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         Humanism:     more books (99)
  1. Making the Manifesto: The Birth of Religious Humanism by William F. Schulz, 2004-01
  2. Understanding the Times : The Story of the Biblical Christianity, Marxist Leninism, and Secular Humanism by David A. Noebel, 1991-06
  3. Toward a Marxist Humanism:Essays on the Left Today by Leszek Kolakowski, 1969
  4. Music and Humanism: An Essay in the Aesthetics of Music by R. A. Sharpe, 2000-08-10
  5. Beyond Humanism: Essays in the Philosophy of Nature by Charles Hartshorne, 1985-06
  6. Renaissance Humanism, Volume I: Foundations, Forms, and Legacy
  7. Humanism and Libraries: An Essay on the Philosophy of Librarianship by André Cossette, 2009-12-15
  8. Debating Humanism (Societas)
  9. Answering Auschwitz: Primo Levi's Science and Humanism after the Fall
  10. From Humanism to the Humanities: The Institutionalizing of the Liberal Arts in Fifteenth- and Sixteenth-century Europe by Anthony Grafton, Lisa Jardine, 1987-03-18
  11. Family Of Man 1955-2001: A Reappraisal Of The Photo Exhibition By Edward Steichen Humanism And Postmodernism (German Edition)
  12. The New Oxford History of Music: Volume IV: The Age of Humanism 1540-1630
  13. Renaissance Civic Humanism: Reappraisals and Reflections (Ideas in Context)
  14. Humanism as the Next Step by Mary Morain Lloyd Morain, 2008

121. Gay And Lesbian Humanist Association - Home Page
United Kingdom organization offering information on humanism, activities, and a magazine.
Gay and Lesbian Humanist Association
GALHA provides a voice for the many non-religious in the lesbian and gay community in the United Kingdom and elsewhere and promotes a rational humanist approach to homosexuality and to lesbian, gay and bisexual rights as human rights. NEW: Catholics Conceal Iron Fist in Velvet Glove RECENT: Selections from the current Gay and Lesbian Humanist EVENTS: See Forthcoming Events Page ... In contrast to most religions , including Christianity , Orthodox Judaism and Islam , which derive their morality from ancient 'holy' books, modern secular humanism takes an enlightened, rational approach to homosexuality , accepts the validity of lesbian and gay lifestyles, and gives unequivocal support to lesbian and gay rights If you support the humanist outlook and are lesbian, gay or bisexual, or simply want to give your moral or financial support, why not JOIN GALHA and help promote the humanist outlook and gay and lesbian rights as human rights. The pages listed below give further information about GALHA and about humanism.

122. AIDOH- Art In Defense Of Humanism
Sitemap Current Projects Result of the poll for the HC. Andersen sculpture in Odense (not AIDOH) index for documents/photos of stolen
Sitemap Current Projects
Result of the poll for the HC. Andersen sculpture in Odense (not AIDOH)

index for documents/photos of stolen sculptures

A different Christmas - on the Pillar in Acteal

Tzotzil version
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123. The Last Days Of Socrates
WKC Guthrie, The Reaction Towards humanism (The Sophists and Socrates) in The Greek Philosophers. London Methuen, 1950. We have
W. K. C. Guthrie, "The Reaction Towards Humanism" (The Sophists and Socrates)" in The Greek Philosophers . London: Methuen, 1950. physis or real nature of things was something utterly remote from the world in which we seem to live. If they were right, then the nature of the real world turned out to be of very little consequence to man, who had to deal every day with a world which was quite different. To understand this attitude, we must of course remind ourselves again of the complete absence of any experimental proof of their assertions, and also of any form of applied science. The physicist of to-day tells me equally that the desk which seems so solid under my typewriter is in fact a whirling maelstrom containing more empty space than solid matter. I may retort that I do not experience it in that way, yet I cannot turn my back on him or conclude that his view of reality is therefore of no consequence to me. We are all only too dismally aware of the practical impact which atomic science may have upon our lives. The Greek was luckier. He could and did turn his back, and it is partly at least to this circumstance that we owe some of the most profound reflections on the nature and purpose of human life. Here however there is no room to be anything but strictly selective, so after that brief reminder that important social and political factors were at work as well, I propose to concentrate on the more philosophical reasons for the change, thus ensuring at least the advantage of a more continuous thread of argument to follow. The reaction away from the investigation of

124. Progressives For Global Survival
Reprints of rare and classic books from the 19th century on atheism, freethought, humanism, and women's rights by such authors as Ingersoll, Paine, and Jefferson.
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125. MIT OpenCourseWare | Literature | 21L.708 Technologies Of Humanism, Spring 2003
21L.708 / CMS.910 Technologies of humanism, Spring 2003. Image of the Talmud and Hypertext. (Image courtesy of Daniel Bersak.). Highlights of this Course.
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This Course Advanced search Course Home Syllabus Calendar ... Technologies of Humanism, Spring 2003 21L.708 / CMS.910 Technologies of Humanism, Spring 2003 Highlights of this Course related web resources Course Description Staff Instructor:
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126. The Seeds And Roots Of Communism
A Catholic perspective on communism and humanism and the miracle of Fatima by Msgr. E.K. Fulkerson.
The Seeds and Roots of Communism By Reverend Monsignor Edward Kenyon Fulkerson a great priest in the Houston area, a true warrior for Christ the King, Eternal Rest, Grant unto them O Lord, and may Thy perpetual light shine upon them The intellectual development of the fourteenth to sixteenth centuries in Europe which sought to base all art and learning on the culture of ancient Greece and Rome is known as Humanism. Humanism opposed itself to Scholasticism, the philosophy that flourished during the Middle Ages and which is personified in St. Thomas Aquinas. Scholasticism might be defined as that spirit whereby an endeavor is made to bring into harmony faith and reason. It is a didactic method. It was Humanism that helped pave the way for the Reformation. For the symptom of the Renaissance was Humanism, and the Renaissance was in fact the precursor and then the support of the Reformation, giving license to the human self in its natural and sensible activities as Protestantism did in the spiritual order; man’s eyes were turned from God to man. The spirit of the Renaissance ruled the intellectual world until the strong reactions of Romanticism, Physical Science and neothomism in the nineteenth century. Therefore, the trend of modern history begins at the renaissance. Of course, what has happened in our modern world is wholly different from what was dreamed of by the first humanists and fathers of the Renaissance. They could hardly foresee that the consequences of their new philosophy, of their break with the spiritual depth and sense of the middle ages, of their creative initiative, would be in the nineteenth century, with its machines, its materialism and its positivism. Its socialism and its anarchism, and the twentieth century with its two world wars, and Communism.

127. Humanism And Open Education
humanism and Open Education. The dominant view is called modern or naturalistic humanism and traces its lineage to Aristotle and Socrates (Gogineni, 2000).
Humanism and Open Education Author: W. Huitt
Last modified: June 2001 Return to: The Affective System Humanism is a school of thought that believes human beings are different from other species and possess capacities not found in animals (Edwords, 1989). Humanists, therefore, give primacy to the study of human needs and interests. A central assumption is that human beings behave out of intentionality and values (Kurtz, 2000). This is in contrast to the beliefs of operant conditioning theorists who believe that all behavior is the result of the application of consequences or to the beliefs of cognitive psychologists who hold that the discovery or the making of meaning is a primary factor in human learning. Humanists also believe that it is necessary to study the person as a whole, especially as an individual grows and develops over the lifespan. The study of the self, motivation, and goal-setting are also areas of special interest. As with other approaches to learning and development that we have studied, there are a variety of viewpoints within this tradition. The dominant view is called modern or naturalistic humanism and traces its lineage to Aristotle and Socrates (Gogineni, 2000). It is defined as "a naturalistic philosophy that rejects all supernaturalism and relies primarily upon reason and science, democracy and human compassion" (Lamont, as cited in Edwords, 1989). It is thus described as anthropocentric or human-centered. There are two branches within this view: secular and religious. Advocates of a

ARTHUR CHAPPELL’S HUMANISM HOME PAGE CONTENTS PAGE LINKS TO HUMANIST WEB SITES MY PHOTO is Online at last and air your views on any points raised at this web site. Or e-mail me directly at UPDATES - For an at a glance look at the latest additions and changes go to UPDATES Introduction. I am an educated Secular Humanist, atheist, Freethinker, ex-catholic, ex-member of the Hindu meditation cult, Divine Light Mission, a published poet, writer and humorist, with a Bachelor Of Arts Honours Degree in the Humanities core subjects, Literature And Philosophy. I hope that this will be one of the most diverse, wide ranging, thought provoking, controversial, and experimental web-sites you are ever likely to come across on the Internet. A s Honorary Secretary of The Greater Manchester Humanist Group , between 1992 and 2000 and (from June 1998 to June 1999) an Executive Committee trustee of the British Humanist Association (BHA)

129. Worthington's World
Explores humanism, free will, and the concepts of reality, consciousness, and religion.
Worthington's World This website is devoted toward a possible, libertarian, multicultural society of responsible people, offering respite from early extinction which is surely our destiny if we continue on our present course. I offer a manifesto
for self-sufficient
humanism. ENTER

130. AIH - About Humanism
What is humanism? humanism is an ethical philosophy of life, based on a concern for humanity in general, and for human individuals in particular.
Home About us Humanism Ceremonies Membership Publications Hot issues ... Contact us What is Humanism? H umanism is an ethical philosophy of life, based on a concern for humanity in general, and for human individuals in particular. U ltimately, humanism is a view of life which combines reason with compassion. It is for those people who base their interpretation of existence on the evidence of the natural world and its evolution, and not on belief in a supernatural power. M ainly, this is why it is called a naturalistic life-stance. Humanism continues a tradition which has existed for over 2,500 years and which still flourishes today in many countries. A Humanist believes that the happiness of individuals and of humankind depends on people rather than on religion and dogma. N aturally, morality is the recognition that good rules for behaviour have evolved from human experience and are not the prerogative of religion. These values give us rights, freedom and dignity, but they also give us responsibility for our own lives, for helping others and working to achieve a better world. What does Humanism mean for the Individual, Society, Relationships and the World?

131. Via Dolorosa Press
A small press specializing in existentialism, humanism, and emotional introspection.
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Specializing in works of emotional suffering and pain as catharsis for those suicidally-inclined. Showcasing some of today's best small press writers.
The Path
The Cross

The Word

The News
The Mass
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Via Dolorosa Press
701 East Schaaf Road
Cleveland, Ohio
Hyacinthe L. Raven, ed.

132. Neo-Humanism: An Ecological And Spiritual Reformulation Of Humanism.
Subscribe UnSubscribe. NEO-humanism. Neo-humanism is derived from an understanding of the fundamental nature (Dharma) of human beings.
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Spiritual Philosophy

Social Philosophy

Renaissance Universal

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One of the important factors in the development of any society is a proper social outlook. In the past, entire civilizations have weakened and crumbled simply because one class or group in the society considered another to be inferior and treated them as slaves. Today one of the greatest weaknesses of contemporary civilization is that there is no proper regard and mutual love amongst humans. Race is pitted against race, religion against religion, linguistic group against linguistic group. The divisions in human society are endless and are sapping the vital life out of our civilization. Not only is there a lack of mutual respect among people, but humans have lost all esteem, appreciation and responsibility towards the animals and plants who share this planet with us. Our wanton destruction of the plant and animal life and our unthinking pollution of the air, earth, sea and space threaten to permanently damage the earth's eco-system making it inhospitable for all forms of life. In his earliest writings on this subject, P.R. Sarkar said that humans must think of themselves as part of one great family comprising all of humanity, rather than identifying with a particular race, religion, nationality or linguistic group. This type of social outlook he termed "universalism". In 1982 he further elaborated on the method of attaining universalism in a series of discourses published in a book Liberation of Intellect: Neo-Humanism. In that book he noted that traditional humanism has not been capable of elevating humanity to the height of universalism and presented a reformulated humanism based on spirituality, and called it "Neo Humanism."

133. Humanist Association Of Ottawa
A nonprofit organization that promotes Secular humanism in Canada's National Capital.
The Humanist Association of Ottawa (HAO) is a non-profit organization that promotes Secular Humanism in Canada's National Capital. We meet once a month from September through April for presentations on a wide range of topics. Inquiring minds are always welcome. We also host a number of social events throughout the year including monthly Frugal Nights at popular venues throughout the city, and in May we hold our Annual General Meeting. Through the auspices of the Humanist Association of Canada we provide Secular Ceremonies including weddings, funerals, memorials, child-naming and life-commitments.
Norm R Allen, Jr Visits Ottawa
Norm joined the Council for Secular Humanism and ‘Free Inquiry’ magazine a decade and a half ago. He pointed out to Professor Paul Kurtz that "whites are not the only people capable of distorting or neglecting history. For while it is true that the black church has been very influential in shaping the lives of African Americans, humanism has had its role to play as well." Norm did some ground breaking work when he edited ‘African American Humanisman anthology’ (1991). He became the director of African Americans for Humanism and eventually the Deputy Editor of ‘Free Inquiry’ magazine (50,000 subscribers). Norm has spoken to or visited humanist groups in Asia, Africa, the Americas and Europe; has been on many of the 400 ‘Black’ radio stations and written in almost all of the 200 ‘Black’ newspapers. He asks "Why has so little been said or written about black deists, humanists, agnostics, freethinkers, rationalists, atheists, etc., and how their intellectual freedom enhanced their effectiveness as leaders and thinkers?"

134. CTHEORY.NET > Digital Humanism: The Processed World Of Marshall McLuhan By Arthu
Digital humanism The Processed World of Marshall McLuhan. Arthur Kroker. Processed World. 41. M. McLuhan, Catholic humanism and Modern Letters , p. 75. 42.

135. Loesje Sverige
En internationell religi¶st och partipolitiskt obunden f¶rening f¶r humanism, kreativitet och personlig utveckling.

136. Fr. Augustine DiNoia: Divine Wisdom And Christian Humanism
Divine Wisdom and Christian humanism. Father Augustine Di Noia 23 February 2000. Polycarp has always been a favorite of mine. Christian humanism.
Divine Wisdom
and Christian Humanism
Father Augustine Di Noia
23 February 2000 Polycarp has always been a favorite of mine. The benedictus antiphon for today's morning prayer includes a very famous sentence of his. He said, "for 86 years, Christ has been faithful to me, shall I now be unfaithful to him?" It is very well attested that those were among his very last words at his martyrdom. I doubt whether we will have the honor of being martyrs, but we know that our Holy Father thinks about it. I want to take as my epigram, this wonderful phrase of George Weigel's which summarizes the Pope's mission to the world in his wonderful book, Witness to Hope . He speaks of the Pope articulating for us a vision of "an evangelically assertive and culture transforming Church." This is the kind of vision that we have to embrace, and, insofar as each of us are able each, we must advance it in our different ways. Thanks be to God, it doesn't depend on us alone. Trinity and truth: the "epistemic primacy" of the doctrine of the Trinity

137. The History And Philosophy Of Humanism
THE HISTORY AND PHILOSOPHY OF humanism AND ITS ROLE IN UNITARIAN UNIVERSALISM. by. Steven D. Schafersman. Definition of humanism. What is humanism?
Steven D. Schafersman
Oxford, Ohio
September 24, 1995
Thank you very much for inviting me to speak to you this morning about the history and philosophy of Humanism and its role in Unitarian Universalism. I am very happy to be here.
Definition of Humanism
What is Humanism? For many reasons, this is not an easy question to answer, but I will attempt to answer it in a number of steps. The word "humanism" has a number of distinct meanings, all legitimate, so let's briefly discuss them all and narrow in on my type of humanism. First, humanism means the study of the humanitiesliterature, history, philosophy, and so forth. Professors and students of history, philosophy, and literature are humanists, and are perfectly legitimately so described. A second definition of humanism is the European Renaissance revival of interest and critical inquiry in Western classical literature, which as you know, was pervasively secular and oriented to human, rather than theological, concerns, unlike that other great literary source of Western thought, the Bible. Individual scholars of such classical letters, such as Thomas More of England and Erasmus of Holland, were orthodox believers in an age of encompassing Christianity, but they are widely and correctly described as humanists, because they translated and commented upon the great literature of Aristotle, Plato, and other ancient classical, pagan writers.

138. HAT Redirect
An independent, nonprofit organization that considers Secular humanism a valid alternative to religion.
Thanks for visiting the Humanist Association of Toronto! :)
We have moved to a new location on the internet.
You will be redirected to our new address at: in 15 seconds.
Please update your bookmarks to reflect this change as this location will disapear on April 15.

139. Humanism From FOLDOC
humanism. history While humanism is often closely tied to secularism and to individualism, these connections are not necessary. In

140. GlobenHeart
Integrerad mottagning med inriktning p¥ kardiovaskul¤ra sjukdomar, klinisk fysiologi och utredningar. Efterstr¤var l¥ngsiktighet, humanism och trygghet.
Vi är specialister på kardiovaskulära undersökningar och utredningar. För oss är tillgänglighet och högteknologi bara början på den service vi erbjuder. Långsiktighet, humanism och trygghet är våra ledord när vi eftersträvar en individuell och bättre vård som tar hänsyn till hela människan. Vi ser fram emot att kunna hjälpa dig.

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