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         Judaism:     more books (100)
  1. Judaism (Introducing Religions) by Sue Penney, 1997-08-15
  2. Reform Judaism: A Jewish Way of Life by Charles A. Kroloff, 2005-10-30

141. Religion, Judaism (part Of The WWW Virtual Library)
Last modified 18 Dec. 1997. judaism. Content. Resources. judaism Guide ( Kuty Shalev ) A human guide who will find anything related to judaism for you!
Virtual Library Religion
Inter-Faith Related ... Mail Maintainer Last modified: 18 Dec. 1997
Hanukka Page at jcn
History and How-To for the feast of light from the Jewish Communication Network
Hannukah: The Cool Jewish December Holiday That Lasts For Over a Week
History and Art
Scrolls from the Dead Sea
The exhibition Scrolls From the Dead Sea: The Ancient Library of Qumran and Modern Scholarship brings before the people a selection from the scrolls which have been the subject of intense public interest.
" Jewish Audio " ( smiles ) Jewish Audio has over 300 hours of audio on Jewish Topics. This is the biggest AUdio internet collection available in the world. Tapes include stories, chants of the bible and a crash course in Judaism

[1996,December 15]
Added by:
The Taylor-Schechter Genizah Research Unit
The 140,000 fragments of Hebrew and Jewish literature and documents rescued from the Ben Ezra Synagogue in Cairo cover every aspect of life in the Mediterranean area a thousand years ago. The active programme of conservation and research being conducted at Cambridge University Library, where they are housed, is leading to all manner of exciting discoveries about Jewish religious, communal and personal life, Hebrew culture, settlement in the land of Israel and relations with Muslims and Christians from as early as the ninth and tenth centuries. Only by the attraction of additional external support can the completion of the current projects be assured.

142. Judaism Resources
A personal collection of guidelines and linkls to Orthodox judaism.
This page has moved, please click on the link below and update your bookmarks.
Judaism Resources

143. Women's League For Conservative Judaism
The mission of Women s League for Conservative judaism is to strengthen and unite synagogue women s groups and their members; support them in mutual efforts to
W Masorti T hrough our volunteer programs and projects geared toward education, religious observance, Israel, and public policy and advocacy, expand your knowledge and commitment to Judaism, participate in contemporary issues, and support Jewish ideals worldwide. The Women's League 2004 Biennial Convention: click to read more.
475 Riverside Drive, Suite 820
New York, NY 10115
(212) 870-1260 / fax (212) 870-1261

144. :: Open Source Judaism Project ::
We come to realize that the writings and ideas of judaism are not set in stone, but invitations to inquire, challenge, and evolve.
Open Source Religion - the concept

God or Gods?

R'Waskow plans funeral procession in protest of war

"An open source religion would work the same way as open source software development: it is not kept secret or mysterious at all. Everyone contributes to the codes we use to comprehend our place in the universe. We allow our religion to evolve based on the active participation of its people. We internalize and engineer Jewish laws and ideas as adults, rather than following them by rote, as children. We come to realize that the writings and ideas of Judaism are not set in stone, but invitations to inquire, challenge, and evolve. Together, as a community, we define Judaism as the ongoing resolution of our individual sensibilities."
Nothing Sacred
Nice Mention Posted by Douglas Link
Open Source Judaism got a nice plug on Salon mazal.
I'm trying to keep up with the conversations here, as well as on my own blog and mailing groups - my NYU class lists, and my 'real jobs,' as well. Nice to see some new faces, er, usernames here.
I'll be traveling a bit, again, in the spring for the launch of the paperback of my book. And I'll be sure to list the dates here at Open Source Judaism. But, please remember: this site isn't mine, it's yours.

145. CCAR - Statement Of Principles - Adopted 5/26/99
A Statement of Principles for Reform judaism. Adopted at the 1999 Pittsburgh Convention. Central Conference of American Rabbis. May
A Statement of Principles for Reform Judaism Adopted at the 1999 Pittsburgh Convention Central Conference of American Rabbis May 1999 - Sivan 5759 See Commentary on the Principles for Reform Judaism Preamble
On three occasions during the last century and a half, the Reform rabbinate has adopted comprehensive statements to help guide the thought and practice of our movement. In 1885, fifteen rabbis issued the Pittsburgh Platform , a set of guidelines that defined Reform Judaism for the next fifty years. A revised statement of principles, the Columbus Platform , was adopted by the Central Conference of American Rabbis in 1937. A third set of rabbinic guidelines, the Centenary Perspective , appeared in 1976 on the occasion of the centenary of the Union of American Hebrew Congregations and the Hebrew Union College-Jewish Institute of Religion. Today, when so many individuals are striving for religious meaning, moral purpose and a sense of community, we believe it is our obligation as rabbis once again to state a set of principles that define Reform Judaism in our own time. Throughout our history, we Jews have remained firmly rooted in Jewish tradition, even as we have learned much from our encounters with other cultures. The great contribution of Reform Judaism is that it has enabled the Jewish people to introduce innovation while preserving tradition, to embrace diversity while asserting commonality, to affirm beliefs without rejecting those who doubt, and to bring faith to sacred texts without sacrificing critical scholarship.

146. Israel And Judaism
Eulogizes a man of courage and conviction, born in a Polish ghetto, died in Jerusalem, who blazed a scholarly trail with radical writings on the reactionary character of Zionism and Talmudic judaism.
Archives 1982-1999
breadCrumbs("",">","index.htm","None","None","None","0"); October 2001, page 71 Israel and Judaism
By Allan C. Brownfeld This writer first met Israel Shahak on a visit to Jerusalem in 1973. We kept in contact ever since, meeting when he visited the United States. He wrote a number of very thoughtful articles for Issues, a journal which I edit. In many ways, Shahak was a victim of history who tried to learn from his own experience and apply what he learned to others. A Holocaust survivor, he preferred to emphasize his opposition to racism and oppression in any form and in any country. After being liberated from the Bergen-Belsen concentration camp in 1945, Shahak and his mother emigrated to British Mandate Palestine. He went on to have a distinguished career as a professor of chemistry at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, and was repeatedly voted as the most admired teacher by students. While American newspapers, both Jewish and general, completely ignored the death of Israel Shahak, a July 6 obituary in

147. FIU Libraries Judaism Internet Resources
Internet Resources for the Study of judaism. Below is a collection of internet resources designed Other Internet Resources in judaism.

Internet Resources
for the Study
of Judaism
Below is a collection of internet resources designed to support
the academic study of Judaism.
General and Reference Materials

148. Articles & Guest Papers
A collection of essays and guest papers explaining varying aspects of Messianic judaism.
These papers are posted here to present the varying opinions on the Two Houses of Israel, Hebraic Roots, Torah, etc. Etz Chayim-Tree of Life may not totally agree with everything that is in these papers but we want to provide our visitors with as much information as we can. We leave it up to our readers to make up their minds. Please note that some of these articles are linked on outside websites. Erev Shabbat Siddur (PDF) used at Etz-Chayim-Tree of Life Shabbat Siddur (PDF) used at Etz-Chayim-Tree of Life Passover Haggadah (PDF) used at Etz-Chayim-Tree of Life (by Gregg Killian, edited by Rav Mordechai Silver)

judaism in Musicjudaism in Music. By Richard Wagner. 1850. Translated by William Ashton Ellis. Estimated reading time between 24 and 41 minutes. 79 judaism in Music. (01)

150. Personality
Founder of American Jewish Alternatives to Zionism, who believed that Zionism conflicts with the values of judaism and democracy.
Archives 1982-1999 breadCrumbs("",">","index.htm","None","None","None","0"); October 1996, pg. 12 Personality
A Spokesman For Justice: A Tribute to Rabbi Elmer Berger
by Grace Halsell
Why, I asked one of the earliest and most vocal of the anti-Zionists, Rabbi Elmer Berger, do so many American Jews give their total support, including tax-free dollars, to Israel, yet prefer to stay in the United States?
influence is something else. The sheer mass of Zionist handouts does ‘influence’ the American media.” He mentioned that much of the early Zionist propaganda convinced many Americans that Arabs were lazy while “strong, industrious Jews had made the desert bloom.” As regards Menachem Begin, “There was a flood of news stories whitewashing the former ‘terrorist’ and pressing upon his brow the laurel wreath of ‘statesman.’ The cumulative effect of all the releases contributes to the mind-set of the American people." Concerning The New York Times Once, Berger related, he and other anti-Zionist Jewish leaders sought an interview with the Jewish owners of the

151. SoYouWanna Convert To Judaism?
But before you choose to join the party, consider this converting from one religion to another is always a big step, but converting to judaism is different
SYW convert to Mormonism?
SYW learn the basics of Greek mythology?

SYW learn the basics of yoga?

So you want to become Jewish? Well, you're not alone. While there are about 5.6 million Jews in America (representing roughly 1.5% of the population), over 200,000 of them are converts. But before you choose to join the party, consider this: converting from one religion to another is always a big step, but converting to Judaism is different; you're not joining a religion, you're joining a culture. Because of the history of anti-Semitism, the Jewish community is a tight-knit group, connected on many levels above and beyond the technicalities of religious beliefs and practices. So read below, and learn all there is to becoming a FOWA (Friend of Woody Allen). One last thing: conversion is a serious thing, and even though we've woven in some witty asides in this article, you should approach this matter with the level of seriousness befitting a spiritual conversion. Sound like a stupid piece of advice? Well it's not. There are many good reasons to become Jewish, but those reasons do NOT include:

Web portal with news and information on judaism.
window.location=""; Click here to enter site

153. NJOP And Crash Course In Judaism
audio classes The National Jewish Outreach Program and present Crash Course in Basic judaism. by Rabbi Ephraim Buchwald.
Thanking Hashem for his kindness, we offer these audio classes:
The National Jewish Outreach Program and present:
Crash Course in Basic Judaism
by Rabbi Ephraim Buchwald
All these sounds are in "Real Audio" sound format. You will need free real audio software to listen. Number in parenthesis is number of minutes in class. Click this for Real Audio Player Download instructions If you want to do a straight download without real audio streaming click the "d" next to the class. Straght download is only for people behind firewalls or people with high speed connections. You can also use it if our real audio server is busy. Once you have downloaded the software, and installed the player, click on the class of your choice.
It also helps to have a Bible at hand when you listen to the class. Each class is about an hour long. No prior knowledge of Hebrew is necessary.
Belief In God d See a transcipt of the class with an audio option
Belief in God is the most popular class that has run on the internet..
Prayer d Look further on the page for a Prayer Video
The Sabbath d
Jewish Observance ...
3 HOUR Video !

154. The Nazarite Site
Intro to Nazarene judaism and the Vow of the Nazarite. Includes articles and links
The Nazarite Site
(John 14-6, Acts 9:2; 19:23; 22:4; 24:5; 24:14; 24:22)
"But the hour is coming, and now is, when the
true worshippers shall worship the Father in spirit and truth,
for the Father also does seek such to worship Him.
ISR Yohanan 4:23

155. Western Religions And Cults / >JUDAISM... CHRISTIANITY... ISLAM.
judaism. See Art Gallery. judaism Symbols, Abraham, Population. BELIEFS God, Humanity, The Messiah , On Earth, Afterdeath, Creed.
Judaism See Art Gallery
Symbols, Abraham, Population.
God, Humanity, The "Messiah", On Earth, After-death, Creed.

- Before Christ: The Ark, The Great Miracle to Come, sacrifices.
- After Christ: No sacrifice, No Priests, Rabbinic Judaism, Synagogue, Home.
- Practices today.
- Festivals, Jewish Calendar.
Torah, Tanakh, Talmud.

- Patriarchs, Egypt, Judges, Kings, Prophets. - Exile, Ark Lost, Synagogue, Hellenism. - The Times of Jesus of Nazareth. - After Jesus, Diaspora, Persecutions. THE FUTURE of Judaism. BRANCHES: 1- Before Christ: Sadducees, Pharisees, Herodians, Zealots, Publicans... 2- After Christ: - Rabbinic, Sephardim, Ashkenazim, Mysticism, Gnosticism, Kabbala, Hasidism, Haskala... - America: Orthodox, Reformed, Conservative... - Israel: Zionism, Sephardim, Orthodox... - "Jews for Jesus" Movement. HOME
E-Mail to: Dr. Domínguez Last update: Friday, June 18, 1999

156. Zion
A Synagogue that acknowledges the basic tenets of judaism while maintaining the belief that Yeshua (Jesus) is the Messiah. Includes schedule, and meeting times and place, with links to messianic music and resources.
Zion - Austin, TX Info Y TZION.ORG Y Teachings Search Articles Holidays ... Torah Schedule
Welcome to ZION Messianic Congregation of Austin, Texas New - Watch Us Grow! New Article
Tithes and Offerings
Coming Soon; CDs, DVDs,
Judaica and Books at the
Make a tax deductible
Contribution to Zion
Texas Messianic Groups

Oklahoma Messianic Groups
Middle East Info This Month Torah Schedule Gentiles and Torah News Letter Holy Day Service Shavuot - Sat, May 29th 6:00PM - Everyone Welcome Site Information
We are one of the rated by the Messianic Bureau International Site Feedback
- Messianic Yeshiva Equipping Leaders

157. ThinkQuest : Library : A Bow Of The Head: A Look At The Different Religions Of T
judaism Introduction. _, _, intro.jpg (5228 bytes), Introduction judaism is the religious culture of the Jewish People and is one of the world s oldest religions.
Index Religions
A Bow of the Head: A Look at the Different Religions of the World
"A Bow of the Head" is about the five religions with the largest number of followers in the world today. The site provides a general introduction to each religion and defines major concepts. It does not attempt to convert anyone to another way of belief or to another religion. The site has been developed to encourage people of all ages to learn about these religions and to show respect for them all. A viewer can learn more about any of these religions by following the additional links provided. This site can be an appropriate resource for anyone wanting to know of sources of information about these religions. Visit Site 1999 ThinkQuest Internet Challenge Languages English Students Ian Cleveland High School, Seattle, WA, United States ANDY Cleveland High School, SEATTLE, WA, United States Royce Mercer Island High School, Mercer Island, WA, United States Coaches Dave University of Washington, Seattle, WA, United States Byron University of Washington, Seattle, WA, United States

158. WorldWide JewishWeb - Your Resource For The WorldWide Jewish Community
A comprehensive listing of judaism, with real estate, personals, and restaurant guides.

About Us



Contact Us



BatMitzvahGuide ... Voices for Israel Free coupons to Judaica About Us Home About Us Thank you for logging on to the WorldWide JewishWeb. I am Raphi Salem and I have created this site in order to share my personal thoughts about Judaism and experiences as a young Jewish person living in the United States. Though I live in New York right now, I have lived in Boston for 1 year, Israel for over 5 years, Queens, NY for about 3, and grew up on Long Island. Click here for more... Newsletter Subscribe Unsubscribe Upcoming events: Every month we organize FREE morning business networking meetings. Tap into the Jewish community through the J2J Network click here 1. J2J Membership 2. JOB Opportunities - Did you know that the J2J Network sends out Weekly Job Postings? 3. Internships and College Network - Does your company want an intern for the fall?

Outstanding are sections on Paul and the Gospels, on concurrent corresponding changes in judaism. ORIGIN OF CHRISTIANITY and judaism WHAT ACTUALLY HAPPENED,.
by Manfred Davidmann
ISBN 85192 051 9 Second Edition 1994
In ORIGIN OF CHRISTIANITY and JUDAISM, Manfred Davidmann proves what Jesus really taught: The social laws of the Torah have to be followed. These social laws guarantee equality, social justice and security, and a good life for all members of the community. These laws protect people from exploitation, oppression and enslavement through need. Early Christians, being mostly Jews, followed these laws. Manfred Davidmann then proves how these essential social laws of the Torah were bypassed and ceased to be observed, in Judaism and in Christianity at the same time. He describes and proves how Paul changed what Jesus had taught, how Paul's ideology serves the establishment instead of the people, and how this became Christianity's official doctrine. On the other hand Manfred Davidmann shows that the Talmud (especially the Mishnah) tells how Hillel changed Judaism in the same way, to what it is today. The Dead Sea Scrolls, within the context of the findings reported here, become much more meaningful. In turn, the knowledge gained from them is part of the pattern of events recorded here for the first time.

160. Middle East Studies - Judaism
WWW Virtual Library. Department home. judaism. Articles on judaism (Eliezer Segal) Mostly published in the newspapers The Jewish Star and The Jewish Free Press.
Middle East Studies
Internet Resources
Mideast Studies Email:
Middle East Studies Internet Resources home WWW Virtual Library ... Department home

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