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         Church Of Scotland:     more books (100)
  1. The Confessions of the Church of Scotland; Their Evolution in History by Charles Greig M'crie, 2010-03-25
  2. Court, Kirk, and Community: Scotland 1470 - 1625 (The New History of Scotland, No. 4) by Jennifer Wormald, 1991-09
  3. Records of the Presbyteries of Inverness and Dingwall, 1643-1688 by Church Of Scotland Inverness, 2010-03
  4. The Scottish Reformation: Church and Society in Sixteenth Century Scotland by Ian B. Cowan, 1983-01
  5. The Home And Foreign Missionary Record Of The Free Church Of Scotland, For 1867 (1867) by The Free Church Of Scotland, 2010-09-10
  6. Memoir of the Rev. W.H. Hewitson: Late Minister of the Free Church of Scotland, at Dirleton [1852] by John Baillie, 2009-12-15
  7. Being a Bishop in Scotland by Maurice Taylor, 2006-08-07
  8. Collections and Observations Methodized: Concerning the Worship, Discipline, and Government of the Church of Scotland. by Walter. Steuart, 2009-04-27
  9. A Hind Let Loose or an Historical Representation of the Testimonies of the Church of Scotland: With the True State Thereof in All its Periods Together ... of Greatest Consequence Are Enquired Into by Alexander Shields, 2009-04-27
  10. Memoirs of the Church of Scotland [By D. Defoe]. Repr by Daniel Defoe, 2010-01
  11. Communion Tokens Of The Established Church Of Scotland: Sixteenth, Seventeenth And Eighteenth Centuries by Alexander J. S. Brook, 2010-05-23
  12. History of the Catholic Church of Scotland from the Introduction of Christianity to the Present Day: From the Revolution of 1560 to the Death of James Vi, A. D. 1560-1625 by Alphons Bellesheim, 2010-02-24
  13. A history of worship in the Church of Scotland (The Baird lectures) by William D Maxwell, 1955
  14. The Westminster Confession in the Church today: Papers prepared for the Church of Scotland Panel on Doctrine by Alasdair I. C. HERON, 1982

1. Welcome To The Church Of Scotland Online
The church of scotland official site. With more our guestbook. To getin touch with the church of scotland, visit our contacts page.
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This is the Church of Scotland's one-stop portal to more than 1,000 pages of information about the Church and our work and services in local communities across Scotland, the UK and throughout the world. We welcome feedback on our website, so please send us your comments using the online form, or view our guestbook . To get in touch with the Church of Scotland, visit our contacts page.
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2. Free Church Of Scotland
Enter brief description here. The Free church of scotland. New Sites To Visit If you wish to make a donation to the Free church of scotland
The Free Church of Scotland Ministers Need Feeding!!!! Assembly 2004 Public Truth and Spiritual Freedom - Moderator's Address Public Questions Committee ... "Salm In Salem" Reflecting on current events. Written by Rev. David Robertson Book Of The Month by Rev. Iain D. Campbell The Monthly Record May Edition Sunday School Teaching Aids and Activities The Message Board For lively and thought provoking discussion. All are welcome The Free Church Internet Library A selection of historical, spiritual, and instructional material from Free Church ministers past and present. If you have comments about this site, please send them to Rev. Alex MacDonald If you wish to make a donation to the Free Church of Scotland The Free Church 2004 Year Book Free General Information ... Chat Room

3. CATHOLIC ENCYCLOPEDIA: Established Church Of Scotland
Visit New Advent for the Summa Theologica, Church Fathers, Catholic Encyclopedia and more. Catholic Encyclopedia S Established church of scotland. A. B. C recognized religious textbook
Home Encyclopedia Summa Fathers ... S > Established Church of Scotland A B C D ... Z
Established Church of Scotland
The religious organization which has for three centuries and a half claimed the adherence of the majority of the inhabitants of Scotland, may be said to date from August 1560, in which month the Scottish Parliament, assembled in Edinburgh without any writ from the sovereign, decided that the Protestant The fact was that the greedy nobles who had fallen on and divided amongst themselves the possessions of the Catholic Church, absolutely refused to disgorge them, notwithstanding their professed zeal for the new doctrines. Only a sixth part of the ecclesiastical revenues was grudgingly doled out for the support of the ministers, and even that was paid with great irregularity. The grasping avarice of the nobles was also responsible for all delay and difficulties in settling the system of church government on Presbyterian principles, as desired by the Protestant leaders. The barons saw with dismay the life-interest of the old bishops and abbots (preserved to them by the legislation of 1560) gradually lapsing, and their possessions falling to the Church. In a convention held in 1572 the lords actually procured the restoration of the old hierarchical titles, the quasi-bishops thus created being merely catspaws to the nobles, who hoped through them to get possession of all the remaining ecclesiastical endowments. Although the General Assembly refused to recognize this sham episcopate, the fact of its existence kept alive the idea that Episcopacy might eventually be the established form of government in the Scottish, as in the English

4. The Free Presbyterian Church Of Scotland
The Free Presbyterian church of scotland None. None.The Free Presbyterian church of scotland.
The Free Presbyterian Church Of Scotland: None
None The Free Presbyterian Church Of Scotland

5. CATHOLIC ENCYCLOPEDIA: Free Church Of Scotland
Visit New Advent for the Summa Theologica, Church Fathers, Catholic Encyclopedia and more. According to the FreeChurch view, the church of scotland, from the date of its inception in The restoration of "prelacy"(the episcopal form of church government) in 1606 by
Home Encyclopedia Summa Fathers ... F > Free Church of Scotland A B C D ... Z
Free Church of Scotland
(Known since 1900 as the UNITED FREE CHURCH) An ecclesiastical organization in Scotland which includes (1908) more than 500,000 of the 1,200,000 inhabitants of that country professing adherence to Presbyterian principles. The existence of the Free Church as a separate ecclesiastical body dates from 1843, when a large number of members, both lay and clerical, of the Established Church of Scotland, severed their connection with that body as a protest against the encroachment of the civil power on the independence of the Church, especially in the matters of presentation to vacant benefices. According to the Free-Church view, the Church of Scotland, from the date of its inception in 1560, upon the overthrow of the old religion had possessed the inherent right of exercising her spiritual jurisdiction through her elected assembly, absolutely free of any interference by the civil power. Such an independence had been asserted by her first leaders, Knox and Melville, and especially laid down and claimed in both the first and second books of discipline, issued in 1560 and 1581. The restoration of "prelacy"(the episcopal form of church government) in 1606 by James I, the revival of self governing powers of the Assembly in 1649, its subsequent suspension under Cromwell in 1653 and again after the Restoration, the Revolution The well-wishers of the new United Free Church are naturally looking forward to an enlarged field of influence and a wider scope of activity, both at home and in the mission-field. What must, however, fill with anxiety every friend of Scottish

6. Free Church Of Scotland (Continuing) - Homepage
Official site of the FCC. Audio tape ministry, newsletter archive, various articles and contact details.
The Free Church of Scotland [continuing] Choose a Congregation Aberdeen Arran Ayr Bracadale Bragar (Shawbost) Cross (Ness) Duirinish (Waternish) Dumfries Duthil - Dores Edinburgh Glasgow (Partick) Glasgow (Shettleston) Glasgow (Thornwood) Harris (Leverburgh) Harris (Scalpay) Inverness Kiltearn (Evanton) Kilwinning North Uist Portree Smiths Falls, Ontario Rothesay Snizort Stornoway Strath (Broadford) Tarbat (Portmahomack) Washington D.C. Witness Magazine
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7. Parish Education
The aim of the Board of Parish Education is to provide a variety of Christian educational opportunities for people, irrespective of age, gender, ability or location.
Parish Education

8. United Free Church Of Scotland Web Site
The Internet Site of the United Free church of scotland a ScottishPresbyterian Evangelical Church. United Free church of scotland.
United Free Church of Scotland General Assembly Reports Congregations on line Church Directory History ... Email
The United Free Church of Scotland is Presbyterian and Evangelical. The United Free Church of Scotland came into being in 1900 with the union of the Free Church of Scotland and the United Presbyterian Church. Both of these arose from the problems caused by state interference in the life of the Church and the issue of patronage in particular. As presently constituted it dates from 1929 when a minority of the Church refused to enter a union with the Church of Scotland on the grounds that it opposed the state recognition of any one particular denomination. For further information please click on the links at the top or contact: Rev John O Fulton
General Secretary
United Free Church of Scotland
11 Newton Pl.
Glasgow G3 7PR
Tel: 0141 332 3435 Fax: 0141 333 1973

9. The Church Of Scotland - Parish Of Ceres And Springfield, Fife
The church of scotland. Ceres and Springfield Parish Church, Fife. You are visitor number. Welcome to our website! Jesus said 'I have come that you may have life life in all its fullness.' ( John
The Church of Scotland
Ceres and Springfield Parish Church, Fife
You are visitor number
Welcome to our website! Jesus said 'I have come that you may have life - life in all its fullness.' (John 10:10) Welcome to the Parish of Ceres and Springfield, situated in a beautiful, rural part of the east of Scotland. Our parish is in north east Fife, a few miles from the county town Cupar and the town of St Andrews - the world-famous home of golf and seat of Scotland's oldest University, founded in 1411. This is an excellent area for holidays (the Scottish Tourist Board would be delighted to hear from you!) Our parish includes the villages of Ceres, Springfield, Pitscottie, Craigrothie and Chance Inn, with churches at Ceres and Springfield. To the south, the City of Edinburgh is only 1 hour away by road or train and the City of Dundee is less than 25 minutes away to the north. Local bus services are provided by Stagecoach (Fife Scottish Omnibuses), for times tel. 01334-474238, and the nearest railway stations are at Cupar and Springfield. Ceres is one of the most attractive and historic villages in Scotland, notable for its statue of the Provost, the Fife Folk Museum, the Hill of Tarvit Mansion House, Archbishop Sharp's Bridge and for having the shortest High Street in Scotland. Ceres Church was built in 1806, replacing an older church on the site. It is a grade B listed building and largely unchanged since first built. One of its most unusual features are the long Communion tables running the full length of the church. The church building is open for services, on "Doors Open Day" every September (see local publicity) and also on request. The history of Ceres can be traced back almost 1100 years; a church was established by Celtic Christian "Culdee" monks from nearby St Andrews. Ceres also has its own primary school, shops, Post Office and newsagent - the village lies on the B939 road, approximately 7 miles west of St Andrews.

10. CrossSearch Category: Church Of Scotland
church of scotland. Like other branches of the Universal Church, the church of scotland can trace its

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Church of Scotland
Sites specific to the Church of Scotland denomination.
3 site listings
Church of Scotland
Like other branches of the Universal Church, the Church of Scotland can trace its beginnings to the dawn of Christianity and particularly to the first evangelising journeys of St. Ninian and St. Columba in Scotland, in the fifth and sixth centuries respectively. [ more Free Church Of Scotland
The Free Church of Scotland is a Presbyterian Church adhering in its worship and doctrine to the position adopted by the Church of Scotland at the Reformation. [ more Kirkweb Organisation - Home Page!, The
Kirkweb is a new Internet site for Ministers, Elders, Deacons and Members of the Church of Scotland as well as the Christian Community on the Internet. This site is designed to be a resource centre for the new millennium. [ more
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Gospel Communications International

11. SRT Project First Page
The Society, Religion and Technology Project (SRT for short) is a unique unit ofthe church of scotland set up in 1970 to examine some of the vital issues of
Welcome to the SRT Project Website
Our home page address is If you are not redirected in a few seconds,
click here
Go to SRT Project Home Page
Go to SRT Website Contents Page
Go to SRT Website Map
Go to European Christian Environment Network website, also on this server

12. Short History Of The United Free Church Of Scotland
The Internet Site of the United Free church of scotland a Scottish PresbyterianEvangelical Church. United Free church of scotland. The Church in Scotland.
United Free Church of Scotland Home General Assembly Congregations on line Church Directory History Press Releases Special Features Statement of Faith Stedfast Magazine ... Email
Short History of the United Free Church of Scotland Presbyterianism Presbyterian describes a method Church Government. The word presbyter means elder, and Presbyterianism means government of the Church by elders, These are divided into two classes, those who rule over the spiritual affairs of the congregation, and those who teach and rule. The latter the ministers, the former the elders, and together they form the Kirk Session, A separate body in a congregation, variously known as a Committee of Management, a Deacons Court, or a Congregational Board, is concerned with property, income and expenditure. Presbyterianism has always asserted pointedly the duty of every member of Church to care personally for the Church and to further it in all its activities by his personal support and interest. Every member has the right to take part in the election of the minister and in the management of the affairs of the congregation. Every member is expected contribute according to his resources. The Church in Scotland The Reformed Church in Scotland came into being in 1560. It was established in 1567. The essence of Establishment is a contractual relation with the state involving certain undertakings and securing certain exclusive privileges and preferences. This contract is expressed and embodied in a series of statutes from 1567 onwards (That in 1587 declares 'There is no other face of Kirk, nor other face of religion, than is presently by the favour of God established within this realm,') concluding with the act of 1921 which embodies nine articles setting forth the constitution of the

13. Church Of Scotland -
Results for church of scotland. 1. church of scotland. The church of scotland is featured on Puritan Bookshelf CD 2 2. church of scotland Books at Alibris of Scotland

14. Welcome To The Church Of Scotland Online
The church of scotland official site. With more than 600000 members, theChurch welcomes all from around the world. The church of scotland.
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15. Free Church Of Scotland

16. St Johns Church Galashiels Church Of Scotland
St Johns church of scotland in Galashiels in the Scottish Borders. Site features schedule of services, activities, news, christian resources and contact information.
var path_prefix = '.';
Contrary to the message
given by a golf club
notice board which read,
"Strictly Private!
Members Only! Visitors
always welcome!"
, we are keen
to squash the myth that church is
only for members, or even only for
good people! Read More... MV DOULOS visit to Edinburgh 4th to 21st June 2004: Ocean Terminal Leith. It is our pleasure to announce the first ever visit of MV DOULOS to Edinburgh, and to invite you to be part of the events and activities. Read More... Have you read our Guestbook? Take a look to see how many people you know there!! Then sign it yourself. Read it here Youth Work "Some nights can be frustratingly noisy, but most nights are, in hindsight, evenings of fun in the context of faith" Read More... Radio Borders Religious Advisory Council AGM Monday 14th June, 7:30pm in the Roxburghe Hall. Fun Stuff "A minister was travelling in a bus when a man sat down beside him..." Read More... Prayer Diary entries for May 2004 Read More... Sponser a Brick Galashiels Action for Teenage Enablement needs your support to complete the renovation of their new building Read more...

17. The Free Church Of Scotland
Main Page. Free church of scotland 2004 Year Book provided here is intended for the use of those who wish to attend Free church of scotland services of worship

18. Glasgow Presbytery - Home Page
The Presbyterian Church's local presence.
Presbytery of Glasgow home committees news vacancies ... prayer
Welcome to the Church of Scotland in Glasgow

A series of personal reflections by members of the Presbytery of Glasgow. In this section...
The Moderator is elected annually by the Presbytery and serves for one year.
Former Moderators

Names and dates of office for all Presbytery Moderators since 1946.
Glasgow Presbytery Vision Statement

Our aim as a presbytery. Committee Pages Much of the work of the Presbytery is done by its members meeting in committees throughout the year. News Pages Forthcoming events, Presbytery Newsletters, and "Good News Stories" from around the Presbytery. Vacancies Pages Do you have a skill or gift which can be used in the church? Vacancies for all aspects of Christian Service are advertised here. Congregations Pages There are some 150 congregations within the Presbytery of Glasgow. Details about churches, service times and locations are available here. Agencies Pages The work of the Presbytery is enhanced by the service of people working in various agencies of the Presbytery. From Young People, to the Homeless, to the Asian community, our Christian witness impacts the life of our society. There are other denominations of the Christian Church ministering to the people of Glasgow. This section contains links to them and to other agencies affecting the life of people in Glasgow.

19. WebChurch Presbyterian Side-Chapel
Home for church of scotland, United Free Church and all Presbyterians. WebChurchPresbyterian SideChapel. An insight into life in a church of scotland parish.
Home for Church of Scotland, United Free Church and all Presbyterians. WebChurch Presbyterian Side-Chapel WebChurch sacred short-cut
Front Door Sanctuary Prayer Cyberlogue Leadership Learning Rough Day? Bookstore Newport Free Stuff! Office Pets Databank Forum Live Chat * Catholic * Episcop'n. * Non-Conf. * Presby'n. * Quiet Area Church Map
"If I go up to the heavens You are there...." In this side chapel you will find links to Great Presbyterian Sites on the Web as well as spiritual enouragement and challenge from some of the best writers of your tradition. Check out the WebChurch Databank for more Christian resources on the Internet. For Prayer..... If My people who are called by My name, will humble themselves and pray and seek My face, and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and will heal their land. (II Chron. 7 v 14) For Reflection..... How glad I am that God is a God of new beginnings! (Duncan Campbell) It may be an infinitely less evil to murder a man than to refuse to forgive him. The former may be the act of a moment of passion: the latter is the heart's choice. (George Macdonald, It Shall Not Be Forgiven)

20. Free Church Of Scotland Continuing - Issues
Issues 7 million dead and rising.
Issues - 7 million dead...and rising
A national daily newspaper recently had the courage to allow one of its female journalists to break a long taboo and argue against the practice of mass abortion which has killed 7,000,000 babies in the UK in 35 years. Here are some extracts from the article. Abortion boom Unburied and forgotten What can I do?
Instrumental Music The EU The Forbidden Romance ...

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