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  1. Wavelet Analysis and Its Applications: Second International Conference, WAA 2001, Hong Kong, China, December 18-20, 2001. Proceedings (Lecture Notes in Computer Science)
  2. WAVELETS by Nahu, 2005-12-02
  3. Clifford Wavelets, Singular Integrals, and Hardy Spaces (Lecture Notes in Mathematics) by Marius Mitrea, 1995-05-12
  4. Wavelet and Wave Analysis As Applied to Materials With Micro or Nanostructure (Series on Advances in Mathematics for Applied Sciences) (Advances in Mathematics for Applied Sciences) by Carlo Cattani, Jeremiah Rushchitsky, 2007-09-06
  5. Numerical Analysis of Wavelet Methods (Studies in Mathematics and its Applications) (Studies in Mathematics and its Applications) by A. Cohen, 2003-04-29
  6. Electromagnetic Imaging in Science and Medicine: With Wavelet Applications by G. Kapoor, S. Wadhawan, 2000-01
  7. An Introduction to Wavelets by Charles K. Chui, 1992
  8. Approximation Theory X: Wavelets, Splines, and Applications (Innovations in Applied Mathematics)
  9. Wavelet Applications in Engineering Electro- magnetics by Tapan K. Sarkar, Michael C. Wicks, et all 2002-06-15
  10. Two-Dimensional Wavelets and their Relatives by Jean-Pierre Antoine, Romain Murenzi, et all 2004-11-01
  11. The Nonlinear Workbook: Chaos, Fractals, Celluar Automata, Neural Networks, Genetic Algorithms, Gene Expression Programming, Support Vector Machine, Wavelets, Hidden Markov M by Willi-Hans Steeb, 2005-07-15
  12. Time Frequency and Wavelets in Biomedical Signal Processing (IEEE Press Series on Biomedical Engineering)
  13. Chemometrics: From Basics to Wavelet Transform (Chemical Analysis: A Series of Monographs on Analytical Chemistry and Its Applications) by Foo-Tim Chau, Yi-Zeng Liang, et all 2004-03-25
  14. Wavelets: Theory and Applications (Pure and Applied Mathematics: A Wiley-Interscience Series of Texts, Monographs and Tracts) by A. K. Louis, D. Maass, et all 1997-10-29

121. MATHnetBASE: Mathematics Online
First Course on wavelets, A. The authors provide elementary methods for constructing wavelets, and illustrate several new classes of wavelets.

122. MATHnetBASE: Mathematics Online
Primer on wavelets and Their Scientific Applications, A. It becomes important, then, that engineers and scientists have a working understanding of wavelets.

wavelets LINKS. Wavelet Digest. Mathsoft Wavelet Resources. Wavelet Amara s Wavelet home page. Gabriel Katul on TURBULENCE and wavelets. Links
Wavelets L I N K S
Wavelet Digest
Mathsoft Wavelet Resources
Wavelet and Statistics at Duke University
Amara 's Wavelet home page
Gabriel Katul on TURBULENCE and Wavelets.
Links to some nice and informative wavelet pages:

124. Wavelets & Signal Processing
wavelets Signal Processing. wavelets Signal Processing Click to View or Add Links. Location http//
Complex Systems Media: Home
chaos, fractals, self-organization
technology news and reviews

chemistry, biochemistry, microbiology

cross-disciplinary studies
visual and performing arts
the "art of fashion" in pop culture

mp3 resources, digital audio/video

new art methods
digital-human interactivity
pattern formation and image processing

novel computing paradigms - e.g. molecular computation, biocomputing, quantum computation
nano-biotechnology ... high performance computing
  • Media
new media, multimedia, micromedia digital-media construction/deconstruction
  • Biological
biomedical engineering
  • Social
social science digital culture and sociology interviews, WEV-TV, streaming content, online media (discussion forums) virtual environments, and other allied concepts ... media marketing
  • Business
increasing returns news advances in engineering
  • Education
online education
  • Number
novel advances in pure/applied mathematics
  • a-Life
artificial life artificial intelligence Coming Soon: FREE STUFF SOFTWARE DOWNLOADS COMPETITIONS CSM in the Media var enabled = 'no'; Click to View or Add Links.

125. Wavelets
wavelets1. Notes by Jack Sarfatti in MathType5. The Invisible College2. Periodic functions in 1dimension. 1. The squeezed-shifted
MPBodyInit('Wavelets_files') Wavelets Notes by Jack Sarfatti in MathType5 The Invisible College Periodic functions in 1-dimension The squeezed-shifted wavelet: Zoom in and zoom out! Windows on the world above and below. Oroborus Narcissus: The Self-Excited Wavelet Godelian Strange Loop? Note, click on the equations in your web browser to see them larger.
Periodic functions in 1-dimension
Assume for a complex function of a dimensionless real variable MPSetEqnAttrs('eq0001','',3,[[5,6,0,-1,-1],[7,7,0,-1,-1],[9,9,0,-1,-1],[9,8,1,-1,-1],[12,11,0,-1,-1],[14,13,1,-2,-2],[23,23,0,-3,-3]]) , the boundary condition MPSetEqnAttrs('eq0001','',3,[[5,6,0,-1,-1],[7,7,0,-1,-1],[9,9,0,-1,-1],[9,8,1,-1,-1],[12,11,0,-1,-1],[14,13,1,-2,-2],[23,23,0,-3,-3]]) MPNNCalcTopLeft(document.mpeq0001ph,'1') MPDeleteCode('eq0001') MPSetEqnAttrs('eq0002','',3,[[86,14,4,-1,-1],[115,18,5,-1,-1],[143,23,7,-1,-1],[129,21,7,-1,-1],[172,27,8,-1,-1],[216,34,11,-2,-2],[358,59,18,-3,-3]]) MPSetEqnAttrs('eq0002','',3,[[86,14,4,-1,-1],[115,18,5,-1,-1],[143,23,7,-1,-1],[129,21,7,-1,-1],[172,27,8,-1,-1],[216,34,11,-2,-2],[358,59,18,-3,-3]]) MPNNCalcTopLeft(document.mpeq0002ph,'1')

126. Crystal And Dragon
TwinDragon Applet demonstrating Haar wavelets by Jelena Kovacevic. Ten Books on wavelets, by John J. Benedetto, which says that.
Crystal and Dragon The Discrete and Continuous
Faces of Diamond Theory by Steven H. Cullinane
on August 27, 2003 The title is from a 1993 book by David Wade Some notes on these concepts in my own work: Crystal: See the Diamond 16 Puzzle for an introduction to the discrete aspects of diamond theory. Dragon: Underlying the symmetry of the patterns in the Diamond 16 Puzzle is another, hidden, set of patterns known as Walsh functions From the Bulletin of the American Mathematical Society, April 1992 — W. R. Wade, in a review of Walsh Series and Transforms , by Golubov et. al For a mathematical "dragon" and its relationship to Walsh functions, see the following: "A 2D Haar Wavelet" in " A Lecture on Harmonic Analysis
by John J. Benedetto Twin-Dragon Applet " demonstrating Haar wavelets
by Jelena Kovacevic Mathematical Background " for the Twin-Dragon Applet
by Jelena Kovacevic Nonseparable Walsh-type Functions on R d
by Morten Nielsen Walsh Functions " and the Haar basis

127. The Math Forum - Math Library - Fourier/Wavelets
This page contains sites relating to Fourier Analysis/wavelets. Browse and Search the Library Home Math Topics Analysis Fourier/wavelets.
Browse and Search the Library
Math Topics Analysis : Fourier/Wavelets

Library Home
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Selected Sites (see also All Sites in this category
  • Fourier Analysis - Dave Rusin; The Mathematical Atlas
    A short article designed to provide an introduction to Fourier analysis, which studies approximations and decompositions of functions using trigonometric polynomials. Of incalculable value in many applications of analysis, this field has grown to include many specific and powerful results, including convergence criteria, estimates and inequalities, and existence and uniqueness results. Extensions include the theory of singular integrals, Fourier transforms, and the study of the appropriate function spaces. Also approximations by other orthogonal families of functions, including orthogonal polynomials and wavelets. History; applications and related fields and subfields; textbooks, reference works, and tutorials; software and tables; other web sites with this focus. more>>
  • An Introduction to Fourier Theory - Forrest Hoffman
    A paper about Fourier transformations, which decompose or separate a waveform or function into sinusoids of different frequencies that sum to the original waveform. Fourier theory is an important tool in science and engineering. Contents: Introduction; The Fourier Transform; The Two Domains; Fourier Transform Properties - Scaling Property, Shifting Property, Convolution Theorem, Correlation Theorem; Parseval's Theorem; Sampling Theorem; Aliasing; Discrete Fourier Transform (DFT); Fast Fourier Transform (FFT); Summary; References.
  • 128. Description For 'wavelets'
    wavelets wavelets are mathematical functions that cut up data into different frequency components, and then study each component
    wavelets are mathematical functions that cut up data into different frequency components, and then study each component with a resolution matched to its scale. they have advantages over traditional fourier methods in analyzing physical situations where the signal contains discontinuities and sharp spikes.

    129. A Gentle Introduction To Wavelets
    A Gentle Introduction to wavelets. E. Rehmi Post. University of Massachusetts, Amherst. Abstract After a brief review of the fundamentals
    Next: Introduction
    A Gentle Introduction to Wavelets
    E. Rehmi Post University of Massachusetts, Amherst
    After a brief review of the fundamentals of Hilbert space theory, the rudiments of wavelet analysis are illustrated by the application of a very simple family of compactly supported, orthonormal functions known as the Haar basis. This family is generated directly from a ``mother'' function, and is shown to constitute an orthonormal basis of

    Rehmi Post
    Wed Oct 28 15:56:42 EDT 1995

    130. Laboratoire Jacques-Louis Lions, Paris 6, CNRS UMR 7598
    Welcome to the TMR Project wavelets in Numerical Simulation .

    What is TMR?

    About this project
    Research Topic


    Research Teams

    Members email

    Research and
    Training Activities

    Research Tasks

    Publications of Teams Training TMR Project Database Objectives Summary About Access Access ... Online BSCW Help Project Members Databases Description and Access Presentations at Aachen Workshop Miscellaneous Information About Wavelets, etc.
    Welcome to the TMR Project "Wavelets in Numerical Simulation"
    Project Coordinator Sylvia Bertoluzza If you can read this then your browser does not support Java. Access to the Database (New presentation) Access to the Database (BSCW) (Members only) Access to the Database (BSCW) (Anonymous) News TMR Network News Scientist in Charge (Paris team) Albert Cohen
    This is the Wavelet Project Home Page
    Please send comments and suggestions to Pascal Joly or Olga Koutchmy

    131. Amara's Wavelet Page
    Amara's Wavelet Page Amara's Wavelet Page provides a comprehensive list of links to wavelet software, books, Web sites, and more. Amara Graps

    132. Wavelet Compression - Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia
    Wavelet compression. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Wavelet compression is a form of data compression especially for image
    Wavelet compression
    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.
    Wavelet compression is a form of data compression especially for image compression (sometimes also video compression and audio compression ). The goal is to write image data as compressed as possible into a file . A certain loss of quality is accepted ( lossy compression Using wavelet transform , the wavelet compression methods are better at representing transients , such as percussion sounds in audio, or high frequency components in a two-dimensional images, for example an image of stars on a night sky. This means that elements of some data signal that are transient can be represented by a smaller amount of information than would be the case if some other transform, such as the more widespread discrete cosine transform , had been used. Wavelet compression is not good for all kinds of data: transient signal characteristics means good wavelet compression - smooth, periodic signals are better compressed by other methods. Some projects aim at combining discrete cosine transform with wavelet transform to produce a hybrid compression method which will be good at representing a mix of smooth signals and transients, such as exhibited by most popular music.

    133. ä±âÁÖÀÇ BookMark
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    134. Numerical Recipes Public Domain Area
    Public Domain Software. In general, the Numerical Recipes routines are NOT in the public domain, and are NOT available for use without a valid license.
    Public Domain Software
    In general, the Numerical Recipes routines are NOT in the public domain, and are NOT available for use without a valid license. However, a few small parts of Numerical Recipes have been put into the public domain. These can be freely copied and redistributed: Utility files for C++ [files in Appendix B]:
    Utility files for C:
    Utility files for Fortran 90:
    Wavelet routines in Fortran:
    Wavelet routines in C:
    We frequently get requests for the test image that is used on page 597 (Fortran) or 604 (C) to illustrate wavelet transforms. That image is 256 by 256 by 8 bits grayscale, and is posted here in three common image formats. (Note: These are binary files that you must save to disk. Your WWW viewer may suggest naming the file with the extension ".exe". DON'T DO THIS. Instead, name it with an appropriate extention for your particular graphics viewer or program.)

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