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         Vegetarianism:     more books (100)
  1. Vegetarianism by Arun Jain, 2004-12-01
  2. CONSUMPTION DOOMED A Lecture On The Cure Of Tuberculosis By Vegetarianism Delivered To The French Vegetarian Society by CARTON Paul and RICHARDSON Dorothy [Translator], 1913
  3. Consumable Metaphors: Attitudes Towards Animals And Vegetarianism in Nineteenth-century France (French Studies of the Eighteenth and Nineteenth Centuries) by Ceri Crossley, 2005-06-30
  4. The Origin of Christianity: The Pacifism, Communalism and Vegetarianism of Primi by Charles Vaclavik, 1989
  5. Jainism: Non-violence & vegetarianism
  6. Occult Reasons For Vegetarianism by C. W. Leadbeater, 2006-09-15
  7. Pythagoras, the Immortal Sage, Father of Vegetarianism and Natural Hygiene. an Account of His Life and Scientific Teachings of Human Regeneration and of His School and Community at Crotona and His Nutritional Eugenic and Sociological Doctrines by R. W Bernard, 1958-01-01
  8. Vegetarianism: A History by Jon Gregerson, 1995-12
  9. Less Disease Through Vegetarianism by C. W. Leadbeater, 2006-09-15
  10. Vegetarianism for Family Health & Longevity: Index of New Information and Guide-Book for Consumers, Reference and Research by Victoria M. McQueen, 2002-01
  11. The healthy and wise choice: Vedic vegetarianism and ancient recipes for a peaceful future by Krsna Balaram, 1993
  12. Rabbis and Vegetarianism: An Evolving Tradition
  13. Vegetarianism for Teens (Nutrition and Fitness for Teens) by Jane Duden, 2001-01
  14. Addresses And Essays On Vegetarianism by Anna Kingsford, 2010-08-25

81. Youngstown State Environmental And Animal Rights Coalition
YSEARC promotes Animal rights, Environmentalism, Veganism/vegetarianism on Youngstown State University campus.
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82. Vegetarianism Is Not A Synonym For Ahimsa
These days it appears that we have mistaken Ahimsä as a synonym for Jainism and vegetarianism as a synonym for Ahimsä. Hence a
These days it appears that we have mistaken Ahimsä as a synonym for Jainism and Vegetarianism as a synonym for Ahimsä. Hence a person, who is vegetarian considers himself or herself a true Jain; and thus has the right to condemn anyone who is not a vegetarian!!! Let us first examine who Jains are: “Jains are followers of JINA, the conqueror of inner enemies”. These inner enemies are anger , greed , pride and deceit. These arise out of attachment (räg) leading to greed and pride, and aversion (dvesh) leading to deceit and anger. Now let us examine some fundamental teaching of Jainism: Ahimsä (Non-violence), Anekäntaväda (Multiplicity of viewpoints), Syädaväda (Relativism,Satya (Truth), Achurya (Not stealing) and Aparigraha (Non-possessiveness). Ahimsä or Non-violence is just one part of the Jain teachings and is based on love and kindness for all forms of life, as Jains believe that all life forms (Plants and animals) are equal, have souls and are capable of attaining salvation. How do we define Ahimsä? It has been pointed out in Jain scriptures that even the thought of evil is as bad as the action resulting in injury. It takes non-violence to its highest form in thoughts, words and deeds. The killing, which is done through the careless activity of thought, speech and body, is

83. Vegetarianism: A Few Facts
VegSource vegetarianism A Few Facts. What s a Vegetarian? Effect of vegetarianism on development of gall stones in women. BMJ 1985;2911112.
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Terms of Service: The Fine Print... VegSource Vegetarianism: A Few Facts What's a Vegetarian? “Vegetarian” is a blanket term for a variety of diets that exclude meat, poultry, and fish. The most healthful, the pure vegetarian (or "vegan") diet, only includes foods of plant origin, such as nuts, seeds, vegetables, fruits, grains, and legumes. A "lacto-vegetarian" includes these plant foods and also dairy products. A "lacto-ovo-vegetarian" consumes both dairy and eggs. Is Veg Healthier?

84. Vegetarianism In A Nutshell
recipes, books, and a magazine.The Vegetarian Resource Group (VRG) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to educating the public on vegetarianism and the

Vegetarianism in a Nutshell
Reprinted from The Vegetarian Resource Group
Also see: Veganism In A Nutshell Position of the American Dietetic
Association on Vegetarian Diets
Vegetarian Nutrition for Teens ... A Senior's Guide To Good Nutrition Subjects on this page:
  • What is a Vegetarian? Making the Change to a Vegetarian Diet Vegetarian Nutrition
    What is a Vegetarian?
    Vegetarians do not eat meat, fish, and poultry. Vegans are vegetarians who abstain from eating or using all animal products, including milk, cheese, other dairy items, eggs, wool, silk, and leather. Among the many reasons for being a vegetarian are health, ecological, and religious concerns, dislike of meat, compassion for animals, belief in non-violence, and economics. The American Dietetic Association has affirmed that a vegetarian diet can meet all known nutrient needs. The key to a healthy vegetarian diet, as with any other diet, is to eat a wide variety of foods, including fruits, vegetables, plenty of leafy greens, whole grain products, nuts, seeds, and legumes. Limit your intake of sweets and fatty foods.
    Making the Change to a Vegetarian Diet
    Many people become vegetarian instantly. They totally give up meat, fish and poultry overnight. Others make the change gradually. Do what works best for you.

85. Vegetarian Resources
Covers vegetarianism history, associations and dishes.

501 (c) (3) non-profit corporation



The Foundation
Vegetarian Resources
When I look out into the world, I see the forces that would bring us disaster. I see the deep night of unthinkable cruelty and blindness. But I also look within the human heart and find something of love there, something that cares and shines out into the dark universe like a bright beacon. And in the shining of that light, I feel the dreams and prayers of all beings. In the shining of that beacon I feel all of our hopes for a better future, and the strength to do what we are here to do. May all be fed. May all be healed. May all be loved. John Robins
Watch Meatrix Movie here: Meatrix About Vegetrianism Associations Dishes Stores Other Soources History of Vegetarianism International Vegetarian Union Andhra (Telugu) Vegetarian Dishes Locally Grown Food ... Vegetarian Resource Group
Restaurants Aesop, the leather alternative
Ethical Junction

Jewish Vegetarianism
Vegetarian Society of DC ... Vegan Essentials Journals EarthSave Indian Restaurants in USA Discount Vegetarian Vegetarian.About.Com

86. The Official Mahatma Gandhi EArchive
Click here for our postal address. The Moral Basis of vegetarianism, Print, Email. Marathi. Assamese. Bengali. Kannada. THE MORAL BASIS OF vegetarianism. BY MK GANDHI.

87. EcoCities.Net - Index Of Over A Thousand Eco-friendly Web Sites Plus Resources
Has over a thousand links in 36 categories to publicinterest groups, businesses, and independent Web sites. Emphasis is on eco-friendly living, vegetarianism, and animal rights. Scope is international but links are largely to U.S. and British sites.
Vegetarian Green Organic Environmental Animal Welfare Ethical Vegan EcoCities.Net Eco Friendly Living Made Easy
This search box only searches the Ecocities web site
*Over a thousand sites in 36 categories*
Scroll down the page to view all categories
Please Support this site by Linking to us. This site is constantly being updated so check back often Lifestyle Everyday resources for a way of life that respects the environment and other life forms. The following Sub Categories are also available: Recycling Vegetarian Lifestyle Vegan Lifestyle Organisations Organisations and groups who are working towards a particular purpose or alternative methods of achieving a better future for the planet and all its inhabitants. The following Sub Categories are also available: Conservation Organisations Environmental Organisations Animal Rights and Welfare Organisations Vegetarian Organisations ... Food All matters related to food with an environmentally friendly flavour! Such as: vegetarian, vegan, organic food etc The following Sub Categories are also available: Eating Out Recipes Nutrition Supplier ... Travel Information for getting out and about with minimum impact on the environment eg. green travel, eco tourism etc.

Offers visitors numerous resources on every aspect of vegetarianism. Site features vegetarian news that is updated daily. All of the information and services on this site are free.
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89. Stonyfield Farm - Vegetarianism
Includes nutritional issues, benefits, WHATIS and references for vegetarianism.

90. Vegetarianism
vegetarianism. vegetarianism is an ethical system. It In this context, vegetarianism does not just mean those that don t eat meat. It
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Vegetarianism is an ethical system. It holds animal life to be the standard of good. In this context , vegetarianism does not just mean those that don't eat meat. It is limited to those that do it as part of a particular ethical belief. The belief that it is "wrong" to eat animals. Regardless of the reason for this belief, it causes an enormous problem for a code of ethics. As a standard of value, it doesn't answer how people should act. It acts as a limit on morality . Since it cannot answer the question of how to act, it relies on a second standard. Two standards , though, make rational choice impossible. It may be claimed that vegetarianism isn't really an ethical system. Some may just accept it as an ethical principle, part of a larger system. But what system? The only ethical system that cares more about the lives of animals than humans is environmentalism , with its hatred of mankind. If the ethical principle does not conform to the ethical system, than it is immoral. One claim to support vegetarianism is that it is wrong to kill living entities. This is a faulty induction based on a different ethical code. It can be shown that it is wrong to kill other human beings (under certain contexts). But to expand this to animals is nonsensical. Humans can work together to mutual advantage. They are capable of respecting

91. Animal/Environmental Activism
Provides directory of links to research site on animal rights (dissection, vegetarianism, and circuses) and environmental concerns (pollution, recycling, and global warming).
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NEW LOCATION: Our website has moved to , but you can still access it here. This site is intended to provide information on many current animal rights/welfare issues as well as environmental topics. It is a great way to get started on research or understanding the basics. Please come again soon as I'm constantly updating the information. Please e-mail, and let me know what you were looking for when you came to this site; whether or not you found what you needed; what you like/dislike about this site; and any suggestions for improvement. Thank you for your time. Search this site for:
William McMullin

92. Vegetarian And Vegan Information From PETA
A howto guide to vegetarianism and veganism includes FAQ, links and resources. One of the PETA family of sites.

Intro to Veganism
PETA Victories Great Ways to Promote Veganism Tasty Recipes ... Vegetarian Viagra
Viagra and other anti-impotence drugs may get you through the night, but a vegetarian diet can get you through your life. Numerous physicians and nutritionists agree that the best way to prevent artery blockage as well as multiple other conditions that cause impotence is to eat a diet high in fiber, including plenty of fruits, vegetables, and whole grains. Read More Features:
This provocative ad asks us to acknowledge the immense suffering endured by chickens used for their eggs and flesh. More importantly, it asks that we all do something about it by going vegetarian today. Chew On This: Maybe It's Time to Go Vegetarian
PETA's new video, "Chew on This," sheds light on animal suffering and highlights other reasons to choose a compassionate, plant-based diet. I Can't Believe It's Vegan!

93. Quotes About Vegetarianism And Compassion
Quotes About vegetarianism and Compassion. I was looking through the booklet that came with the Moby CD Everything is Wrong , and
Quotes About Vegetarianism and Compassion
I was looking through the booklet that came with the Moby CD Everything is Wrong , and I noticed that he included several very revealing quotes from important people about vegetarianism and human compassion. So, I decided to use those as the seed of my own personal collection. Be enlightened. I don't understand why asking people to eat a well-balanced vegetarian diet is considered drastic, while it is medically conservative to cut people open. Dean Ornish, M.D. I have no doubt that it is part of the destiny of the human race in its gradual improvement to leave off eating animals. Henry David Thoreau Your choice of diet can influence your long term health prospects more than any other action you might take. Former Surgeon General C. Everett Koop Nothing will benefit human health and increase the chances for survival of life on Earth as much as the evolution to a vegetarian diet. Albert Einstein Until he extends the circle of compassion to all living things, man will not himself find peace. Albert Schweitzer If you have men who will exclude any of god's creatures from the shelter of compassion and pity, you will have men who will deal likewise with their fellow men.

94. Redirecting...
vegetarianism Eating for Life. There s little doubt anymore that vegetarianism is going mainstream. In the United States alone, more

95. Going Vegetarian For Linda
Starting point for information and encourages vegetarianism to honor Linda McCartney. Related links.
If you want to become a vegetarian in honor
of Linda McCartney, this is the place to do it.
When Paul McCartney said that people should "Go Veggie" because that's what Linda would've wanted, I thought, "Now is the time for me." If you feel the same way and want to go vegetarian in memory of Linda, please contribute to the pledge book to share your feelings and experiences with the world. If you're already vegetarian and would like to offer testimonials, tips for newbies or any other comments, please feel free to sign as well. Thanks! Christine Andrade To add your name and experiences: To see what others have already contributed: Linda McCartney links:
A Tribute to Linda McCartney

LindaMac Tribute Page

The Linda McCartney List

Vegetarian Recipes - Linda McCartney's Kitchen
Dwellers of the Meadow

Steps to Vegetarianism (pick one you like and try it):

Become a Vegetarian in 10 Steps (on AOL only)

For beginning vegetarians.

Transition 2 Vegetarianism

Vegetarian Starter Class
... Vegetarian Starter Kit Vegetarian Links: (recipes and vegetarian links) For Your Health, For the Animals, For the Earth (NewVeg)

96. Vegetarianism: Movement Or Moment?
Now Available! vegetarianism Movement or Moment? by Donna Maurer, Ph.D. vegetarianism years. vegetarianism Movement or Moment?
Now Available! Vegetarianism: Movement or Moment? by Donna Maurer, Ph.D. Vegetarianism seems to be increasing in popularity and acceptance in the U.S. and Canada, yet, quite surprisingly, the percentage of the population practicing vegetarian diets has not changed dramatically over the past 30 years. Vegetarianism: Movement or Moment? is the first book to consider this movement on a broad scale from a social science perspective. While this book takes into account the unique history of American vegetarianism and the various reasons why people adopt vegetarian diets, it focuses on how movement leaders' beliefs regarding the dynamics of social change contribute to the selection of particular strategies for attracting people to vegetarianism. In the context of this focus, Vegetarianism: Movement or Moment? highlights several controversies that have emerged in nutrition and the popular media over the past 30 years. Read more reviews! Review the author's other publications Check out a bibliography of social science publications on vegetarianism Email the author Visit Donna Maurer's homepage (

97. International Vegetarian Union - Thakar Singh On The Karma Of Vegetarianism
Discusses karmic reasons for eating vegetarian food.
International Vegetarian Union (IVU) Religion and Vegetarianism
Thakar Singh on the Karma of Vegetarianism
Many look upon Thakar Singh of Delhi, India, as a spiritual adept, a holy man, or a master. He was asked by one of his students in an interview on June 29, 1994, in Kinderhook, New York, USA, about the vegetarian diet. He talks about karmic reasons for eating vegetarian food. Question : Master, we all know that it's very crucial to abstain from the eating of meat because this increases our karmas, but can you explain in more detail the reasons for becoming vegetarian? Thakar Singh: We are not to increase our burden of karmas, as you have already said. There is value in every kind of thing we use in this world. The air we use, we have to pay for. The water we use, we have to pay for. The light of sun or moon is also not free for us, and this green grass is also to be paid fornothing is free. If you are to make a house, you don't make it of gold or silver or jewels. That will still be just a house, nothing very special. If you can make the house of stoneit is very easy and very inexpensivethen why don't you make the house of stone and brick instead of gold? In the same way, if we can maintain our life very simply, with the lower cost of this greenery, then why should we attract so much burden and payment of karma? Life goes on in the creeping worms but there is great difference of payment of life. We are not allowed to use anything that creeps on the earth. We are only allowed to have the fruit of the trees and whatever is grown on the table of this earth, that God had been wise enough to guide us and tell us what is most useful so that we can maintain our life with the least burden.

98. Vegetarianism 101 - The Veggie Table - All Info About Vegetarianism
The Veggie Table All Info About vegetarianism, Vegetarian website, Make this your home page. Sections. Click here to find out more. vegetarianism 101.
The Veggie Table
All Info About Vegetarianism Make this your home page
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Click here to find out more Vegetarianism 101 Learn about the basics of vegetarianism with these articles. Becoming vegetarian
If you're thinking about becoming a vegetarian, changes you'll need to make to your diet and your life can seem overwhelming. Don't worry! There are some techniques to help you make the switch without going crazy. Vegetarian food pyramid
The vegetarian food pyramid provides guidelines to the daily amounts of different foods needed for a healthy vegetarian diet. What is a vegetarian? Even if you don't know any vegetarians yourself, you've probably heard the term. What exactly does it mean? What foods do they and don't they eat? The answers are here! Who are vegetarians? While some people make the choice to become vegetarian due to ethical or other reasons, many others are vegetarian or semi-vegetarian in keeping with their religion, culture, or standard of living. Why be a vegetarian?

99. This Page Has Been Moved.
A place that encompasses goth, TG, witchcraft and vegetarianism.
This Page has been moved. Please click the link below and make note of the new URL. Connie

100. VRG Journal September 1994 -- The Vegetarian Resource Group
Written by Rita Laws, Choctaw and Cherokee.

VRG Home
About VRG Vegetarian Journal Books ... Links
VRG Journal September 1994
  • Nutrition Hotline
    Nutrition Hotline
    Reed Mangels, Ph.D, R.D.
    Where To Find Reliable Food Composition Data
    Question: Where can I get reliable information about vitamins and minerals in food in light of recently reported inaccuracies in the United States Department of Agriculture's (USDA) food composition data? S.K., VA Answer: An October, 1993, report from the General Accounting Office questioned the reliability of the Human Nutrition Information Service's (HNIS) nutrient values. HNIS is an agency within USDA whose functions include the development of tables and computer databases of food composition information. Readers may have heard of Handbook 8 or Handbook 72; both are HNIS publications. Tables such as these are used to determine what Americans are eating (how much fat, vitamin C, iron, etc.) and to make policy decisions. They are considered to be the world's main source of nutrient information. Most computer nutrient analysis programs, tables, and popular books rely on HNIS data as the foundation for their nutrient information. HNIS gets most of the data it publishes from the food industry and from scientific journals. They were faulted for accepting data without knowing that proper procedures were used for analysis. In some cases not enough samples were analyzed, given the variability of nutrient content of foods.

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