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         New Age:     more books (100)
  1. New Age Counterfeit by Johnnette Benkovic,
  2. The Master's Touch: On Being a Sacred Teacher for the New Age by Harbhajan Singh Khalsa, Yogi Bhajan, 1997
  3. The Coming of the New Deal, 1933-1935 (The Age of Roosevelt, Vol. 2) by Arthur M. Schlesinger Jr., 2003-07-09
  4. The Pleiadian Agenda: A New Cosmology for the Age of Light by Barbara Hand Clow, 1995-10-01
  5. The New Politics of Old Age Policy
  6. A New Earth: Awakening to Your Life's Purpose (Oprah's Book Club, Selection 61) by Eckhart Tolle, 2008-01-30
  7. A Place Called Canterbury: Tales of the New Old Age in America by Dudley Clendinen, 2008-05-01
  8. New York: Great Cities Through the Ages by Paige Weber, 2003-08
  9. Bioethics in the Age of New Media by Joanna Zylinska, 2009-05-29
  10. David Lanz - Solos for New Age Piano (Piano Solo Personality) by David Lanz, 1991-01-01
  11. Revelation: The Birth of a New Age by David Spangler, 1979-07
  12. The New York Public Library Amazing World Geography: A Book of Answers for Kids by The New York Public Library, Andrea Sutcliffe, 2002-08-15
  13. New Age Career Cycles by John Townley, 1980-09-01
  14. New Age Tarot : Guide to the Thoth Deck by James Wanless, 1988

61. Annalees's New Age Connection List
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62. New Age Psychotherapies
(new age) psychotherapies. Many new age therapies, however, are little more than a mixture of metaphysics, religion and pseudoscientific insights .
Robert Todd Carroll

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(New Age) psychotherapies
"It is possible that the most important decision in the history of therapy was the idea that it should be paid for by the hour." "To society's loss, there is an alarming laxity within the mental health professions when it comes to monitoring, commenting on, and educating the public about what is good therapy, what is negligent behavior by trained professionals, and what is or borders on quackery." –Singer and Lalich, "Crazy" Therapies A psychotherapy is a treatment technique for mental or emotional disorders. There are many types of psychotherapy. Some have been empirically tested and are known to be very effective, such as cognitive therapy . Many New Age therapies, however, are little more than a mixture of metaphysics, religion and pseudoscientific "insights". There may be reasonable disagreements over what constitutes successful therapy, but successful therapy should not require one to believe in God, reincarnation, alien abductions, possession by entities, inner children, Primal Pains, channeling, miracles, or any other metaphysical, religious or pseudoscientific notion. For in-depth descriptions of some of the latest New Age therapies one should read "Crazy" Therapies

63. ABC Special Report: A New Age Of Terrorism
Disproportionate Power In Extremists Hands A new age of Terrorism Click here if you have RealPlayer 5.0, for a dynamic presentation on the new threat of
'Disproportionate Power' In Extremists' Hands
A New Age of Terrorism
Click here
if you have RealPlayer 5.0, for a dynamic presentation on the new threat of terrorism.
Click here to download RealPlayer.)
New Tools of Fear and Death


Anti-Terrorism Budget Explodes

Cities across the country are learning how to respond to a possible terrorist biochemical attack. The training is just one of more than 40 different programs now coordinated by the federal government to combat what it calls a new age of terrorism.


Random, Anonymous, Unpredictable

on rogue nations developing weapons and an interactive index of terrorist groups.

Starwave Corporation

64. Ascension Network New Age Metaphysical Spiritual Resources
Welcome to the Ascension Network new age Spiritual Resources Metaphysics Astrology Horoscopes Chat Articles Books Channeling.
Welcome to The Ascension Network, a spiritual and new age web community. We have dedicated over 8 years to providing free resources for enlightenment and growth. Take some time to explore our website. We have a NEW community bulletin board so don't forget to signup! This site respects the perspectives and faiths of everyone. Please take something from this site and share it with others. Don't forget to tell a friend about us.
Having Fun: A Mission-Driven Lightworker's Challenge
What’s Bugging You? Don’t Let the Boogeyman Steal Your Dreams Opening to Channel..beginners class ...
Astrological Guide for Awareness

By Aluna Michaels, MA
Posted: 04/01/2004 Discovering Spirit
By CJ Martes
Posted: 02/01/2004 Breaking Free
By Anne Brewer
Posted: 02/01/2004
Mirrors of Eternity - Ashian Belsey
Life is a mirror of your own creations. The key is to learn how to read your own map. This book covers many subjects related to looking at oneself with honesty. To achieve self mastery one has to face the mirror and go within. Throughout this compact book our ascended brothers and sisters give us many useful tools to assist us through this transition into light. Read Current Review The Seven Chakra System - Remko Arentz Music for the seven main chakras of the human energy system. Includes a FREE 35 page booklet called "The Human Energy Systems" Can be used as meditation music, for relaxation or specific chakra work

65. New Age Sage Page

66. Elysian Astrology And New Age Shop Online
Astrology reports, astrology gifts, astrology lessons, articles and astrological features, UK new age mind body spirit shop with new age gifts, kits, music and
Astrology, New Age, Mind Body Spirit and Self Help Welcome! Elysian Astrology are UK astrologers and new age/mind body spirit specialists, aiming to bring you a wide range of astrology, new age, mind body spirit and self help articles, features and products including new age gifts, astrology reports and new age music and videos.
  • Visit the Elysian Astrology Online section for a selection of astrology lessons, Ask an Astrologer feature, astrology FAQ, articles, fun zodiac life theme profiles, astrology competition and free natal chart information service. Our New Age Shop features our wide selection of astrology reports and astrology gifts. The New Age Shop has a wide selection of astrology reports, new age videos, new age music, new age books, hypnosis tapes and videos and self help products, as well as many beautiful gift sets and new age gifts on the mind body spirit themes of tarot, runes, hypnosis, angels, oracles, alternative health and much more too! New Age Sale now on with discounts of up to 45% on selected items!

67. Elysian Astrology & New Age Shop New Age Shop Online
new age gifts, new age books, mind body spirit gifts, new age music, divination and oracle kits, astrology reports, hypnotherapy videos, mind body spirit books

New Age Bargains
New Age Books New Age Videos and DVDs New Age Music
New Age Bargains
New Age Books New Age Videos and DVDs New Age Music ...
Teen Witch and Teenage Self Help

68. New Age Music-Shirley Cason-New Age Keyboardist
new age Music by Shirley Cason new age Keyboardist combines piano with orchestral and soft synthesized sounds to create soothing new age music to relax to.
New Age Music by Shirley Cason
New Age Music-Summer
Reviews for "A Summer Dream" New Age Music Online Listen to "A Summer Dream"
MP3 WMA Download Store

Downloads songs from CDs
New Age Music CD Store

Shirley music available online NOW at BORDERS
Free New Age MP3

Music Reviews
Business Contact

SPRING CD SUMMER CD WINTER CD HOLIDAY CD Kathy Parson's : SOLO PIANO PUBLICATIONS.COM - Click for Reviews Winter Mornings "A wonderful CD for relaxing or cozying up to a winter fire. Very enjoyable!" Forever In Bloom "Sincerity runs through all of Cason's compositions." A Summer Dream "Emotions being conveyed so successfully is amazing." Simple Christmas "Make a great musical backdrop for Christmas Eve." Bill Binkelman's : WIND and WIRE.COM - Click for Review A Summer Dream "I recommend the CD, especially to die-hard romantics." New Age Music by Shirley Cason - New Age Keyboardist: C ombines piano with sweet orchestral and soft synthesizers sounds to create beautiful intrumental melody of new age music that is soothing, calming and relaxing to your soul.

69. Alternative Health And Spiritual Directory
Your one stop resource to alternative health, spirituality, world religions, paranormal phenomena, astrology, angels, occult, new age music, meditation, poetry
"Our Father which art in heaven, hallowed be thy name. Thy kingdom come. Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven.
Give us this day our daily bread. And forgive us our debts, as we forgive our debtors. And lead us not into temptation,
but deliver us from evil. For thine is the kingdom, the power, and the glory, for ever. Amen. Our Mother which art upon earth, hallowed be thy name. Thy kingdom come, and thy will be done in us, as it is in thee.
As thou sendest every day thy angels, send them to us also. Forgive us our sins, as we atone all our sins against thee.
And lead us not into sickness, but deliver us from all evil, for thine is the earth, the body, and the health. Amen."

Serve God Devotedly and Love God Wholeheartedly Web's Largest Alternative Health and Spiritual Directory Angels Links
Angel Graphics
Gifts ... Links
Images, photos, free graphics
Authors Image Gallery Literature ...
New Age, Spirituality, Poetry, Music Health Links Alternative Healers by Location Alternative Medicine ... Library Free resources for spiritual seekers: The Aquarian Gospel Lifestyles Media Magazines and E-zines ... Spiritual Media Books, E-zines

70. Alternative Market Place New Age Metaphysical Search Engine
You will find an array of sites articles on, Alternative Religions, Holistic Healers, Metaphysical Products, and new age Services.
HOME SERVICES LIBRARY ADD URL ... More search options Alternative Religions, Holistic Healers, Metaphysical Products, and New Age Services. We bind the mutual interests of Alternative Healers, Metaphysical Suppliers, and New Age Products and Services.  From ALTERNATIVE HEALTH ALTERNATIVE RELIGIONS BOOKS CLOTHING ... Directory Premium Sponsors Earth Spirit Emporium New Age Shops Pagan Shopping Online New Age Resellers ...
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To browse visit Here Alternative Market
... Out Door Sporting Shop © 2000 Earth Spirit Emporium - All rights reserved. This site was created and maintained by New Age Web Marketing

71. New Age:
new age This utopia is the greatest menace to Christianity, more than any other cult new age has been catalogued as the AIDS of all heresies.
New Age: Essential Belief Doctrine History The "New Age" of Aquarius is an Astrology doctrine of the 1980s, proclaiming the human race is at the verge of a "gigantic quantum leap", to realize that every human is God... and when that happens, it will be the "New Age", a glorious time with only one nation on earth, one language, one government, one religion, one monetary system... with only love on earth, the "golden age"!, without hate, violence, wars, crime, racism, and without sickness nor death!... This "utopia" is the greatest menace to Christianity, more than any other cult. .. New age has been catalogued as the AIDS of all heresies. The Essential Belief: The old saying, "God is Dead", is gone; the new theme is "everyone is God. Everyone!. This is the essential belief: All is one, one is God, you are one... that's right, you are God!... You are God!, even if you don't know how to make birds, nor stars, nor the eyes of an insect, nor even a simple leave of a tree... But y o u are God!... you shape your own destiny, you are capable of overcoming all problems; it is the ultimate philosophy of the "Me Generation"... since the God in you makes all decisions, then whatever you decide is right!...

72. New Age Index: Conspiracy Archive
A new age, New World Order Open Conspiracy Lucis Trust, Creme, Bailey, Maitreya, Ascended Masters, UN World Religion.
New World Order Image Archive The New Age Borderlands Breaking News
Home Page

The Aquarian Conspiracy

We will take this conspiracy apart step-by-step from its small beginnings with Huxley in California to the victimization of 15 million Americans today. With 'The Aquarian Conspiracy', the British Opium War against the United States has come out into the open. New Age Beliefs
I like to think of new agers in two camps; social new agers who simply go along with the drift of social change, and true disciples of "light", the New Age Proper, or students of the "Ageless Wisdom" taught by Alice Bailey. Yes, there are other students of arcana that are not initiates of Baileyism, but they mysteriously agree at a fundamental level, on the compatibility of their common "light."
This is no ordinary third rate occult organisation. Lucis Trust is a powerful institution that enjoys "Consultative Status" with the United Nations, which permits it to have a close working relationship with the U.N., including a seat on the weekly sessions, but most importantly influence with powerful business and national leaders throughout the world.
Her 24 books, combined with the Beacon magazine, Triangles, and the Arcane School indoctrinate students into what Bailey describes as the "Ageless Wisdom" teachings. The Arcane School, founded in 1922, boasted 20,000 graduates by 1954. This

73. New World Order And The New Age Occult Secret Destiny
The New World Order or the new age secret destiny of mankind? America is the leading proponent of a New World Order and new age occult teachings.
New World Order or Occult Secret Destiny?
The New Age Movement and Service to The Plan
The New World Order as envisioned by the Elite is hardly a recent undertaking. Their's is a philosophy rooted in ancient occult traditions. Success is near, and the infiltration of society by New Age occultism is the reason for this success. The New World Order has never been solely about world government, rather, from the beginning its proponents have been privy to secret doctrines and it is a spiritual plan more than anything. If one failed to take into account the occult nature of the New World Order, they would be remiss. The UN and the New Age have been bed-fellows since the beginning. America's secret destiny is the product of Rosicrucian and Freemason forefathers. The New Atlantis as proposed in Francis Bacon's work is almost at hand. The Ancient Mysteries are being studied for illumination and enlightenment by the New World Order's elite. Not to mention the New Age gurus — dutifully recruiting on behalf of the Secret Brotherhood. In 1980, Marylin Ferguson compiled and espoused a synthesis involving the theories of transformation and the secret plan of the Aquarian Age. In her studies of the scientific advancements of this age involving entropy and syntropy, holism, holographs, paradigm shifts, the uncertainty principle and evolution, she discovered that, "for the first time an American renaissance is taking place in

74. Anita Lee's Creations
other magical items! We are now adding new magical products and informative articles to this site on a weekly basis. Our FREE newsletter
Merry Meet and welcome to Anita Lee's Web site! Anita Lee Creations includes Wiccan Websets, Faerie websets, Sig Tags, Incredimail and more! Please choose your destination below.... Anita's Site Menu Home Anita Lee's Creations Incredimail Websets Anita's Pagan Catalog Newsletter Angel Voice Tarot Scope Gifts I have Received Vote Page Suppoters Page Awards Win an Award Art Gallery E-Cards Fantasy Art What is Wicca? Burning Times Making Magic Daily Whisper Daily Reflection Weekly Horoscope Links Webrings Anita's Top 100 Pagan Links Book of RA Ancient Egypt Astrology Free I-Ching Reading Free Tarot Reading Past Life Report Numerology Report Just for Fun Guru Joe Webset by Anita Lee's Creations

75. Heresies, Occult, & New Age Movement Topical Index Page
A Christian appraisal of heresies and cults claiming to be Christian, and also Occultism and new age spirituality. new age Movement / Eastern Monistic Notions.
H eresies, the O ccult, and the N ew A ge
M ovement Dave (on right) Evangelizing Mormons, 1989 Click the banner to learn more about and purchase this book and additional popular apologetics and theology titles by Dave Armstrong TABLE OF CONTENTS
(Hyper-linked) Heresies (Catholic Perspective) Jehovah's Witnesses

Wicca / Witchcraft
Heresies (Catholic Perspective) Jehovah's Witnesses Jehovah's Witnesses: "The Apocalyptic Arians": A Biblical and Historical Critique
Dialogue with a Jehovah's Witness on the Deity of Christ and Trinitarianism: Direct Statements of Jesus' Equality With God the Father: Jesus Own Words
Questions for Jehovah's Witnesses (Catholic Website)
Jehovah's Witnesses and John 14:28: "The Father is Greater Than I"
(Jimmy Akin)
The Trinity and Modern Arians
(Phil Porvaznik vs. Harold Kupp) Mormons Dialogue With A Mormon Apologist on the Christian Doctrine of God, and Doctrinal Development (Dave Armstrong vs. Dr. Barry R. Bickmore) 271K Who Holds the Keys?: Debate on Papacy vs. Mormonism (Steve Clifford vs. Barry Bickmore; goes far beyond this subject matter into extreme depth. EXCELLENT!)
(Fr. Luis Ladaria)

76. The Watchman Expositor: New Age Movement Profile
The new age Movement. Some popular publications and journals are new age Journal, Body Mind Spirit, Yoga Journal, Gnosis, East West, Noetic Sciences, and Omega.
SITE DIRECTORY Home Page About Watchman Fellowship Free Subscriptions Church Presentations Weekly News Subject Index Profiles State Offices Watchman Staff OVERVIEW OF CULTS Articles JEHOVAH'S WITNESSES Articles MORMONISM Articles NEW AGE Articles OCCULT Articles SCIENTOLOGY Articles OTHER RELIGIOUS TOPICS Articles Vol. 13, No. 2, 1996 Watchman Fellowship Profiles
The New Age Movement
Craig Branch Founder: Being an eclectic blend of many ancient and modern religions and philosophies, there is no single human founder. Founding Date: Many attribute the rise of the current New Age Movement (NAM) to evolving occult movements, such as New Thought and Theosophy in the late 1800's, and the counter-culture movement of the 1960's. Its root forms, however, actually are expressed in Satan's temptation of man in Genesis 3, and in the beliefs of many pagan and eastern religions, thousands of years old. Official Publications: Due to the lack of a central organization and the diversity of emphasis adhered to by the various New Age groups there are literally hundreds of publications. Some popular publications and journals are New Age Journal, Body Mind Spirit, Yoga Journal, Gnosis, East West, Noetic Sciences

77. The New Age Movement
new age is essentially a collection of easterninfluenced metaphysical ideologies, a hodge-podge of theologies and philosophies that are bound together by

The Roman Road to Salvation

All Words Any Word APOLOGETICS Christian Apologetics A Course in Miracles Bahai Buddhism ... Wicca BIBLE PROPHECY A Beginning of Global Governance - #1 in a series Prophetic Signs that we are in the End Times The Earth Charter's Spiritual Agenda - #2 in a Series The New Age Influence at the United Nations - #3 in a Series ... The Millennial Kingdom CHRISTIANITY UNDER ATTACK Christians Ordered to Renounce Their Faith in Laos Attacks by Militant Hindus Increasing (India) Sharia Law to be Implemented Despite Turmoil (Nigeria) Short Term Improvement; Long Term Risk (Indonesia) ... The Infinite Way The New Age Movement (NAM) is hard to define as a singular religion. It is just what it is – a movement. It is essentially a collection of eastern-influenced metaphysical ideologies, a hodge-podge of theologies and philosophies that are bound together by “universal tolerance” and moral relativism. The NAM is the natural progression of humanism. It teaches that humans have evolved biologically, and must now evolve spiritually. Beyond that, it is difficult to define, as there is no hierarchy, doctrine, creed, or membership. You will be hard-pressed to find the “First New Age Church” on any street corner in your town.

78. Philosophy New Age
new age philosophy expanding self awareness meditation earth changes. Awakening your Christ Consciousness experience spiritual transformation in Todos Santos.
New Age Philosophy
These pages reflects the stream of 'Light Consciousness' that is
manifest in Todos Santos, Baja California "Human consciousness is the capacity to focus, direct and make meaningful the Self awareness of Being" Elia Wise
  • Something to ponder: I enjoy the everyday because I experience a huge reduction in judgments and the need
    to be right.. Ken
  • Sacred site tours of Scotland d Visit Fortingall and the ancient glens of Scotland
    'Coming Home'
    Jan Keresshot
    An invitation to rediscover our true nature Tony Parsons: "Coming Home' is rich with insightful perceptions, which can
    inspire the reader into a deep recognition of where he or she stands in relationship
    to liberation." CLICK
    MEDITATION Optional Meditation on the United States Presidential Election Since United States policies affect the entire world, you are invited to cast your vote from the spiritual plane by participating in the following meditation through [ 2 Nov. 2004.

    79. The New Age Examiner
    3.2 to 3.5mill tax increase. Full Story. Madigan proposes new milk bonding law TUSCARORA TWP. - Sen. Roger Madigan is sponsoring a

    Classifieds Community Directory ... My Zwire! News Search
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    5 Day Forecast

    Wednesday 2 June, 2004
    Top Stories Local Sports National Sports ... news top stories
    Top stories: Trail principal heads to Lake-Lehman County life: Conservation Field Days celebrates 25th anniversary Local Sports: Trail's coaches are a winning combination
    Trail principal heads to Lake-Lehman

    The high school principal who treats the cafeteria staff to lunch each year and has participated in stunts for student fundraisers has found a new job.
    Full Story

    Family still remembers brother lost in World War II
    Doris Colbenson, of Eaton Township, reflects a moment about her brother Percy Harvey who died in World War II. TUNKHANNOCK - Percy Harvey was the first Tunkhannock boy to be drafted in the days leading up to World War II, and his body was the first to be brought back from Europe afterwards. Full Story Recovering addicts address TAHS students JIM After years of being "slaves" to drugs, two recovering heroin addicts don't want to see teens get hooked like they did. Full Story Tunkhannock Area passes draft budget with no increase TUNKHANNOCK - It took two votes, but the Tunkhannock Area School Board left Thursday's meeting with a preliminary budget.

    80. Discography Of New Age, Electronic, And Ambient Music
    Discography of new age, Electronic, and Ambient Music. Compiled by Piero Scaruffi. A list of albums by over 600 new age and electronic music artists.
    Discography of
    New Age, Electronic, and Ambient Music
    Compiled by Piero Scaruffi
    Significant contributions by Harvey Chinn, Mark Fonda, Rocco Stilo, Eric Alan Meece, Arden Moser.
    Updated March 2000. Send comments and suggestions Musicians
    B C D ... Encyclopedia of New Age Music (Italian only for now)
    I have compiled a file with the complete discographies of over 600 new age and electronic music artists. For each artist the discography lists all of her/his recordings (under her/his name) with the date of release and a personal rating from * to ***** (***** meaning excellent).
    It might also be useful for people who want suggestions on where to start. This discography was originally compiled for the new edition of my book on new age, electronic, ambient and panethnic music, which came out in Italy in 1996. Each entry has a bio and critical analysis plus a discography. What you find here is only the discography (the rating in the discography summarizes the analysis). Ambient music is covered only to some extent. Special Lists:

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