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         Orthodox Christianity:     more books (100)
  1. Encountering the Mystery: Understanding Orthodox Christianity Today by PATRIARCH BARTHOLOMEW, 2008-03-18
  2. Eastern Orthodox Christianity: A Western Perspective by Daniel B. Clendenin, 2003-10-01
  3. Orthodox Prayer Life: The Interior Way by Matthew the Poor, 2003-12-31
  4. Surprised by Christ: My Journey from Judaism to Orthodox Christianity by A. James Bernstein, 2008-05-15
  5. The Orthodox Study Bible: Ancient Christianity Speaks to Today's World by Thomas Nelson, 2008-06-17
  6. The Encyclopedia of Eastern Orthodox Christianity
  7. Strangers and Neighbors: What I Have Learned About Christianity by Living Among Orthodox Jews by Maria Poggi Johnson, 2006-11-07
  8. The Orthodox Way by Kallistos Ware, 1995-09-01
  9. The Orthodox Church: New Edition by Timothy Ware, 1993-06-01
  10. The Spiritual Wisdom and Practices of Early Christianity by Alphonse, Goettmann, Rachel, Goettmann, 2006-09-20
  11. Sweeter Than Honey: Orthodox Thinking on Dogma And Truth (Foundations Series, Bk. 3) by Peter C. Bouteneff, 2006-06-30
  12. The Transfigured Cosmos: Four Essays in Eastern Orthodox Christianity by John Gregerson, 2007-12-06
  13. The Orthodox Church: An Introduction to its History, Doctrine, and Spiritual Culture by John Anthony McGuckin, 2008-06-10
  14. Churchly Joy: Orthodox Devotions for the Church Year by Sergius Bulgakov, 2008-03-18

1. The Orthodox Christian Foundation
The Orthodox Christian Foundation. Orthodox Christian Missions and Evangelism. St Nicholas Children's Home, Nadaselu Romania A Mission of Prison Fellowship Romania. and the Orthodox Christion Missions Center. St. Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of Canada. Articles on orthodox christianity, edited by Michael Vezie. Orthodox Book Reviews
The Orthodox Christian Foundation

2. OCA - Orthodox Christianity
The internet site for the Orthodox Church in America, with information about Orthodoxy, and detailed parish/clergy directories. The Episcopacy. orthodox christianity. Parish Directory Photo
The Episcopacy Orthodox Christianity Parish Directory Ministries and Organizations ... Photo Gallery and Events
Orthodox Christianity
Introducing the Orthodox Christian Church
  • The Orthodox Faith
    Comprehensive information on Orthodox Doctrine,
    Worship, Bible and Church History, and Spirituality
    by Fr Thomas Hopko More on the Orthodox Faith
    An in-depth look at various aspects of Orthodoxy Questions and Answers
    Commonly asked Questions and Answers about Orthodoxy.
    If you have a specific question on the Orthodox Faith, click here and we'll be happy to answer it! Selected Readings
    For more information about the Orthodox Church, here are a selection of books to read

3. Orthodox Ireland - Welcome
Information, articles, calendar, hymns, lives, writings, icons, and links related to Celtic and Old English Saints. Also includes information about Orthodox churches in the British Isles.
@import url(; Home Churches History Holy Sites ... Search you are not logged in Login Join Log in Name
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This website is an online portal for Orthodox Christians in Ireland and anyone else interested in the history, spirituality and mission of the Orthodox Church here. June 2004 Su Mo Tu We Th Fr Sa News Pan-Orthodox Celebration in Dublin New Priests for Romanian Orthodox Church Pan-Orthodox Vespers to Be Held in Dublin 2004 Orthodox 'Iona' Pilgrimage to take place in Co. Donegal Dublin Church of St Peter and St Paul Website feedback: If you can read this text, it means you are not experiencing the Portal design at its best. This portal makes heavy use of CSS stylesheets, which means it is accessible to any internet browser, but the design needs a standards-compliant browser to look like we intended it . Just so you know ;)

4. Orthodoxy
Basic information on orthodox christianity The Orthodox Church was founded by our Lord Jesus Christ and is the living manifestation of His The uninterupted monastic tradition of orthodox christianity can be traced from the
gr. catholicos = universal The Orthodox Church is a family of "autocephalous" (self governing) churches, with the Ecumenical (= universal) Patriarch of Constantinople holding titular or honorary primacy as primus inter pares (the first among equals). The Orthodox Church is not a centralised organization headed by a pontiff. The unity of the Church is rather manifested in common faith and communion in the sacraments and no one but Christ himself is the real head of the Church. The number of autocephalous churches has varied in history. Today there are many: the Church of Constantinople (Istanbul), the Church of Alexandria (Egypt), the Church of Antioch (with headquarters in Damascus, Syria), and the Churches of Jerusalem, Russia, Serbia , Romania, Bulgaria, Georgia, Cyprus, Greece, Poland, Albania and America There are also "autonomous" churches (retaining a token canonical dependence upon a mother see) in Czech and Slovak republic, Sinai, Crete, Finland, Japan, China and Ukraine. In addition there is also a large Orthodox Diaspora scattered all over the world and administratively divided among various jurisdictions (dependencies of the above mentioned autocephalous churches). The first nine autocephalous churches are headed by patriarchs , the others by archbishops or metropolitans. These titles are strictly honorary as all bishops are completely equal in the power granted to them by the Holy Spirit.

5. TheoLogic Systems Orthodox WorldLinks
Welcome to TheoLogic Systems Orthodox WorldLinks. Search for Advanced Search Options. Keep watching in early 2003 for the totally updated and expanded Orthodox WorldLinks! There are 714 verified Orthodox WorldLinks as of 6Feb-2004! Your Guide to orthodox christianity on the Internet! Top News 12 links Orthodox and Orthodox-related News Sources
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Your Guide to Orthodox Christianity on the Internet!
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Art [24 links]
Orthodox Icons and Religious Artwork (Non-commercial only)
Churches [279 links]
Official Church Internet Sites for Patriarchates, Archdioceses, Parishes, Monasteries, Missions and other official ministries.
Education [40 links]
Orthodox Educational Institutions, Programs and Organizations
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Sites of ethnic orientation or national interest
Events [2 links]
Current and upcoming conferences, seminars, meetings and other events of interest to the regional, national or worldwide Orthodox Christian community.
Multimedia [4 links]
On-line video and audio programs and broadcast locations of interest to Orthodox Christians.

LITURGICAL MUSIC. Sing praises to God, sing praises (Psalm 476). orthodox christianity s musical tradition has been forged over 2,000 years.
News Releases Greek Releases Orthodox Observer Journey of Faith ... YOUTH AND YOUNG ADULT MINISTRY MINISTRY RESOURCES CHURCH FATHERS The writings of the Church Fathers are a priceless treasure of theology, spiritual guidance, sermons, church history, liturgy, hermeneutics, and inspiration. Read works from many of the major saints of the Church online in this section. CONFERENCE MULTIMEDIA Available online here are audio archives of Clergy-Laity workshops and various conferences from Hellenic College/Holy Cross Greek Orthodox School of Theology in RealAudio and Quicktime formats. Workshop handouts and other materials are provided in Adobe Acrobat (PDF) format as available. DAILY BIBLE READINGS The Orthodox Church has appointed particular Gospel and Epistle readings for each day of the calendar year. This section lists the readings for each day of the calendar year as well as the readings for today online. DISCUSSION AND CHAT The Internet provides a unique medium for bringing individuals together from across the country and around the world. Visit our online message boards and live chat rooms on various ministries of the Archdiocese of America. Post a question online or engage in an ongoing discussion.

7. OCA - Orthodox Christians In North America
work seeks to provide the reader, both Orthodox and nonOrthodox alike, with a popular narrative account of two hundred years of orthodox christianity on this
The Episcopacy Orthodox Christianity Parish Directory Ministries and Organizations ... Photo Gallery and Events
Orthodox Christians in North America
Orthodox Christians in North America, 1794-1994
Mark Stokoe,
in collaboration with Leonid Kishkovsky
ISBN 0-86642-053-3 Pages x+145 / 6in x 9in (15cm x 23cm)
(includes Index, 70 Photos/Illustrations) List Price $12.95 ( plus Index

Table of Contents

The Authors
Purchasing the Book
The cover of the book is detail from a photograph of Fr. Ignatius Falovsky and his parish in Saskatchewan, Canada, 1921.
In a nation whose religious culture has accomodated Catholics, Protestants, and Jews, Orthodox Christian in North America have been largely overlooked and ignored. With few exceptions, their historical experiences remain unrecorded, their documents untranslated, their personalities, institutions, and activities unknown. Contemporary American Orthodoxy is the result of the Russian missionaries to Alaska, but also of the migration of peoples from Central and Eastern Europe and the Middle East. As a result, it often presents an "ethnic" face to American society. Building on an earlier pioneering historical work

8. The Truth About Kwanzaa
A critical comparison of Kwanzaa in relation to orthodox christianity.
The Truth About Kwanzaa Should Christians Celebrate It - Should Anyone Celebrate It?

Kwanzaa: a Christmas Substitute?
Kwanzaa books, cards, unity cups, musical tapes, clothing, jewelry, candles and etc. are found abounding in retail stores across the country. What is this celebration all about and why is it so appealing to Black families across the continent? What are the roots of this holiday and what relevance does it hold for families today? How should Black Americans respond to this and how should non-Blacks act upon Black demands for Kwanzaa celebrations? Many of these questions are addressed in the articles that follow on this website. Using Dr. Karenga's own writings, this site will expose the "anti-religion" beginnings of Kwanzaa and show the reasons that Christians must not compromise their faith in bowing down to this celebration. Kwanzaa is exposed as an anti-Christian holiday by writer/researcher Carlotta Morrow whose family involvement with the creator of Kwanzaa, Dr. Maulana Karenga, led to the uncovering of some amazing facts. The author reveals the contradictions of Kwanzaa and encourages Christians not to celebrate this spiritually seductive holiday.

9. Download Free Orthodox Christian Tracts MP3 Video And Other Educational Material
Experience an author's thoughts on orthodox christianity with a creative approach to outreach.
Contact Orthotracts Tell a friend
Search About Orthotracts Tract Downloads Orthodox Music Downloads Audio Video Downloads ... St.Nickolas Blog Welcome Orthotracts is a place to find simple Tools and Support for those who what to grow in the Orthodox Christian faith. Orthodox Christianity is not mere knowledge. Our faith is experiential. It is a lifestyle. To be sure, within the Orthodox lifestyle, there is a rich wealth of information about the Historic Orthodox faith. Faith to the Orthodox is both believing and doing.
Help others with their journey. Orthotracts Tracts can help. Growth in your own life Help Others Grow - Printable Tracts

10. Orthodox Church In America
Metropolitan HERMAN returns from Official Visit to Orthodox Church of Georgia The Episcopacy. orthodox christianity. Parish Directory

New-Martyr John the New of Sochi, who suffered at Belgrade

Feasts and Saints for June 2

News Releases

11. The "Near-Death Experience"
Examines the Near Death Experience from the vantage point of orthodox christianity.
Site Map What's New Send Comments About this Site
Search: Home Introduction Writings of the Saints Love and Respect for the Dead Theological and Pastoral Treatises Suggested Books
The "Near-Death Experience"
by David Ritchie
Related Articles Almost any bookstore sells works on the "near-death experience" (NDE). Actually a collection of experiences reported by individuals who have approached death, or undergone death and then returned to life, the NDE is widely interpreted as a genuine, representative experience of the afterlife. Elements of the NDE include a "life review" in which all the events of one's life on Earth are recapitulated; visions of the future; and a meeting with a mysterious, luminous being (commonly called the "being of light") that is said to express great love for the individual, without passing judgment on his or her life and deeds, no matter how sinful they may have been. The NDE has been interpreted as evidence that judgment of individuals after death does not occur, and that there is no reckoning for one's works, good and evil, performed on Earth. According to this view, one may expect a joyous afterlife, almost regardless of what one believes and does before death. Comforting though it appears, the NDE phenomenon is founded on faulty assumptions, selectively chosen evidence, and lies. On numerous points it contradicts the teachings of Scripture, the Patristic writings, and Holy Tradition concerning death and the afterlife, and appears to be one element of the emerging religion of Antichrist.

12. Understanding Orthodox Christianity
Understanding orthodox christianity. Despite obvious contrasts, orthodox christianity is not altogether different from what most Christians take for granted.
This was written essay for Sojourners magazine and was published, in slightly shortened form, in their November 1997 issue
Understanding Orthodox Christianity by Jim Forest
One visitor to our parish St. Nicholas of Myra Russian Orthodox Church in Amsterdam asked me during the coffee gathering after the Liturgy "if two hours wasn't just a little on the long side for prayer" and "was it really necessary to say 'Lord have mercy' so many times." On the other hand, he was glad he came because "it was like a living museum, like Williamsburg, only here you get to see what the church was like back in the time of Constantine." The surprising thing was that he returned the following Sunday and, back home in Chicago, eventually became a member of an Orthodox parish. A Protestant visitor to the parish told me she felt like she was "meeting cousins I didn't know I had." She had read about Orthodox Christianity and knew about the Great Schism of 1054 when the bishops of Rome and Constantinople excommunicated each other, "but it just seemed like some detail of history." She was amazed by the intense atmosphere of worship during the service. "I learned today that Christian worship doesn't have to be a classroom with hymn breaks." In her own parish, she said she had once suggested to her pastor he put up a blackboard behind the pulpit "because I always imagine it there anyway." Not everyone comes away from a first visit to an Orthodox church with positive things to say about it. It's easy to find parishes where it's a major asset to speak a language which was never spoken by anyone you ever met before: Greek, Russian, Romanian, Serbian or Arabic. Many parishes are not only places of worship but ethnic enclaves where national traditions are maintained and in which a great effort is made to keep the mother tongue alive. Yet look around and you will find in many "ethnic" parishes people whose hair or complexion or last name suggests this isn't just a national club (our Russian parish has about ten nationalities worshiping together), while in a growing number of parishes, those born in Orthodox Christian families or cultures are a minority. There are more and more Orthodox parishes in America where the main or only language of worship is English.

13. Site Map |
Biography, resume, pictures, information about Eastern orthodox christianity. Also features articles on prayer to the saints and taking a new name in Orthodox tradition.
a sinner
New: Join an email list to keep up with me now that I've joined the Navy. My name is Basil. Or Kevin. Or Fritts. Whatever. This is stuff about me My blog Personal Information Bio, pics, monkish business, and the name game. This is where my lives. Portfolio A sampling of some of my past work. Keep checking back; I will be converting more pieces into a web-friendly format. Works in Progress Saints Basil A few lives, why we pray to saints, and hymns. What's Happening Now Deprecated : Read my blog instead.) I could send you a letter, but that would be mean. I'll let you voluntarily subject yourself. Quotes An anthology of stuff I've found pithy. A mixture of my own work and quotes I like from others. Issues I Care About Censorship, Free and Open Source Software, civil liberties, and jihad . A few things that make me want to shout! Where to Go Next These are a few of my favorite things. New Stuff If you haven't been to the site in a while, or if you're just checking to see if I'm up to anything new, try looking at this page first. Email Feedback, employment ops, friendly chat. Spam discouraged upon pain of slow bodily dismemberment.

14. Orthodox Christianity -
orthodox christianity Note This topic has been archived and is available for Adoption! Welcome to the orthodox christianity section of Suite 101.

Orthodox Christianity
Religion and Spirituality
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15. More results from Celtic Orthodoxy The Celtic Orthodox Christian Revival Celtic Orthodoxy exists to study and support the modern renaissance of interest in Celtic Christianity, and Celtic orthodox christianity in particular.

16. Eastern Orthodox Christianity: A Chronology
Eastern orthodox christianity A Chronology. 301 The Kingdom of Armenia becomes the first state to adopt Christianity as its official religion.
Eastern Orthodox Christianity: A Chronology
301: The Kingdom of Armenia becomes the first state to adopt Christianity as its official religion. 313: Emperor Constantine issues the Edict of Milan, legalizing Christianity in the Roman Empire. 325: Constantine calls the First Ecumenical Council at Nicea to condemn the Arian heresy, which had taught that the Son was inferior to the Father. 330: Constantine dedicates the city of Byzantium as the eastern capital of the Empire or "New Rome," renaming it Constantinople after himself. 381: The Second Ecumenical Council at Constantinople publishes the text of the Nicene Creed. 431: The Third Ecumenical Council at Ephesus condemns the Nestorian heresy and approves the veneration of the Virgin Mary as Theotokos (God-Bearer or Mother of God). The Nestorians go into exile in the Persian Empire and become the Assyrian Orthodox Church of the East. 451: The Fourth Ecumenical Council at Chalcedon condemns the Monophysite heresy and affirms that Christ had both a divine and a human nature. The Armenian, Coptic, Ethiopian, and Syrian Orthodox Churches would remain Monophysite; the Greek Orthodox church and the Western church adopted the Chalcedonian or Dyophysite position. This Council also gives Constantinople equal standing with "Old" Rome. 529: Byzantine Emperor Justinian closes the pagan Philosophical Academy in Athens.

17. WorldTimZone
Commentary on orthodox christianity, Mozilla, railtrails, open source software, and technology.
Sat, May 29, 2004
U4ia Mods
SysOp my trusty 386 PC I believe the program was called ModPlay and I was very impressed that it did was it said. My PC speaker, formerly home to simple beeps, burst forth with stunning four-part sound. Amazing! Apparently the PC processor was finally powerful enough and fast enough that it could process digital music and drive the speaker. I later found a PC speaker driver for Windows 3.1 that could do the same magic with WAV files (by maxing out the CPU.) The ModPlay program was an impressive feat and it lead me to search for additional MOD files. MOD files originated with the Commodore Amiga SoundTracker program. They contain digital samples and describe how to play them back. Each sample, or instrument , can be played back at a specified pitch and distortion on one of four channels. the U4ia MODs waiting.mod Entertainment 11:55 pm
Fri, May 28, 2004
  • Get done on time. Get done with acceptable quality.

  • Put another way, like many webloggers, I have NADD General 5:58 pm
    Thu, April 29, 2004
    Dickens from an Orthodox Perspective
    In looking around for an article about women and orthodoxy (more on that in the future) I ran across Russian Pickwickians: Dickens from an Orthodox Vantage (PDF reader needed). Judging from

    18. The Hellenic Voice
    A weekly newspaper dedicated to the values and virtues of Hellenism, to the Greek American spirit and to the piety and holiness of orthodox christianity.
    The largest and most widely accepted English weekly dedicated to Hellenic Americans. Home About THV How to Subscribe Advertising Opportunities EMAIL LINKS subscriptions


    The Hellenic Voice ® is published weekly by Mosaic Communications Group LLC. Periodical Postage Rate USPS Permit # 0020-027 in Lexington, MA and additional entry points. POSTMASTER: Please send address changes to 5 Forbes Road Suite 110 Lexington, MA 02421.
    Mosaic Communications Group LLC The Hellenic Voice is a member of the National Newspaper Association and the Society of Professional Journalists

    This week's story - Alpha Omega presents 23rd lifetime achievement award, Agris scholarships
    Archived Stories Back to Top

    19. Fr John Breck -- Cultural Wars And Orthodox Christianity
    life issues in solely philosophical categories. Cultural Wars and orthodox christianity. Fr John Breck. There is a troubling and fascinating Commentary on Social and Moral Issues of the Day Home


    What's new

    Orthodox scholar Fr. John Breck writes of the warning to Catholic theologians that they may be entering towards a secularist captivity by approaching sanctity of life issues in solely philosophical categories.
    Cultural Wars and Orthodox Christianity
    Fr John Breck
    There is a troubling and fascinating debate going on right now that we should all be at least somewhat familiar with. It concerns our most fundamental vision of God, the world and ourselves. And it has divided Christian against Christian, and Christians against the secular, "post-modern" culture in which we live. The debate has been expressed in clear and sharp terms in the periodical Christian Bioethics , edited by H. Tristram Engelhardt, a well-known Orthodox physician and bioethicist who teaches at Rice University in Houston, Texas. In a recent issue, the debate heated up considerably. What are its main points? In overly simplified terms, they are the following. Orthodox authors of several articles that have recently appeared in the journal argue that Roman Catholic ethicists and philosophers have unwittingly succumbed to the secular, post-modern mentality they seek to combat. This is because their chief emphasis, following the lead of Pope John Paul II, is upon the shaping of a philosophical rather than a traditionally Orthodox spiritual/therapeutic approach to issues such as abortion, end-of-life medical treatment, and a single-payer (i.e., government funded) health care system.

    20. Russian National Socialist Party
    Founded by Konstantin Kasimovsky. Its ideology is based on orthodox christianity, strong state power, aggressive Russian nationalism, and nonMarxist socialism.
    RUSSIAN NATIONAL SOCIALIST PARTY Dear Comrades! We welcome you to the Russian National Socialist website Our party was created on May 6, 1993 as the Russian National Union. In November 1998, we became the Russian National Socialist Party. The founder and leader of the party is Konstantin Kasimovsky. In 1992, after a trip to Pridnestrovie (a site of civil conflict in Ukraine) he broke all relations with NPF "Pamyat" and founded the new party. We base our ideology on four principles: 1) Orthodox Christianity - the religion of our ancestors.
    2) Strong State Power - the basis of the Aryan Order.
    3) Aggressive Russian Nationalism - the defensive reaction of our Race.
    4) Non-Marxist Socialism - equal rights for everybody. The basic elements of the economy must be in the hands of the State. Our emblem is the "Labarum". It is the monogram of Jesus Christ. Byzantine Emperor Constantine The Great used the Labarum in his heraldry and on his solders' shields. The Russian National Socialist Party is a militaristic organisation. We have troops for the protection of our meetings and other measures.

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