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  1. Amish Proverbs: Words of Wisdom from the Simple Life by Suzanne Woods Fisher, 2010-08-01
  2. A Place of Peace (Kauffman Amish Bakery Series #3) by Amy Clipston, 2010-12-14
  3. An Amish Gathering (Inspirational Amish Romance Collection) by Beth Wiseman, Kathleen Fuller, et all 2009-12-22
  4. A Stranger's Wish (The Amish Farm Trilogy) by Gayle Roper, 2010-02-01
  5. The Amish Cook's Anniversary Book: 20 Years of Food, Family, and Faith by Lovina Eicher, 2010-09-14
  6. Lydia's Charm: An Amish Widow Starts Over in Charm, Ohio by Wanda E. Brunstetter, 2010-09-01
  7. The Amish Cook's Baking Book by Lovina Eicher, Kevin Williams, 2009-10-20
  8. Amish Society by John A. Hostetler, 1993-04-01
  9. The Amish Cook at Home: Simple Pleasures of Food, Family, and Faith by Kevin Williams, Lovina Eicher, 2008-10-21
  10. Crossing Over: One Woman's Escape from Amish Life by Ruth Irene Garrett, Rick Farrant, 2003-01
  11. A History Of The Amish by Steven M. Nolt, 1969-12-31
  12. The Riddle of Amish Culture (Center Books in Anabaptist Studies) by Donald B. Kraybill, 2001-09-27
  13. When Strawberries Bloom: A Novel Based on True Experiences from an Amish Writer (Lizzie Searches for Love) by Linda Byler, 2010-10
  14. Amish Friends Cookbook by WANDA E. BRUNSTETTER, 2007-04-01

amish Culture. Memories of an amish childhood by Sarah Nussbaum amish winter.amish Holidays by Grace E. Miller Contributing Writer Culture

Offers solid oak and cherry amish furniture. Custom builders.





Call Toll Free
3300 W. Clark St.
Rensselaer, IN 47978
Tippecanoe Mall Lafayette, IN MAP IT! 6/1/2004 11:58:43 PM 14,000 sq. ft. of Showroom! No sales tax if delivered out of Indiana Greenes Amish Furniture sells solid Oak Cherry Maple and Quarter-Sawn Red Oak handmade furniture. All furniture can be custom built. Contact Us Sign our Guestbook © Greene's Amish Furniture since 1987

23. Amish Tech Support - Closed May 16, 2004
goodbye, and hello. the end of amish tech support. Tom Waits/William S. Burroughs.amish tech support. Template Neil Turner (c)20022004 Laurence Simon.
goodbye, and hello
the end of amish tech support
After 28 months of unfettered madness, it is time to close the books on Amish Tech Support. It is not the end of my blogging addiction, however, because The Dead Pool for 2004 continues, and all players are welcome to write to obtain access for posting privileges. Also, I will continue to torment the powers of evil with my nefarious duties at The Command-Post Most importantly, I wish to invite you to join the new epicenter of madness at . Carnival of the Cats will continue there, hopefully with less of a rancorous shock to unsuspecting cat fanciers. I wish to thank the various coauthors here who have graced and disgraced the virtual pages for all to see. What was just multiple voices and personalities coming from one twisted mind became the product of many twisted minds, an anonymous refuge for those who couldn't risk their well-earned reputations on the own sites for fear of the steam bleeding off scalding the wrong pair of sensitivities. I wish to thank Matt and Vicky Drachenberg for rescuing me from Blogspot Hell a year ago. Maybe by offering to host subdomains on various topics I can somehow repay the Karmic debt that I have accumulated over time.

24. Amish Tech Support Orrin Hatch, Software Pirate?

25. The Nut Factory : Kitchen : Recipes : Amish Chestnut Stuffing
Basic recipe. Yields enough to stuff a 18 pound bird.
The finest nuts and snack foods from around the world
Keyword search Recipes Interesting Facts Trivia Nutritional Facts Would you like a free color catalog? Just send us some e-mail with your name and address. Enter your e-mail address to receive updates about our site! The Nut Factory PO Box 815
Greenacres, WA 99016
Toll free: (888) 239-5288
Phone: (509) 926-6666
Fax: (509) 926-3300
E-Mail Address: Design and scripting by
Interesting Facts Trivia
Edible Nuts of the World
... Nutritional Facts Amish Chestnut Stuffing

1 pound fresh chestnuts
1/2 cup melted butter or margarine 4 cups bread crumbs 2 well beaten eggs 1/2 cup chopped celery 1 1/2 teaspoon salt 4 teaspoon poultry seasoning 1/2 cup chopped celery Wash chestnuts, make two slits on each shell, and bake for 15 minutes at 475 degrees. Shell, boil in water to cover for 20 minutes. Chop fine. Mix with the melted butter, bread, crumbs, salt, poultry seasoning, egg and celery. Toss well. Yields enough to stuff a 18 pound bird. Shelling Chestnuts Pan/Oven Method Cut a one inch gash on flat side of nut and put in a skillet, allowing 1/2 teaspoon of butter to each cup of chestnuts. Shake over heat until butter is melted. Put in oven and let stand for 5 minutes. Remove from oven and with a small knife take off shells. By this method shelling and blanching are accomplished at the same time, as the inside skins will adhere to the outer shells.

26. The Amish Country Store
Products including Cope's dried sweet corn, bacon dressing, shoofly pie mix, apple butter, birch beer, pretzels, and Guggisberg baby swiss. Secure credit orders accepted. Welcome to our on-line store. We're glad you found us!
Easily purchase the delicious Amish and Pennsylvania Dutch foods that you are hungry for and have them delivered right to your door.
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If you experience any difficulty ordering, please call us TOLL FREE at 1-877-787-9657 Tuesday thru Saturday and we'll be happy to help you.
[Phone orders] [E-mail us] [Where's my shipment]
© 2002-2003, The Amish Country Store, Inc.
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27. Amish Buggy Safety
Ohio State University Extension fact sheet on safety practices for the amish community within Ohio.
Amish Buggy Safety
Approximately one third of all Amish reside in Ohio and there are significant Amish populations in at least 21 Ohio counties. Several of these populations are relatively large and the largest of all Amish settlements is located in the Wayne/Holmes county area (Hostetler, 1993). The Amish reliance on horse-drawn buggies and their use of public highways for their transportation needs readily effectuates the potential conflict with the Buggy/Auto interface. A few major accidents in recent years and several less spectacular, though serious, incidents has perpetuated interest by Amish and non-Amish populations to improve buggy visibility and safety. In an informal analysis of the Ohio Department of Public Safety (ODPS) accident reports, by OSU safety staff, buggy-related accidents were found to occur both during daylight and night hours. Indicating that the lighting and marking on the buggy must be effectively visible and recognizable during day and night-time conditions. This analysis looked at a selected sample of 500 incidents, occurring from 1990 to the middle of 1993, for the following variables: time of accident, characteristic of impact and fatality occurrence. The time of day when buggy accidents ranges from 6 a.m. to 10 p.m. with three peak periods: 5:00 to 7:00 a.m. (21% of the buggy accidents); 1:00 to 3:00 p.m. (18% of the accidents); and 5:00 to 7:00 p.m. (29% of the accidents). Therefore, any marking and lighting recommendation must be effective in low light, full daylight and night conditions. The majority of the accidents involving motor-vehicles and horse-drawn buggies were a result of rear impact (42%) or side impact (37%). Of all buggy accidents reported 8% (40), during the three and a half year period in question, resulted in fatalities.

28. -
The official destination marketing organization for Northern Indiana amishCountry/Elkhart County Convention and Visitors Bureau. amish or Mennonite.
QUICK PICKS Amish Beliefs FAQ Amish Tips Calendar of Events Contact Us Dining Furniture Lodging Maps Outdoor Fun Recipes RV Lifestyle Shopping Sign Up for Updates Things to Do Tours
Faith in a Simpler Life
From the Beginning to Northern Indiana
The Amish and Mennonite peoples can trace their religious origins to the Protestant Reformation. In 1525, the Anabaptist movement began, ultimately spreading through central and Western Europe. In Holland, a Catholic priest who left the faith to pursue his Anabaptist beliefs gave his name, Menno Simons, to the Mennonite movement. Near the end of the 17th century, a faction led by minister Jakob Ammon broke away, laying the groundwork for the Amish faith. The Amish people of Elkhart and LaGrange counties, one of the largest concentration of Amish people in the United States, are descendants of Swiss Amish who left Europe, as early as 1727, to escape persecution.

A Simpler Way of Life
Today's Amish are guided by their faith, which dictates that they forego ownership of modern amenities such as electricity, automobiles, and telephones.

29. Amish Center
And amish Country Tours Short Video About the Center The Illinois amish InterpretiveCenter is the first museum in Illinois dedicated to the Old Order amish
And Amish Country Tours
Short Video
About the Center
The Illinois Amish Interpretive Center
is the first museum in Illinois dedicated to the Old Order Amish culture. It traces the history of the Amish religion and provides a glimpse into the lives of Illinois Amish. The Center provides to the public a rich source of authentic, factual information about the Amish community in Illinois through exhibits of contemporary and historical objects and artifacts.
Visitors can view an eighteen-minute video on the Amish culture to help separate fact from myth about their culture. Exhibits include one of the oldest known Amish suits and a rare hundred-year-old buggy. After exploring items from the past, visitors can step into the present and view the inside of a typical Amish home. The History Wall portrays Amish beginnings in Europe, immigration to colonial America, and Old Order Amish life today.
Location 111 S. Locust Street, Arcola, Illinois 61910 Mailing Address P.O. Box 413, Arcola, Illinois 61910

30. Horse Barns And Gazebos.
Sells amish handcrafted horse barns, gazebos and play houses.
Welcome to Unlimited Source, Inc., your one-stop on-line shopping center for horse barns run in sheds and gazebos. Whether you are looking for a horse barn to shelter your horses, or to relax under a shade of a beautiful gazebo, we have many different sizes and options to satisfy your needs. Our products are skillfully designed and built by the Pennsylvania Amish craftsmen, who are well known for their excellent woodworking skills. We invite you to surf our website and hope you will find that very special piece you are looking for. Left: 12' x 36' Shed-Row Horse Barn with Optional Paint, 24" Cupola, and Patchen Horse Weathervane. For your convenience we keep all the prices and options for run-in sheds and shed-row barns on our website. Right: 34' x 36' Post-Frame Horse Barn with Optional Metal Roof, Dutch Doors, Dormers and Stain. Please give us a call for prices on our post-frame horse barns.
Left: Southern Yellow Pine Oval Forester Gazebo with Optional Screens. We offer full line of gazebos, such as vinyl gazebos, cedar gazebos and pressure treated (arsenic free) southern yellow pine gazebos.

31. Lancaster County Pennsylvania Dutch Country Official Visitors Center
With its patchwork landscapes and rolling hills of amish country, Lancaster Countyis well known as the peaceful getaway spot that takes you back in time to
A A A A ... Vacation Getaways Site Search Travel Planner
Let us help you plan your trip. Click here for a
FREE Map and

Vacation Guide
My PA Dutch sign in ... Day Out with Thomas
All aboard for Thomas the Tank Engine! Enjoy a ride with Thomas and a chance to meet Sir Topham Hatt! June 12-20 at Strasburg Railroad.
The Christiana Treason Trials of 1851

A non-fiction portrayal of the largest treason trial ever to occur in the United States and an interactive dinner theatre production you won't want to miss! April 20-June 26 at Freedom Chapel Dinner Theatre.
Blast from the Past

The Beatles called it “Yesterday” when all your “troubles seemed so far away.” Cher posed it as if she could only “turn back time.” Well, the Beatles and Cher would certainly urge you to motor on out to the sixth annual Blast From The Past Rock ‘n Roll Festival, June 12 and 13 on the grounds of the Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire.
Spring is in the air, and so are lots of great escapes to Pennsylvania Dutch Country!
Enjoy the quiet splendor of Lancaster County, where hundreds of thousands of white snow geese have heralded the coming spring with their annual 2-week respite on lakes and ponds in the northern end of our county. Witness the new growth of weeping willows that grace farmland streams and the mule teams tilling the earth to prepare for planting of summer crops. Discover the historic charm of our quaint towns and villages , and explore our downtown , with its newest addition, the , opening March 31. Get swept away by the music and drama of a live theatre production, and call it a night as you relax with family and friends old and new.

32. Knot Amish Made Wooden Accessories
Early American and shaker style accessories for your home. Hand crafted unique products available from online store.
Makers of unique wooden accessories for the home. Our wood products add a distinctive touch to any home, from the early American to the contemporary. Why not check out our online store for some great ideas? All products are finish sanded. You have your choice of stains. We use colonial pine which is a darker walnut-type color, or English oak which is a lighter maple-type stain. Additional colors can be special ordered. Please e-mail your requests or ideas. Enjoy your visit.
Knot Amish Made
PO Box 1782
Kent, OH 44240
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33. Origins Of The Old Order Amish
Origins of the Old Order amish. The amish, called The Plain People or Old Order amish, originated in Switzerland about l525. They
Origins of the Old Order Amish
The Amish, called "The Plain People" or Old Order Amish, originated in Switzerland about l525. They came from a division of the Mennonites or Anabaptists (Re-baptizers). They opposed the union of church and state and infant baptism. They baptized people only as adults at about age l8. Adult baptism was a crime in the l6th century. Therefore, the Amish come from an impressive list of martyrs. They were put in sacks and thrown into rivers in Europe. There are no Amish left in Europe; The Amish were saved from extinction by William Penn who granted a haven from religious persecution in America. Since early colonial days the Amish have lived in the United States preserving their distinctive culture, dress, language and religion in peace and prosperity. A few years ago they were again accused of crimes failing to have their children attend school with state certified teachers or failure to send them beyond the eighth grade. Until the United States Supreme Court in the case of Wisconsin vs. Yoder

34. Amish Country, Northern Indiana Media And Press Resources
Information on the Elkhart County Convention And Visitors Bureau geared towards the media.
Welcome to the Amish Country of Northern Indiana media site
Hearts and Hands:
Musical Instrument
Makers of America
February 8 thru April 6
Elkhart County Historical Society, Bristol, IN This will be the last stop on the tour and the only time this exhibit appears in Indiana! The 86 color iris prints depicting various instrument makers across the U.S. includes photos taken at the Selmer manufacturing facility in Elkhart, Indiana. Special musical events and activities that complement the exhibit will be taking place throughout the six weeks.
Order your 2004
Press Kit Today
The 2004 Media Kit is now available, complete with new story ideas and photography. Click here to request your copy. Also available, the 2004 Vacation Planner.
For more information contact
Jackie Hughes
The Old Bag Factory
In 1984 when Larion and Nancy Swartzendruber purchased an abandoned Goshen factory where soap and later bags were once produced, the building was a heap of ruins. But, they had a vision for the factory that looked beyond all the debris. Larion and Nancy invested countless hours of hard work to renovate the factory and invited in crafters and skilled artisans to make this space their own. The once decaying building with its huge smokestack became a landmark for craftsmanship.

35. Ohio's Amish Country - The Official Amish Country Publication Of The Ohio Travel
Visitors guide includes information about local festivals and events, recreation, shopping, lodging, and attractions in Holmes County.
Viewing this page requires a browser capable of displaying frames.
Please upgrade and return to see all we have to offer. Ohio's Amish Country - The Official Amish Country Publication of the Ohio Traveler
Your complete resource for travel and tourism through Ohio's Amish Country. Featuring area stories, businesses and popular attractions. Now offering on-line e-commerce, classifieds and local auctions.
Ohio's Amish Country Travel Tourism Ohio Holmes County Berlin Millersburg Walnut Creek Charm Winesburg Mennonite Simple Living Plain Culture Cottage Industries handcrafts gift shops unique gifts handmade furniture homemade cooking Graphic Publications Bargain Hunter OAC Travel Guides Bed and Breakfasts Restaurants Hotels Motels Shopping e-commerce auction sites classifieds Amish Tuscarawas County Wayne County
Ohio's Amish Country Travel Tourism Ohio Holmes County Berlin Millersburg Walnut Creek Charm Winesburg Mennonite Simple Living Plain Culture Cottage Industries handcrafts gift shops unique gifts handmade furniture homemade cooking Graphic Publications Bargain Hunter OAC Travel Guides Bed and Breakfasts Restaurants Hotels Motels Shopping e-commerce auction sites classifieds Amish Tuscarawas County Wayne County
Your complete resource for travel and tourism through Ohio's Amish Country. Featuring area stories, businesses and popular attractions. Now offering on-line e-commerce, classifieds and local auctions.

36. Amish Recipes
amish Recipes. Recipies sent in by readers. Remember Baketh these in a woodburning stove. Some recipes are included. amish Christmas Sugar Cookies.
Amish Recipes
Recipies sent in by readers.
Remember: Baketh these in a wood burning stove.
-Hezekiah Obadiah Zimmerman
Pennsylvania Dutch Cuisine.
This source has lots more Amish Recipes. Highly recommended!!!
Discovery Online's

Amish study. Some recipes are included.
Amish Christmas Sugar Cookies
Part One Ingredients:
1 cup sugar
1 cup powdered sugar
1 cup butter
1 cup oil
2 eggs Part One Preparation:
Mix well. Part Two Ingredients:
1 tsp vanilla 1 tsp salt 1 tsp cream of tartar 1 tsp baking soda 4 1/2 cups flour Part Two Preparation: Mix part two well. Blend ingredients together, then chill. Flour hands, then shape into balls and place on cookie sheet. Flatten with bottom of chilled glass dipped in sugar. Sprinkle with colored sugar. Bake at 350 degrees farenheit until edges are golden. -Submited by Glen Westmoreland
Amish Friendship Bread
-Found at KNIGHT'S KEEP. Go there for more non-amish recipes.
Amish Whoopie Pies Cookie Dough
Ingredients: 1 cup shortening 2 cup sugar 2 whole eggs 2 egg yolks 1/2 teas salt 1 cup cocoa 1 cup sour milk 1 cup hot water 2 teas. baking soda

37. Amish Quilt Connection By Gail Hurn Offers Unique Amish Quilts, Baby Quilts, And
Handquilted heirloom baby quilts, full and wall quilts. Custom order pieced or hand applique, American country or traditional amish designs.
For original design baby quilts, visit the Baby Quilt Connection by Clicking here, or select from Amish and Mennonite quilts on this site. Click here to bookmark this page!
Amish Quilt Connection
Visit our links page by Clicking here.
View my quilt gallery by Clicking here, or scroll this page for photos and custom orders. For prices and availability, please call Gail Hurn at 210-492-3882 or 210-269-6994, or Email
My name is Gail Hurn, and I think that purchasing a quilt should be a labor of love...
...but I know that finding a quilt on your own will take a lot of time and effort. Click Here
Let me help by offering the knowledge, decorating skills, and "connections" that I have gained in working with Amish and Mennonite quilts for over 25 years.
Click Here
How to order...
Call 210-492-3882 or 210-269-6994, or Email
If you like one of my finished quilts or wall hangings, Email me or call me for prices and availability. To see my finished quilts, please Click here
If you are thinking of a custom quilt or wall hanging, give me a call at either 210-492-3882 or 210-269-6994.

38. Amish Acres Historic Farm, Nappanee, Indiana
amish Acres Historic Farm, Nappanee, Indiana, heritage attraction featuring threshersdinner, Plain Fancy, repertory Broadway musical theatre, lodging, tours
Telephone 1-800-800-4942 Home Come Visit Historic Farmstead Threshers Dinner ... Search
Top rated byYahoo!Shopping
Online General Store

Oldfashioned Shopping
A Newfangled Way
Customer Comments Gift Certificates

Prices and Packages

Pick Your Pace Planner
Letters of Recommendation
Hours of Operation

Site Index ... When time is precious Amish Country Northern Indiana U.S. Postal Service Barbara Ann Kipfer found two of her 'happy things' at Amish Acres The Happy Boo k Indiana remains on Eastern Standard Time year-round Nappanee Apple Festival September 13-19, 2004 Set your chores aside and visit "Indiana's #1 tourist attraction" Make Memorial Day memorable, bring the family to Amish Acres for a quiet celebration of our freedoms and those who made them possible and continue to protect us to this day The only Old Order Amish farmstead listed in the National Register of Historic Places educates and entertains through historic interpretation, live musical theatre, country dining, quaint shops, and country inns. Come for dinner, the day, or spend some nights.

39. Simply Amish: Heirloom Quality Amish Made Furniture
Handmade Aspen, Mission, and Shaker style wood furniture. Includes dealer locator and products.
Welcome to Simply Amish. Amish furniture is not a style, but a way of craftsmanship. You won't find any chip board, fiber board or particle board in any of our pieces. Our Amish Craftsmen build heirloom quality furniture using only the finest materials available and they still build it like they used to. Our many options in style, wood, and hardware ensure that each piece is a perfect fit for your home or office.
Browse our site and discover the beauty of the Simply Amish collection.
Simply Amish Home
Amish Made Furniture Contact

40. Amish
Bakgrund. Vi har under projektet Nya religiösa rörelser studerat amish somfinns i USA. amish är ju egentligen inte någon ny religiös rörelse.
Bakgrund Vi har under projektet "Nya religiösa rörelser" studerat Amish som finns i USA. Amish är ju egentligen inte någon ny religiös rörelse. De har funnits i flera hundra år, men på sin tid var den ju ny. Vi fick dock dispens av vår lärare, eftersom en medlem i gruppen hade mottagit material från släktingar i USA. Meningen var att vi skulle få information om rörelsen från Internet, men eftersom Amish i regel är emot ny teknik och inte själva finns representerade på Internet, fick vi lov att använda våra böcker som källa. Historia Amish-folket kommer från anabaptist-rörelsen, som grundades under reformationstiden (1500-talets första hälft). Anabaptist-rörelsen var ursprunget för flera kristna samfund som överlevt till våra dagar, t.ex. Mennoniterna i Nederländerna, Hutteriterna i Österrike och Schweizerbröderna. Amish-folket är en gren av Schweizerbröderna. Deras grundare var Jacob Amman som stod för bevarande av gamla traditioner och skilsmässa från världen i högre grad än de andra anabaptist-grupperna. Genom grundliga studier i Bibeln ansåg anabaptisterna att medlemskapet i kyrkan skulle vara frivilligt (vuxendop istället för barndop). Kyrkan skulle vara skild från staten och de troende skulle leva i en sträng församling enligt Guds anvisningar i Bibeln.

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