and lies against our religious policies. What are your opinions to this effect?

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