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         Amish:     more books (100)
  1. The Puzzles of Amish Life (People's Place Book No. 10) by Donald Kraybill, 1998-12-31
  2. Clouds without Rain (Ohio Amish Mystery Series #3) by P. L. Gaus, 2001-06-01

141. Amish Links
amish Links. No, I am not amish. Because the amish try to keep apart fromthe rest of the world, there isn t much decent information on the net.
A picture from our kitchen window! Amish Links No, I am not Amish. If I were, I wouldn't be on the internet! Because the Amish try to keep apart from the rest of the world, there isn't much decent information on the net. In fact, there are more "joke" sites about the Amish than even tourist sites! To remedy that a bit, I've listed a few decent links ( below ) and provided a brief introduction.
In the late 1500's, along with the more familiar reformation movements such as the Lutherans and the Calvinists, there was a more "radical" movement known as the Anabaptists. As the name suggests, they believed that baptism should come in early adulthood, when one is capable of making a meaningful confession of faith. In addition, they believed in complete separation of the church from affairs of the state, and refused to serve in the military. These beliefs led to considerable persecution.
The Mennonites are a branch of the Anabaptists which began with the teachings of Menno Simons in Holland. Persecution led them to migrate to Switzerland and other areas. There are millions of Mennonites today, spread throughout the world.
In the late 1600's, a group of believers in Alsace, led by Jacob Ammon, split from the mainstream of Mennonites on the basis of a disagreement concerning the practice of avoidance, better known as shunning: If someone persists in deviating from Biblical rules, his community must avoid all contact with him. This practice remains a part of Amish life today.

142. Exploring Amish & Mennonite Cuisines - Main Page
Provides five pages of recipes for various dishes.
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I n f o A b o u t t h e A m i s h W h a t i s t h e A m i s h F o o d T r a d i t i o n i n t h e N e w W o r l d Y u m a S e t t a * Exported from MasterCook * Yum-a-Setta Recipe By : Amish Cookbook Serving Size : 1 Preparation Time :0:00 Categories : Amount Measure Ingredient Preparation Method 2 pounds hamburger salt and pepper to taste brown sugar as desired 1/4 cup onion chopped 1 can tomato soup undiluted 1 can cream of chicken soup undiluted 16 ounces noodles cooked and drained 8 ounces processed cheese sliced Brown hamburger with salt, pepper, onion and brown sugar. Add tomato soup. Add cream of chicken soup to cooked noodles. Layer hamburger mixture and noodle mixture in casserole dish with processed cheese between layers. Bake at 350F for about 30 minutes; serve. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
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143. Old-Time Fitness In Old-Order Amish
OldTime Fitness in Old-Order amish. Why Are We Less Fit Than ourAncestors? amish Offer Clues. By Daniel DeNoon

144. Amish Products - Amish Quilts, Amish Dolls And Toys
Authentic amish quilts, toys, dolls, food, books, and clothing.
Home Food Dolls Quilts Lanterns ... Contact Us
  • This Business Is For Sale Located in Berne Indiana Interested Buyers Only
We are selling:
  • Domain Name Website All Relationships that we have with current vendors.
Serious Buyers only:
Respond to:
In today's marketplace we see the terms "Amish made", "Amish crafted" or "used by the Amish" to lend authenticity to certain products. Adams County Indiana is home to one of the largest "old order" Amish populations in the Midwest. As someone who has lived among the Amish, worked with the Amish and have had the Amish in my home I am a witness to their "Amish ways."
At our little Amish home you will find items and information about our Amish friends. Look around for hand stitched dolls, hand crafted woodworks, toys, Amish stitched quilts, lanterns, Amish recipes and many other items to help you better live the "Amish experience."
If you are interested in learning more about the Amish, please check out our new book section. We now have many books for our visitors that would like to learn more about the Amish and their way of life.

We welcome you to the heart of the world s largest amish Community.Whether drop. Come and see all that amish country has to offer.
Home Lodging Restaurants Attractions ... Map We welcome you to the heart
of the world's largest Amish Community
Whether you're here for the first time, or are here to enjoy it all over again, we would like to make your stay as pleasant and memorable as possible.
We can supply you with lodging, restaurants, attractions, and shopping till you drop. Come and see all that
Amish country has to offer.

146. AMISH
The summary for this Japanese page contains characters that cannot be correctly displayed in this language/character set.
mƒA[ƒ~ƒbƒVƒ…n ‚Ä‚‚­‚è•iandŽG‰Ýshop Ž©‘î‚̃KƒŒ[ƒW‚ð‰ü‘•‚µ‚½¬‚³‚È‚¨“X‚Å‚· –ˆŒŽ‚Q‚T`‚Q‚X“ú‚Ì‚T“úŠÔOpen ‚P‚P`‚P‚VŽž ‚Å‚à‚WŒŽ‚Æ‚P‚QŒŽ‚́A‚¨‹x‚Ý‚Å‚· ŽŸ‰ñ‚Í‚UŒŽ‚Q‚T“ú(‹à)`‚Q‚X“úi‰Î) –؍H»•i ‚؃Cƒ“ƒgŽG‰Ý ƒJƒ“ƒgƒŠ[ƒh[ƒ‹ ƒGƒvƒƒ“ ... etc. ˆï–ØŽs‘ Š_“à i‚­‚炪‚«‚¤‚¿j ‚R-‚U-‚P‚O JRç—¢‹u‰w‚æ‚è“k•à‚W•ª “cI.C.‚æ‚èŽÔ‚Å‚P‚O•ª @P—L‚è‚Ü‚· XV“úF2004”N05ŒŽ29“ú@@@ ƒ„

147. Amish Products From Pennsylvania Amish Country
Carries amish goods including peanut butter, jellies, breads, cake mixes, and canned specialties. Mail order deliveries in U.S only.
var cm_role = "live" var cm_host = "" var cm_taxid = "/memberembedded" Check out the NEW Hotbot Tell me when this page is updated
SHOOFLY PIE * DUTCH BLITZ CARD GAME * STRAW HATS * DOLLS * ROOT BEER * BONNETS * FUNNEL CAKE * BEEF JERKY * PRETZELS * WATKINS PRODUCTS * LANTERNS * WASH BOARDS * COOKBOOKS * QUILTS Welcome to Vintage General Store We are located in Lancaster County Pennsylvania, the heart of the Pennsylvania Dutch Country. Lancaster County is home of the nation's largest Plain Sect Communities. Over 75,000 Plain People, members of the Amish, Mennonite and Brethren faiths, live in Lancaster County. The Amish settled here in the 1700's drawn to Pennsylvania by the promise of religious freedom. The Old Order sects still live without electricity or automobiles and speak a German dialect known as Pennsylvania Dutch. Most are farmers but many operate home businesses and make crafts and other unique products. We carry many of these products or products popular with the Plain People. So, step into our Store and shop with our Amish, Brethren and Mennonite neighbors. VINTAGE GENERAL STORE PRODUCT LIST ALL PRICES INCLUDE SHIPPING COST WITHIN THE CONTINENTAL UNITED STATES.

148. What Can The Amish Tell Us About Early-Onset Bipolar Disorder?>
The Bipolar Child Newsletter Winter, 2001 Vol. 6 What Can the amish TellUs About EarlyOnset Bipolar Disorder? Demitri and Janice Papolos.
The Bipolar Child Newsletter
Winter, 2001 Vol. 6
What Can the Amish Tell Us About Early-Onset Bipolar Disorder?
Demitri and Janice Papolos
Want a printer friendly version? Click here!
The Study Symptoms That Were Early Indicators of Bipolar Disorder In the youngest age group (0-6), 13 cases revealed that 23% reported "cried," 23% had early periods of increased energy or were more active; and 23% were bold/demanding. Many of these symptoms were episodic in nature. An admission record of a 15-year-old boy revealed that the parents noted that by age 6 he had periods during which he was noticeably different from other boys with respect to the following: "fussy" (i.e. cried more often), irritable moods, quick-tempered, anger dyscontrol, conduct problems, and "being a terrible tease." His parents told the social worker doing the hospital intake that from a very young age he was a"fight cat" and that they could not leave him at home with siblings. In the 7-10 epoch, the most frequent observation was irritable mood (29%)all but one reported that these periods of irritability were recurrent. 25% were reported as "overly sensitive."

149. Amish Furniture, Amish Gazebos, Amish Crafts - Weaver's Woodcrafts
amishbuilt, in three styles. Lists options, specifications and a map to the retail store. Order by e-mail.
Amish gazebos and Amish lawn furniture
Compare our prices.
Our gazebos come direct from the Amish to you.
An Amish-built gazebo from Weaver's Woodcrafts will not only enhance the appearance and value of your property, but create memories of summer evenings spent with friends and family. Our gazebos are hand-built by skilled Amish craftsmen. Only the finest most durable wood is used, so your gazebo will be long lasting and maintain its beauty for years. Weaver's also carries a full line of Amish-built lawn furniture and lawn ornaments including chairs, benches, rockers, swings, arbors, windmills, wishing wells, and lighthouses. Our Amish built indoor oak and pine furniture and fully stocked craft store rounds out the selections we offer our customers. Our web site shows the more popular models of gazebos, along with store information. We look forward to your visit, feel free to call or email us with any further questions about any gazebo model. Amish-built gazebo set up and installed by Weaver's Woodcrafts - GAZEBOS Send E-MAIL Created by Custom Internet Applications

150. - New Series To Follow 'Amish In The City' - Jan. 19, 2004
The UPN television network is preparing a reality series that follows amish teenagershaving their first experiences with modern conveniences and outside
International Edition MEMBER SERVICES The Web Home Page World U.S. Weather ... Special Reports SERVICES Video E-mail Services CNNtoGO Contact Us SEARCH Web
New series to follow 'Amish in the City'
Story Tools LOS ANGELES, California (AP) The UPN television network is preparing a reality series that follows Amish teenagers having their first experiences with modern conveniences and outside society, part of a religious rite of passage that tests their faith. YOUR E-MAIL ALERTS Follow the news that matters to you. Create your own alert to be notified on topics you're interested in. Or, visit Popular Alerts for suggestions. Manage alerts What is this? Network executives are informally calling it "Amish in the City," although they said Sunday the title will likely change. "To have people who don't have television walk down Rodeo Drive and be freaked out by what they see, I think will be interesting television," said CBS chairman Leslie Moonves, who also oversees UPN. "It will not be denigrating to the Amish." Members of the Amish religious sect dress simply and shun most technology. Rural Pennsylvania and Ohio are home to large Amish communities, where their horse-drawn black buggies appear on country roads.

151. Millers Dry Goods- Located In The Heart Of Amish Country, Holmes County, Ohio
Offerings amish handmade quilts, crib quilts, wall hangings, fabrics and more from the heart of amish Country, Holmes County, Ohio.
Miller's Dry Goods We are located at 4500 SR 557, Charm, Ohio, in Holmes County, the heart of Ohio's Amish Country. About Us Sale Dates Contact Us This site was created by To report problems with this site, send email:

152. Traditional Amish Enterprises
Traditional amish Humour Pages. Welcome to the Funniest amish Site onthe Web. The amish heritage is one of mirth, joy and humour deluxe.
Traditional Amish Humour Pages Welcome to the Funniest Amish Site on the Web Behind those steely eyes, the soul of the Amishman is filled with laughter. The Amish heritage is one of mirth, joy and humour deluxe. You are now invited to share the laughs and good times the Amish themselves enjoy.
Enjoy the links, feel free to submit your own Amish jokes and stories. Don't forget to subscribe to The Funny Amish News, our free newsletter.
Be sure to bookmark this page and come back often. New items added regularly. Your submissions accepted graciously. Brother Amos, fighting for the Amish Way Of Life!
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Amish Humour - a fine collection of jokes

Mennonite Jokes

The Original Amish Eye-Test - can you pass it?
Video-Taping The Amish

Mocking The English (Hint: If you are not Amish, you ARE English) The English Say The Silliest Things Preparing For Parenthood - English Style Favorite Funny Sites Of The Amish Clean jokes - these are not Amish jokes, but good clean fun.

153. Country Charm's Amish Furniture Showroom
Makes amish furniture and collectibles.
Welcome to Country Charm Amish Furniture and Collectibles We now have a new, larger website where you can order on-line! Click here to visit it! Where Country is not just a name, but also a way of life! Woods and Stains Bedroom Furniture Delivery Dining Room Furniture ... Ordering We now carry a full line of Howard Miller Grandfather Clocks at discount prices! We have some clocks in our showroom and can order any clock for you that Howard Miller produces!
  • For a FREE product brochure, click the button below and tell us where to send it! Or, if you like, you can also call, email, fax, or write us! When requesting a brochure, don't forget to include your mailing address as we can't send you a brochure electronically! Thanks!!
  • For directions to our website, click here and you will be taken to Our store address has already been entered for you. Simply tell MapQuest where you are coming from and it will give you detailed directions to our showroom!
Our store is conveniently located just off I-57 in Arcola, Illinois. Country Charm
468 Springfield Rd. (Rt. 133)

154. Amish Traditions Dist. Inc. - Amish Furniture,Amish Lawn Furniture
amish TRADITIONS DIST, INC. We offer the finest in amish crafted furnituremade right here in the heart of amish country Holmes County, Ohio.
13233 S.R. 39 West
P.O. Box 339
Nashville, OH 44661
Choose From Our Complete Line Of Products Below Select a Product Line Here Barstools Bedroom Suites Beds Benches Cedar Chest Chairs Classic Mission Collection Classic Shaker Collection Clocks Clothes Hamper Coffee Tables Computer Desks Corner Cupboards Curios Desk Chairs Desks Dining Room Tables Dressers Dry Sink End Tables Entertainment Centers Glider Rockers Heritage Lace Hickory Rockers Hutches Lawn Furniture Lawn Accessories Microwave Stand Mirrors Mirrors by Four Corners Mission Bedroom Suites Mission Style Furniture Nightstands Office Chairs Office Furniture Plant Stands Quilt Rack Rocker Gliders Shaker Furniture Shelves Sofa Tables Stools Trash Bin General Info Table of Contents
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Introducing five different styles of solid oak and cherry bedroom suites with many different dressers and chests with dovetailed drawers.
Click here to see them.

Child's Table

... Chairs Dining Room Tables Beds Corner Cupboards Cedar Chests Hutches NEW Office Furniture Saddle Stools Authorized Showcase Store "NEW"

155. Amish Log Homes :: Home
Offers preassembled log home packages.
Doing Business Since 1976 - Over 25 years
Foremost, log construction techniques provide a lifetime home that has positive energy efficiency through all seasons, with enduring natural beauty, at a price within the means of most. Log homes provide comfort and utility with rustic appeal and durability. The down-to-earth craftsmanship of the Amish people makes the difference. Enjoy living - in a homey, handcrafted log home pre-assembled in Libby, Montana.
Log Home Packages
#1. Pre-assembled
Handmade Log Home
Logs-only package:

$26 per square foot
  • 4 exterior log walls 8' high 1 interior log bearing wall w/ archways log ceiling joist F.O.B. Libby, Montana
#2. Erected on your
building site
Logs, roof system, labor
and lumber:

$42 per square foot
  • All of package # 1, plus 14"BCI. Rafters R-38 insulation 4'x8' roof sheathing, felt

156. The Finest Handcrafted Oak And Cherry Amish Furniture Available Worldwide.
The finest handcrafted real wood oak and cherry furniture available on the Internet
This page uses frames, but your browser doesn't support them.

157. Authentic Amish Furniture Handcrafted With Old World Pride
Oak and cherry furniture handcrafted in the heart of Pennsylvania. Entertainment centers, hutches, children's furniture and many accessories and finishes.
Amish Authentic Furniture Welcome to the Amish Authentic Furniture showroom, family owned and operated. Nestled in the rolling hills of Southwestern Pennsylvania offering heirloom quality handcrafted Amish furniture made to last from generation to generation. From the moment you first enter the Amish Authentic Furniture showroom you're greeted with old world craftsmanship, quality of an era long since gone. With just a click you can choose from our large selection of furniture for any room in the house without leaving the comfort of your own home. While shopping, feel free to re-enter the showroom by using the button bar to your left . This is an effortless way to continue shopping throughout the store. Our store has a delivery plan and we can ship your Amish furniture purchases anywhere in the world. Have a pleasant shopping experience and if there are any questions, please call us at the number listed below. Search our Site! Find ANY word Find ALL words Find EXACT phrase Help Select from any Department: - Select one of our many departments below - Bedroom Furniture Livingroom Furniture Diningroom and Kitchen Furniture Office Furniture Children's Furniture Occasional Tables and Plant Stands Outdoor Furniture Miscellaneous Items Lighthouses and Yard Decor
About Us Ordering Info Contact Us ... Email
Phone: (412) 782-0999
Fax: (412) 487-7035
2003 Amish Authentic Furniture

158. Abby's Recipes And Greeting Cards, Amish, Mennonite And Pennsylvania Dutch Recip
Including many cake and pie recipes as well as Shaker dishes.
Abby's Recipes and Greeting Cards, Amish,
Pennsylvania Dutch, Mennonite. Jewish and other Ethnic Group Recipes
A no frills website, just simple and easy to prepare recipes and
g-rated e-cards.
This site is updated weekly with new recipes.
Amish cooking reflects their rich German heritage, the simple way they live and the fresh ingredients they have available from their farms. Amish foods tend to be heavier than we are used to and reflect their hard working outdoor life. The Amish and Mennonites first settled in Pennsylvania in the 1600s. Return to Home Page Name of Recipe (Appetizers)
(Double click mouse on recipe title to access.)

159. Horse-drawn Carriage On The Information Superhighway
This will take you home, and that is what you really want. Also, does anyone haveany plastic sheeting I could borrow? When Animals Heart Attack. May 17, 2004.
Coffee and Stars
May 23, 2004
I wrote this in March while sitting in a Starbucks in Fullerton California with California Stars in my head. What I do know about coffee is the sight of it drying in great red bean I can picture the streets of Barrio Monsenor Moreno now that I have written it. I can see them climbing right up into the tops of the hills. Low cinder block homes, papaya trees, and bean-covered burlap stretched out on the steep sidewalks. I can feel the sticky vinyl benches of the ancient door-less vans that take you to the top for 25 cents. I loved it when we were up there so late that the buses stopped running and we would have to walk down the hill in the dark, the air finally cool after another hot day, echoing feet on cobblestone streets, and the sky full of more stars than you can imagine. # Link to this entry Comments (3) TrackBack (0)
When Animals Heart Attack
May 17, 2004
I once watched a lizard have a heart attack as it ran up a wall. Someone must have stats on this kind of stuff. and they did not run . The dragon, of course, bit one of the deer, dooming it to death by blood poisoning and eventual eating-by-giant-lizard.

160. Amish Country Shops Amish Quilts,quilted Wallhangings,Amish Oak Furniture,Amish
A variety of gifts handcrafted by local artisans or supplied by local businesses. Our applique and patchwork quilts are made exclusively by local amish and Mennonite quilters.
With Heart and Hand Primitives

Cotton Sportswear

Search by product
Welcome to our Amish quilt and gift shop! Our wide variety of beautiful Amish quilts, Amish pine and oak furniture, art works, and gifts are carefully handcrafted by local Amish and other artisans or supplied by local businesses. Our applique and patchwork quilts are made exclusively by local Amish and Mennonite quilters. We also have Rachel Pellmans wonderful quilting kits, iron works, toys, embroidered shirts and our own tee shirts. If you don't see an item you want, contact us, I bet we can find it for you! Satisfaction is guaranteed! Wholesale inquiries are welcome. If you have any questions about our products, shipping fees, or in ordering, please e-mail us at or call us at 717-391-3007. Mail us at: With Heart and Hand Primitives , 2688 Old Philadelphia Pike , Bird-In-Hand , PA. 17505
Powered by PointShop
Large Storage Bench

This lovely handcrafted pine bench is useful in any room in the house.
Trail of Stars

This dramatic quilt is pieced with solid colored fabric on a backround of black, with a scalloped edge.

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