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  1. Italian Humanism by Eugenio Garin, 1976-01-20

141. The Page Of Reason -- Arguments For Humanism, Reason, Science, Atheism And Socia
Arguments for atheism and humanism, quotes, music, thoughts, essays, books, and philosophy.

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"I contend that we are both atheists. I just believe in one fewer god than you do. When you understand why you dismiss all the other possible gods, you will understand why I dismiss yours." Stephen Roberts
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142. And The War Was About Theology, Too - By Al Benson Jr. - Sierra
Essay by Al Benson Jr. claiming that the leaders of War of Northern Aggression were Unitarians who in in fact were pursuing a religious warof secular humanism (ideological liberalism) against Christianity in America, using the South as their battleground.
Tuesday June 01, 2004 - 10:15:42 PM, PDT
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143. Religious Humanism
What on Earth is religious humanism? David Boulton, editor of SOF magazine, introduced the Conference on Religious humanism with this overview. humanism.htm
What on Earth is religious humanism?
David Boulton, editor of SOF magazine, introduced the Conference on Religious Humanism with this overview. Our theme is "religious humanism". We might have thought of a catchier title - perhaps the line in our advertisements about religion acquiring a taste for secular intercourse. But "religious humanism" it is. So - what on Earth is it? Is it any more than an historical oddity, embedded in the dry bones of 19th-century "ethical societies", religions of humanity and socialist Sunday schools? Is it still alive and well in postmodernity, and if so, where is it hiding? Can it speak to our 21st-century condition? What is religious about it? What is humanist about it? And what can we do with it?
Two years later, in 1993, Anthony Freeman published his book God in Us , a popular exposition of Sea of Faith thinking which he subtitled The Case for Christian Humanism . I have long suspected that what really scandalised the bishops and led them to cry "Crucify him! Crucify him!" was not Anthony's blunt refusal to pretend that he believed in a celestial Big Brother but his open use of the dreaded H-word. Humanism, to the noble army of mitres, is the antithesis of religion. Christian humanism is to them the ultimate oxymoron. The H-word on the title-page of a book by a licensed priest has, to Church fathers, much the same effect as the F-word would have on the masthead of the Mothers' Union journal.

144. Voice Of ReasonSecular Humanists Of Baton Rouge
Baton Rouge group associated with the Council for Secular humanism. Articles, essays, editorials and other information on secular humanism.

145. THE WAY TO PEACE: Erasmus And Humanism By Sanderson Beck
Beck home. This webpage has been upgraded. For the revised version, please click on Erasmus and Anabaptists. Erasmus and humanism.
Beck home
This webpage has been upgraded.
For the revised version, please click on:
Erasmus and Anabaptists
Erasmus and Humanism
"Peace is the highest good
to which even the lovers of the world
turn all their efforts."
"Our wars, for the most part,
proceed either from ambition, from anger and malice,
from the mere wantonness of unbridled power,
or from some other mental distemper."
"And so at last shall appear, how great madness it is,
with so great tumult, with so great labors, with such intolerable expenses, with so many calamities, affectionately to desire war: whereas agreement might be bought with far less price." Erasmus Erasmus lived and traveled in various places in Europe and became a great cosmopolitan man. His constitution was very sensitive, and he fled often from plagues and uncomfortable circumstances. He lived in the university city of Louvain, visited Renaissance Italy, spent several years in England, and resided for many years in the peaceful city of Basle. His first major work was a collection of classical quotations, Adagia.

Articles by Religious Education teacher exploring aspects of contemporary Christian humanism, theology, and philosophy at a level appropriate for Key Stages 3 and 4 and ALevel students. Includes some revision notes. An Introduction to World Religions Key Stage 4 (GCSE) A Level + Philosophy ... Email
Welcome to my website! This site is useful for all manner of religious studies student but contains an array of information for any interested reader. Although the site is largely text-based it is written in an accessible style and clarity of thought is of primary concern. This site is managed by a busy Religious Education teacher so pages are being written on an 'as-and-when' basis. New items will be added as time permits. I apologise if you cannot find what you are looking for this time. As far as possible this website explores religious, ethical and theological issues without prejudgements and bias. Where the author expresses his own opinion this is usually indicated in the text. If you have find my website useful please recommend it to others and sign my guest book. Thank you!
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147. Nyhumanist
Information about the New York City metro area Primary Ally affiliate of the Council for Secular humanism.
CFI-LI Inquirer

Rationally Speaking


Hugh Rance
Sundays 6:30 PM, WBAI FM, 99.5

HUMANISM is the philosophy of life guided by reason and science, freed from religious and secular dogmas, motivated by an appreciation of life and the lives of others, seeking to reach goals of human happiness, freedom and understanding on this earth, in this life.

148. Why UU Humanism Requires Rejecting Our Humanity
Why UU humanism Requires Rejecting Our Humanity. It is the contention of this essay that UU humanism necessarily requires the rejection of our humanity.
Why UU Humanism Requires Rejecting Our Humanity By David R. Burton This essay discusses humanist beliefs, the rise of humanism within Unitarianism, and why those beliefs require the rejection of our humanity. Introduction When we think about what it means to be human, about the things that differentiate us from inanimate objects or lower life-forms, we think about our capacity to reason, to exercise our freedom to make choices, our capacity to recognize right from wrong, our capacity to love and to create and appreciate beauty. It is these things that make us human. It is these things that constitute our humanity. It is the contention of this essay that UU humanism necessarily requires the rejection of our humanity. The humanism that is now such an integral part of Unitarian Universalism, the humanism that has marginalized Christian and other theist thinking within Unitarianism and Universalism, necessarily and logically requires the rejection of the proposition that there is such a thing as right and wrong, the denial of our ability to make choices, and necessitates the view that love and beauty are not real. It is only by embracing the reality of God that we may retain our humanity, our capacity for moral choices, for love and for the aesthetic appreciation of beauty. It is time for Unitarian Universalism to confront the fact that humanism is a moral and religious dead-end. It is time to rediscover instead the intellectual and theological roots of Unitarianism. For it is there, not the arid wasteland of humanism, that truth, insight and spiritual sustenance can be found. It is in a more traditional Unitarian understanding of our place in the Universe that we can find our humanity, not in so-called humanism. Only a God-centered Unitarianism allows us to find a fully modern religious understanding of mankind that retains our humanity.

149. KolChaim
Information on the celebration of Jewish cultural and religious traditions focusing on humanism with nontheistic values.
kol chaim,kolchaim,humanistic judaism
Welcome to the home of Humanistic Judaism in Atlanta, GA. Until this site is developed you can obtain information about activities and upcoming events by contacting Dave Savage:
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150. Society For Secular Humanists In Calgary - Home Page
Calgarian Humanist site advocates the study and promotion of Secular humanism as an alternative to religious and other supernatural belief systems.
Society for Secular Humanists in Calgary
Welcome to our Homepage

Lead a full life without gods!
Accept nothing on faith!

Entries are currently being evaluated in the SHIC's first essay contest ! Results will be made known soon, so be sure to check back often! We continue to be grateful to the Institute for Humanist Studies for kindly hosting our website and for all the help of Mary Ellen, August and, their newest addition to the team, Justin. Please continue to bring any constructive criticisms, queries, or exclamations of unbounded joy and admiration to our attention.

151. Jews For Morality
On the sociomoral issues of the day. Concerning the kulturkampf of secular humanism against Judaeo-Christian requirements for human conduct, from the standpoint of traditional Judaism.
From a Traditional Jewish Perspective
Concerning the Kulturkampf of secular humanism against Judeo-Christian civilization. A PEOPLE WHO LOSE THEIR VIRTUE WILL SOON BE DEPRIVED OF THEIR FREEDOM Uncommon Common Sense on Israel vs. Arabs
-Fred Reed,, May 10, 2004 Religion Is Essential for a Successful America
-Charley Reese,, June 1, 2004 The Selling Of Homosexuality
-Nathaniel S. Lehrman, M.D., The Jewish Press, April 21, 2004 The New Intolerance in America
-John Derbyshire,, March 24, 2004 The Aggressors in the Culture Wars
-Patrick Buchanan,, March 8, 2004 Articles ON ABORTION
-Mark Crutcher,, May 1, 2004 What We Can Learn from the Archbishop of St. Louis
"I Have a Dream"

Speech to National March for Life, Washington, D.C
-Rabbi Yehuda Levin, JfM, January 22, 2004 The Silent Holocaust in Israel Abortionists kill more children than terrorists -Rabbi Yehuda Levin

152. Untitled Document
indexindex2americasCoherence Solidarity2coherencecolombiacultureexp_of_peacehccindexhmindexkenyalinksmembers_formhmindexmonteal_photosMouvement Humaniste
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153. Civic Humanism
OCT 1 2002. Civic humanism. The term civic humanism has gained wide circulation and influence since its reception into Englishlanguage historical writing.
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Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy
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Civic Humanism
A variant of republicanism indicating active, participatory, patriotic citizenship as well as the ethos and educational ideal that goes with it. The term was coined in the context of the embattled Weimar Republic and its genesis is deeply marked by the traditions of German historical scholarship. It was first used by the historian Hans Baron to describe an upsurge of patriotic republicanism as a response to foreign aggression and despotism, informed by the revival of classical models in Renaissance Florence. This movement is also taken as a decisive turning point away from medieval ways and towards liberating modernity. No longer necessarily tied to the interpretation of particular historical periods the term became part of the vocabulary of communitarianism and more generally of ideological opposition to liberalism understood as acquisitive individualism. It remained nonetheless important for the value of civic humanism as a paradigm of politics and civil society that it not be considered a mere ideological abstraction but that it be believed to have roots in the lived experience of the English-speaking polities. Beyond this relatively circumscribed usage the concept has entered the language and is used rather loosely and mostly with positive connotations to refer to public-spirited citizenship with varying degrees of exactitude.

154. Mark Christian Jennings
Personal site with papers and outlines on topics such as Jesus as a familyhating communist, Old Testament laws, humanism, the authenticity of scripture, and common Christian misconceptions.
Hello, My name is Mark Jennings. Shirley and I have been married for ten years and have two daughters, Samantha and Martina. I work for the Seattle Fire Department and am the driver of Engine 9 D-shift. I use to be a deacon and teacher at Rochester Life Assembly. I started this page so my views and class outlines could be publicly viewed and examined. I welcome input These are some of the papers I've written in the past few years for some college courses and also to answer skeptics. 1 Peter 3:15 And also except from letters to friends to better explain myself since I can be and have been controversial . This will be a building list as they are being converted to HTML which is a time consuming process. A friend of mine suggested, judging by listening to some of my teaching, that I may be a four-point Calvinist. (The way I see it, logically, you have to accept all five points if you are going to accept any of them) I wrestled with the free-will issue a few years ago and landed on the arminian side of the debate. (More accurately Molonist.) Man is indeed free, however, every event in history is planned by God He is absolutely soveriegn. Contradiction? From an existential (man-centered perspective,) yes. But I think it is reasonable to believe that God is omnipotent by means of His omniscience. This gives God complete soveriegnty and grants man freedom but this is a long story. Anyway, one of these years, I'll be writing another paper explaining why I think man can be fully free without threatening the absolute sovereignty and providence of God.

155. Contender Ministries Apologetics, News, Forums, And Information For Christian Co
Information on Unitarian Universalism, humanism, Islam, Catholicism, freemasonry, and other groups. Also contains general apologetics and evangelism information, news resources, and forums.

The Roman Road to Salvation

All Words Any Word
Christian Apologetics A Course in Miracles Bahai ... Wicca BIBLE PROPHECY A Beginning of Global Governance - #1 in a series Prophetic Signs that we are in the End Times The Earth Charter's Spiritual Agenda - #2 in a Series The New Age Influence at the United Nations - #3 in a Series ... The Millennial Kingdom CHRISTIANITY UNDER ATTACK Christians Ordered to Renounce Their Faith in Laos Pastor arrested, church building destroyed in Zhejiang, China TERROR GROUP THREATENS TO KILL IRAQI CHRISTIANS Attacks by Militant Hindus Increasing (India) ... APOLOGETICS Reasoning with the Baha'i - Part I The Illinois Apology - The Rest of the Story The Three and Eight Witnesses on Trial Why Are They Then Baptized For The Dead? More Articles... EVANGELISM Encountering The Great Chasm How Will You Be Found? What Can I Do? Keeping the Faith...From Others (Part II) More Articles... ... More Articles...
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156. Humanism
(number of visitors since May 15 1996). A presentation of The Swedish Humanists. What is humanism? Who are the masters of humanism?
At the moment there are 3248 humanists in the world. (number of visitors since May 15 1996)
A presentation of The Swedish Humanists
What is humanism?
A humanist is of the opinion that the people themselves have to solve our problems and can't put our fath to prayers or "divine interventions". Humanism is a view of life which does not count upon any supernational phenomenon or life after death.
How many people believe in God and how many are humanists?
Less than 10 % of the Swedish people do have a christian belief. Over 60 per cent are - according to several scientific investigations - humanists.Thus, in our land that group is six times greater than the christian population.
Does a humanist have a faith?
The humanist has the opinion that we humans are obliged to to resort to each other. If we think for our selves and respect other people, we can create a better world. This, of course, demands that we take coming generations into consideration.
Who are the masters of humanism?
The tradition of ideas goes back to antique philosophers like Socrate and Seneca. Speculators like Immanuel Kant, John Stuart Mill, and Bertrand Russell have formulated a humanistic ethics. A Swede we should mention in the matter is Ingemar Hedenius. The UN declaration of human rights which is based upon the stoic Philosophy, is also a good basis for moral.
How do humanists look upon religion?

157. Anthropology And Humanism | University Of California Press
About Anthropology and humanism Anthropology and humanism, the journal of the Society for Humanistic Anthropology, is the voice of humanistic science.
Navigate our site... UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA PRESS JOURNALS: 19th-Century Music Agricultural History Asian Survey Classical Antiquity Contexts Federal Sentencing Reporter Film Quarterly Gastronomica Historical Studies in the Physical and Biological Sciences Huntington Library Quarterly Index to Foreign Legal Periodicals Journal of the American Musicological Society Journal of Musicology Journal of Palestine Studies Law and Literature Mexican Studies/Estudios Mexicanos Music Perception Music Theory Spectrum Nineteenth-Century Literature Nova Religio Oral History Review Pacific Historical Review The Public Historian Religion and American Culture Representations Rhetorica Social Problems Sociological Perspectives The Sociological Quarterly The State of California Labor Symbolic Interaction AMERICAN ANTHROPOLOGICAL ASSOCIATION JOURNALS: American Anthropologist American Ethnologist Anthropology and Education Quarterly Anthropology and Humanism Anthropology of Consciousness Anthropology of Work Review Archeological Papers of the AAA City and Society CSAS Bulletin Cultural Anthropology Ethos General Anthropology Journal of Latin American Anthropology Journal of Linguistic Anthropology Journal of the SAE Medical Anthropology Quarterly Museum Anthropology NAPA Bulletin North American Dialogue Nutritional Anthropology PoLAR Transforming Anthropology Visual Anthropology Review Voices CALIBER: Online Access To All Our Journals ELSEWHERE ON OUR WEB SITE: Main Home Page Books Home Page Journals Home Page About the Journals Division E-Editions About the Press

158. Humanists Of Georgia
Organization promoting humanism. Chapter information, membership, programs, and articles.
The Humanists of Georgia
Humanism affirms the inherent dignity and worth of every human being, and asserts that persons are responsible for the realization of their aspirations and that they have within themselves the power of achieving them. Humanism is free from any belief in the supernatural and is dedicated to the search for meaning and values for individuals on this earth through reliance on intelligence and the scientific method, democracy, and social sympathy. Humanism contends that human beings are a part of nature, that they have emerged as a result of continuous evolutionary process and that all their values religious, ethical, political and social have their source in human experience and are the product of their culture. The Humanists of Georgia is a membership organization dedicated to building a socially nurturing and intellectually stimulating Humanist community. The Humanists of Georgia strives to achieve its goals through public advocacy projects, social concerns programs, community outreach programs, and watchdog activities.
Donations Needed for Battered Women's Shelter
Humanist Newsletter Available as PDF

159. Christian Humanism - Resources For A Humanistic Christianity
An exploration of posttheistic, ethical, and relational Christian spirituality incorporating progressive values of modern humanism.
"I have come that they may have life and that they might have it more abundantly." - John 10:10 Welcome to
Index of Current Files:
  • What is Christian Humanism?
  • By and for Humankind
  • What makes it Christian?
  • Vision for the Future ...
  • A few links
    This site is a growing exploration of the increasing overlap between the values of modern humanism and the current trend in liberal Christian belief and practice toward naturalist, utilitarian Christianity. It is not affiliated with any church or organization; rather it is part of a research project into the evolution of modern Christianity by one hopeful Christian. Christian Humanism, as discussed on this website, generally denotes an ethical, relational spirituality drawing heavily from the richly vast Christian traditions and commonly emphasizing broader definitions of and experiences of "God", while incorporating many progressive values of the modern forms of humanism. Christian humanism integrates the humanistic principles of science and reason, advancement of the common good, morality grounded in human experience, equality for all classes of people, and focus on this natural world, with the Christian gospel of liberty, personal and communal transformation, care of the poor and those in need, celebration of the "sacred" within the "secular", support in community of others along the journey, and above all, boundless love. It is Christianity as an ongoing work by and for humankind; it is humanism enriched with the best of Christian heritage.
  • 160. Can Science Prove That Prayer Works?
    Skeptical article by anthropologist and biblical scholar Hector Avalos. Council for Secular humanism quarterly magazine.
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