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         Vegetarianism:     more books (100)
  1. Eating for Life; A Book About Vegetarianism (A Quest Book Original) by Nathaniel Altman, 1973-06
  2. Eating and Believing: Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Vegetarianism and Theology (T&T Clark Theology) by David Grumett, Rachel Muers, 2008-12-01
  3. How To Make the Switch to Vegetarianism - WHY You Should Become a Vegetarian and HOW To Finally Do It!!! by Kindle Creations, 2010-06-08
  4. Good News for All Creation: Vegetarianism as Christian Stewardship by Stephen R. Kaufman, Nathan Braun, 2002-08-10
  5. Vegetarianism: A Healthier Path to Spirituality
  6. Vegetarianism and occultism (Adyar pamphlets) by C. W Leadbeater, 1913
  7. Cuisine of Karnataka: Vegetarianism, South India, Maharashtra, Bisi Bele Bath, Jolada Rotti, Chapati, Ragi Rotti, Akki Rotti, Davanagere Benne Dosa, Ragi ... Cuisine, Idli, Mysore, Dosa, Maddur vada
  8. On Vegetarianism & The Great Kinship Of Humans And Fauna by Elisee Reclus, 2002-01-01
  9. Vegetarianism: List of Vegetarians
  10. 25 years of vegetarianism and a look into the future.: An article from: Vegetarian Journal by Heather Gorn, 2007-07-01
  11. Vegetarianism for the Working Person by Debra Wasserman, Charles Stahler, 1990-02
  12. Vegetarianism In The Religious Life Of All Ages
  13. Greater Strength Through Vegetarianism - Pamphlet by C. W. Leadbeater, 2006-09-15
  14. Vegetarianism And The Sin Of Slaughter - Pamphlet by C. W. Leadbeater, 2006-09-15

121. Vegetarianism -
This is also good business since the health advantages of vegetarianism become more apparent every day, as we read about mad cow disease, heart disease, high
the /do/Home homepage.

122. EcoLiving Center - Green Living - Sustainable - Cultural Creatives - Earth-frien
Online community that represents the values of cultural creatives. Stated focus is on naturally healthy, earth friendly living. Sections include message boards, articles, links, ecards and current events. Primary issues include health, home, gardens, eco-living, environment, spirituality, vegetarianism, animals, energy saving, green building and politics.
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123. Why I'm Giving Up Vegetarianism After 8 Years ||
P. Why I m giving up vegetarianism after 8 years (Culture) By danharan Tue Oct 14th, 2003 at 074409 AM EST, Food. And vegetarianism is a hassle.

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help/FAQ contact links ... MLP We need your support: buy an ad premium membership k5 store Why I'm giving up vegetarianism after 8 years ... Culture
By danharan
Tue Oct 14th, 2003 at 07:44:09 AM EST
I have been vegetarian for 8 years, with a few forays into stricter diets and the occasional lapse and a few bits of meat eaten at family diners to keep the peace. While I clearly understood my reasons for being vegetarian when I started to eschew meat, for the past year and a half I have very honestly told people that inquired about my odd behaviour that it was only a matter of habit. It is a habit I am about to break. Here's why. I was 20 when I became vegetarian. I cared about our planet and spent more time reading books than many spend in cathodic worship. Searching for books on the environment, I stumbled upon Diet for a New America in my local public library. Public libraries are wonderful places for unemployed 20-year-olds that haven't decided what institution of higher learning they would mortgage their future to attend. I skipped the first of the three parts of the book, which deals with animal welfare. Diet, I thought, was too important a matter to change on the basis of such emotional nonsense. The last two parts, dealing with health and the environment, were convincing: before finishing the book, I had sworn off meat and started to learn about such exotic foods as tofu and quinoa, convinced that I would live longer and healthier while minimizing my environmental impact.

124. Vegetarianism - Why Hindus Don't Eat Meat
vegetarianism is the key to good health and happiness. That vegetarianism has always been widespread in India is clear from the earliest Vedic texts.
Why Hindus Don't Eat Meat
Posted by Dr. Jai Maharaj Vegetarianism is the key to good health and happiness. The Hindu view is multi-dimensional, including the ecological, medical and spiritual, as is evident in the following excerpts from Hinduism Today Besides being an expression of compassion for animals, vegetarianism is followed for ecological and health rationales Reasons In the past fifty years, millions of meat-eaters Hindus and non-Hindus have made the personal decision to stop eating the flesh of other creatures. There are five major motivations for such a decision: The Dharmic Law Reason Ahinsa, the law of noninjury, is the Hindu's first duty in fulfilling religious obligations to God and God's creation as defined by Vedic scripture. The Karmic Consequences Reason All of our actions, including our choice of food, have Karmic consequences. By involving oneself in the cycle of inflicting injury, pain and death, even indirectly by eating other creatures, one must in the future experience in equal measure the suffering caused. The Spiritual Reason Food is the source of the body's chemistry, and what we ingest affects our consciousness, emotions and experiential patterns. If one wants to live in higher consciousness, in peace and happiness and love for all creatures, then he cannot eat meat, fish, shellfish, fowl or eggs. By ingesting the grosser chemistries of animal foods, one introduces into the body and mind anger, jealousy, anxiety, suspicion and a terrible fear of death, all of which are locked into the the flesh of the butchered creatures. For these reasons, vegetarians live in higher consciousness and meat-eaters abide in lower consciousness.

125. Christian Vegetarian Association: Book Reviews
Good News for All Creation vegetarianism as Christian Stewardship. Richard H. Schwartz is author of Judaism and vegetarianism and Judaism and Global Survival.
Good News for All Creation:
Vegetarianism as Christian Stewardship
Producing a book involves considerable time and expense.
We request that those who download and read this book make
a $10 donation to the Christian Vegetarian Association,
P.O. Box 201791, Cleveland, Ohio 44120.
Praise for GNFAC If you need a biblical mandate for changing your diet, this book
will meet that need. It is important to read for your own good,
for the good of the world, and for God's sake.
-Tony Campolo, professor of sociology, Eastern University, St. Davids, PA Good News for All Creation is an effective and powerful testimony that
becoming vegetarian strengthens, rather than weakens, one's Christian beliefs and one's personal witness of Christ's compassion.

126. Auberge Santé Du Lac Brome - Jeûne Et Végétarisme
A health center in Qu©bec specialized in fasting and vegetarianism.
Un centre de santé spécialisé dans le jeûne et le végétarisme A health center specialized in fasting and vegetarianism Auberge Santé du Lac Brome français english 408 Lakeside CP 616 Lac Brome QC Canada t. 450-242-1567 f. 450-242-1626

127. What Is Vegetarianism? Vegetarian Diet?
What is vegetarianism? Vegetarian Diet? There are various types of vegetarianism, each with its own benefits, but also its own difficulties.
Internet Articles
Articles Home Health Articles Financial Articles
What is Vegetarianism? Vegetarian Diet?
Nothing will benefit human health and increase the chances for survival of life on Earth as much as the evolution to a vegetarian diet. Albert Einstein
Livestock are forced to live in terrible conditions, are treated horribly, and are brutally killed. They are often branded with hot irons, tails cut off, teeth removed, and castrated, all without anesthesia. The animals are malnourished so their meat will be the “right” color and texture. They are injected with harmful antibiotics, forcing the animal to grow up too fast. The rapid growth doesn’t allow enough time for their vital organs to catch up with their body. They are usually kept in a tight wire cage, unable to move. Only more pain—electrocution or a dull blade, ends their pain. Raising livestock causes much damage to the environment. Half of the water in the United States goes to some agricultural production. However, while producing each pound of wheat uses twenty-five gallons, producing each pound of beef uses 2,500 gallons of water.
In the early 1800’s, membership in the Vegetarian Society reached over 2,000. Now, it is a more acceptable lifestyle than decades ago. In 1994, more than 12.4 million Americans said they were vegetarians. The number is predicted to rise. Vegetarian Nutrition A vegetarian is not just limited to salad everyday. There are a huge variety of foods that can ensure a vegetarian gets proper nutrition. It is even possible for expecting mothers, young children, teenagers, and pets to be healthy on a vegetarian diet. Below is the vegetarian food pyramid, an important guide for vegetarians to follow. In fact, vegetarians can get every essential nutrient from non-meat foods. Below is a list of nutrients that are harder for a vegetarian to get, and the foods in which they can be found.

128. Veg Blog: Islam And Vegetarianism
October 01, 2003. Islam and vegetarianism. An interesting dichotomy Muslims shouldn t be vegetarian. Muslims can and should be vegetarian. vegetarianism is halal.

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October 01, 2003 Islam and Vegetarianism An interesting dichotomy: Muslims shouldn't be vegetarian First of all, it should be clear that one should not think that it is better to abstain from eating meat, that doing so will be rewarded, or that being a vegetarian is closer to Allah than not, and so on. It is not permitted to draw closer to Allah in this way. v.s. Muslims can and should be vegetarian Vegetarianism is halal.
Meat is not compulsory.
Any food is permissible provided it is not harmful.
Muslims are free to eat whatever they want provided it is halal. And some more on the issue 04:09 PM in Miscellaneous
Comments Islam is the middle does not shy away from the naturual not does it wallow in the artifical. The vehement opposition of some islamic authourities to vegetarianism as a concept is a reflection of Islams aversion to sentimentalism. Meat of certain kinds is without doubt permissable in islam...what people object to is people making a appeal for vegetarianism based on sentimental view of killing animals which they mistakingly beleif does not befit a merciful god.

129. Beyond The Matter - Index
Thoughts on metaphysics, life, vegetarianism the universe and our place in it.
What is...
Last time updated January 2002
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130. Vegetarianism
Reply to Thread vegetarianism. im a veg, no meat no fish no eggs its fine, ive grown up like this.. Reply to Thread vegetarianism. Quote
UK-Learning Student Forums Home General Chat About Academic ... General Chat vegetarianism User Name Remember Me? Password Register FAQ Members List Subs ... Mark Forums Read Sponsors: Coursework Help University Essays Personal Statements Cambridge Gossip ... Oxford Gossip Page 2 of 6 Thread Tools Search this Thread Unregistered Guest Posts: n/a Reply to Thread: vegetarianism im a veg, no meat no fish no eggs
its fine, ive grown up like this..
the smell of meat and fish is EUUURGGHHH Unregistered Falguni vbmenu_register("postmenu_48658", true); Exalted Member Join Date: Jul 2003 Location: London Posts: 193 Reply to Thread: vegetarianism Quote: Originally Posted by Unregistered im a veg, no meat no fish no eggs
its fine, ive grown up like this..
the smell of meat and fish is EUUURGGHHH
ditto - i hate passing the meat and poultry section in supermarkets - it makes me feel sick! :Po
"He who asks is a fool for five minutes, but he who does not ask remains a fool forever." Falguni View Public Profile Send a private message to Falguni Visit Falguni's homepage! Find all posts by Falguni ... EddieB vbmenu_register("postmenu_48687", true); New Member Join Date: Jun 2003 Location: Liverpool Posts: 46 Reply to Thread: vegetarianism Quote: Originally Posted by Falguni i am what is known as a pure vegetarian - that is that i am a lacto-vegetarian - no meat, fish or eggs. Yes, it does take a long time to look at ingredients and so i only tend to eat foods which state they are suitable for vegetarians and even then i still have to check for presence of eggs. i am vegetarian from birth so i guess it is easier for me. the reason i am vegetarian is due to my beliefs, i am a hindu and in our sacred texts it says that you can only eat food which can be offered to God - which is only vegetarian foods.

131. The Myths Of Vegetarianism
Learn about vegetarian dangers and deficiencies in this detailed article about the Myths of vegetarianism. Search H B Online The Myths of vegetarianism.
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132. Embark To Peace
Personal writings and quotations about peace and spirituality, and information about vegetarianism.

133. Vegetarian Times Magazine
vegan campaign. Vegetarian Central This site offers lots of information and links regarding all facets of vegetarianism. They are
Magazine Archives: Select an Issue June 2004 May 2004 April 2004 March 2004 February 2004 January 2004 December 2003 November 2003 October 2003 September 2003 August 2003 July 2003 June 2003 May 2003 April 2003 March 2003 February 2003 January 2003 December 2002 November 2002 October 2002 September 2002 August 2002 July 2002 June 2002 May 2002 April 2002 March 2002 February 2002 January 2002 December 2001 November 2001 October 2001 September 2001 August 2001 July 2001 June 2001 May 2001 April 2001 March 2001 February 2001 January 2001 December 2000 Home
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Vegetarian and Vegan Organizations
    The International Vegetarian Union In 1908 this non-profit organization replaced the Vegetarian Federal Union originally established in 1889. Their goal is to bring together vegetarian societies from all parts of the world. The site features articles, recipes, famous vegetarians, vegetarian phrases in many languages, and international events. There are also discussion and news forums. North American Vegetarian Society This non-profit educational organization works to promote the health, nutritional, environmental and compassionate benefits of a meatless diet. They organize the annual Vegetarian Summerfest.

134. TIME Magazine: Veggie Tales
vegetables Subscribe to TIME. Vegans, Raws and Pescos The many shades of vegetarianism What About Nutrition? One vegetarian diet
Veggie Tales

Can we really help ourselves, and our planet, by shunning meat and embracing our roots and vegetables?
Veganism and its Discontents

A look at people who only eat their vegetables
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Vegans, Raws and Pescos

The many shades of vegetarianism
What About Nutrition?

One vegetarian diet does NOT fit all
The Veggie Gourmet
Beyond diced carrots TIME/CNN Poll Consider yourself a vegetarian? Is a well-balanced vegetarian diet healthier than one that includes meat? Yes No The Science of Prevention Breakthroughs keep people out of the doctor's office Low-Carb Regimens? Just how safe are these diets? I Was A Teen Vegetarian : More kids are just saying noto meat, that is 12/13/2000 Indicates premium content. The Vegetarian Resource Group International Vegetarian Union Vegetarian Times E-mail your letter to the editor DEBORAH JONES FOR TIME Should We All Be Vegetarians? Would we be healthier? Would the planet? The risks and benefits of a meat-free life. By RICHARD CORLISS Posted Sunday, July 7, 2002; 10:31 a.m. EST

135. Christian Vegetarian Association
The CVA believes that vegetarianism expresses the compassion and peace of Christ because the diet spares animals from suffering, alleviates world hunger, protects the environment and preserves human health.
Encouraging responsible stewardship
of God's Creation
Free CVA Membership

(free booklet, newsletter) View CVA's 1-minute TV ad:

Spanish Version Portugese Polish French ... Honoring God's Creation FAQ
Questions and Answers about Christianity and Vegetarianism
Free Copy
(English or Spanish) Good News for All Creation
"Important to read for your own good; for the good of the world, and for God's sake." Tony Campolo Comments and Review of the Ebook Contact the CVA Affiliated Ministries: All-Creatures A Vegetarian Diet for Lent Hosted by

136. Vegetarianism - Web Guide - People In Action
vegetarianism. Web Guide. Related Resources. vegetarianism Message Board. People in Action - Web Guide vegetarianism vegetarianism,
Home New Web Guide Places ... Nutrition : Vegetarianism Advanced
Vegetarianism Web Guide Nutrition
Animal Rights
Vegetarianismo ...
Message Board
EarthSave - Healthy people, healthy planet
EarthSave educates people about the powerful effects our food choices have on the environment, our health and all life on Earth, and encourages a shift toward a healthy, plant-based diet. Founded in 1988 by celebrated author John Robbins ( "Diet for a New America" , etc.).
English Ecology -
International Vegetarian Union - IVU
Promoting vegetarianism worldwide since 1908. With international directory of member societies and supporters.
English , Chinese, Esperanto, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Spanish... - Nutrition - New Online guide to vegetarian restaurants around the world. English Places - Vegetarian Times New Including magazine archives with online articles, restaurant directory, vegetarian links, information, recipes... English Books, News and Media

137. History Of Vegetarianism - David Hartley (1705-1757)
Brief article noting this psychologist's contribution to vegetarianism, and his influence on Percy Bysshe and Mary Shelley.
International Vegetarian Union History of Vegetarianism Europe: The Middle Ages to the 18th Century
David Hartley
English philosopher and physician. In Observations of Man (1749) he introduced the theory of psychological associationism. Observations on Man (as quoted in The Extended Circle by Jon Wynne-Tyson) Note: the following comment was found on an American Universiry website in respect of Percy Bysshe Shelley In July 1812, Shelley began writing one of his most famous poems Queen Mab . At this time he was concerned with education and was reeducating himself and preparing for his poem by studying a collection of Medical Extracts, Sir Humphrey Davy's Elements of Chemical Philosophy, Mary Wollstonecraft's Rights of Women, and an early psychological thesis, Observations of Man, by David Hartley . Queen Mab, however, was politics disguised as poetry. . . . Secondary themes were temperance, vegetarianism, and republicanism. What Shelley was preaching came to be understood as a "vision of the good life built on atheism, free love, republicanism, and vegetarianism." It is also perhaps siginificant that Shelley himself became vegetarian at the beginning of March 1812, presumbaly whilst reading Hartley's book in preparation for Queen Mab.

138. The Vegetable Way
The Vegetable Way. Preach not to others what they should eat, but eat what becomes you and be silent. Epictetus. (Note In writing

The Vegetable Way
Preach not to others what they should eat, but eat what becomes you and be silent. -Epictetus
(Note: In writing this we consciously ignore the sage advice of Epictetus, but here goes.) People choose a vegetarian or semi-vegetarian diet for a variety of reasons - ethical, ecological, health, taste, cost, etc. The rapid acceleration of the trend towards a more vegetarian life style is probably based in nutritional issues which have been raised (finally) by the medical establishment. When in 1988, then surgeon general C. Everett Koop issued the First Report on Nutrition & Health, he introduced the study by saying, "over-consumption of certain dietary components is now a major concern for humans. While many food factors are involved, chief among them is the disproportionate consumption of foods high in fats, often at the expense of foods high in complex carbohydrates & fiber - such as vegetables, fruits & whole grain products - that may be more conducive to health." These findings are now expressed in the recently revised "food pyramid."
The benefits of a vegetarian diet include lower risk of heart disease and several types of cancer, increased energy and stamina. Recent research suggests that a diet that emphasizes

139. International Vegetarian Union - A Buddhist Perspective On Vegetarianism
Three reasons to be vegetarian. Reprinted on the Web by the International Vegetarian Union (IVU).
International Vegetarian Union (IVU) Religion and Vegetarianism
A Buddhist Perspective on Vegetarianism

by Lin Ching Shywan, from Vegetarian Cooking Chinese Style I have been a strict vegetarian for more than four years now. When I first gave up meat, quite a few of my friends and relatives expressed concern; most people seem to have the idea that vegetarian food lacks adequate nutrients. And being vegetarian can be a more than minor inconvenience with the amounts of meat and fish that people now eat. Chinese have a traditional notion that foods that are "warming" in nature, like meat, are important for building up physical strength; so in the minds of some of the older generation, one could not possibly get all the nutrition one needed form the "cool" bean greens, white radishes, and so forth that vegetarians favor. In their book, the only things that strengthen the body are foods like tiger phallus, snake blood, stewed chicken and crab in wine. Before taking the big step, I didn't give nutrition, convenience, or building up physical strength a second thought, since my reason for becoming vegetarian had nothing to do with any of these. I became vegetarian because of my belief in Buddhism. Why do Buddhists advocate vegetarianism? The main reason is "mercy", and because we "cannot bear to eat the flesh of living creatures." And our belief in karma tells us that we must eventually suffer the consequences of our evil actions. A Buddhist sutra says: "The bodhisattva fears the original action; the myriad of living creatures fear the consequences." This means that the bodhisattva knows the seriousness of the consequences and does not do evil things; neither does he think about the causes of bad consequences. Finally, I also believe that a vegetarian diet better enables one to keep a pure body and mind and this purity is an important foundation of self-cultivation. My conversion to vegetarianism was based on these three considerations.

140. Vegetarianism Research
Diet Lifestyle vegetarianism Research. vegetarianism Colon cancer Vegetarians have lower rates of colon cancer than nonvegetarians (Phillips, 1980).
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Vegetarianism Research Vegetarians have lower rates of colon cancer than non-vegetarians (Phillips, 1980). Incidence of colon cancer has been strongly linked to the consumption of meat (Armstrong, 1975). Willett (1990) carried out a study of over 88 000 women aged 34 to 59 years. Women eating red meat daily ran over twice the risk of developing colon cancer than women eating red meat less than once a month.

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