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  1. History of the Religious Society of Friends, from Its Rise to the Year 1828, Volume 3 by Samuel Mcpherson Janney, 2010-01-12
  2. Educational Institutions in the Religious Society of Friends by Edward Hicks Magill, 2010-07-24
  3. Account Of Ruth Anna Lindley: A Minister Of The Gospel In The Religious Society Of Friends (1893) by William P. Townsend, 2010-05-23
  4. Piety Promoted In Brief Biographical Memorials Of Some Of The Religious Society Of Friends, Commonly Called Quakers by Josiah Forster, 2007-07-25
  5. Discipline Of The Yearly Meeting Of The Religious Society Of Friends, Held In New York: For The State Of New York, And Parts Adjacent (1872) by New York Society Of Friends, 2010-05-22
  6. An Appeal for the Ancient Doctrines of the Religious Society of Friends. Published by Direction of the Yearly Meeting Held in Philadelphia, in the Fourth Month, 1847: Addressed to its Members. by Philadelphia Yearly Meeting (Orthodox)., 1847
  7. Rules Of Discipline Of Indiana Yearly Meeting Of The Religious Society Of Friends (1893) by Indiana Society Of Friends, 2010-09-10
  8. A Succinct View Of The Primitive Apostolic Church, And Of The Religious Society Of Friends, In Its Rise And Early Progress (1822) by Stephen Crisp, 2010-05-23
  9. An Address to the members of the Religious Society of Friends: on the duty of declining the use of the products of slave labour by Charles Marriott, 1835-01-01
  10. An Exposition of the Faith of the Religious Society of Friends: Commonly Called Quakers, in the Fundamental Doctrines of the Christian Religion, Principally ... at the Author's Request, an Historical Intro by Thomas Evans, 2010-03-19
  11. Select Historical Memoirs of the Religious Society of Friends, Commonly Called Quakers: For the Information of Young Persons and Inquirers After Divine Truth by William Hodgson, 2010-04-03
  12. The Friends' Library: Comprising Journals, Doctrinal Treatises, and Other Writings of Members of the Religious Society of Friends, Volume 14 by Thomas Evans, William Evans, 2010-04-22
  13. History of the Religious Society of Friends by Samuel Janney, 1860
  14. Brief Remarks On The Appeal For The Ancient Doctrines Of The Religious Society Of Friends: Put Forth By The Yearly Meeting Of Philadelphia In 1847 (1873) by John Mickle Whitall, 2010-05-23

61. Quakerreader
An historical review of the Beanite branch of the religious society of friends, located in the Western United States and independent of the major branches of Friends.
A Western Quaker Reader Writings by and about Independent Quakers in the Western United States, 1929-1999 This is how Howard Brinton (founder of the Pacific Coast Association and author of Friends For 300 Years ) described the evolution of the independent Quaker movement and Pacific Yearly Meeting. A Western Quaker Reader To order your copy, send a check made out to Friends Bulletin for $23 (to cover postage and and handling) to 5238 Andalucia Court, Whittier CA 90601. To find out more about Western Friends, use this search engine or go to the table of contents. The editor will be coming to Philadelphia to give a presentation about Western Quakers on Tuesday, March 20, 2001. He will speak at Friends Center during lunch and at Arch Street Meetinghouse at 7:00 PM. For more information, contact the editor at Friends Bulletin . The editor is also available to give presentations at local Meetings and Quaker gatherings. What Friends Are Saying About A Western Quaker Reader Quiet Rebels and many other books.

62. Religious Society Of Friends Definition Of Religious Society Of Friends. What Is
Definition of religious society of friends in the Dictionary and Thesaurus. religious society of friends. Word Word. Society of Friends
Dictionaries: General Computing Medical Legal Encyclopedia
Religious Society of Friends
Word: Word Starts with Ends with Definition Noun Religious Society of Friends - a Christian sect founded by George Fox about 1660; commonly called Quakers Quakers Society of Friends religious order religious sect ... sect - a subdivision of a larger religious group Quaker Friend - a member of the Religious Society of Friends founded by George Fox (the Friends have never called themselves Quakers) Legend: Synonyms Related Words Antonyms Some words with "Religious Society of Friends" in the definition: Broadbrim


George Fox
William Penn

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63. Religious Society Of Friends (Quakers)
religious society of friends (Quakers), Friends House. 173177 Euston Road. LONDON. NW1 2BJ. Tel 020 7663 1000. Fax 020 7663 1001. Website
Religious Society of Friends (Quakers)
Friends House 173-177 Euston Road LONDON Tel: Fax: Website:
Help and advice are available from Quaker Peace and Social Witness This organisation is a member of the RE Council.
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64. The Autobiography Of George Fox - Main Index
Complete online text of the Journal of George Fox, the autobiography of the founder of the religious society of friends.
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65. About The Religious Society Of Friends
About The religious society of friends. The religious society of friends holds as the basis of its faith the belief that God endows
The Religious Society of Friends
The Religious Society of Friends holds as the basis of its faith the belief that God endows each human being with a measure of the Divine Spirit. The gift of God's presence and the light of God's truth have been available to all people in all ages. Friends find this manifestation of God exemplified in Jesus of Nazareth. The Divine Spirit became so wholly Jesus' own that his teaching, example and sacrificial life reveal the will of God to humanity. As within ourselves we become conscious of the same Spirit (the "Inward Light" or the "Christ Within"), and as we submit ourselves to its leadings, we also are enabled to live in conformity to the will of God. Love, the outworking of the Divine Spirit, is the most potent influence that can be applied in human affairs, and this application of love to the whole of life is seen by the Society of Friends as the core of the Christian gospel. The immanence of God implies that all persons are children of the Divine and brothers and sisters one of another. All have the capacity to discern spiritual truth, and to hold direct communion with God. No mediator, rite, or outward sacrament is a necessary condition of worship. Inspiration and guidance may be realized through meeting with others in group worship where vision is made clearer by the shared experience of those present. The Society of Friends has no formal creed. Over the years Friends have made many attempts to set down the nature of their faith. Some of these statements, like the letter of George Fox to the Governor of Barbados in the 17th century or the Richmond Declaration drawn up by one group of Friends in the late 19th, have been grounded in Christian orthodoxy. Others, like the writings of Isaac Penington in the 17th century or of Thomas Kelly in the 20th, have a close kinship with the insights of mystics of many ages and many religious traditions. None speaks for all Friends or for all times. We are a religious fellowship based on common religious ideals and experiences rather than on creed or liturgy.

66. Cambridge Friends School
Coeducational day school for grades preK through 8, established under the care of Friends Meeting at Cambridge, religious society of friends (Quakers).

2004-2005 Employment Opportunities
Admission Update: We are still accepting application for some grades. Please call Merle at 617-354-3880, extension 104, for specific information. 2004-2005 CFS Seminar Series information Weekly Reader now available through our website!
Cambridge Friends School (CFS) is an elementary and middle school, Pre-K through Grade 8, guided by Quaker principles. At CFS, students, staff and faculty engage in meaningful academic, social and spiritual learning within a caring community strongly committed to social justice and change.
THIS WEEK'S EVENTS Friday, May 28** Hat Day!!**
8:30 a.m. Families of Color Meeting, MH Tuesday, June 1
5:45 p.m. PreK Potluck, Raymond Park (rain site: Library) Wednesday, June 2
5:00 p.m. After School Graduation and Pizza Party
Thursday, June 3
8:40 a.m. Festival of African Music and Dance, gym
5:45 p.m. 5th Grade Potluck, Danehy Park (rain site: Library)

67. State College Friends Meeting (Quakers)
The State College Friends Meeting is a Monthly Meeting (local congregation) of the religious society of friends (Quakers). Visitors are always welcome.
State College
Friends Meeting
611 E. Prospect Ave.
State College, PA 16801
"Meet together and know one another in that which is eternal." - George Fox The State College Friends Meeting is a Monthly Meeting (local congregation) of the Religious Society of Friends (Quakers). Visitors are always welcome. We worship Sundays at 11 a.m.; programs for adults start at 9:45 a.m. First Day School for children is 10:45 a.m. In addition, most Sundays there is an early worship at 8:30 a.m. State College Friends Meeting
611 East Prospect Avenue
State College, PA 16801
Phone: (814) 237-7051 Last modified: August 18, 2001 Send suggestions for this web site to

68. George Fox - Contents
The autobiography of the founder of the religious society of friends (Quakers). First published in 1694. This is the Rufus Jones edition, 1908.
Street Corner Society A Quaker Page World Upside Down
An Autobiography
Edited with an Introduction and Notes by
Rufus M. Jones, M.A., Litt. D
Professor of Philosophy in Haverford College Notes on this version
Chapter I. Boyhood A Seeker, 1624-1648.
Chapter II. The First Years of Ministry, 1648-1649.
Chapter III. The Challenge and the First Taste of Prison, 1648-1649.
Chapter IV. A Year in Derby Prison, 1650-1651.
Chapter V. One Man May Shake the Country for Ten Miles, 1651-1652.
Chapter VI. A New Era Begins, 1652.
Chapter VII. In Prison Again, 1653.
Chapter VIII. A Visit to Oliver Cromwell, 1653-1654.
Chapter IX. A Visit to the Southern Counties Which Ends in Launceston Jail, 1655-1656.
Chapter X. Planting the Seed in Wales, 1656-1657.
Chapter XI. In the Home of the Covenanters, 1657. Chapter XII. Great Events in London, 1658-1659. Chapter XIII. In the First Year of King Charles, 1660. Chapter XIV. Labors, Dangers and Sufferings, 1661-1662. Chapter XV. In Prison for not Swearing, 1662-1665. Chapter XVI. A Year in Scarborough Castle, 1665-1666.

69. Anchorage Religious Society Of Friends
Questions and Counsel, 1988. The Anchorage religious society of friends (also known as Quakers) is an unprogrammed worship group. This means
Contact Beliefs Related Links
Your Anchorage Friends
Try to live so that you can respond to that of God in those you meet, and in yourself. Seek to know in your inmost heart that each human being is unique, precious, a child of God. Questions and Counsel, 1988. The Anchorage Religious Society of Friends (also known as Quakers ) is an unprogrammed worship group. This means:
  • There is no single person, such as a priest or minister, who leads our worship.
  • We sit quietly, waiting upon the Light to inspire, to refresh, and to guide us.
  • At times we speak as moved. Often, though, we wait upon the Light, strengthening each other in prayerful obedience to God.
Ministry and Oversight Committee Minutes 5/7/02 We meet for worship every
  • First Day (or Sunday
  • 4:00 P.M.
  • St. Mary's Episcopal Church , 2222 E. Tudor Rd., the corner of Lake Otis and Tudor Road, Anchorage.
For additional information, please view: Address: Anchorage Friend's Meeting
Post Office Box 90118
Anchorage, AK 99509-0118
Message Phone:
Last Updated:

70. Friends School Of Baltimore
An independent, coeducational, college preparatory day school serving over 975 students age 4 through grade 12. Affiliated with the religious society of friends (Quakers). Admissions, academics and athletics, alumni, and events calendar are featured.

About Friends
Academics Admissions Alumni ... Parents
jemail("webmaster", "")
School Closing and Emergency Information

Friends Lower School/Middleton Evans Site Index

The Baltimore Sun , May 22, 2004; "Erwin picked up ball, Hopkins on short hop" as found online
The Baltimore Sun , May 25, 2004; "Athlete Harrison has game for Jays" as found online
The Baltimore Sun , May 25, 2004; "Canticle concert" as found online — a Tim Smith review on The Canticle Singers of Baltimore’s May 23rd concert
More News

71. Tallahassee Friends Meeting Religious Society Of Friends
Tallahassee Friends Meeting religious society of friends. Susan Taylor, Clerk 2191223. All are welcome to join us for Meeting for Worship at the.
Tallahassee Friends Meeting Religious Society of Friends
Susan Taylor, Clerk 219-1223
All are welcome to join us for Meeting for Worship at the
Meetinghouse on Sundays at 10:30 AM
We are located at 2001 S. Magnolia,
one mile South of Apalachee Parkway in Tallahassee, FL.
Click here for a map
Phone (850) 878-3620
Meeting Calendar
Meeting Documents
What Happens in a Friends Meeting for Worship Spiritual State of the Tallahassee Meeting Minute on the Equality of All People Statement from Leaders of Quaker Organizations about Iraq ... Charitable Contributions
Peace and Social Concerns Links
Tallahasee Network for Justice and Peace
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Friends Committee on National Legislation Friends General Conference Friends United Meeting Quaker organizations homepage American Friends Service Committee Pendle Hill Study and Conference Center Southeastern Yearly Meeting SEYM

72. The Beginnings Of Quakerism - Historical Roots Of The Religious Society Of Frien
A brief account of the development of the movement that became the religious society of friends (Quakers).
Your online source for information about the Religious Society of Friends (Quakers).
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Bill Samuel

var site="sm1QuakerInfo" The Beginnings of Quakerism
by Bill Samuel
Originally published July 12, 1998 at
George Fox is generally called the founder of the Religious Society of Friends (Quakers). In the mid-17th century, he was a young man who wandered around England talking with priests, religious scholars and others seeking to find religious meaning. Generally, he found that those to whom he spoke had a lot of intellectual knowledge, but did not seem to really have a true connection with God. His Journal of George Fox reported the following experience he had after several years of this search: And when all my hopes in them and all men were gone. . . I heard a voice which said, "There is one, even Christ Jesus, that can speak to thy condition," and when I heard it, my heart did leap for joy. Later, Fox felt led to climb a "great hill" called

73. The Religious Society Of Friends --  Encyclopædia Britannica
Year in Review 1998 religion The religious society of friends. MLA style The religious society of friends. Encyclopædia Britannica. 2004.

74. Chapel Hill Monthly Meeting
Information on location, meeting details, news and agendas.
Chapel Hill Monthly Meeting
of the Religious Society of Friends (Quaker)
Our Meeting for Worship is the center of our life as a spiritual community. We meet in reverent silence, without clergy or liturgy, seeking a sense of God's presence and of God's will for us. Welcome. 531 Raleigh Road, Chapel Hill, NC 27514
Phone: 919-929-5377 Clerk: Carolyn Stuart (919-929-2287) Meetings for Worship Sunday (September through May) at 9:00 AM and 11:15 AM,
Forum at 10:15 AM,
Child Care: 9:00-12:30,
First-day School: 11:15-12:15 Sunday (June through August) at 9:00 AM and 10:30 AM,
no Forum,
Child Care: 9:00-11:45,
First-day School: 10:45-11:45 Meeting for Worship with Attention to Business 1:00 PM on the second Sunday of each month
(Subject to change, please call to verify)
(Child Care Provided) Affiliations: Piedmont Friends Fellowship and Friends General Conference. Map
Faith and Practice Documents ... Supported Organizations and Other Quaker Resources URL: Last modified: March 19, 2002 Suggestions to: Jim Bartow

75. PROTESTANT CHURCHES: Religious Society Of Friends --  Encyclopædia Britannica
Year in Review 1995 religion PROTESTANT CHURCHES religious society of friends. APA style PROTESTANT CHURCHES religious society of friends.

76. Quaker Tour Of England With John Punshon, June 1998 -
A 22page photo essay on a tour of Quaker (religious society of friends) historical sites in England.
Your online source for information about the Religious Society of Friends (Quakers).
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Bill Samuel

var site="sm1QuakerInfo"
Quaker Tour of England, Page 1 of 22
Tour Home Page
The fourth Quaker Tour of England with John Punshon, sponsored by Earlham School of Religion , was held June 15-30, 1998. The information below was drafted by participant Lincoln Cory and edited by Bill Samuel. Most of the links are to material prepared by participant Bill Samuel , including photographs of and information about sites visited. But you should note that the material was mostly not independently researched by Bill Samuel, but rather summarizes information received during the Tour from John Punshon and a host of local people the Tour arranged to speak to us. The Quaker Tour minisite is designed to allow you to see the highlights of the Tour, in the order in which they are seen on the Tour, by clicking on the Next icon on each page after you have looked at it. At the bottom of each page there is also a navigational tool to enable you to go directly to any other Tour page. Have a great virtual tour! If you are interested in taking the real tour, see

77. A Concise Account Of The Religious Society Of Friends, Commonly Called Quakers

BY THOMAS EVANS A distinguishing trait in the character of the primitive Friends, was the earnestness with which they enforced, both by example and precept, the indispensable obligation of a life of holiness in the fear of God. While they felt the necessity of having a sound and firm belief in all the doctrines of the Christian religion as set forth in the Holy Scriptures, they were also convinced that unless this belief was carried out in the daily walk and conversation, and accompanied by those fruits of the Spirit which are the evidences of true faith, as well as the ornament of the Christian, it would be of little avail. Recognizing in its full extent the declaration, "Except a man be born again, he cannot see the kingdom of God," and the test laid down by the Saviour of men, "By their fruits shall ye know them;" as well as his solemn words, "Not every one that saith unto me, Lord, Lord, shall enter into the kingdom of heaven, but he that doth the will of my Father which is in heaven," they were concerned to warn all against the delusive notion that men might live in sin, and in the indulgence of their carnal wills and appetites, and yet be saved by a professed dependence on what the Lord Jesus Christ has graciously done in his flesh for the redemption of mankind. They were plain, practical, self-denying men and women, deeply and earnestly engaged to walk in the obedience of faith to all the requirements of the Divine law; and their minds being enlightened from on high to see the true spiritual nature and the transforming effects of the religion of the gospel, they apprehended that many of its professors were resting their hopes of salvation on a mere assent of the understanding to the truths recorded in the Holy Scriptures, and in the compliance with outward ceremonies, without bringing forth those "good works which were before ordained that we should walk in them." The inward life of righteousness in the daily fear of God, being the great object of their earnest concern and engagement, both for themselves and others, they called on their hearers to come home into their own hearts, and examine in the light which Christ gives, whether they were clean and pure, or defiled and unholy.

78. Stevens Point Religious Society Of Friends
Quaker meetings and study group schedules with information about what Quakers believe.

79. Religious Society Of Friends
religious society of friends (Quakers). From http// George Fox
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Religious Society of Friends (Quakers)
From: George Fox in England in the seventeenth century began preaching against organized churches, professing a doctrine of the Inner Light. Beliefs: Reliance is on the Inner Light, the voice of God's Holy Spirit experienced within each person; meetings are characterized by quiet meditation without ritual or sermon; Quakers are active in peace, education, and social welfare movements; they refuse to bear arms or take oaths; earlier schisms are still reflected in three main affiliations of Friends.

80. Quakerism In The 18th Century -
A summary of key developments in the religious society of friends in the 18th century, with emphasis on North America.
Your online source for information about the Religious Society of Friends (Quakers).
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Bill Samuel

var site="sm1QuakerInfo" Quakerism in the 18th Century
by Bill Samuel
Originally published July 1, 1999 at
The Religious Society of Friends (Quakers) began in the mid-17th century . The 18th century was thus the first full century of Quakerism. There are many aspects to the development of Quakerism in the 18th century, of which we will here only touch briefly on some of the more important ones, with an emphasis in developments on the American continent.
By the time of the 18th century, the initial explosion of Quakerism on the world scene had run its course. With the notable exception of Margaret Fell , most of the key figures of the first generation of Friends had died before the beginning of the 18th century. Thus, it is not surprising that there was reduced evangelical effort and increasing emphasis on preserving the testimonies and values of Quakerism. The distinguishing marks of the Christian life as understood by Friends became consolidated into a discipline enforced upon members and sometimes interpreted fairly narrowly. Most obvious to outsiders was the transformation of a concern against ostentation and vanity in dress into the adoption of a standard form of dress, almost a uniform - the "plain dress" with the use of bright colors strictly proscribed. Margaret Fell unsuccessfully protested this as

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