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         New Age:     more books (100)
  1. New Age Bible Versions: An Exhaustive Documentation of the Message, Men & Manuscripts Moving Mankind to the Antichrist's One World Religion by G. A. Riplinger, 1993-06
  2. The New Age of Innovation: Driving Cocreated Value Through Global Networks by C.K. Prahalad, M.S. Krishnan, 2008-04-08
  3. Memoirs of the New Age: A Book of Stories, Prayers, and Fables: Plus "The Book of Yes" and "Coming Home" by Beth Green, 2010-09-14
  4. The Day of the Tempest (Dragonlance: Dragons of a New Age, Book 2) by Jean Rabe, 2002-08-19
  5. The Dawning of a New Age (Dragonlance: Dragons of a New Age, Book 1) by Jean Rabe, 2002-06-17
  6. Inside the New Age Nightmare: For the First Time Ever...a Former Top New Age Leader Takes You on a Dramatic Journey by Randall N. Baer, 1989-08
  7. Planting New Churches in a Postmodern Age by Ed Stetzer, 2003-06-01
  8. Discipleship in the New Age, Vol 1 by Alice A. Bailey, 1986-06
  9. Paradigm Wars: Worldviews for a New Age by Mark Woodhouse, 1996-04-24
  10. The Eve of the Maelstrom (Dragonlance: Dragons of a New Age Trilogy) by Jean Rabe, 2002-11-18
  11. Mathematics: The New Golden Age by Keith Devlin, 2001-03-15
  12. Coming of Age in New Jersey: College and American Culture by Michael Moffatt, 1989-03-01
  13. The New Golden Age: The Coming Revolution against Political Corruption and Economic Chaos by Ravi Batra, 2007-01-09
  14. Western New York and the Gilded Age by Julianna Fiddler Woite, Mary Beth Paulin Scumaci, et all 2010-06-25

161. Fallen Age @ The Online Gamer
Game information, news, preview, and discussion.
The Online Gamer
Fallen Age
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162. ERCB: Dealers Of Lightning: Xerox PARC And The Dawn Of The Computer Age
Brief positive review of book. Electronic Review of Computer Books
ERCB Home New Feature Brief ... Links
Vital Statistics
Title Dealers of Lightning: Xerox PARC and the Dawn of the Computer Age Author Michael Hiltzig Publisher HarperCollins Publishers
ISBN Pages Price
Lightning Didn't Strike
The founder of Federal Express got a C on the college paper he wrote describing the idea for his company. FedEx and its competitors are doing pretty well now. I wonder, as the UPS truck pulls up outside Stately Swaine Manor, if all those stats on the growth of e-commerce include the increased business for FedEx and UPS from the likes of My latest delivery from is Dealers of Lightning: Xerox PARC and the Dawn of the Computer Age , by Michael Hiltzig (HarperCollins 1999, ISBN 0-88730-891-0). Although I don't agree with Hiltzig that the Alto was the world's first personal computer, that's just a matter of different definitions his strictly technological, mine involving price and marketing as well. I have a few other quibbles with the book, but, overall, I found it highly readable and seemingly authoritative. In writing the book, Hiltzig drew on the recollections of those who were there, interviewing all the obvious suspects and not a few innocent bystanders. The book is worth reading just to remind yourself of the amazing invention machine PARC was and of the amazing collection of inventors who were there.

163. Signs Of The End Of The Age
Summarizes the Sermon on the Mount of Olives from Jesus.

164. Revolutions Unit 3
Unit 3 of an Entire World History Course that covers French and American Revolutions with emphasis on how revolutions occur.
Unit 3 Political Change and Conflict- Age of Revolutions
Links to Units Unit 3 general Objectives Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Absolute Monarchs

Louis XIV
(picture Peter the Great, Catherine the Great
Ch. 15.3 20/1
Development of Nations

European Countries

30 Years War

Henry VIII
English money

start Mary Queen of Scots Chaper "Mary Queen of Scots" Chapter 15.1 Chapter Limited Constitutional Monarchy English Bill of Rights vrs. US Bill of Rights Chapter English Revolution Locke American Revolution Sequence ... Patrick Henry speech Evolution vrs. Revolution Enlightenment Chapter 17.1 Philosophers of the Revolution Political Spectrum Session Exam Seminar Chapter Recipe for Revolution French Revolution Problems Present Bring Favorite Recipe from home Chapter Three Estates French Governments Recipes due Battle for Moscow Napoleon Biography Unit 3 Questions due Reading Notes due Date Test work on unit Questions Early Out Teacher Workday Chapters 15. 19/3.4, 20 - see read list on the back of calendar Revoution Recipe Each group will develop a recipe of ingredients, preparation, and results as they relate to the American, English or French Revolution to include conditions present, events, and results to determine cause-effect relationship General Objectives Unit 3 Explain the rise of nationalism and its consequences Trace the origins of and basis for the concepts of liberty, individual freedom, private property, rights, and representative government

165. Broadway: The Golden Age
Dedicated to Rick McKay's film about the rise of Broadway theatre as told by performers, writers and composers.

166. Talonsoft Age Of Sail II
Official publisher's site. Includes screen shots, description, news, movies, and discussion forum.

Fixed by the canons, or law of the Church, at which her subjects become capable of incurring certain obligations, enjoying special privileges, embracing special states of life, holding office or dignity, or receiving the sacraments.
Home Encyclopedia Summa Fathers ... A > Canonical Age A B C D ... Z
Canonical Age
The word age ANTE-TRIDENTINE DISCIPLINE Ecclesiastical State The ancient discipline was neither universal nor fixed, but varied with circumstances of time and locality. The requisite age, according to Gratian, for tonsure and the first three minor orders, i.e. doorkeeper, reader, and exorcist TRIDENTINE DISCIPLINE The Council of Trent (Sess. xxiii, cap. 4, de Reform.) fixed no certain age for tonsure and minor orders; yet the qualifications specified by it for tonsure and minor orders indicate seven years for the former, and a more advanced age than seven for the latter, which, however, may be licitly received before the fourteenth year (ibid., c. 4). Major Orders The Council of Trent (Sess. xxiii, cap. 12) fixed the age of twenty-two for Subdeaconship, twenty-three for Deaconship, and twenty-five for the Priesthood, The first day of the year prescribed suffices for the reception of the Order. Trent (Sess. vii, c. 1, de reform.) confirmed the Lateran age of thirty full years for the episcopate. The age for cardinals (even cardinal-deacons ) was fixed by the Council (Sess. xxiv, de reform, cap. 1) at thirty years complete.

168. C R Y P T O N O M I C O N
A history of operating systems, by Neal Stephenson, the author of such novels as 'Snow Crash', 'The Diamond age' and 'Zodiac'.
In the Beginning was
the Command Line
by Neal Stephenson
About twenty years ago Jobs and Wozniak, the founders of Apple, came up with the very strange idea of selling information processing machines for use in the home. The business took off, and its founders made a lot of money and received the credit they deserved for being daring visionaries. But around the same time, Bill Gates and Paul Allen came up with an idea even stranger and more fantastical: selling computer operating systems . This was much weirder than the idea of Jobs and Wozniak. A computer at least had some sort of physical reality to it. It came in a box, you could open it up and plug it in and watch lights blink. An operating system had no tangible incarnation at all. It arrived on a disk, of course, but the disk was, in effect, nothing more than the box that the OS came in. The product itself was a very long string of ones and zeroes that, when properly installed and coddled, gave you the ability to manipulate other very long strings of ones and zeroes. Even those few who actually understood what a computer operating system was were apt to think of it as a fantastically arcane engineering prodigy, like a breeder reactor or a U-2 spy plane, and not something that could ever be (in the parlance of high-tech) "productized."

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170. The Diamond Age - Neal Stephenson
General information, review of, and links to other reviews of The Diamond age.
Literary Saloon
Site of Review.
Trying to meet all your book preview and review needs.
Contents: Main the Best the ... Links
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the complete review - fiction
The Diamond Age
Neal Stephenson
general information
review summaries our review links ... about the author
Title: The Diamond Age Author: Neal Stephenson Genre: Novel Written: Length: 499 pages Availability: The Diamond Age - US The Diamond Age - UK The Diamond Age - Canada - France Diamond Age. Die Grenzwelt. - Deutschland
  • Winner of the 1996 Hugo Award
- Return to top of the page - Our Assessment: B- : ambitious story with interesting ideas, but never really takes off. See our review for fuller assessment. Review Summaries Source Rating Date Reviewer New Scientist John Gribbin Newsweek The NY Times Book Rev. B+ Gerald Jonas San Francisco Chronicle B+ Michael Berry San Francisco Chronicle A- Jon Carroll USA Today A- Steve Jones The Village Voice A Richard Gehr Review Consensus No strong negatives. Everyone liked the combination of old values and new technology, most approve of his literary style though some think he carries it to excess on occasion. From the Reviews
  • "While the final chapters of the novel veer toward the stylistic excesses that marred

171. A Woman Of A Certain Age
Articles for feisty women over forty. Humor from the middle ages.
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MId-Life Crisis: The Movie Preview Write for us! Send submissions here Paste piece into the body of your email. 500 words, average length. Payment? Surely, you jest. We like that in a person. Writer keeps all rights, we offer bio, and live link to your site, where appropriate. All contributor rights reserved. Distributing or copying this material without written permission of the author. Welcome to: The Woman of a Certain Age Page The e-zine for Fiesty Women over 40 (and the people who love us) Travel Plans: "In San Leandro, CA, a group called Menopausal Tours runs trips for women of a certain age to Savannah, Santa Fe and other cities. Women under 40 aren't allowed." Wall Street Journal Thanks, Mom

172. DAoC-Home
Le site officiel de la version europ©enne de Dark age of Camelot.

173. Mike's Book Reviews - "The Age Of Spiritual Machines" By Ray Kurzweil
Book discusses Moore's Law (computers double in intelligence every two years) and how AI will inevitably surpass human intelligence in about 20 years.
Mike's Book Reviews
The Age of Spiritual Machines
Ray Kurzweil
Subtitle: When Computers Exceed Human Intelligence
Classification: Nonfiction.
What it's about: The Age of Spiritual Machines is an extrapolation of the next century of growth in machine intelligence (AI, or Artificial Intelligence), based on today's technology and trends. And how that will completely change humanity.
The book, as you'll see from the Table of Contents listing below, this book is broken into three main sections.
The first section reviews the trends that have gotten us to where we are. Kurzweil builds a very compelling case for the continuation of those trends. As it happens I'm an electrical engineer by trade. Where I could personally check his information, I found his assumptions to be quite conservative. He also makes very compelling arguments regarding why the trends will be durable rather than dying away. Bottom line: I was convinced.
The second section looks at where we are now, the choices we face, and the forces that will continue to drive technology's advance. I was most impressed with his argument that we WILL soon implement various advances, simply because they make life BETTER. For example: If you could dictate (with 100% reliability) into your computer rather than typingmuch more slowlywouldn't you? Of course would. How about a more direct brainwave link, so you couldeven fastersimply THINK your words onto the screen. Would you want that? Yep. And so it goes, with the man-machine link becoming ever more intimate. And that trend will go on and on simply because people will WANT it to.

174. Dark Age Games
Producers of a miniatures game based on the art and themes of Brom's Dark age world that uses the popular D20 system.

Release Schedule
RULES ... Links
New on CMON
Monday, 3 May New Downloads Now Available A couple of updates on our download section. First, we have a new pdf for some new units:

Card Pack

Containing cards for Brood Gazelle, Dragyri Arbiter of Fate, Dragyri Arbiter
of Balance, Skarrd Special Character Kain, Forsaken Dedlock and Forsaken Haniel, 
Also, we have updated our catalog images with all the appropriate new pictures for retailers.
Forsaken Catalog Pictures (1.1mb Download) Dragyri Catalog Pictures (578KB Download) Skarrd Catalog Pictures (373KB Download) Brood Catalog Pictures (193KB Download) Site update on 2004-05-03 08:34:04 Friday, 9 April New Releases are out! New releases are out the door! Expect to see them in your local stores soon. DAG2016 Dragyri Air Arbiter - Yovanka , this is by far one of the most exciting female dragyri we have to date; DAG2006 Dragyri Soul Warden #3 DAG3010 Skarrd Bone Doc DAG4007 Brood Gazelle , another great sculpt that is going to blow you away; and DAG1102 Forsaken Saint mark Warband , (contains 1 Special Edition Saint Mark,1 Reaver and 4 Coils), a great way to start your Forsaken army. This box set comes with our special edition Saint Mark which is not available individually.

175. Stanford Age Group Water Polo Club
Develop novice through elite players. Emphasize enjoyment of the sport, but expect a high level of commitment and professionalism from all who are involved. Located in Palo Alto, California.

176. Images From World History: Halstatt, La Tène And Romano-Celtic
Gallery of expandable thumbnail photographs of La T¨ne and RomanoCeltic artifacts in museums, with captions, from Images from World History.
Iron Age Western Europe
from c. 800 B.C.
1. Limestone head from Msecke Zebrovice, Bohemia (Prague: National Museum). 2. Turoe stone, carved in La Tene style, from Galway, Eire. The style derives from Halstatt, with Scythian and Mediterranean influences. 3. Silver Gunderstrup Cauldron (Copenhagen: National Museum). Decorated with Celtic divinities. 4. Silver coin with stylized head on recto, and on the verso a horse and rider. From Romania. Second century B.C. 6. Bronze helmet in Waldalgesheim style of 4th century, with gold and iron mountings from Amfreville, Eure, France (Paris: Louvre). 17.5 cm. high. Knobbed finial and cheekguards are missing. 7. Arm rings and a torc from the chariot grave at Waldalgesheim, Keuznach, Germany (Bonn: Rheinisches Landesmuseum). This late 4th c. B.C. torc is a type piece for Early La Tene art. 18 cm. dia. 8. Gold torcs from a hoard at Erstfeld, north of the St. Gotthard Pass, Switzerland (Zurich: Schweizerisches Landesmueum). Ca. 400 B.C. 14.5 cm dia. The imaginative design hides the gap in the torc. 11. Bronze fibula in the form of a man from Manetin Hradek, Bohemia (Pilsen: Zapadoceske Museum). 9 cm. long. Probably originally inlaid with coral, although in time coral was replaced by enamel inlays. Southern influences may also be seen in Etruscan style dress. Fibula are large decorative safety pins to hold a cloak, and go back in Europe to Urnfeld times. They tend to be stylistically expressive and can be important prestige grave goods.

177. Age Of Empires
Cheat codes et images d©di©s aux fans de age of Empires.

178. Register At
Erica Goode reviews 'Mean Genes From Sex to Money to Food Taming Our Primal Instincts' by Terry Burnham and Jay Phelan.
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179. Age Of Empires - Prima Pagina
Include un review al jocului, sistemul necesar pentru al juca, date despre producător şi note pentru grafică şi sunet.
Tip: strategie in timp real Nota Grafica: Sunet: Feeling: Dificultate: medie Perioada de invatare: 1 ora Jucatori: Producator: Microsoft si Ensemble Studios Lansare: Ati visat vreodata ca sunteti comandantul armatei romane in lupta contra grecilor? Eu, da. Probabil ca si programatorii de la Ensemble Studios au avut astfel de vise, doar ca ei le-au pus in practica, adica au creat un joc de strategie in timp real care se ocupa exact cu asa ceva, si inca totul respecta pe cat posibil istoria acelor vremuri. Si cum de obicei prinde mai repede un joc cu o poveste cat de cat reala, Age of Empires a ajuns repede unul dintre cele mai renumite jocuri de strategie.
Actiunea jocului se petrece in antichitate, unde se infrunta pentru suprematie 12 civilizatii fiecare cu abilitatile ei, fiecare cu strategia ei. Arborele tehnologic este mult mai complex decat in alte jocuri de acelasi tip. Si daca mai pui ca totul se imparte pe patru perioade: Stone Age, Tool Age, Bronze Age si Iron Age, fiecare perioada cu tehnologiile ei.
Este destul sa privesti grafica si animatia ce o ofera jocul si sa-ti dai seama de ce eforturi a fost nevoie pentru a fi creat. Fiecare unitate si cladire a fost construita si randata in fiecare pozitie in 3D Studio. Dar este pacat de calitatea mai slaba a sunetului, nu se intelege ce zic unitatile, dar pe total are un sunet bun, se putea si mai bun.

180. Stanford Business School: CEBC: T255 Course Outline
taught by Haim Mendelson at the Graduate School of Business, Stanford University.

T-255: Management in an Information Age
Subject Readings Study Questions Submissions Value of Information Technology Course Description and Administrative Notes "Moore's Law" "Customer Intimacy and Other Value Disciplines" After class
  • Course Projects
1. How can Information Technology (IT) create value for a company or organization? 2. How can IT be used to support each of the three value disciplines discussed in "Customer Intimacy and Other Value Disciplines"? Come up with an example for each. Start forming a team for your course project. Internet Technology and the Computer Industry Review:
Web site on Computer Industry History
Note on Internet Technology After class Based on your review of the Computer Industry History Web site, identify two trends that prevailed through the recent evolution of the computer industry. Do these trends have any counterparts in the data communications/Internet space? Come up with a list of team members for your course projects.

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