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         Judaism:     more books (100)
  1. The makers and teachers of Judaism: from the fall of Jerusalem to the death of Herod the Great by Charles Foster Kent, 2010-08-08
  2. Judaism for Beginners (Beginners Series) by Charles Szlakmann, 1990-09
  3. The Destructive Power of Religion: Violence in Judaism, Christianity, and Islam
  4. Judaism: Between Yesterday and Tomorrow by Hans Kng, 1995-04-01
  5. The New Testament and Rabbinic Judaism by David Daube, 1994-11-01
  6. Seeing Judaism Anew: Christianity's Sacred Obligation by Mary C. Boys, 2005-03-31
  7. The Legend of the Middle Ages: Philosophical Explorations of Medieval Christianity, Judaism, and Islam by Remi Brague, 2009-04-15
  8. Time and Process in Ancient Judaism by Sacha Stern, 2007-01-10
  9. What Is Judaism?: An Interpretation for the Present Age (Library of Jewish Philosophy) by Emil L. Fackenheim, 1999-12
  10. Early Judaism: Religious Worlds of the First Judaic Millennium (Studies and Texts in Jewish History and Culture) by Martin S. Jaffee, 2005-12
  11. Judaism from Cyrus to Hadrian by Lester L. Grabbe, 1992-06
  12. Judaism in Practice: From the Middle Ages through the Early Modern Period.
  13. Judaism: Practice and Belief by E. P. Sanders, 1992-02-01
  14. Basic Judaism for Young People: Israel (Basic Judaism for Young People Vol. 1) by Cynthia F. Reich, Naomi E. Pasachoff, et all 1996-10

121. HISTORICAL CHART - Time-line For The History Of Judaism
HISTORICAL CHART. TimeLine for the History of judaism. Adopted ca. 2000-587 BCE. judaism after the Babylonian Exile ca. 538 BCE-70 CE.
Time-Line for the History of Judaism
Adopted from the University of Pennsylvania course
Religious Studies 014 (R. Kraft, revised Jan 1993)
Much of this material is drawn from the charts in the introductory textbooks by Sigel, Neusner, Denny and Peters.
Back to RST23 homepage and its links.
This page was designed by Koala Net Individuals whose birth dates are known are placed on the chart at approximately the time they would be 30 years old. BCE means "before the common era" (= Christian "BC" notation). CE means "of the common era" (= Christian "AD" notation). Tip: The Dawn of "History" as we know it (Sumer, Egypt): [ca. 3000 BCE] Context of Ancient Israelite religion: [ca. 2000-587 BCE] Judaism after the Babylonian Exile: [ca. 538 BCE-70 CE] Early Christian Period of Development: [30-311 CE] Rabbinic Jewish Period of Talmud Development: [70-400/600 CE] "Medieval" Period in the West: [ca. 600-1500]
Further Transitions and Rebuilding of Political Islam: Islamic Political Dominance as far East as India: [ca. 1500-1920]

122. B'or Ha'Torah - Jewish English-language Journal
For scientists, artists, teachers, philosophers, and students. judaism and science, evolution, Bible codes, Jewish medical ethics, the Jewish woman and modern life, quantum physics and Jewish Philosophy.
Search B'Or HaTorah
B'OR HA'TORAH is an English-language journal for wondering Jews, scientists, artists, teachers, and students. It examines personal and intellectual concerns through the microscope and telescope of the scientist; the algorithm of the mathematician; the discourse of the philosopher; the imagery of the artist, poet, and photographer; and the tested faith and learning of the Torah-observant Jew. New volume!
B'OR HA'TORAH 14E (2004)
Click here
to view the Table of Contents, Abstracts, and Authors' Biographies of the new volume B’OR HA’TORAH 14E (2004) Click here to order at a reduced price -
$15 per copy, including airmail
Order 4 copies and receive 1 free!

123. Virtual Jerusalem - The Place Where Jews Click - Judaism Channel
Join an online Jewish community with news and information on judaism and Israel at Virtual Jerusalem, your new home on the web. VJ Home,
VJ Hotlinks
WHY and WHEN do we Fast?

Weekly Portion
The Streams of Judaism
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Keys to Judaism

Ask the Rabbis
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124. Virtual Jerusalem - The Place Where Jews Click - Judaism Channel
Join an online Jewish community with news and information on judaism and Israel at Virtual Jerusalem, your new home on the web.
VJ Hotlinks
WHY and WHEN do we Fast?

Weekly Portion
The Streams of Judaism
Send a Prayer

Jewish Holidays

Greeting Cards

Keys to Judaism

Ask the Rabbis
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NEW KOSHERLAMP™ INVENTION DAZZLES SABBATH-OBSERVANT JEWS more... The midrash rounds out the biblical figures Abraham and Sarah The Bible offers few details about its characters' backgrounds and motivations. That's where midrash comes in; one of the functions of this genre of rabbinic literature is to flesh out the characters of the Bible. more... Israel's president reflects on the meaning behind journalist Daniel Pearl's last words In the winter of 2002, the world was shocked by the brutal kidnap and murder of Wall Street Journal reporter Daniel Pearl by terrorists in Pakistan. Pearl's final words"My father is Jewish, my mother is Jewish, I am Jewish"inspired his parents to compile a book in which prominent Jews reflected in these words. more... Overview: Jewish Views on Non-marital Sex Judaism’s attitude toward non-marital sex is intriguing. The Torah does not outlaw it—as it does many other types of sexual relationships—and the child of such a union is not considered a mamzer (illegitimate). more >> New Rituals: Continuity, Tradition, and Authenticity

125. Explore, Discover & Beconvinced!
About Islam, Christianity, judaism, Islam And Science, Women In Islam and Christianity, Muslims, chat, and radio. Astronomy.

126. Judaism For Beginners
judaism for Beginners written by Pamela Granovetter of Netanya, Israel Which of the following do you believe The world created
Judaism for Beginners
written by Pamela Granovetter of Netanya, Israel Which of the following do you believe:
  • The world created itself, or was created by a higher power that created and then abandoned its own handiwork. We are, therefore, on our own. Justice is a hit-and-miss proposition, and life is random and based on luck.
  • The world was created by God. God created the world for a reason. He is interested in everything that goes on, and, with a "Mind" like an infinite computer, He knows what each individual person is doing, feeling and even thinking. God communicates with us if we know how to "hear" Him. In order to make our lives richer and fuller, God gave us a handbook for life, which is called the "Torah" (the Five Books of Moses). For those who believe in above and have no doubt about it, and no interest in discussing the matter, I wish you the best of luck and as painless a life as possible. For those who believe in above, or who have no firm opinion yet, or who believe in above but are willing to entertain other philosophies, please stay tuned. I would like to share my Torah learning with you, right from the beginning of the book (Genesis). We will discover that the Torah proves the existence of God and specifically tells us what God expects us to do and why. In addition, the Torah provides a behavior code that will enhance our lives - no matter how happy we are already - and gives us a spiritual identity, peace of mind, and tranquillity. By adhering to God's behavior code as best we can (and no one can do it all), we will not only improve our lives as individuals, but we will improve the entire world. In addition, we will have a better understanding of the world as it is today, and of world history.
  • 127. Judaism FAQs
    judaism FAQs,, Recommend This Group to a Friend. Welcome to the judaism FAQs home page! This is a place
    var nEditorialCatId = 277; MSN Home My MSN Hotmail Shopping ... Money Web Search: document.write(''); Groups Groups Home My Groups Language ... Help Judaism FAQs What's New Join Now Message Board Pictures ... Recommend This Group to a Friend Welcome to the Judaism FAQs home page! This is a place for both Jews and gentiles to learn more about Jewish theology and philosophy. It also is the home of the . Just click on any of the links below to bring you to the desired section. Please feel free to join this website as a member and post on the message board, or e-mail me to say "Hi". Note that due to massive incomptence and irresponsibility from the Microsoft Corporation, this website is not properly functioning. Many of the weblinks are down, and cannot be repaired. Some parts of the website are undergoin what repairs I can make, as you read this. Sometime in the next few months I will be forced to move this website to another server, as the Microsoft Corporation has proven itself unrelibale. (This is also true of many other people's websites on MSN communities.) Jewish principles of faith The Jewish denominations Jewish views of God Revelation and Torah How does God communicate with mankind? In what way is the Torah divine?

    128. Web Site 3
    Nazarene judaism Congregation of Redding, Pa. Books, Articles, Audio and Email Teachings of Rabbi Mikhae'l Calpino. Member of Messianic Israel Association.
    and Religion

    Does the renaissance man exist today? Technically, no. Our knowledge has become to vast for anyone to know even one subject, particularly in the sciences, very well. In the general sense, yes, the Renaissance man can exist because the Renaissance man knows how to live. He is not so fixated on future accomplishment that he cannot enjoy each moment to the fullest. He sees beauty in everything God has made. He can appreciate literature or deep theology and he can work with his hands. He can speak intelligently on many subjects and has gotten his hands dirty in quite a few. This is life. filling every moment with meaning, enjoying the time we have on this earth.
    We are all on a journey, walking through life. Some people put blinders on and stride toward some perceived goal only to be disappointed in the end. Some just plop down in front of the TV and go nowhere. The Renaissance man strolls along, smelling the flowers, stopping to talk to people he meets on the way, enjoying the scenery. This site is a description of some of my journey. You are welcome to walk along for a time, even if it is just in cyberspace. Find something that interests you at the moment, read and think. If I cause you to ponder, to think about something from a different angle or even just to pause in your busy day and find some way to appreciate being alive, I will feel that this effort will have meaning. Family Politics Sailing Ham radio ... E-mail Language is limited, whereas the truth is inexhaustible. If you want to use language to explain the truth, the more you say, the farther away you will be.

    129. Judaism
    judaism. The religion of judaism cannot be separated from the history of its people. judaism is a strongly Earthed focused religion.
    The religion of Judaism cannot be separated from the history of its people. The founder was the first great Jewish prophet, Abraham (who some books mention was ascended master El Morya). Abraham's teacher was the great spiritual master, Melchizedek. The two greatest prophets of the Jewish religion were Abraham and Moses (who was Zoroaster). The God of Abraham was called El Shaddai. The God of Moses was called YHAH"I Am That I Am". In Hebrew this is pronounced Ehyeh Asher Ehyeh. Transloators of the bible later changed it to Jehovah, which was not really an accurate translation. Another name for God was used in the Old Testament was Elohim. The Elohim are the creator Gods who helped God create the universe. Judaism is a strongly Earthed focused religion. It is more concerned with this life than the afterlife. The main focus is that of ethics and doing God's will. The heart of the Jewish religious is set down in the Torah, which is the five books of Moses. Jusaism also relies on the Talmud which sets down teachings, legends, and laws by which the Jewish people are to live. The cocnept of doing good deeds is called "mitzvah". Judaism sees man as having free will and being constantly faced with the choice bewteen good and evil.

    130. Islam - The Modern Religion..Click The Moon To Step Inside...
    Contains links to interesting comparative pages between Islam and mostly Christianity. Did Jesus pray like a muslim? Islam and The Ten Commandments; Women in Islam, Christianity and judaism; so on and so on.

    Islam - The Modern Religion or Q-News

    131. 4Anything Network /
    Discover how to get involved in judaism, its beliefs and traditions.
    Thank you for visiting the 4Anything Network, please visit our Voice and Video chat service at
    "4Anything Network", "", the "4" in the searchlight beam design, and the "LIvVE" logo design are trademarks of, Inc.

    132. Judaism
    judaism. judaism is the oldest of the monotheistic faiths. Related content from HighBeam Research on judaism. A Restatement of judaism.
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      Judaism is the oldest of the monotheistic faiths. It affirms the existence of one God, Yahweh, who entered into covenant with the descendants of Abraham, God's chosen people. Judaism's holy writings reveal how God has been present with them throughout their history. These writings are known as the Torah, specifically the five books of Moses, but most broadly conceived as the Hebrew Scriptures (traditionally called the Old Testament by Christians) and the compilation of oral tradition known as the Talmud (which includes the Mishnah, the oral law). According to Scripture, the Hebrew patriarch Abraham (20th century? B.C. ) founded the faith that would become known as Judaism. He obeyed the call of God to depart northern Mesopotamia and travel to Canaan. God promised to bless his descendants if they remained faithful in worship. Abraham's line descended through Isaac, then Jacob (also called Israel; his descendants came to be called Israelites). According to Scripture, 12 families that descended from Jacob migrated to Egypt, where they were enslaved. They were led out of bondage (13th century? B.C.

    Nazarene judaism Synagogue of North Branch MI. Teachings and links.
    var cm_role = "live" var cm_host = "" var cm_taxid = "/memberembedded"
    Welcomes You.....
    "IT IS BETTER TO LIGHT EVEN ONE CANDLE THAN TO CURSE THE DARKNESS..." Malkaynu Shuvah is a Hebrew expression meaning, "Our King is Returning." We are a teaching work committed to bringing the Basar (gospel) and Y'shua (commonly and erroneously known by the english word, "Jesus") Mashiach (Messiah) to the Whole House of Israel and Gentile people everywhere, especially in the mid-Michigan area. This ministry is dedicated to Scriptural study and teaching for the purpose of restoring the "Faith once delivered..." to the House of Judah and the House of Israel, while proclaiming that Basar to all whom YHWH is calling. We are also pledged to conveying a deeper understanding of the Hebrew roots of the Faith to Believers everywhere. We strive to discover and reveal the truth about religionists and "churchianity" which historically have ignored and/or concealed important Scriptural truths. Widely accepted "doctrines" are quite often church-traditions rather than genuine Scriptural teachings. Far too many of the cherished notions of churchianity are scripturally unsound. They developed through the centuries from human error, human custom, and pagan assimilation. The "church" likes to refer to itself as "Judeo-Christian" when, in fact, the honest label is "Christo-Pagan." The clear and obvious realities of Scripture differ widely from the doctrines, practices and beliefs of "churchianity". Any student of Scripture, who is being led by the Ruach HaKodesh (H-ly Spirit), will recognize that the Messiah of Scripture is NOT the Anglicized Greco-Roman "Jeezuz" of churchianity!!

    134. Judaism

    135. Torah Judaism And The State Of Israel
    An ideological analysis of the position of Torah judaism in respect to Zionism and the State of Israel, originally published in 1961. Author Uriel Zimmer. Complete text online.
    by Uriel Zimmer Jewish Post Publications

    An ideological analysis of the position of Torah Judaism in respect to Zionism and the State of Israel
    ... Continue Index:

    judaism. At the present day A brief account of judaism thus understood may be given under the following heads (1) judaism before the
    Home Encyclopedia Summa Fathers ... J > Judaism A B C D ... Z
    At the present day, the term designates the religious communion which survived the destruction of the Jewish nation by the Assyrians and the Babylonians . A brief account of Judaism thus understood may be given under the following heads: (1) Judaism before the Christian Era;
    (2) Judaism and Early Christianity;
    (3) Judaism since A.D. 70;
    (4) Judaism and Church Legislation. I. JUDAISM BEFORE THE CHRISTIAN ERA Upon the return from Babylon (538 B.C.), Juda was conscious of having inherited the religion of pre-Exile Israel . It was that religion which had prompted the exiles to return to the land promised by Yahweh to their ancestors, and they were now determined to maintain it in its purity. From the Captivity they had learned that in His justice, God had punished their sins by delivering them into the power of pagan nations, as the Prophets of old had repeatedly announced; and that in His love for the people of His choice, the same God had brought them back, as Isaias (40-46) had particularly foretold. Thence they naturally drew the conclusion that, cost what it may, they must prove faithful to Yahweh , so as to avert a like punishment in the future. The same conclusion was also brought home to them, when some time after the completion of the Temple, Esdras solemnly read the Law in their hearing. This reading placed distinctly before their minds the unique position of their race among the nations of the world. The Creator of heaven and earth, in His mercy towards fallen man (Genesis 1-3), had made a covenant with their father Abraham, in virtue of which his seed, and in his seed all the peoples of the earth, should be blessed (Genesis 12, 18; II Esdras 9). From that time forth, He had watched over them with jealous care. The other nations, once fallen into idolatry, He had allowed to grovel amid their impure rites; but He had dealt differently with the

    137. Religion And Spirituality : Judaism Reviews And Prices
    Mish Mash is fast becoming one of the largest Jewish link launchers on the web. We currently have 10,000+ links to all thing Jewish worldwide in over 200 categories.

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    138. Kafka And Judaism
    Kafka and judaism. Kafka was born a Jew and remained a Jew all his life, although he frequently tried to play down judaism s influence on him.
    web hosting domain names email addresses God doesn't want me to write. But I have no choice. —Franz Kafka Despite all his denials and beautiful evasions, [Kafka] quite simply is Jewish writing. —Harold Bloom, The Western Canon Kafka and Judaism             Kafka was born a Jew and remained a Jew all his life, although he frequently tried to play down Judaism's influence on him.  "What do I have in common with the Jews?" he asked in his diary.  "I don't have anything in common with myself, and would be content to stand quietly alone in a corner, satisfied that I can breathe."  Nevertheless, his friends were almost all Jewish, as were all but a couple of his girlfriends.  Judaism plays a key though usually hidden role in many of his stories, such as in "Josephine the Singer, or the Mouse Folk," the "mouse folk" presumably being the Jews, who are depicted as widely scattered, hard-working, facing great dangers they always manage to overcome, and, interestingly, unartistic.             For centuries Jews had been living in the old ghetto in Prague, the Josefstadt, which had been one of the most important in Europe.  By the 19th century most German Jews had decided to assimilate themselves to the prevailing culture around them, hoping that in this way they would no longer be seen as "outsiders" and hence would gain rights traditionally denied to them.  They dropped the old clothes,  the "exotic" behaviors, and the use of Yiddish.  This proved successful in gaining them emancipation, which was completed in 1860, but along the way much of the centuries-old heritage and traditions were lost.   Eastern Jews, the

    139. Affirming Messianic Judaism: Light Of Mashiach!
    Messianic judaism ministry, that believes all are grafted into Israel. Includes articles on Holidays and the Jewish roots of the faith.
    Light of Mashiach! Torah Observant Messianic Judaism
    Messianic Judaism Articles:

  • About Messianic Judaism
  • Statement Of Faith
  • "We're NOT JewsForJesus"
  • Messianic Judaism Glossary ... AYS
    Exploring Mashiach:
  • Suffering Servant-Isaiah 52-53
  • Messianic Prophecies
  • The Rabbinic Mashiach
  • Shepherd = G-d or Mashiach? ...
  • "Almah" and Isaiah 7:14

    (read online or download)
    Hebrew Names Version
    Orthodox Brit Chadasha Restored Name KJV "For we preach not ourselves, but Yeshua HaMashiach our Lord; and ourselves your servants for Yeshua's sake. For God, who commanded the light to shine out of the darkness, has shined in our hearts, giving the light of the knowledge of the glory of God in the face of Yeshua HaMashiach." 2 Corinthians 4:5,6
    Shalom Aleichem!
  • Should Gentiles Follow Torah?
  • Kosher - Biblical Argument
  • Sabbath Not Sunday
  • Circumcision ...
  • Following Him Women:
  • Role Of Women
  • Niddah
  • Headcovering
  • Abortion Search This Site This Site The Web Get your own Search Engine Midi Player: "El Shaddai" (lyrics) Beit Midrash:
  • Pashat: Literal Interpretation
  • Rom 7: Die to Torah or Law of Sin?
  • 140. Orthodox Anti-Zionism
    Short article on the religious basis of opposition to Zionism within ultraOrthodox judaism.
    Orthodox Anti-Zionism
    Rabbi Amram Blau Until the Nazi Holocaust, much of the Orthodoxy was antagonistic to the Zionist aspiration of establishing a national home for the Jewish people in the Land of Israel. In large measure this opposition was less to Zionism itself than to the Zionists, for most of the Zionist activists were secularists who rejected the traditional authority of the Rabbis in favour of "foreign" ideologies such as socialism and nationalism. Zionism constituted a serious threat to the traditional religious power structure. The issue was felt more urgently in Palestine itself, where the "old Yishuv " (settlement) A Scene from the "Old Yishuv lived unproductively off the donations of Diaspora Jews, whereas the Zionist settlers were calling for the Jews to be self-supporting and to involve themselves in economically productive manual labour. As a theological justification for their position, they cite various Rabbinic traditions that forbid the hastening of the Redemption. The most intransigent and extreme of the Orthodox anti-Zionist parties is the Naturei Karta movement, a small but vocal organization that broke off from

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